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#winter schnee
hey could we get some uhhh winter x robin angst? perhaps a first kiss with it too??

(So glad someone finally requested this ship lol)



“For someone so smart, you’re incredibly stupid.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, Schnee.” Robyn sighs, “Even after all of this, you’re still following him?”

Winter stares at the woman behind the bars silently, eyebrows furrowing. She scowls, “I have no choice.”

“Bullshit!” Robyn yells, stepping closer to her despite the barrier, “You always have a choice! And you’re making the wrong one here. Ironwood-”

“Is trying to help the people of Atlas.”

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Superhero AU: Ironwood is distrusting of vigilantes, but at least he’s not aware his best on the force aka Winter has made the occasional thirsty comments on Armored Angel (Jaune) regarding his physique. Doubly so if she doesn’t realize Jaune is trying to hide his smirk overhearing that.

Ironwood: so mr. Arc is it? What do you think of these vigilantes?

Jaune: i think they should all be in the mental ward.

Winter: still you gotta admit that huntsman is quite goodlooking. Think he works out?

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By the time the Atlas story finishes Winter will be in charge of the military and Robyn will be in charge of the academy. Thus removing the issue of one man having too much power on the council.

Plus this way the Huntsmen of Atlas are no longer just a part of the military. Robyn can train them to help the people first.

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Weiss: Adam I can all you so many horrible things right now but my sister taught me “A lady should never swear.”

Adam: Really? That’s funny last night Winter was swearing lot saying “Fuck harder bull daddy destroy this Schnee pussy make me your dirty personal bitch!”

Weiss: *blush bright red*


Willow: Winter darling it’s not a secret if I could hear your moaning all the way to my room.

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Winter:*walks in* Yes dear si-

Weiss:*hands her 1yo Summer* Hold her for a bit will ya?


Weiss:I just need a little break. Nick is with Whitley and Jaune made a lunch reservation. Thirty minutes is all I need.

Winter:You know I don’t do kids! That’s why I don’t have any! Why isn’t Whitley watching bo- where are you going!?

Weiss:*sneaking out the door* I love you; bye! *shuts door*



Winter:Don’t look at me like that. If you behave then we can get through this without any kind of problems.

Summer:*tilts head* Mama?

Winter:*heart melting*……

[35 minutes later]

Weiss:I’m ba-


Summer:*sleeping on her chest*

Weiss:Awww*takes photo* I’m not gonna let her live this down.


Qrow:*sipping coffee*

Oscar:So I was-

Winter:*kicks door open* I want a baby!!!!

Qrow:…..This is decaf.


Qrow:I don’t have the energy. I just finished three missions. Also we have company.

Winter:I didn’t mean right this second! I just wanted to let you know that it was on my mind. So….yeah. I’ll be in the shower. *leaves*

Qrow:She said not right now, but that definitely sounded like an invite to shower with her right?

Oscar:I might be a therapist but only you truly know how your wife.

Qrow:Because of love?

Oscar:No, a Schnee’s mind is just really hard to crack unless you live with them.

Qrow:That’s fair. *walking away* Later kid.

Oscar:Have fun! I’ll see myself out. I guess everyone is winning but me tonight.

*phone buzzes*

Oscar:*looks at screen*

Penny: “Guess who’s coming home early from her research job!? Can’t wait to see you!”🥰

Penny: “Whoops! I didn’t let you guess yet!”😅

Penny: “It’s me by the way.”

Oscar:*smiling* And I thought Ruby was the biggest goof ball. “I’ll see you soon🧡💚”


Penny:* happy giggling*

Ciel:Did he send you a heart emoji?

Penny:Two, they match our colors! *humming*

Ceil:*smiles* You’re so easy to please.

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Choker 4: Winter is Cumming

@naughtyweiss​ you asked and you shall receive, hope you enjoy.

Winter had expected many things when she’d gone to see her sister after all the craziness of Atlas nearly falling had come. To be reprimanded, abandoned or ignored, to say she was happy when she was granted an audience was a understatement. To say she was surprised by what she found her sister doing was a even larger one.

‘Suck, slurp, slurp’

She stared wide-eyed when she found her dear little sister between the Arc boy’s legs her head bobbing up and down, a small collection of chokers snapped all around her.

Winter: W-weiss?

Weiss: Hmm? ‘pop’ Oh sister, right on time, apologies for not noticing you, lost track of time I suppose.

Jaune: Wait didn’t you say she’d be here right before the door op-UGH!

