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#winter soldier x reader
certifiedskywalker · 4 months ago
Trouble Doubled - Bucky Barnes
Even after everything, you’re still the person who Bucky Barnes runs to when things go bad. Only now, he brings Sam who fails to hide his grin when he sees how James melts under your touch.
WARNINGS: Blood, stitches, and TFATWS possible spoilers (I think I was vague enough)
Tumblr media
“Ouch! That’s going to hurt in the morning!”
“Ha, it hurts now, actually,” Sam grumbled. 
You pressed your lips together to stifle the grin that threatened to spill over them. Unable to help yourself, you glanced at Bucky in the hopes he too was biting back a grin. Stood by the door, slightly shrouded in shadow, you could make out the half smile that played on his lips. Though, his expression quickly melted into a grimace as Sam groaned. Reality quickly crashed back down on your shoulders and you turned back to the man laid on the table.
“You’re not going to like this.” Before Sam could ask what ‘this’ was, you began to palpate his wound. He flinched away from your reach at first, but then settled in the discomfort.
“Mm, yeah, no, that doesn’t feel good, Doc.”
“Not a doctor,” you said, still pressing lightly into the bruised flesh. “And I have to make sure you didn’t crack a rib. Otherwise, you’ll need a doctor.”
“Gotta work on your bedside manner,” Sam said as he winced. You pulled your hands away with a sigh and he met your eyes. “Bad?”
“In the grand scheme of things, no. Just try not to throw yourself off a building for the next few days. Think you guys can manage that?”
“Maybe. Harder to fly without jumping first.” Sam groaned once more as he sat up and the pain seemed to convince him to heed your warning. “We’ll try, Doc.”
You rolled your eyes at him before turning to look at Bucky. Still tucked in the darker corner of the room, he seemed small. His brows were knitted tightly together by worry and you imagined that, if he met your gaze, you would see concern in his eyes. Pushed forward by your own worry, you strode over to him. At your growing closeness, Bucky lifted his eyes to yours.
“Your turn.”
“I’m fine, Y/N.”
Despite his protest, Bucky did not lock himself in place. Instead, he gave in and let you lead him by the arm, over to the table. Sam eyed him with a wide grin as Bucky landed in the same spot he had sat in only moments ago. He mouthed something to the century-old soldier that you caught, but could not make out.
“What happened to taking it easy? You told me after, you know, that you would ease into things.” You gestured to the rags you had used to clean Sam’s more minor wounds; the fabric pieces were now dyed a reddish pink from blood. “That doesn’t seem like easing into it.”
“You didn’t see the other guy,” Sam quipped. 
“I like to think you didn’t leave any of him left,” you fired back as you pinched Bucky’s chin between your forefinger and thumb. “Look at me.”
Bucky did as you told him to and met your gaze. You took a sharp breath in at the sight of him, at how his pupils blew out slightly as you studied his reaction. All at once, the air around you grew thick. This close, you could smell the sweat and ash on his skin, along with hints of whatever air freshener he had in his apartment. 
Was it coconut? Sandalwood? You couldn’t parse out which as you found yourself lost in the blues of Bucky’s eyes. The sound of Sam clearing his throat shook you from your haze.
“No signs of a concussion.”
“Really?” Sam asked, grin still plastered on his face. You raised a brow at him in question before you turned back to Bucky. 
“Why? Did you hit your head?”
“No,” he said, clearly tired of Sam’s commentary, “but if I did, it wouldn’t be a big deal.”
“Super soldier or not, a head wound is a head wound. Can you?” You gestured to his jacket and, with a sigh, Bucky pulled it off his shoulders.
“How do you two know each other again?” Sam asked, glancing around the room. “And why are we in an abandoned building.”
“Hard to trace us back here. Didn’t want to lead them to Y/N’s place,” Bucky said, tossing his jacket to the side. He winced as he did, and then you saw the blood.
With reaching hands, you peeled back the crimson-soaked material of his shirt. Your movement revealed a long gash along his side that, with each breath, sent dribbles of blood to his hip. Sam made a sound of surprise and mild disgust at the sight. You were inclined to agree with another shout, but you were too caught up in how to stop the bleeding.
“Lay back,” you ordered, pressing Bucky’s shoulder. He yielded and you pushed his shirt up to expose the entire length of the wound. “Why didn't you show this to me earlier?!”
“It’s not that bad.”
"You're bleeding," you huffed, "which is pretty indicative of bad, if you ask me. Sam?"
"This is not my battle,” he raised his hands and shook his head. “I know better than to intrude on a lover’s quarrel.”
Neither you nor Bucky spoke up to correct him. In your mind, you came up with a quick excuse: Bucky was bleeding and you needed to focus on stopping it. Sam’s comment could be corrected later. Though, when Bucky didn’t speak up, you felt your chest tighten. As you worked on dressing the gash, you glanced up at him and found his blue eyes trained on you. He was dwelling on your silence too.
You pulled yourself out of the whirlpool of his gaze and reached over his body towards your medical supplies. As you stretched, your chest pressed lightly against Bucky’s, but you swallowed hard and refocused.
“Sorry, need to sow you up.”
Bucky didn’t respond, but he did avert his gaze. He found some spot in the ceiling to stare at instead of you. His distraction allowed you to work without the prickling temptation to sneak glances at his features; for the most part. It was only when Sam moved to stand over at your side you did you look up from Bucky’s wound.
“Nothing, just wondering how many times you’ve done this before.” 
A bitter laugh slipped past your lips at his reply. “Too many times to count. If it’s not an Avenger, it’s a masked savior from Hell’s Kitchen. Someone always needs stitched up.”
“But James here is your favorite patient?”
Bucky’s tone set you on edge. It was warning, cold, and unlike the teasing you had grown fond of. Sam, knowing better than to piss him off, backed away from the table. You looked from him to Bucky and back again. When Bucky did not dare to meet your gaze, you felt a lump form in your throat. Tension weighed down your tongue, stopped you from saying a word or asking a question, despite your want to. 
“Alright, alright. I’ll leave you be, old man. I’ll check with Torres, see if he has anything.”
Bucky’s eyes remained fixed on the ceiling above you. He was quiet, like the first time you met, and distant. His gaze seemed far away, as if he were looking through the ceiling of this hideaway. After you heard the door of the room close behind Sam, you went back to work on Bucky’s side in silence. 
Carefully, you sowed the gash and tried to keep your hands steady. Every other jab with the needle made Bucky wince. You flinched at his sharp intake of breath and mumbled an apology before you went on to the next stitch. Five apologies later, the bleeding slowed and you gently pressed a crisp, white bandage to safeguard your handiwork. 
Immediately after you secured the gauze, Bucky moved to sit up. Before he could, you pressed on his shoulders again and pinned him in place. Though, you knew you couldn’t have pinned him if he hadn’t let you. Your upper body strength was nothing compared to his, you both knew that.
“Don’t move,” you said softly, “you’ll ruin my work.”
“It’s gonna be hard not to.” Bucky met your gaze and, in the dim light of the room, his eyes looked dark, almost sad. Something in his face, perhaps the dull, yet familiar laughter lines around his mouth or the bags under his eyes, alleviated the tension that had silenced before.
“You told me you wouldn’t. That you would take it easy and focus on making amends.”
Bucky closed his eyes at the disappoint that laced your tone. “I tried. I wanted to, Hell, I need to, but I can’t. I never could.”
“Because,” Bucky began to sit up from the table top, “I’m a soldier. I need the fight.”
You watched as he moved, as your hands slipped from his shoulders and fell back to your sides. He pulled his shirt down over his freshly bandaged wound. When he was covered, Bucky looked back up to you, saw your frown and frowned too.
“Soldiers get to come home,” you pointed out, arms crossed over your chest.
“If they’re lucky. I’ve never been lucky.”
You bit the inside of your cheek at that. He was right. Bucky told you his story once before, after a therapy session left him feeling a bit more dry than high. He told you that he couldn’t tell you everything, that he wouldn’t. He didn’t have to, but you still hoped for him.
“Luck can change.”
Bucky scoffed as he pushed himself to his feet. Now, at his full height, he towered slightly over you. Despite his looming figure, Bucky did not scare you. Even when he told you his story, what he had done, Bucky did not scare you. 
“Yeah, well, luck, or fate, or whatever, brought me to you and here we are,” he gestured to the dusty dwelling around you. You looked around with a careful eye before you playfully shrugged. 
“I’ve been in worse dives.” Bucky chuckled, a unforced sound that rose up from his chest against his will. “Really, I have.”
“I don’t doubt it. But we put you in danger, asking for your help here. I put you in danger.”
“Oh, are you serious?” You threw your hands up in the air, “there’s always going to be danger in this world. Aliens, war, bad luck.”
“I wanted to keep you safe,” he pressed, taking a step towards you. 
You could smell the perfume of the air freshener again, how it clung to his clothes. It distracted you, threw you into thoughts of what his apartment looked like, if he would ever share that part of him with you or if he would keep it locked away with his full story. You bit your tongue to keep yourself from asking, from wasting your breath on a question he wouldn’t answer. His words would have to be enough for you and, as if on cue, Bucky echoed his sentiment. 
“I wanted to keep you safe.”
“How noble, wanting to keep me safe, Barnes. Just me?” 
Silence was your immediate answer. Silence and Bucky’s full attention. You didn’t miss how his eyes flickered down from yours to your lips then back again.
“Just you.”
In the quiet that followed Bucky’s statement, you became frighteningly aware of your heartbeat again. It wasn’t pounding like before, but it felt loud, like it was pressing against your ribcage, begging to leap out and into Bucky’s arms. As if propelled by it, you found yourself leaning in towards his warmth just as he seemed to shrink away.
Before he was out of reach, you lifted your hands to his face and cupped his jaw. Stubble prickled your fingers and palm, though you were far too enraptured to care.
“Then stay alive,” you said softly, “change your luck and come home.”
In your mind, you did not picture Bucky’s home as his mystery apartment. Instead, you saw only this moment captured by some invisible third party. You saw home as just the two of you and the image made you heart beat a bit faster. 
“I’ll try.”
For a moment, the two of you just stared at each other, stewed in the new, easier tension between you. But then your resolve broke and you lips broke into a smile. Bucky mirrored your expression, a lopsided grin resting comfortably along his features. His eyes fell to the floor between you before he looked back into your face.
“Can...can I kiss y-”
“Yes, Barnes, please.”
Without wasting another second, Bucky leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. Your hands slipped from his jaw to the back of his head where your fingers tangled in the soft strands of his brown hair. One of his hands found your waist and pulled you close to him, while the other cupped your jaw. In sync, his mouth moved against yours and everything around you melted away.
No more wonderings or mystery. It was only you and Bucky, come danger, trouble, or bad luck; and Sam who lingered outside the door.
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milliedazzledust · 3 months ago
If A Look Could Kill (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
Words: 1429 words
A/N: this is literally a blurb from a scene in the 2nd episode of fatws when they're all in the car after they fought the supersoldiers
They had been in the same car for no more than ten minutes and Y/N was already holding herself back from punching the smug smile on the man pretending to be Captain America. Both fake heroes had showed up in the middle of their fight, throwing around Steve’s shield, acting like the world owed them anything.
Earlier that day, inside the comfort of the apartment she shared with Bucky, she had watched the cocky man parading in front of cameras, standing in a stadium. She had heard him talk about Steve like he knew him, like he had fought along side with him. And when he had compared Steve to a brother, when she had seen the look of hurt and betrayal on Bucky’s face, her heart had shattered.
She knew that sometimes grief could come like a runaway truck, that despite seeing it careening down the highway, we might not have enough time to get out of its way. And she had seen it that morning, that grief smashing Bucky right in the face when he had least expected it. She didn’t know the man the government had chosen to replace the Captain, but she already hated him for causing her lover pain.
"If you guys joined us we could …" The man pretending to be in charge started as the military vehicle was moving.
"No." Bucky hostly cut him.
There wasn’t a lot of space between the five of them. She had been forced to sit next to the man with the shield while her friends were in front of her.
The tension was almost palpable. Sam had his arms crossed and his lips pursed and Bucky was visibly clenching his jaw. Their patience was hanging by a thread and only she seemed to have notice.
Ignoring the conversation they were having, she exchanged a knowing look with her boyfriend. He had a short temper and habits he had picked up from his alter-ego that could potentially get him to explode. Judging by the side glances Sam kept giving him, she guessed she wasn’t the only one worried.
"What do you say, Y/N ?" She heard the man sitting next to her talk.
Unwillingly, she turned around to look at him.
"What was that ?" She asked him.
His smirk alone was enough to make her roll her eyes.
"We could use a … woman like you" He told her suggestively. She didn’t miss the way he looked her up and down, neither did Bucky.
"A woman like me ?" She repeated, raising an eyebrow and tilting her head to the side.
"Yeah, you’ve got potential, babe. So what do you say ?" He said in a seductive voice. "Interested in joining us ?"
A quick glance at her boyfriend was enough for her to tense when she saw him going from annoyed to seriously pissed off. He was scowling at the man with all his old ferocity, looking everything like the assassin he had once been.
"Does he always stare like that ?" Battlestar inquired, nodding toward Bucky.
"You do know your friend is disrespecting Y/N in front of her boyfriend who also happens to be one of the most prolific assassin on this planet, right ?" Sam ironically told him.
The woman narrowed her eyes at the man sitting next to her, irritated by his behavior.
"At what point did you decide we were close enough for you to refer to me as ‘babe’ ? Because I think I missed the memo between the need to punch your face and the craving to shove your ego up your ass"
Bucky’s chest swelled with pride at her comeback and he sniggered. He knew she was a strong woman and had always loved that feisty side of her. She was fire and he was ice, a perfect combinaison yet dangerous association. Even Sam seemed pleased when he noticed Walker growing uncomfortable next to her.
"Look, we know you don’t like us" The other soldier known as Battlestar answered.
"That’s an understatement" Sam muttered under his breath.
"We’re on the same team here" Walker added.
"No, we’re not" Bucky glared at him.
The soldier with the shield sighed. He pursed his lips, thinking for a moment before glancing at the men in front of him.
"I’m not trying to replace anyone" He started to explain.
"You couldn’t if you tried" Y/N mocked him.
"My point is, I know I’m not Steve and I’m not trying to be. But I am Captain America"
"Like hell you are" Bucky scornfully stated.
"It takes a lot more than knowing how to throw a shield to become a superhero" Sam reminded him.
"I am what the world need right now" He insisted.
"What the world want. Big difference" Sam continued.
"You were getting your ass kicked back there" Battlestar told them, helping his friend’s case. "We saved you"
"Should we say thank you ?" Y/N ironically threw at them.
"This isn’t up to you. Why are we even arguing about that ?" Walker was getting annoyed.
"Because you’re not even half the man Steve was yet you keep parading like a clown pretending to be someone you’re not" Bucky aggressively spoke with a cold voice. "You don’t get to mention his name, Walker, not when you’re destroying all he’s ever work for"
"Bucky…" Sam called him with a cautious tone, trying to get him to calm down.
The former assassin shut his mouth, refraining himself from saying anything more.
"Obviously there’s some issues you still need to work on" Walker spoke with a grin on his face. "But my offer still stands. We’d work better together"
"Keep on dreaming" Y/N expressed, rolling her eyes.
"If we’re being honest here, the only thing I dream about is you out of that suit" He forcefully flirted, looking down at her superhero outfit
She cringed at his useless attempt of seduction and missed the way Bucky’s expression turned dark in the split of a second. He clenched his jaw so hard his veins were visibly noticeable and his blue eyes were boring into Walker. If a simple stare could kill, he’d already be dead. He looked as menacing as can be with that hostile glare and his anger was reflecting itself through the way his muscles were bulging, ready to attack.
"Don’t do anything stupid" Sam warned him when he realized the man’s patience was running low.
Bucky growled and before any of them could react, the super soldier watched his newfound nemesis casually placing his hand on his girlfriend’s thigh. His entire body tensed and his blood ran cold.
"If you don’t take your hands off me in the next two seconds, you’re gonna lose both of them, Walker" Y/N threatened him.
"I’d take her word, Captain, ‘cause you’re about to be eaten alive" Sam advised him.
The soldier dismissed him and laughed, which only seemed to anger the woman and her boyfriend.
It all happened too fast for anyone to react. Just as Y/N was about to assault the man, Bucky decided to let his rage speak for himself and reached for Walker’s hand, twisting his fingers. He could almost feel the bones on the verge of breaking and his skin had started to turn red as the former assassin applied more pressure. The soldier grunted loudly in pain, trying to release himself from the tightening grip.
"Stop the car !" Bucky shouted.
The vehicle slowed down and he menacingly leaned toward Walker.
"If you so much as glance at her again, I will rip you to pieces"
Maybe it was the tone in his voice, or the serious promise of death he could see in his eyes, but the soldier bit back the lump in his throat, unable to answer. He looked terrified.
"Told you" Sam shrugged as Bucky released the man.
They both stepped out of the car, waiting for Y/N. The woman, still angry, turned to stare at the soldiers in blue and red.
"One more thing" She tilted her head.
Without notice, her fist collided with John Walker's jaw. The loud impact with his face was enough to almost knock him out and she smiled. Pleased with herself, she got up and followed her friends.
"Was that really necessary ?" Sam joked and they started walking.
"Oh c’mon, you know you’ve been dying to punch the guy" She smirked.
Bucky placed his human arm around her shoulders and a sweet kiss on the side of her forehead, secretly satisfied.
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
So Good For Me.
Summary: Bucky has only one thing on his mind to tonight and that's to make you his. And he hopes you'll never want to let him go.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha Bucky x Omega Reader
Work Count: 2.5K
Warnings: A/B/O dynamics, consenual biting, mutual marking, smut, creampie, rough sex, minors DNI, overstimulation (if you squint). Soft Bucky turned Dom Bucky, size kink, mentions of belly bulge
A/N: Unbeta'd. Do not copy, translate, repost or rewrite my work, even if you credit me. I do not give my permission for my works to be copied or shared on other sites. Likes, reblogs and comments are cherished.
Tumblr media
The reddish-yellow flame comes to life around the wick, swaying and flickering, the soft glow reflecting in his sapphire eyes. Backing away with a pleased hum, he looks over the mantle, adjusting the last of the candles, hints of white tea and vanilla drifting across him in hazy waves.
They remind him of your unique scent as he inhales the air, so sweet, delicate, and fresh. After tonight, he’ll make sure he carries your scent on him wherever he is. Its a gnawing feeling, unfamiliar to him. Wanting to let the world know that you belong to him and he belongs to you.
He's never felt like this with other omegas.
But they've never been you.
Placing the silver lighter on the nightstand, he glances around the room. Anything he deemed too rough, too Alpha was tossed out and replaced with things he hopes you’ll like. Fresh new sheets under the thick duvet, which is now the softest thing he owns. He bought a few all in your favorite colors. His favorite shirts folded neatly along the edge of the bed. He spent a long time making sure he heavily drenched them in his scent.
If you choose even one for your nest-Bucky breaks into a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of his neck.
Bucky knows he shouldn’t feel as anxious as he does, but he can’t help it. The same way he can’t help, the way his heart thuds a little harder in his chest whenever he thinks about you. Here. In his room.
He can’t help the way his stomach twists just a little when he imagines you on his bed, marking his things with your scent, touching his sheets, clothes. Touching him. Letting him touch you. Becoming part of his life, his world.
He could easily claim you, use his Alpha status, commands, and size to dominate you into being his. But here’s the thing. He wants you to be his, but he needs you to want it as much as he does.
