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“Earliest Blizzard In Fourteen Years,” Toronto Globe. November 12, 1919. Page 20.
Winnipeg Experiences A Worse Storm Than Any Of Last Year

(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Winnipeg, Nov. 11. - The earliest blizzard in fourteen years hit Winnipeg and the West yesterday and was worse than any experienced last year.

Eight inches of snow fell during the day, bringing the total fall up to 33.3 inches. With a northwest wind blowing at 32 miles an hour all day, the soft snow piled in drifts as much as five feet deep, damaged telephone and telegraph wires, held up street cars, delayed trains and generally made itself a nuisance.

Fortunately the temperature was only 20 above zero, and last night the wind calmed down to 10 miles per hour. Street car service in Winnipeg is nearly normal to-day.

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