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#winter soldier

I remember telling you that the fireworks on your birthday were for you and you smiled so brightly, the light that bounced off your teeth were brighter than moonlight.

I didn’t mean it. It wasn’t supposed to be true. You broke you leg two days before and all I could think about was how bored you’d be watching the world move on without you from your bedroom windowsill.

I remember my dad made a whole pie for you and Mrs. Rogers who was fast asleep on the couch in her uniform, getting that one hour sleep before she needs to go back to the hospital for another shift. We left three slices for her and we took the rest for ourselves, made the world beg for our charity even if it was for a moment.

Being an older brother was great and all but having a brother of my own was even better. All I hoped was when you blew out the candlestick that maybe, just maybe, you’d ask for me to be your family too — I mean, we were eight but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t dream big dreams.

You grinned as you thanked me, and there’s life in your eyes and malice in your lips. The sky bursts into colors, painting the sky with your doodles and that’s when I told you, when I made you believe — “the world can revolve around you just because it’s your birthday, just because you want to” — you believed me.

Son of a bitch actually believed me until you were twelve. You went into the streets with me and we saw the flags, we saw the colors, and all I wanted was to make a holiday for you, my family, my brother, because that’s what a kid like you deserves. You deserved to look out the windowsill and see the world go still, because that’s what you deserved — that’s what you needed.


requested by anon: “Hi! I hope you’re doing well! Could you write platonic bucky to steve?”

For Steve

From you Bucky

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Playing games

Pairing: dark!Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warning: yandere, swearing, some non-con implications towards the end.
Words: 2069.

ghjdfyjdfds I’m so sorry guys

“I asked for a vanilla latte with extra milk, not caramel cappuccino.”

You rolled your eyes at his irritated remark. You knew Sebastian wasn’t in his best mood this morning and expected him to make your day nastier just because he felt like it.

“Sorry, but I’m sure it was caramel cappuccino. You asked for some cinnamon on the top, remember?”

“No, I didn’t.” He snarled and looked at you, giving a mocha frappe to Jill, his hair artist. “I asked for a vanilla latte. If you suffer from memory loss, you’d better visit your doctor once we get back to US.”

What an asshole. Mary, who was now applying some makeup on Sebastian’s face with her beauty blenders and brushes, bit down on her lip: she had been watching how he treated you for the last 3 weeks, and it was a living nightmare. It was very odd since Sebastian was on good terms with pretty much everyone around, but you were always an exception. Why? Neither Mary nor Jill could tell. There was nothing revolting in the way you behaved around Mr. Stan, simply doing your job as his assistant. You were getting him coffee every morning, buying some personal stuff for him, managing his meetings… but you were more an errand girl, that’s true. It was surprising for most of the other people surrounding you two, but you didn’t object to your tasks. You were furious because of the way Sebastian treated you.

He was mean, unfair, irritating, and rude. You didn’t deserve it.

“Well, my voice recorder tells I got everything right.” You pulled it from the pocket of your below-knee sheath skirt, ready to press the button.

“What the fuck is that?” The man rose to his feet immediately, almost pushing frozen Mary out of his way and stepping towards you. “How many times do I have to tell you? NO. FUCKING. RECORDERS.

He was ready to snatch it from your hands, yet you were able dodge him right on time, hiding the recorder in your pocket again.

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry, I’ll put it away!” In a second you were behind Jill’s tall figure as if you were a child hiding from a bad-tempered parent, Sebastian watching you with anger in his cold blue eyes. “I’m not going to use it. But it’s still true, you asked for caramel cappuccino.”

“Guess what? I don’t fucking care.” He growled in a low voice. “You’ll go and get me vanilla latte because it’s your goddamn job. And I want my coffee before Jill’s finished with my hair, understood?”

Watching his with clear disdain on your face, you cursed under your breath. It was freaking hot in Prague where Sebastian was filming now and getting out the second time just to run to Starbucks once more would sure ruin both your makeup and a white blouse you had been wearing. Damn it.

“God, why do you have to be such a bastard most of the time?” You snapped at him, visibly shaking with fury. “What the hell is wrong with you? Are you a closet psycho or what?”

“I’m the one who pays you, honey.” He smiled at you the same way he always did it in front of the camera and you felt sick.

You stormed off the room without having a glance back at his perfect white teeth. Sebastian Stan was the worst person you had ever met, and you were working for him, seeing him every day and listening to his orders as if you were his pet. How did it come to this? Why did he look like the most perfect human being to you six months ago? What made him behave like that to you when in reality it was him who offered you a job?

