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#winter soldier x reader
youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
Doll, Come Look! 》 Bucky Barnes x Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
request: Smut #11 with Bucky Barnes?? I feel like it would just be a funny thing he would do. Thanks for even reading this 😂.
a/n: AHHH i loved this! i also added some c-warming at the end bc apparently i'm obsessed? loool i hope you enjoy!
warnings: smut; c-warming at the end, fluffy goodness!
summary: While wrapping presents at the tree, you suddenly hear Bucky ask you to come upstairs. When you get up there? You're met with a bow... on a certain area... Whoops.
Prompt #11 smut: “Did you really put a bow on your penis?”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“DOLL!” Bucky yelled from upstairs. You were just finishing up wrapping a few gifts by the tree when his voice carried its way to you. Pushing yourself to your feet, you made your way up the stairs, unsure of what you were about to uncover.
“Bucky, this better be good!” You laughed as you pushed the door open to your bedroom. However, when you carried your feet over the threshold, you were suddenly met with a naked Bucky who had a… bow on his lower half.
In a very specific spot.
“Bucky!” You squealed, covering your eyes, but you peeked through your hands. Bucky licked his lips, shifting his hips side to side on the way to you. The bow was settled right along his shaft with his tip hanging just below. “What are you doing?!” You screeched.
Bucky finished off the space between you two, taking your hands into his. He pulled you into him, your chest pressing against his. “Wanted to give my pretty girl a present early…” He whispered, trailing a line of kisses from your cheek to your neck. Your eyes fluttered at the feeling, a soft moan erupting when his tongue darted out to lick along the skin.
“Did you really put a bow on your penis?” You asked him as he continued to kiss your neck, making your skin ignite and the heat from between your legs.
“Mmhmm,” Bucky moaned against your neck. “You know you love it…”
Your hands moved to tangle through his hair as he removed the bow and hoisted you into the air. Wrapping your legs around his waist, you felt your back press against the softness of your mattress. Your lips met for a chastised kiss, the want and need for each other evident in the exchange.
Groaning against his lips, you reached below and took him into your hand, Bucky releasing a loud moan against your neck where his lips peppered kisses once again. You smiled to yourself, feeling as Bucky’s hands slipped underneath your shirt to grab both breasts. You released a whimper, his fingers twisting around each nipple before he lowered his head to capture a nipple into his mouth.
The contrast of hot and cold against both breasts made your senses become electrified. The hairs stood up across your body when Bucky slipped his hand underneath the waistband of your joggers and connected with your sopping heat. A whine unleashed and your legs fell open naturally, practically on the verge of begging for him to be buried inside of you at the rate he was going.
You could easily see Bucky’s member hardening as the seconds lingered and the more fervent his kisses started to become. You were whimpering beneath him as he removed the shirt away from you, leaving your breasts completely exposed to him. He was thankful at this moment that you decided not to wear a bra. Licking his lips hungrily, he pulled your joggers down and was met with your glistening heat hidden just beneath the black lace.
“Bucky!” You cried as he teased you with his finger. “I’ve got presents to wrap, please can we get right to it?” You sighed.
Bucky stared at you with a glimmer in his eye.
“My Doll… You’re not up for foreplay? You just want me stuffed inside of you, hmm?” He practically cooed, earning your jaw to simply unhinge. Nodding your head, you grasped him against, pumping his shaft in your hand.
“Please, need to feel you, Buck,” You whispered.
Bucky smiled and decided not to push you any longer. Attaching his lips to yours, he leaned forward and lined himself up with your entrance. As he pushed his tip inside, a yelp extruded itself from your pretty pink lips as Bucky adjusted himself inside. Giving you a moment to catch your breath, he was soon pushed all the way in.
Recoiling, Bucky made it a point to lift his head away from your mouth and look at you.
“Look at you, baby…” He trailed. “So needy for me.”
Hissing, your angry noises turned into ones of immense pleasure as Bucky started to rock his hips into yours. You moaned wildly, your walls tightening around his length as he held you in place. Pressing his lips to your neck, he went back to massaging your breast in his hand, his fingers twitching to playing with your nipple which made your hips grind to meet his calculated thrusts.
Your legs clamped themselves around him, your arms wrapping around his neck. As Bucky pushed himself harder into you, your hands instantly reached for his back. Your nails dug into his skin, surely leaving red marks, but the super-soldier could care less. He loved to be marked up by you.
“That’s right, Doll… Dig those nails into my back. Feels good, doesn’t it? Love seeing you so full of me.” Bucky grinned, kissing your lips. You could feel that familiar budding sensation develop in the pit of your stomach. Your whines grew more desperate as your release was suddenly about to be chased.
“So close, Bucky, don’t stop!” You arched your back off of the bed, your stomachs pressing together. As he slid up, the feeling of his abs drawing against your belly sent you into spasms.
“Cum around me, baby… Wanna feel you.” Bucky begged you.
You released an earth-shattering moan that made you tumble right over the edge. A cry erupted from your lips as you gripped your boyfriend tighter in your grasp. His hips drove themselves sloppily into yours, his own high being chased as you rode your climax out along him, Bucky finishing deep within you.
As the heightened moment slowly came to a stop, the two of you looked at each other with the stars shining in your eyes. Bucky slowly pulled out of you and the feeling of him being gone made your lips pout.
“What, baby? You said you had presents to wrap…” He trailed softly, brushing back the strand of your hair. You sighed, shaking your head.
“You know what I want…” You drug a finger across his chest.
Of course, he did.
Bucky smiles cheekily and carefully slides his length back inside. A drawn-out sigh emerges from your lips, your walls instantly pulsating around him. He settled himself right in your center, your entire focus on him and how good he feels back inside of your tight space. A hum leaves your lips, your chin nuzzling into the crook of his neck.
Bucky wraps his arms entirely around you to encase you, ensuring that the warmth you felt was transmitted from his body to yours.
“I love this, Bucky,” You told him honestly. “So relaxing…” You whispered with a sudden yawn.
Bucky chuckled, obviously enthused with how his girlfriend relaxed with his length buried inside of her post-sex. He massages your shoulders from his position just above you, but he managed to turn you two over so your chest was flush against his, your legs tangled through the others.
“I do too, Doll.” He smiled sweetly at you, kissing your lips.
Needless to say?
Those presents didn’t get wrapped.
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mcnegan · 2 days ago
I Told You To Be Patient
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier x Reader
Summary: Patience is a virtue and Bucky would love to be the one to bestow it upon you.
Rating: NSFW
Warning: Language. Violence. Blood & injury. Explicit content (18+ only). 
A/N: The plot isn’t very cohesive, but we all know that’s not why we’re really here.
Tumblr media
“You’re doing great, go again!”
Bucky’s smooth voice echoes through the room, mingling with the cacophony of grunts and thumps emanating from the small group of S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees. The unusual presence of the super-soldier is preventing you from giving 100% of yourself to your training. Typically, your focus is razor-sharp, honed in on your task and determined to prove yourself. Training with Steve usually offers no distractions, but he’s busy in a meeting with Tony today and you’ve been landed with Bucky to supervise your training. Even more reason for you to prove yourself.
Offering tips and instruction to the various pairs of sparring rookie agents, Bucky makes his way around the room. When he reaches you, your heart rate increases almost imperceptibly. The man is terribly handsome and appealingly dark and brooding, something you have no hopes of being immune to. As his eyes scan over your form and observe you and your partner, you make a bold move; crouching to sweep her legs out from under her before she can strike at you. Unfortunately, your endeavor fails as she comes down hard, driving her elbow into your ribs before rolling you over and pinning you to the floor.
“Don’t jump the gun like that,” Bucky corrects. “Keep your sights on them. The eyes always give them where they’re going and then block it. Again.”
Adopting a defensive stance, you give the muscular blonde a nod to let her know you’re ready. Maybe it’s juvenile, but the itty bitty crush you’re harboring for Bucky prompts you to act without thinking; you can’t help showing off a little in the hopes of garnering his attention. You should have known better, however. The man is virtually a walking weapon. There isn’t exactly much you can do to impress him. The way your next move backfires proves that point quite clearly. 
Your partner steps forward, swings her arm, and lands a heavy blow to your torso. Disregarding Bucky’s advice, you take your eyes off the woman’s face and choose instead to watch her hands. You attempt to predict her next move, but as fate would have it, you predict it poorly and her knuckles wedge painfully beneath your ribs. The impact to your solar plexus knocks the wind out of you and you stumble backwards, landing awkwardly on your backside. 
“Watch the eyes,” Bucky reiterates. “And stop rushing it. Trying to be one step ahead of your opponent is always gonna give them the upper hand. You just have to wait...they’ll tell you what they’re thinking. You’re not a fuckin’ mind-reader, don’t try to be one.”
Cheeks prickling with embarrassment and exertion, you ignore the hand Bucky holds out to you and climb to your feet on your own. You refuse to glance around the room, knowing most everyone here has just heard Bucky berate you. Thankfully, your partner offers some reassuring words of support and kindly insists you keep trying. You throw all your energy into getting it right until you’re a panting, sweaty mess and your limbs vibrate with exhaustion. You’ll prove Bucky wrong even if it kills you.
“Alright, let’s wrap it up,” Bucky announces, clapping a hand on the shoulder of a particularly beefy agent. “Good work today. There’s a briefing downstairs in an hour, don’t be late.”
With that, Bucky strides out the door and you scowl at his retreating form and the stupid loosely-slicked bun that sits gathered at the base of his neck. What you wouldn’t give to go toe-to-toe with the man. Sure, you don’t stand a chance in reality, but at least you’d have an excuse to take some of your new-found resentment out on him. Huffing dramatically, you pad out of the room and down the hall to clean up for the briefing in preparation for tomorrow’s mission.
Tumblr media
If there’s one thing you’ve never been very good at, it’s waiting. And that is precisely what you’re doing right now. As a matter of fact, that’s all you’re doing. That had been Bucky’s grand plan, his genius suggestion to execute today’s mission: just wait. You fucking hate waiting.
“Stop pacing,” Natasha’s voice demands, the normally musical tone distorted through the static of your earpiece.
You huff in frustration, burying your hands in the pants pockets of the fancy business suit you’ve been outfitted in. You’d been selected from the group of trainees to go undercover for this mission. Anyone would be more equipped — Steve, Bucky, Nat, Tony, even Peter — but they’re all too recognizable, so the responsibility falls on you. Outside the massive skyscraper, your body buzzes with the need to continue your anxious movements. You lean against a neighboring building and pull your phone out to scroll absently through it.
“How can you even see me?” you mutter, the words barely picked up by the microphone hidden beneath the collar of your blazer. 
“I’m on the roof and all I can see is you wearing a hole in the sidewalk,” comes Bucky’s response.
Even through the crackling static, you can hear the way his gruff words are muffled. You can picture the snug black mask that covers his face and deadens the reply. Glancing up casually, you spot a portion of Bucky’s swathed face peering over the edge, the tendrils of his chestnut hair whipping rapidly in the breeze. He’s posted on the roof as a sentry in the event that you need backup; fully equipped and prepared to step in if you require assistance. 
Somewhere nearby, Steve is stationed in secret as well. Several of your fellow agents are stuffed like sardines in an unmarked van down the block, ready to infiltrate and serve as a distraction or provide a helping hand. With plenty of strategy in place, there’s surely no way this mission can fail. That is, of course, assuming that you ever start the mission.
“Alright, we’re ready to send you up,” Nat informs you, answering your prayers.
“Good luck,” is Steve’s brief contribution over the comm.
“The lab is on the 18th floor, but the elevator will only take you to the 16th without security clearance, so you’ll have to hit the West stairwell. I’m working on hacking into the mainframe to deactivate the system and get you in, though.”
Listening carefully to Nat’s instructions, you slip inside the revolving door and enter the building. The lobby is teeming with suited men and official-looking women, all striding purposefully to wherever they’re going. You straighten your shoulders and hold your head high, moving confidently towards the bay of elevator doors you locate across the way. The kitten heels click rhythmically beneath you and though short and mostly stable, you hope the elevated shoe won’t affect your ability to defend yourself should the situation call for that.
An idea forms as you cross the marble lobby and you smirk to yourself. Dragging the sole of your shoe across the floor, you feign a stumble right into the arms of a rather stern-looking security guard. You gasp dramatically and cling to the pudgy man as you fight to keep your balance. As he aids you and lifts you to your feet, you reach for his waistline and your nimble fingers are quick to detach the access badge from his utility belt. With a breathy apology, you right your twisted jacket and tuck the plastic card into an inner pocket. He accepts your word of thanks with a tight smile and sends you back on your way towards the elevators.
A small crowd gathers just outside a set of shiny bronze doors, awaiting the tell-tale ding that will permit them entrance. You move smoothly within the flow of the crowd, smiling politely as you squeeze into the confined space and breathing a sigh of relief only when the doors slide together.
With each passing floor, an electronic beep fills the elevator, the red LED digits indicating which floor you’ve reached. Occasionally, the contraption halts with a slight jolt, releasing several suit-clad men and women into the various floors of the building. Glancing up, your eyes fall upon the glowing ‘15’ above your head. You adjust your suit as you prepare to exit the elevator, careful to keep your elbows tucked to your sides so as not to bump those around you.
You’re relieved when you notice no one else joins you in your exodus and you enter an empty and silent hall. Glancing both ways, you realize you’re not sure which way to head. You look around for some sort of sign or indication as to where the staircase is located before you remember the woman acting as your eyes.
“Where am I going, Nat?” you murmur quietly.
“Hang a right and go down the hall. The first door should be the stairwell.”
Nat’s directions prove to be true when you spot the plaque on the wall, specifying that this is the West stairwell. The heavy door opens with a groan and your eyes scan the dimly lit stairway. Heading up the steps, you press your earpiece further into your ear in order to hear Nat’s soft voice over the echoing sound of your boots.
“I have access to the security cams in the main halls and the’re coming up on the 18th floor,” she declares. “You’ll come out in a small lobby, but don’t go up yet.”
“What do you mean ‘don’t go up yet’?” you hiss. “I’m just supposed to stand in the stairway and hope no one catches me?”
“I hacked the system, but there’s so many damn firewalls and checkpoints that I can’t disable the mechanisms yet. I can’t get you in unless I get the doors unlocked.”
Considering Nat’s words, you finger the dull edge of the card in your pocket. You pull it out, quickly reading the faded, miniscule text printed on the thick rectangle. Seeing the tiny ‘SCI’ in the corner of the card, you’re pleased to realize you’ll not have to wait any longer.
“Okay, I’m almost in,” Nat announces. “Just hold tight.”
“Don’t worry, I’ve got it,” you declare proudly as you head for the door that will bring you out of the stairwell. “I have a keycard...I can get in.”
“Hold on…” Bucky commands before Nat interrupts him in a hurry.
“Tony is working on getting access to the lab security cams,” her words come out in a rush. “You can’t go in until we have eyes in there and can give you the all-clear.”
Ignoring her warning, you assure all those listening on the other end of your mic that you can handle the situation and proceed to swing the door open. The lobby is much smaller than the one downstairs, though it too is bustling with people moving in and out swiftly. You avoid making eye contact, knowing that the doubt written all over your face will give you away. Sparing only a glance towards the woman behind the desk who eyes you in question, you stride purposefully towards the set of doors you imagine will be locked. The red light shining from the keypad beckons to you, drawing you in.
“Agent, what’s your 20?” comes Bucky’s distorted words. “Do not enter the lab until given further instruction.”
You don’t respond as you’re too focused on bringing your shaking hand towards the black box situated on the wall. Tapping your stolen keycard, your lungs constrict around an imprisoned breath and you find yourself waiting yet again. After an eternity, the keypad beeps shrilly and the tiny light illuminates a relieving shade of green. You pay no mind to the crackling voices in your ear when the automatic doors swing open and reveal a vast room full of equipment, computers, and a flock of lab-coated individuals.
“Identify your position immediately!” 
The tension and volume of his repeated demand is quite telling, revealing that Bucky knows you’ve disobeyed your given commands. Even in the room of busy people, you dare not respond, lest you bring any unnecessary attention to your presence. You know your lack of communication will be seen as insubordination, but the way you see it, you’re merely doing what is necessary. 
Amidst the din inside the lab, you’re able to slip inside and blend right in. You’re amazed by the flurry of voices and humming equipment as a group of scientists gather around a workbench and murmur among themselves. Using their obliviousness to your advantage, you sneak your way over to a collection of desks with an army of glowing monitors atop them. All the while, Nat and Bucky squawk in your ear, screaming at you for disobeying and demanding that you leave the lab at once. They’re worried that they can’t keep you safe if they can’t see you, but you don’t share their concerns as you click away at the data you find on the computer.
