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Finale Part I: Side RWBY

Welcome back to Separated Union! We’ve arrived at the end of Separated Union. Here, Team RWBY and associates reunite and discuss what to do next. This takes place a couple days after Side Red III.

As usual, please give constructive criticism and enjoy.

Disclaimer: Still own nothing.


(12: 48 PM)

It was a little after noon when the virtual meeting was finally set up. Though this was NOT what anybody had imagined. “What the hell did you get into!?” Weiss shouted as Willow attempted to calm her down. Yang grinned, “Aw, she cares about your well-being.” Ruby made a similar grin, before putting her hands up in defense, “In my defense, I had no control of the situation.” “None of us did.” Summer said. “By the way, yes. I did tell her about me.”

Blake, Weiss, and Willow took note of the change of Summer’s eyes. However, they decided not to comment on them for now. That could wait until they saw each other in-person.

Weiss and Blake sighed, with the latter saying, “Thank gods, because hiding that was hard as hell.” “Ditto.” Her significant other replied, groaning. “Anyway, who’s all with you besides the moms? Ember’s washing up right now.” The faunus teenager nodded, “Gambol’s getting dressed at the moment.” “We got Uncle Qrow with us, as well as three other guests.” Ruby said. “Oscar Pine and his mom are here. His mom is my doctor and will be here soon.” The three teenagers and Willow nodded.

“The young leader then cleared her throat awkwardly, “We also got another…guest.” With that, Summer motioned her hand and Evergreen appeared in the picture. “The fuck!?” Yang shouted. “How are you…!?” “Language, Yang.” The former STRQ leader said, before sighing. “He made himself a Weapon Spirit, basically.” “You’re a crazy little shit.” Willow said, queuing the former headmaster to nod. “Yes, I know. And I’m sorry for not telling any of you.” He said.

“Why are you in a hospital?” Blake asked suddenly, her voice filled with worry as she noticed her leader’s gown. Weiss’s face also had a worried expression as her eyes widened at the sight of her partner.

Both Yang and Ruby paled. They completely forgot to tell their partners about the young leader’s condition. Judging by Willow’s sighs, the two could assume that Summer had told her…and given by the former STRQ leader’s unamused expression, she was NOT surprised that her daughters forgot in the slightest. Blake assumed that Gambol probably knew as well from Ember. “Right…” Yang started with a regretful sigh. “We….really should’ve explained what happened to Ruby to you two…”

Clearing her throat, the young leader said, “You know that Vampier chick that harmed Pyrrha? Well, she attacked us when we were trying to go to an inn.” Nodding slowly, the heiress asked, “And the kid you mentioned?” “Met him when we first arrived in Mistral.” Ruby explained. “He’s like a little brother.” “I see…” Weiss nodded. “You said that Pyrrha came back, right?” Smiling, the young leader nodded, “Yeah. She came back a couple nights ago and is still in the process of catching up with her team.”

Ruby then lifted her hospital gown to show her abdomen, revealing the bandages for the stitches, “The bullets passed right through, so all I needed was stitches, thankfully.” “Thank gods…” Weiss sighed. Blake nodded in agreement, a sigh of relief emerging from her lips. “Probably not appropriate, but nice abs…” She said, before blushing as Yang and Ruby laughed. “Thank you~.” The young leader grinned. “Weiss agrees.” Willow said, smirking as the group laughed at the heiress’s embarrassed pleas.

It was around that time that Ember and Gambol showed up, with the former saying, “Hey, kid-… Damn, you really did get fucked up…” Ruby nodded, sighing. “How are the wounds holding up, hun?” Gambol asked. The youngest of the group gave a small smile, “Sore, but it’s getting there.” “They’ll be sore for a while.” Blake said. “Just try not to force yourself to your abdominal muscles.” Her leader nodded, “So no carrying stuff or bending down, huh.” “Not alone, at least.” Willow added.

The group then heard the door to the hospital room open, before Anna appeared on the screen. “This is Anna Pine.” Summer smiled. “By the way, Willow. This is who I was talking about regarding my acquaintance.” “This is Weiss, Willow, Gambol, Blake, Ember, and Yang.” Ruby chuckled. Nodding, the doctor gave the group a warm wave, before checking Ruby’s stitches.