Weiss’s tongue ran up the sensitive Shaft, her finger gently squeezing his balls as her canines ever so gently scraped his throbbing veins

Weiss: Quiet you, ‘ahem’ anyway it’s a pleasure to have you here sister, ‘lick’ would you like a drink?

Behind her Weiss’s knight stood almost comedically with a tray in hand tea prepared on top.

Winter: I, that’s… Wait, no! What, what are you doing!

Weiss: Pardon, whatever do you mean?

Winter: What do I mean!? Weiss your face was buried in Arc’s, in his-

Weiss: Cock, Dick, Bitch-breaker? Take your pick.

Winter stammered but Weiss merely shrugged.

Weiss: Jaune and Ruby had done quite a service for Atlas sister have they not?

Winter: That’s…

Weiss: Had Jaune not amplified my partner’s aura and by extension eyes the Grimm would’ve surely overwhelmed us and Salem would be standing over us instead of a statue in the tundra.

Winter: that is… True.

Weiss: Then tell me, what is wrong with rewarding our brave heroes.

It was only then Winter noticed the muffled moans through the wall.

Ruby: Ah, P-Penny! S-stop or I’ll!

Penny: Apologies girlfriend-Ruby but girlfriend-Weiss made it clear you were to orgasm no less then fifty times in the next two hours.

Weiss: I am merely showing my gratitude as a proud Atlesian…

Jaune: Weren’t you just mad cause Cassy and the other moms wanted to t-Fuck!

Weiss: ‘slurp, pop, gulp’  *Angry glare* what was that?

Jaune: N-nothing!

Weiss nodded as she licked her lips for any remains.

Winter: So your degrading yourself out of gratitude.

To her surprise Jaune was the one who glared.

Jaune: Weiss is doing what she wants, and someone who’d abandoned her sister has no right to look down on her for it.

Winter went wide eyed while Weiss slapped his cock earning a yelp.

Weiss: *Blush* D-dolt… You are supposed to be earning her favor by looking good not being a idiot.

Jaune: S-sorry…

Weiss looked to her sister then.

Weiss: Winter perhaps we could ignore this disagreement for now I did call you here for a reason.

Winter: And what would that be.

Weiss: ‘lick’ Well…

Winter’s Scroll beeped and she pulled it out looking it up and going wide-eyed.

Winter: This, this can’t be…

Wiess: And yet the proof lies before you.

Winter: How have your aura levels spiked like this!

Weiss: I can only think of one reason ‘lick’.

Winter paused.

Winter: No…

Weiss: I’ve changed nothing else, Ruby’s and Penny’s aura levels have spiked as well.

Winter: But that’s, ridiculous!

Weiss: Perhaps, then again aura does live in everything, Healthy men do produce from 20 million to 100 million per release and Jaune’s Volume is… ‘impressive’ not to mention semblance fueled.

Winter: you are not trying to actually convince me that your male friend has aura boosting semen!

Weiss: I needeth, I believe the documents speak for themselves…

Winter stood stock still.

Weiss: I don’t even need Arc to summon multiple giant class Grimm anymore…


Weiss: Ruby can run for hours now and tank anti-aircraft weaponry and Penny hasn’t needed to recharge since joining us…

Winter:… How long?

Weiss: Excuse me?

Winter: How long do the effects last?

Weiss shrugged.

Weiss: Until you run out of the extra aura, it doesn’t replenish unless you ‘refill’ your ‘reserves.’ 

Winter: That’s… *blush* Why are you telling me this?

Weiss: Because now that the General has been stripped of his position and honorably discharged there are plenty of talks of having you be the next general… I believe, you’d want to have every advantage at your disposal…If you still can’t believe me shall I demonstrate?

Winter: Demonstrat-

Winter froze as she saw her sister stand her heels clicking against the floor before she pulled her panties down and turned to face her. She watched as Weiss angled herself before lowering the wet sound of flesh being swallowed up filling the room alongside her’s and Arc’s moan.

Winter: Wha-what are you doing!

Weiss bounced ever so slightly as Arc held her hips gritting his teeth as she did.

Weiss: I-I told ‘gasp’ you, I’m showing the result-Ah! Of our experiments… ‘slap, slap, slap‘ ‘Direct Injections’ give the best results…

Jaune: Oh Gods!

Weiss slapped her hips down, grounding her firm backside against his pelvis, she’d kept him edged their whole talk and despite his slip up he’d been such a good boy. Pleasing heat filled her as he fired with abandoned his grip so tight on her hips he might leave marks.

