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#winter soldier
margarethx · 2 days ago
As much as I like seeing Sambucky using cute pet names for each other even in moments of high tension or in conflict I’m also a big fan of the reverse trope where – no matter how long they’ve been together – they still refer to their partner as “dude”, “man”, or “this guy” on regular basis.
Something about Sam fondly saying “dude...” after Bucky proposed or about Bucky referring to Sam as “this guy over there” instead of “my husband” after over 10 years of their very public marriege is very fitting for their relationship.
(You can also combine the two versions and make them use “sweetheart” and “love” just as often as “man” and “Wilson”/”Barnes” to keep the people around them confused. Are they saying “darling” ironically? Did they start using last names more often, because they’re mad at each other? You’ll never know and these two certainly won’t clarify.)
--- ----- --- ----- ---
Sam *over the phone*: Hey, sweetheart :) Could you buy some sugar on your way home. I completely forgot about it today.
Bucky: Yeah. Sure thing, man.
Sam: Thank you, darling.
Bucky: Love you!
Sam: Bro... same.
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rosemaryharris · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yesttoheaven · a day ago
pairing;bucky barnes x f!reader
warnings;language, john walker being john walker, a bit of angst and fluff because we deserve it
summary;after a mission, all you wanted was a ride home, but apparently God sent the wrong person.
a/n;hi there! this is my first time writing to bucky 😆🦾 and i hope you all like it!
• the reader is inspired by Selene, known in greek mythology as the Goddess and Personification of the Moon.
• English is not my first language. I am getting help from google translator and he is not always a good ally, so I apologize for any typos or grammar errors.
• Y/N – your name
Tumblr media
If you could choose between fighting the Deviants alone or walking another mile with those damn boots "cooking" your feet, you would have chosen the first option without much effort. Maybe that was a pretty stupid choice even for someone like you, but in this case, nothing seems worse than the blisters that formed on your heels.
— I feel like I'm going to pass out at any moment. – You stated, adding a little more drama to your voice than necessary and you could have sworn you saw the men roll their eyes at the same time.
— Don't be dramatic! – Sam warned, trying to stop you from continuing your whining and it just pissed you off.
— In case you didn't know, we've been walking for hours, Wilson!
— It's only been 20 minutes, Y/N. – Bucky joined the conversation, unfortunately choosing the wrong side to be on.
— Well, maybe so, but to complete this perfect day, my new combat boots hurt my feet. – You told them as you paused to adjust your left boot, trying as much as possible to lessen the friction between it and the blisters, but it seemed pointless. — This is killing me!
You looked around hoping to find some housing that you could go to and ask for help – some band-aids would be much appreciated – but the place was practically deserted. There was nothing but the long road, trees and green fields. However, it was peaceful, you would have liked to walk around here on another occasion, but now all you wanted was to go home as soon as possible.
— What happened to your old boots? – You heard Sam's question and even though you knew he was doing it just to shift the focus of the "conversation", you answered:
— They were too old, so the Sarge here offered to go with me to buy new boots.
— I told you to stay with the other boots. – Bucky added and you just shook your head lightly, remembering his insistence so that you took the other pair. At that moment you didn't take his wise words into account.
Just see where you are now.
— Trust me, I regret not having listened to you.
— Wait, then, is that why you guys disappeared yesterday afternoon? Were you at the mall? – Sam came back with his questions, but this time accompanied by a mixture of disappointment and surprise, confusing you.
— Yes... Where did you think we were?
— I don't know... – The man just shrugged, but there was a trail of malice on his lips when he continued: — Somewhere, making cyborg babies maybe...
— I didn't hear that. – You said and looked in Bucky's direction, noticing his jaw tighten, apparently not liking his friend's "suspicions". — Getting back to what really matters, where are your wings, Sam?
— I took it off to wash.
— What? I'm serious! You could give me a ride so I wouldn't have to walk...
— I wouldn't give you a ride.
— Stupid bird. – You muttered, slowing your steps as your feet protested in pain.
— I heard it!
— Good! But I can repeat it anyway... Stupid bird!
— Can you two stop?! – Bucky exclaimed, losing his patience.
It wasn't news to anyone that you and Sam behaved like cranky kids when you were together, but Bucky can't remember when he agreed to take on the role of full-time nanny. One day that task was just thrown on his shoulders.
— She was the one who started it. – Sam gave you a disgusted look and you just stuck your tongue out at him, getting another eye roll in response.
— You know what? – You stopped walking, having enough about it. — I'll sit here in the middle of the road and see if I can get a ride...
— You do this and I carry you on my shoulder back home.
To say that Bucky was angry was an understatement, but you had bigger issues to deal with, like your feet, for example. So his "threat" didn't seem so bad.
— It would still be better than walking and... – You stopped suddenly, losing the moment when Sam looked up, thanking the gods for this miracle, while you were busy trying to identify the sound that had caught your attention. — Hey, it's a car! Did you hear that little bird? I don't need your wings anymore!
You started yelling and waving, ignoring Sam and his taunts like: "Did your mother never tell you it's dangerous to get into strangers' cars?"
You just hoped it was someone minimally decent, but as soon as the car got a considerable distance, you recognized that little blue and red dot.
— Shit, shit, shit! It's Walker!
You quickly returned to close to your friends and Sam didn't miss the opportunity to say:
— Are you happy now? There is your knight in shining armor.
— Look what we have here... – John's voice echoed and it was your turn to look up at the sky, but in a pleading way. All you wanted was a simple ride, God couldn't be that unfair. — What makes you scream so desperately for me, Y/N?
— She wasn't screaming for you. – Bucky intervened and Sam closed the distance between you so that your arms were almost touching as you walked side by side. They always became more protective of you when the new Captain America was around.
— I just wanted a ride. My feet are killing me. – You said, hoping the man would just walk away, but the smile that lit up his features showed he had other plans.
— Well, today is your lucky day... Come on! – The blonde exclaimed, opening the vehicle's rear compartment and you just shook your head from side to side, admitting:
— I don't know if it's a good idea...
— Oh, please, what's wrong with that?
You remained silent, pondering your options – which weren't many, actually.
— Do you really prefer to walk the rest of the way with your feet like this? – Walker insisted, pointing to your feet. — Your friends can come too.
His words were almost irrecusable and you looked at your teammates. Sam and Bucky immediately stopped walking and looked at you in silence, but nodded anyway. The idea of ​​spending a few minutes in the company of the infamous John Walker couldn't be so bad compared to the sight of your feet once you get back home, so you smiled at your friends and approached the vehicle, where the damaged "copy" of Steve Rogers held out his hand to you.
— Keep your hands away from her. – Bucky growled, not caring about the look the blonde threw him after he pushed his arm out of the way.
With his attention on you, he helped you into the old military jeep, followed by Sam soon after and you couldn't contain the sigh of relief that came from between your lips as you settled into the seat opposite John and Lemar, while Sam sat on your left and Bucky on your right. With the car moving once more and the light breeze touching your face, you hummed happily, knowing you didn't have to walk a few more miles.
As a few minutes passed and everything seemed fine, Bucky began to think that the ride had not arrived in bad time, until he realizes that the fake Captain's eyes were about to drill holes in your skin. John didn't bother to be discreet. While you are distracted by the green immensity around you, he, without the slightest shame, is distracted by the way the material of your suit hugs your body. When caught red-handed, he just nodded in Bucky's direction, before turning his eyes to you, saying:
— I'm surprised someone like you still wastes time with these guys, Y/N.
— What does that mean? – You asked, even though you felt the conversation wasn't going to take a pleasant turn.
