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Re-watching all the Avengers movies and can I just say, the way they erased Cap’s progress and development in terms of going from:

‘I must distract myself, there’s no one around me who has gone through the same shit as me’ -> ‘I’ve found someone who’s going through the same shit as me, but he’s been brainwashed but he’s still there, I believe in it’ -> ‘My ex has lived her life, she found someone, she’s had kids, her kids had kids etc., I must move on’ -> ‘I don’t think I’ll settle down and have a family though, not the time’ -> ‘I finally have my best friend back but he still needs help. However, he is the someone who has been through similar shit as me and they’re from my past, we’ve references several moments from our past together, I’m getting better’

Then in infinity war, Bucky is one of the people that gets snapped away. In endgame, Steve seems to be leading a group therapy session to help those cope with the blip.

End of endgame, he goes back in time to ‘finally get that happy ending with Peggy’ like ???? Did the past few movies worth of character growth mean nothing? Not to mention, his love interest include Peggy and her NIECE. Like, you would think after finding out in Civil War that the girl he tried asking out was his ex’s niece that he would back off. But no. Like ? What-

And that scrap they tried to sell to us as representation, a brief cameo from one of the Russo brothers I think, going smth like ‘when my husband was snapped in the blip’ like, I’m sorry you’re really just gonna toss us that pathetic attempt with a character that isn’t someone we’re attached to and run with the bs you’ve been feeding us? How desperate must you be to stomp out all that character growth to prove to us that Cap is straight? Honestly I would’ve preferred if they had left Cap and Bucky to just be best friends rather than this.

Even if it was to do with Chris Evans’ contract ending with Endgame, if Hawkeye can retire alive and not appear again, so can Cap.

Imagine going through all these hoops, erasing character development and making said character kiss two characters with Aunt and Niece relation. I’ve been pissed since Civil War and Endgame, always will be at this point since they’ve decided to go all out with making it a point to make sure that Cap was straight and couldn’t just be happy with having his best friend back.

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Warning: Like, ONE swear word.

“I was handling it!”-Y/N

“Yeah, because ‘handling it’ means nearly dying”-Winter Soldier

“Well then I would’ve deserved it for not doing a good enough job.”-Y/N

“Listen punk, I’m not your babysitter, I’m not going to be here every time you get into trouble.”-Bucky

“Oh really? Because you, old man, have ALLEGEDLY saved my ass multiple times. I’d say I’m your new protegé.”-Y/N

“You’re not my sidekick, and it’s not alleged, I have saved your ass multiple times.”-Bucky

“Yeah yeah, whatever you say.”-Y/N

For anon, hope you like it <3

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The Winter Soldier was behind the disappearance of Harold Holt

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If anyone needs a beta, message me. Some of the fandoms I’ll beta for include:

  • Doctor Who
  • Good Omens
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars
  • Supernatural
  • BBC Merlin
  • Pirates of the Carribean
  • Maze Runner
  • Ember Quartet/An Ember in the Ashes

I’ll happily read angst, hurt/comfort, whump, AUs, smaller fluff fics

I won’t read underage or r*pe/noncon, reader inserts, or anything explicit

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: cursing, drunk reader

A/N: Hey! This is me again. I really hope you like it. And excuse if there’s any mistake, english isn’t my first language. Enjoy! Gif isn’t mine


Originally posted by moteldwelling

You felt so jealous and so insecure. It had taken you a long time to become sure of yourself, to come out of your shell … Just for this to happen. You felt like in high school again and all thanks to Bucky and Natasha. You thought Bucky liked you and you were just waiting for him to confess his love for you, but that never happened and instead he and Nat starting dating. You were very confused, your best friend betraying you like that, it wasn’t fair. Although you had never told Nat about your feelings for Bucky to be honest, she didn’t know. The one who knew was Wanda and that’s because she saw you suspicious and by accident she got into your mind discovering that you head over heels for Bucky. Wanda apologized multiple times to you even though you weren’t really mad at her, she even cook you breakfast for a week so you could forgive her, you weren’t mad at her but it didn’t hurt anyone to take advantage of the situation.