God, it was all messed up. You did not remember when things got so bad you could yell at each other in a full voice. It was actually surprising, someone like you shouting and swearing at one of the world’s most famous actors, but it was something Sebastian let you do. Like he wanted you to scream at him regardless who surrounded you whether it was his makeup artists, agents, cleaning ladies or anyone else. It was like he got off on it.

True, this job payed well, much better than the one you had before. Moreover, in these 6 months you saw more countries than you did in your entire life, travelling with Sebastian everywhere and meeting tons of new people, many of them being great professionals. It was inspiring; it made you dream of all the things you thought were impossible; it made you curious and gave you a chance to practice your networking skills.

But Sebastian was fucking blowing it. After six months of constant everyday battles filled with rage and pure hatred you had gained weight, 10 pounds to be precise. Now you were having problems to sleep, and you knew it wasn’t the jet lag.

Anyway, you spent the whole day running around the city to buy him this or that. In the evening you were so tired you could barely move your legs while Sebastian was clearly pleased seeing you like that. It probably stroked his enormous ego.

Fuck it. You didn’t deserve a minute of it. You were not going to let him ruin you for fun, just because he could it since he payed you. Why did you spend you precious time trying to please him? Sure, you still considered him one of the best actors on the planet, but the things he did to you were not ok. He wasn’t ok. Maybe he really was a psycho or had some disorder he didn’t want to treat, you had no idea. But you knew it couldn’t continue like that. It was too much.

You spent an hour writing an email and asking to be laid off. It was just a few lines, simple and professional, yet you were constantly adding and then erasing new sentences. You shouldn’t make it personal, you thought to yourself. You doubted you could leave on agreeable terms, but you needed to give it a try. Even if your last argument with Mr. Stan might be the worst of them all, it would be your last one. It was worth it.

Sighing, you decided to take a stroll before going to bed. 15 minutes wouldn’t hurt, right? You’d have some fresh air and enjoy the view of Prague’s Powder Gate – you were lucky to stay right in the center of this magnificent old city. You could make some more photos to show your friends once you return back home. It was also nice to just sit on a bench and look at the night sky full of stars.

Maybe then you wouldn’t feel so guilty for leaving Sebastian and your team.

In the end, it took you way more that 15 minutes, but your late-night walk made your thoughts clear and left no regrets about your choice. What was happening between you and Sebastian wasn’t right, and you could do nothing but leave. With so many people wishing to work for him he would get another assistant in a matter of hours, and you would get your life back. Those money you earned would keep you afloat quiet some time even if you wouldn’t be able to get a job right away.

“What is this, Y/N?”

His voice almost made you jump. Sebastian stood up from the chair in the corner of your room once you put on the lights. What the Hell was he doing here so late? How did he open the door? If he needed anything, he could simply give you a call.

Oh. You saw your little black recorder in his hand.

“I told you I won’t use it anymore.” Your jaw clenched.

“I’m not talking about this piece of shit.”

He tossed your recorder on your bed as if he couldn’t care less and moved towards you so fast you had no time to step back.

“What is this pathetic email you wrote?” Sebastian’s handsome face darkened. “Are you not right in the head? You want to leave?”

“Yes, I do. What’s wrong with that?” Your expression hardened. He dared to touch your laptop when you weren’t there. “I thought you’d be glad to know. Today you told me three times I didn’t deserve working for you, correct?”

“You know perfectly well I wasn’t serious.”

“God, I have a hard time telling when you’re serious since all you do is hating me.”

He sent you an icy glare.

“You know I don’t hate you. You just happen to bring the worst in me, dear.”

There he was again. God, were you going to have this argument right now when you were deadly tired? You hoped it could wait till tomorrow, but it was clearly not your luckiest day.

“If you want to blame me again, it’s ok. I’m the worst one. I’m a bad person and a terrible assistant.” You squeezed your eyes shut and sighed again, scratching your forehead. “I get it. What I don’t get is why you aren’t happy I’m leaving.”

“Because I don’t want you to leave. If I really hated you so much, I’d already found another assistant, but I don’t want that.”

“Listen, let’s stop playing our games just for a few minutes.” This conversation made you feel even more exhausted. “We don’t get along. You don’t like me. Why do we torment each other? I don’t even remember the last time we had a regular conversation without shouting and cursing.”

“I’m not playing games with you, dear. You do.” He had already cornered you, his face determined and somewhat unsettling. “What do you want? A raise? More benefits?”

You were ready to yell at him again.

“Did you listen to what I just said? I want to leave. I want to come home and forget about all our horrible fights. I want to have a steady and boring job back in US. Do you understand?”