Tumblr media
He’s taken his time with you, knowing that you deserve to be wooed properly. Wanting to care for you, cherish you the way you deserve. His Alpha nature wanting to make you happy. Dates to the museums, botanic gardens, movies, any place you like, dinners at fine restaurants, and little hole in the wall diners where you spend the entire time squished against his side in a booth too tiny for his large body, arms, and hands tangled as you eat, laugh and talk.
Bucky wants you to have all the best things, everything he has is yours, even if you don’t know it yet.
His new favorite hobby is finding presents for you, little treasures, each carrying his scent, of course. Personalized gifts sent to your house and work, most for no reason other than they reminded him of you.
Most of them hand-delivered because he can’t get enough of how flustered you get when he gives you something, you have no idea how much he adores your small pleased chirp that slips out when he leans in, asking if you like it little one. It makes his heart sing, knowing how much he affects you.
His Alpha pride blooming the more you fall for him.
Tumblr media
Bucky bounds down the steps when he senses your arrival. Opening the door before you have a chance to knock, he holds back a chuckle when you startle, grabbing your overnight bag before it slips from your hand. “Hi, little one,” he warmly greets, stepping back to let you inside.
You smile shyly in response, your curious eyes darting around the hallway. Anticipation crackling in the air. While it’s not the first time you’ve been in his house, it’s the first time you’ll go further than the living room. You answer his questions about your day and the ride over here as he guides you up the stairs, his large hand splayed across the small of your back.
Bucky hovers behind you, waiting patiently as you stare into his bedroom. After tonight you’ll belong to Bucky Barnes. You swallow down the whimper that wants to escape your throat, your pussy aching at the thought of finally being his, your slick coating your panties.
HIs shuddery breath lets you know he can smell how aroused you are. Glancing over your shoulder, his heady lust-filled gaze makes you bite your lip. His eyes drop to your bottom lip, caught between your teeth, a low growl rising from his chest. The deep sound making your stomach tense in anticipation.
You step inside his bedroom, awash in the soft glow of candlelight, your knees almost buckling when his scent overwhelms you. Stronger than you’ve ever experienced. Fresh rain and plums, hints of evergreen laced throughout. All uniquely him.
Walking around the California king bed, you place your bag by his shirts. “I thought you could have a nest here.” His unspoken with me resonates in the quiet air.
You smile, imagining a large nest surrounding you and Bucky as you touch the soft fabric of his Henley with your fingertips. Your hand stills when you hear his breath hitch, your eyes flicker up to his large body. His hands fisted at his sides as he cranes his head back. You stare at his pulse beating in his neck, the omega in you preening when you take in how badly he wants you.
No one has wanted you the way he has. It’s intoxicating and exhilarating.
You pad over to him, placing your hands on his warm broad chest. Exposing your throat in submission. “Make me yours.”
He's waited so long to hear those words, his control begins to fray, taking every ounce of his being to keep from bending you over the side of the bed and claiming your body.
Still, he promised himself to take his time with you
Bucky grazes his teeth along the curve of your neck, back and forth until you whine, twisting your hands in the fabric of his shirt. “Please, Bucky.”
He hums into your skin, his breath washing over you. He bites down gently, too gently. You want to feel his teeth sink into you, claiming you so bad you’re trembling with need. “Please, please Bucky.”
God, he won’t stop teasing you. His hands shifting over your hips, pressing your belly into his large, hard cock. Warm and throbbing. Your slick cunt drenched and aching. Another plea ignored while you slide your hands into his soft hair and push him down with a whimper. He chuckles, nipping your skin so lightly you want to scream.
“Buc-” your voice cracks when he groans into your neck, his tongue laving the bruises he creating on your skin.
He’s so big and warm. Smells so good. You’ve never wanted anything, anyone more. Every instinct, every part of you crying for him to take you. To make you his girl, his omega, you want him to be your-
Bucky stills in your arms, his grip tightening around you as he grows impossibly harder. He's waited so long to hear that word as well, sweeter than he dreamed.
“Alpha, please.” Breathy and desperate in his ear.
Bucky closes his eyes, his hands sweeping up your back. Your voice is addictive, and he’s going to do everything in his power to keep his name on your lips. You say it again, awakening his dormant feral nature.
His teeth sink down, a burst of pain and pleasure shocking you to your very core and you go limp.
Bucky cradles your body, walking you back to the bed, biting harder into your soft skin until you shiver, crying out his name. Bonding you to him, a connection, so deep and primal that he can’t let go. He feels you, the urge to claim you, take you overwhelming his senses.
Bucky releases you, his dazed eyes darkening as he looks at his mark on your pretty skin. “Mine. Need you right now.” He says, brokenly, frantic and demanding.
“Yours. Love you.” You gasp into his chest, pulling at his shirt, needing to feel his skin on you. He licks the bite and your eyes roll back. Another desperate gasp pulled from your lips. “Alpha.”
He’s so big, you don’t know how he’s going to fit.
“Love you, little one. My pretty little omega” He decorates your skin with soft, passionate kisses along your neck, up across your jaw in between ripping your clothes off, your greedy hands pulling and tugging at his belt as he yanks his t-shirt over his head, the pile of shirts and your bag tumbling to the carpet.
A flurry of torn fabric fluttering to the floor until you’re naked before him. Your eyes roaming down his large muscular body until you reach his cock swaying in the air, the swollen tip leaking.
“Don’t worry, little one, your pussy is made for me.” He arrogantly smirks, covering you with his large warm body, his smooth chest brushing over your sensitive nipples. “I’ll fit-” He groans, slotting a thigh between your legs, “-in your tight little pussy.” He pushes his thigh over your mound, swallowing your needy moan when he glides over your clit.
Bucky swears he’s going to take his time later, bury his head between your thighs until you beg him to stop, tear you apart piece by piece until you’re a trembling fucked out mess but right now he has to be inside you, needing your warmth around him.
His soft lips drape over yours, deepening the kiss as he moves over you, mumbling your name when you reach between your bodies, grabbing his thick cock in your hands, guiding him to your pulsating core. You grab his firm back, keening into his mouth when you feel his swollen head breach your core, his thrust slow and deliberate, his veiny ridges stretching your silken walls.
His groan rings in your ears. “Goddamn, you’re tight, so fucking tight, fit around me so good, you know that, don’t you? You know how good you feel.” He praises, continuing to fill you until his pelvis is flush against yours. “So fucking perfect doll.”
You dig your sharp nails into his back with a muffled cry. So good, so good you think, squeezing your eyes shut as he moves deeper in you, god he’s so good.
It is, it, you were his the moment he laid eyes on you.
“We haven’t even started yet,” he chuckles, swiping his lips over your swollen mouth, “breathe pretty girl.” Another chuckle rumbles over your neck when you arch off the bed as he slides out of you, “Gonna have fun ruining your pussy, fuck, this pussy is going to be mine, isn’t it?” His next deep stroke making you wail.
His words punctuated by another harsh thrust that you feel in your stomach. You try to answer but can only gasp when he lifts your hips, making you take every inch of him.
Bucky moves deeper inside your hot, wet pussy until he can see your belly bulge, his masculine ego enlarging with each sob and moan he drags out of you. He can feel how close you are, the waves of bliss drowning you until you tense beneath him, his pace quickening as he pushes you closer to your high. “Cum for me, be a good girl, and cum for me.”
Your body obeys his hotly whispered command, your orgasm crashing into you. Chanting his name, you rake your nails down his back, grabbing his ass, crying out, “Oh god, Bucky, oh, Buc-,” you sob out, your head lolling back, the candlelight shining over his mark.
His hips slow to a steady pace, never ceasing as he rolls you on top of him. Pleasure sparking through your body with each powerful stroke.
Placing your hands beside his head, you gaze down at him, wheezed gasp slipping through your lips. Bucky offers you his neck, his position almost submissive if not for the smirk in his eyes. And the way his massive hands firmly roll your hips over his cock. “Go on, pretty girl.”
Tears shimmer in your widening eyes, you swallow thickly. Oh. Oh, Bucky. You place your mouth on his broad shoulder, feeling his gland. You’ve never heard of an alpha willing to wear his omega’s mark, to have Bucky offering you his throat is indescribable. To be loved the way he loves you, god you don’t know how you’re going to survive him.
You bite down, feeling the bond open even wider. You feel him, hear him. He loves you so much.
His guttural groans of pleasure make you clench down as he slides out of you. When you release him, looking in wonder at the bite on his broad shoulder, he slides his hands over your hips, murmuring good girl. The room spins as he rolls you back over. Bucky thrusts into you, the headboard slamming against the wall so hard it cracks.
He craves you.
His cock stretching you, going so deep inside you. More tears form as pleasure spreads across your entire body, his solid, heavy chest driving into the soft duvet.
Sweet girl.
“You feel me right here, don’t you?” He presses his hand on your belly, feeling his bulge with each deep thrust. “You’re going to feel me all weekend.” He promises, wild eyes meeting your dazed ones.
Perfect, so fucking perfect.
He places your leg over his arm and grabs the headboard. “Yeah, you are.” He swears under his breath, watching your mouth fall open, a thin high moan emerging from your throat. He grins, knowing he’s found your sweet spot. “Fuck, I could live in your cunt, stay inside you all the fucking time. So goddamn good.”
Love you. Adore you. Worship you.
He laces his metal fingers between yours, pinning your hand over your head. Mine. Mine. Your cries of pleasure making him snap his hips into yours. Wet sloshing of your cunt intertwining with the nearly vulgar sounds of skin slapping. Mine. All mine. His deep moans in your ear as you pant, his name garbled on your tongue as you give yourself to him. “I’m yours, Bucky, please, please I’m so close-” you slur, unable to finish your thought when he changes his pace, your breath rasping out.
“You wanna cum for me don’t you little one, you’re gonna be good for me, go on and give it to me.” He whispers over your mouth, his forehead resting on yours as he watches you fall apart.
Your walls spasm over his cock, making his pace fraught and erratic, he lets go of the splintered headboard, finding your clit between your sweaty bodies, swollen and sensitive, his thumb swirling around your bud hard and fast until the coil snaps. Another orgasm rocking you, making you clench down on him.
“There you go, such a good girl, my pretty girl.” He coos, smiling as you thrash under him. “That’s it, knew you could take it.”
He grinds his hip down so hard you cum again, grunting when you clamp down, “shit you’re still milking my cock-” You tremble, not hearing him over the roar in your ears. “Gonna fill you up, wanna see me leak out of your pretty, greedy little cunt.” He groans, his words making your stomach flutter. You love when he loses control, his words rushing out of him as he pounds you into you, chasing his high, his eyes focused on your face.
You nearly cum again when warmth blooms in your core, his hot spend coating your walls as he goes still, only his hips jerking slightly until he collapses on top of you.
“How are you feeling?” he asks, turning you on your side, his cock nestled within you.
“Amazing, Bucky.” You rasp out, snuggling into his sweat-slicked chest. Your tired giggles ending in a yawn.
“Me too.” Bucky kisses your forehead, pulling back with a smile. “Didn’t mean to wear you out like this.” His smug tone making you give him a look that says you don’t believe him, his shrug in return replying he knows. “Go to sleep, I got you.”
You drift off feeling protected and cherished in his arms, your unbreakable bond strengthening with each whispered affirmation of love, pulling you closer to him. Bucky’s deep voice drifts over you as he continues to praise you for being so perfect for him. He watches the candlelight dance over your sleeping face.
He scents your neck, inhaling you, a dizzying combination of the both of you wafting off your skin. Yeah, he's going to make sure you always smell like this. Reverently touching his mark, he murmurs, "good night sweet girl."
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ahh-myles · 3 months ago
Y/N: Ah yes, the five love languages.
Y/N, pointing at Tony: 'My family never told me they were proud of me'
Y/N, pointing at Peter: 'I'm so fucking tired please god just let me rest for five minutes
Y/N, pointing at Natasha: 'I love girls'
Y/N, pointing at Bruce: 'Please pay attention to me'
Y/N, pointing at Bucky: 'Touch Starved’
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golden-barnes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Summary: Bucky has a long list of reasons to hate John Walker. But the fake Captain America deciding to flirt with you, definitely takes the cake.
Category: Smut 18+
Warning: Jealous Bucky is just soft dom! Bucky, dirty talk, penetrative sex, slight chocking, closet sex, and just John Walker being annoying
Word count: 1.9k
Author’s note: trying out this new format bc I liked the way it look when I did the Spencer Reid fic. A small spoiler warning for the newest FATWS episode but other than that it’s like an AU bc this really has nothing to do with yesterdays’ episode. Comment and reblog pls and thank you!
Tumblr media
There’s a lot to hate about John Walker. The fact that he is trying to replace Steve as a cheap version of Captain America. His stupid face and the way he handles the shield. Even the way he speaks comes off as pretentious and arrogant.
But what really made Bucky seethe with anger is the fact that his little beady eyes would not stop looking at you. Undressing you with his eyes. Taking in every move and gesture you made. It made Bucky’s blood boil. He kept clenching and unclenching his fist. How haven’t you noticed his insisting fucking starring? 
“Can you chip your teeth? Because I’m pretty sure you might by how clenched your jaw” Sam said, patting Bucky on the back. He just rolled his eyes but decided not to say anything. 
There was nothing that can be done. They made a silent pack not to anger the imposter. The government had asked Sam, Bucky and you to help out with a smuggling ring that they have discovered and low and behold, their little Captain America got his ass handed to him. They basically begged them to help. Bucky almost screamed a Fuck no into their faces but you managed to hold him off from punching the soldier that appeared at your apartment. 
You turned around and bent over to pick up something. You were unaware that the fake Captain America licked his crusty lips while looking at you. He kept eying you like a piece of meat. Bucky rolled his eyes again and turned to Sam who was quietly reading the reports.
“Can I punch him?” Bucky whispered to Sam.
“Do you want your pardon to be revoked?” Sam said to him, not even looking up from the reports.
“There’s nobody here. Y/N won’t say anything. You definitely won’t mind.” Bucky whispered, glaring at the blond man that kept staring at you. You clearly didn’t give a shit about him. Therefore, why was he still looking at you?
Sam rolled his eyes at his ex-assassin friend. “Yeah, and later we can steal the shield.” Sam looked up from the reports and pushed them to the side. 
“Exactly! Yeah, now that’s a plan.” Bucky said excitedly, standing up from his chair trying to make his way to John before being stopped by Sam, who grabbed his friend by the arm and pulled him back into his chair. Before Bucky could protest, he heard you whistle at them. 
“Hey, guys! I think I have something.” You said. The three men surrounded you, while you were explaining how you found out the new base location for the smuggling ring.
Bucky tried his best to focus on what you were saying and your explanation, but he couldn’t help but notice that the Kmart version of Captain America was inching closer and closer to you. Didn’t this man have a wife? Bucky swore he read that somewhere. Why does he keep staring and getting closer to you?
“Oh! Sorry, ma’am.” The jackass said, when he “accidentally” bumped into you, he grabbed your waist and forearm to stabilize you. 
“It’s okay.“ You told him, and let out a soft chuckle. Bucky felt his pen explode in his hand. The three of you turned to the pouty super soldier who just rolled his eyes and went back to looking at the schematics. 
You knew something was up with Bucky. He didn’t say anything. Not after the pen exploding incident. Not even when you were joking around with Sam. He loved making witty comebacks to your jokes. It was your thing. 
But maybe it was John Walker’s presence that made it uncomfortable for him. You knew Bucky hated the guy, mostly cause he took Steve’s spot without earning it. But there was something more to this. Bucky has always had a staring problem, but the number of sharp glares he has been sending to Walker has been enough to alert anyone. You couldn’t comfort him, not without making it super apparent that you are dating. And Bucky had already expressed that he doesn’t want to publicize it unless it’s only Sam that’s around. 
“Agent Y/L/N, I think I found something,” Torres said, signaling to you to go follow him upstairs. You took one last look at Bucky, who was still glaring at the oblivious John Walker.
“Damn, I don’t know how you guys get any work done with that around you all the time,” John said, staring at you walking up the stairs. More specifically, staring at your ass. 
Bucky looked at Sam, almost begging him to let him punch the douchebag that is this man. But Sam gripped his forearm. Bucky will not lose his pardon like this. 
“How about we focus on the damn mission?” Bucky almost growled. John Walker put his hands up.
“I’m sorry man. It’s just- look at her.” John sat back and leaned into his chair. From the distance, he could see you talking to Torres. 
“C’mon man. You asked us for our help but we aren’t here to do all the work.” Sam said trying to be the peacemaker between the super-soldier with a murderous gaze and the soldier with the wondering eyes.
“Yeah. Yeah sorry.” John said trying to go back to the records. You were descending from the stairs and walking over to them. John brought his attention back to you. The way your hips would sway when you walked. The confidence in every step. Everything Bucky loved, and apparently fucking John did too.
“Guys, I think we need to rest for today. I am a little bit burned out. I think we all are.” You said, with your hands on your hips. Bucky felt his heart clench, you did look tired. Especially because you were almost doing all the work and piecing all of the clues. 
“That’s an incredible idea.” Sam said stretching in his chair. He also looked tired. It made Bucky feel bad that he has been focusing all his energy on glaring and not helping out. He almost felt guilty.
Almost because a surge of rage flows through him again. John “Can’t take a hint” Walker smirked at you while you were grabbing the files that were on the table. 
Bucky didn’t even give you a chance to say goodbye. To Sam or the annoying motherfucker that made Bucky want to break rule number 2.
“Woah, Buck. what are you doing?” You said while the brunet dragged you around the base. His grip on your forearm was hard but not enough for it to hurt. Bucky wouldn’t hurt you, not in any way you wouldn’t like it. 
There was something about how Bucky was walking, the silence, the way he was searching for something but never letting go of you.
Bucky opened up a closet door. 
“Get in, doll.”  He whispered in your ear, in a low deep voice. You let out a gasp, feeling goosebumps all over your body. You looked at Bucky in the eyes, and you knew he wasn’t in the mood for a fight. You entered the closet space without protesting.
It was a small storage closet. It barely had anything in it so you felt cramped. You turned to Bucky, while he closed the door. The man stalked towards you and you walked backward till your back hit the wall. Bucky had you cornered, and you didn’t mind it.
“Did you have fun, doll?” Bucky said, getting close to your face. His hands went to your hips, pulling you towards him. 
“Buck, what are you talking about?” You whispered to him. Bucky rolled his eyes and took one of his hands off your hips. Placing it on your neck, lightly applying some pressure to it. You gasped at his touch, he chuckled a bit at your reaction. 
“C’mon darling. Did you have fun playing around with the imposter Captain America? I mean he had fun looking at you. So I’m assuming that you had fun being looked at.” He said, with his hand still on your neck and his face inches away from your face. You looked at your boyfriend with wide eyes.
“Oh, you didn’t notice that. Well, I did. Maybe I should teach you who do you belong to. Would you like that sweetheart?” He said, his breath tickling your lip. You nodded, breathless. Bucky smiled at you.
The hand that was around your neck, went to your chin. Grabbing it and pulling you closer so that your lips would meet. His hands started to wander across your body, while yours looped around his neck. 
Your kisses started to grow hungrier, more desperate. As if Bucky spotted kissing you, you would fade away. His hands reached the zipper of your pants and pulled it down. Not even breaking from your kiss, Bucky managed to push your pants down. You break from your kiss to get out of them, while Bucky took off his pants and underwear.
He didn’t wait. He pushed you softly back on the wall and started to leave kisses and soft bites all over your neck. 
“Jump, baby girl,” He said softly against your skin, patting your butt.
 And you did just so. Wrapping your legs around his waist, with one of his hands on your ass and another moving your panties to the side. 
“Hold that there, baby. Let me make you feel so good.” Holding his neck with one hand, you moved another hand to hold your panties to the side, to make it easy for him.