“Good to know that the names match the faces.” She smiled. “I do believe the former heiress has a private question, correct?” Willow blushed, before clearing her throat, “Yes.” The doctor nodded, checking Ruby’s heartbeat and breathing as she said, “Gotcha. I’ll call you after your virtual meeting is finished.” The former heiress nodded, “Thank you, Dr. Pine.” “So, have you and your mom made a decision?” Ruby asked.

Weiss sighed. She KNEW this was going to come up sooner or later. “Yes.” Willow said. “Right now…we’ve decided to wait until Jacques has left.” Summer raised an eyebrow, “You’re planning on leaving?” The heiress nodded, “Klein and Mom are getting things prepared. This place…isn’t safe anymore.” The silence following that sentence was deafening…and frightening. Not because anyone had an issue with The Schnees’ decision though.

Rather, it was because of the truth surrounding the events at their manor… Though, given what Willow said about Jacques before, Summer wasn’t too surprised.  “You may want to leave sooner than planned.” Blake said. “If it’s getting that bad, then you might get out of there as soon as you can.” Gambol nodded, “Agreed. You might want to set a destination now, since we’re all here.” “You could meet up with us in Mistral.” Ruby suggested. “Or head to Vale and stay with Dad, Yang, and Ember for now.”

“I was going to suggest coming to see us.” Blake said. “But…I’m not sure if you’ll be welcomed… Some people here are not pleased with your father’s decisions.” Weiss groaned, “Don’t remind me…” She then looked to the side and nodded, “Winter’s here.” Winter appeared on the screen, her hair down as she smirked, “I see you kids are doing well…more or less.” “To some extent, yeah.” Ruby said. “This is my sister: Yang, Blake, Ember, and Gambol. This is my doctor, Anna Pine from Mistral International Clinic.”

Anna looked at Winter with a recognizing nod, only to meet Summer’s stern glance. “Be kind and say hi.” The former STRQ leader said. “I get you hate the Atlesian Military, but be nice to at least SOMEONE from there.” The eldest Schnee sibling winced, “Your mom is kind of scary at times.” “Only when the time calls for it.” Ruby smiled. “Though scary is not the accurate term, I think.” After a few moments, Anna ultimately gave in to Summer’s gaze, before turning to Winter and waving, “Hello, Ms. Schnee.”

“Dr. Pine.” The elder Schnee sister nodded politely. “I…don’t blame you for despising the Atlesian Military.” She didn’t budge from Anna’s stare as she said, “Actually, I empathize with you.” The group shivered as the tension between the two women began rising. “Could we PLEASE focus on what to do when we all regroup in Mistral?” Willow asked, noticing the tension and attempting to prevent an argument from starting. Winter and Anna looked at the former heiress, before sighing and looking down.

“Sorry, Mom…” Winter said. The doctor replied to Willow, “I apologize for my behavior, Mrs. Schnee.” Willow noticed Summer mouthing “Thank you” at her, before nodding with a smile, “Good. Now then, any suggestions?” Gambol sat back, saying, “Well, since Ruby, Summer, and their group are in Mistral and we’re already in Kuo Kuana, you might as well meet up here. This‘ll also give you the opportunity to get to know our parents.”

The former STRQ leader smiled, “How are they doing anyway?” Blake nodded, “Good. They’ll be happy to know that you remember them.” Summer chuckled, “I’m sure your mother will. That woman was like a sister.” “As were you to her.” The faunus teenager said. “She misses your baking.” The tallest woman nodded with a chuckle, “I’m sure she does. I’ll try to bake some cookies for you all when we meet up. And we can try her cooking again as well.” The two faunus nodded, both smiling.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to leave soon.” Gambol said, looking at the time. “I was….really hoping our parents would be able to finally meet some of you… One of you for the second time.” Summer smiled, “We’ll see them when we get to your place.” Willow nodded, “Seconded. Plus, we should leave soon too. Before Jacques finds out.” The group nodded, as Ruby said, “You take care of yourselves now. Alright?” Blake chuckled, “We will. Recover well, okay? Both of you.”

“We will.” Yang smiled. “Let us know if things need to be changed.” She then looked at the Schnees, “Especially you three.” Weiss nodded with a tired smile, “We will. Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but still.” Ember chuckled, “We know. Stay safe.” The former heiress nodded, “We’ll try. You kids do the same.” “Tell your parents Willow and I said hi, Blake.” Summer smiled. The faunus teenager smiled and nodded, “I will. And I’ll let them know that you’re looking forward to seeing them again.”