You stood in front of the mirror looking for some flaw, it had always been like that, you always tried to be perfect; to dress perfectly, to look perfectly, to speak perfectly to treat everyone perfectly. The truth was, that it was very exhausting, you forced yourself to smile when the truth was you wanted to cry. In fact no one in the compound had seen you cry, you didn’t allow it, you always had a smile on your face. Maybe that was why everyone adored you … Everyone except Bucky. You thought you had him eating out of the palm of your hand, you thought he felt the same as you, you thought he felt that electric feeling every time you two touched. But you were wrong and you hated that, you must have made a fool of yourself in front of everyone every time they saw your heart eyes every time Bucky was around. You wanted to cry but you couldn’t right now, you had a party to attend and you pulled out your seductive weapon: a beautiful fitted black dress specially made to hug your beautiful figure, silver heels and wavy hair and you put on a delicate but beautiful makeup. You grabbed your clutch and headed to the party Tony had planned. The reason? You didn’t know, and the truth is, Tony didn’t need a reason to have a party.

When you walked in immediately Sam greeted you with a compliment.

What a beautiful Charlie angel” you giggled and hugged him.

You look very handsome, chocolate” Sam gave a big laugh, he loved your witty ideas.

You can eat me anytime you want” Sam winked at you and you both laughed. Thanks to your flirting with Sam you hadn’t noticed who was behind him, nothing more and nothing less than the boy who drove you crazy; Bucky scowling and arms crossed. You looked around but couldn’t find Nat.

Hey, Buck. How’s it going?” You greeted Bucky, since he announced his relationship with Nat you had been distant with him. And he thought that if he pretended he was dating Nat, you would be more interested in him. The plan to make you jealous with Nat was not working, rather it was taking you away from him and now he didn’t know how to fix it. He had to “break up” with Nat before things got worse.

Hey doll, you look gorgeous” Bucky couldn’t help but fall in love with you even more. You looked beautiful, of course he loved when you were disheveled and wore your pajamas, he thought there was a charm in that side of you. You couldn’t help but blush. He was always so tender to you that the idea that he was now taken made your heart ache in your chest.

Did you came with Nat?” You asked him looking for Nat with your eyes around the place.

Yeah she’s upstairs” Bucky replied.

Ok, I’ll go say hi” you got ready to go in Nat’s direction to say hi.

You are a big fool, buddy” Sam told Bucky mocking him.

I know, I know. It’s the worst idea I’ve ever had.”

Of all the bad ideas you have, yeah, this is the worst” Bucky shot a threatening look at Sam and Sam just laughed.

Bucky needed to find a way to remedy this, and confess his love to you, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t reciprocate he needed to get it off his chest. When you went upstairs you visualized Nat sitting talking in the company of Steve, Tony, Wanda and Bruce. You greeted them with a big smile and sat down to share with them. Every time you could look at Nat, you couldn’t help but feel jealous, she was impeccably beautiful, she looked more beautiful than you. And that silly seductive smile of hers, you understood why Bucky was in love with her, she was just lovely and you couldn’t compete with that.

Accepting your defeat you began to drink shot after shot, without pausing and without eating some food.

When it struck 11pm you were already very drunk and you were doing a private show for Wanda, your butt was in her face while you danced and she was laughing, spanking your butt. Everyone laughed at your actions and asked you for a private dance too. Except for Steve who was very flushed and Bucky who was looking at you with surprise.

She has a nice ass, don’t you think?” Nat sat next to Bucky while the two of them watched the little show you gave Wanda, when you squatted your whole butt was exposed revealing your beautiful black lace underwear.

A very cute one” Bucky replied without taking his eyes off you.

Why don’t you just tell her that you love her and that’s it?

It’s not that easy Nat” Bucky looked at her.

Oh, come on, she is crazy for you

How do you know? She told you?

No, but, damn, it’s very obvious

I’ll do it when she’s sober, not now

When Steve had had enough he asked Bucky to show you up to your room. He didn’t like that you were in that state, plus everyone already knew what underwear you were wearing. So Bucky scooped you up and carried you to your room.

Here” Bucky handed you a glass of water, sitting on the bed with you.

No, I don’t want water” you crossed your arms over your chest and shook your head. Bucky thought you looked so cute with your hair tousled and pouting.