— You know. You are a literal Goddess...
— In fact, she is the Personification of the Moon. – Bucky said, however, John couldn't tell the difference.
— Isn't that all the same, Barnes?
— Nope.
— Okay, guys. Personification or Goddess, I still have blisters on my heels. – You remembered, trying to prevent a possible discussion from starting between them. — And, John, whatever you have to say, I'm not interested.
— Oh please! Until when you will insist on this thing of fighting the crime next to these two... – He paused, searching his mind for some adjective he could use to insult the men seated beside you. — I really don't know... They are the least important Avengers, understand?
— Said the guy who isn't an Avenger. – Sam completed, making you laugh. Bucky, on the other hand, limited himself to declaring his support with a small smile.
— Still, who's with the shield? – John attacked back, not at all satisfied with what he'd just heard. — Anyway, I'm just saying this because I know what's best for you, Y/N. I don't like to see you wasting your time with this team.
When you accepted the ride, it certainly wasn't the kind of conversation you expected to have. In fact, you thought the silence would be much more appreciated than Walker's apparent insistence on getting you to join his team.
— And what would be best for me? Join you?
— I thought it was quite obvious. After all, I'm the new Captain America and you used to be loyal to Rogers, so nothing fairer than your loyalty to be mine now. – John spoke as if it's your duty to be by his side right now and the shield, reason enough for you to accept it without question, but, to be honest, you would have preferred to deal with Wilson's taunts for the rest of your life rather than follow his orders. — We would be a great team... You and I... – He pointed in your direction, smiling at the idea. — I think this might work.
— I don't see it that way. I'm very satisfied with my team, understand? – It was your turn to smile, patting your partners on the shoulder, before looking at John. — And until they decide to kick my ass, I'm not going anywhere.
— You're making a mistake. I would abandon this boat if I were you. – John's words sounded like a warning and the way Bucky had been looking at him since you guys got in the car was starting to test his patience, so he didn't care what he said next: — Especially when the Winter Soldier is on your team.
Silence finally fell over you, but it wasn't what you expected. This silence was not appreciated, it was almost deafening and you immediately regretted breathing the same air as this man. Sam also didn't hide his dislike for Walker and felt that bringing it up was more than unnecessary. And Bucky didn't say a single word, just kept looking at the fake Captain America.
— What's that? I just mentioned our friend's alter ego here and you guys got weird! – John laughed, enjoying the situation he created and not even Sam asking him to "take it easy", it was enough to make him stop. — Come on, admit it, Barnes! He's still inside you, isn't he? Don't get me wrong, I just can't believe you got rid of him, that's not how it works, you know? You can't go around killing people and then blaming Hydra. It was you too.
If there was one thing you knew, it was that Bucky was perfectly capable of defending himself, but he didn't need to. He shouldn't waste his time explaining himself for the millionth time about something that wasn't his fault. His stay in Wakanda was promising, it really worked, and now that he's focused on his therapy sessions, it won't be the idiot with Steve's shield that will screw this up.
— I was wrong. I'd rather rip off both my feet than spend another 5 minutes in your presence. – You got up and grabbed one of the jeep's iron bars to keep your balance. From his seat, John looked visibly insulted by your words, but you couldn't care less, so you turned to the driver: — Hey buddy! Stop the car.
Your request was clearly ignored and the man continued to drive, as if Walker's orders were the only ones he received. Bucky sensed your indignation, and if leaving the car was what you wanted, he was more than happy to intervene, reinforcing your words:
— Didn't you hear her? Stop the car!
It didn't take long for John to begin his self-pity speech. Of course he would try to stop you from leaving like that, but it was too late. Your patience had already run out. You didn't mind the malicious looks, the way he longed to have you by his side to display it as a key chain, none of that really mattered. Walker was an asshole and you knew it, but the moment he got Bucky into it, hoping to get a reaction from him, it was over for you.
— Just forget what I said... Y/N... – The blonde insisted, abandoning his seat as quickly as he could to grab your arm, but you managed to get rid of him without much effort and pushed him back into his seat, tired of this ridiculous theater. After all, this man is married!
Your temper changed as you approached the edge of the car and Bucky's hands came into contact with your waist, lowering you gently to the ground.
— Well, we got no ride and Y/N will keep complaining about the damned blisters on her feet. This day can't get any worse. – Sam added wryly, watching the car pull away.
Despite the distance, John yelled something you couldn't understand, maybe Bucky has, but no one was really interested, so you just held up your arms and showed your middle fingers, hoping the new Captain America could see that.
— I still can't believe they gave him the shield. – You muttered, but at the same time you couldn't help but feel guilty about what happened moments ago. So, in an attempt to apologize and still get a smile from your teammates, you said: — Okaaay, looks like we'll have to wait for another ride...
— Absolutely not! You will not do this again! – Sam practically yelled in the middle of the road, making you laugh. — You know when I said I took my wings off to wash? I was kidding, okay? They're here! I think you already knew that, but I can take you home. All you have to do is promise that you're done with this business of hitchhiking with strangers...
— I have a better idea. – Bucky argued, moving closer to you. The confusion on your face was replaced by a squeal as his arms went under your legs and behind your back, lifting you off the ground. — Maybe this will stop you from hitchhiking with idiots.
— First of all, Sarge, I wouldn't be getting into strangers' cars if you'd done this before. – You joked, leaning in slightly to place a kiss on his cheek.
— It doesn't look bad. – Bucky admitted as you taped the last band-aid to your heel. Altogether there were 5 on the left foot and now 4 on the right.
Apparently, that's the stark reality that superheroes don't show.
— I never want to see those damn boots in front of me again!
With a low laugh, Bucky headed back to the bathroom, probably to keep the antiseptic spray and what's left of the band-aids, but when he returned, unlike what you had expected, he settled into the armchair in the corner, far enough away from you, who were in bed. After a drawn-out sigh, you confirmed that something was wrong and even suspected what it might be, but before you had a chance to ask, Bucky spoke up. Even before therapy, he never had a problem talking to you. It was undeniable how comfortable he felt around you and that didn't change after you guys got involved…romantically speaking. It had been going on for 4 months since then and everything seemed to be flowing so well, the two of you didn't feel the need to label things. A part of you suspected this relationship would be fleeting, as the two of you had come a long way and it was natural for you to find warmth in each other's arms, but another part of you wished it were more than that.
— Did you ever regret being part of the team? Or did you feel like you were wasting your time by our side, while you could be doing more for the world? Even the universe... – He questioned, breaking eye contact as soon as you crawled out of bed.
Still not having the courage to look into your eyes, Bucky sat up straighter in the armchair, allowing you to sit on his lap, before wrapping his arms like chains around your waist. He felt like an idiot for spilling his insecurities like that, but these questions had never crossed his mind, and that was why he was so intrigued when John broached the subject. Bucky knew from the start that you were extremely powerful. As powerful as the Asgardian God or Carol Danvers. Before you even joined the Avengers, you said you were in another group, but you never felt like you belonged, however, now that the Avengers seem more like a myth, Bucky wondered if your purpose was to be on the side of the Eternals, instead of wasting your time fighting mundane crimes alongside him... It seemed like he was somehow slowing you down, keeping you chained to an ex-murderer with so many problems and traumas it was impossible to enumerate.
Pulling off the chains that held your waist, he tried to get up, but you were quick to swing your legs to either side of his body while you remained seated on his lap. With nowhere to run, Bucky let out a defeated sigh, as if he didn't want you to make things more difficult... but what was he waiting for? Did he want you to just say that John Walker, of all people in the world, was right? If that were the case, you would go after Druig yourself and ask him to control your mind for the rest of your life, so you couldn't agree with anything the new Captain America said.