“NO, I DON’T!” The man screamed at you again, and now you suddenly felt his arms clenching your shoulders painfully and winced from his touch. “I already told you to stop toying with me! After all this shameless flirting and batting your eyes you wanna tell me you’re leaving? Do you think I’m so stupid to believe in this bullshit?”

It took you a few seconds to process his words. What? Flirting? Well, you did consider him handsome and charming, who on Earth didn’t, but you had never pulled anything like that. At first, it was because of your professionalism, and then your relationships escalated so fast you knew that he hated you and you hated him. What Sebastian had been even talking about?

You felt very aware how close he was once you felt his heavy breath on your face. He never did this before.

“Listen, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I want to leave. That’s all.” You tried pushing him back with your hands against his chest. “Please, let me go. I need to… t-to go to the kitchen.”

“You’re going nowhere, dear.” His expression darkened. “Tell me the truth. You don’t want me to treat you like my assistant? I get it, I get it, it’s fine. I can treat you like my girl in front of everyone if that’s what you want.”

“No! I – “

His put his hand on your mouth immediately, leaning in closer.

“It’s ok, I understand. I grew tired of pretending like nothing happens between us, too. You want me to let everyone now? It’s ok. I’ll post our photo on Instagram tomorrow. Is this what you want? Is this what you want?”

You tried to scream, but his grip on you was too strong as if Sebastian was really some kind of super soldier. Desperately trying to wriggle free you only got him to hold you tighter, his soft lips all over your face already wet with tears.

“It’s ok, dear. I got it.” He shushed you, trying to keep your arms together with his hand and pushing his knee in between your legs. “I’m sorry it took me so long. I understand now, so you don’t have to go. You won’t go, will you?”

You couldn’t answer him even if you wanted to.

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Character: Bucky Barnes

A/N: Just a little drabble for the Marvel/Bucky fans out there. I was thinking about how Bucky might feel about his arm now, and this came out of my head, so there you are. If you like this, let me know, I can do more like this in the future. I am updating almost every day now and I usually post Marvel content if you want to follow :)

Bucky has mixed feelings about his left arm. 

He misses the actual arm. The metal arm can feel and move just like any arm, it’s top-notch technology, but it’s not his arm. It’s a little bit numb, like constantly having slight pins and needles, it’s heavy, and it’s cold. He’s gotten used to it, but it still feels like a gap where a baby tooth used to be, or like a new sofa that’s not quite broken in yet. It’s not him, but it is, and just like all of the memories that he has as his time as the Soldier, he’s coming to terms with it. 

He thinks about where he would be if he didn’t have this arm. Probably dead. As much as he cursed Hydra for ever messing with his body and mind, he was grateful to be alive. It’s not excusing what happened to him, it’s just progress. If you had asked him a year before now, he would have told you that he wished someone had killed him way back when, that he wouldn’t have to have dealt with everything in his past. 

But he doesn’t think like that anymore. 

He wants to be here, he wants to be alive, and even though his past will sometimes break through and give him nightmares, he’s glad he’s breathing. He’s glad he got to see Steve again, even if it was for a short time, he’s glad that there are now people who he can share his experiences with, and he’s glad that he doesn’t want to die anymore. 

He thinks of it as revenge, in a funny way. Whatever Hydra did to him to make him a killing machine, he’s turning it back around. He’s become a protector of earth, of his friends, of the innocent, his arm is no longer used to destroy, but to build. His strength from the serum helps him heal, become ‘Bucky’ again, and he realizes he can give strength to others who’ve had traumatic pasts. 

He’s more forgiving than he used to be, more understanding, and more compassionate despite everything that’s happened. 

His past is part of him, it’s not leaving him, and he’s not denying it, but just like his arm, he didn’t have a choice. He doesn’t ignore the past, he doesn’t accept it, but he does have a healthy relationship with it. He knows what really matters is who he is now, and who he wants to be moving forward. 

His arm reminds him that things change.

It reminds him of what he wants to be. 

Bucky has mixed feelings about his arm, but at least some of those feelings are good now. 

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Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 4430

Warnings: Fluff, flirt, 

Summary: The team leaves for a mission leaving you and Bucky alone at the tower. 

Part 1


After bidding the team goodbye the next morning you and Bucky head to the kitchen for breakfast.

“How was your first night in the new place?”

“Good. Slept okay. How’d you sleep?”

“I have a hard time getting to sleep any given day but once I did last night I was good.”

In the kitchen you pull out a frozen breakfast burrito to heat and grab an apple and peanut butter.  Bucky fixes a huge bowl of cereal. 

“Why aren’t you on the mission?” Bucky asks.