“Good girl.”And with one thrust, he was inside you, hitting all the spot. You moaned and gripped the back of his neck tightly.
“Like that doll? Can anyone else do this to you uhn? C’mon doll give me everything you got.” With every word that came out of his mouth, he would thrust hard and deep into you. You felt lightheaded. Your legs tightening around his waist but his thrust wouldn’t stop.
“Fuck, Buck. Don’t stop.” You gasped. Bucky kept kissing your neck. Overloading your senses. You were close, you knew it. Bucky knew it. You could feel him grin against your skin.
“Who makes you feel this good, doll?” He asked. You gasped at his sudden change in pace. He started to thrust more desperately, less controlled. He was close too.
“You. Fuck, only you.Shit, Bucky. I’m going to cum.”  Bucky smirked at you.
“Then cum, doll.” Bucky silenced your cries with his lips. Still thrusting into you, letting you ride your high and getting to his. And that wouldn’t be long.
With one final thrust, Bucky came. He gave you a soft kiss on the lips and let you down.
“I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You said, putting on your pants.
“I love you too, Y/N.” He smiled at you. You slapped his chest lightly, which made him laugh.
“I hope you realize that I would never go with discount Captain America over there.” You joked which made Bucky laugh even harder. You both were dressed and tried to look as decent as you could to leave the closet and the base.
“Let’s hope that fucking in an army base won’t be the reason you lose your pardon.” You said, grabbing Bucky’s hand, to give him reassurance. He gave you a smirk.
“Maybe if we let them watch, they won’t take it away,” Bucky replied to you, giving you a wink. 
“Yeah and get John Walker to join would also help your case.” Bucky stopped in his tracks and looked at you.
“Oh, you are gonna get it when we get home.” Now it was your turn to wink at your boyfriend.
“I’m hoping I do.” Bucky shook his head but pulled you closer to him. Wrapping his arm around your shoulders, walking towards the exit of the base. Confident that John Walker couldn’t take you away from him.
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cosmicloki · 3 months ago
𝐒𝐀𝐅𝐄 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐄 | 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Tumblr media
summary: bucky can't stand seeing another man touching you. but it is for a deeper reason than you might think. pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader word count: 1,9k warnings: non-consensual physical touch, slight angst, anxiety attacks, protective!bucky, soft!bucky
english is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if there is a grammatical error. hope you like it!
Tumblr media
"I so disagree with this." Bucky's growl interrupted the tense silence that had formed in the cold atmosphere of the night. His blue eyes sparkled with anxiety when they fell on you again and you spent a few seconds analyzing him, something you were completely used to doing almost unconsciously now.
He had been in a bad mood pretty much the entire day, since you had to accept Baron Zemo as part of your little team if you wanted to get to the bottom of the serum issue, he had started to act more surly, especially against Baron himself. He did hated him.
Zemo, as calm and diplomatic as ever, turned to look at him. Warm steam slipped from his lips as he began to speak. "We have to do this if we want to succeed this mission. Don't you want to gather the necessary information to―"
Bucky shut him up shooting him a single glare filled, once again, with anger. Zemo immediately closed his mouth. "Still, it's too dangerous for her."
You rolled your eyes. 
"Stop talking like I'm not even here." A sigh escaped your lips, grabbing Bucky's right arm between your fingers to gain his full attention, which happened quickly. You felt him relax under your touch, his gaze clouded by softness once it fell on you again. "I know I'm not an avenger or superhero like you guys, but I know how to defend myself. If I have to kick a couple of butts, I will. And as Zemo says, gathering this information is essential."
The Winter Soldier still had a debating expression reigning on his tired face. Of course, he cared about you just as much as he cared about Steve in the old days. And since Steve was gone, you were the only thing left for him in that dark world. You were his everything. His light in the dark. His safe place.
He truly loved you, but as the coward he was, he had never confessed. And he doubted that he could do it in the near future. As always, he'll just run away from his feelings.
"It's not the first time she's been into something like this, Buck." Sam spoke this time, arranging his gaudy, colorful coat with both hands. He showed you support, making you smile a little. He always had your back. "Steve himself trained her. I'm sure she'll be fine."
Bringing Steve into the conversation felt like an instant relaxer for Bucky. The name of his fallen friend always felt like his heart was being squeezed, he felt like a lump he was well acquainted with creeping up his throat. Those two emotions were the ones that always followed along with the memory of Captain America, the real Captain America.  
He sighed and nodded his head just once "I know."
"But I'm afraid of losing her too."
                                                          . . .
Modern music blasting out of the huge speakers made the nightclub floor vibrate, the ceiling lights blinking electric colors in the darkness, adding to the euphoria that reigned in the atmosphere.
When you noticed how many people were inside the place, you remembered why you hated parties. But Zemo had been insistent on staying in character or at least trying.
And because of that, you had that unknown to you and annoying man named Robert practically almost glued to your body. His arm was around your shoulders, as you both sat on the long leather sofas that were one side of the dance floor. You almost felt nauseous when he gave you a wide smile, letting you see almost proudly those teeth adorned with pure gold.
"So what were we on, princess?" Her voice as unpleasant as none you've ever heard whispered leaning ‘discreetly’ towards your ear.
Bucky saw the whole scene in the distance, sitting in front of the bar with Sam and Zemo, both his metal and flesh hands were clenched into fists on his knees.
He was no longer angry, he was furious. 
He felt guilty for dragging you into this mess, which is exactly why you were there in the first place, having an unknown man all over you, his hands crawling over your body so shamelessly that even he wanted to vomit right there. And there was nothing he could do about it. Bucky Barnes, once again that night, felt a huge surge of emotions shake his whole body.
Sam, sitting at his other side, shot him a knowing look, realizing how uncomfortable he was being with the whole situation, perhaps as uncomfortable as he was. "Buck, calm down. (Y/N) has it all under control."
"She will give the order any second now." Zemo added in his husky voice, a glass full of a strange and repulsive alcoholic beverage grabbed in his hand.
And it wasn't until your gaze found his among the euphoric mass of people on the dance floor that Bucky felt determined. 
He could see the fear in your eyes, even among all the meters that separated you from each other. And he suddenly saw himself in you. When he was forced to do things that he did not want to do, commanded by cruelty and evilness. 
And Bucky knew that all of that was wrong.
"It's enough." He grunted, causing both men at his sides to turn to look at him in pure alarm.
Practically seconds later, Bucky found himself on the other side of the nightclub, with Robert's neck between his metal fingers, body propped against the wall above the sofa he was sitting on previously. Drastically feeling as small as an ant under the towering presence of the Winter Soldier, just right in front of him.
Around them a sudden silence formed, people had apparently stopped dancing, shifting their attention to the metal-arm man and the show he was giving them. Some even took out their cell phones, starting to record, truly entertained.
The blue of Bucky's eyes were darkened with the anger and adrenaline of the moment. Robert half-opened his mouth and tried to free himself from his strong hold, already feeling the air escaping from his lungs. He did his best to retain as much oxygen as he could with heavy, ragged inhalations.
Bucky saw how his eyes began to close and he squeezed harder, but his gaze traveled to the side when a small hand rested on his metal forearm and immediately relaxed when he met your eyes. 
"Buck, just let him go. You'll break rule number two." After your murmur, Robert's neck was released and he fell to the ground, stumbling, grabbing as much oxygen as possible with long breaths. 
"The next time you touch her I will break your neck." He threatened, almost spitting the words at Robert.
Your arm clasped with Bucky's metal one and you raised your hand to his cheek, drawing his attention from the man on the ground back to you again, noticing how his breathing had increased his speed enormously. Signs that he might be having one of his anxiety attacks.
And you knew exactly what to do.
"It's okay, James. Just breathe. Focus on me."
Your voice was like an angelic melody inside his head, causing him to close his eyes for a few moments and unconsciously lean against the warmth and familiarity that was the touch of your hand. Completely forgetting everything around him. His everything, was you.
"You're safe. You're with me. You're not like that anymore."
Bucky concentrated on your breathing and tried to following it with his own, finally sighing after a few seconds. And by the time he opened his eyes, he finally noticed how the whole nightclub was looking at you both almost as intently as if you were a show.
Behind you stand Sam and Zemo, silently watching you as well.
The Baron cleared his throat, glancing at how the various pairs of eyes were on you now. "We have to go."
And without further ado, you intertwined your fingers with Bucky's and lured him to you, making him walk along and follow Zemo and Sam, who advanced towards the exit of the club.
And when you guys left the place, Bucky stopped, causing you to stop as well, making you turn your head and look at him in confusion. He kept his gaze down, at a nonexistent point on the ground and then moved to the point where he joined you, your  intertwined hands.
"I just..." He began to speak in a soft, low tone. 
You turned completely towards him now, raising your other hand to his chest and placing it delicately on his heart, feeling under his skin how it throbbed with force. His blue eyes were enveloped with shame and despite the darkness of the night in the alley, you could notice how a reddish tone tinged his pale cheeks.
Then, you took his hand with yours and pulled it to your chest, placing his palm against your heart, making him feel also how fast it was beating.
You knew this calmed him down almost immediately, but it was a ritual you did when you were alone, never in front of someone else, much less in front of Sam, who raised his eyebrows when he turned to check on you both.
From the corner of your eye you could see how he leaned towards Zemo and said something that you barely managed to hear but that was like "Let's go find the car" or something like that, knowing that it was better to leave you both alone. He knew that Bucky had been feeling bad all day and practically all week, maybe all his life. And it was clear to him that, being with you, he couldn't be in better hands.
"I just wanted to tell you that― " Bucky continued with his whisper, your eyes gazing up at him with anticipation. He leaned into you and rested his forehead against yours, closing his eyes again, trying to calm the nerves that were almost eating him alive. "I wouldn't mind breaking rule number two for you, a-actually I wouldn't mind breaking any rule for you."
Both of his hands lowered toward the curve of your waist as he finally spoke, surrounding you with signs of protection, almost like preventing you from walking away when he said the words.
But instead, you smiled with your eyes closed at his confession, realizing that it was the first time in many days that he let himself be seen vulnerable before you. Just for you.
Your hands rose to his chest, always fascinated to feel his heart beat under your palms, your fingers began tracing imaginary lines on the surface of his leather jacket. "That would be bad if you want to keep this peace truce with the government, darling."
"Fuck the government." Bucky simply replied, finally opening his eyes, which remained bright once they met yours. Fun flashed across his gaze while he spoke.
"I'd break any rules for you too, Buck." You declared in a soft tone after a minute of comfortable silence, words almost inaudible, but he managed to hear them perfectly and felt a warmth rise from the bottom of his stomach to his chest and finally to his face, blushing slightly his cheeks, once again.
A shaky sighed came from between his pink lips when he separated his forehead from yours.
"Would you like to go eat somewhere with me after this is all over?"
You frowned slightly. "We go to eat at places all the time, Buck― “
He denied with his head, interrupting you. He rolled his eyes as he spoke. "Not like that, doll."
You raised a single eyebrow on your forehead, really don't understand what he was referring to, although your heart was starting to beat more fiercely anyway. "Then like what?"
And when his eyes lifted off the ground once more and looked at you, you could understand it all.
"Like a date."
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nsfwsebbie · 3 months ago
i’m in the water.
summary. | He’s in the wind, and you’re in the water. Nobody’s son, nobody’s daughter.
warnings. | non/dubcon, smut, angst, protectiveness, kidnapping (implied), stockholm syndrome, obsessiveness, death/violence, dark themes, DDLG undertones, creampie kink, choking, piss kink (both pee), degradation, pet play undertones, p in v sex, Master kink, dacryphilia, crawling, slapping, hair pulling, face fucking, boot riding, orgasm denial, spitting, gagging, manhandling, praise, and more. 18+ MINORS DNI.
word count. | 8.5k
pairings. | Dark!Winter Soldier x Naive!Reader.
a/n. | please heed the warnings! i hope you enjoy, and please don’t forget to reblog! if you take ANY inspiration from my fics (and i’ll know, trust me) and you don’t give credit, you will be blocked and i’ll let others know. they’re both very hydrated! this takes place in the 90’s! thank you so much @asadmarveltrashbag and @mypoisonedvine for proof reading for me ilysm!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From the day you were born, you always felt as though your legs are broken. Always needing crutches throughout your life to hold you up, always needing support. But you never really had these crutches, so you'd always drag your hands against the brick walls to support yourself. Vulnerable, breaking away at the edges, falling down. Nothing kind ever came, and it stays the same for a while.
So maybe that’s why you lean into his icy cold touch. So abrasive and yet so caring. His aspects are juxtaposed to each other, just like in those Magritte paintings your art teacher would show you. She was always a kind lady, but you don’t care enough about her to wonder where she is in life now. She was kind to you, though, so you hope that she isn’t suffering like you are.
Your goosebumps raise for the fifth time in this painfully slow hour.
“Are you cold, кролик?” he asks even though he knows the answer. You hum. You always do. Your voice doesn’t raise in an affirmation. It stays flat; he knows what that means. “Thinking again?” he gruffly presses, squeezes your bare arms. The thin, grey shirt with torn sleeves does nothing to protect your body. But why do you ask for protection against the man who has done everything for you?
“Why… Why do people believe that grey is a boring colour?” you ask him, looking around the dark cell that surrounds you. Soldat grunts, not knowing what to say. “I think it’s quite beautiful. All colours have different shades, yes, but there’s something about grey. Each shade comes with a different emotion. Don’t you think so?” you ask him, looking down to your lap.
A carrot toy sits there. It’s filled with cotton balls from the medical room, by his request. “Yes…” He bites the tip of his tongue, not sure what to say because the Soldat only has a few emotions and a few words. “Why can’t we get a different wall colour?” you question him, turning around to face the man.
“It’s not allowed,” he reminds you. You feel like you’re experiencing déjà-vu, but then again, the days have blurred together so well that you can’t tell if the tape is being put on rewind already. You have to assume that your celluloid scenes are fading away along with your sanity. It’s torn at the seams. Threads hanging that just need to be ripped or cut out.
“Beige would look lovely…” you point out solemnly. The Soldat doesn’t know what shade of beige you’re thinking of, but he believes it would be beautiful nonetheless. “I… have a mission,” he tells you after a while. You hum in that same monotonous tone again, so he squeezes your arm even tighter. “When, Master?” you curiously ask, only now taking in his words.
“Tonight. Approximately at twenty-one hours,” he informs you in that mechanic voice of his that you hate. It makes you feel more trapped and vulnerable, even though there’s quite literally a chip in the back of your neck. “How long?” you ask him softly, a frown already beginning to display itself on your face.
He doesn’t like it when you frown. He prefers the lines that your smile provides over the lines your frown forces. That innocent glint in your eyes shines a bit, flickering like a dull light on the verge of completely blowing. Though it’s not much, it’s still something. And when it goes away, his entire being is filled with darkness.
You’re the light of his life, the fire of his loins.
“Not sure. Extraction of information. Senators and mayors…” He begins to ramble, and you shake your head. “Sorry, кролик,” he apologizes as he notices how uncomfortable you’re starting to get. You hum again. He wonders if you were a bird in your past life, perhaps a hummingbird, to be more exact. Or maybe even a swan or a dove because you’re just as beautiful as they are, if not more.
“You know how to behave, right? Потому что ты мой хороший маленький кролик?” he asks, and you don’t understand the second question, but you understand the former. “I know, Master,” you breathe, an airy ending to your words. “You’ll be good, кролик?” he questions one more time, and you lazily nod. You’re tired. Your body moves at a drowsy pace, and you don’t like it.
You don’t want to sleep, though. Scared that if you shut your eyes for too long, the monsters will come back, and Soldat won’t be able to save you. He always saves you. You’re his damsel, constantly in distress, locked away in a gilded cage. But he tells you it’s not a gilded cage. It’s not a run-down cell built in the fifties. It’s your home, even though you haven’t known what home is like for a while.
“I’ll always be good for you, Master. Please don’t leave for long. I get lonely easily,” you express in small bits of sadness and distress. “I know, кролик, я знаю,” Soldat says as he hugs you closer. You tilt your head backwards and let it lull on his shoulder. “I’ll be back as soon as possible,” he promises, and you know it’s not true because he never fulfills it. “But my carrot can’t keep me company for all those hours… Please stay? Please?” you plead with tears welling in your eyes.
“Я могу составить ей хорошую компанию,” the soldier standing outside the cell mutters under his breath, earning a few snickers from his coworkers. I can keep her in good company, is what he said. And it’s truly unfortunate that the guards have forgotten that the Soldat — the Asset — has super-hearing. Their laughter dies down into sighs, and Winter’s chest begins to heave.
He puffs up like the big bad wolf he is, and he tosses you to the side like a rag doll. You watch him as he strides his way over to the guards. Each step carries the weight of the Winter Soldier, the one who’s ready to kill whoever is in his sight. Except for you. His bionic hand reaches through the metal bars that separate him from the outside world.
He wraps his fingers around the guard’s neck, and he squeezes his throat tightly. As Winter crushes the guard’s windpipe, you watch him behind slightly squinted eyelids. Tears blur your eyesight, and you remember that time when you were holding off the tears so well, you couldn't see the HYDRA van driving ahead of you.
Maybe if you could control your emotions a little better, you wouldn’t be here.
But then again, where would you be without the Soldat? Miserable, stuck in the worst parts of town without anyone. Having to drag your hands across those brick walls, again and again. Surviving on your own, teetering on the edge of death. Just like these men at the hands of the Soldat.
The crunching of bones and the screams of men are all blocked out for you. You focus on Soldat’s arm whirring in the most satisfying harmony you’ve heard in the past two years. Other than the orchestra you both have managed to make almost every day. But you still cup your hands over your ears.
Winter pulls a knife from the guard’s limp body. That very same knife ends up inside his heart, stopping it from pumping. The guards begin shooting at Winter, but he easily shields himself with the metal arm. It goes silent, but you keep your hands over your ears. Muffled talking steps in place of the silence, and you look up to see members of HYDRA staring at your Winter and you.
“Солдат, Что ты натворил?” One of the head agents asks. You believe his name is Vasily Karpov because that is what Winter has told you. “The… The guard said something about my кролик. He’s not supposed to,” Winter explains, looking to the ground. Karpov mutters a chain of curse words under his breath that you’re not too happy about. One of the other agents asks him to speak up, and he snaps.
“Just get him to the armoury! We need to prep him,” he shouts before stalking away from the scene. They all stick around a few more seconds before scurrying off like little mice. The dead bodies still lay on the floor, but nobody seems to really care. What’s happened has happened, and there’s no changing it.
“Привести с собой солдата!” A rough voice blasts through the intercoms, and suddenly, more guards show up at your cell. You curl up into a ball and rest your forehead against your knees. You can’t bear to watch them take him away. You wait until the cell door swings shut, and then men stomp away. But even then, you cannot look up.
Bring the Soldat.
He wears that mask of his. The last time you saw it, it was caked with dirt and blood. You can hear his hard breathing behind it, almost sounding as though he’s just run a marathon. He sits in the edge of the cot — the left corner, to be exact — and he watches you. The Soldat states as you look down at the array of snacks he’s provided you with.
“Kролик,” Winter gruffly calls, and you turn around. You hum and your voice raises at the end. You haven’t done that in a while, so it startles him a bit. “Which one?” he asks, stretching his neck out just a bit to see what snack you’ve chosen. “N… Not sure,” you shyly whisper, ducking your head down in fear.
“Green one,” he says after a while, and you place your hand on it. “I don’t know what it is?” you confusingly say. The Russian text on it confuses you, so you hand it to Winter. “ Sour Patch Kids…” Winter reads out loud, knitting his eyebrows together in confusion. “Oh, I like those!” you eagerly cheer, sitting up on your knees. You turn around and reach your hand out for him to give them to you.