— I could never regret it. – You stated, with nothing but conviction in your voice. — You and Sam are my family, I thought you knew that. And his nephews are already calling me aunt, that must mean something. – Your laugh mingled with his and your faces were only inches apart. Moistening your lips, you continued: — No matter what that faker has said or comes to say, I feel that my place is here... with you, James. And if we're being honest here, you need to know that the last four months have meant all the stars to me. Four months that can turn into four years or as long as you like. I'll be here, possibly pissing the hell out of you like today on the road, but...
His lips came up to meet yours with a misunderstood urgency, but it wasn't long before you found the answer behind his actions. Your hands remained firmly placed on his broad shoulders, while Bucky was squeezing your right thigh with his human hand, leaving the vibranium hand on your back, pushing your body down so there's no distance between you. More than anything, he needed you close to him. He needed to show that this was never a passing thing and that, for him, these 4 months would turn into 40 years, because Sergeant Barnes finally found everything he could ever want, you. A mysterious figure who has walked the earth longer than he can imagine, so powerful and ruled by the Moon.
Unexpectedly, someone knocked on the door and against your will, you walked away from Bucky. Your breathing was a real mess and before you could ask if the world was ending once more, a well-known voice echoed on the other side:
— Is my future cyborg nephew on his way?
You and Bucky looked at each other in disbelief, before he yelled:
— No!
— Are you serious, Sam? Leave us alone! – Your attempt to look angry failed as soon as a laugh left your mouth and you quickly buried your face in Bucky's neck.
You were at home.
Tumblr media
a/n;thank you soooo much for reading ♡ and also let me know what you think of this one, i would appreciate it!
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why-i-love-comics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Winter Guard #4 (2021)
written by Ryan Cady art by Jan Bazaldua, Federico Blee, & Fernando Siguentes
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maxkennedy24 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Winterbaron Tarot Style
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shangchiswife · a day ago
bucky barnes- deja vu
summary: y/n has a hard time moving past her relationship with bucky who has moved on easily
inspired by olivia rodrigo’s deja vu :)
warnings: none
word count: 983
You sat on the couch in the Avengers compound with your legs draped over Bucky's lap with a simple smile on your face. He looked relaxed with a similar lazy smile on his face.
It was nice, sitting like this with him in a civil manner.
You and Bucky used to date for a while until a massive fight broke out between you two.
After Steve had left Bucky for Peggy he had started losing control more frequently and would have massive panic attacks. You would try to help him but he would yell at you and push you away physically.
It hurt you so much to see him hurt and him pushing you away so you broke up with him.
It had been a few months before you two had reconciled your friendship and now here you were, watching a Harry Potter marathon on the TV.
Just as Bucky made his way to put his metal arm around you, his phone buzzed from his pocket so he slid his arm in his jean pocket and pulled out his phone.
You couldn't help but feel disappointed.
Even after all of this time you still had feelings for him.
You tried your hardest to forget about him with pointless dates and one-night stands but no, in the end, you always came back to loving Bucky.
"Oh, it's Sarah," Bucky said as he looked at his phone with a grin plastered on his face.
Your heart dropped and you felt a twinge of jealousy.
Four months before you had become friends with Bucky again, Bucky had gotten together with Sarah Wilson who was Sam Wilson's older sister and you were extremely jealous of what they had.
Sarah was everything you aspired to be. She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, and hardworking. You admired her so much for taking care of her two boys all alone before Bucky came. She had the most radiant smile you had ever seen. The first time you saw her smile you were literally blinded by it.
And unlike during your relationship with Bucky, Bucky didn't push Sarah away, and he was open with her about his trauma and past.
You had seen them once with Bucky crying in a corner and Sarah wrapping her arms around him and whispering to him soothingly that he wouldn't hurt her and that she loved him.
"Can we put a hold on this movie, Y/N? I'm taking Sarah out for dinner," Bucky had a wide smile on his face as you nodded solemnly and paused the movie.
"Where are you taking her, Buck?" you put your head in your hands.
"Oh well I was thinking about taking her to the Beachwood Cafe," Bucky sighed dreamily as your whole body tensed up.
The Beachwood Cafe used to be the restaurant that you and Bucky would eat at all the time. 
That was the place where you both would laugh so hard that your bellies would hurt. That was the place where you both had your first date. Bucky had brought you a bouquet of beautiful red roses and a neon pink heart-shaped box full of chocolates that you'd shared together.
The Beachwood Cafe was the place where you had your first kiss with him.You remembered how hard your heart had been thumping when he leaned in to place a delicate kiss on your lips. His cheeks had turned red and he had apologized saying "I'm sorry I just couldn't help it."  Afterward, you had pulled him back to your lips by the collar of his button-down shirt.
That was the place where he had first told you that he loved you and you said that you loved him. It was a special place for you. It was a reminder of the good times you had with Bucky.
You hid your devastation extremely well.
"That's great Buck...tell her to order the fries they're really good," you offered him a weak smile.
"I will, she's coming up here, last time she left her jacket over here so I'm giving it back to her," Bucky got off of the couch and grabbed a long yellow raincoat from a table.
Suddenly the sound of a door slamming was heard and Bucky eagerly stood in place as Sarah walked into the room.
She was dressed in a red flannel shirt and a pair of clean blue jeans.
"Hey Buck, hey Y/N," Sarah said sweetly as she bent down and ruffled your hair.
"Hi Sarah how are you?" you asked her as Bucky looked her up and down and then pulled her in for a hug.
He buried his face into her neck and kissed her as you felt your heart shatter into a million pieces.
"I'm good. Ahh Buck, you're squeezing me too hard!" Sarah laughed.
Even her laugh was pretty.
Jealousy seeped through your body as Bucky kissed her cheek affectionately.
"Here's your jacket, by the way, doll," the man looked down on the beautiful black woman as he handed her her yellow raincoat.
Doll. That's what he used to call me you thought. Doll and so many other sweet nicknames that you used to adore.
"Thank you, also I think we should get going. Didn't you say we were gonna get ice cream after dinner?" Sarah questioned looking at her boyfriend through her long lashes. Her dark eyebrows knitted together.
Her boyfriend just another reminder that he wasn't yours anymore and that he was Sarah's.
"Yeah you're right we should get going," he nodded as he started towards the exit.
"Well bye Y/N, it was really nice to see you again!" Sarah beamed as she hugged you as you continued to sit on the couch still devastated.
"It was nice to see you too, Sarah," you gave her a feeble smile.
She trotted up to Bucky and the two of them left the compound with their hands laced, leaving you in complete solitude.
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vbecker10 · 2 days ago
I would like a few bath bombs for Christmas this year
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Or some tesseract soap
Tumblr media
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mrvelscaptains · 21 hours ago
happier- s.r & b.b | masterlist |
Tumblr media
Pairing: stucky x female!reader
Summary: the aftermath of a breakup (inspired by “happier” by olivia rodrigo)
Series Warnings: major angst, post-breakup, heartbreak, semi-smut, cheating, jealousy
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navybrat817 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Our beautiful Soldat! He always looks good when he's on a mission. And speaking of missions since we'll be seeing our Soldat and Sparrow again soon...
Tumblr media
The Soldat had a mission to complete: Eliminate Captain America, but his target confused him. He kept saying things that made his head hurt. It felt as if his mind was splitting in two. He hated it.
“You’re.” he lands another blow. “My.” another. Hit after hit. “Mission.”
Mission. He’s my mission.