When Bucky roars in your ear, requesting once more to know where you are and whether you’re still alive, you relent. Your fingers fiddle with the collar of your jacket, pulling the fabric towards your face so you need not raise your voice above a whisper to communicate with your superiors. Before your lips have fully parted, a hand pulls you away from the desk and a heavy blow to your head knocks you to the ground.
Tumblr media
The fluorescent lighting assaults your eyes and escalates the painful throbbing that rocks your skull. Your head spins when you lift it from the ground, the scent and flavor of copper and iron assaulting your senses. It's with great difficulty that you ease yourself into a seated position, your entire body wailing in protest as you do. Spotting the two disgruntled men in suits that stand before you, you’re sure they’re to blame for the array of injuries that slowly make themselves apparent. For a brief moment, you note that you’re no longer in the lab and mentally chastise yourself for failing to get a physical sample of what is being worked on there. 
Your skull pounds with the rhythm of a marching band: steady, forceful, and unrelenting. Your pulse is felt in each swollen cut and bump that mars the surface of your face. The burning pain coursing through your mid-section and your inability to inhale properly without experiencing excruciating pain lets you know that at least one of your ribs are broken. A shifting of weight causes an unbearable pressure deep in your stomach and you wonder whether you’re bleeding internally. 
“Who are you?” one of the men barks.
“The muffin man,” you cough with a wince.
The response is immediate and brutal, the jarring punch causes your vision to blur momentarily. Your teeth clash together with a crack, thankfully missing the tender flesh of your tongue 
“You hit like my dead granny,” you spit through clenched teeth. 
When the man hits you again, you press your lips together to muffle the grunt of pain it wrenches from you. Tough as you are, you’re not sure how much more your body can take, so you settle for simply keeping your mouth shut. Feeling the vacancy in your ear, you can only assume the hidden wires in your jacket are gone as well and the notion that you’ve lost all means of contact with the outside has you feeling uneasy.   
A steady flow of blood trickles from your left nostril and another drips from your swollen eyebrow, the crimson rivulets soaking into the thin material of your shirt where they land. You tip back and lean your pounding head on the concrete column you’re propped against. The two men converse among themselves, their whispered voices too low for you to make out what they’re saying. 
Just then, a shadow passes through the room and you glance up to watch a dark shape drop into view through the large window. Bucky dangles from a thin rope as he rappels along the outside of the building, stopping only when he spots you and his eyes meet yours. His cool eyes ice over and the growing fury as he observes your injured form has your throat tightening in fear. You already know you’re in huge trouble, but right now, you just want Bucky to help get you out of here.
Bucky climbs back up the rope a bit before planting his feet against the building’s exterior. A beam of sun reflects off the chrome surface of his cybernetic arm and you worry the flash of light will give him away. With an impressive show of strength, he bends at the knees, launches himself outward, then smashes his boots through the double-paned glass as the momentum of his body swings him straight through the window. The pair of shocked men react swiftly, but Bucky moves in an inky blur and tosses one savagely against a nearby wall before engaging in hand-to-hand combat with the other. 
Grunts fill the expansive room amid the dull thumps as Bucky lands blow after blow along the man’s body. He puts up a good fight and you give him credit for how expertly he manages to defend himself. Bucky cracks a heavy fist across the man’s jaw and when he stumbles backwards, you see him reach for his waist. Bucky’s eyes hone in on the movement and he moves with incredible speed, yanking the Skorpion pistol off of his back and over his shoulder. 
Given his flawless aim, Bucky need only squeeze the trigger once. A deafening blast prompts you to jump as you watch the agent’s skull explode in a shower of viscera. His body slumps and folds unnaturally on itself as it falls limply to the ground. You weakly scramble to your hands and knees, struggling to ease yourself to your feet in search of an escape before someone comes to investigate that gunshot. Bucky seems to share in your thinking as he advances on you, his tactical gear rattling and clanking with each determined stomp in your direction.
“We need to go,” he growls.
You have no chance to stop him when he takes a hold of your ailing body and yanks you up, the words instantly transforming into a pained scream. Bucky ignores the pathetic and protesting sound, choosing instead to wrap the hard metal of his arm around your torso. With his free hand, he wrenches your legs apart to wrap them around his slender hips. Wedged between the titanium arm and the steel-hard surface of Bucky’s body, your battered ribs sing with nauseating discomfort. The various tools on his utility belt dig relentlessly into the bruised flesh of your torso with each jarring step he takes, but you have the presence of mind to keep your complaints to yourself. 
Leaning through the splintered glass of the window, Bucky takes hold of the rope and jumps, zipping with alarming speed towards the ground. He tightens his hold on you, crushing you securely to his chest in a way that prompts your eyes to water in response to the bolts of pain shooting through your body. Bucky’s boots collide with the ground and the impact rattles you both. As soon as he releases you, an unmarked van screeches to a halt directly in front of you and you stumble towards it. The side door slides open and Nat immediately drags you inside with surprising gentleness as Bucky slips in behind you.
Propped on opposite sides of the van, you keep your eyes downward towards your crossed legs to avoid the burning stare you know Bucky levels on you. When the driver takes a particularly sharp turn, you tumble sideways with a groan. Bucky remains unmoved and your gaze drifts towards the hulking form of the man who takes up most of the space within the vehicle.
The fact that his black mask hides most of his handsome face and reveals only his blazing blue eyes just makes the seething anger you find there all the more obvious and terrifying. Thick brown tresses sway with the motion of the vehicle, caressing his jaw and occasionally obstructing his line of sight. You swallow thickly and ignore the fuming man, full of relief when the van slams to a stop and Nat wrenches the door open. 
Not waiting to hear what anyone has to say to you, you immediately jump from the van. A line of your fellow agents march into headquarters and you hang back for a moment in the hopes of avoiding their judgmental looks and disapproving stares. When most everyone is inside, you bring up the rear and stomp tiredly towards the elevator. Entering the lift, you jab a finger into the button for the appropriate floor and slump against the wall with a sigh of relief. Before the doors can shut, a titanium hand is shoved between them, effectively preventing your escape. 
The doors swish open once more, revealing a very unhappy looking Bucky, now divested of his infamous mask. He enters wordlessly, taking up residence in the adjacent corner. A feeling of being trapped briefly washes over you when the steel doors finally seal shut and the elevator begins to ascend. 
“Man, I can’t wait to get a shower,” you mutter, attempting to initiate conversation with the brooding super-soldier.
You nearly jump out of your skin when Bucky leans across the confined space to slam the emergency stop button before wheeling around on you.
“What the fuck was that little stunt you pulled?” he barks agitatedly.
Unable to contain your attitude, you dare to scoff and roll your eyes at him. Based on the raging storm that swirls in his eyes, you can tell Bucky doesn’t take too kindly to your response, however, you’re much too worn out to care at this point.
“Did you really jump in here just to scold me like a child?”
“I’m here to remind you that you’re not in charge,” he snaps. “When you’re given a command, you obey. Immediately and without question. You don’t go rogue and do whatever the fuck you feel like.”
“Clearly, I can handle myself,” you retort, your tone cocky. “I mean...I’m fine, aren’t I?”
Apprehension fills you when Bucky takes a step into your space, though you’re sure not to let your nervousness show. You did what you had to and you won’t stand down. Not even when Bucky moves even further, slowly closing in on you.
“You’re fine because I had to come save your ass!” Bucky yells, the thunderous words echoing against the solid walls of the stationary lift.
“Whatever, dude. Just admit you’re pissed that I made you look bad,” you laugh. “Sorry I didn’t wanna sit around with my thumb up my ass like the rest of those clowns. Just waiting for something to happen. I made something happen, which is more than I can say for you.”
“You made something happen? You compromised the fucking mission and put us all in danger. That’s how people get killed. That’s how you get hurt,” his words fade to a dangerous growl as he gestures towards your wounded face.
Ignoring the way Bucky specifically voices his concern for you, you continue arguing. “You jeopardized the mission by making us stall! If I didn’t get that access card and go in there, they would have stopped us long before I was ever able to get to the lab.”
“And what good did getting into the lab do?! You did get caught and you left with nothing!”
“No, actually I—”
“Stop talking,” he threatens menacingly.
All of your combined frustration, anger, and pumping adrenaline comes to a head when Bucky reaches for you. His metallic arm creaks and groans ominously as his cold steel digits constrict powerfully around your throat. Your lips have barely parted in preparation for protest when Bucky tightens his hold, the pressure threatening to crush your windpipe.
“I have had enough of your attitude,” he hisses.
With his face only inches from your own, the warmth of the breathed words puffs across your already clammy skin. You squirm in Bucky’s hold, fighting against the crushing weight of his grip. The blunt edge of your fingernails scrape uselessly against the slick surface of his synthetic limb, though it only prompts Bucky to lean in closer to rasp unnervingly against the shell of your ear.
“Do not fight back, agent.”
In that moment, you do the only thing you can think of to get Bucky to back off: you tilt your head and stretch your neck as far as you can to bite viciously against the sharp, stubbled edge of his jaw. Your teeth press deeply into the soft flesh and you taste the salty tang of Bucky’s sweat against your tongue. 
Bucky roars — more in surprise than in pain — as he yanks his face away from the prison of your jaws. Your attempt at escape has the opposite effect, however, and Bucky jerks your body forward before slamming your head so hard into the wall of the elevator it’s sure to leave a dent. It’s your turn to be shocked when he crashes his mouth into yours. 
His lips are soft, but the kiss is not; it’s hard and fast and it’s hungry. He pays no mind to the way the flavor of the dried blood mixes with the sweet taste of you. You struggle to catch your breath under his attack and when you part your lips in a desperate gasp, Bucky shoves his tongue into the warm recesses of your mouth.
A dazed moan escapes you unbidden and Bucky presses the length of his body to yours in response. His hold loosens only slightly around your neck and he wedges the tips of two metal fingers just under your jaw, silently imploring you to tilt your head upwards. You obey and Bucky separates from your mouth as he takes half a step back. A thin line of saliva connects your lower lips before breaking and dripping down onto the chrome surface of Bucky’s arm. You pant in tandem, regarding one another with a mixture of hesitation and need.
“This okay?” Bucky wonders, his voice so weak you struggle to hear him.
Your enthusiastic nod is all the consent Bucky requires as he sweeps you into another toe-curling kiss and drops his hand towards your chest. The chill of his hand can be felt through the thin, blood-stained material and it causes your nipples to harden instantly. Your stomach clenches when the knuckles of Bucky’s other hand bump warmly just below your belly button. He wastes no time popping open the button of your slacks and sliding them to mid-thigh. You spread your legs as much as you can within the constricting material and it elicits a smug, breathy chuckle from Bucky. 
With one hand massaging the soft flesh of your breasts through your top and the other delving beneath the embarrassingly damp gusset of your panties, Bucky is quick to soothe the familiar ache building between your thighs. You moan gratefully into his mouth, nipping sharply at his swollen lips when the rough surface of his fingers sweep determinedly over your pulsating clit. 
You nearly lose your balance when Bucky inserts a thick finger into your slick channel; held up only by the steel hand he presses to your mid-section. The soreness that blooms beneath the pressure of his hand is muted by the pleasure created by the other. Eyes rolling back, you pull from your ongoing kiss to whine shamelessly, something which seems to spur Bucky to pluck the strings of your body even more diligently.
“God, don’t stop,” you moan, your muscles taut and your walls clenching as you race towards your orgasm.
The movement of Bucky’s soaked fingers stutters slightly as your pussy fights to keep him inside and your breath catches in your throat. A tingling begins in your toes, traveling up your calves and through your thighs. Just as you reach the precipice, Bucky freezes, effectively ruining your coveted orgasm. A strangled and desperate scream rips from you when you tip your head forward to level a deadly glare on Bucky. You’re met with a grin that positively oozes arrogance and you nearly punch it right off his face.
“Turn around,” Bucky snarls. “I’m going to fuck you.”
Suddenly feeling significantly more forgiving, you heed his instruction and shuffle your feet to rotate as you lower your panties for him. Your sweaty hands leave streaks on the elevator walls and your core clenches expectantly when you hear the sound of Bucky unlatching his belt and lowering his own pants. The heat of his flesh bleeds into your own as he presses his muscular thighs to the plump flesh of your ass and plants his palms beside yours. His hot, hard length slips between your legs and the stimulation as he drags it along your dripping slit has you feeling dizzy and euphoric.
Bucky pants the words against the nape of your neck when the head of his dick catches on your needy hole. Your hips swivel of their own accord, silently begging for the man behind you to take mercy and impale you on his throbbing length. With his hands shifting to your hips, Bucky’s fingers dig unforgivingly into your pelvis as his cock drives ferociously into you. Your respective moans mingle in a symphony of pleasure, ringing in your ears and echoing around you. 
“Move...please,” you beg.
The wiggling of your hips gives Bucky no choice in the matter, so he pulls back before slamming home several times. The wet, slurping sounds of your pussy are pornographic and salacious, though Bucky points it out so enthusiastically that you’re far from ashamed. When your orgasm builds again, this time you meet each and every one of his thrusts with fervor. A litany of wanton grunts leave your lips, forced out with every rough jostle of your body. You beg and plead, your words anguished as you beseech Bucky to let you cum. 
Your pussy clenches just before the wave hits and Bucky immediately ceases all movement. With a wretched cry, you cant your hips in search of any sort of friction, but he uses his hold on your hips to immobilize you completely. Slamming your fists into the wall before you, you unleash a deeply frustrated screech. 
“Bucky, what the fuck?!”
His cock nearly slips from your body when you twist around to see his infuriatingly self-satisfied smile. He raises onto his toes, pushing his hips upward and feeding every inch of himself into your slippery cunt to prevent that. The slow drag of his thick cock distracts you from your anger as Bucky focuses on sending you right to the edge all over again. Your nerves sing with the stretch of him filling you, every bump and ridge of his veiny erection hitting you just right. Bucky fits his arm between your body and the wall, wedging his metallic forearm along the front of your throat with the perfect amount of pressure. Your head spins with the subtle lack of oxygen and you begin to feel yourself falling once more.
Though you’re flooded with pleasure, you need more; you need Bucky to move faster or at least some sort of further stimulation on your neglected clit to get you there. Your fingertips barely make contact with the sticky flesh before the titanium limb disappears and shoves its way between your legs to tug your exploring digits away disapprovingly.
“No! Please, Buck...please,” you whimper with a voice you hardly recognize as your own.
“You need to learn some fuckin’ patience,” he breathes down your neck.
The wrist trapped in his steely grasp is raised far above your head where the other soon joins it. Bucky moves at an excruciating and glacial pace as he fucks into you — steadily, leisurely, teasingly. He isn’t giving you anywhere near enough and he knows it. Revels in it, even. You’re helpless to do anything besides stand there and take it. At long last, his hand slithers between your damp thighs and he lands a soft slap against your sodden center where his body impales yours. He soothes the stinging sensation by circling your clit expertly with his coarse fingertips. The sensation is phenomenal, but it still isn’t enough. 
“I can’t, Bucky. Please,” you wail. “I need to cum.”
“I thought you could handle yourself,” he taunts, having the gall to openly laugh at the state of you. “Not so tough now, are you?”
You’re nearly sobbing now and Bucky has no intentions of letting up until you do. Picking up the pace, he swirls his moist fingers with more intensity and a most unholy amount of pressure. You mewl raucously, your body wrecked both by his ministrations and the cruel way he edges you. Just as your thighs begin to quiver and your pussy ripples along his girthy cock, he stops again. 
This time you see red and you throw your weight backwards to knock Bucky off balance. The impact has no effect on the formidable man and he merely soothes you with a wide palm splayed across your back, paired with a plethora of whispered placations and breathy shushes. When finally you calm beneath him, his dexterous hand returns to your weeping core to work you up yet again.
Bucky draws your torture out for several more long and agonizing minutes; allowing you what you want only when you remain still for him. Each time you wriggle in his grasp to seek out your own pleasure, he halts; making you wait before he begins to pump his hips again. 
Eventually, the lesson Bucky is attempting to teach you begins to sink in and you remain motionless, allowing him to give what he thinks you deserve, when you deserve it. He celebrates your obedience and to truly drive the point home, he sets about delivering a series of well-aimed and deliciously deep thrusts. Your cyclical exhalations create a patch of condensation that clouds the silver panel you’re pinned against; spreading and shrinking with each sound Bucky evokes as he fucks you into oblivion. The leather of his vest creaks and his loosened belt rattles with each brutal thrust.