Come on doll, you have to hydrate yourself a bit. Or tomorrow you won’t be able to bear the headache” he ran his hands through your hair gently combing your hair.

I don’t like headaches” you replied.

That’s why you have to drink water, here” you drank the entire glass of water in a few seconds. “Another!” you smashed the glass on the floor imitating Thor.

Y/N, what the hell, doll” when bucky was going to get up from your bed to pick up the mess you made you grabbed his tie and gave him a disastrous kiss. Your lips tasted like vodka and even though you left saliva all over his face, he loved the kiss. It was the most tender kiss someone had ever given to him, but he knew it wasn’t right for him to let you kiss him.

Enough doll, you are very drunk

“I love you, Buck” was what you replied.

I love you too, you don’t know how much. But surely you won’t remember any of this tomorrow” Bucky smiled at you and started picking up the broken glass from the floor. When he finished he saw that you had fallen asleep. He knew you wouldn’t remember anything in the morning but he would let you know. He couldn’t wait any longer. He loved you and he had to tell you. Bucky took a blanket and wrapped you. He left your room and went to his.

The next day you woke up with a slight headache, you remembered what you had done last night, you kissed Bucky and he told you that he loved you and you couldn’t help but smile. You knew that his jealousy game wouldn’t last long and when you decided to apply the law of ice to him, you didn’t expect to have results that fast. You smiled and closed your eyes again. Bucky loved you.

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I was going through a box of crap when I came across the littlest tiniest Winter Soldier. He’s so cute! I’m gonna keep him!

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Yoga instructeur: release on the sounds trapped in your mind


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I wish I could draw fanart bc in this fic Bucky just washed his hair and Sam is noticing how soft and fluffy he looks and my brain just went


So…somebody draw this, please?

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This video essay is amazing and made me love CATWS even more. For so long I focused on the theme of privacy and authority but I love thinking of the theme of “the evil within” both institutions and in ourselves. *chef’s kiss*

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1630 words.

Part one is here

warning: the word pissed is used. also the doctor’s name is random and the trigger words are also very random.

Imagine getting a surprising visitor while in custody at S.H.I.E.L.D. Is it Bucky’s turn to save you?


Originally posted by imaginedreamwrite

*3 months later*

The feeling of someone’s shoulder digging into your stomach was enough to wake you from your sleep. Gun shots were ringing in your ears. Fighting in every direction. What is happening? The rumbling of voices breaking through the shots being fired.

“Sam! Come on we need to go.” Who’s Sam?

“Yeah, okay, Robocop I’m coming.”

You heard the man carrying you grunt. He pulled out his weapon and shot the men in front of him as he continued running towards the hole in the wall. When did that get there? Your head was jumbled, each thought colliding with another. You had no idea what was going on. You took in the sight of what looked like a jet in front of the building. You got closer and closer and as you both approached it a man with… metal wings…came down from the roof. Oh dear, they really did a number on me this time. You could feel your body grow tired despite being awake for only a few minutes. You were placed down on a row of chairs carefully.

“Go back to sleep Y/N. We’re a long way from the compound yet.”

How did they know your name? And what compound? Luckily for them, you were too tired to question them and you fell into a deep slumber once again.

Keep reading

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Sebby out here on Insta throwing out all the THIRST traps today. Sheesh. The healthcare worker in me is just all “veins, veins, veins, VEINS!”

And the whore part in me is just thirsty AF. 🥵🥵🥵

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King in Black: Captain America #1 - “Blackened Blue” (2021)

written by Danny Lore
art by Mirko Colak, Stefano Landini, Rogê Antônio, Nico Leon, & Erick Arciniega

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King in Black: Captain America #1 - “Blackened Blue” (2021)

written by Danny Lore
art by Mirko Colak, Stefano Landini, Rogê Antônio, Nico Leon, & Erick Arciniega

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King in Black: Captain America #1 - “Blackened Blue” (2021)

written by Danny Lore
art by Mirko Colak, Stefano Landini, Rogê Antônio, Nico Leon, & Erick Arciniega

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King in Black: Captain America #1 - “Blackened Blue” (2021)

written by Danny Lore
art by Mirko Colak, Stefano Landini, Rogê Antônio, Nico Leon, & Erick Arciniega

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