“You want the official answer or the truth?” You ask.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the inaugural Marvel Fandom Scramble and helped to make it a smashing success! Throughout the final week of May, we will be posting three works everyday from creators throughout the Marvel fandom who took on the task of writing a fanfiction or creating a piece of art for randomly selected characters and tropes. Please enjoy what they have worked so hard on and make sure to leave lots of comments and kudos. They make all creators happy (whether they like to admit it or not!).

Check in every day this week at 7pm Eastern Standard Time for new works from our creators!


- Mod Mags


Originally posted by xopsychogirlxo

Title: You’re My Hero

Author: puddles-posts

Rating: General Audiences

Characters: Bucky Barnes & Tony Stark

Prompt: Hurt/Comfort



Originally posted by bishopl

Title: Winter is Coming

Author: shortpromptlongkiss

Rating: Explicit (18+)

Characters: Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark

Prompt: Snowed In



Originally posted by tonxstark

Make sure to signal boost and follow @marvelfandomscramble​ for the daily master list! We will be posting new fics for the next three days and we hope you enjoy them all as much as we did creating them!

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Headcanons for a Jealous!Bucky!


Heya, dear!  💕 Here are your Headcanons. (:

If you like to read more about an insecure/jealous Bucky, just click here, here and here! The first one is basically a Oneshot about exactly what you requested!

  • First of all: Bucky has never been a jealous type, and it would be impossible for him to talk you out of anything as long as it makes you happy.
  • Actually, he’s quite relieved at first. Since he knows that he’s lacking in many points of your relationship. So he’s glad that you have found a friend who compensates for that.
  • For example, he would have phases where he couldn’t stand being touched, not even by you. And he knows just how much you merged in bodily contact.
  • Even though you made him come out of his shell, he’s still withdrawn to himself. It’s hard to have a proper conversation with him, let alone an ordinary one.
  • Or the fact that his humor suffered a heavy lot after his time at HYDRA, understandably.
  • Obviously, he would never doubt your love for him - yet he knows that being with the former Winter Soldier and his PTSD puts a stroll on you, too.
  • But there was that one thing he just couldn’t get out of his head, bugging him this whole time: Your friend was way better.
  • No matter how he compared himself to that guy, he’d always come out top. Better looking (well, subjectively spoken), doesn’t have a past full of violence, crime and death, is not mentally ill and especially can fulfill every one of your needs.
  • With him, you could have a normal future. A family, children even. Was it even possible for Bucky to have something like that, after all that had happened to him? He didn’t know for himself.
  • And he slowly began to realize just how much you clinged to his newfound rival.
  • Actually, it was a big misunderstanding - the only thing you had in mind was Buckys wellbeing.
  • You’d begin to tell him things you wouldn’t bother to tell Bucky, to not burden that already strained man any further. Or go out with him more often to give your boyfriend some space and time alone for himself.
  • Of course James wouldn’t tell you about his internal troubles. He just isn’t the kind of guy to open up about his feelings that easily, after HYDRA tried to erase every humanity inside of him, and so many people having betrayed him.
  • So he’d use everything inside of him up to make you his again: Trying to be around you as much as possible or forcing himself to make bodycontact, if only a little (like his hand ghosting over your back or him putting a strand of hair out of your face).
  • Whenever you’d be around your friend, Bucky would watch you from afar, most of the time flexing his fist, gnarling and giving that guy a gloomy look until he was so intimidated that he’d leave on his own.
  • But he felt so guilty - how could he want to ruin something that was seemingly making you happy? Neither you nor the man did a bad thing, after all. And you shouldn’t feel bad for having friends as it is totally natural.
  • James wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Not even Steve. But others would notice how close you and your friend became and start questioning Bucky about the stand of your relationship, only straining him more.
  • So eventually, things would escalate as he found the two of you cuddling on the sofa while watching Netflix - you having fallen asleep on his lap. You never did this with him.
  • The only reason why Bucky didn’t beat that man to a pulp was the frightened and confused look on your face as you woke up, seeing your boyfriend as furious as never before.
  • At first you thought he had become the Winter Soldier again - but when you found out about the true reason for that violent outburst, you’d scold him for behaving that childish. He should know you better than that, and he also knew that you hated it when he was that self-conscious.
  • Good for him that your friend left the very moment he raised his metal fist at him, mumbling something about “Having no patience to deal with such freaks.”
  • He thought you to be furious at him - yet you’d make him sit down next to you, holding his hand this whole time while calmly explaining your view on the whole story. Your eyes would never leave his, and they told him you were speaking from the heart here.
  • Truth be spoken, after he called your boyfriend a ‘freak’, your desire to befriend that guy has disappeared into nothingness.
  • You’ll probably end that chapter in your relationship with a long night of you consoling him, with Bucky not letting you out of his bear hug for a single second.
  • After hours of talking while simply lying in each others arms and finally understanding each other better, Bucky will probably say something like “I am a piece of work. But I’ll go to any lenght for you to see me as a friend, not just a lover.”
  • “I love you, you doofus. You already are my best friend.”
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say it first | bucky barnes