They’ve wiped him. You know it, and you hate it. They’ve taken all emotion away from him, and now he’s just an empty shell of a man. His softness from just a few hours ago has now gone away, and you don’t know what to expect of himself. But then again, you never do.
Hesitatingly, he hands it over. “Don’t eat now. Sugar will keep you up,” he warns, and you nod. Your father would say the same thing when you were younger. The only difference is that your father had more love in his voice than Winter ever will. “We need to go over the rules,” he speaks up after a few seconds. You hum again, and he continues. “Do you remember your rules?” Winter asks, and you hum once more.
“Кролик,” he growls, and you look up. “Do you need me to repeat the rules?” Winter questions and you shake your head in objection. He doesn’t listen, though, because he knows you don’t remember them. You never seem to remember the big, important parts of the puzzle. Only the small corner pieces that don’t really matter. “I’ll tell you them anyway, and you’re going to listen to every word I say. Understood, кролик?” he raises his eyebrow, not leaving any room for protesting.
You gulp thickly and nod. “Don’t make any noises, don’t touch yourself, don’t talk to the guards, don’t let anyone touch you, don’t hurt yourself and don’t even think of escaping,” he lists, and the last one makes tears sting your eyes. “I won’t escape. ‘S not like I can even do anything in here,” you whisper under your breath, and he stands up. Metal fingers grip your chin tightly, and Winter slowly kneels down in front of you.
You’re watched like a pet. You always have been. Not even a pet, more like a possession. Seen as an object with no feelings and no emotions. As though you don’t have a heart that pumps crimson blood and lungs that expand with each breath you take. “Don’t ever speak like that again. I can easily stitch those pretty lips of yours shut, кролик,” he threatens, and you feel your tears beginning to leak.
No, no, no, no, no. Not now.
He laughs. He fucking laughs, and you want to cry even more because you need him. You need your support, but he doesn’t want to give it to you. You should’ve just kept your mouth shut. “You’re so fucking… precious. Especially when you shed those tears of yours,” he tells you with a hidden smile behind his mask. He squeezes your jaw even tighter, and you whimper out a small ‘thank you, Master’ to him.
“I wasn’t finished listing the rules, so keep your fly shut,” Winter sneers, and you nod your head slowly. “When I get back, which will be in around three hours, you have to finish drinking all those bottles of water,” he stays, snapping his fingers to grab your attention. Your eyes follow those very same fingers as they point at the four bottles of water sitting by the bed.
You never noticed them until just now. “Oh, and you can’t go to the bathroom until I say so,” he adds with a slight humorous chuckle to his voice. Your eyeballs nearly fall out of their sockets. “Don’t worry, кролик, I’ll be back so quickly, it’ll feel like a few minutes,” he promises, and you feel a wave of relief wash over you. It reminds you of when you were young, and your parents would take you to the beach.
Your parents would build sandcastles with you until they got tired. You would beg your father to piggyback you into the sea, and he would do exactly that. Your mother would carry her disposable camera with her just to take photos that would end up in the green photo album from the thrift store.
And when you got a bit older, you’d go by yourself—older in the sense that you have to start paying the bus fare of $3. You’d head to the beach after dinner and before your parents came home from work. The sky would either be a dark, dark grey or a lovely mix of pastels. The water would wash beneath your feet, pulling and loosening clumps of sand.
Taking it away the same manner Winter took your innocence.
“And remember, if you break any of these rules, I’ll know. And the outcome won’t be as pretty as your face or that pussy of yours, кролик,” Soldat warns, and you nod your head. “Yes, Master,” you shyly say to him. You want to look down at the concrete flooring so badly, but his iron-clad grip on you doesn’t loosen until a minute after your words. He looks down at you, and you look away. His strong gaze is just as powerful as the summer sun that would beat down on your skin.
“Прощай, кролик.”
You never realized how thirsty you were until just now. You’ve finished all four bottles in the span of two hours, and now you’re counting down the minutes until Soldat arrives. There are no guards standing outside your cell, so you’re all alone. Not even your intrusive thoughts have visited, and you wonder if the water was spiked.
You were never that good at telling time. It would always take you a few seconds to find the minute hand and the hour hand. But the digital clock that is on the wall across from your cell is quite helpful. It even has seconds on it, too. So you count down out loud, trying to ignore the full feeling in your stomach.
Stomping echoes down the hallways, and you don’t know if he’s close by or meters away from you. You never could tell. Russian words fall off the agents’ tongues, and sometimes you wish you could understand them. Maybe then you wouldn’t feel like such an outsider even though you’re trapped in their home. “Ты свободен, солдат,” one of the agents say, and you can hear Winter grunt.
You’re free to go, Soldat.
His big, heavy feet stomp down the hallway. The sounds bounce off the greyish-green walls, stained with different things such as blood and dirt. You can hear his metal arm whirring, and your heart jumps with fear. You’re not scared of him; you’re scared of what he’s capable of.
Oh, who are you kidding? You’re terrified of him.
The guards open up the cell door, and you look up, locking eyes with his. They’re dark and empty as they usually are. “Кролик,” he growls, and you whimper. You run up to him and hug him, feeling the water slosh inside of you. You slow your breathing down the same way your elementary school nurse told you to when you were younger and try your hardest not to throw up.
“Missed me, hm?” Winter questions and you nod meekly. Though you didn’t want to admit it two years ago, you do now. “Missed you lots, Master,” you tell him. The leather is cold against your warm skin. If you focus just a bit more, you could feel the creases of the fabric as well. But you’re too busy with him, so you ignore it. “W- Was the mission good, Master?” you nervously ask him, only out of curiosity and nothing more.
“As always. Were you good, кролик?” Soldat questions in return, rightfully so. You nod eagerly and fiddle with your fingers behind his back. He acts like he can’t feel it, just for you not to stop hugging him. “Good girl… You seem like you want something. Out with it,” he orders, and you gulp in fear.
“I… I was wondering if I could go to the bathroom,” you meekly tell Winter, looking down to the ground. His boots are shiny and polished. Cleaner than anything you’ve seen before, and it’s confusing. He usually comes in covered with dirt, sweat, tears and blood. “You need to go to the bathroom, кролик?” he asks as if he didn’t hear you beforehand.
You shyly nod and unwrap your arms from around his broad torso. You wonder if he left the mission unscathed or not. Winter chuckles. It’s breathy, airy, sly and dark. “Aw, кролик, you’re adorable, the cutest кролик of them all. It’s too bad I’m not going to let you,” he sneers in that faux fantasy tone of his. You furrow your eyebrows and so desperately want to beg him, but it’s out of line, and he never asked, so you stay quiet.
Winter grabs your hand and drags you to the cot, reminding you of the way you’d pull your parents to the shore so they can play in the water with you. They’d both laugh before your father would tackle you in the water, and your mother would push him down in retaliation. You’d always resubmerge from the water with a smile on your face and laughter bellowing throughout the beach.
You miss those times.
You let him guide you to the bed you wish wasn’t yours. “What did you do while I was gone, кролик?” Soldat questions, sitting down on the canvas of the bed. You’re placed on his lap, almost as though he’s forcing you to reclaim a throne you need. And it’s true; you need him. His hands fall to your waist, and Winter holds you in place. “I drank all the water as you asked, and I just sat here, Master,” you recount to him, leaving out the parts of the past three hours he doesn’t need to know.
He hums in the same manner as you. “That’s all?” he questions, and you slowly nod your head. “Good, I’d hate to have to punish you this late in the night,” he says, pinching the skin on your torso. You don’t whimper because you’re used to it. He calls it affection, and so do you. Winter’s hands move from your sides to the front of your stomach, caressing you with a bit of pressure being put on your bladder.
You whimper and try to play it off with a cough, but you know deep down he doesn’t buy it. Soldat continues to run his hand against your stomach the same way you’d run across the shore. Slow, wary, yet with care from the ground beneath you. You like to think of the simpler, more happier times. You know if Winter pushes a little harder, you may not be able to control yourself any longer.
The pressure in your bladder grows every few seconds, so you squirm around in his lap. Your weight shifts from his left thigh to his right thigh, over and over, and he knows exactly what’s wrong. “Кролик… Are you feeling all tingly?” he asks you. You nod your head, but you take in his words. Meanings and implications are always lost with you. They fly over your head the same way birds do, and you only see them with someone's direction.
“N- No, Master, I just have to pee really badly…” you clarify to him, and he nods his head in understanding. You smile as a spark of hope lights inside of your heart. “I don’t think you do, кролик, I already told you,” he assures, and you sigh. “I- I know, Master, I’m sorry,” you apologize and drop your head down. “I think you’re having those tingles, кролик, is your little cunt wet?” Soldat questions even though you don’t have to answer.
His hand travels between your legs and to your pussy, cupping it tightly. You whimper and involuntarily grind against his hand. “You’re absolutely soaked, кролик! Were you thinking of me?” he interrogates, and you just go with it. “Y- Yes, Master, was thinking of you all the time,” you whisper to him. He squeezes your cunt tighter and purrs in your ear. “Then why didn’t you tell me beforehand, кролик?” Winter presses, and you feel fear pump through your veins.
“I- I knew you were tired from the mission, so I didn’t want to bother you, Master. I’m sorry, please forgive me!” you plead, and he clicks his tongue in disapproval. Your heart sinks to your stomach with each sound he makes, and you want death to take you right here, right now. The Soldat pushes you to the ground, and you fall with a loud ‘thud!’. Your knees hit the concrete hard, and you can feel your old scars open up a bit.
One was from a poor fall at the beach. Your father carried you home, and your mother tried to soothe you. You were only six at the time, but it felt like your world was ending.
Winter’s metal hand grabs your hair and tugs on your locks painfully. You bite back a pained moan as he yanks your head back. It’s not the first time he has nearly given you whiplash. He changes moods faster than anyone you’ve ever met. The Soldat walks around you, and you follow him with your eyes. “It’s okay, кролик. I’m not mad at you. I’m gonna treat you so well; you’re gonna love me even more,” he promises with a dark glint in his eyes.
He wedges his boot between your legs and underneath your cunt. “Get comfy, шлюха,” he orders. You shift yourself a bit, trying to alleviate any aches you feel, but it seems as though he wants you to be uncomfortable. Your pussy rests on his foot, and you wonder what he’s up to. His hand tilts your head to look up at him. You want to look away, just like when you’d look at the bright sun on a hot summer day. It was always too much to look at, but the sight was so captivating you couldn’t turn away.
“You said you wanted to go pee, right, маленькая потаскушка?” he questions, and you confusingly nod. “Then go ahead, do it,” he orders. You gasp, quite loudly, in fact. The reaction doesn’t please your Master, so he yanks on your hair a little tighter. “What’s wrong, сука? I thought that’s what you needed?” he interrogates, and you nod. “Yes, Master, but not like this,” you reason, and he growls. “I give you protection, I give you food, I give you my cum, I give you everything you need. What’s wrong now? Don’t you love me?” Winter asks.
Your heart quite literally breaks in two.
“I do, Master! I love you so much!” you promise, feeling those stupid tears of yours starting to well up. “Then why aren’t you listening to me, you dumb baby? Hm?” he presses, and panic begins to rise in your chest. The tears stream down your face the same way the waves would engulf you at the age of 7. “It’s just uncomfortable, Master, that’s all…” you reason with him. “Well, I don’t care. You’re gonna do it anyway, okay? I thought you were a good bunny for me…” Winter trails off as if he’s lost all hope and cause.
It makes you want to cry even harder.
Sniffling, you wipe your tears and try not to give up. “I am your good bunny, Master. Please don’t make me do this. I don’t want to!” you beg once again, and he grows weary of your patheticness. Winter bends down, and his flesh hand goes to the front of your flimsy shirt. Thin cotton rips away easily, with barely any strength coming from his behalf. The grey cloth is in two pieces, and he pushes them off your shoulders.
Your nipples harden as soon as the cool air brushes against them. Winter’s hand leaves your head, and you feel alone without his touch. “Seems like you forgot your place, кролик… You don’t get what you want; you get what you deserve. And what you deserve is to be put in your place,” he tells you, and your bones rattle with fear. The sound of a belt clinking and a zipping being pulled down grabs your attention, and you hold back a hearty sigh.
The Soldat stares you down as he throws his belt to the side just like he did you a few hours ago. “I can’t believe you, honestly. Думая, что ты так выше меня, пытаясь помешать мне делать то, что я хочу. After this, you’re going to regret ever talking back to me like that ever again,” he rants under his breath like the mad man he is. Your tears have dried up, but your bottom lip starts to wobble again. He huffs, tired of seeing you cry.
Winter halts his movements and goes to remove his mask, the one thing that’s been hiding that sinister smirk of his. The dark, matte material is clutched between the tips of his cut-up, bruised fingers. He carefully places the mask on your face, covering your mouth and nose. The action shuts you up, just like how he wants. You look up at him without blinking your tears away. You let them fall and soak the mask, staining it with your waterworks.
The Soldat pulls his big, thick cock out of his tactical pants. His cock is as hard as a rock, blooding pumping down to it, and his veins throb on the side of his shaft. Beads of precum drip down from his tip, rolling down his cock. He’s a raging red, desperate to be inside of you. His metal head returns to your head, and he brings you higher up in your knees. Your neck cranes at such a painful angle that the ache in your knees is ignored.
“You better fucking look at me while I teach you your lesson, шлюха,” he warns, and you listen to him easily. Through your haze of pained tears, you manage to look into his eyes. You’re not sure what he wants to do and what he’s going to do. You never do. The Soldat is unpredictable, and even in your two years of knowing him, you’ll never understand how the gears in his mind turn.
“Not so dumb after all, huh,” he chuckles before shaking his head. Winter sighs and smiles down at you. “One last chance, шлюха,” he tells you in a sing-song voice. You don’t say anything, and the Soldat clicks his tongue. Suddenly, instead of the delicious precum, he would usually make you lap up like a kitten, clear streams of warmth hit your chest. You gasp behind the mask, but it comes out as muffled nonsense to him.
“Stop!” you cry out to him, but your words are once again muffled. His pee soaks your chest as he relieves himself from the pressure in his bladder. Your hands bat at his stiff thighs, hitting them just so that he can stop humiliating you and treating you like you’re all but human. Winter growls, and his metal arm drops your head, and he slaps your hands away. His pee covers your tits and drips down your skin, staining you with disgust and humiliation.
The streams soon stop, and you’re sobbing even louder now. “Oh shut it, this isn’t even as bad of a punishment. I’m going easy on you, шлюха, I could easily do worse,” Soldat growls as the slightly tinted liquid drips from the tip and onto the ground. Your chest stutters with sobs, and you can barely breathe. You’re covered and coated like a freshly bought canvas, and Winter’s just ruined you. Almost in the same manner that you’d destroy your father’s canvas with your cheap, dollar store paint.
Winter bends down and grabs what was once your shirt and is now just a piece of cloth. Kind of like how your mother would give you any leftover scraps of fabric to make something for you. She’d never let anything go to waste. He uses it to wipe the drops of urine that still drip from his cock, and then he throws it at you like you mean nothing to him. You let it fall to the ground because there’s no possible way a piece of cloth that was once on your back can fix your honour.
But who are you kidding? You lost your honour the moment you gave into the Soldat, just like you always do.
You stretch your arms out to him, silently pleading for comfort from him. But he shakes his head with a sly smile on his face. “Aw, you want your Master to help you out, мой питомец?” Winter questions, and you eagerly nod your head. His metal hand goes to remove the mask, but he stops as soon as he touches it. “Say please,” he orders with faux sympathy in his voice. “Please, Master,” you beg to him, and he smiles.
Winter places his hand back on the mask and yanks it off of your face. The sides scratch your cheeks a bit, but that’s not what matters. “T- Thank you, Master. I love you so much,” you tell him before struggling to put a smile on your face. At the end of the day, no matter how brutal he is with you, you’ll always love him. ...Right? “You’re welcome, кролик,” he says as he throws the mask to where his belt lies.
Your cheeks are sticky and stained with tears, much like your chest. Winter’s flesh hand cups your left cheeky lightly, and he’s back to being the gentleman who has killed for you on numerous occasions. He wipes away the wetness on your cheek as his other hand goes to his cock, grabbing the base of it. “Say ‘ah,’ моя маленькая шлюшка,” he orders before you can even register his signature Cheshire smirk.
His cock is shoved inside your mouth without any warning. He always does that. No heads up, no preparation, nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Winter wiggles his foot that’s underneath your cunt, and the sudden friction is startling. He calls you bunny because of this reason. You can get off on anything, and you’re always needy for him. “I can see how wet you are, шлюха. You’re soaking my boot with that little pussy of yours,” he coos.
You don’t realize how wet you are until he points it out. You’re absolutely soaking, and you’re not sure why. But for the utmost incomprehensible reason ever, you don’t care.
His cock slides down your throat until your nose nuzzles against his pubic bone. His balls touch your chin, and your saliva coats his cock thickly. Your throat and side of your kissable mouth both hurt horribly, but you ignore the pain just for him. “You’re my good little bunny, right?” he questions, and you nod while his cock rests on your tongue. “And good little bunnies like you always listen to their Masters, right?” Winter asks, and you nod again.
He smiles. His hand on your cheeks moves to the back of your head slowly, returning to its newfound home. “I bet you want to come, don’t you, кролик?” he interrogates, and he’s not wrong. You really do want to come, and you’re a bit ashamed of it. “Master will let you come, don’t worry. I’m gonna let you have cummies, кролик,” he promises, and you happily giggle around his cock.
“Go on, hump my boot like the little bunny you are,” he pushes, and your eyes nearly fall out of their sockets. You want to protest so badly, but the memories of what he just did to you freshly flood your mind like the memories from when you were younger. “Are you that stupid that I have to explain how to get yourself off? Or are you just not listening to me, кролик?” he asks in a tone that reminds you of subdued thunder.
You shake your hand and try to move your hips around a bit. Your soaking wet pussy grinds against the leather of Winter’s shoe, and your clit throbs at the feeling. Winter’s cock slides out of your mouth until the fat tip of it is all that’s left, and then he quickly shoves it back in. Your loud gags and his moans fill the room like music. Your loss of oxygen makes you see stars, and you can recall how much your father loved to paint the midnight skies until he couldn’t keep his eyes open.
Your old toothbrushes would serve as the home of the clouds of dust that the stars would be born from. His fingers would be covered in white paint that would fall off in the water and swirl down the sink. His black t-shirts would have white freckles on them, and your mother would always suggest for him to turn the cloth into a galaxy. He’d always tell her one day, and you’d always remind him of that day whenever you’d catch him painting.
“Fuck, you always do look even prettier with my cock in your mouth, кролик,” he swears, and you smile around his cock. Oh, well, you at least try to smile. You continue to rub yourself against his boot as he uses your throat as he pleases. Your hole drools with want, and your slick gives his shoe a shine that is unmatched by any other substance. The burning, fiery feeling on your clit spreads to your abdomen, and you can feel yourself being brought closer to the edge.
You’re moaning around his thick cock, sending sinful vibrations throughout him. “Fuck, are you gonna come, кролик?” he questions as he feels you hug his leg. You nod around his cock, and he begins to push your head back and forth of his cock, matching your desperate movements. He uses you like a fleshlight, and you’re used to it. “Well, too fucking bad, шлюха, you’re not allowed to come,” he spits, and your hips freeze in place.
“I didn’t say stop, did I? No, I didn’t, continue, шлюха,” he sneers, and you listen to the Soldat. You’re not sure how you’re going to stave off your orgasm, but you’ll do anything for him. You slowly begin to grind your hips back and forth on his boot again, trying to slow your breathing down, and Winter fucks your face sloppily. “Fuck, you want my cum, don’t you, кролик?” he questions, and you squeeze his leg tighter.