After Blake, Gambol, Weiss, Winter, and Willow said their goodbyes, the virtual chat room remained open as Ruby asked, “So, you wanted to talk privately, sis?” Her half-sister nodded, sighing. “So…. I’m…thinking about searching for my mother soon…” Yang said. There was silence for a good few moments, before Summer asked, “Have you spoken with your father?” Ember shook her head, “She’s been trying. Tai won’t talk about it though. Yang’s been worried about invading his privacy.”

“Not surprising… I can’t really blame him either.” Qrow sighed. The former STRQ leader combed Ruby’s hair, saying, “I’m proud that you’re taking his feelings into consideration.” “However, I do think you should bring it up with him again.” She explained. “He’s going to have to tell you about her from his point of view sooner or later.” The tanned woman nodded in agreement, “He will. Even though he doesn’t want to.” The younger blonde grunted, “I guess…”

Yang curled up her legs up to her chest, “I just feel like if I do ask him, then he’s going to have an emotional shutdown…” She then turned to her bedroom door as she heard footsteps walking away. She paled, “I think he heard us… And he was doing well too.” Summer groaned as she put her face in her hands, “Fuck…” Qrow sighed as he rubbed his eyes. This was the worst case scenario; having Taiyang find out about what Yang’s plans were…and what she was going to ask him.

“Well, what time is it there?” The former bandit asked. Ember looked at a clock, saying, “It’s getting late, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.” Qrow nodded, “Well, you might as well rip off the bandage as soon as possible.” “Otherwise, he’ll not want to talk to you.” He explained. “Tai’s surprisingly stubborn sometimes. You know that.” The tanned woman hummed, “Of course, I know. I was with him for several years, Qrow.” “I also know that his stubbornness, thankfully, has limits.” She explained.

“He’ll talk.” Ember smiled. “And I hope it’ll be mostly civil.”

“We also need to chat about you.” Yang said to her stepmom, Ruby nodding in agreement. The taller woman sighed, “Had a feeling Tai told you about my issues. Yes, I do remember them.” “Sorry, but we were trying to help you…and still are. In case you need it.” Her youngest daughter explained. The blonde teenager nodded, giving a reassuring smile, “All we want is for you to be happy.” “I know. I know.” The sisters’ mom said, before giving a smile. “Trust me though. I’m fine.”

After a few moments of silence, Qrow nodded, “Alright then. But just remember that if you aren’t….” “I know.” Summer nodded. “You all will be there for me.” The former bandit REALLY wished that his former leader wasn’t so stubborn as well. However, unlike Taiyang, Summer WAS more willing to talk about her personal problems…as long as it was a one-on-one or two-on-one conversation. She was less likely to have an emotional breakdown in those scenarios as well.

“You two take care of your dad now. Please.” The former STRQ leader said. The blondes nodded, with Yang giving a small smile, “We will…I hope.” After the siblings, Ember, Summer ,and Qrow said their farewells, the taller woman sighed. “So, does anyone want something to drink.” She asked. “No, Qrow. You’re not getting alcohol.” The younger Branwen twin sighed, “Fine, I’ll have coffee.” “Same.” Ruby nodded in agreement.

Nodding, the taller woman walked out of the room. As she did, Ruby asked, “What was that about?” “Much like Tai, Summer doesn’t do well with speaking about her issues.” Qrow explained. “Though, unlike your dad, she’s willing to talk about it with, at most, two other people.” The young leader nodded, thinking, ‘Ah… So it’s a problem with her being able to explain to multiple people at once. That makes sense.’ “So…one of us should talk to her later…?” She asked.

Her uncle nodded, “That would be wise.” ‘Well, looks like she and I will have another late night talk, huh.‘ Ruby thought. She really hoped THAT would be a civil conversation.

Then again, after knowing what her mother’s behavior would be like from her father, who knew what that would be like at this point?


And that’s it for Separated Uni-!


Hold on a minute, my connection is-…






Salem: Did you honestly think that this is the end? You still have yet to hear what I’m up to, insects.

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Bad things keep happening to me, like I have bad luck or something.
Weiss, you don't have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass.
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How strange, how things can change. How they so easily fall apart.

A Grimmified Clover, Winter Maiden Elm AU.

