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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#winter soldier incorrect quotes
Steve, talking to the avengers: And that concludes the battle plan. Buck, you’re up!
Bucky: Alright, time to see if you little shits were paying attention [Kahoot music starts playing]
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Bucky: I want to be a caterpillar
Steve: Why??
Bucky: I mean, I eat a lot then sleep for a long time, then I wake up a little more beautiful than when I fell asleep.
Sam: But you’ll only have a lifespan of a week
Bucky: You’re only sweetening the deal
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Bucky, thinking: It appears I'm a good guy now. So no more overthrowing governments, no more tricking people with my semblance and attacking them and no more stealing.
Bucky: Alright, guys, what do you want me to do?
Steve: We need to overthrow the government, so you have to trick Tony again, attack him and steal his weapons
Bucky: I got you
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Kidnapper, over the phone: We have your girlfriend.
Bucky: You have Wanda?
Kidnapper: Yes, and now you're gonna-
Bucky: Ha.
Kidnapper: Wha-
Bucky: Haha.
Kidnapper: Why are you-
Kidnapper: WHAT???
Bucky: You don't have her. She has you.
Kidnapper: Wha-*thud* *scream* *groan*
Wanda, now with the phone in hand: Hey, babe.
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bucky: i was the last one on sam's side when he died from falling off that ladder. i'll never forget his haunting last words...
sharon: ...and what were they?
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headcanonthings · 3 hours ago
Sam: Crime fighting has left me a sad and lonely person.
Bucky: *walks in*
Sam: Why are you here?
Bucky: I’m the sad and lonely person crime solving has left you.
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incorrectswtor · 7 hours ago
Kaliyo: What’s going on in that brain of yours?
Imperial Agent, darkly: You don’t wanna know.
Kaliyo: Oh, yeah. I can see it working. Gears turning...
Kaliyo: Oh, they’re malfunctioning! They’re on fire!
Imperial Agent: I hate you
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elevatorsnotworthyyyy · 8 hours ago
Steve, staring at Bucky: He could murder me and I would thank her
Natasha, hearing this for the 100th time: I would thank him too
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shurington · 10 hours ago
Bucky: "Yes I have had wedding invitations made that say that James Buchanan Barnes and S. Wilson invite you to their wedding. No I haven't decided which Wilson sibling the S is referring to."
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tired-bi-andreadytodie · 11 hours ago
bucky: *is unconscious*
sam: he's not breathing!
bucky: *opens his eyes*
sam: i'll give him mouth to mouth
bucky: *closes his eyes*
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