Winter pulls his cock out abruptly and pinches the base, staving off his release only for a few seconds. “I said, don’t you want my cum, шлюха?” he asks once again, and you nod. Saliva coats your mouth, and you can barely catch your breath. “I- I really want your cum, Master, please! Please give me your cum,” you plead to him with a ditzy look in your eyes. You wiggle your hips side to side just to give off the impression that you’re getting yourself off.
But you can’t fool the fooler. Nobody can.
“I’m going to give you all my cum, шлюха, and you’re going to take it all like a good girl,” he moans as he shoves his cock back into your mouth. Winter shoves himself deep inside your throat until you can’t take any more of his length. You swallow around his cock, and he moans loudly, swearing in Russian. The words roll off his tongue skillfully, and you feel yourself getting even wetter.
He grabs your head even tighter and bobs your skull up and down his cock a few more times before finally hitting his release. His balls tighten up, and a deep, throaty moan leaves his mouth in the best way ever. Hot, sticky ropes spurt down your throat before you can even register the way he throws his head back. Winter’s long hair spills on the sides of his head as his cum spills down your throat. You have no choice but to swallow, but it’s not like you want to spit his seed out anyways.
Winter lets out a deep moan that goes straight to your core, and his hand pats your head in a praising manner. “Good girl, such a good fucking girl,” he praises as he slowly pulls his sensitive cock out of your mouth. Your cunt flutters with sensitivity, and you want to come so badly, but you just can’t. The Soldat takes a few steps back, slipping his foot away from your aching pussy. You let out a whimper, and he smiles.
“I’m not done with you, маленький кролик,” he tells you, and your heart flutters. You’ve managed to ignore the building pressure in your bladder, but now it seems to come back stronger. “C- Can I go pee first, Master?” you politely ask him, still on your knees. Even that ache has returned, but it’s the least important thing as of now. He ignores your question as he works on the numerous straps on his battle uniform.
Skillful fingers take off the leather vest he wears, revealing a bulletproof protectant that saves him from certain dangers. “Get on the bed, кролик,” Winter orders as he continues to strip himself. You begin to stand up on your wobbly, scarred legs, but he tuts. “Uh uh, not like that,” he interjects, walking back to you. He pushes you back onto the floor, and you fall with a sob. “On your knees, because that’s what you deserve. Nothing more, шлюха,” he sneers, and you sniffle.
You slowly crawl to the bed. Each time your knees touch the ground, you burn up with both arousal and humiliation. And it’s not like the action is making your need to go to the bathroom any better. The abrupt movement makes the liquid slosh inside you, and you want to burst out in tears, begging Winter to just let you relieve yourself. Your hands have slight scars from your nails, and it reminds you of when your father would encourage you to do the monkey bars.
You’d always try to swing yourself to the end with all your might. But you never could do it. You’d fall down to the ground and leave the park wailing. The scars and blisters on your hand would make your parents so upset, but that never stopped you from wanting to go back and try again. Eventually, you got too old to try, and it would always upset you. Maybe one day you’ll be able to try again— one day.
You hear zippers unzipping and velcro cracking behind you as you get on the bed. The coolness of the sheets is so refreshing against your hot skin. It soothes you for a few seconds, but it eventually loses its worth. You turn around and face him with a sort of dumbfounded look on your face. He fucking loves it; Winter always does. He’s naked, fully naked, and even his signature tactical boots have been discarded.
If you squint, you could see the way your wetness shines on his boot. “Good girl, such as good little bunny,” he praises, and you can feel yourself get flustered. Winter climbs onto the bed, staring you dead in the eyes. He kneels in front of you with a wicked smirk, and he brings his flesh hand up to your throat. You let out a gasp as he squeezes your neck tightly before he leans in closer to you.
The Soldat’s face is just a mere few centimetres away from yours. You can feel each breath that he takes against your skin. His hard cock rests against your sticky chest, and he’s still hard as fuck. “Open your mouth, кролик,” he orders, and you instantly do so. You wait for his cock to be stuffed in your mouth once again, but it never comes. You watch as he puckers his lips up before spitting right by your mouth.
You choke in surprise as his saliva slowly drips into your mouth, landing on your sore tongue. You whimper at the feeling, and Winter has a proud smile on his face. He pulls his head away from yours, in the same manner your father would whenever he’d finish one of his masterpieces. “Swallow it all, кролик, I know you want to,” he orders in a sing-song voice.
You follow his demand obediently. You can’t lie; the sheer act of him spitting in your mouth and forcing you to swallow it makes you even wetter. You’d take anything he gives you. “You’re such a good girl, you know that right?” he questions, and your chest heaves. Winter’s cock twitches against you, and you so desperately want him inside you. But there’s nothing you want more than to go relieve yourself.
His metal hand comes up to your face, and you think he’s going to lovingly hold you. You absolutely adore it when he strokes your cheeks. The Soldat’s thumb touches the soft yet slightly sweaty skin of your face and moves back and forth. Chills run down your spine, and you smile into his touch. He suddenly pulls his hand away, and he strikes you roughly. You let out a cry as your skin stings and prickles from the hit.
He does it again and again until your tears soak his hand. Your cheek is practically numb from the pain. You can feel his cock leaking with cum, and you know that he’s going to fuck you, just like you want him to. “Did you forget your manners?” Winter harshly questions, and you quickly shake your head. “T- Thank you, Master,” you whisper to him, and he smiles.
“Master… Can I please go to the bathroom? Please, it hurts,” you beg to him, but he just shakes his head. “P- Please, Master? I’ll be a good girl, I promise!” you plead to him as your tears run down your face even quicker. He ignores your cries for relief, and he instead slams you onto the bed. Your mind is a mess as he combs on top of you, and the aches you have only get stronger.
The hand that was slapping some sense into you finds a new home on your stomach, right above your swollen bladder. He pushes down on your stomach slightly, and you kick your legs. “Shh, none of that, no, stop it,” he shushes, and you try your hardest to not let go right there and then. “Master knows what you need, okay? And right now, you need my cock, маленький кролик,” he tells you, and you sob.
The hand on your throat moves to his cock, and he grabs his thick base. The veins on the side throb with need, and in one thrust, he bottoms out inside you. You barely have the time to register what’s just happened. The painful stretch of his cock radiates throughout your core, and you dig your nails into the scarred skin of your palms. His tip nudges against your g-spot, and you coat his cock with your wetness.
Winter is buried inside you to the hilt, filling you up to the brim. His swollen, heavy balls rest against your ass, and you both try to get used to the connection. The painful stretch dulls down to an exquisite pleasure, and Winter loves the way your tight cunt gets used to his thick cock. He’s splitting you in two, but he simply does not care. His hand returns back to your throat, and this time, he squeezes the sides of your neck even tighter.
Winter pulls his cock out until his fat tip is the only thing resting inside of your pussy. He slams back into you roughly, and you let out a cry. Your jaw falls slack as the Soldat begins to fuck into your relentlessly. His balls slap against your ass, and your loud, short-lived moans fill the cell that you’ve grown to love. “Fucking hell, кролик, your pussy feels so good,” he growls, slamming into you even harder.
Your tits bounce with every movement he makes. The pleasure sears through your body as Winter hammers against your poor g-spot with each thrust he makes. “Master, please, I need to go really badly,” you beg to him as he continues to fuck you. He shakes his head in objection before pushing down on your stomach even harder. You let out a wail and try to squirm away, but you only worsen things for yourself.
“No, you don’t, кролик. The only thing you need is my cock,” the Soldat tells you, and you upsettingly toss your head back. “No, Master, please, I don’t wanna make a mess,” you reason with him, but he just doesn't seem to want to listen. “I know that, кролик, but you need to listen to me, okay? You don’t need to go; you just need me,” he growls lowly, and you can feel him pushing harder on your bladder.
“No- Wait, Master, please stop pushing on me,” you implore to him as a moan follows your words. Your silky, wet cunt hugs his cock as the tingly feeling in your bladder becomes stronger. You want to cross your legs and stop it from growing, but you can’t. Pressure builds up in your core, and you’re not sure if you’re going to come or if you’re going to make a mess and humiliate yourself.
“Let go, мой тупой ребенок, I know you want to so badly. You can make a mess, do it,” Winter urges, and you shake your head. “No, Master, please stop it,” you cry to him, but he only fucks you harder. One specific thrust hits your cervix, and you yell out in pain before even realizing what’s happened. Warmth trickles down your thighs and onto his cock. You let out a wail as humiliation blossoms from your soul.
Though there’s nobody else watching, you’re still embarrassed. And that wicked smirk on Winter’s face does nothing to help you out. The sound of it makes your back sweat, and you want the ground to open up and take you home. Your urine wets the sheets beneath you, and your tears wet your face. “God, look at you. You finally got what you wanted, and here you are, crying like a fucking brat. You’re so ungrateful. Do you even deserve my cum?” he questions with disgust on his tongue.
You struggle to nod, but you do it anyway. The last thing you need is to have your Master upset with you. “‘M sorry, Master, please forgive me,” you plead to him. You continue to relieve yourself, and he continues to fuck you despite the mess you’re making in his shaft. “Такой грязный, глупый малыш. Ты такой жалкий, ты же знаешь это, да?” he questions even though you only know one simple word of Russian. You moan loudly as you slowly stop making a mess and begin to feel your orgasm building up.
“Aw, are you gonna come, кролик?” Winter asks you in a condescending tone, one that makes you even wetter. The lewd sounds that come from your pussy as just as humiliating as what you’ve just done, but you don’t care. You’re too busy getting fucked stupid. “Fuck, I can’t wait to fill this pussy up with my cum; watch it leak out of you. You always do look prettier when you’re filled up with my cum,” he moans as his thrusts grow sloppy.
“Master, ‘m gonna c- come,” you whimper to him, laying in your own piss. “Go ahead, шлюха, come on my cock. You already made a mess on me twice, might as well do it for the third time,” Winter growls, moving the hand that lays on your stomach. He grabs your hips roughly and pulls you closer towards his cock. Hot flames lick at your abdomen as you hit your climax, seeing stars in your vision.
Your reality is warped as you can barely make out the look on Winter’s face. Darkness takes over your vision in the same manner as the clouds would take over the skies on those hot summer days. They would hide the pretty sun for a few minutes, and then they’d leave eventually. Your pussy clamps down on his cock tightly as you coat him with your juices, making him moan.
You wail loudly as you clench around him, making him groan. “Fuck, you like that, don’t you?” he asks without waiting for an answer. You nod as he fucks you through your orgasm, not even caring about how overstimulated you are. His cock slips in and out of you with ease and his thrusts begin to grow sloppy. “Tell me how much you want my cum,” he demands, fucking you even slower.
“I- I want your cum really badly, Master. I need it so badly; please fill me up with your cum!” you politely beg to you as you come down from your much-needed high. “Fuck, I’m gonna fill you up so nicely, кролик, you’re gonna beg me to fuck you again,” Winter husks as his balls tighten up. A string of Russian words leave his mouth, and you have to assume that it’s all foul language.
Warm, white ropes of cum paint your walls as he pushes deep inside your cunt while coming. Winter’s blue eyes squeeze shut, and you both moan at the feeling. He fills you up just like he promised, and you bite down on your lips. Everything has dried, and you feel disgusted, so you try to focus on the way his cum pumps inside you. His cock stays inside you, but he doesn’t soften at all, and you know what that means. Winter falls on top of your sticky chest with a sigh, and tears sting your eyes.
Though he says you need him, you wonder if that’s really true.
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milliedazzledust · 3 months ago
In Loving Memory (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
Request: @missroro the reader is steve twin and she married to bucky after the blip, she had enough of the 'new captain america' thing shes really mad, so when walker and his friend start talking about joining forces she snap like she pull out a gun and pointing right at them, also sam ofc dont forget about sam. Sam trying to stop her while bucky "nah let her do her fun"
Words: 2021
Warning: !!TFATWS SPOILER!! without context - violence
A/N: wrote this today, it basically follows the events of ep3 of fatws but without context. I have a couple of exams this week so I won't be able to post until next saturday. Until then, enjoy
"You shouldn’t have gave him the shield"
Sam frowned, turning back to look at Bucky.
"I didn’t gave him the shield" He defended himself, making a point.
"Well, Steve definitely didn’t" Y/N ironically answered back.
He gave her a pointed stare. They had had this conversation countless times and Y/N never missed a chance to remind him of what she thought was a huge mistake.
"You are the reason this is happening, Sam. You chose to take on my brother’s legacy and threw it out the window"
The man didn’t reply and pursed his lips. He knew she didn’t mean any of her harsh words, she was angry and still mourning. If taking it out on him could make her feel better, he would let her.
"Y/N, stop" Bucky took a step toward his wife, clasping her hand in his metal one. He had hoped the physical contact would be enough to calm her down.
"He abandoned me, Sam" She continued, her voice filled with emotions. "He was gone and all I had left was memories. I chose this life for him, I fought with him, I believed in everything he represented. I looked up to him, to Captain America. And today, even those memories are gone, taken by the same government you and I were up against, mocked by clowns pretending to be heroes, all because you gave up"
The Falcon closed his eyes and dropped his head. She couldn’t see his point of view, or share his opinions when her judgment was clouded by so much pain. He wished she could understand the dilemma, the duality that represented the shield for him.
"Y/N, please, that’s enough" Bucky whispered next to her ear.
She turned her head toward him and as usual, his heart broke when he saw the torment in her eyes. She didn’t need to speak, she was an open book to him. They both had lost so much and yet were all each other had left. They were collateral damage, their own team against a world that wasn’t theirs anymore. She silently nodded, assuring him she was fine. Sam watched Bucky kissing her forehead and he furrowed his brow. He would never admit it but he was glad they had each other, because no one could carry that much pain alone without crumbling apart.
Before any of them could add anything, soldiers in blue and red erupted in the room, bursting through the door of the apartment where they were hiding in Latvia. Bucky instinctively grabbed Y/N and forced her body to move behind his. The two man stood in front of them, tall and proud, a smug smile on their lips.
"Alright, that’s it, your time is up" The man calling himself Captain America announced, the shield in one hand, the other pointing at the three avengers. "Tell me where Zemo is"
"We know you’re hiding him" His sidekick added.
"I’m ordering you to turn him over"
Sam eyed them up and down.
"Let’s be clear, the only thing you’re running here is your mouth" The Falcon firmly replied, crossing his arms.
"I gave you a chance to work with us" He mentioned.
" ‘For us’ is the correct way to put it, tough guy. And we said no." Y/N reminded him, her face showing how much she was annoyed.
"You’re obviously in over your head so I suggest you turn back and go" Sam argued.
"You really want this conversation to go there ?" The hero threatened.
Bucky straightened up when he felt Y/N tensing. He knew she was already on the verge of snapping. One wrong word from the man she hated and this could go down to hell.
"Should I put down the shield ?" He continued to challenge Sam. "Make it fair?"
The woman groaned and when John Walker dropped his weapon, without a second thought, she grabbed the nearest knife and threw it right at his face. The man had barely enough time to move back and his eyes rose in surprise when the blade stuck itself into the wall with force.
"Sorry, it slipped" She ironically explained, shrugging.
"You don’t want to play this game with me" He tried to intimidate her, tilting his head to the side.
She smiled, pleased he was giving her the opportunity to smack his face. Bucky clenched his fists when he saw her walking in front of Walker. Without tearing her eyes away from his, she seized her knife and pulled it out of the wall with a sharp movement.
"I think someone should teach you a lesson, Walker" She told him in a low tone.
"Are you offering ?" He challenged her.
"Don’t tempt me"
"You’re lucky you’re his sister" He grinned. "But don’t push it. This Captain America is not as lenient as the previous was"
Bucky swore under his breath. It was too late now. And just as Sam looked at him with concern, Y/N threw her fist in a curved punch at the soldier. He used his forearm to counter the blow, but she was faster and had far more experience. Using the momentum, her foot rose up and kicked him in the face. The man was thrown back, shaking his head in confusion.
"We should do something" Sam advised the former assassin.
"No. Let her have her fun" He crossed his arms, harboring a small smirk.
The soldier tried to hit her back, but even when he took the shield she blocked his attack. His sidekick soon joined the fight and distracted her for a second, just enough time for Walker to punch her. Immediately, she felt the taste of blood in her mouth, but no pain. She was passed that, far too pissed to feel anything.
Another blow on her chest send her to the ground and Hoskins hold her down while his friend was about to hit her with her brother’s shield. He raised it in the air, with every intention of beating her, but a strong metal hand stopped him in his movement. A very infuriated Bucky stood before him, his blue eyes darkening with anger. He firmly took the weapon, knocked Hoskins out with it and threw it across the room.
"If you wanted to make it fair, you shouldn’t have chosen to hit my wife" His tone was terrifying.
Walker didn’t seem as confident anymore. Bucky looked imposing, brute force ready to strike. His metal arm clenched in a fist and, without warning, it collided with the soldier’s jaw, sending him a few feet away. He strode to the man on the ground and grabbed him by the collar of his uniform
"This is all easy for you, isn’t it ?" Walker spoke with venom, staring at Bucky. "All that serum running through your veins"
With a swift movement, Y/N took the shield and launched it with power right on the soldier’s chest. The blow was so violent his body crashed into a door before landing on the floor. She was furious by his statement and he could see it with every step she made toward him. She grabbed the gun attached to her thigh and pointed it at his face.
"Lesson number one: learn when to shut up. Especially when you don't know what you're talking about" She was fuming but had not intention on killing the man, despite the sheer desire to do so.
She didn’t realize Sam was next to her until she saw his hand lowering her gun.
"This isn’t what Steve would want." He calmly expressed. "Remember, there’s always another way"
Her lips quivered and she closed her eyes, remembering how many times her brother had told her that. She let him take the weapon and looked up at him. The conviction and kindness in his stare were enough. He didn’t have to say anything. Every words she needed to hear, he spoke them in silence.
She turned back to Bucky and he cupped her face, inspecting the bruise on her skin. He seemed ready to go back and beat the man down. Y/N softly smiled and clasped her hands around his wrists. He stroke her cheek and pulled her toward him before carefully kissing her lips.
"Good ?" He asked in a soft voice he only used with her.
It was something between them, a single word they spoke every time they fought. Wherever they were, whomever they were up against, if one of them asked, the other had to answer. It was their intimate way to always know they were alright.
Later that day, Sam and Bucky had decided to go talk to the leader of the Flag Smasher, Karli Morgenthau, while Y/N had been charged to follow Walker and Hoskins. As soon as she had seen they were going after the young super soldier, she had warned her friends about the danger. She knew enough about the new Captain to guess he had no intention on arresting Karli. He wanted to make justice himself. She pitied his sidekick. He seemed like a decent man with good ideas struggling to find virtue on the wrong side of the battle. He was Walker’s collateral damage.
She wondered what Steve would think of all that if he could see them fighting both super soldiers and Captain America. He never cared for the star and stripes, never used his shield to harm. His heart was with the people he defended. Even when it had been against Tony, he pursued what he believed was best. Was that what Walker was trying to do ? She couldn’t know. But she was sure of one thing, the man had nothing in common with Steve. Pride, ego and selfishness were never traits anyone would have used to describe her brother. She couldn’t bear for him to be replaced, especially to a man that didn’t share his morals or any of his opinions. The shield he was carrying wasn’t just a weapon, it was her brother’s symbol of hope, a symbol he had fought so hard to forge. The man made the uniform, not the other way around. That’s what Walker didn’t get. Up until that point, people had not been following Captain America, they had been following Steve Rogers.