“Then finish it,” his friend target croaked, no longer fighting. “‘Cause I’m with you ‘til the end of the line.”
Fractured. Splintered. Flashes filled his mind as he tried to make sense of it all. It hurt. Why does it hurt?
The Captain is falling. Save him.
And he’s falling. Falling from a train.
No. My name is not James Buchanan Barnes. I’m a machine. The Winter Soldier. The Soldat. I’m-
“I’m scared that you’ll forget me.”
“Sparrow?” he whispered. Your face appeared in his mind. Why weren’t you beside him? You were supposed to be beside him.
Did they take you away from him?
He let go, not making a sound as he made the descent. He had a new mission. Save the Captain. Then find his Sparrow.
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margarethx · a day ago
I love how nonsensical and inconsistent are Sam’s standards when it comes to Bucky’s behaviour. He forgave him a murder attempt (thrice), insensitive comments, bad attitude, and ghosting... but then he got offended about Bucky not liking Marvin Gaye that much and saying simple “hi” to his sister. It’s amazing.
I honestly believe that if Bucky tried to attack Sam for the fourth time, Sam would get over it within an hour, but if Bucky rated his favourite movie only 7/10 Sam’d stop talking to him for at least three days.
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Browse by Character (Bucky Barnes)
Tumblr media
--- Main Masterlist ---
Nemesis Trilogy (S,A,F)
Mercenary!Reader x (Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Matt Murdock, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Pietro Maximoff)
All You Can Eat (S,A,F) || Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (ongoing)
Vampire!Ari Levinson x Siren!Reader (feat. Bucky Barnes)
Hell Bent: 7 Princes of Hell (S,A,F) || (ongoing)
Hades!Reader x (Andy Barber, Dean Winchester, Bucky Barnes, Spencer Reid, Ransom Drysdale, Billy Russo, Steve Rogers)
A Beautiful Darkness (S,A) || Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (completed)
Steve Rogers x SuperSoldier!Reader x Bucky Barnes
Little Blue Ribbons (S,A) || Part 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (completed)
Steve Rogers x IceMutant!Reader, Bucky Barnes x IceMutant!Reader
To Claim a Queen (S,A) || Coming Soon
King!Steve Rogers x HighPriestess!Reader x Viking!Bucky Barnes
One Shots/Drabbles
The Letter T (S,F) || Avenger!Reader x Bucky Barnes
Feeling Insecure (F) || Reader x Bucky Barnes
Little Blue Ribbons AU HC || Steve Rogers x Avenger!Reader x Bucky Barnes
Nervous About Asking You Out (F) || TechGenius!Reader x Stucky
A Mission Gone Bad (A,F) || TechGenius!Reader x Stucky
Scared of Thunderstorms (A,F) || Avenger!Reader x Stucky
Double Bitten (S) || Reader x softdark!Vampire!Stucky
Released || Reader x dark!SerialKiller!Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
I have discontinued my tag lists. You can follow my side blog @plaid-sav-armsfics and turn on notifications for new fics and chapter updates.
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estelior · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes when Soldier is in cryo this Boy come to him. Soldier doesn’t know his name or was he even real. He just knows the Boy is important.
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petertingle-yipyip · a day ago
Tumblr media
Last Part // Next Part // Masterlist
Tags: @writingsbychlo @bangtanxberm @calums-betch @buckyys-doll @ladyyystark​ @tgirljeep388​
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x HYDRA!Reader
Word Count: 7,729
Summary: Nightmare has earned her position and the respect that comes with it. She also has been tasked with training the Winter Soldier. How long will be able to defy HYDRA until they take action to subdue her?
Notes/Warnings: From here on out, we’re getting a little violent so as a precursor for the rest of the story, there’s blood, violence, and curse words. If the Russian is wrong, blame Google Translate :/ Sorry it’s a later post! I was at work all day. Xx
A knock sounded at your door. You had been laying in your small, stiff bed and thinking. You thought about that day on the train, how his screams as he fell had rattled you down to your bones. It was the most gut wrenching moment of your life so far and it was permanently etched into your memory. You thought about Steve and how you had wanted to be like him in a way, a symbol for something bigger than yourself. And maybe you already were.
“Come with us, Nightmare.” The soldier told you when you cracked your door enough to hear. “There’s something you should see.”
You fixed your mask to its place and grabbed your hood before stepping out. As you walked, you threw the fabric over your shoulders and fastened the buttons at your collarbone. You pulled the hood over your head and followed your colleague to a far off, practically secluded room. You knew HYDRA was very secretive, but this seemed excessive even for them.
He opened the door and motioned for you to go in, signaling he wouldn’t be following you. Hesitantly, you stepped inside before the large metal door slammed shut behind you. The clang of the metal reverberated through the room and caused goosebumps to creep across your arms.
You looked around the room and noted the yellow glow left by the old bulbs. It created an eerie feeling in the air as you stepped deeper. The various machines were buzzing and humming as they served their purposes, though you had no clue as to what those purposes were. It was as if the laboratory was alive and the sounds of the machines were it’s heartbeat.
“What am I doing here?” You asked as you wandered the lab, eyes scanning for some sort of clue to what was so important that it was in the furthest corner of the base.
It seemed like the room was endless. The people bustling around never seemed to bump into each other like you would expect. They moved in a choreographed fashion, as if they could anticipate the others movements. You wondered how long it took for the crew to grow so accustomed to each other. It was almost sweet that they could anticipate each other’s moves.
“Come, Nightmare.” A familiar voice said. You turned your head to see Dr. Zola standing before you. “I think you’ll quite enjoy this.”
“What the hell is this?” You asked in horror when you saw what the supposed doctors were working on. You didn’t have to be at the table side to see what the secret was. A heavy nauseous feeling settled in the pit of your stomach. “What have you done to him?”
“You two will be the new fists of HYDRA.” He said proudly.
“How did he survive the fall?”
“The same way you would’ve.”
“The injections?”
“Yes.” He nodded.
“What were they?”
“We were able to isolate the serum in the Red Skull’s blood and recreated it for you two.” He explained proudly. “Your partnership will be unchallenged. This is what Schmidt wanted for you. I- I thought you’d be more excited..”
“How can I be excited when you’ve mutilated an innocent man?” Your voice was weak, bordering broken. You spoke so delicately that it wasn’t heard behind your mask.
Your fingers itched to take revenge, to wrap themselves around Zola’s throat and take his life for what he’s done. Though it wasn’t your typical response, you wanted to be the one to bring the Doctor’s life to an abrupt end. But there were too many people in the room that’d be on his side. You were outgunned.
You stepped closer to the table and pulled your hood back. Your fingers delicately traced the line where metal met man. He was still unconscious while you examined him and you were thankful for that. If you had to look into his eyes, you didn’t know which part of you would react.
Your heart thumped violently in your chest. Your mouth went dry. Your hand stopped at the metal wrist, the cool temperature a stark contrast to your burning skin. There was so much you wanted to say but there was nothing that could be said to change what had already been done. You closed your eyes and wrapped your fingers gently around the wrist, trying to gather your thoughts.
You were truly amazed that he had survived such a massive fall. Your mind flashed the scene behind your closed lids, replaying the echoing scream as he got further and further from the train. You really didn’t know if you were thankful he was alive. What kind of life was he shoved into as the ‘new fist of HYDRA’? What kind of path were you going to be pushed down by being his partner?
“You’ve outdone yourself, Doctor.” You said slowly when your mind finally settled, feigning being impressed instead of disgusted. You stepped away, allowing another doctor to take your place. “Yet the ones who taught me are dead. Tell me. How will you train him?”