Using the leverage of his height to pin your aching wrists in place, Bucky mashes his body against yours as his hips bang energetically against your own. His control snaps then and his feral grunts drown out the whiny little moans you produce as his cock drives furiously up into your pliable body. Moist fingers dig into your cheeks, forcing your lips to purse as drool dribbles down your chin and your own juices smear along your face.
“That’s it,” Bucky praises breathlessly. “You’re doing so well for me.”
The combination of his words and the way he’s destroying you from the inside out has you tumbling headfirst towards the finish line. You refuse to believe he’ll stop now, though even if he does, you’re certain you’ll still orgasm uncontrollably — around his cock or not. You’re too far gone not to. Bucky places a line of wet, sloppy kisses to your neck and it’s your undoing. He growls through clenched teeth, his sweat-slicked forehead braced against your shoulder as his cock pistons into you with ease.
“Oh, god. Oh my god. Oh my fucking god.”
“Just like that,” Bucky encourages, nearly shouting at you. “Good girl. Cum for can do it.”
Your orgasm hits you like a freight train and your collapsing body seizes up. This time you do cry, tears spilling from your eyes as your body spasms violently. The way your pussy squeezes Bucky’s swelling cock is almost painful — sinfully so — and it sets off his own bone-rattling climax. He spills deep inside your convulsing pussy, the viscous stickiness adding to the flood of moisture already seeping out of you. 
Bucky wraps a supportive arm around your waist as you shiver against him; his other hand sweeps the tendrils of his brunette hair out of his face as his own body twitches with release. You reach back, carding your fingers through the sweat-soaked roots near his temple and holding Bucky’s head where it returns against your shoulder.
“Jesus,” you laugh incredulously.
“I’ll say.”
Bucky laughs with you as he moves to step away. You moan in protest, not wanting him to pull free from between your slick thighs; you can’t stand the thought of losing his warmth, you want to stay here forever. He plants a kiss on your shoulder and slaps your ass playfully when you clench your walls to hold his softening cock in place. Admittedly though, your shaking legs won’t hold you up for much longer so you release him. A gush of combined fluids drips from your used pussy and collects in your half-discarded panties. Bucky watches the flow of cum, intrigued and enraptured, his dilating pupils putting his reignited arousal on full display.
Shaking his head to redirect his attention, Bucky carefully slides your soiled panties back up your legs, situating the sticky material at the apex of your thighs. He presses a single finger to your core, tracing your lips through the cum-soaked material. The way Bucky’s teeth gnash viciously against his bottom lip has you worried he’ll soon draw blood. Reaching for your wrinkled pants, you yank them up and fasten the button with shaky fingers. Bucky does the same, righting his own clothes and attempting to make himself presentable before he disengages the emergency stop.
“I hope no one came looking for us,” he chuckles.
“I think they were all too busy running to the dining hall or back to their rooms in the hopes of avoiding you and Nat’s wrath.”
Bucky chortles deeply at your statement, wordlessly agreeing with your assumption. When the elevator jolts to a stop and the doors whoosh open, your heart jumps to your throat. Suddenly incredibly self-aware of your appearances, you and Bucky both unknowingly adopt expressions of guilt as Sam is revealed to you. 
His arms sit crossed atop his broad chest as he paces impatiently. When the elevator dings loudly, he whips around to glare at the pair of you. His expression immediately falls as he takes in the image of you — disheveled and inexplicably remorseful. As it dawns on him, his arms flop to his sides where they dangle in defeat and disgust.
“Oh, gross,” he laments childishly. “Shoulda just taken the stairs.”
You can’t hold back the giggle that tumbles from you as Sam stomps begrudgingly towards the stairwell. Bucky bumps into your side, laughing along with you as you exit the elevator. Before you get very far, Sam circles back and calls your name.
“How’d the mission go? I’m on my way to see Tony and I wanna know on a scale of 1 to 10 what level of ass-reaming we’re all gonna get.”
“Oh, yeah,” you mutter to yourself as you reach into the hidden pocket of your blazer. “Give ‘em this when you see him.”
You toss the USB drive down the hall and Sam snatches it out of the air. Sure, you’d gotten caught, but not before downloading copies of all the files you’d found on the computer. Bucky cocks his head at you, mouth gaping in disbelief as you merely shrug like it’s no big deal. On weak and weary legs, you head for your room and Bucky trails a bit behind you. When his fingers circle your arm gently you turn to meet his curious gaze. 
“You still want that shower?” he ponders, tossing his head in the direction of his room.
The look in his eyes promises all matters of lascivious activities and you’re powerless to turn him down or say no to the silent plea you find in his expression. Plus, you’re not sure if his lesson has stuck or if you’ve truly learned to be patient, however, practice makes perfect and you’re willing to give it another go. Your body will be horrifically sore by tomorrow, you’re sure, but at least it’ll be worth it.
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Tags: @writingsbychlo​ @calums-betch​ @bangtanxberm​ @ladyyystark​ @buckyys-doll​
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x HYDRA!Reader
Word Count: 3,616
Summary: You were only in New York for a recon mission. Seek out and assess the threat. But when you get distracted by a handsome soldier, plans change.
Notes: I’m so excited for this series. I’ve been working on it for a long time and it’s one of my favorites!!
You were sneaking through the crowd, trying to get a spot close to the stage. You were assigned to the Modern Marvels Pavillion to check on what Howard Stark was working on. The information you were given was that he was a threat and though you weren’t allowed to engage, you had to see what he was unveiling. You didn’t protest when your orders told you to only observe. You knew it’d be too public to make any sort of attempt on the potential inventor’s life. Upon your arrival, you quickly realized it was the best decision.
You figured no one objected to you pushing past them since you weren’t really tall enough to block anyone’s view. You kept your head down and muttered an ‘Excuse me’ and ‘Pardon me’ as you crept through the tight-knit group. You reached a point where it was too tight for even you to squeeze through, so you settled for your spot with a silent disappointed sigh.
“What’s the matter?” The man beside you asked. You turned your head and had to lift your eyes to see his face. “Don’t tell me your boyfriend bailed on you.”
He was nothing short of beautiful. He wore an officer’s uniform and a smile of pure joy. You could tell that under his cap, his hair was neatly combed. He carried himself with an easy-going pride that said he knew he was pretty, but he knew he was more than that. You were stunned into a momentary silence while his eyes scanned your face. He wasn’t necessarily searching for something, but more likely just seeing you.
“Oh, no. Nothing like that. And trust me, if I had a boyfriend, he’d know better than to stand me up.” You finally answered with a nervous smile. “I just wanted to see a bit better is all. I’ve heard a lot about Howard Stark’s advancements. Can’t blame a girl for being excited.” You shrugged, as if to accept your defeat.
“In that case… You can go ahead and stand here.” He gently took your hand and pulled you in front of him. You offered no resistance as your feet took those few steps. “How’s that?”
From your new position, there were fewer heads in front of you. You were able to see the entirety of the stage and Howard’s project. At the moment, it seemed to be a plain old car. You noticed quickly that the boy hadn’t taken his hand away and you found your stomach doing flips. Part of you didn’t want him to, but a bigger part knew he was a distraction.
“Yes, much better.” You said honestly, refusing to take your eyes from the stage. “Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it.” He said simply and even though you weren’t looking, you could hear a proud little smile in his voice.
The display was quick and seemingly failed. Howard had introduced his project, which was a flying car. You were amazed that that was even a possibility. In your head, that wouldn’t be possible in your century. You had to admit that his progress was impressive, even if the display collapsed on itself.
You decided Howard wasn’t an immediate threat. You discounted the so-called inventor as nothing more than a basement tinkerer at the moment. You did recognize that he had potential to be dangerous, but at that exact moment in time, he wasn’t something to be concerned about. You would report that he should be monitored, but no immediate actions were necessary.
“Did you have any plans tonight?” The boy asked once the applause had ended and the crowd began to dissipate.
“No, not really.” You shook your head as you turned to face him. “Really, I just came to see this.” You nodded behind you towards the now empty stage, save for the demonstration vehicle. “I’m a bit of a technology and science enthusiast.”
“Incredible, isn’t it?” He beamed. You couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm. He was so enthralled with the future of technology. It was rather cute. And now that your assignment was complete, you could enjoy your night.
“Yes, truly.” You chuckled. “And you, Soldier? Where are you off to?”
“If I’m lucky, dancing with a beautiful little lady.” He flirted shamelessly. He reached for your hand again, his thumb gently stroking your knuckles.
You cleared your throat in a lame attempt to regain your composure. His simple touches flustered you more than expected. “Are all the men in the Army so forward or is it just you?” You teased, lifting a hand to flick the crooked bill of his hat. “Cute.”
“Well, I ship out to England first thing tomorrow so I wouldn’t want to miss my chance.”
“Tomorrow?” You tilted your head in question. You were almost disappointed. “What unit are you with?”
“The 107th.” He nodded proudly. You hoped the answer would stick in your memory, just in case you needed him later. Or he needed you.
“And you want to go dancing?” Your brows arched. “With me?”
“If you’ll have me.” He gave you a kind smile.
“I’m not the kind to fall for a guy who flashes a smile.” You teased with a smile of your own.
“Ooh.” He feigned offense. “That one hurt, Doll.”
You couldn't help but laugh.
“I have to admit, I don’t know how to dance that well.” You toyed with a coy smile.
“I’m sure I could teach you a thing or two.” He replied with a playful smirk. He offered an arm to you and you paused as if you were still contemplating. You knew your report was expected immediately, but a slight delay wouldn’t be the end. It wasn’t as if Howard Stark would suddenly threaten your superiors within the next few hours.
“Do I get to know the name of my dear hero?” You asked with a laugh as you hooked your arm through his. “Or should I come up with a nickname of my own for you? I’m sure I can think of something.”
“Sergeant James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky.” He smiled widely. “And you are?”
“Y/N.” You replied. “Y/N Cervantes.”
You glanced over for his reaction and saw his brows raise, clearly taken back by your answer. You weren’t sure what he was expecting. You couldn’t help but laugh at his response. Your own laugh made him laugh as well.
“My family’s not from New York.” You explained. You knew that you should keep your identity secret, come up with some alias so no one could find you later. But you doubted you would see the boy again, being that he’d be gone the next day. And you knew you wouldn’t be around if he came back. “We’re from California, actually. We moved a few years ago when my father got transferred to a factory here.”
That was the lie you told everyone, no matter where you ended up. You were never around long enough to see when or if people discovered that you had no parents.
“Y/N… I like it.” He smiled.
Something about that smile made your heart skip a beat. He was truly the most beautiful boy you had ever seen. It almost disappointed you that you’d likely never see him again. You couldn’t keep your eyes off him.
As you two were leaving, you noticed his attention caught elsewhere. Following his line of sight, you saw a small, vaguely familiar figure. He was a short, skinny boy with a head of cleany styled blonde hair. He had a determined set to his shoulders as he stood in the recruitment tent. Your new friend, James, sighed heavily.
“Are you going to introduce me to your friend over there?” You asked finally, breaking his stare from the boy. He looked over at you and chuckled, nodding his head towards the tent.
“Anything you wish.” He replied happily, though you could tell there was an underlying annoyance. You weren’t sure if it was directed at you or the blond’s actions.
“Seriously?” James asked his friend as you two approached. “How many times are you going to try this?”
“Who’s your friend?” The blond tried to change the subject.
“Y/N Cervantes.” You smiled with a polite nod.
“Steve Rogers.” He nodded in return. “How’d you end up with this guy?”
“He gave me a better spot to see Howard Stark, so I figured I owed him a dance at least.” You shrugged casually. “And you?”
“Grew up with him.” He smiled fondly. Clearly, the two were very close and you momentarily longed for that type of friendship. You quickly shook the thoughts, remembering that you had given that life up when you began to fully participate in the organization your family left you with.
“How quaint.” You smiled slightly.
“You know lying on your enlistment form is a federal offense.” James commented, staring at Steve in annoyance. You couldn’t help but examine his features. You noted the angle of his jaw, the curve of his lips as he spoke and the way his eyebrows punctuated his words. “Who you gonna be this time? Steve from Ohio? They’re gonna catch you, or worse, they’ll actually take you.”
“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky!” Steve groaned, trying to cut off his friend. “There are men laying down their lives. I got no right to do any less than them.”
“To be fair…” You tried. “You’ve gotta admit it’s rather admirable to be so determined.”
“Thank you, Y/N.” Steve smiled proudly, as if your input was what he needed to win. James looked over at you, his expression showing amused surprise.
“Who’s side are you on, little lady?” He teased and you smacked his arm lightly.
“This isn’t about me.” Steve added.
“Right.. Cause you got nothing to prove.” James challenged.
“If I may, one more time..” You tried. You noticed at the check in podium a man who resembled a photo you had seen floating around your organization, but his name escaped you. He was watching your interactions with interest and part of you worried he knew who you were or who you worked for. “I don’t think you can stop him, James. He seems very persistent. I think it’s sweet.”
James looked between you and Steve before sighing.
“Don’t do anything stupid until I get back.” He said reluctantly. James gently took his arm from yours and hugged his friend tightly.
“How can I?” Steve replied as he patted James on the back affectionately. “You’re taking all the stupid with you.”
You couldn’t help but giggle.
“And don’t win the war till I get there!” Steve called as you two started to leave.
You wished Steve good luck before hooking your arm through James’ again and following his lead. He took you to a small club, alive with music and cheers. You noted there were maybe dozens of boys in military uniforms, chatting up girls and obviously flirting. It was likely their last night too.
“So you’ve never danced before?” James asked while he led to the dancefloor.
“I have.” You nodded slightly. “The dances I know are just… different.”
“Just follow my lead, Doll.” He winked before pulling you close. His hand pressed against your lower back gently, sending a tingle along your skin. A gasp escaped you at his sudden movement and you noted his small smirk that followed. You followed his lead during the music, letting him direct your steps.
“Sergeant Barnes.” You smiled, partly in amusement and partly in embarrassment. “Are you this forward with all your dates?”
“Only the ones I really like.” He shrugged casually, taking his cap from his head and placing it on yours. “Which doesn’t happen all that often.”
“A boy as good looking as you?” Your brows raised in a slight challenge as the hat tipped forward and covered your eyes. “You should have to beat the women off with a stick.”
He tilted his head back to laugh. “You think I’m good looking?” Was his only response while he repositioned the hat.
“I’m here with you, aren’t I?” You said softly. “Y’know, I don’t usually swoon but I’m over the moon.” You smiled.
“Fallin’ for me already, hmm?” He teased lightly.
“Head over heels.” You giggled. “I’m gonna be your girl.”
“I can get behind that.”
A couple songs later, the music slowed after the singer announced that it was the couples’ turn to enjoy a dance. James smiled softly and pulled you close again. You wrapped your arms over his shoulders while his hands were respectfully on your waist.
“What a gentleman.” You teased slightly. You paused before your next statement, thinking if you really wanted to say it. It would likely ruin the evening, but maybe that needed to happen. “Tell me, James..”
“When you leave, will you forget me?” You asked simply. The logical part of your brain was hoping for a yes. You knew it’d be better for you at least if he didn’t look back. You hoped he had a list of girls that would be waiting for him when he came back. The emotional part of your brain was hoping for a no. That part of you wanted him to be interested in seeing you after the war. But largely, you knew that wasn’t possible.
You didn’t expect to be in New York much longer. The war was changing everyday and sooner or later, you’d be needed with your organization overseas. You had heard rumors from the crowd that Howard Stark would be working with the U.S. Army soon, so once your superiors got your report, you’d likely be required to leave. But dammit it all if James didn’t make you want to stay.
“Are you trying to tell me something?” He asked lightly. You wondered if he was trying to lessen the blow.
“If you’re implying that I have other commitments, I told you earlier that I don’t, Lover Boy.” You replied. Even though you did have commitments, it wasn’t the type of commitments the conversation was referring to. “I just figured that it’s only one night and you’ll be gone tomorrow. I tend not to make lasting impressions.”
A small chuckle shook his chest. “You think I’ll ever forget the way those eyes look at me?” He asked softly. The low tone of his voice caused a blush to creep across your cheeks. “And that smile? Oh boy! I couldn’t forget that if I tried.”
“Well don’t try too hard then.” You smiled giddily. You had never felt those kinds of feelings, and you never wanted to lose that spark in your chest.