Standing in that public square, she didn’t realize she was crying until she felt Bucky entwined his fingers with hers. She couldn’t avert her eyes from the horrific scenery. Powerlessly, she watched a man she didn’t know being executed. His opponent was merciless, striking with determination and rage, using the only piece of memory she had left of her brother to bring terror and death. Frozen on the spot in the middle of the crowd, she could see the fear in all those strangers eyes and it felt like grief coming in waves, a shard in her guts that would never leave. It felt like this particular moment was choking the breath out of her body, short circuiting her mind. What was whole once completely shattered and she couldn’t find the strength to be angry anymore. All her brother had built had fallen apart in the split of a second and all the world had left was a bloodied image of his symbol of hope. A symbol that was no more.
“Sam...” She called him, almost like a scared child.
“I know...”
Both men looked worried. Y/N felt Bucky’s hand trembling and she squeezed him harder. She could easily guess how he felt. Steve had saved both of them, he had gave them a purpose, had allowed the former assassin to be more than the weapon Hydra had made of him. Pieces by pieces, he had brought their family back together. And as they both stood there, witnessing the horrifying end of his legacy, Bucky realized everything his bestfriend had fought for was turning into dust.
"I’m sorry" Y/N whispered to Sam. "But there’s no other way now"
Her husband dropped his head, trying to regain a sense of control over his emotions. Wordlessly agreeing with her, he turned to their friend.
“He has to be stopped”
Tags: @taina-eny
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revengingbarnes · 3 years ago
No Script
Summary: Sebastian practices all his roles with you. This one is a romantic scene, and you don’t know how to conceal your feelings as just acting when they are so much more.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
Word Count: 2,387
A/N: My first Seb fic who knew this day would come lmao tell me what you think pls!
Tumblr media
The knock on the door put a huge smile on your face immediately, since you knew exactly who it was. Your phone screen lit up and you rolled your eyes when Sebastian's name appeared in the notifications, with “OPEN UPPP!!!” as the text message. He had this habit of knocking on the door and texting you when he'd come over, his reason being “what if you have earphones on and don't hear the knocking?”. No matter how much you made fun of him for doing so, you couldn't help the giddy grin that spread over your face at how endearing he was.
God, you had it so bad for him. And he had no idea.
The door opened to reveal an especially energized Sebastian, holding a pizza box in one hand and a stack of papers in the other. A huge gain adorned his face. He moved his head slightly, trying to push back the hair that had fallen over his eyes, but failing due to his occupied hands.
“Hi!” You reached forward to pull him into a one armed hug, owing to the huge box in his other hand, and stepped aside, allowing him to walk into your apartment, taking the box from him and carrying it to the kitchen. You both would crack it open later for dinner.
“How was work?” Sebastian asked as he sauntered into the kitchen right after you, grabbing two chilled beer bottles from the fridge.
You shrugged. “Same old, same old.” You replied, turning to look at him. “Not all of us are working on multimillion dollar movies.”
He grinned and you both walked back to the living room, flopping down onto the couch.
“How'd the scene go?” You asked, handing him a bottle.
“Like we practiced.” He replied.
“Meaning, you nailed it?” Sebastian grinned.
“Of course I did. I had a great practice partner.” You giggled at his words, flipping your hair. Sebastian laughed at the action.
Sebastian was the one dude who showed up on this movie completely prepared to do his scenes. And the reason for that was you, his best friend. Every time on the day before the shoot, he'd go through those scenes with you, while you would gladly take on the role of whoever he was conversing with. It was fun, as you would often play multiple characters at a time. While Sebastian practiced seriously, you would go through the scenes as hilariously as possible, insisting you were ‘honing his self control’ when he questioned why.
“How are you ‘honing my self control’?” he exclaimed, laughing at your latest antic.
“Well, if you don't laugh today at practice, you won't laugh tomorrow at the shoot.” That had shut him up pretty well, though he still shook his head and rolled his eyes playfully.
Now, you nudged him before grabbing the stack of papers he'd brought that sat on the coffee table. You flipped through the script, eyes scanning the lines. “What scene do you have to film tomorrow?”
“Uh…” Sebastian took the papers from you, opening a page and handing you that copy before grabbing the other one. You read through the lines, eyes widening.
“This is…” You read some of the dialogue.
“Yup. The big moment. Elise and Tyler are going to finally get together.”
You took a breath, looking at the various directions on the paper. From what you could tell, it was going to be a very intimate scene.
“I didn't know Elise and Tyler were going to end up together…” you mumbled, continuing to read.
Tyler holds Elise’s hand, a tear leaves her eye.
“Well, they are.” Sebastian replied, taking a sip of the his beer.
“You didn't tell me.” You said.
Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “Well, you kinda did say you didn't give a crap when I started to tell you the story.”
“I was hungover.” You shot back, making a face at him. “And you never mentioned it afterward during any of our practices.”
Sebastian shrugged. “My bad. What's the big deal?”
The fact that you'll look me in the eye and tell me you love me? When my mind imagines that very thing happening every single day? Yeah, no big at all.
Sebastian had been friends with you for a long time, ever since a mutual friend had introduced him to you as the founder of a charity project you were working on at the time. Sebastian had donated generously, at which you were elated. You two hadn't lost contact since then, eventually growing to be closer than you could ever have dreamed.
Unfortunately, it wasn't close like you wanted it to be. For over two years, you had watched Sebastian slowly rise to the top in his career, cheering him on, supporting him, and doing things like this, reading scripts with him, in order to help him practice. All this you did just so you could watch him smile a little bigger, laugh a little longer, and maybe, along the way, realize that you were the one for him.
So far, that dream was no closer to being achieved.
You shook your head at his words now. “No big deal.” You reached for your own bottle, taking a swig just so you wouldn't have to speak further.
“Alright, let's do this.” Sebastian spoke, turning his body to face your own. “Ready?”
You looked down at the script, eyes locating the line where you would start, nodding. You were only there to read lines, it was really Sebastian doing all the acting and the emotions. He was so good at it, that you could comically deadpan all the lines and he'd never break character.
That was a disadvantage in this scene.
Sebastian was in character from the get go, emotional, frustrated and of course, madly in love.
“Why do you hate me?” He let his voice crack brilliantly at the end, and you fumbled to answer, looking down at your line.
“I don't.” You replied. Usually, you didn't bother to be as emotionally invested in the role. Despite that, you couldn't help but get into this one. Even though that was only his job, and he was doing it splendidly.
You couldn't focus as Sebastian spoke, all you could think about was how he would lean closer as he spoke, how his hand held your own, how many thoughts seemed to be running through his eyes.
It's acting, Y/N. He's acting.
“I wish,” he took in a shaky breath, glancing briefly at the pages in his lap. “I wish you'd let me take care of you.” His hand came up to push a tendril of hair behind your ear, and you had to stop yourself from melting into his touch. Your heart was pounding and you subconsciously leaned in as well.
“I never stopped you.” You couldn't help your whisper, eyes scanning Sebastian's own, running over his high cheekbones, the slope of his nose, the almost invisible little marks scattered on his cheeks, the edge of his jaw and the hair scattered sparsely across it.
You felt a nudge at your arm, making your stare snap back to his eyes.
“It's your line.” He said quietly, making your face burn hot. You cleared your throat and looked down, pretending to look for the next line while you tried to calm your racing heart.
“I- uh….” You heard a snort and Sebastian's finger pointed at the line on your page.
“Right.” You said to yourself. “Then prove it.” You said, looking up at him, mind desperately rushing to find any form of concentration.
Sebastian smiled, nodding. “That does it.” He sat back on the couch like he always did after running the lines initially, settling to start learning his words.
“Wait, that's a very abrupt way to end a scene.” You looked down and frowned. Reading the next lines.
Elise and Tyler kiss. It is desperate and emotional, but very gentle and slow. The camera pans out.
“Oh.” You blushed, clearing your throat and grabbing your beer again, realizing it was not cold anymore.
“I'll get us more drinks.” You muttered, grabbing his bottle as well before fast walking to the kitchen.
You leaned against the counter and looked out the window, trying to breathe deep. Just the thought of running that scene again with Sebastian, and multiple times, panicked you. You couldn't believe he hadn't noticed how flustered you were the first time around. But you knew he would only get more invested the more you practiced. And it was hard to convince yourself that none of the love in his eyes was real when he did such a good job of portraying it.
The most you could hope for was tonight to not be a complete disaster. So far, it was looking like it would be.
Sebastian's lips moved as he read through the lines, hunched forward in his place on the couch. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration and he looked up as you entered, smiling.
“Okay. I think I'm ready to do it without the script.”
You raised an eyebrow. “Already?”
He nodded, standing up. “There's not a lot of words. Mostly expressions. I can do this.”
You nodded, moving towards the empty area behind the couch where you two could stand. You still had your own copy in your hand, standing a couple of feet away from Sebastian.
The scene began again, this time even more impactful as Sebastian moved without a script, using his hands and shuffling around to make it more authentic. You got immersed in the scene, feeding on the vibes that came off him, your heart beating hard and fast. He got closer to you, face inches from yours.
“I love you.” He whispered, eyes darting between yours.
Your breath caught, feeling his own tickle your face.
I love you too.
“What?” Seb's eyebrows furrowed, looking down at the script in your hand and trying to make it out upside down. “I don't think that's your line. Isn't it ‘Then prove it’?”
Your heart skipped and you looked down at the paper. Crap. You had said it out loud.
“Right. Yeah. Of course.” You cursed as your voice wavered. “Then prove it.” It was a weak delivery and you moved away from him slightly, trying to put space between you two in hopes that it might clear your fogged senses. You choked out a laugh. “You're just really good. I kind of believed you. Got too into it.”
Sebastian breathed out a little laugh, still staring at you intently. You coughed. The silence was so awkward you were sure if you strained your ears a bit, you could heat crickets chirping.
“Maybe we should do it one more time and then wrap it up.” He suggested. You nodded and move to stand straight, signaling to him that you were ready.
This time things went relatively smoother, since you knew what to expect and exactly what he'd do. It still didn't stop your heart from wishing you to be Elise, and him to be Tyler, so he could actually be in love with you.
But that's all it was, a wish.
In a short few minutes, he was again inches from you, hand holding yours.
“I love you.” He whispered. This time, you were ready.
“Then prove it.” Your voice slightly shook but you were still proud of yourself for getting through the line. Sebastian smile softly, and you didn't break your gaze from his. He wasn't supposed to smile. Was he incorporating something new into the scene? Probably.
His thumb came up to run across your cheekbone, and you struggled to hold back a blush. You didn't stop him. You personally thought you couldn't even if you tried. Despite telling yourself it was because of his acting, and you were helping him, you knew it was really because it felt so good. Sebastian was looking you in the eye, his fingers brushing your face, his nose almost touching yours. It took everything in you to not lean forward even more.
“Just the kiss left now.” He whispered. His breath tickled your lips. You were surprised at how your legs were holding you up, your knees felt so weak.
“Yeah.” You replied, making no move to step back.
It was simultaneous. Thinking back on it later on, you weren't able to tell who kissed who first. All you could remember next was his lips on yours, his other hand coming up to join the first one on your face, cupping your jaw and neck. Your hands fisted his shirt, pulling him closer, lips moving against his, kissing him over and over. His tongue was quick to push past your lips, slowing down your pace and softly running over the roof of your mouth. You keened at the feeling, sinking into his body. His arms wrapped around your waist, your own fingers sneaking into his hair and pulling.
His answering groan made you snap out of the moment, pulling away instantly. You put distance between you two, staring wide eyed at Sebastian. His eyes were blown, lips swollen and hair in disarray. Your heart was still beating erratically, mouth tingling with the feeling of a few moments before.
“Don't pull away, Y/N.” His voice caught your attention. “You've pulled away for so long. Not anymore. Please.”
“Seb…” Your voice trailed off. You didn't know what to say.
He shook his head, moving closer to you once again. “Do you know how long I've dreamed of this? How many months I've spent thinking what it would feel like to kiss you, to hold you like that? God, I've been in love with you for so long, you oblivious little shit.”
You choked out a laugh, feeling slightly lightheaded. You couldn't believe what he was saying.
“This isn't part of the script, right?” Your eye caught the papers on the ground. You realized that you had dropped them there in the heat of the moment.
Sebastian shook his head, smiling a little. “No script. Just me.”
A smile slowly crept onto your face and you didn't hesitate in stepping forward and capturing his lips in yours once more. He immediately responded, and you could feel the smile tugging on his lips and they moved against yours, your body pressed against his.
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Sebastian Stan:
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marvelsswansong · 2 years ago
Can you by any chance give some fic recs or suggest some writers we should follow that are also marvel based? I’ve been reading a lot of Tom Holland/Peter Parker, Loki/Tom Hiddleston and ect. Fics so ye !! It would be much appreciated !! Hope you have nice day 🖤
Bucky Barnes
Winter Baby by @scrumptious-delusion
Kisses in the Sunlight by @caplansteverogers
#IShipIt Masterlist (issa series but its good ok) by @propertyofpoeandbucky
Steve Rogers
The Captain and the Nerd by @propertyofpoeandbucky
Questions That Need Answers by @propertyofpoeandbucky
Nightmares by @smallmarvel
Under the Stars by @loki-the-fox
Midnight Kiss by @loki-the-fox
Gold Dress by @smallmarvel
Tom Hiddleston
Get Married Already by @angelkurenai
Guess the Avenger by @angelkurenai
Naptime on Set by @loki-the-fox
Peter Parker
You’re Your Father’s Daughter by @celestialparker
Be Careful Who You Kiss by @celestialparker
Married? by @living-dead-parker
After Party by @celestialtom
Last Night by @petehparker
Spidey Kiss by @starksparker
Other Side of Peter by ME 
Tom Holland
Blow a Kiss, Fire a Gun (series masterlist) by @hollandroos
Please by @sunsetspidey
Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts by @peteparkerspooderman
Alternatively, you can read some of my own works –> masterlist.
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revengingbarnes · 2 years ago
Eight Times
Series Summary: Eight times Bucky Barnes said ‘I love you’ without saying ‘I love you’, and the one time he actually said it.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word Count: 1,852
Tumblr media
“What if we didn't have knee joints?” You said aloud. “Would we just walk like penguins, d’you think?”
Bucky let out an exasperated laugh, giving you a look. “Why would you even think something like that?”
You blinked and pursed your lips. “It was a random thought.”
He shook his head, continuing to polish his gun. “We're hiding behind a bush, about to snipe a guy who's killed over thirty people. It's hardly the time to be thinking about penguins.”
You giggled a bit. “I guess so. I can't help it. It just came to mind.”
Bucky looked up at you fondly, a huge grin on his face but his eyes were soft.
“You're really something, aren't you?”
The place was crowded, the people’s eyes were bright and admiring, and you followed them to where Steve and Bucky stood. You crossed your arms and smiled at them, proud of how far they'd come. Dealing with the massive culture shock of the 21st century, settling into a life where they could deal with themselves and help others as well. They were exactly the heroes that the country believed them to be.
Your eyes landed on Bucky, and you could see even from afar how he fidgeted under the attention of the people who came up to shake hands with him, wonder in their eyes. You walked over to him as he took his seat in the front row, slumping and trying to shrink in on himself. You wanted to yell at him to sit up straight and proud, and you also wanted to hug him. He still didn't believe he deserved this recognition from the Governor, no matter how much you insisted. He was still learning to accept that he was worth more than he thought.
“You're going to be okay, Buck.” You said when you caught his eye, patting his shoulder. “Just breathe.”
Bucky's eyes pleaded with yours, looking panicked. “Sit next to me?”
You nodded slightly, smiling. You couldn't say no to him. You could never say no to him.
“Thanks for coming with me.” Bucky spoke. “It was getting very suffocating back there.”
You smiled at him and nudged him in acknowledgement. “Don't worry about it. You needed fresh air, anyway. You were cooped up in there for too long.”
Bucky smiled, nodding. “Yeah.” He breathed in the cool air of Central Park before continuing. “It was becoming a little too much. I had to get away from those people for a little bit.”
You laughed at nudged him again. “I'm one of those people too, you know.” You teased.
Bucky didn't laugh however, he just gave you a soft smile.
“No. You're not like them. You're different. You're my favorite person.”
You couldn't help your smile at that, and you couldn't help the giddy feeling inside you. You hadn't felt this light in forever. You loved it.
“I hate this mission.” You managed to say between gritted teeth, trying to stop your body from shaking like a leaf. You heard Bucky snort and shuffle around, before he appeared in your vision. He had a teasing smile on his face that you wanted to wipe off.
“Welcome to Siberia, doll.” He said, giving you a cheeky grin.
“Fucker.” You retorted, making him laugh. He sat down on the floor of the cabin, opening his arms and gesturing at you to come closer. You grumbled that you had to move, but sighed when you fell into his arms, feeling his warmth slowly encircle you. You didn't even want to question why he wasn't freezing cold. You just accepted it as your good fortune and fell into a peaceful slumber.
The next morning was very different from your previous one. You woke up toasty and warm, a heavy weight pressed to your side. You knew it was Bucky, and by the way he stirred and his breaths became irregular, you knew he was awake. So you tried to get up, but he didn't let you budge. You huffed.
“Bucky. Get off.”
He groaned. “No.”
You laughed. “Stop being a baby. We have to get up.”
Bucky didn't move. In fact, he hugged you tighter. “You're warm.”
You couldn't help but grin and slump in his arms, giving up your effort. Maybe you could waste ten more minutes if it was going to be in Bucky's arms.
“Hmmmm, what else?” Bucky pursed his lips, trying to think of what more he could tell you. “Times weren't exactly the best, with the Depression and all. But I really loved the evenings because we'd all cluster around a radio and listen to the game. It was the best time of the week. It was the only time I would be happy.”
You smiled sadly at him, taking in his profile where the setting sun contoured it. You watched the glint in his eyes, reaching forward to take his hand and squeeze it. That made him turn to you and smile back.
“I'm glad you found something that could take your mind off how terrible things were.” You said.
Bucky continued looking at you, his expression showcasing the peace he felt.
“I have a feeling there would have been a lot of happy moments if you were there.” He said. “I wish I'd known you sooner.”
You couldn't help your grin, feeling your cheeks burn hot. You leaned forward to pull Bucky into a hug, burying your face in his neck. He immediately hugged you back.
You didn't know how long you two stayed there, wrapped up in each other's arms.
What a crappy week.
For one thing, the mission was a disaster. Your intel had been wrong, the bad guy got away, and your team had done thousands of dollars worth of collateral damage. For another, you were out in the middle of nowhere, so it meant no water, no showers, and no good first aid. By the time the quinjet landed in the compound, you were tired, bruised, and covered in dirt.
You limped towards the doors, the scowl on your face so deadly you knew no one would dare come anywhere near you. Well, except one person. And you didn't really mind him.
Bucky wrapped you up in a hug the minute you opened the door, not caring about blood and dirt getting on his own clothes. You winced at the contact with your injuries, but sighed when his warm body connected with yours, going pliant in his arms.
“I missed you so much.” He mumbled, making you smile. You didn't really give a fuck about the mission at that point. It was all worth it if you were going to come home to this.
The knock on your door made you look up, smiling when Bucky popped his head in.
“Hey Buck.” You greeted. “Come on in.”
Bucky smiled and lumbered inside, closing the door behind him. He held a hand behind his back, making you raise an eyebrow.
“What you got back there?” You asked.
Bucky smiled, and you could see the nervousness behind it. “Something for you.”
You raised an eyebrow. “For me? What is it?”
Bucky shuffled closer to where you sat on the bed, holding his hand out. It was a cassette.
“What's this?” You took it hesitantly, seeing ‘Bucky’ written on it in loopy handwriting.
“A mixtape.” He replied. “I made it for you.”
You nearly shed a tear right then, staring at Bucky in shock. He'd made you a mixtape?
