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#winter 2021
helloliriels · a day ago
Tumblr media
“It’s NEVER TWINS, John!!!” Sherlock shouted, exploding. Tossing the useless file in his hand against the wall and throwing his hands up in exasperation!
“Sometimes it’s twins …” John mumbled.
LONG LOST - Posted CH. 1/5
@discordantwords - Holmestice Winter 2021. UPDATING DAILY until complete! Prompt: "Sometimes it's twins" 💋
💌 25 Days of Johnlock!!! 💌 for Christmas!
A Brother? Watson has ... a twin brother? An identical twin? Why didn’t he know about this sooner?! And how is he supposed to compete … when the man shows up and catches Sherlock’s eye?
tagging moar to share in the fun! @johnlocky @ohlooktheresabee @fluffbyday-smutbynight for the best beta!!! @totallysilvergirl @calaisreno @chinike @rachel1337 @therealsaintscully @simplyclockwork @writingismydivision @raina-at @randomwordsonpaper @shelleysprometheus @kitten-kin @bluebellofbakerstreet @inevitably-johnlocked @victorianpining @chriscalledmesweetie @kettykika78 @reveling-in-mayhem @a-different-equation @bertytravelsfar @the-reading-lemon @arwamachine @ephemeraljimin @masterofhounds @eplapourdissant @glows-n-the-dark @2smach @missdeliadili @bella-holmes @demonicangeling @thequirkyotter @iamjustreading @queerbaitingshouldbeillegal @angrybagginshieldbakery @7-percent @k-o-r-3 @m-rachlan @kaursblog11 @alltingfinns @dinner--starving @benaddicted-linfanuel @peanitbear @dontfuckmylifewtf @janetm74 @sarahthecoat @swissmissing @meetinginsamarra
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angeldiscovery · a month ago
Plush doll winter
winter is approaching ! you all know i love the holiday season !! so here’s a few essentials & tips to make your winter the best ! ❄️🎄🎀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wardrobe essentials & colors ❄️
i love winter clothes !!! believe it or not, i used to hate winter clothing because i love summer outfits so much, but i’ve learned to love the comfy & cute style winter brings. it makes me feel safe & warm !! especially when it’s raining outside. ⛈
Tumblr media
tracksuits ( pink, light purple, white, black )
boots ( demonia’s, uggs, anything fluffy & comfortable ! )
fur coats, they have super cute ones on fashion nova !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
comfortable velour tracksuit bottoms & jackets
leg warmers & gloves
color palette pink, purple, blue, ( white, black, gray ) mainly pink for me though !
your space ❄️
i always include this in any type of post, because your space is so important. during the christmas time, it’s so much fun to clean & put up decorations.
Tumblr media
start off by cleaning up any trash, dirt, or anything you must clear.
vacuum, clean your bedding, and wipe surfaces. i love to use mr clean products
i recommend buying some holiday wildflowers from bath and body ! they make your room smell so festive & fun
after your room has been deep cleaned, add fun decorations !!!
investing in a new bedding set, and holiday themed throw blankets or pillows is very essential as well !
for my room i have a mini pink tree, hello kitty ornaments, christmasy candles, and small items i like to put on my desk, vanity, and shelves.
skincare wishlist & essentials ❄️
Tumblr media
these are some products i wanna try/already love ! i really enjoy switching up my products for different seasons. these are very gentle/hydrating. perfect for the winter !
tatcha the essence
tatcha cleansing oil
tatcha violet-c serum
olehenriksen truth gel crème
shopping and tips ❄️
Tumblr media
this holiday season i’ll be shopping mostly from VS, sephora, ulta, and bath & body !
a run down of what i’ll mostly be shopping for 🛍
cute pajamas ( VS, fashion nova )
gifts for family, + friends ( cards, bags )
slippers ( VS )
fuzzy socks ( tj maxx, marshalls )
holiday scented products ( b&bw )
lip gloss ( most likely the VS ones ! )
skincare ( sephora, ulta )
perfume ( ulta, sephora )
shoes !!!!! ( online )
plushies, other fun accessories ( sanrio, amazon )
extras ! ❄️
Tumblr media
invest in a cute new bag !!