You were hoping for a flaw in the doctor’s logic, an obstacle to buy you time to get James out. You had to be calculated if you were going to give you and him a chance. It would take time and you knew you could play along. But you were terrified to think of what they could do to James in the meantime, or if you got caught
“You will.” He said simply. You cursed yourself silently. “That way your combat styles will compliment each other.”
“Maximize efficiency.” You nodded. At least that way, you could keep an eye on him and try to protect him. “And if he refuses?”
“We have that covered. Don’t you worry about that.”
You turned your attention back to him. Regret flooded your thoughts in place of the horror and anger. You felt guilt for not stopping what had happened to James so far, but in the back of your mind you knew you couldn’t necessarily change it. You were glad you didn’t know ahead of time, but you hated that you found that way. You hated that he was sucked into your world without a choice, a world you were abandoned in where not even you really had a choice.
“I’m not worried.” You lied easily. “I’m interested… I have a feeling that he’ll be a hard one to break.”
“Not all are as willing to participate as you were.” He agreed. “But we have our ways.”
“Make no mistake, I wasn’t willing.” You turned on him quickly. You felt a strange feeling in your chest - pride maybe - when he backed away from you nervously. Schmidt and Zola wanted to make you a weapon and maybe they succeeded. He deserved to be afraid of you. “It was either do as I was told or be executed… I just chose the path that gave me a chance to live because it was the path my parents set up for me.”
The commotion behind you made you turn. James had his metal hand around the throat of the doctor who was standing where you had been. You moved quickly, shoving other people out of your way. No one went to stop you, but you assumed they had no worries for what could happen to you. You weren’t even worried about the doctors. You were worried for what the Doctor had in mind to make James compliant.
You grabbed his wrist with both hands and pulled downward to break his grip. You elbowed the doctor away as you tried to force James’ arm back down to the table.
“Don’t fight me on this.” You muttered, your eyes pleading. “I’m probably the only one that can make this easier on you. Let me help you, please.”
“Where am I?” His voice was raspy, almost inaudible.
Before you could answer, he was injected with a heavy sedative. Maybe it was better that you didn’t have a chance to say anything. You didn’t have an answer that would put him at ease while maintaining Nightmare’s heartless persona.
“Put him on ice.” Zola instructed before turning to you. “See? You are a force to be reckoned with on your own.. Put you two together?”
“Unstoppable.” You repeated and you hated that you saw the potential of your pairing. “Answer me this… Would you do to me what you do to him if I wasn’t cooperative? Or if I stop cooperating?”
“We don’t need to think about that.” He said with almost a fond smile. “You always carry out your tasks perfectly.”
“Right…” You nodded. “And how will you hide him?”
“Same way we hide you from the world… With the Red Skull gone, it will be your time to lead HYDRA into a new age of power. This is what we’ve been training you for.”
“Is that all then?” You wanted to get out of that room. The yellow glow was beginning to suffocate you. “You just wanted to show me what you’ve done to Sergeant Barnes?”
“You don’t approve? You two were his most brilliant idea, his crowning achievements.”
“The Red Skull was never that bright. He was just charismatic and white… And he was so goddamn sure he had the right.” You ranted. You didn’t regret the words coming out of your mouth and your brain was moving too fast to process any potential consequences. “He was ugly and I’m glad he’s dead. There was no candle in that bright red pumpkin head.”
“You should thank him.” Zola clicked his tongue in disappointment. “Without the serum in your veins -the serum we extracted from his blood - you wouldn’t be who you are today.”
“I should’ve killed you. I had every right.” You stepped closer to him, forcing him to cower away from you again. Only slightly did you enjoy watching that fear in his eyes.
“You just caught me off guard this time.” You pointed to James. “You’re not special for winning a game with people that you know were never playing.”
“I think you’ll grow to appreciate the gift we’ve given you.” He said smugly.
“I don’t think I will.” You shook your head. “But go ahead and keep telling yourself that.”
You glanced over to see the two guards at the door had gripped their guns a bit tighter, fingers hovering the trigger as they stared you down. You quickly realized they were ready to fire on you. How had you not realized them when you came in?
“How long until I begin training him?” You asked in resignation. Zola backed you into a corner and he knew exactly what he was doing.
The time between James being on ice and actively training with you was always scattered. They would unfreeze him, toy with his head, and send him to you. It was as if they thought they could push him to some ferocity, some feral state of mind. But it didn’t quite seem to work, not for long at least. And definitely not in the beginning.
They had begun moving you and James often. Different HYDRA camps across Europe, time spent training the Winter Soldier and accomplishing your own missions. When SHIELD began in the 60’s, you had access to so much more information and technology. You began the continuous task of updating your gear and the ingrained HYDRA agents kept your activities off any records.
One day, you were supposed to teach him to fight with handheld blades. He wasn’t completely hopeless with the weapons, but he definitely needed work. You could tell when he was himself and when he was fresh off HYDRA’s torture. There was more intent when he was the asset HYDRA wanted him to be.
You had ducked a thrown blade and rolled through a tumble to bring yourself right in front of him. You elbowed the back of his knee to force him down and swiped your blade quickly, cutting a slice from the center of his chest to his shoulder. You wiped the blood against the sleeve of your shirt before tucking your blade away and getting to your feet.
You held a hand for him to take and pulled him up.
“Clean him up and bring him back.” One of the scientists told you.
He quietly followed you down the familiar path to your room. He entered behind you and shut the door. He took his usual place at your desk while you got your supplies from the bathroom. You could tell by the regretful look in his eyes that he was James in those moments and not the Winter Soldier.
“You did well today.” You said simply as you came back to the main room, pretending not to notice the switch. “You’re picking up on everything pretty quick but truthfully, there’s still a lot left that you could learn. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started sending you on field missions soon.”
“I don’t want to do this.” He mumbled, his eyes stuck on the ground.
“I noticed that you attack mostly with your left hand when you come to me after being with the scientists…” You commented, acting as if you didn’t hear his confession even though you didn’t need to hear it to know. “Did you always fight that way?”
“I’m actually uh, right handed.” He sighed in resignation, as if to express that he knew you wouldn’t care. “I don’t want to do this.” He said again.
“I know.” You answered simply, gesturing for him to remove his shirt while you tossed your hooded cloak aside. “God stood us up… You’re too good a man to be here. I’ve always known that.”
“I don’t think you’re as bad as you pretend to be.” He offered a small smile as he discarded the torn fabric. You could tell he was trying to build a foundation for a friendship, but it was safer if you kept each other at arm’s length.
“No. Unfortunately, I'm worse… I got you good, didn’t I?” You ran your fingers under the long slice that was still leaking blood and truly felt bad. “I didn’t mean to.”
He simply shrugged it off before changing the subject. “I’ve been meaning to ask you… If it’s alright with you, of course.”
“You ask too many questions, they’ll know you’re yourself. It’s dangerous to be yourself around here.” You said honestly. You used your knee to push his legs apart to allow you to stand closer and pulled a couple gauze pads from your kit. “But since it’s just us, go ahead.”
“What’s with the mask and the hood?”
“Anonymity.” You gently placed gauze along the cut and it instantly stuck to the deep injury.
“But why? What are you hiding from?”
“Hiding from the truth, I guess. Believe it or not, I didn’t choose this.” You stood and placed your hand along the gauze. The other hand went to his shoulder. “Brace yourself.” You said before putting pressure to stop the bleeding. “I’m only here because my choices were either to fully commit to HYDRA or die on the streets, thanks to my parents.”