“For me?”
Bucky nodded. “It's all the songs I've listened to that I thought you'd like. Which, I think that's pretty stupid. I should have just given you a list or something-”
“No no.” You interrupted his rambling, standing up. You knew cassettes weren't really a thing anymore. But your heart was still squeezing at the gesture. You smiled widely and hugged him, feeling him tense for a second before he hugged back.
“It's amazing Buck. I love it already. Thank you.”
His resulting grin wiped all your doubts away.
“I really don't understand why you have to drive.” Bucky frowned. “I'm sure you could have just taken the quinjet.”
You giggled and slammed the trunk shut, walking over to where Bucky stood, his arms crossed.
“My grandparents live with my parents. If they see me walking out of a huge flying object that just landed it the backyard, they'd both have heart attacks.”
Bucky sighed. “Will they?”
You grinned. “You'd know about that, wouldn't you old man?”
Bucky rolled his eyes, but you saw the corners of his lips twitch. “Haha. Funny.”
You laughed and pushed yourself to your tippy toes, kissing his cheek. “I'll be fine. It's a long drive, but so what? I haven't driven in a while.”
“And that's supposed to make me feel better?” He said, raising an eyebrow.
You pursed your lips. “Well, now that I think about it, no.”
Bucky sighed. “Just, call me when you get there, okay?”
You nodded and hugged him again before walking over to the car. Bucky didn't move until your car had completely vanished from his view.
You hummed along with the music, feet carrying you along with the melody. You eventually opened your mouth to start singing the words when you couldn't control yourself any longer. You heard a snort and you looked in front of you at Bucky's huge grin.
“Oh, please don't mind me.” He said, trying to control his laughter. “I'll just be here… dancing with you. Please continue.”
You giggled a bit. “Sorry. I love this song. I just-” You huffed when he twirled you, cutting your sentence short. You gave him a deadpan look when you two started swaying again.
“That's the fourth time you've done that to cut me off.” You said.
“I know.” He grinned, making you sigh and him laugh. He let go of your hand, placing both of his on your waist and pulling you closer.
“I like this.” He said, breath tickling your ear and making you shiver. “I wish Tony threw more parties like these instead of the crazy ones where everyone but me and Steve get piss drunk.”
You laughed, arms wrapping around his neck. “You said you loved those parties.”
Bucky nodded. “Yeah. Because you get drunk and almost always do something hilariously embarrassing.”
You pulled back and lightly slapped his shoulder as he laughed. It eventually died and gave way to a little smile, his eyes darting between yours.
“What?” You said, flushing at how softly and fondly he looked at you.
“I love you, Y/N.” He said. “I haven't said it yet. Because I was afraid. And I didn't know how.”
You smiled, leaning your forehead against his. “You've already said it, Buck. A million times and in a million different ways.”
His smile was huge, and his eyes were bright as you moved on the dance floor. Later in the night, you discovered that his lips were soft, and his hands were gentle as they moved over your body.
He said ‘I love you’ hundreds of times that night.
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borkingbarnes · 3 years ago
Summary: Sam and Nat decide it’d be funny to cockblock the former Winter Soldier after his girl returns from a long mission away.
Word count: 3.5k oops. (Sorry I got a lil carried away, this was just really fun to write tbh 😂) 
Warnings: Smut. If you’re under 18, go away.
Tumblr media
“Fuck” Bucky groans under his breath as you roll your hips backwards, your ass rubbing against his stiff cock. His arms tighten around your waist as he buries his face into your hair, a needy whimper escaping the back of his throat. 
The sinful way you ground your hips against him was driving him wild and what started out as spooning while watching a movie was quickly turning into something else as indicated by the heavy pants coming from the super soldier. 
“Baby...” he breathes, one of his hands coming to rest on top of your hip. You stifle a groan, biting your lip as he pulls your hips tightly against him, pressing his cock against the soft flesh of your ass as he ruts into you. The grip you have on the arm still wrapped around you tightens, nails digging into his forearm as he grabs your breast and squeezes. 
You had just gotten back from a mission earlier this morning. After a week apart and a few steamy photos sent between the two of you, the distance had definitely taken its toll. Bucky had insisted on some relaxation for you after your shower and you happily complied, your tired muscles seeming to loosen up already as he hugged you into him. However, things began to head a different direction when you accidentally wiggled your butt against Bucky’s crotch whilst reaching for your phone on the table in front of you. The small moan from the supersoldier had shot straight to your core, making you freeze before he pulled you back against him, your breath hitching when he pressed an open mouth kiss to your neck. 
“You’re killin’ me, doll,” he groans, his grip on your hip tightening as you let out an unsteady breath. Turning your head, you capture his lips with yours, one hand coming to tangle in his hair as you rub your ass onto him once more, a soft moan making its way from your lips. 
He turns you to face him, draping one of your legs over his hip, his arms wrapping around you once more. Pressing his lips back onto yours, he swallows your whimper as he rolls his hips into you, his hard cock brushing against your clit just right. A growl rumbles through his chest, the noises coming from you making him even harder as he rolls his hips again, wanting to hear more. 
“Bucky…” you begin to say before a loud knocking interrupts you. Steve pokes his head in moments later. 
“Guys, Fury wants us in the briefing room right now” the blond says, opening the door further to reveal Nat as well. “Said it’s important and needs us all there immediately.” 
A loud groan sounds from beside you, followed by a thump as Bucky’s head drops against the pillows. “That means no delays, Barnes.” Natasha says, knowing smirk playing on her face as she shuts the door. 
“Come on, Buck, you heard them, let’s go,” you say, trying to sit up, but Bucky just pulls you tighter against him. You bite your lip to stifle a giggle as the once menacing winter soldier pouts from beside you. 
“What am I going to do with this?” He asks, gesturing downwards, and this time you do giggle, tucking a strand of his hair behind his ear affectionately. A smile tugs at your lips as he captures your hand in his, bringing it to his lips and pressing a kiss to your knuckles. 
“We can finish this after, okay, baby?” You coo, going to press a kiss to his cheek. At the last moment, he turns his face, pressing his lips to yours. He nips at your bottom lip, arms tightening around you once again as he tries to deepen the kiss. Pulling back, you chuckle lightly at the super soldier, knowing this was one of his tricks (that worked most of the time). 
“We gotta go, baby” you scold him affectionately, reaching back to pull his arm from around you as he lets out a whine. He knew he was being difficult, but when it came to you, he just couldn’t help it. 
“Pardon me, Ms. Y/N, Sergeant Barnes,” FRIDAY’s automated voice says, interrupting Bucky’s protests, “I apologize for interrupting, but I’m afraid Fury is requesting your presence immediately, and he does not like to wait.” 
“Thank you, FRIDAY, tell him we’re on our way” you reply, standing up and pulling the brunet to his feet as well. You suppress the urge to laugh at his pouting expression, his dick still semi-hard as it creates a small tent in his sweats. You don’t fully catch what he grumbles under his breath as you pull him along, but reckon it was something along the lines of Fury being a cockblocking son of a bitch. 
“Glad you two could finally join us,” Fury greets irritatedly at the two of you as you walk in. You shoot him an apologetic smile before sitting down in one of the unoccupied chairs, Bucky sitting beside you. 
Overall, the meeting was quite uneventful, with Fury briefing the team about some sort of political argument that had occurred because of the Avengers. The team was no longer allowed to go on missions for the remainder of the week until it was resolved. That was fine by you, and you even caught Bucky smirking, his mind no doubt thinking of what he could do with you for an entire week. 
“Well, it looks like we’re having a team day then.” Tony says as the briefing comes to an end. “Barbecue and mojitos. Everyone go change and meet at the pool pronto.” 
Every nods in agreement, standing up to go change into their bathing suits before Bucky speaks up.
“Well, uh, Y/N and I are gonna spend some—uh, time alone. We’ll meet up later” the super soldier says, rubbing a hand on his neck as he looks at you with a small smirk. The look he shoots Sam next as he speaks, was a full on Winter Soldier death glare. 
 “Aww, c’mon Barnes. She just got back. We missed her too you know!” Sam says with a smug grin, coming over to wrap his arm around your shoulders, handing coming up to ruffle your hair. You don’t miss the way Bucky’s jaw clenches, at both Sam’s smugness and the fact that he was right. He hated when Sam was right. 
“Yeah, Bucky. We miss our favourite girl.” Natasha says, also walking up and putting an arm around your waist. Your eyes narrow suspiciously as you catch Sam and Nat sharing a knowing glance, but can’t help but smile at Bucky’s expression as he scowls. 
“Hey Buck, help me tie this?” You ask, holding onto the front of your bikini as the strings hang down. 
A shiver runs through you as large, calloused hands make their way up your waist, his hot breath settling on your neck with an open mouthed kiss placed there soon after. 
The top strings around your neck come undone a few moments later as his hands make their way to rest on top of yours, easing them from their position along with the bikini that you were holding down, letting it fall to the floor. 
A small laugh makes its way past your lips at the former winter soldier’s antics, but you humour him, turning around to face him. He’s in his swim shorts, his upper body bare, the outlines of his muscles prominent and protruding and you can’t help but lick your lips as he breathes out. 
“Never gonna get tired of these breasts” he murmurs, reaching up to cup the left one with his right hand, kneading gently as his left arm snakes it’s way around you. You lean into him, one hand on his chest, the other above the delicious v-line that adorned the tops of his hips. He looks into your eyes before his gaze drops down to your lips, his tongue darting out of his mouth to wet his own. 
“Y’gonna kiss me, soldier?” You ask him, getting lost in the blue of his eyes as you feel his growing erection on your lower abdomen. 
He doesn’t need to be asked twice, his lips coming to meet yours as soon as the words roll off your tongue. 
A soft moan leaves his lips as he tastes you, missing your lips far too much during your time apart. His hands move to cup your ass, squeezing before reaching the back of your thighs, picking you up as you wrap your legs around his waist, your arms going around his neck. 
He walks backwards until the backs of his legs hit the bed, sitting down on the edge with you on his lap, still kissing you with fervour. 
A groan escapes his throat when you grind your hips down. “You like that, baby?” You whisper, rolling your hips once more. His large hands move to your hips, pulling them down to create more friction as his head lulls back, exposing his neck. 
You kiss his pulse point, his groans only spurring you on, sucking a spot that you knew would leave a mark. His grip on your hips tighten as you continue to grind on him, your arousal seeping through your bikini bottoms and onto his swim shorts. He could feel the slickness with each glide of your hips, his breath coming in shallow pants as you continued to nip and suck along his neck. 
He was putty when it came to you, your every movement sending more pleasure through him. Each moan and whimper that left your pretty lips sent a new jolt of arousal through his stomach as his eyes screw shut in pleasure. He loved it when you took control like this sometimes, bringing both him and yourself pleasure whilst whispering filthy things in his ear. 
His left hand reaches into your bikini bottoms, the coldness of the metal making you hiss as it comes into contact with your clit. A breathy moan leaves you and he begins to rub fast circles on the nub, darkened blue eyes watching you, his jaw hanging slack as you continue to grind into him. 
“Fuck, James” you breathe, throwing your head back. His hand picks up its pace, hearing his name rolling off your tongue in such a sinful way driving him crazy. “Want you inside me, baby—fuuck.” 
“Yeah, babydoll? Is that what you want?” He grits, jaw clenching, to which you nod your head fervently. 
He pulls you down with him as he drops his back to the bed, lifting you with him as he moves back further onto the mattress so that his legs no longer hang off the side. 
He quickly fists the material of your bikini bottom on both sides before ripping them off. 
“Hey!—“ you begin to protest, but he shushes you with a deep, passionate kiss. 
“Those were ruined already anyways” he smirks against your lips. The chuckle dies in his throat, quickly turning into a groan when you grind your bare pussy onto the thin fabric of his swim shorts, his eyebrows scrunching together. 
You pull back to push his shorts down before he kicks them off, lifting yourself up a bit as his dick springs from it’s confines, making a wet slapping sound as it hits his stomach. He was impossibly hard. 
Dropping back down, the two of you moan in unison as your bare cunt makes contact with his cock, sliding back slowly, drenching him in your slickness. 
You lift back up, grasping his thick cock in your hand. He chokes on air as a loud blaring rings out, startling you so that you accidentally squeeze his cock tightly. 
“ATTENTION HORN DOGS. I REPEAT ATTENTION HORN DOGS. GET YOUR ASSES TO THE POOL RIGHT NOW!” Sam’s voice booms through the speakers on the ceiling. No doubt Tony had overrode the system, allowing the stupid bird boy to hijack the intercoms. 
“SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE US ALONE, SAM!” Bucky yells back, frustration lacing his words. 
“NO CAN DO.” Comes Sam’s reply before the previous loud blaring sound ensues once more. 
Covering your ears at the deafening sound, you see Bucky’s jaw clench, a murderous look in his eyes as he stares at the intercom angrily, his fists balling. 
“Y’ALL HAVE FIVE MINUTES BEFORE I TURN THIS UP A NOTCH” Sam voice returns, as Bucky begins to reach for the gun that he kept in his bedside drawer. 
Removing one of your hands from your ears, you grasp Bucky’s arm so that he couldn’t shoot the intercom system. 
“Let’s just go” You shout over the deafening sounds. You were quite fed up with the whole ordeal, the beginnings of a headache beginning to creep up in the back of your head because of the sound. The loud noise did nothing but to agitate you, your jaw setting in place as your temper begins to flare. 
“Sam! Turn this shit off NOW before I take a giant heaping shit on your fucking bed” you shout, and the noise stops abruptly. 
“You wouldn’t..” comes Sam’s reply, silence settling over the room now, which was soon replaced by ringing in your ears. 
“Fucking try me.” You grit, standing up as you pull Bucky up as well as you close your eyes briefly, a headache beginning to settle in. 
“Fine but y’all have 5 minutes to get down here before I—“ you don’t let him finish before taking the knife strapped to the bottom of the bed and throw it into the speaker, effectively breaking it. Tony would have a field day about it, but to be fair, he was the one that allowed the override in the first place. 
“God, babydoll, you know it gets me hot and bothered when you threaten that glorified chicken man like that” Bucky smirks from beside you, putting a hand on your waist. “You okay?” He asks, pressing a kiss to the side of your head. 
You nod, walking over to your drawers to find a bikini and slip it on quickly before throwing Bucky a new pair of shorts.
Bucky’s hands are on you once more as soon as he’s put the shorts back on, massaging your shoulders slightly. You let a breath out, some of the tension leaving you as his hands work against your skin. 
“Come on, let’s go before the asshole turns that shit on again”, Bucky says, pressing another kiss to your temple as he walks you out. 
The first thing you do once you reach the pool area is kick Sam straight into the water as he sputters once he’s surfaced again.
“Honestly, you deserved that for interrupting two of the world’s deadliest assassins in the middle of their sexy time” Clint chuckles as you point the middle finger at Sam. “I’d be scared if I were you.” 
Moving onto where Natasha laid on one of the chairs, you stood over her, effectively blocking her sun. 
“I know the game the two of you are trying to pull” you say unamusedly once she tips her sunglasses down to look at you. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Y/N” she smirks, sipping on her drink to which you just roll your eyes. Shaking your head, you walk away from the redhead and towards the mini bar. You were going to need a few drinks if this kept up. 
The rest of the afternoon went by uneventfully, though you did throw Sam into the water every chance you got. He was a grumbling ball of anger by the time you and the rest of the team decided to continue this ‘team hangout day’ inside in the rec room. 
“Here’s some clothes for you to change into,” Sam says smugly, handing Bucky a bag with a shirt, pants and some socks. “You know, to spare you a trip up to your room since I know how much you hate elevators.” 
“Fuck off” Bucky grunts, taking the bag and walking towards the direction of the bathrooms. You had told him about Sam and Nat’s little game plan and he had groaned frustratedly before shoving Sam into the pool only moments after he had crawled out, cussing him out the entire time Sam yelled. 
“I brought you a dress so you don’t have to make the trip back up to your room either, Y/N. Even brought you panties like the good friend I am.” Nat says, a shit eating grin on her face as she hands you one of the two bags she had produced from seemingly out of nowhere. You narrow your eyes at her before snatching the bag from her hands, which elicits a laugh from the redhead before she pushes you in the direction of the bathroom opposite of the way Bucky had gone. Oh she was so going to pay for this.  
Once you emerge from the bathroom changed, Bucky’s hand finds its way over yours, interlacing your fingers as you follow the rest of the group to the rec room. 
Having just returned from a mission earlier this morning, you and Bucky sat on one of the armchairs, watching as the rest of your teammates shot billiards or played air hockey. Clint was definitely the reigning champ of both. 
You had snuggled onto Bucky’s lap, his arms around you as he presses kisses to your shoulders periodically. You had to admit, spending the day with the team was very nice, but the fleeting touches and soft caresses from Bucky throughout the afternoon definitely didn’t help the fact that you had been deprived of him for over a week.  
“Be right back” You murmur, pressing a kiss to Bucky’s hair as you get off his lap. His eyes are on you the entire time as you make your way over to the mini-fridge. God what he’d do to bend you over that fridge and take you right now. 
He craved you, the need to feel you under his fingertips almost overwhelming. It hadn’t helped that you had been in a bikini for most of the afternoon. 
He groans under his breath when you bend down to grab two bottles of beer, the short dress riding up to expose a bit of the black lace of your underwear. Blood goes straight to his dick when he closes his eyes momentarily, envisioning his hands on your ass and ripping those panties off you. 
You jump slightly when you feel Bucky’s breath on the back of your neck as you set the bottles down, reaching for the bottle opener on the shelf above. 
“Come with me,” he grunts, grabbing your hand as he pulls you to the side of rec room. His hand moves along the decorative tile lining of the wall, stopping once he’s found what he was looking for. Before you have time to ask him what was happening, the floor beneath you spins and when you blink again you’re in a different room. It’s small and cozy, a couple book shelves and an arm chair in the corner with a tall light beside it, illuminating the room. 
“Wha—“ you begin to ask, but Bucky cuts you off. 
“Secret room. Found it by mistake one day. Took me a while to figure out how to get the fuck out,” he grunts, “guess it’s coming in handy now.” 
You had known that the tower was full of secret rooms and escape routes, but you were surprised that in all the times you had been in the rec room, not once had you ever seen the little trigger button. Guess it’s called a secret for a reason.  
“C’mere,” Bucky murmurs pulling you into him by the hips before crashing his lips to yours. 
“Need you so bad, baby” He groans, walking you backwards until your back hits the wall adjacent to the one with the entrance you had just come from. 
He pulls your left leg up to his hip, his body trapping you to the wall as he grinds his hips into you. A breathy moan escapes you as the rough denim of his pants provide just the right amount of friction on your core as it rubs into you. 
He repeats the motion, lips going to your neck, sucking your sweet spot as you arch into him. He hisses when you snake your hand between your bodies, palming him through his jeans, his teeth sinking into your shoulder when you hold onto him through the material, applying slight pressure. 
His hand moves up your thigh, finding its way to your core, pushing your panties aside, and without warning, he enters a finger in you, the sudden intrusion making you gasp as you throw your head back. 
“Fuck—“ you breathe as he begins moving it in and out, his pace increasing. The heel of his hand grinds against your clit with each movement and your mouth hangs open, the pleasure building in your lower abdomen. 
“Fuck baby, so wet for me. Could feel you when you were sitting on me” he groans, pressing his lips back onto yours as your arch into him. 
“James” You moan loudly as he inserts another finger, his lips moving to continue their assault on your neck. “Fuck—yes, just like that, baby.” You whimper as his pace increases, spurred on by your reactions. 