make sure to always have an essential robe to put on in case you get cold in the mornings
take care of your skin & carry hand cream with you always !
create a set of “winter affirmations”
make a playlist of comfort movies/songs !
get your nails done a super cute color !!
splurge on jackets, and other essential winter pieces
make handmade cards for your loved ones
declutter your phone & reset your wallpaper to something fun and christmasy !
do things you loved as a child, become in-tune with your child-self & what they enjoyed during this season
last but not least, put yourself first & make sure you’re happy !!!
Tumblr media
happy holidays dolls !!!! have fun ❄️💕
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thekittydiary · 29 days ago
Kitty’s Winter Essentials:
It’s my favorite time of year which means I will be shopping, shopping and shopping for the cutest things on my winter wishlist!
Tumblr media
This year I’m buying all things cute, cozy and soft to keep me warm through the winter weather.
Faux fur coats
Puffer coats
Belted pea coats
Teddy coats
Velour track suits (in my fave colors: pink, lavender, mint & carmel brown)
Boots with fur trim (leopard print fur trim of course!)
Silk pajama sets from VS
Soft slippers from VS
Ugg Fluffita slippers
teddies + babydolls
Satin slip dresses for lounging
Matching cozy girl lounge sets
Fuzzy sock packs
Robes from VS and Nordstrom
Beauty + Self Care
Taking care of yourself during the wintertime is important! Be sure to invest in the best products of keep yourself feeling pretty and good!
•Holiday scented lotions
•Sugar body scrubs from the Tree Hut holiday collection
•Perfumes (warm and sweet fragrances are my fave for the winter time. I like to smell like a fresh batch of holiday cookies!)
•Holiday themed eyeshadow palettes
•Fluffy lashes
•Body butters
•Chapstick and lip scrubs
Shopping for accessories is always fun and brings a bit of extra sparkle to your life.
Gold and silver jewelry
Crystal necklaces
Luggage and over night bags
New handbags + wallets
Scarves, mittens and earmuffs
Hair pins and headbands
Winter hats
I love decorating my space for the holidays so I can always feel warm and welcomed whenever I come home.
Holiday scented candles, essential oils and room spray
Fairy lights
Holiday decor
New blankets
Create a holiday playlist
New plushies (i just bought the cutest sanrio + san-x plushies ever!)
Holiday Fun
Here are some of my favorite ways to have some fun during the winter season!
Bake holiday treats and pastries
Watch holiday movies
Go shopping
Make a wishlist
Journal and write out goals for the new year
Write holiday cards
Buy presents and wrap gifts for loved ones
Drink hot chocolate, coffee and tea
Sit by the fire place
Have a spa day at home
Go on a vacation
Enjoy the winter weather ❄️
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed reading my post! Happy holidays and happy New Years. Be safe!
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a-queer-seminarian · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- by Avery Arden
Happy Chanukkah to those who celebrate it, and blessed Advent to those who observe it! Constructive criticism on this poem is invited and appreciated — particularly from any Jewish folks who take the time to point out any accidental misrepresentations of your holiday.
Image description is under the readmore; or you can read the poem in its original format outside of screenshots in this google doc.
Images show the text of a poem titled “intertwined inceptions: written upon realizing that the first days of Chanukkah and Advent coincided this year.”
The poem’s format places lines about Advent to the left, and lines about Hanukkah to the right, with lines about both in the center. This is difficult to transliterate in a screen-reader friendly way, so I’ll put an “A” before each Advent bit, an “H” before each Hanukkah bit, and a “B” for shared lines.
A: four tall tapers ring round a fifth on their bed of pine branches
H: eight tall tapers proudly flank the ninth along their branching arms
B: and one candle lights another
A: upon an altar draped in royal purple.