Originally posted by minmiin1d


summary: so come on, darling. if you love me, say it first

warnings: fluffy fluff obviously + pinch of angst (barely) + language

a/n: 2.4k word count. i have missed writing!!! and bucky!!! and it has been a hot second since i’ve done a bucky oneshot. also, i think i have used this gif before but :/ who cares lol. this is based on “say it first” by sam smith! thank you guys for supporting me and being so patient. i promise to do better from now on!! please enjoy!!

‎✪ ‎✪ ‎✪ ‎✪

It’s been so long since Bucky has felt like this. He has been so used to an empty heart and empty arms. So he definitely was not prepared for you.

You showed up at the Avengers compound with a brand new job and a lot of optimism. You were the fucking sun while Bucky was a rain cloud. He had been through a lot, between being a brainwashed assassin to getting turned to dust by Thanos. Long story short, he had a lot of baggage.

But that never mattered to you. You didn’t walk around eggshells around him, which he greatly appreciated.

When you met him, neither of you expected to grow a connection so fast. Honestly, Bucky can’t even remember what drew him to you. But what he does know is that there was just something about you that made him like you ever since that day. There was something about you that made him go absolutely crazy. You just swept him up in your hurricane, and he wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But of course, that’s not where this ends. It’s barely the beginning.

Because—inevitably—you and bucky started developing feelings for each other. Your relationship is too special to just stay friends. However, are either of you willing to admit your feelings? Of course not. Bucky’s never been good at expressing emotions.

You want each other so bad, so much, and with every fiber of your beings. But no one will break first. When people ask about your relationship, you just brush it off. Although neither of you want to hide your feelings, you can’t seem to find the courage to say anything.

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Ok, I liked seeing gifs from movies where Seb was cast and thinking “What if it was in TFATWS?”


Sam was proud of Bucky, not that he would admit it to him. The man was getting better day by day. Some days were better than others, but it was normal in a situation like his.

It was his niece’s birthday and the girl just loved Barnes. When the she asked him if he could go to her birthday party, he couldn’t help but say yes. That day Sam found out that Bucky was just unable to say “no” to a kid.

Sam wanted to warn him to don’t spoil his niece because she was surely going to take advantage of this, but he wasn’t able to do this after Bucky told him that her personality reminded him of Becca.

He knew that Bucky was nervous surrounded by all these people and made sure to be near to him so he could feel more comfortable. The kids were monopolizing his attention anyway, asking for him to talk about Wakanda, so he just sat down on the grass with them and started talking.

Bucky was used to be surrounded by kids (he was the oldest of four siblings and, back in Wakanda, the local kids were always following him around most of the time), so he was relaxed and didn’t look any stressed. He was comfortable there, so Sam just let him talking with the kids and assured their parents that Bucky was safe to be around.

Sam thought that Bucky was joking when he said he wasn’t able to say “no” to a kid, but he found out it was really true when his niece runned to the man with a plastic princess crown asking him to use it and he did without even questioning.

If Barnes wanted to stay sit on the grass, talking with the kids, drinking soda and eating small savory snacks while wearing a princess crown, Sam was going to personally fight anyone who tried to bother him.

Sam was talking with his brother when he heard his sister calling him and Bucky to move a table. He walked to where she was, seeing the other man standing up and following him by the corner of his eyes.

- The kids like you. - His sister smiled to Bucky while they moved the table to where she pointed.

- The adults just want to make me talk about the Winter Soldier, but the kids just want to hear about Wakanda and all the times I had to take Steve out of trouble, so I can say that I like them too. - Bucky shrugged.

- Well, thank you for help moving the table. You can go back to your new friends now. - And she looked to Sam - Come help me to bring the cake. I don’t want to drop it and we know I will if I try to bring it alone.

Sam went with her to the kitchen and helped her to take the cake to the table. As soon as the cake was already at a safe place, she said he could already go.

He stopped walking as soon as he saw Barnes basically corned by two women that were talking nonstop. He was clearly trying to find an excuse to get out of there and his eyes shined in relief when he saw Sam. He could almost hear Bucky’s voice saying “Get help, please”.

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