“Is my girl gonna forget me?” He teased with a smile.
“Not if I tried.” You sighed fondly. And you knew you would have to try.
The night continued into the late hours, dancing and talking and drinking, and James was kind enough to walk you home. He put his arm around your shoulders this time around and your arm was around his back, the other hand reached up and linked your fingers together.
The more you were around James and the more physical affection you two shared, you knew it would only make it harder for you. But you supposed since you were both heading off, him to the US Army and you to the opposing side, it would be something you both let fade from memory over time. No matter what words you exchanged tonight, it wasn’t in the cards for you two to stay together. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with enjoying something for yourself for once.
“I had a good time. It was enchanting to meet you.” You told him sweetly as you approached your front door. You took his cap from your head and spun it a couple times before placing it back on his head, positioning it at the crooked angle he had it at earlier. “Thanks for letting me stand in front of you.”
“Best decision I ever made.” He smiled proudly. He pressed a gentle kiss to your knuckles and you couldn’t stop the smile coming to your lips. You reached behind you for the knob and leaned against the wood.
“I don’t really want to go inside.” You chuckled nervously. You knew once you crossed the threshold, you’d lose James.
“I don’t really want to leave either.” He returned your sentiment.
“Promise me something, Handsome.” You tried. You regret the words as soon as they left your lips but it was too late. You already said them.
“Anything you wish.” He replied softly.
“You gotta write me..” You smiled slightly. You didn’t need to keep layering your facade but you really did want to keep contact with James as long as you could. “Whenever you can… Just so I know you won’t forget me.”
“I’d never forget my girl.” He nodded. “But I promise.”
“Your girl, huh?” You teased with a quirk of your brow. “That’s the second time you’ve said that tonight.”
“Yeah.” He said proudly. “My girl.”
“I like the sound of that, actually. As long as I’m the only girl you’re sayin’ that to.” You confessed. “Wait here a minute.”
You stepped through the doorway and grabbed the small notepad and pen you kept on the side table. You wrote the address you were currently at and drew a quick heart. You went back outside and held the paper to James. “So you know where to send the letters.” You winked.
He took the paper slowly, letting his fingers brush over yours. “Good night, Y/N.” He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on your cheek. You knew your face had instantly turned bright pink.
“Wait.” You said suddenly. “If you’re gonna do it, do it right.”
You put one hand on his shoulder and the other behind his neck. Standing on your toes to meet him halfway, you pulled him in for a real kiss. Your mind was racing, scolding you for giving in but enjoying the sweet moment. His hands found your hips, pulling you that much closer.
You were the one to pull away, slowly and only because you knew the moment couldn’t last. You put your arms around his shoulders tightly and his arms circled around your waist. Everything in your heart was telling you that James was something special, that there would never be a man you connected with like him. But your head overruled your heart and told you to let him go.
“Good night, James.” You said finally, backing away from him. “My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again.”
With that closing sentiment, he headed off. You leaned in your open doorway for a few minutes to watch him go. He turned a couple times and caught your eye, only able to offer a wide grin in return. You saluted him and blew a kiss his way before ducking back inside. After a few moments spent reminiscing on your sweet night with James, you refocused on your assignment.
You sat at your dining table and scribbled your report. You wrote what you had seen, what you concluded, and the rumors you had heard. You quickly folded the paper and tucked it into the usual envelope before rushing to your room.
You pulled the trunk from under your bed and threw it on top. Undoing the clasp, you opened it to your uniform. You traded your skirt and button up blouse for a pair of slim fitted pants and a zipper-front long sleeve top. Both garments were black to blend in with the shadows. You pulled on your usual boots and threw on your hooded cloak.You wiped your face clean of your lipstick and pinned your loose hair out of your way.
You kicked the trunk back to it’s hiding place before grabbing the envelope from the table and leaving. You flipped up your hood and kept your head down as you wandered to your designated meeting place. You tried to keep to side streets and alleyways, hoping to avoid any interactions.
“You’re late.” Your associate commented as you reached the position.
“I’m aware.” You rolled your eyes under your hood as you pulled out the envelope. “I have my report and that’s what matters, isn’t it?”
“The boss won’t appreciate that it’s late.”
“Then I’ll deal with the boss, which isn’t you in case you forgot.” You threw your hood back in annoyance before you waved the envelope. “Do you want this or not? I’m very busy.”
“Who were you with?” He challenged as he snatched the envelope. “You reek of a cheap bar and men’s soap.”
“A soldier I met on assignment.” You shrugged. “He walked me home.”
“You’re going to compromise us all.”
“He’s shipping out in the morning.” You spat quickly, too quickly. “He’ll be dead in no time, most likely.” The words tasted bitter in your mouth but you had to say them, if not to protect James’ identity than to protect yourself.
“You better hope so.”
You prayed for the opposite.
“He won’t even remember me… It’ll be like a fever dream.” You reasoned.
“No.” He shook his head with an amused chuckle. “More like a Nightmare.”
You bit your tongue from commenting on your alias. You didn’t mind being called Nightmare. In fact, you thought it fitting due to your uniform choice and terrifying promise in your organization. But when your associate said it in regards to James, it made your blood boil.
“Hail HYDRA.” Your associate nodded as he tucked the envelope in his jacket.
“Hail HYDRA.” You nodded before throwing your hood back on and heading back to your place.
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gryffindorwriter · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
DECEMBER DRABBLES – DAY TWO: "Can we make snow angels?" with Bucky Barnes from Marvel.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes’ idea of the perfect Christmas was simple.
He gets to enjoy at least one beer in peace, without interruptions.
He gets to watch his family open their gifts before he opens any of his.
He does not go outside in the cold whatsoever.
He’d just forgotten one simple thing. The fact that his six year old daughter was obsessed with the snow, had gotten his trait of wanting to watch everyone open their gifts before she did and was very, very talkative.
And so, his idea of the perfect Christmas went out the window.
He’d just gotten comfortable on the couch with his beer when she bounded into the room, holding a pair of red gloves in the air, grinning from ear to ear. She ran straight past him and to the window, watching as the snow settled on the ground outside. It had been snowing all day long.
“Dad,” she started, face still pressed to the glass, “Can we make snow angels?”
Bucky sat his unopened beer down on the coffee table. “Did you ask mom?”
She spun around and shook her head. “Mom will say no. You always say yes.”
As if by magic, you walked into the room at that exact moment. Eyebrows raised, you looked across the room at your daughter as Bucky reached out an arm and tugged you towards him.
“Do I always say no?” You hummed, questioning your daughter.
She nodded in confirmation. “Always.”
“Well, I guess you should see what your dad says, then.”
You looked down at Bucky, who had an arm wrapped around your waist from his seat. He smiled at you, amused at your daughters antics. You already knew that he would say yes. He was completely soft for her, just like he was for you.
“I think snow angels are a great idea, honey,” Bucky agreed.
Her squeal was loud and you winced a little at the sound, though it was quickly over as she sprinted from the room to the hall to grab her coat and boots. Bucky stood up from the chair, following you and your daughter out.
“You’ll be okay in the snow? It’s cold out there,” You asked him quietly.
Bucky nodded. “Yeah, should be. We’ll see, doll.” He winked at you before grabbing his own coat and slipping on his boots, following your daughter out into the snow.
You stood at the door, choosing to stay at least half in the warmth, and watched as your family flopped down on the ground and started making snow angels in the front yard. Your daughter’s laughter was beautiful, as was the sound of Bucky’s.
It was a simple thing, making snow angels on a December evening, but it made the season feel so much more special to the three of you. Making memories with your daughter, having Bucky able to be there for her. It was a gift neither of you would ever take for granted.
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Maybe Love Is Hate, pt. 6
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky and Reader completely despise each other. Things escalate further when they go on a mission together.
A/N - so I tried to give y’all a little more insight to what’s going on in the readers head. I tried to give her a little more characterization bc mainly, I’ve just been showing how Bucky feels about everything. Also, I’m so bad at writing action scenes/missions. Excuse my brevity in that area. Possibly a bit of inspo from criminal minds here. There’s a whole piece missing from this, I forgot to finish writing it so pls ignore how quickly I cut into the mission. I literally forgot to go back and write more and I’m not gonna fix it now LMAO.
Content warnings: language, sexual content, commitment issues, brief mentions of past bad relationship, implied ostracism if you squint, canon typical violence, guns and weapons, severe injury, description of blood and wound, slight angst ig?, self-blame, reader is enhanced with basic powers
Saying you didn’t want to deal with the Bucky predicament until the mission was over, seemed to be complete bullshit. It was all you could think about. There wasn’t a single second that he wasn’t on your mind and there was a lot to take into consideration.
The fact that you just had sex with him again, the major emotional outbursts you’d both had, his confession of liking you since the day he met you. Those were already a lot to process, but prompting a relationship was throwing your mind on a loop. You were arguing with yourself internally. As if your heart was fighting your brain.
Of course, there was the obvious, the fact you’d already pointed out to him. Your relationship with Bucky was anything but healthy. Being friends with benefits or dating, had a high chance of amplifying that toxicity. It was something you didn’t want to deal with. You wouldn’t be able to handle it. The way things were now already drained you more than you’d like to admit.
Imagining dating him, having him treat you badly, was not a pretty picture. It was practically a nightmare.
On the other hand though, you weren’t sure if it’d actually be that bad. Despite everything, you knew deep down that Bucky was a good guy. You knew that if he tried to better himself, he probably would succeed.
More so, you saw the real him that night at Applebee’s. He was actually sweet. Almost timid, even. Not even the slightest bit what you’d been used to. Hell, you saw that same soft side both times you’d had sex. When he looked at you, all starry eyed, with all the hope and admiration in the world.
It was so damn endearing that it freaked you the fuck out. You figured that maybe you should introspect a little bit here. Were you really that convinced he’d be a horrible companion, or was it your own deep rooted fear of falling in love and your commitment issues, standing in the way?
Maybe a mix, you figured, not really wanting to dive into those nasty parts of yourself. You truthfully had all the reasons in the world to not forgive him. To shut this down immediately, without second thought. You couldn’t bring yourself to do that though. A part of you couldn’t help but like him. He was definitely funny, and smart, interesting even. But did his good outweigh all the bad he’d done to you? You weren’t sure.
You at least put together the pieces to half way understand his actions. It took thorough contemplation but you grasped the idea. He was just deeply insecure. Bucky viewed himself with nothing but hatred. So much so, that he’d been projecting it on to you. He didn’t feel good enough so he automatically assumed you didn’t think he was good enough either.
All along, he’d been faking this enemies-esque relationship. It was false hostility he created as a defense mechanism. And damnit, that shouldn’t be an excuse, but you couldn’t help sympathizing with him. Screw Bucky for how he hit your soft spot. It made you want to forgive him asap.
Your mind warned you of the risk though. It reminded you of your previous failed relationships, more specifically, one douche bag boyfriend in particular. Your ex had been one hell of an experience, literally, hell. You absolutely did not want to put up with something like that again. That fear, that carefulness, followed you years later into dating. It was to the point that you were overly careful, nearly withdrawing completely from love. You stuck to one night stands and non-serious dating that didn’t go past a third meet up.
After considering your typical dating life, it struck you in a flash that maybe you had been leading Bucky on a bit. Treating him these past few days similarly to how you would a tinder date that you had no real intentions of being with. You felt kinda awful. You knew it wasn’t very fair. Then again, this weird dance you’d been doing around each other had only been going on for a week. It wasn’t that bad to just hook up with him, right?
Maybe not, if you’d let it end here. Your thoughts came back full circle, making you almost want to scream out loud in frustration. Why did it have to be so complicated?
You kinda liked Bucky, for the few sparks of connections you’d shared, the nicer sides of him. You liked being in his good side. You’d always had a physical attraction to him. You could see yourself falling for him, if you gave him a chance. You knew you’d end up head over heels. And that’s what terrified you. There’d been so many red flags, so much wrong doing on both sides. You couldn’t just take that leap of faith into a relationship with him.
But that didn’t mean you couldn’t be friends, right? You weren’t sure of that either. It was funny, really, thinking about being friends.
You didn’t even know what you’d call your relationship to him right now. A coworker? Not exactly, you spent too much time together. A partner? Hell no, you didn’t work together unless it was in groups. Family? That’s what you called the rest of the avengers. But that wasn’t it either, you fought too much. Too hostile towards each other to call him family.
You settled on just a guy you happen to know. Nothing more than that. But now that guy wanted to develop something more. Not jump a pond to being acquaintances, but rather cross a whole ocean into love. It was unrealistic.
This was all giving you a head ache. It shouldn’t be though. You convinced yourself he didn’t really mean anything to you. So this whole predicament should be at the very bottom of your priorities. You were going to force yourself to compartmentalize.
That afternoon, you’d finally gotten a lead. Three days do waiting, three days of nothing and it was finally time to put an end to this.
Sam had been able to track the group to an abandoned factory, twelve miles out out town.
You were certainly out numbered, but the three of you quite easily overpowered your enemies. Taking them down swiftly one by one. It looked like a chaotic mess of fighting, one huge room filled with fists flying and bodies falling over. It was under control though.
You let your two partners take on more of the hand to hand combat, take on more enemies than you were. You had a dual focus, your second being to eliminate any weaponry you saw. Wether using your telekinesis to rip it from a pair of hands and smash it against a wall or using it with a mix of your pyrokinesis to make them combust from the inside out. You’d been succeeding in destroying them. It was an easy feat for you to do. Each weapon was large, unconcealable and none were out of your reach thanks to your abilities.
The three of you had mostly taken them all down, but a few more rushed into the building. It was no problem. None of you saw it as a larger threat than before. Everything was fine. It was all under control. Until the sound of two gun shots rang in the air.
One of the bullets brushed past you, thankfully missing by a good couple of inches, but still you were shaken up a bit. You turned your head to see where the or the shit had went and your eyes fell on Bucky’s body, falling limply to the ground.
Your mouth went slightly agape, your breathing became heavily labored. Everything around you was drowning out, the sounds felt muffled and distant, your eyes only focused one thing that mattered. Your hands were visibly shaking as fear and anger mixed together and took over your body. With merely a half of a thought and mainly overbearing emotion, your mind blasted the four remaining enemies into the concrete walls.
You didn’t even realize you’d taken them all out, you were in a haze as you rushed over to the bleeding man. Your surroundings had become non existent at this point, the only thing that mattered was Bucky. You pulled him up gently and leaned him against the wall.
You kneeled down in front of him. The color was drained from his face, his head was tilted to side as his eyes fluttered open and shut. The shot had hit him in the neck, blood was gushing out of the hole profusely. You pulled the knife from his leg holster and cut off a piece of your suit, to apply the cloth to his neck.
With one hand, you put down pressure of the wound, hoping to delay the bleeding. You used your other hand to caress his cheek, tapping lightly against it to keep him stimulated.
“I need you to stay awake for me, okay? Stay awake.” You spoke, voice shaking, practically begging him.
You could tell Bucky was out of it, terrifyingly so. The weight of his head began to push down on your palm, his eyes started roll backwards. You pushed upward a little bit forcefully, trying to keep his attention as much as possible.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey…it’s okay, I’ve got you buddy. I’ve got you.” You cooed, frantically, tears pricking your eyes. You felt a hand on your shoulder and it drew you out of your tunneled focus. “Sam? Sam. Call an ambulance. He needs a medic, he needs-“
“I already did. They’re on their way. Just calm down, for Bucky’s sake.” He spoke, sounding level headed but his eyes contained as much fear as yours. “I’m gonna head right outside, so the medics and cops can see where we’re at. Yell if you need anything, okay?”
You nodded fervently before returning your attention to Bucky. His eyes started to roll back again, this time closing completely afterwards.
“Buck…Buck…come on, stay with me, buddy.” You patted his face lightly with your free hand, trying to keep him awake. A small amount of relief flushed over you when his eyes opened again. “There ya go buck…you got this. I just need you to stay awake for me.”
His eyes met yours. You couldn’t tell wether he was recollecting what you were saying or not but the eye contact had to be a good sign after he’d been fading in and out of consciousness. You felt the cloth get overly damp now, blood had completely soaked it through. His breaths were shallow, rough sounding. Your worry only increased by the second.
“You’re gonna be okay, baby.” You didn’t even realize you’d just called him ‘baby’. It just slipped out naturally. You moved closer to him, still applying pressure but leaning your forehead against his. “I’ve got you.”
Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for the ambulance to arrive. You’d been pulled away from the man and were now placed in the arms of Sam, holding on to each other for comfort in the midst of this panic. Worrisome tears trailed your cheeks as you watched Bucky get rolled off on the gurney.
The only light was watching the men responsible, the men you’d been after for days, finally get put in hand cuffs. Although right now, it felt a little less like they were the ones who caused this.
Guilt filled you completely. You felt as if it were your fault. You shouldn’t have let Bucky take on two people at once. You should’ve seen that guy enter with a gun. You should’ve done better. He had to pay for your poor handling of the situation. And above everything, you should’ve been treating him better all this time. You should’ve appreciated him more. Considering he was in critical condition, you were terrified of the possibility that might you never get the chance to make it up.
Taglist: @husherstan @vicmc624 @buckyys-doll @xxbuckysbxx @lucymfer @philiasoul @redbarn1995 @scxrletrecsmarvel @spaceprincessss @igotmajordaddyissues @18-months-myass @everythingiloveandcherish @michaelfuckinglangdon @nerdy-bookworm-1998
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You Are My Greatest Accomplishment
Tumblr media
Day 1: Given as a Gift
Fandom: Marvel, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Winter Soldier
Word Count: 4122
TW: torture, pain, brain washing, mind control, programing, death, lose of limb, pneumonia
Note: Third-person f!reader
Tumblr media
Bucky didn’t know how long he had been here, locked in this cell with a rattle in his chest and agony in his arm. His arm that was no longer there. Most of the time he forgot it was gone, the pain in the place it once had been felt as real as the time he broke it protecting Steve from the neighborhood bullies. Yet, every time he would turn his head, he was reminded of the fact that there was nothing remaining below his left elbow, except for the pain. He couldn’t even recall what happened. The last thing he remembered was Steve’s hand reaching out for him as his grip on the train faltered, and he plummeted into the unknown. After that, he woke up in this cell, cold, confused, and isolated. Guards brought him food and water twice a day and a doctor periodically changed the bandages on his arm, but besides that, he was alone. Time soon lost all meaning. Hours turned to days, days into weeks, weeks into months, until Bucky had a hard time remembering a life before this cage.
It soon began taking a toil on his body. Though he had Super Soldier Serum flowing through his veins, it could only do so much. As time lingered on in his cold, damp abode, he developed a nagging cough that at first seemed relatively harmless but soon grew into a spasm inducing affair. Curled up under his thin blanket, on a worn out cot barely big enough for his frame, Bucky prayed for this torture to end. But he should have been more specific in what he asked for.
One day, after almost a year in captivity, Bucky’s cell door swung open and a small man with glasses stepped into the cell. As he groggily stared at him, Bucky knew he recognized the man, but his frayed mind couldn’t recall from where or when. The man grinned wickedly at the prisoner before addressing him with a small tilt of his head. “Sergeant Barnes.”
And that was all. The man then signaled the guards to grab Bucky as he turned back and exited the room. Bucky flinched as the two guards grabbed him roughly under each arm and began dragging his broken-down frame across the room. It was the most human contact he had experienced in months and the whole ordeal was sending pricks of pain throughout his body.
The guards followed the man down the hall, their prisoner hauled along between them. After many twists and turns and a short elevator ride, they arrived at what looked like a laboratory of some kind. And there in the middle of the room surrounded by beakers, machinery, and what only could be described as torture devices, stood a woman in a white lab coat. Even with other scientists bustling around her, there was no doubt she was the one in charge, the leader of the group. Everything about her was steely and cold, from her piercing eyes to her freshly polished high heels. She stood straight as a rod as she moved from one experiment to the next, observing their progress. The man cleared his throat and her head immediately swiveled in his direction.
As her eyes settled on him, they narrowed slightly. “Zola. I had heard you were locked away in an American prison somewhere, left to rot for the remainder of your pitiful life.” Her voice was emotionless and harsh, with just a trace of a Russian accent.
“I had believed so as well, but it seems the Americans value power over justice. I have been recruited to assist their scientists in creating weapons and defenses against the Soviet Union.”
The leader scoffed. “And they came to you for this? And you agreed?”
“Well, it is better than life in prison. However, I do despise those arrogant Americans who ruined what could have been my greatest achievement. And as such, I have already started taking the necessary steps to take down their organization from the inside.”
“And what does any of this have to do with me?”
Zola chucked softly. “Well, my dear, you have always been one of my most valuable and talented scientists. And as such, I have brought you a gift.”
He signaled to the guards who dragged Bucky’s limp form into the room before tossing him at the woman’s feet. The impact with the hard ground shook loose some of the congestion in his chest and he broke down into a horrendous fit of painful coughing. The leader just stared blankly down at him, clearly unimpressed with the so-called gift. “And why would you bring me this inferior subject?”
“Ah, my dear, he is more than he seems. This is the only surviving recipient of my Super Soldier Serum.”
For the first time, Bucky saw a spark in the leader’s eyes. The cold indifference that she had been showing him transformed into savage fascination.
Using the tip of her toe, she tilted Bucky’s head back to get a better look at him. “Really? Huh, it seems I was wrong…. This is quite a gift after all.” She nudged his arm just above the amputation. “Though something will have to be done about this.”
Bucky jerked away sharply, a snarl on his face. The leader’s smirk grew larger. “Ah, and he still has some fight left in him. Good, it will make things more exciting.”
“That is why I am giving you full control over this project. If anyone can tame this wild stallion, it is you. Do what you feel is necessary but remember, we need him in his peak condition by the end. I have big plans for him. He is to be the new fist of HYDRA.”
“I understand.” She scrutinized Bucky as if she were a cat eyeing its prey. “It will take time, but every man breaks…. eventually.”
And break he did. Although he managed to fight longer than anyone had expected him to, she had been right. There was only so much a man could take before he was forced to submit.
Surprisingly, the first thing the leader had done in his transformation process was to treat his severe case of pneumonia. After being relocated to a cell that was much clearer, warmer, and dryer than the one he had been held in for all those months, Bucky was given antibiotics, pain pills, and an IV drip. To any outside observer, it might have appeared to be her way of softening him up or gaining his trust. However both she and Bucky knew the truth. He was no good to her in this weakened state. And by giving him the time to heal, she was able to set the next stage of her project into motion.
As soon as his breathing had improved and his chest was clear, Bucky was dragged back into the lab where he had first met the leader. But before he could even ask what was happening, an oxygen mask was strapped tightly over his mouth as he was strapped down to a table. He struggled as his shirt was cut from his body, leaving his upper half exposed. Scientists buzzed around him, prepping what looked like surgical knives and tools. But as he looked around, his head started getting fuzzy and his eyelids grew heavy. His last coherent thought before he drifted off was this isn’t oxygen in this mask.
As he slowly clawed his way back to consciousness, Bucky immediately could tell something had changed even before he opened his eyes. The constant ache in the spot where his arm had once been was gone. However, in its place was a searing burning sensation across his left shoulder. As he tried to shift to get a better look, a slight gleaming caught his eye and he froze.
Hands. He had two of them again, but the left one…. Oh god. He stared in horror at the silver fingers that danced in front of his eyes. Somehow he was moving them just as he would his normal hand. As one of the scientists approached, he shot out the metal monstrosity and wrapped the fingers around the man’s throat. As he began to squeeze, more men rushed over and tried to pry his grip loose, but they were no match for the power of his enhanced limb. Finally, one scientist jammed a needle deep into Bucky’s chest. As his strength gave out and the new arm clanged to the table below him, he caught one last look at the leader before blacking out again. She was grinning from ear to ear.
The next time Bucky woke up, he was strapped to a chair with a metal halo hanging high above him. His new arm was chained tightly with yards of thick chain. As he flexed the thick muscle in his upper arm, he wagered he could snap the confines given enough time. But before he could attempt his escape, the leader entered the room. She had an unfamiliar red book in her hand.
As she approached, Bucky jerked his arm sharply, hoping to frighten her. Instead, her eyes grew wide and bright with joy. “Ah, Sergeant Barnes. I am glad to see you are awake. Good. We have much to do. First, how is the arm functioning? I assume you are grateful to have both of your limbs back, yes?”
Bucky jerked against the chains once again. “Let me out of here and I can show you how grateful I am,” he snarked.
But she shook her head with a smirk. “I’m afraid I cannot do that. At least not until we successfully complete step two.”
Bucky felt an uneasy twinge in the pit of his stomach. “Step two? What the hell is step two?”
She walked over to the computer set up next to his chair. “You see, Doctor Zola has tasked me into turning you into a weapon for HYDRA. Now, on weaker men, this would not be a difficult task, but with you… You are quite the fighter, Sergeant. And you will make an excellent addition to our organization. But first, we have to ensure your loyalty. Which is where we come to step two.”
She nodded to a man on the other side of the machine. With the press of a button, the halo slowly lowered down until it was just over Bucky’s head.
The man from before stepped forward and tried to jam something into Bucky’s mouth. Jerking his head away, Bucky spat in the man. A sharp slap stung his face as his head snapped to the side. Wide-eyed, he stared up at the leader who was standing calmly in front of him once more, with almost no indication she had ever moved.
“You would do well not to resist, Sergeant. This is going to be a painful enough experience for you as it is. Take what little comforts we provide you. You will want them.” She held out the rubber mouth guard the man had tried to put in between his teeth. This time he opened his mouth to allow it, eyes blazing with furry.
Just as she was about to place the piece between his teeth, Bucky lunged at her, teeth gnawing at her fingers. But she had expected another rebellious act, so she managed to grab his cheeks between her fingers. Squeezing forcefully enough to bring tears to his eyes, she coldly said, “One more try and I will break your jaw. The choice is yours.”
Releasing his face, she approached with the rubber piece once more. This time, Bucky didn’t fight back. He didn’t doubt she would stay true to her word, and he had learned long ago how to pick his battles.
Satisfied he was prepared, the leader nodded once again at the scientist. Pressing another button, the halo began to turn and lower once again. But suddenly, the straps around his arms tightened and sharp needles pierced the skin on his flesh limb, injecting him with a burning liquid. He winced and jerked but the straps were too tight. As the halo descended lower and lower, Bucky watched in horror as two arms unfolded from the device, electricity surging between them. He struggled desperately to pull away, but the arms soon clamped tightly against each side of his face. He could feel the electricity flowing just below the surface of the metal plates and he suddenly flashed back to years ago, to another prison. When Zola had experimented on him once before. When he had been given the Super Soldier Serum. He remembered a device similar to this being used on him. But that had been much smaller and less sophisticated….. Oh god….
The leader must have noticed some sort of recognition in his face. “I believe you are familiar with Dr. Zola’s earlier model of this machine. I have since taken his designs and perfected them. I call it the memory suppression machine. You see, a man who has something worth fighting for would rather die than submit. He is unable to be swayed or corrupted unless in very specific circumstances. However, a man who knows nothing, who has no beliefs or ties to the outside world, can be molded into any shape I wish. And this, my dear sergeant, is what will happen to you. As with before, you will try to resist but the end result will be the same. So make this easier on all of us, and just give in.”
Bucky tried to put on a brave face, but he knew his terror was shinning through. As he felt the electric surge start to grow stronger, he tried to think of all the people he desperately wanted to remember. His parents, his sister, the Howling Commandos…. Steve. But in the next instant, every thought was ripped from his head.
Bucky convulsed forcefully as electricity flowed through his body. Every nerve, every synapse lit up all at once. He felt like he was burning from the inside out. The pain was so intense, so consuming, he didn’t even have the ability to think that he was supposed to think about his life. The only though in his head was pain, agony, torture, MAKE IT STOP!
“Longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car. Longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car. Longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car.”
Over and over again, the leader chanted the Russian words from her red book. Bucky could barely hear them as his screams of agony worked around the mouth guard but yet, he could feel them worming into his fried brain, taking root as the rest of him faded away. Over and over again, the words rang out.
“Longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car. Longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car. Longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car.”
Then, just as the soldier in the chair began to slip into unconsciousness, the leader, his leader stepped forward. Leaning close to his ear, she whispered a phrase that was so familiar yet so foreign at the same time. But before he could try to remember, he slipped into the darkness.
It had taken almost a month of conditioning but the project had been a complete success. The man who stood before her now was everything she had hoped for and more. She had done test after test, pushing him to the very limits, but he never regained the knowledge of who he once was when confronted with the truth. Her proudest day had been when she showed him a newspaper article with a photo of him and Captain America, and he didn’t so much as blink.
However, the conditioning did falter over time. There had been a close call after four days without the machine when he suddenly stopped in the middle of training. With a far off look in his eyes and confusion written all over his face, he had stammered out, “Bu-buck? Bucky?” He had been back in the chair within five minutes.
But the constant sessions were coming with their own set of problems. The machine basically worked by frying his brain and with day after day of this, he was starting to show damage in his cognitive and reactionary skills as well. Something had to be done.
And so, with much reluctance, she had called Zola. The man had been like a father to her…and she hated her father. But still, she knew of no other scientific mind that she would ever consider her equal. Plus, as the head of the undercover HYDRA operations, he had to make the final call.
So when he arrived, and after an impressive demonstration of the work she had accomplished with her subject, she finally broached the issue that was troubling her.
“As you can see, he is a very impressive specimen. However, when it comes to his memory, I can only do so much long term. The longer he is awake and conscious, the more his memory will try to creep back in. And while the memory suppression machine can wipe his brain again and again, I can not prevent it from causing permanent damage over time.”
“Then what do you suggest, doctor?”
She stared at her silent soldier. “We keep him in stasis until he is needed. That procedure has its own complications as well, but I believe dangers of frequent memory wipes are far greater than the dangers of stasis.”
Zola considered for a moment before nodding. “I trust your judgement. If you believe this is the best solution, then put him on ice.” He turned and left the room without another word.
She signaled to the guards standing on either side of her prized possession. Mechanically, he allowed the men to lead him over to the prepared chamber. Not even flinching at the cold, the soldier entered the tube with no resistance.
As the door shut, she stared through the window with a smug smirk, “A fitting solution, wouldn’t you say, Winter Soldier.” She had always hated that name, but it now seemed to be more prophetic than anyone could have realized. Placing her hand against the glass, she murmured. “Ah,… sleep well, moy soldat. You have a marvelous future ahead of you.”
She basked in her accomplishment as the once fierce warrior stared docilely back at her. As she signaled her team to pull the switch and the ice overtook his body, he had just enough time to rest his metal fingers against his side of the window, the thin glass the only thing separating their two hands. But then, he was gone. An icy statue was all that remained. Without a second glance, she turned to her men, “Come. We have work to do.”
Years passed in an instant for the weapon who was once Sergeant Bucky Barnes. All he knew now of life was murder, and pain, and her. They were the only three constants that remained with him even after his memories were wiped again and again. They were the three things he clung to, to keep even the smallest shred of himself. But, nothing lasts forever.
By 1972, the Winter Soldier became one of HYDRA’s greatest weapons. From surviving fights with Super Soldiers to assassinating U.S. Presidents, he had become a thing of legends and ghost stories. And even within the organization itself, few people knew the entire truth.
Which was why it came as such a surprise when an entire squadron of men burst into the lab one day. The asset had just returned from a mission and had yet to be wiped or placed back in stasis. As the intruders surrounded him, guns raised, he looked to his leader for his command, but she just soft shook her head. Even with his incredible skill, he couldn’t take on this many armed gunmen at once without massive casualties to the scientists. And she did not plan on becoming a casualty.
Once everything was secured, a man in an expensive suit strolled into the lab. The leader’s face turned deadly as she glared daggers at the newcomer.
“Pierce.” She growled.
“Good morning, Doctor. I have come to take possession of my property.” He motioned to the soldier standing silently behind her.
She shifted slightly, placing herself more squarely in front of him. “What the hell are you talking about? He is mine. Zola gave him to me years ago back when he was nothing but a whimpering, pathetic reject. I am the one who programmed him! I am the one who trained him! I am the one who gave him his greatest weapon! You cannot just walk in here and take him now!”
It was the first time the soldier had seen her get angry like this. She grew angry at him all the time, especially at the beginning. But this… he had never seen. The color rising in her cheeks as spit flew from her snarled lips, hands trembling in fury. Actual hate-filled emotions. And for the first time in many years, he felt a twinge of something in his chest.
Pierce smiled smugly. “That is true, and HYDRA thanks you for your years of hard work and service. However, I am in charge now and I will be taking him from here.”
“That is a lie. There is no way Zola would ever-
“Zola is dead, doctor.”