H: where passersby may glimpse through windowpanes.
B: we marvel at A: the Word made Flesh — the miracle of Yes: 
“I, Most High sovereign, will become the lowest, weakest, poorest one!”
“I’ll bear my own Creator in my womb — with joy, let it be done!”
H: “a great miracle happened here” — the miracle of Enough:
a mighty army brought to shame by one small hammer in God’s name
and a pittance of oil stretched across eight days’ flames…
B: we remember
A: the stronghold of her stomach
stretched around the Son of God:
seed of Divinity growing in a womb-dark sea…
H: the stronghold of the sanctuary retaken and restored
by that dedicated band who’d rather die than forsake their Lord.
B: we praise!
A: Magnificat anima mea Dominum et exultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo
God casts down the mighty from their thrones, lifts up the humble, fills the hungry with good things, and sends the rich away empty!
H: Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu melech ha-olam asher kid’shanu b-mitzvotav 
G-d brings up the poor out of the dirt; from the refuse piles G-d raises the destitute to seat them with the nobles!
B: we await
A: the Kin-dom of God — the world made whole! a table set for all!
H: tikkun olam — the righting of the world! and we must play our role.
B: we join we wait we eat we praise
H: and the candlelight
A: and the candlelight
B: and the candlelight extends a hand to shadow — scoops her up into a flickering dance across the walls
H: across the pains A: across our upturned faces
B: and singing fills the darkness round and full and singing fills the darkness round and full and rises to the One who blesses all
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lynmars79 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tweet from Joel Montfort @jmontforttx :
It's looking like power plants in Texas unplugged to avoid skyrocketing natural gas spot market rates that went to hundreds of $$ to avoid losses. @ERCOT_ISO  has now passed an emergency order allowing them to charge consumers those spot market prices. Capitalism at its finest.
They created a “scarcity” and are now planning to charge Texans for the “demands” of energy many cannot even access.
My friends and colleagues are freezing in the dark. We’re being told to keep the thermostats to 68F or below and minimize energy use in residential areas.
Meanwhile, downtown high rises are still lit up, a sparkling bright city skyline surrounded by blacked out neighborhoods.
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huariqueje · a month ago
Tumblr media
Morning Lines   -   Esteban del Valle , 2021.
American, b. 1984 -
marker, spray paint, colored pencil on paper on panel 24 x 18 in
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Je vous avais prévenu
November 24 2021
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angeldiscovery · 29 days ago
Winter fashion + room essentials
my last post inspired me to make another winter read. this is going to be all about fashion pieces i love for this time of year !! also room things to keep you cozy ❄️🎀
Tumblr media
essentials 🌨
Tumblr media
tracksuits 🎀
like i said in my last post, i love love tracksuits for winter !! theyre good in any color & are so comfy
skirts 🎀
skirts are so cute with tights & leg warmers. girly & super fashionable
bags 🎀
keeping a specific bag for a season with all your essentials is very helpful. it keeps you prepared & if you get a pretty one, it’ll make your outfits pop !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
accessories 🌨
Tumblr media
belly button piercings / jewelry 🎀
i know this part of our body is covered, but i love giving myself a new accessory for different seasons. i love the sanrio ones. theyre super cute & pretty
cute leg warmers & gloves !!! 🎀
these are really well priced and can be found anywhere. they keep you warm & safe. i love the comfort they bring
bedroom essentials 🌨
Tumblr media
everything COZY !!! 🎀
cozy rugs, robes, blankets, everything !!! its good to have one of everything in your room so you can relax and get unready in comfort !
candles & scents 🎀
invest in cozy winter scents for your room to keep you relaxed and festive !! i love aromatherapy it keeps me calm
Tumblr media
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callumogden · 9 months ago
Cosy Cats
We've been getting a lot of snow lately on Scotland. Evie being an indoor cat isn't too fazed by it all, but she is appreciating the extra sources of warmth.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thekittydiary · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
winter mood! 🎀❄️
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