She looked Winter in the eyes and stood up his ‘contents’ leaking as she made her way to her sister. She thrusted her Scroll out toward her showing the abrupt increase in her aura’s capacity.

Weiss: See…

Winter watched as her precious little sister dove two fingers into her sex pulling the digits out to reveal a coating of cum that she quickly licked clean.

Weiss: Now that you have proof won’t you consider my offer.

Winter looked to the Arc, to his phallus, seeing strings of cloudy fluids leaking off the throbbing Arc of flesh. It glistened from her sister’s juices and even now she saw it, his aura’s light rekindling it. He blushed at her gaze. It would be for Atlas… n-nothing more. Certainly not out of any wanted desire…

Winter: ‘gulp’

Blake: I still can’t believe your mad about this.

Yang: He fucking my little sister Blake!

Blake: He and her saved Atlas Yang.

Yang: Yeah! By filling her with his semblance!

Jaune: That’s how his semblance works Yan-

Yang: You know damn well his wasn’t just pumping her full of aura! Before they came out I saw your ears twitching, for the love of god even I heard it! And why my bed!

Blake: Still don’t you think this is a bit too rash?

Yang: No, I’m finally giving blondie what he’s had coming!

Blake: ‘sigh’ Your gonna get your ass handed to you by Weiss’s summoning and Mass Array again.

Yang: *Eyes Red* Not before I break his cute face!

Blake: Cute?

Yang: N-Nevermind!

With golden hair and red eyes and cheeks she kicked the doors a sword slammed into her but her form faded to Blake as she and Blake hopped forward.

Blake: I can’t believe your dragging me into this again…

Yang: *Wink* Sorry Kitkat, I’ll make it up to you tonight but for now, ARC its time for you ass woop…ing? Oh, my, Gods…

Looked her way surprised while Weiss was on her knees as usually what wasn’t usual was the choker around her neck that’d survived more than a minute there and the locks of white hair in the heiress’s grip as she forced her sister’s head into Jaune’s pelvis.

The Younger Schnee looked her way eye narrowing and face pouting as her sister had ceased her lesson her specialist training kicking in despite being on her knees her crotch soaked and pants pulled down several long beads shoved in her backside while a vibrate buzzed in her snatch the controlled Via Weiss’s Scroll.

Weiss: ‘sigh’ And you were so close to earning your reward too… Sorry sister it would appear you’ll have to try again.

Winter shook as she felt the mass in her mouth’s throbbing stop as it begun to turn slightly flaccid from the sight of a enraged Yang. The vibrated turned off and her pleasure abruptly snapped off she’d… failed… because of someone else.

Weiss: Don’t fret we can try again, after our guest have been properly warned and escorted out.

Aura flooded Winter’s form as Jaune applied his Semblance in the orthodox method, power flowed through her and feeling it and knowing it couldn’t even compare to what had been postponed she glared back making he blonde and Faunus stiffen.

Blake and Yang looked as Several Glyphs formed and before them a trio of Megoliath formed.

Blake:… Why can’t you just learn to calm down?

Ignoring the sounds of desperate battle Winter returned to her task, purely out of a need to gain even the slightest advantage for the campaign for next General ahead. By no means did she take any joy in the way his cock filled her mouth, the musk filling her nose and the depravity of someone as high standing as her reduced to her knees to gag on his girth that’d just fucked her sister like some harlot.

She felt the toys begin to stir to life vibrating at such tortuously pleasing rates within her, her core dripped excitement as she felt slender fingers begin to play with her lips as Weiss whispered in her ear as her other had let go of her long snow white lock to undo her top and let her swelling breast loss. It wasn’t long till she felt it, rough large hands reach out and seize her head’s size before pulling her forward as he thrusted in.

Jaune: Oh Brothers, I’m about to!

She could hear a breathy little giggle form her sister then.

Weiss: You heard him sister, now then, lets ensure your intake is substantial, and what better way to measure then ‘that’. She nodded, as she reached down to take one form Weiss’s bag all the while the Arc fucking her face, making her bag and squirt. It was tough with how he moved her but slowly she managed to properly get it around her neck.


A pretty pale blue choker complete with their families crest, he shoved in deep then and she felt everything come to a head with his groan.


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Winter: *Suddenly flashes her boobs at Qrow*

Qrow: *Chokes on air in shock* What the- *Pounds his chest* Why in the world would you do that?!?

Winter: *With a smug smile* Because no one will ever believe you~


(I loved this idea SOOOO MUCH! Thank you @firebluevixen <3)

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