Her face faltered for a second. “No… I knew he was ill but dead…” However, she soon steeled her face once more. “It makes no difference. I have been the head of the Winter Soldier program since its inception. I will not allow it to be taken from me!”
Pierce nodded. “I figured you might feel that way.”
Before anyone could react, he pulled out a gun and shot her in the stomach. With a gasp of pained astonishment, she stumbled back. But the soldier caught her before she could hit the floor. Gathering her up in his powerful arms, he turned and bolted from the room, ignoring as a bullet lodged itself into his shoulder. His first directive, the one no one knew about, had always been to keep her safe and alive. But even he had not been fast enough to save her this time.
After carrying her into her office and setting her down gently on top of her desk, the soldier turned to lock the door behind them.
“All of my work, all of my achievements, all of my loyalty, and this is how I am repaid….” She glared angrily at the ceiling. But then her gaze shifted to the lone figure by the door. She motioned for him, and he was at her side in seconds.
For the first time in almost thirty years, she addressed him as a person instead of the tool she had crafted. “I read the notebook you had with you when they pulled you from that river all those years ago. I know about your friend…their super soldier.” She spit out the words in disgust before a spasm of pain ripped through her body. Blood was gushing from the bullet wound in her stomach, but the soldier made no move to try and stop the flow. They both knew there was nothing he could do at that point.
Licking her lips, she continued. “Every program needs a deactivation phrase. It’s just how it works. I chose one from your book. One I assumed no one would ever accidentally stumble upon.” She peered up at him, eyes slightly glassy but still shining with pride. Reaching up, she softly rested her hand on his face though he just stared back with the same indifference he always had. The irony was not lost on her that the one time in her life she was craving affection and care, she was left only with the shell of a man she had created.
“I am tempted to say it now, you know, to release you from your mental prison before Pierce can get his hands on you. But I am too selfish for that, even now. You are my greatest accomplishment, and I cannot just throw away my life’s work. But maybe, someday, you’ll find someone who can do what I cannot. I wish you luck... moy soldat... and stay strong.”
Her hand fell from his face as her heart slowed its beating. And just as she slipped into the eternal darkness, she thought, Maybe he’ll get lucky one day…. Then again, what are the chances someone near him will use the phrase ‘Til the end of the line’….
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capsheadquaters · a day ago
The Soldier's Princess pt. 1
Tumblr media
Summary: He’s a ghost story. She’s a forgotten memory. Their stories are more similar than they realize. Both kept a secret, locked away until their of use. It’s a chance meeting, finding her hidden from the world. But it’s even more chancey the feelings that are surfacing.
TSP Masterlist
Pairings: Winter Soldier x Fem!Rapunzel!Reader
This is a Tangled AU!
Warnings: As of now, none
Go here to be tagged!
Tumblr media
Gasping, I grabbed my hair, running away from the window. I leaned back against the wall, clutching my hair against me as my chest heaved.
“Oh my god. Oh my god.”
Pascal ran towards me, climbing up to the ledge next to me.
“Oh my god there’s a person outside.”
I gasped, looking over at Pascal.
“There’s a person outside.”
Pascal growled, hitting his paw against the other, causing me to laugh before I looked back over at the window.
“There’s a person outside.”
Hesitantly I walked back to the window, leaning beside the window seal, taking a deep breath. Pascal jumped onto the small ledge on the window, looking down.
“Is he still there?”
Pascal nodded, glaring down at the ground.
“What do I do Pascal? If he’s still there when mother gets back-”
I gasped, looking over at the calendar on the wall, running towards it. I looked it over, breathing a sigh of relief as I walked back towards the window.
“Mother won’t be back for another two days.”
I slowly leaned out the window, seeing the man still lying on the ground.
“Pascal, what do I do?”
He hit his paw against the other again, cousin me to grin.
“No Pascal. He’s already hurt.”
I took a deep breath, nodding.
“I’m gonna help him.”
Pascal turned towards me, his eyes wide as he shook his head, causing me to sigh.
“He’s injured Pascal. I can’t just leave him out there.”
I jumped when there was a growl, peeking down at the ground. The man moved onto his back, blinking his eyes open. I threw my hair back over the hook, watching as it fell to the ground next to the man. I looked back down, seeing the man looking at my hair. I slightly pulled on it, causing him to look up at me.
“Grab on.”
He hesitated before he reached out, wrapping my hair around his arm. He gently tugged on it once he was done, causing me to grab my hair. I started to pull, huffing. I gasped in relief when he was at the top, reaching out and grabbing him. I pulled him through the window, huffing as he leaned his full weight against me, causing both of us to fall to the floor. I pushed him off of me, scrambling back away from him. Pascal jumped onto my shoulder, causing me to look down at him.
“Now what?”
Tumblr media
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certifiedskywalker · 8 months ago
Trouble Doubled - Bucky Barnes
Even after everything, you’re still the person who Bucky Barnes runs to when things go bad. Only now, he brings Sam who fails to hide his grin when he sees how James melts under your touch.
WARNINGS: Blood, stitches, and TFATWS possible spoilers (I think I was vague enough)
Tumblr media
“Ouch! That’s going to hurt in the morning!”
“Ha, it hurts now, actually,” Sam grumbled. 
You pressed your lips together to stifle the grin that threatened to spill over them. Unable to help yourself, you glanced at Bucky in the hopes he too was biting back a grin. Stood by the door, slightly shrouded in shadow, you could make out the half smile that played on his lips. Though, his expression quickly melted into a grimace as Sam groaned. Reality quickly crashed back down on your shoulders and you turned back to the man laid on the table.
“You’re not going to like this.” Before Sam could ask what ‘this’ was, you began to palpate his wound. He flinched away from your reach at first, but then settled in the discomfort.
“Mm, yeah, no, that doesn’t feel good, Doc.”
“Not a doctor,” you said, still pressing lightly into the bruised flesh. “And I have to make sure you didn’t crack a rib. Otherwise, you’ll need a doctor.”
“Gotta work on your bedside manner,” Sam said as he winced. You pulled your hands away with a sigh and he met your eyes. “Bad?”
“In the grand scheme of things, no. Just try not to throw yourself off a building for the next few days. Think you guys can manage that?”
“Maybe. Harder to fly without jumping first.” Sam groaned once more as he sat up and the pain seemed to convince him to heed your warning. “We’ll try, Doc.”
You rolled your eyes at him before turning to look at Bucky. Still tucked in the darker corner of the room, he seemed small. His brows were knitted tightly together by worry and you imagined that, if he met your gaze, you would see concern in his eyes. Pushed forward by your own worry, you strode over to him. At your growing closeness, Bucky lifted his eyes to yours.
“Your turn.”
“I’m fine, Y/N.”
Despite his protest, Bucky did not lock himself in place. Instead, he gave in and let you lead him by the arm, over to the table. Sam eyed him with a wide grin as Bucky landed in the same spot he had sat in only moments ago. He mouthed something to the century-old soldier that you caught, but could not make out.
“What happened to taking it easy? You told me after, you know, that you would ease into things.” You gestured to the rags you had used to clean Sam’s more minor wounds; the fabric pieces were now dyed a reddish pink from blood. “That doesn’t seem like easing into it.”
“You didn’t see the other guy,” Sam quipped. 
“I like to think you didn’t leave any of him left,” you fired back as you pinched Bucky’s chin between your forefinger and thumb. “Look at me.”
Bucky did as you told him to and met your gaze. You took a sharp breath in at the sight of him, at how his pupils blew out slightly as you studied his reaction. All at once, the air around you grew thick. This close, you could smell the sweat and ash on his skin, along with hints of whatever air freshener he had in his apartment. 
Was it coconut? Sandalwood? You couldn’t parse out which as you found yourself lost in the blues of Bucky’s eyes. The sound of Sam clearing his throat shook you from your haze.
“No signs of a concussion.”
“Really?” Sam asked, grin still plastered on his face. You raised a brow at him in question before you turned back to Bucky. 
“Why? Did you hit your head?”
“No,” he said, clearly tired of Sam’s commentary, “but if I did, it wouldn’t be a big deal.”
“Super soldier or not, a head wound is a head wound. Can you?” You gestured to his jacket and, with a sigh, Bucky pulled it off his shoulders.
“How do you two know each other again?” Sam asked, glancing around the room. “And why are we in an abandoned building.”
“Hard to trace us back here. Didn’t want to lead them to Y/N’s place,” Bucky said, tossing his jacket to the side. He winced as he did, and then you saw the blood.
With reaching hands, you peeled back the crimson-soaked material of his shirt. Your movement revealed a long gash along his side that, with each breath, sent dribbles of blood to his hip. Sam made a sound of surprise and mild disgust at the sight. You were inclined to agree with another shout, but you were too caught up in how to stop the bleeding.
“Lay back,” you ordered, pressing Bucky’s shoulder. He yielded and you pushed his shirt up to expose the entire length of the wound. “Why didn't you show this to me earlier?!”
“It’s not that bad.”
"You're bleeding," you huffed, "which is pretty indicative of bad, if you ask me. Sam?"
"This is not my battle,” he raised his hands and shook his head. “I know better than to intrude on a lover’s quarrel.”
Neither you nor Bucky spoke up to correct him. In your mind, you came up with a quick excuse: Bucky was bleeding and you needed to focus on stopping it. Sam’s comment could be corrected later. Though, when Bucky didn’t speak up, you felt your chest tighten. As you worked on dressing the gash, you glanced up at him and found his blue eyes trained on you. He was dwelling on your silence too.
You pulled yourself out of the whirlpool of his gaze and reached over his body towards your medical supplies. As you stretched, your chest pressed lightly against Bucky’s, but you swallowed hard and refocused.
“Sorry, need to sow you up.”
Bucky didn’t respond, but he did avert his gaze. He found some spot in the ceiling to stare at instead of you. His distraction allowed you to work without the prickling temptation to sneak glances at his features; for the most part. It was only when Sam moved to stand over at your side you did you look up from Bucky’s wound.
“Nothing, just wondering how many times you’ve done this before.” 
A bitter laugh slipped past your lips at his reply. “Too many times to count. If it’s not an Avenger, it’s a masked savior from Hell’s Kitchen. Someone always needs stitched up.”
“But James here is your favorite patient?”
Bucky’s tone set you on edge. It was warning, cold, and unlike the teasing you had grown fond of. Sam, knowing better than to piss him off, backed away from the table. You looked from him to Bucky and back again. When Bucky did not dare to meet your gaze, you felt a lump form in your throat. Tension weighed down your tongue, stopped you from saying a word or asking a question, despite your want to. 
“Alright, alright. I’ll leave you be, old man. I’ll check with Torres, see if he has anything.”
Bucky’s eyes remained fixed on the ceiling above you. He was quiet, like the first time you met, and distant. His gaze seemed far away, as if he were looking through the ceiling of this hideaway. After you heard the door of the room close behind Sam, you went back to work on Bucky’s side in silence. 
Carefully, you sowed the gash and tried to keep your hands steady. Every other jab with the needle made Bucky wince. You flinched at his sharp intake of breath and mumbled an apology before you went on to the next stitch. Five apologies later, the bleeding slowed and you gently pressed a crisp, white bandage to safeguard your handiwork. 
Immediately after you secured the gauze, Bucky moved to sit up. Before he could, you pressed on his shoulders again and pinned him in place. Though, you knew you couldn’t have pinned him if he hadn’t let you. Your upper body strength was nothing compared to his, you both knew that.
“Don’t move,” you said softly, “you’ll ruin my work.”
“It’s gonna be hard not to.” Bucky met your gaze and, in the dim light of the room, his eyes looked dark, almost sad. Something in his face, perhaps the dull, yet familiar laughter lines around his mouth or the bags under his eyes, alleviated the tension that had silenced before.
“You told me you wouldn’t. That you would take it easy and focus on making amends.”
Bucky closed his eyes at the disappoint that laced your tone. “I tried. I wanted to, Hell, I need to, but I can’t. I never could.”
“Because,” Bucky began to sit up from the table top, “I’m a soldier. I need the fight.”
You watched as he moved, as your hands slipped from his shoulders and fell back to your sides. He pulled his shirt down over his freshly bandaged wound. When he was covered, Bucky looked back up to you, saw your frown and frowned too.
“Soldiers get to come home,” you pointed out, arms crossed over your chest.
“If they’re lucky. I’ve never been lucky.”
You bit the inside of your cheek at that. He was right. Bucky told you his story once before, after a therapy session left him feeling a bit more dry than high. He told you that he couldn’t tell you everything, that he wouldn’t. He didn’t have to, but you still hoped for him.
“Luck can change.”
Bucky scoffed as he pushed himself to his feet. Now, at his full height, he towered slightly over you. Despite his looming figure, Bucky did not scare you. Even when he told you his story, what he had done, Bucky did not scare you. 
“Yeah, well, luck, or fate, or whatever, brought me to you and here we are,” he gestured to the dusty dwelling around you. You looked around with a careful eye before you playfully shrugged. 
“I’ve been in worse dives.” Bucky chuckled, a unforced sound that rose up from his chest against his will. “Really, I have.”
“I don’t doubt it. But we put you in danger, asking for your help here. I put you in danger.”
“Oh, are you serious?” You threw your hands up in the air, “there’s always going to be danger in this world. Aliens, war, bad luck.”
“I wanted to keep you safe,” he pressed, taking a step towards you. 
You could smell the perfume of the air freshener again, how it clung to his clothes. It distracted you, threw you into thoughts of what his apartment looked like, if he would ever share that part of him with you or if he would keep it locked away with his full story. You bit your tongue to keep yourself from asking, from wasting your breath on a question he wouldn’t answer. His words would have to be enough for you and, as if on cue, Bucky echoed his sentiment. 
“I wanted to keep you safe.”
“How noble, wanting to keep me safe, Barnes. Just me?” 
Silence was your immediate answer. Silence and Bucky’s full attention. You didn’t miss how his eyes flickered down from yours to your lips then back again.
“Just you.”
In the quiet that followed Bucky’s statement, you became frighteningly aware of your heartbeat again. It wasn’t pounding like before, but it felt loud, like it was pressing against your ribcage, begging to leap out and into Bucky’s arms. As if propelled by it, you found yourself leaning in towards his warmth just as he seemed to shrink away.
Before he was out of reach, you lifted your hands to his face and cupped his jaw. Stubble prickled your fingers and palm, though you were far too enraptured to care.
“Then stay alive,” you said softly, “change your luck and come home.”
In your mind, you did not picture Bucky’s home as his mystery apartment. Instead, you saw only this moment captured by some invisible third party. You saw home as just the two of you and the image made you heart beat a bit faster. 
“I’ll try.”
For a moment, the two of you just stared at each other, stewed in the new, easier tension between you. But then your resolve broke and you lips broke into a smile. Bucky mirrored your expression, a lopsided grin resting comfortably along his features. His eyes fell to the floor between you before he looked back into your face.
“Can...can I kiss y-”
“Yes, Barnes, please.”
Without wasting another second, Bucky leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. Your hands slipped from his jaw to the back of his head where your fingers tangled in the soft strands of his brown hair. One of his hands found your waist and pulled you close to him, while the other cupped your jaw. In sync, his mouth moved against yours and everything around you melted away.
No more wonderings or mystery. It was only you and Bucky, come danger, trouble, or bad luck; and Sam who lingered outside the door.
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milliedazzledust · 7 months ago
If A Look Could Kill (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
Words: 1429 words
A/N: this is literally a blurb from a scene in the 2nd episode of fatws when they're all in the car after they fought the supersoldiers
They had been in the same car for no more than ten minutes and Y/N was already holding herself back from punching the smug smile on the man pretending to be Captain America. Both fake heroes had showed up in the middle of their fight, throwing around Steve’s shield, acting like the world owed them anything.
Earlier that day, inside the comfort of the apartment she shared with Bucky, she had watched the cocky man parading in front of cameras, standing in a stadium. She had heard him talk about Steve like he knew him, like he had fought along side with him. And when he had compared Steve to a brother, when she had seen the look of hurt and betrayal on Bucky’s face, her heart had shattered.
She knew that sometimes grief could come like a runaway truck, that despite seeing it careening down the highway, we might not have enough time to get out of its way. And she had seen it that morning, that grief smashing Bucky right in the face when he had least expected it. She didn’t know the man the government had chosen to replace the Captain, but she already hated him for causing her lover pain.
"If you guys joined us we could …" The man pretending to be in charge started as the military vehicle was moving.
"No." Bucky hostly cut him.