You peeled the gauze back and switched to an alcohol wipe before continuing. You spoke while you cleaned the area of the drying blood.
“Anyway, I'm pretty good at what I do here and I guess it just comes naturally. And usually, I hate myself for it but I do take a certain level of pride in my work.”
He winced when the wipe came into contact with the open wound and gripped your wrist. You ignored it and switched hands to keep working. You knew someone would be at your door quickly to take him away and if he wasn’t patched up, there would be issues.
“The mask and hood hide who I am so maybe I can get away from this and have a normal life someday. Only the Red Skull and Dr. Zola know who I am without it and now I only have it off when I’m by myself… But the Red Skull died the same day Captain Rogers did so that just leaves the doctor, and he walks a fine line between living and dying at my hands. Especially after the stunt he pulled by doing this to you.”
You watched his face for a reaction about Steve Rogers. When you saw nothing, you wondered if he was putting on a brave front or if HYDRA had managed to mangle that much of his memory of Steve.
“So what, you wanna retire with a family?” He asked gently.
“Not likely… Last guy I actually liked, he died in the war.” You lied. “And one of the few friends I had went out the same way.”
You tossed the wipe with the gauze and carefully threaded a needle.
“What side were they fighting for?”
“The side I couldn’t help them on… And I guess it’s for myself too. Nightmare does all the terrible things so-“ You paused. You thought about your real name, something you hadn’t spoken in so long. You couldn’t even remember how long it actually had been. Months? Years? Everything had blurred together so quickly since the war ended. “-so the real me doesn’t have to.”
“And who is the real you?”
“Someone you’d hate if you knew the truth., assuming you don’t hate me already.” You began stitching the gash up. He hissed slightly, clenching his jaw and making a fist. You snuck glances at his metal arm as you worked, ensuring no sudden moves at your expense were made. You weren’t necessarily scared of the arm, since he was more himself than Winter Soldier, but the potential of a sudden jerk reaction was still there.
“And very few - if any - know my real name around here. I was very adamant about it not in any of the computer systems or on any files… HYDRA only keeps record of Nightmare so don’t think about asking around.” You joked lightly. It seemed like even after everything, James had a way of making you forget your circumstances. You couldn’t help but adore him for that.
The knock sounded as you were knotting the end of the stitches, suddenly reminding you of who and what you were. You wondered how many were waiting and if you would be able to take them out. James could help you… You two could escape… You could tell him the truth.
A harder, more urgent knock sounded less than a minute later.
“And soon, those records will contain the Winter Soldier as well…” You said with a tight smile, having to put that wall back up between the two of you. You had teetered too close to being Y/N with him, and it was a risk neither of you could afford. “This is where our time together ends, Soldier. Until next time.”
“For someone so secretive-“ He commented as he stood, pulling his shirt back over his head. “-you sure told me a lot.”
“Something tells me it won’t be a very prominent memory later...” You admitted sadly.
You trained and patched up the Winter Soldier for decades. You accompanied him on high-risk missions occasionally during the time that HYDRA wasn’t completely certain that the programming would stick. You could tell he trusted you, and whether that was because you were the only constant or because you had met in another life, you didn’t know.
You were glad that you were able to stay close to him because you could keep an eye on him and protect him, but that also meant you were the one to prep him for the scientists to meddle in his head. You were always quick to leave the room before the torture began, sometimes quite literally running out of the room.
In the late eighties, he was transferred to Siberia. There was a bunker that would hold not only him, but the five other prospective super-soldiers. You were sent there years later to check the status and see how they compared to you, to decide if they were an endeavor worth pursuing.
Through it all, you were still HYDRA’s go-to weapon. You had the most vast and deadly repertoire of skills, trained by the best the organization had to offer. You were the quickest and quietest combat operative on the roster. Only the Winter Soldier’s strength rivaled yours but you attributed it to the difference in muscle mass. You also held the record for most completed kill missions in HYDRA history.
You were an expert in multiple forms of hand to hand combat. Your accuracy with throwing knives was perfection, as was your shot with a gun. You mastered a few forms of gymnastics and acrobatics. When you weren’t training your physical skill set, you were studying various sciences and upgrading your technology and weaponry.
You had developed an unbreakable magnetic seal between your mask, hood, and shirt that could only be disrupted by a multi-factor sensor embedded in the jawline of your mask and the trigger was in the fingertips of your gloves. You had worked on suction palms for your gloves, allowing you to hang and attach to practically any surface. You fashioned a high energy stun gun, compact - yet powerful - explosives, handheld blades that could be dismantled with handles that doubled as dart shooters. You were also known for using whatever was around you to substitute as a weapon. To put it simply, Nightmare lived up to the name.
The day you arrived in Siberia, it was quiet. There wasn’t the usual bustle of HYDRA operatives, but maybe that’s how this bunker usually was. You were guided through the facility by three soldiers, one in front and two behind. They held their guns at the ready, but you suspected the weapons weren’t for you. As you got closer to the training cage, you heard the grunts and groans of combat that began to dull.
You were let in the gate and observed silently. There were a few security guards scattered through the enclosure, one soldier was ready to display his skills, the other four sat on the bench to the side. Between the men standing, you wouldn’t have been able to guess who had just been going against one another. You saw James on the other side with who you assumed was the man in charge of the facility.
You quickly realized it wasn’t James you saw. It was the Winter Soldier. His hair was longer than the last time you saw him, but you figured HYDRA didn’t keep a barber on hand. Other than that, he physically looked the same, maybe more muscular. You figured the difference was something you couldn’t see. You crossed the distance to the two and pulled your hood back. The general smiled at you before looking over your shoulder to the soldier standing behind you still.
You nodded in understanding and undid the button on the front of your hood. You handed it to the general, who passed it to James. You had to refrain from rolling your eyes so you turned on your heel and tilted your head while you studied your opponent.
Tall. Broad shoulders, thick muscles covering his body. There was an aura of arrogance around him and you assumed none of the other four had won against him yet. You wondered if the Winter Soldier had gone against him yet. He eyed you like you were dinner while you were distracted momentarily by your thoughts. You couldn’t help but smirk under your mask when you realized he had already discarded you as a threat. Even though you despised what you had to do, you did tend to find joy in putting men like him down.
You moved quickly. He swung a heavy left hook and you blocked it with your left forearm. You used your right for three calculated body shots aimed for pressure points before using both hands to grip his shirt front and slam him to his back. Using one hand flat on the ground, you slid on the side of your leg to close the distance.
You swung a leg over his torso and squeezed your legs together to secure your position. You leaned forward and used your head to push his to the side. The background sounds of enthusiastic hoots and empathetic exclaims echoed against the empty walls. You stuck your fingers under his shirt collar and used the corresponding forearm to press against his neck. Your other hand slid behind his neck, placing your thumb between the fingers of your fist. You leaned into your elbows to give your hips room so you could tuck your knee and press it against his stomach. In a quick move, you swung your legs to reposition yourself above his shoulders.
Your forearm was still against his throat and your hand had twisted his collar to wrap around his neck. From your new position, you pulled up and propped his torso against an upraised knee. He coughed and wheezed, clawed at your forearm and kicked his legs, but no escape was successful. You were going to wait until the man tapped, until his ego was broken and he had to yield unless he wanted to choke to death. You yanked your hands back, applying more pressure to his throat, which also silenced his buddies on the bench.
You saw his hands reaching back, trying to grab your hair or your shirt, anything he could get a hold of for leverage. You slid over to be directly behind him before dropping flat on your back and pulling him down with you. You flattened out your feet and pushed off to flip him to his stomach. Without letting go of the grip you had, you placed a knee between his shoulders and leaned your weight into it. He wouldn’t survive much longer if he refused to yield.