Ao3 link


Elm stared, horrified, as something that used to be Clover stepped out of the shadows, clapping his hands together in slow, mocking applause, claws clinking as he did. “Well done, Elm. You really are predictable as always.”

This was a trap. She’d been lured into a trap. She should reach for Timber, to ready her weapon for the inevitable fight, but she couldn’t move, rooted in place without her semblance to do it. “You- Qrow killed you.”

“Well he had a hand in it, definitely,” Clover nodded, a massive hole in his chest that pulsed with viscous black fluid, thick inky drips occasionally falling from the top of the wound to land on a rib bone that poked out of the misshapen flesh, or to splatter on the ground at his boots. “Don’t worry about that. Congrats on getting the Winter Maiden powers, by the way. Never would have picked you for it. So.”

Those burning red eyes burned into hers as the Grimm that used to be her friend smiled too-wide, skin splitting to accommodate his sharp, serrated grin. “Let’s get started.”

And he lunged for her throat.

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Winter: Ma’am, you are under arrest for indecent exposure and flashing!

Yang: *Being handcuffed* W-What! No way! I would never do anything like that! What makes you even think it was me!?

Winter: *Exposes Yang’s tits* *Turns to face the witness* Are these the breasts you saw sir?

Jaune: *Sniffling and being comforted by Ren* Those are them officer. I would recognize those monstrosities anywhere!

Yang: *Huffs in annoyance* Damn it! Made out by my own tits.

Winter: *Nods to the other officers* Take her away girls!

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Weiss, pointing her rapier at Whitley
Tell me the name of god you fungal piece of shit
Can you feel your heart burning? can you feel the struggle within? The fear within me is beyond anything your soul can make. You cannot kill me in a way that matters
Weiss, cocking the rapier, tears streaming down her face
Hey Whitley? What the FUCK does that mean?
Decay exists as an extant form of life
That's a terrifying answer, have a nice day
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List of Things I Suspect the Schneeblings have Perfected:

  1. Converting card into cash so their father cannot trace their purchases 
  2. Stock market 
  3. Safety hazards of dust and analysis of their molecular components
  4. Politics – each to their own
  5. Lying while smiling 
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(Weiss and Winter are enjoying coffee and tea in Schnee Manor)

WINTER: And how is work?

WEISS: Good. We’ve replaced the now-freed Faunus slave labor with decommissioned AK-130s to dig for Dust. Profits are through the roof and for once done so in a honorable way.

WINTER: I’m proud of you, dear sister. You will bring honor back to our family name, I’m sure. And how is your spouse? Actually, where is she?

WEISS: Oh, she’s taking Zwei for a walk. She’ll join us shortl-

[Ruby bursts in the room in a cloud of rose petals]


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I’ll have the salad, no nuts please
Of course
It didn’t say it had nuts
I’m allergic so I tell them to be safe
I’ll have the steak no bees please.
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Lesbian Winter Schnee

‘We Schnees are unique. Unlike many, our Semblance is hereditary. But that doesn’t mean it will come easily. Your Semblance is like a muscle. The more you practice with it, the stronger it will become. But if you only focus on one aspect of it, if you fail to test the limits of what you think is possible, then you’ll never truly grow.’

[ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ ❄️⚔️❄️ ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

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Great. To cover my bases with the Dies Irae nonsense - If I hear ANY hint of a music box or foreboding vibraphone near Robyn or Winter or Penny:

3 notes

Wait, what if the “Such Arrogance” leitmotif is the Dies Irae equivalent in the RWBY OST?

Such Arrogance has played prior to any battles, but has been featured prominently in Cinder versus Ozpin, and Blake and Yang versus Adam. To a quieter degree, Yang losing her arm and consciousness against Adam Volume 3. Each preceded someone’s demise, more or less.

So what next? What if we hear it again? (GESTURES AT WINTER AND TO-WHALE CO. AT THE DRIVE-THRU) HELP

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I’m guessing Salem probably has a ten-step plan to winning Winter over to her side, any guesses how many steps it’s actually going to take?

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Some more attempts at role swap designs, featuring my eye destroying colouring and winter dyes her hair theories.

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I'm a moderate, peaceful woman.
Just yesterday you threw a chair at Whitley.
That was moderate and peaceful compared to the table I was going to throw at him.
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Cool big sis

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