There wasn’t a lot of space between the five of them. She had been forced to sit next to the man with the shield while her friends were in front of her.
The tension was almost palpable. Sam had his arms crossed and his lips pursed and Bucky was visibly clenching his jaw. Their patience was hanging by a thread and only she seemed to have notice.
Ignoring the conversation they were having, she exchanged a knowing look with her boyfriend. He had a short temper and habits he had picked up from his alter-ego that could potentially get him to explode. Judging by the side glances Sam kept giving him, she guessed she wasn’t the only one worried.
"What do you say, Y/N ?" She heard the man sitting next to her talk.
Unwillingly, she turned around to look at him.
"What was that ?" She asked him.
His smirk alone was enough to make her roll her eyes.
"We could use a … woman like you" He told her suggestively. She didn’t miss the way he looked her up and down, neither did Bucky.
"A woman like me ?" She repeated, raising an eyebrow and tilting her head to the side.
"Yeah, you’ve got potential, babe. So what do you say ?" He said in a seductive voice. "Interested in joining us ?"
A quick glance at her boyfriend was enough for her to tense when she saw him going from annoyed to seriously pissed off. He was scowling at the man with all his old ferocity, looking everything like the assassin he had once been.
"Does he always stare like that ?" Battlestar inquired, nodding toward Bucky.
"You do know your friend is disrespecting Y/N in front of her boyfriend who also happens to be one of the most prolific assassin on this planet, right ?" Sam ironically told him.
The woman narrowed her eyes at the man sitting next to her, irritated by his behavior.
"At what point did you decide we were close enough for you to refer to me as ‘babe’ ? Because I think I missed the memo between the need to punch your face and the craving to shove your ego up your ass"
Bucky’s chest swelled with pride at her comeback and he sniggered. He knew she was a strong woman and had always loved that feisty side of her. She was fire and he was ice, a perfect combinaison yet dangerous association. Even Sam seemed pleased when he noticed Walker growing uncomfortable next to her.
"Look, we know you don’t like us" The other soldier known as Battlestar answered.
"That’s an understatement" Sam muttered under his breath.
"We’re on the same team here" Walker added.
"No, we’re not" Bucky glared at him.
The soldier with the shield sighed. He pursed his lips, thinking for a moment before glancing at the men in front of him.
"I’m not trying to replace anyone" He started to explain.
"You couldn’t if you tried" Y/N mocked him.
"My point is, I know I’m not Steve and I’m not trying to be. But I am Captain America"
"Like hell you are" Bucky scornfully stated.
"It takes a lot more than knowing how to throw a shield to become a superhero" Sam reminded him.
"I am what the world need right now" He insisted.
"What the world want. Big difference" Sam continued.
"You were getting your ass kicked back there" Battlestar told them, helping his friend’s case. "We saved you"
"Should we say thank you ?" Y/N ironically threw at them.
"This isn’t up to you. Why are we even arguing about that ?" Walker was getting annoyed.
"Because you’re not even half the man Steve was yet you keep parading like a clown pretending to be someone you’re not" Bucky aggressively spoke with a cold voice. "You don’t get to mention his name, Walker, not when you’re destroying all he’s ever work for"
"Bucky…" Sam called him with a cautious tone, trying to get him to calm down.
The former assassin shut his mouth, refraining himself from saying anything more.
"Obviously there’s some issues you still need to work on" Walker spoke with a grin on his face. "But my offer still stands. We’d work better together"
"Keep on dreaming" Y/N expressed, rolling her eyes.
"If we’re being honest here, the only thing I dream about is you out of that suit" He forcefully flirted, looking down at her superhero outfit
She cringed at his useless attempt of seduction and missed the way Bucky’s expression turned dark in the split of a second. He clenched his jaw so hard his veins were visibly noticeable and his blue eyes were boring into Walker. If a simple stare could kill, he’d already be dead. He looked as menacing as can be with that hostile glare and his anger was reflecting itself through the way his muscles were bulging, ready to attack.
"Don’t do anything stupid" Sam warned him when he realized the man’s patience was running low.
Bucky growled and before any of them could react, the super soldier watched his newfound nemesis casually placing his hand on his girlfriend’s thigh. His entire body tensed and his blood ran cold.
"If you don’t take your hands off me in the next two seconds, you’re gonna lose both of them, Walker" Y/N threatened him.
"I’d take her word, Captain, ‘cause you’re about to be eaten alive" Sam advised him.
The soldier dismissed him and laughed, which only seemed to anger the woman and her boyfriend.
It all happened too fast for anyone to react. Just as Y/N was about to assault the man, Bucky decided to let his rage speak for himself and reached for Walker’s hand, twisting his fingers. He could almost feel the bones on the verge of breaking and his skin had started to turn red as the former assassin applied more pressure. The soldier grunted loudly in pain, trying to release himself from the tightening grip.
"Stop the car !" Bucky shouted.
The vehicle slowed down and he menacingly leaned toward Walker.
"If you so much as glance at her again, I will rip you to pieces"
Maybe it was the tone in his voice, or the serious promise of death he could see in his eyes, but the soldier bit back the lump in his throat, unable to answer. He looked terrified.
"Told you" Sam shrugged as Bucky released the man.
They both stepped out of the car, waiting for Y/N. The woman, still angry, turned to stare at the soldiers in blue and red.
"One more thing" She tilted her head.
Without notice, her fist collided with John Walker's jaw. The loud impact with his face was enough to almost knock him out and she smiled. Pleased with herself, she got up and followed her friends.
"Was that really necessary ?" Sam joked and they started walking.
"Oh c’mon, you know you’ve been dying to punch the guy" She smirked.
Bucky placed his human arm around her shoulders and a sweet kiss on the side of her forehead, secretly satisfied.
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angrythingstarlight · 8 months ago
Show Me How To Ride
Summary: You’ve been keeping a secret from your biker boyfriend. He is going to get the information out of you one way or the other. 
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.7K 
Pairing: Beefy!Biker Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, face riding, 18+ minors DNI
A/N: Betad by the wonderful @whisperlullaby but all mistakes are my own.
Do not copy, rewrite, translate or post my work anywhere. No permission given to copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories.  
Check out my Masterlist and Taglist! Requests are closed 
Tumblr media
“Don’t make me fuck the information out of you, Doll.” 
Bucky leans over the round table, pushing aside the empty plate. Caging you between his enormous arms, he puts his nose against the tip of yours. Hints of sweet mint and evergreen surround you, his unique scent makes you want to bury your face in his neck but you have to resist the temptation to give in to him. 
“Tell me right now or else.” He practically growls, his baritone deepening with each measured breath. Most people would be afraid right now, to have the Bucky Barnes ordering them to confess. Six feet of pure muscle glaring at them would send many running from the room. You know, you’ve seen him in action.  
But you’re not most people. And your tattooed biker is wrapped around your finger so tight, you can do whatever you want to and with him. 
So you respond the only way you know how. “Or else what, Barnes?” You toss your head back, sliding your hands over his arms, squeezing his bulging muscles. “Or. Else. What?” 
Bucky sneers, “you’re gonna tell me gorgeous or else, I-,” he cuts himself off with a huff. You both know he’s not going to do a damn thing. 
You smirk, taking his bottom lip between your teeth, your eyes flickering up at him. Challenging him as you pull his pink lip into your mouth. Your hands slip under his maroon Henley and run over his cut abs. One hand drifts down the front of his cargo pants, cupping his growing bulge, and when his eyes glaze over, you know you have him exactly where you want him. 
“Or else what, Barnes?” 
His eyes snap down to your face, he grabs the back of your head and brings you in for a crushing kiss. When he breaks away a gradual, cunning smirk forms on his lips. “I can play this game better than you can, doll.” 
His slate-blue eyes swimming with promises of retribution and punishments. His pupils widening the longer he stares at you. 
Okay, at least you think he’s not going to do a damn thing. 
“This is going to be fun, gorgeous.” 
Tumblr media
For the past month, you’ve been keeping a secret from Bucky and it has been driving him insane. From the minute he saw you, he’s wanted to know everything about you, some might call him mildly obsessed and he would proudly agree. 
He’s never loved anyone the way he loves you. He cherishes everything about you and his first mission when he became your man was to learn what made you happy, what you didn’t like, and more importantly how to keep you happy in and out of the bedroom. 
And in return, he shared everything about you, which is why this secret is killing him. He has to know what you’ve been doing every evening, but you won’t tell him. In fact, you enjoy tormenting him, tossing him smarmy grins and half shrugs whenever he asks. Dropping hints left and right. Hiding your packages from him.
You almost felt sorry for him after the cake incident. 
Tumblr media
You were getting ready to leave when he called you into the kitchen. Bucky stood in front of the fridge in nothing but his tight black briefs, his dog tags swinging across his large chest.
His lips twisted into a wide smile, deep ocean blue eyes glancing over you. “I got something for you,” he says, reaching behind him.
He chuckles when your eyes drop to his bulge, “not that greedy girl, this—” he finishes, holding out a large white plate with a slice of chocolate cake on it.
You bounce over to him, “please and thank you,” you sing to his delight. He takes his fork and cuts a small piece for you.
He brings it to your open mouth before drawing his arm back, “ah ah, tell me,” he asserts, deepening his voice.
You tilt your head back, raising your brow “don’t tease me, Bucky,” you warn. “I will hurt you over some food.”
He slides the fork into his mouth, moaning, “oh so good,” between bites.
You try to snatch it from him but he backs up, waving the fork at you, “tell me,” he quips, “or watch me eat it all.”
You shrug, dropping your head down, “fine then Bucky,” you say sorrowfully, glimpsing at him through the corner of your eyes as you trudge out of the kitchen.
You make it three steps before he breaks, “damn it doll, come here,” he grouses.
Gleefully you bound to him, popping your mouth open, the heavenly chocolate frosting melting on your tongue.
“I do like to see you swallow,” he mutters reflectively as he watches you bite into another slice. “You look better when its my cum though.” 
Your shocked laugh ends up in a coughing fit when a piece goes down the wrong pipe.
He pats your back, “hey now, only I get to choke you,”
“Bucky!” you wheeze out. 
Tumblr media
He tried to be nice at first, he really did but you’re forcing his hand.
Salacious sounds of skin slapping bounce across the room, The tall gilded mirror across the room capturing the vulgar scene on the bed. He’s been taking you apart for hours, making you ride his cock, bending you over his desk, on the stairs and over the porch railing. 
After the fifth orgasm, you’re cock drunk and hoarse from yelling his name, barely able to support your weight on your trembling arms. Now he has you on your bed, his punishing pace making you mewl helplessly. 
He looks incredible, his deep blue eyes observing you, stroking you just the way he knows you need him to, changing angles until you keen. His chest flushed and covered in a sheen of sweat. 
His mouth open as he groans your name between whispered fucks and his filthy praises of good girl, you’re going to take all of my cock aren’t you, oh gorgeous its not even half in yet, you can cum one more time, thats a good girl.
You’re going to fucking cum for me right now.  
Unable to tear your eyes away from his reflection, his large body pounding into yours, only his bruising grip on your waist is keeping you from being pushed into the mattress. 
“Tell me where you’re going every day,” Bucky demands, his hands tighten around you. Smooth edges of his rings dig into your soft skin. 
You stare at the shiny glass, his broad muscular chest heaving behind you as he repeats his question. “What?” 
“Tell me or else I’m stopping,” he threatens, a pink flush rising across his chest. “I’ll edge you, gorgeous.” 
You drop to your elbows with a snort, “Bucky you’re not going to edge me. You drove all the way across town when I was staying at Marcia’s  because you didn’t get any in 18 hours.” Wiggling your hips, you giggle when he slaps your ass.
“It was 20 hours and 34 minutes and you set me off by sexting me,” he says defensively. Bucky is struggling to not move in your warmth, your walls latched around him
Tilting your head, you narrow your eyes at him. “What no, I didn’t. I sent you a picture of me in a Christmas sweater and leggings.” 
“But you were naked under the clothes,” he states, looking down at you as if that should have been obvious. He eases out of your warm, tight walls until only the tip remains. 
“Oh my god,” you groan, more because of his statement. 
Bucky nods his head, “I know, I know I’m that good but focus,” he grunts, pushing his throbbing cock back into your soaked core. “I swear I’m not going to let you cum.” 
You burst into laughter, feeling him move just a little, setting off small bursts of sensations. “Okay, Bucky” you roll your eyes, “but what if- “You clench down hard making him hold you tighter. 
“Stop that,” he pants. You ignore him, clenching over his thick length and arching your back to pull him in even deeper. Your walls flutter around him as he hits your sweet spot. His hands loosen slightly and you take advantage by slamming your hips back. The force of him going deep in your pussy making you cry out into the pillow. 
You take Bucky off guard, he’s unable to remember why he stopped thrusting into your tight cunt when you rotate your hips. 
“Oh shit, fuck baby,” Bucky moans, falling over, pushing you into the covers. His large sweat-tinged body covering your back. His hips grinding into your ass, he turns your face towards him, his lips on yours swallowing your moans as he delivers short frantic strokes. 
“Don’t stop, right there, right there, Bucky,” you cry into his mouth. 
Incredible sensations forming within the heat spreading across your belly, your hands clutching the sheets. His weight crushing you as he fucks you into the mattress. White-sultry heat blooming in your core as the coil unravels until your entire body tenses from the power of your orgasm. 
Bucky dips his head into the crook of your neck, biting and kissing your pulse point as chases his release until he stills within you, muttering your name into your shoulder. He grinds deeper, unwilling to leave your perfect tight cunt, wishing he could stay inside you forever, greedily digging into your spasming walls milking him as he cums. 
You tap his damp locks, mumbling “you’re too heavy, Buck-”. When he rolls over you, he groans at your triumphant grin. “Edge me,” you scoff mocking his earlier tone, “Nice try, Bucky.” 
You match his stare until he blinks, muttering about how you’re gonna kill him one day. He pulls you onto his chest, “just tell me.” 
You trace the outline of his swollen lips and shake your head. “Nope.” 
Tumblr media
After a few more threats, a couple of rounds of him overstimulating you, and more begging, you finally take pity on him. You dragged him off the couch where he was reading his newest novel and pushed him into the garage. 
“I’m ready to tell you my secret,” you sing, giggling when his blue eyes light up. You pull him in front of his classic mustang and make him lean against it. “Okay, stay right there, Bucky,” you order, poking him in the belly. 
You’ve never been more nervous or excited in your life. Your heart is in your throat and you can’t look at him because you’re afraid you’ll lose your nerve. All the lessons from the past month are playing in your head as you find the helmet you hid behind his rusty toolbox. You can do this, he’s going to love it. You pull the cover off his motorcycle and grab the keys off the hook. 
“What are you--?” 
Bucky’s brain short circuits, gears grind to a screeching halt. Because his girl, his gorgeous girl, is doing something he only dreamed of. He watches in pure wonder, his heart bursting at the seams as you swing your leg over his bike. You rev the engine and his cock nearly splits through the layers of cotton and denim. Then you turn your head and smile at him. You take off and he’s brought to his knees. 
He follows you out onto the street, hollering, “that’s my girl, look at her fuck yeah baby.” 
When Mrs. Smith pokes her head out of her window, Bucky points at you, “I’m so fucking proud,” he screams. 
The elderly woman ducks back inside, her finger on the number nine button of her phone as she peeks through the lace curtains. 
Bucky shrugs and continues to shout about how proud he is. His screams of praise making your head spin. You circle around him twice and pull back into the garage. 
You turn off the engine, pushing the helmet off with a breathless laugh. “Are you surprised, Bucky?” you ask, swinging your leg over the seat. “Four weeks of practice and I am fully licensed, so now I can take you--” 
You gasp, the helmet dropping from your fingers onto the concrete floor with a dull thud. Bucky looks feral, his locks roughly pushed back, his shirt discarded at his feet. He’s unsnapping his cargo pants, pulling the zipper down with one hand. Wild, unfocused eyes honed in on your body, he takes a step towards you.
You know this look, flashes of riding him on the front yard replay in your mind. “Bucky, baby,” you whisper softly, holding your hand out as you look for a way to the side door. Painfully aware that the neighbors are milling about on their porches. “Bucky no,” you whisper. 
“Gorgeous, come here,” he grins at you. Bucky thought there wasn’t anything you could do to possibly make him want you more, but seeing you on his bike is something he never expected.
His cock is so hard it’s painful, he needs to be inside you after you showed him how well you can ride him. 