The only reason you broke your hold was because you heard the general tell you to let go. For a moment, you contemplated ignoring the command, but the guns around you made that decision for you. You released your fingers and held your hands up in surrender as you left the man on his face. You pushed him to the side and stepped over his back to stand in front of the general again. You held a hand out for your cloak and it was handed over in silence.
“Если это лучшее, что вы можете предложить…” You said simply, glancing over your shoulder to see him still on the ground with a hand rubbing his throat. “Он жалкий.” You laughed. (If that’s the best you can offer… He’s pathetic.)
“Они будут более чем готовы в следующий раз, когда вы их увидите.” He nodded, nearly embarrassed of his soldier’s poor performance. (They will be more than ready the next time you see them.)
“А он?” You nodded to James. “Как он прогрессирует с тех пор, как он у тебя был?” (And him? How is he progressing since you’ve had him?)
“Хочешь убедиться в этом сами?” He raised his brows before turning to James. “Солдат.” (Would you like to see for yourself? Soldier.)
“Ах, зимний солдат.” You smiled beneath your mask, amusement dancing in your voice. “Ничего не сдерживайте.” (Ah, the Winter Soldier. Don’t hold anything back.)
Admittedly, you were a bit excited to spar with him. You couldn’t quite place why but it made your nerves ignite with anticipation. You stepped to the now empty space where the man had previously been on his face, fixing your hood to it’s rightful position over your shoulders. When you turned back to face him, he was already staring at you, seemingly waiting for you to make the first move.
You knew you were at a disadvantage. While training him, he learned your fighting style. He knew what moves you favored and what moves you could pull out if you were desperate. He knew how to counter your attacks and how to work in tandem. You, however, did not know what had changed with his fighting style, so you stayed in your position until the general grew impatient and told him to attack.
He came in with a heavy left hook. You leaned away from it but he came back with a hard elbow. You spun away from it and leaned into a high hook kick that connected with his jaw. You recovered in a kneel and came up with a hard uppercut. He landed a punch square in your chest that sent you wobbling back and coughing. You nodded your head slightly in acknowledgement of that contact before reacting.
You closed the distance and began trading blows. You kept your arms tight as you threw body shots, targeting the soft tissue under the sternum and at his sides. He caught some of your punches, but you would drive a knee instead. He knocked both of your hands away and reached in, putting his metal hand around your throat.
You heard the general laugh and you were backed against the metal bars. You chuckled slightly as you wedged a knee between your bodies to plant the idea of an attempted break of his hold. You grabbed his left forearm with both hands and made sure you were on your toes with your other foot.
“Funny.” You commented as a distraction, to which he tilted his head in response. “You told me you were right handed.”
You dropped your knee and turned into the Winter Soldier’s chest, forcing his elbow and wrist to bend. He couldn’t maintain the grip on your throat, but you kept hold of his forearm. As you spun more, you pulled him with you so you were no longer against the bars. Instead, both of your backs were towards them.
You reached back with both hands and gripped his shirt. You dropped into a kneel and drove your right shoulder down to throw him over and to his back. During the flip, he reached out and caught hold of your upper arm which pulled you through the flip as well. However, he added his own strength to it and sent you rolling across the floor.
You had to admit, you were impressed that he was so quick to counter your takedowns. You got yourself to your knees as you slid about another foot. You watched as the Winter Soldier got to his feet, eyeing you carefully. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking.
You stood quickly and lifted your fists, as if telling him that you weren’t done yet. There was no change in expression and you complained to yourself. Your attention was drawn away from the Winter Soldier as the five new super soldiers suddenly stood from their spots on the bench. It was unsettling how in synchronously they moved.
You turned your body fully towards them, fists still raised. You were sure that you could take them if the Winter Soldier fought beside you. But the general had other plans. He was quickly beside you two with a gun drawn, telling you two to get him out. You took a glance at the Winter Soldier for a confirmation, but again, there was no change in expression.
If you had to pick one thing you missed the most about James, it would’ve been the light in his eyes. Or maybe his smile.
You two worked through the soldiers, who were mainly distracted taking out the security guards. One had tried to stop you and made the mistake of reaching for you first.
You quickly twisted your wrist from his grip and drove an elbow into the front of his throat. While he coughed and held the fragile body part, you landed a hard spinning kick to throw him into the Winter Soldier. He threw a hand left hook against the man’s jaw and using that same left hand, threw him to the side and continued on his path.
The three of you made it out relatively easily, leaving the armed guards to deal with the super soldiers. The groans and screams continued and echoed until you three were in a different room.
“They’re too unstable to be trusted on any assignments.” You said simply once you made it to the general’s office. “I don’t want to see them active unless you can control them, and I doubt you’ll be able to do that anytime soon. Shut them down, General”
“I don’t think that’s your call.” He countered easily, leaning back in his chair with his feet on the desk. “They’ll be fine. We’ll just readjust their frequencies and it’ll be taken care of.” He waved his hand as if to shoo away your concerns.
The fact that he was dismissing you made your blood boil, made your skin itch. Not everyone in HYDRA liked you, that was fine. You knew you carried yourself with a certain arrogance as Nightmare. But everyone knew to respect you.
You shoved his feet off in annoyance, which earned you a look of warning from the Winter Soldier, who was lurking in the back corner. You didn’t acknowledge him and kept your focus on the general, though you made sure to keep him in your peripherals. The General stared at you in shock, as if no one had dared lay hands on him before.
“I was sent here to evaluate them, so I was given the authority to make that call. Regardless of that, I’ve been here long before you, General, and I’ve killed men far more dangerous than you.” You corrected, pressing your palms flat on the desk as you leaned in. “Do you want to know what I’ve seen here today?”
“Enlighten me.” He leaned forward on his elbows, hands neatly clasped in front of him. “Since you feel so entitled.”
“Entitled.” You repeated, nodding slightly. “I’m entitled, am I?” You challenged.
“What would you call it?”
“I served under the Red Skull.” The words burned in your mouth but you had to play that card. You usually didn’t brag about your past, but with men like him, they only respected power. Strength. Brutality. So that’s what you would show him. “I was his right hand, his pride and joy. I’ve killed dozens of men and they never saw me coming. I’ve paid my dues and spilled enough blood to paint the walls of this facility inside and out, and have some to spare. So tell me, how am I entitled when I have been the one to keep HYDRA on top?”
“What have you seen, Nightmare?” He asked tensely.
“I’ve seen exactly how incompetent you are. You are incapable of controlling them because you chose terrible test subjects.” You said, a mocking tone laced in your words. “They should be iced until further notice.”
“You don’t get to-”
You rolled your eyes and quickly slammed his head down to his desk. You heard a sickly crack and you suspected it was his nose. You put your hands up in surrender and took a few steps away as the Winter Soldier took quick steps forward.
“Don’t look at me like that.” You said to your partner. “He had it coming.”
Your shoulders shook with your silent laughter as you watched the general sit up with red dripping from his face. He wiped the blood and looked at you in shock, as if he thought he was untouchable.
“No, go on.” You mocked, waving for him to keep talking. “I just put your most promising of the five on his face without breaking a sweat. But I don’t get to… What?”
He groaned and wiped at the blood leaking from his nose. He shot you an angry look, glaring at you in hatred. If he didn’t like you before, he definitely didn’t like you now.
“I thought they were pathetic.” You commented as you crossed your arms. “But I guess it’s you.”
“They will be put on ice once the riot calms.” He said angrily.