“Bucky I’m—“ 
“Oh pardon me, I didn’t mean to interrupt your moment” a voice says from behind Bucky. Snapping your eyes open and pulling Bucky’s hand out of your panties, your eyes widen at the sight in front you you. 
Vision stands in the doorway, the door rotated so that it was parallel to the floor, allowing almost full visibility into the small secret room from the rec room. The rest of the team stood outside, mostly with shocked expressions on their faces with exclusion to Sam and Nat who sported amused looks. 
It’s completely silent as Bucky leads you out of the room. 
“DO NOT EVEN START!” He snaps when Sam opens his mouth to speak, suddenly picking you up and swinging you across his shoulder. “Me and my girlfriend are leaving now to have sex. Fuck. Screw. Do the do. Whatever you want to call it. IN PEACE AND PRIVATE. If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, interrupts us for ANY fucking reason, I will personally make sure that they never see the light of day again. And NO ONE will ever find the body. GOOD BYE.” Bucky yells, his chest heaving slightly as he storms out of the room with you still over his shoulder. 
When you lift your head up, you can’t help but laugh the varying faces of your quickly receding teammates. Their expressions ranged from absolutely mortified, to shocked, to confused, with Sam and Nat doubled over laughing. You quickly give them the finger, making them laugh harder as you roll your eyes. 
Bucky carries you all the way to your shared room, barely waiting for the elevator doors to open before squeezing through them and kicking the door closed once you guys were inside. 
“Now, where were we?” He asks, depositing you on the bed, immediately going to kiss your neck as you arch into him. His large hand roams beneath your dress, cupping your breast as a whimper escapes you. 
A wolfish grin appears on Bucky’s face as he pulls back slightly to look down at you as a breathless giggle slips past your lips, your fingers tangling in his hair. A slight smirk plays on your lips as you pull him down to you, a playful glint in your eyes as your lips hover over his.  
“We are so going to fuck on Sam and Nat’s beds as payback.” 
   A/N: Ok since there were no “s e x smut” things in this fic, I’m gonna link Cherry Stem Kisses here if you’re craving some sexsex smut, ya know? 😂 Tbh this fic got me going though. 
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angrythingstarlight · 4 months ago
Show Me How To Ride
Summary: You’ve been keeping a secret from your biker boyfriend. He is going to get the information out of you one way or the other. 
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.7K 
Pairing: Beefy!Biker Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, face riding, 18+ minors DNI
A/N: Betad by the wonderful @whisperlullaby but all mistakes are my own.
Do not copy, rewrite, translate or post my work anywhere. No permission given to copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories.  
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Tumblr media
“Don’t make me fuck the information out of you, Doll.” 
Bucky leans over the round table, pushing aside the empty plate. Caging you between his enormous arms, he puts his nose against the tip of yours. Hints of sweet mint and evergreen surround you, his unique scent makes you want to bury your face in his neck but you have to resist the temptation to give in to him. 
“Tell me right now or else.” He practically growls, his baritone deepening with each measured breath. Most people would be afraid right now, to have the Bucky Barnes ordering them to confess. Six feet of pure muscle glaring at them would send many running from the room. You know, you’ve seen him in action.  
But you’re not most people. And your tattooed biker is wrapped around your finger so tight, you can do whatever you want to and with him. 
So you respond the only way you know how. “Or else what, Barnes?” You toss your head back, sliding your hands over his arms, squeezing his bulging muscles. “Or. Else. What?” 
Bucky sneers, “you’re gonna tell me gorgeous or else, I-,” he cuts himself off with a huff. You both know he’s not going to do a damn thing. 
You smirk, taking his bottom lip between your teeth, your eyes flickering up at him. Challenging him as you pull his pink lip into your mouth. Your hands slip under his maroon Henley and run over his cut abs. One hand drifts down the front of his cargo pants, cupping his growing bulge, and when his eyes glaze over, you know you have him exactly where you want him. 
“Or else what, Barnes?” 
His eyes snap down to your face, he grabs the back of your head and brings you in for a crushing kiss. When he breaks away a gradual, cunning smirk forms on his lips. “I can play this game better than you can, doll.” 
His slate-blue eyes swimming with promises of retribution and punishments. His pupils widening the longer he stares at you. 
Okay, at least you think he’s not going to do a damn thing. 
“This is going to be fun, gorgeous.” 
Tumblr media
For the past month, you’ve been keeping a secret from Bucky and it has been driving him insane. From the minute he saw you, he’s wanted to know everything about you, some might call him mildly obsessed and he would proudly agree. 
He’s never loved anyone the way he loves you. He cherishes everything about you and his first mission when he became your man was to learn what made you happy, what you didn’t like, and more importantly how to keep you happy in and out of the bedroom. 
And in return, he shared everything about you, which is why this secret is killing him. He has to know what you’ve been doing every evening, but you won’t tell him. In fact, you enjoy tormenting him, tossing him smarmy grins and half shrugs whenever he asks. Dropping hints left and right. Hiding your packages from him.
You almost felt sorry for him after the cake incident. 
Tumblr media
You were getting ready to leave when he called you into the kitchen. Bucky stood in front of the fridge in nothing but his tight black briefs, his dog tags swinging across his large chest.
His lips twisted into a wide smile, deep ocean blue eyes glancing over you. “I got something for you,” he says, reaching behind him.
He chuckles when your eyes drop to his bulge, “not that greedy girl, this—” he finishes, holding out a large white plate with a slice of chocolate cake on it.
You bounce over to him, “please and thank you,” you sing to his delight. He takes his fork and cuts a small piece for you.
He brings it to your open mouth before drawing his arm back, “ah ah, tell me,” he asserts, deepening his voice.
You tilt your head back, raising your brow “don’t tease me, Bucky,” you warn. “I will hurt you over some food.”
He slides the fork into his mouth, moaning, “oh so good,” between bites.
You try to snatch it from him but he backs up, waving the fork at you, “tell me,” he quips, “or watch me eat it all.”
You shrug, dropping your head down, “fine then Bucky,” you say sorrowfully, glimpsing at him through the corner of your eyes as you trudge out of the kitchen.
You make it three steps before he breaks, “damn it doll, come here,” he grouses.
Gleefully you bound to him, popping your mouth open, the heavenly chocolate frosting melting on your tongue.
“I do like to see you swallow,” he mutters reflectively as he watches you bite into another slice. “You look better when its my cum though.” 
Your shocked laugh ends up in a coughing fit when a piece goes down the wrong pipe.
He pats your back, “hey now, only I get to choke you,”
“Bucky!” you wheeze out. 
Tumblr media
He tried to be nice at first, he really did but you’re forcing his hand.
Salacious sounds of skin slapping bounce across the room, The tall gilded mirror across the room capturing the vulgar scene on the bed. He’s been taking you apart for hours, making you ride his cock, bending you over his desk, on the stairs and over the porch railing. 
After the fifth orgasm, you’re cock drunk and hoarse from yelling his name, barely able to support your weight on your trembling arms. Now he has you on your bed, his punishing pace making you mewl helplessly. 
He looks incredible, his deep blue eyes observing you, stroking you just the way he knows you need him to, changing angles until you keen. His chest flushed and covered in a sheen of sweat. 
His mouth open as he groans your name between whispered fucks and his filthy praises of good girl, you’re going to take all of my cock aren’t you, oh gorgeous its not even half in yet, you can cum one more time, thats a good girl.
You’re going to fucking cum for me right now.  
Unable to tear your eyes away from his reflection, his large body pounding into yours, only his bruising grip on your waist is keeping you from being pushed into the mattress. 
“Tell me where you’re going every day,” Bucky demands, his hands tighten around you. Smooth edges of his rings dig into your soft skin. 
You stare at the shiny glass, his broad muscular chest heaving behind you as he repeats his question. “What?” 
“Tell me or else I’m stopping,” he threatens, a pink flush rising across his chest. “I’ll edge you, gorgeous.” 
You drop to your elbows with a snort, “Bucky you’re not going to edge me. You drove all the way across town when I was staying at Marcia’s  because you didn’t get any in 18 hours.” Wiggling your hips, you giggle when he slaps your ass.
“It was 20 hours and 34 minutes and you set me off by sexting me,” he says defensively. Bucky is struggling to not move in your warmth, your walls latched around him
Tilting your head, you narrow your eyes at him. “What no, I didn’t. I sent you a picture of me in a Christmas sweater and leggings.” 
“But you were naked under the clothes,” he states, looking down at you as if that should have been obvious. He eases out of your warm, tight walls until only the tip remains. 
“Oh my god,” you groan, more because of his statement. 
Bucky nods his head, “I know, I know I’m that good but focus,” he grunts, pushing his throbbing cock back into your soaked core. “I swear I’m not going to let you cum.” 
You burst into laughter, feeling him move just a little, setting off small bursts of sensations. “Okay, Bucky” you roll your eyes, “but what if- “You clench down hard making him hold you tighter. 
“Stop that,” he pants. You ignore him, clenching over his thick length and arching your back to pull him in even deeper. Your walls flutter around him as he hits your sweet spot. His hands loosen slightly and you take advantage by slamming your hips back. The force of him going deep in your pussy making you cry out into the pillow. 
You take Bucky off guard, he’s unable to remember why he stopped thrusting into your tight cunt when you rotate your hips. 
“Oh shit, fuck baby,” Bucky moans, falling over, pushing you into the covers. His large sweat-tinged body covering your back. His hips grinding into your ass, he turns your face towards him, his lips on yours swallowing your moans as he delivers short frantic strokes. 
“Don’t stop, right there, right there, Bucky,” you cry into his mouth. 
Incredible sensations forming within the heat spreading across your belly, your hands clutching the sheets. His weight crushing you as he fucks you into the mattress. White-sultry heat blooming in your core as the coil unravels until your entire body tenses from the power of your orgasm. 
Bucky dips his head into the crook of your neck, biting and kissing your pulse point as chases his release until he stills within you, muttering your name into your shoulder. He grinds deeper, unwilling to leave your perfect tight cunt, wishing he could stay inside you forever, greedily digging into your spasming walls milking him as he cums. 
You tap his damp locks, mumbling “you’re too heavy, Buck-”. When he rolls over you, he groans at your triumphant grin. “Edge me,” you scoff mocking his earlier tone, “Nice try, Bucky.” 
You match his stare until he blinks, muttering about how you’re gonna kill him one day. He pulls you onto his chest, “just tell me.” 
You trace the outline of his swollen lips and shake your head. “Nope.” 
Tumblr media
After a few more threats, a couple of rounds of him overstimulating you, and more begging, you finally take pity on him. You dragged him off the couch where he was reading his newest novel and pushed him into the garage. 
“I’m ready to tell you my secret,” you sing, giggling when his blue eyes light up. You pull him in front of his classic mustang and make him lean against it. “Okay, stay right there, Bucky,” you order, poking him in the belly. 
You’ve never been more nervous or excited in your life. Your heart is in your throat and you can’t look at him because you’re afraid you’ll lose your nerve. All the lessons from the past month are playing in your head as you find the helmet you hid behind his rusty toolbox. You can do this, he’s going to love it. You pull the cover off his motorcycle and grab the keys off the hook. 
“What are you--?” 
Bucky’s brain short circuits, gears grind to a screeching halt. Because his girl, his gorgeous girl, is doing something he only dreamed of. He watches in pure wonder, his heart bursting at the seams as you swing your leg over his bike. You rev the engine and his cock nearly splits through the layers of cotton and denim. Then you turn your head and smile at him. You take off and he’s brought to his knees. 
He follows you out onto the street, hollering, “that’s my girl, look at her fuck yeah baby.” 
When Mrs. Smith pokes her head out of her window, Bucky points at you, “I’m so fucking proud,” he screams. 
The elderly woman ducks back inside, her finger on the number nine button of her phone as she peeks through the lace curtains. 
Bucky shrugs and continues to shout about how proud he is. His screams of praise making your head spin. You circle around him twice and pull back into the garage. 
You turn off the engine, pushing the helmet off with a breathless laugh. “Are you surprised, Bucky?” you ask, swinging your leg over the seat. “Four weeks of practice and I am fully licensed, so now I can take you--” 
You gasp, the helmet dropping from your fingers onto the concrete floor with a dull thud. Bucky looks feral, his locks roughly pushed back, his shirt discarded at his feet. He’s unsnapping his cargo pants, pulling the zipper down with one hand. Wild, unfocused eyes honed in on your body, he takes a step towards you.
You know this look, flashes of riding him on the front yard replay in your mind. “Bucky, baby,” you whisper softly, holding your hand out as you look for a way to the side door. Painfully aware that the neighbors are milling about on their porches. “Bucky no,” you whisper. 
“Gorgeous, come here,” he grins at you. Bucky thought there wasn’t anything you could do to possibly make him want you more, but seeing you on his bike is something he never expected.
His cock is so hard it’s painful, he needs to be inside you after you showed him how well you can ride him. 
Your mouth goes bone dry when he drops his pants to his ankles, stepping out of them while palming his cock. Thick and long, the angry red tip leaking precum. His hand stroking the shaft, “come here,” he groans, deep and low. 
“Bucky, I-” you take a step towards the door and he follows, his eyes never leaving you. A predator locked in on his prey. “Bucky just wait-”  you squeal, breaking into a run. He lunges for you forcing you to duck under his arm, his fingers grazing your hip.
 If he catches you, you know what’s going to happen, Mrs. Smith is calling the police, you’ll both get arrested again for public nudity. “I’m not going back to jail,” you scream. 
“Come here,” he gruffly retorts his hands reaching for you. 
You skid to a stop, spinning quickly on your heel to avoid him. His growls making you throb as the thrill of exuberant suspense and anticipation course through your veins. You manage to dodge him again, his cock slapping against your back when you drop to your knees.
It’s a desperate scramble across the rough garage floor, but you reach the doorknob. You yank it open and pull yourself up, feeling the heat of his body descending on you as you stumble over the doorway
You fall forward, wincing as the ground rushes up at you. Bucky wraps his arms around you, turning you in his arms, his back hitting the tiled kitchen floor, “Hey gorgeous,” he smiles up at you.
Dropping your head onto his chest, you burst into laughter. “Damn it Bucky, I was trying to do something nice for you.” You lightly smack his chest, pushing yourself up. 
“Doll, that was sexiest shit I have ever seen,” he sighs happily, his hands falling to your hips. “I take that back the second thing I have ever seen.” 
When you furrow your brows, he answers your unspoken question, “Your beautiful face when you cum all over my cock is the sexiest thing.” 
You bite your lip, heat blooming in your cheeks. Before you can speak, he raises his brow, “Now let me see my pussy, she needs me” 
He orders you to stand up, he sits up and pulls your shorts and panties down. His tongue darting out at the sight of your glistening pussy, “she’s so pretty,” he says before looking at up you through hooded eyes. 
“Now ride my face, gorgeous.” He demands, 
He lays back down, his arms folded behind his head. His cock aching for you, but he needs a taste of his girl first. You hover over his face, unsure if you should fully sit. When Bucky said to sit on his face, he meant it.
 He grabs your waist, forcing you all the way down. His beard grazing the sides of your thigh, his long wet tongue flattening through your folds. You wait for him to start licking, but he doesn’t move. When you look down, he wiggles his brows playfully. 
Ride him.
You circle your hips and he flicks his tongue. You lean back and rock your hips back and forth, his tongue gilding around your sensitive bundle of nerves. Sobbing his name, you fuck his face until the coil tightens. He knows what you like, those small circles over your clit bringing you higher. Wet vulgar sounds drift out of the open door as he devours you. 
His tongue changing speed, throwing you off balance as you try to keep your movements steady, but he’s eating you as if he was a starving man, and soon it’s too much. You can’t breathe, your hands squeezing your breasts as you let him control you with just his mouth. 
“Oh, no you don’t,” he smirks when you try to lift up his face shiny with your slick, “This ride ain’t over yet,” he promises.
He pulls you back down, he sucks your bud into his hot wet mouth so ferociously you can only gasp, pleasure wrapping around you like a sharp vise.  The tip of his tongue flicking your swollen bundle of nerves until you see stars, actual stars behind your eyes, your toes curling, thighs burning and shaking as you cry out his name. 
He’s ruthless, not willing to let you go despite your high wails chanting that you cant take anymore. He knows you can and he proves it when he holds you still, making you feel each stroke and glide of his wicked tongue. Your thighs closing around his head, he can barely breathe, but he’s not stopping until he gets you to cum one more time. 
He would rather suffocate than let you go until he’s ruined your pussy. Over and over he sucks and pulls, his tongue dancing through you until you break again, your body trembling in his hold. Pleasure unfurling within you reaching every crevice of your body until your limp.  
When he’s done with you, he releases you, guiding you to the floor. He climbs over you, praising you for riding him so well, so damn good doll, telling you he's about to give you the ride of your life. 
“Gorgeous,” he grunts, sliding into your wet heat, smirking at your broken moan, “tomorrow we’re getting you your own bike and then I’m going to fuck you on it.”
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sinner-as-saint · 11 months ago
Imagine being obsessed with Modern!Bucky's dog tags... And he likes it
Tumblr media
You're always giving it attention
Maybe when you're lying on his chest after sex, you always play with it
Bucky often wonders why, but he never asks you about it
It starts out as an innocent thing, whenever you hug him, you always kiss the dog tags first then you kiss your way up his neck and finally kiss his lips
Then you get more and more comfortable.
Tugging on the chain gently to lower his face to yours whenever you wanna kiss him
Tugging on the dog tags to pull him closer in bed
And it drives him fucking crazy the first time you do it
Then he gets cocky and confident and one day takes it off, puts it around your neck and yanks on it to pull you closer
You're shocked at first, very, very turned on as well because there's just something about those dog tags which just makes you hot and bothered
Imagine him yanking on it, tugging on it to pull you closer whenever he's in the mood and judging by that look in his eyes you know it's gonna be a long night ahead
You tell him playfully, "You're so rough sometimes." you smirk when he clenches his jaw at your words.
"And you're gonna like it." he pushes you down on the bed and gets on top of you and does whatever he wants to you and shows you just how much you like him when he's rough with you...
Then you start acting up whenever you have the dog tags on, and one day, when he yanks on them, you don't move an inch
And Bucky raises his eyebrow and clenches his jaw hard;
"Oh?" he inches closer and stares deep into your eyes until you tremble. He smirks and grabs your jaw in his grip. "Is that how it is now?" he purrs looking you dead in the eyes with that stern look on his face. "You're gonna resist me?"
And you melt right there at the sound of his voice and immediately move on his lap - where he initially wanted you
Bucky smirks, "That's what I thought."
OMG imagine him just fucking you senseless and you look up and see him deep in concentration, just giving you his all; eyes focused, jaw clenched and his dog tags dangling from his neck right above you, and the cold metal brushing against your skin as he's coaxing another orgasm out of your worn out body... OUFF
"Come on, babygirl. One more." he breathes, hazy from fucking you so hard. "Give me one more..." and as soon as your walls clench around him, he cums right there inside you, filling you up and moaning and telling you how good you feel around him
Or imagine how he'd growl under his breath whenever you take the dog tags in between your teeth, since they were dangling above your face,, and tug on it, moving your head side to side; or maybe you purposely do so while he pounding into you - which then makes him speed up
"Fuck... You want it so bad, don't you? You like it when I fuck your little cunt so hard, don't you kitten?"
Omg but imagine you have the dog tags on and Bucky's just pounding into you while you're a moaning, whimpering hot mess and he grabs the chain and yanks your face closer to his and whispers against your lips, "Shh, be quiet and take me like a good girl, come on baby..."
Okay but imagine Bucky kissing his way down your body and when he pushes his face into your wet cunt, the cold dog tags just lie there against your warm skin, right on top of your lower abdomen and he's just eating you out without paying attention i-
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