“Consider yourself lucky I don’t retract him as well.” You nodded to the Winter Soldier. “It’s been a long time since we’ve been together.”
“You have that authority?”
“It’s embarrassing that you still don’t get it.. He was made to be my partner, after all.” You said with a smirk beneath your mask. “Why do you think our little match was a stalemate?’
“All due respect, Nightmare… I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“No, but you did mean to disrespect me and even discredit me.” You folded your hands neatly behind your back. “If it were up to me, they’d be removed from the organization completely. They’re too volatile.” You shook your head. “But it’s not. I’m giving you the chance to clean up your mess.” You gestured to his face. “And if you don’t, I’ll be back with six bullets. One for each of them and one for you.” You threatened before leaving his office and the facility.
A few years later, in the mid-nineties, you were sent overseas to Ohio. You thought it was an odd assignment but figured it would be an interesting change of pace. Though you had an unexplained hatred of the midwest, maybe it would be nice to be somewhere new.
You were told to report to a SHIELD building so you waited until nightfall and met with one of your implanted agents. They ushered you through the building to the basement levels, so deep below the building you thought you heard the dead talking to you.
You were thrown into an isolated room, practically a prison cell. You were deeply confused but showed no sign of it. There was a toilet, shower head, and sink behind a sad excuse of a privacy screen. There was a cot in the corner with an embarrassingly flat pillow and scratchy blanket. The only light in the room came from the yellow bulb in the center of the ceiling and the blinking red light from the camera in the corner.
You were in that room for at least two days, nothing to keep you going other than the water from the tap. You spent most of the time talking to the camera, saying that you would kill everyone on that floor if they didn’t let you out. That you would kill everyone in the building once they did. You let off various threats and grievances, even admitting that it was things like that that made you hate HYDRA.
“Too bad you already put protocols in place to keep him from hurting me.” You wandered in a circle and spoke to the camera. “I bet you would love to see the Winter Soldier end my life. Save you all a headache, right?”
“I guess it was a matter of time, right?” You mocked. “The Red Skull died a long time ago so really-“ You began to laugh, a manic and twisted gurgle of a sound. “-you could’ve gotten rid of me a long time ago but you needed me to train the Winter Soldier as my replacement.”
“I wonder if I could drown myself in the toilet that way none of you get the satisfaction of killing me.” You said wickedly.
“God, I hate it here!” You shouted, throwing your fist into the wall.
You were tempted to remove your mask. Your cloak was long discarded, tossed haphazardly over the flimsy screen the first day you were put there, and your belt was stripped of all equipment. You wanted to renounce Nightmare and let HYDRA kill you. Let them wipe their hands clean of the weapon they so skillfully created, the weapon they so meticulously trained, but you didn’t. You didn’t because if they killed you, you could do nothing to help James. Not that you had much of a chance from your lonely yellow room, but it was something to hold on to.
You were finally retrieved from your isolation after what felt like an eternity. You maintained your composure - despite your completely disheveled appearance - as you were guided through more hallways, around corners, and up stairs until you made it to whatever room they wanted you in now. The agents that guided you forced you into a chair and fixed the leather restraints. There was one around each wrist, one across your chest, one over your thighs, and one around each ankle. You pulled on them just to test the integrity and you figured you could break them if you tried hard enough.
But you knew you wouldn’t get very far. Armed guards were stationed every ten feet down every hall you travelled so far. A security camera was in every corner, You assumed every level had the same protections if not more so you knew you wouldn’t get far. You eventually just gave in to the idea that HYDRA had no use for you anymore and they would finally kill you.
They had the Winter Soldier. They had their five other demented Super Soldiers. You were too argumentative, too challenging. You were a nuisance because you saw right through their facade, and they were going to rid themselves of the problem.
Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Instead you were given an injection into the side of your neck and instantly felt the reaction.
Your head instantly felt an intense pressure, like something was being pulled out through your ear with a coat hanger. You closed your eyes tightly, opening your mouth for a silent scream of pain. Your head fell forward as you felt tears burning in your eyes. The pain travelled like a forest fire down your spine, burning through every nerve and making every muscle in your body contract violently. It was as if the substance was coating each and every nerve with a hot, slick substance that seemed to try and disconnect you from your body.
“Solo. Perfeccionado. Trece. Sombras. Enigma. Dos. Servicial. Aventurera. Uno. Pesadilla.” The one who you assumed injected you said. They repeated the ten words like a chant, drilling it into your mind and seemingly trying to associate it with the pain you were feeling.
The voice seemed to be getting louder and louder, as if they were screaming the words at you. Though the words seemed to mean nothing to you, you could feel something in your brain slipping. Nothing physical or structural. Something was chemically changing, like it was being blocked or broken down. It burned through to the deeper structures of your brain, though you had no idea what exactly it was headed for.
“There’s been a certain…” The voice said. The words bounced around your brain as the ten words continued to be heard in the background. It was if those ten words were intended to block out the rest of the world and have a tunnel-vision type effect. You tried ignoring them by banging your head on the padded headrest behind you but that only seemed to punctuate the words. “Resistance in you that we’ve noticed… We always knew you were lively, but this is just unacceptable. We didn’t want to break you how we broke the Winter Soldier… No, you’ve paid your dues and earned a more respectable treatment. Instead, little Nightmare, we had to take a less brutal route but equally effective..”
“What did you do to me?” You managed through a seemingly tightening throat. You could breathe just fine, but when you tried to speak, it was like your voice was a trigger to close your windpipe.
“Hush now…” They replied. “You’ll get used to it… Now we will have a true nightmare. Uninhibited and unstoppable…. Your will to accomplish whatever treasonous deeds you had planned will soon cease to exist. With these words-”
You were beginning to lose consciousness, your head bobbing forward lazily. You fought to keep your eyes open but it’s like someone was pulling you away.
“No.” You mumbled. “No, I- What did you do?”
“With these words, the true Nightmare will be unleashed… Rest now. You’ll need your strength.”
You felt your hold on reality slip and allowed yourself to drift into a state of darkness. No pain. No voices. Little did you know that you would wake to a whole new, darker version of yourself. Nightmare was going to be fully realized against your will, fully disconnected from Y/N’s heart, but not separate from Y/N’s head. While you were unconscious, the definitive mental line you had drawn between Nightmare and Y/N was being erased and so was your control over what you did as Nightmare.
Before that, you two were like oil and water. You could coexist and intermingle, but at the end of the day, you remained separated. But now it was like you were constantly being mixed together, swirled to the point that it was impossible to pick out one or the other. You became a jumbled mess of morally ambiguous and perfectly lethal. 
You were thrown back into the yellow room for a few more days and you felt yourself lose your mind. The speaker played the same words over and over and over.
“I don’t deserve this.” You cried, tears falling down your face as you rocked in the far corner of the room. You cried from the pain, the pain in your head and the break in your chest. “This isn’t fair.”
By the time they came to get you, you had put your fist through the privacy screen. You had torn the pillow in half and ripped the blanket to shreds. You had snapped the frame of the cot and tried digging through the door with it. You had shoved another piece of the frame through the porcelain sink. But by the time they opened the door again, any fight you had left had melted away.
You had hardly slept in that time. Every time you closed your eyes, it was a fight between Y/N and Nightmare. She was brutal, relentless. She pinned Y/N every time and you had to use every ounce of strength you had to fight back. To get up and stay in control.
“How are you feeling, Nightmare?” The agent asked, hands folded neatly behind his back.
You grabbed your cloak after you stood and straightened up. “I feel great.” You said numbly. “Can I leave?”
“We have a mission for you.”
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