Your mouth goes bone dry when he drops his pants to his ankles, stepping out of them while palming his cock. Thick and long, the angry red tip leaking precum. His hand stroking the shaft, “come here,” he groans, deep and low. 
“Bucky, I-” you take a step towards the door and he follows, his eyes never leaving you. A predator locked in on his prey. “Bucky just wait-”  you squeal, breaking into a run. He lunges for you forcing you to duck under his arm, his fingers grazing your hip.
 If he catches you, you know what’s going to happen, Mrs. Smith is calling the police, you’ll both get arrested again for public nudity. “I’m not going back to jail,” you scream. 
“Come here,” he gruffly retorts his hands reaching for you. 
You skid to a stop, spinning quickly on your heel to avoid him. His growls making you throb as the thrill of exuberant suspense and anticipation course through your veins. You manage to dodge him again, his cock slapping against your back when you drop to your knees.
It’s a desperate scramble across the rough garage floor, but you reach the doorknob. You yank it open and pull yourself up, feeling the heat of his body descending on you as you stumble over the doorway
You fall forward, wincing as the ground rushes up at you. Bucky wraps his arms around you, turning you in his arms, his back hitting the tiled kitchen floor, “Hey gorgeous,” he smiles up at you.
Dropping your head onto his chest, you burst into laughter. “Damn it Bucky, I was trying to do something nice for you.” You lightly smack his chest, pushing yourself up. 
“Doll, that was sexiest shit I have ever seen,” he sighs happily, his hands falling to your hips. “I take that back the second thing I have ever seen.” 
When you furrow your brows, he answers your unspoken question, “Your beautiful face when you cum all over my cock is the sexiest thing.” 
You bite your lip, heat blooming in your cheeks. Before you can speak, he raises his brow, “Now let me see my pussy, she needs me” 
He orders you to stand up, he sits up and pulls your shorts and panties down. His tongue darting out at the sight of your glistening pussy, “she’s so pretty,” he says before looking at up you through hooded eyes. 
“Now ride my face, gorgeous.” He demands, 
He lays back down, his arms folded behind his head. His cock aching for you, but he needs a taste of his girl first. You hover over his face, unsure if you should fully sit. When Bucky said to sit on his face, he meant it.
 He grabs your waist, forcing you all the way down. His beard grazing the sides of your thigh, his long wet tongue flattening through your folds. You wait for him to start licking, but he doesn’t move. When you look down, he wiggles his brows playfully. 
Ride him.
You circle your hips and he flicks his tongue. You lean back and rock your hips back and forth, his tongue gilding around your sensitive bundle of nerves. Sobbing his name, you fuck his face until the coil tightens. He knows what you like, those small circles over your clit bringing you higher. Wet vulgar sounds drift out of the open door as he devours you. 
His tongue changing speed, throwing you off balance as you try to keep your movements steady, but he’s eating you as if he was a starving man, and soon it’s too much. You can’t breathe, your hands squeezing your breasts as you let him control you with just his mouth. 
“Oh, no you don’t,” he smirks when you try to lift up his face shiny with your slick, “This ride ain’t over yet,” he promises.
He pulls you back down, he sucks your bud into his hot wet mouth so ferociously you can only gasp, pleasure wrapping around you like a sharp vise.  The tip of his tongue flicking your swollen bundle of nerves until you see stars, actual stars behind your eyes, your toes curling, thighs burning and shaking as you cry out his name. 
He’s ruthless, not willing to let you go despite your high wails chanting that you cant take anymore. He knows you can and he proves it when he holds you still, making you feel each stroke and glide of his wicked tongue. Your thighs closing around his head, he can barely breathe, but he’s not stopping until he gets you to cum one more time. 
He would rather suffocate than let you go until he’s ruined your pussy. Over and over he sucks and pulls, his tongue dancing through you until you break again, your body trembling in his hold. Pleasure unfurling within you reaching every crevice of your body until your limp.  
When he’s done with you, he releases you, guiding you to the floor. He climbs over you, praising you for riding him so well, so damn good doll, telling you he's about to give you the ride of your life. 
“Gorgeous,” he grunts, sliding into your wet heat, smirking at your broken moan, “tomorrow we’re getting you your own bike and then I’m going to fuck you on it.”
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markandlexies · 4 months ago
he’s a good friend
Tumblr media
Summary: reader is tired of watching bucky go on dates with leah and flirt with sarah. realizations are made about the way reader truly feels about the man she's always thought to be just a friend.
Pairing: tfatws!bucky x fem!reader
Word Count: 3.2k
A/N: hey! randomly decided to write this bc i’m soft for tfatws!bucky lol pls leave feedback this was super fun to write ok bye ily enjoy
After the long and tiresome last couple of months you, Sam and Bucky had endured, being invited back to Louisiana for the Wilson’s cookout was the best and only way you could’ve imagined celebrating your victory. 
The food was delicious, the laughter and happiness that filled the atmosphere was infectious and to have a moment of joy without the lingering fear of disaster was all you could have asked for.
You sat on one of the picnic tables by the water, the slight wind ruffling your hair, but you didn’t mind. Turning your head slightly to the right, your gaze fell upon Sam and the smile that took up most as his face as he posed for the camera with an older man who looked ecstatic to be in presence.
You were happy for Sam, truly. He deserved that shield. You watched as the others continued to smother the new Captain America with affection, taking pictures with funny faces and poses. You made a mental note to go over later and get a few pictures with him of your own.
You giggled to yourself as one of the women went on to kiss his cheek and as you turned your head, your eyes met a certain super soldier who was busy letting some of the kids hang off his metal arm. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face.
The kids adored him. They were fascinated by the stories he told and his metal arm and you were happy to see him so carefree with them. You smiled at the idea of him being a dad. You knew he would be a good one.
You and Bucky had a strange relationship. You had been there with Steve, Natasha and Sam when it was first discovered he was the Winter Soldier. Steve had told you countless stories about his best friend growing up in Brooklyn, who he had presumed to be dead. 
However, you and the Super Soldier didn’t quite get along at first, after you had finally been formally introduced. Bucky was threatened by your relationship with Steve and would take it out on you any chance he got. 
Steve would refer to you both as an, “old married couple,” as most of your interactions were quickly turned into arguments and bickering over the smallest things. You both just couldn’t seem to get along.
However, Steve leaving had turned both of your worlds upside down, more than you could have ever imagined.
Living life without Steve had been difficult to adjust to. You had both looked up to him and depended on him in so many different ways and for a while, without him, you felt lost. 
As difficult as it was, you put your differences aside and discovered the comfort you found in Steve in each other. Steve could never be replaced obviously, but having somebody that mutually understood the pain was a start.
Bucky was a good friend. You liked to joke around with each other and of course the bickering would probably never die but at the end of the day you had helped each other cope with the loss of somebody you both cared about deeply.
And as the months went on, you and Bucky grew to confide in each other about things other than Steve.
You had been the one Bucky called during his 3AM sleepless nights, talking him through the nightmares. He would tell you the things he couldn’t tell Dr. Raynor, and the guilt he felt from his past, no matter how much he tried to fix it.
Bucky gave you a shoulder to cry on when you found out about Wanda and her current missing status. You felt gutted when you heard the news, another person you had loved so deeply out of your life. Wanda was young, she was confused and she was hurting. You so badly wanted to find her but you felt helpless. She was off the radar for good. Bucky listened to you cry for hours, offered to even help in your search for her.
But then, the Flag Smashers happened. John Walker happened. You were reunited with Sam again. You had missed him greatly but you wished the rekindling could have been under different circumstances.
The time you and Bucky spent together over the past couple of months had made you only grow closer as old feelings and emotions returned. Watching Walker pretend to be even half the man Steve was wasn't easy. But you got through it together. You kept each other grounded and reminded each other to stay calm when all you wanted to do was punch the sly smile right off of Walker’s face.
But still, Bucky was a good friend. Just a good friend.
The kids dangling off of his arm giggled and one of them even attempted to do some pull ups, ultimately failing. As you followed Bucky’s eyes, you realized his gaze was set upon Sam’s sister, Sarah, and for some reason, your face fell flat.
Sarah was beautiful and truly the kindest person you had ever met. Her smile was infectious and you had adored her from the second you met her. From the little time you had known each other, her presence comforted you in the same way Sam’s did. She made you feel just like family and you couldn’t thank her enough for her generosity and hospitality.
You didn’t know what it was, but lately, Bucky had been on your last fucking nerve.
It had started around his date with Leah, the woman that the sweet elder man, Yori, had set him up with. 
You were miserable. It had been weeks and with no sign of Wanda, you were feeling more hopeless by the day. 
It had become ritual for you to go over to Bucky’s whenever you felt like this. You would sit on his couch and either cry, rant or drown your miseries by helping yourself to his snack collection and watching shitty reality TV on his couch. 
It was an unspoken sort of thing, coming unannounced and all, and it didn’t really matter because you would usually end up being there to comfort him from his nightmares which was way easier in person than on the phone. It was basically a win-win.
You felt nice tonight, and decided to give him a heads up that you were coming. However, when you called, the line went straight to voicemail.
“Hey, this is Bucky. Leave a message… or don’t, I really don’t care.”
You rolled your eyes and headed over to his place anyway. It wasn’t the first time you had let yourself in while he was running errands or seeing Dr. Raynor. You knew he enjoyed your company whether he liked to admit it or not. 
You unlocked his door using the key he had given you for “emergency purposes only,” and locked it behind you, kicking off your shoes. “Hello?” you called out, only to be met with silence. Wherever he was, you figured he would be back soon.
You noticed a couple of different flower bouquets spread across his kitchen table. Who the hell was sending Bucky flowers? You nosily looked for a note, but there was nothing. Brushing it off you walked over to his couch, got comfortable and put on the TV.
About forty-five minutes later, you heard the lock rattle and soon enough your one hundred and six year old friend was walking through the door.
“Figured it was you, I could hear the Love Island theme song all the way down the hall.” He smirked, taking his jacket off as he waltzed over to the kitchen, filling a glass of water. “Remind me how you win that show again.”
“Buck, how many times do I have to tell you that’s not how it works- you know what? Never mind.” 
“Okay, grumpy. I’m guessing no news on Wanda?”
You turned the volume down and propped yourself off the couch, following his direction to the kitchen.
“Yeah, still no lead. It just... sucks. I feel useless,” you pulled back a chair and took a seat, giving him a defeated smile.
“I’m sorry, Doll. Do you wanna talk about it?”
“No, no it’s fine. Theres nothing to really even talk about honestly, thats basically the problem.” You sighed. 
“Theres gonna be something soon, okay? I promise.” He put his free hand over yours which was laying on the counter. “If anybody is gonna get through to her, it’s gonna be you.” He knew how deeply you cared about her and how badly her being gone was affecting you. 
You smiled, feeling the tears welling up as you gave his hand a small squeeze. You couldn't help but be emotional, Wanda was a soft spot. 
You removed your hand from his and quickly fanned your eyes. “Enough about that...” you began, “What I do wanna talk about is who is giving you all these flowers!” You laughed, gesturing to the scattered rose and sunflowers bouquets on the table.
Bucky let out a nervous laugh before scratching the back of his neck. “Actually, more like who I was giving flowers to,” he turned around putting the now empty glass in the sink. “I had a date and couldn’t really decide which flowers to get her.”
You were glad his back was facing you, because you were quickly taken aback.
“A-a date?”
He turned to you. “Yes, a date. Why? Is that so hard to believe?” He rolled his eyes.
“With who?!” 
“Leah. She works at that restaurant down the street. She’s a nice girl, Yori actually set it up.” He crossed his arms nonchalantly. “We played Battleship.”
The thought of Bucky nervously deciding over which bouquet of flowers to give this Leah girl made your heart sink for some reason. You couldn’t recall a time a man had ever bought you flowers, let alone stressing over which you would like best.
The silence was filling the room quickly and you felt the atmosphere becoming uncomfortable as he stared at you, with his eyebrow raised, waiting for a response. You didn’t even know why you were speechless to begin with.
“Well… w-why didn’t you tell me?!” You spit out, flaring your hands out for dramatic effect. 
He shrugged. “I don’t know. Wasn’t a big deal.”
“Not a big deal?! I mean… what did you guys talk about? Do you plan on seeing her again?” You asked, nervously running a hand through your hair. “Who even won the game of battleship…?”
He shrugged again. “Like I said, not a big deal.” He walked around the counter and walked towards the couch. “What does it even matter?”
“I mean it clearly must matter if you were nervous about what kind of flowers to give her! You must really like her if you wanted to make a good impression on her.” You exclaimed, turning around to face him.
“It was fun, okay? I had a good time, she’s a nice girl! Why do you even care anyway?”
You didn’t care, you were just confused. You didn’t understand why he wouldn’t tell you about it or at least call you for help on which flowers you thought were best. Not only were you probably his closest friend, but you were a girl and you thought he valued your opinion. Yeah, I mean, maybe you hadn’t been on a date yourself in… god knows how long, but you liked to think you knew a thing or two about what a girl likes.
Bucky just didn’t see you like that, you guessed. You were just a good friend. A good friend who he doesn’t think about going on dates with. A good friend who he isn’t attracted to and doesn’t associate with flowers. You tried to ignore the disappointment that flooded your body at that thought. 
Whatever. The bottom line is you thought you two were closer than that. You thought he was comfortable enough to confide in you about these types of things. After all, if he could tell you about his haunting past and nightmares, what was a little dating advice?
“I-I don’t, you’re right…”
He looked up at you, there was silence once again. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but before he could you changed the subject. 
“Wanna order food or something? I’m starving.”
Yeah. There was that. 
But then there was the shameless flirting with Sarah to go along with that. It came out of nowhere.
You understood why he would want to flirt with her, she was gorgeous, so incredibly kind and an amazing mother. You didn’t blame him, what was there not to like about her?
But despite all those things, your heart still sunk.
No matter how close the two of you had gotten or the secrets you had shared or the nights you had spent crying and being so honest and open... it just didn't matter. You couldn't help but wonder if he would tell Steve about his rendezvous with Leah. Or the crush he was harboring on Sam’s sister.
At the rate you two were going, you had practically told Bucky more than you had ever told Steve. You were foolish to think he would ever trust you nearly as much as you trusted him. 
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”
You jumped, as Sam came from behind you, interrupting your thoughts. He laughed at your reaction as he took a seat next to you.
“Shut up! I’m just watching the kids. They’re cute.” You rolled your eyes, playfully smacking his arm.
“Yeah… you’re defiantly not watching the one hundred and six year old tin man that they happen to be using as their personal monkey bar…” It was his turn to roll his eyes.
“Oh, give it a rest, will you? Plus, even if I was he wouldn’t notice. He’s too busy giving bedroom eyes to your sister.” You laughed as he grimaced, purposely bringing it up knowing it would make him uncomfortable.
“One, don’t ever say that again. Two, someone sounds jealous…” He sang, pointing his finger at you.
“I am not!”
“You so are!”
“I’m not jealous, Sam. We’re just friends.” You defended, pushing his finger down. “I just thought that maybe if he was into Sarah, he would tell me… I don’t know? I guess I just thought we were closer than that…” You turned back to watch the pair a couple of tables down as they laughed about something. “After everything we’ve been through, I guess I just thought things were different.”
“You know I love you, so you know I mean this respectfully,” he began, resting his hand on your shoulder, “but for one of the world’s highest trained spies, you are oblivious.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You are so obviously in love with Bucky.” He smirked. “And what makes you even more oblivious is that you don’t even realize that he feels the exact same way.”
“Sam…” You cautioned. This wasn't the first time he had tried to say something like this. You usually just shut him down right away and he stops knowing you don't want to hear it. Because theres no way Bucky would ever think of you as more than a friend, if he even thinks of you as that.
“Y/N, when are you gonna figure out that you’re not upset that Bucky doesn’t confide in you, instead you’re just jealous that you aren’t the girls he’s flirting with or taking out on dates!” He elaborated, as he followed your gaze to where Bucky and his sister were sitting.
You looked over at Sam, realization flooding your features.
“And maybe you would be the girl he does those things with if you would just stop being so clueless and finally come to terms with the fact that you’re in love with him and you have been for a while now.” Sam smirked.
And just like that, you realized he was right. You so badly wanted to be the girl that had Bucky pacing around his living room, stressed out about which flowers were your favorite.
“But if he loved me too he wouldn’t be sitting here flirting with somebody else-“ You started before Sam cut you off.
“Please, it’s harmless flirting! It doesn’t mean anything! Sarah already told me that every conversation they have he always finds a way to bring your name up somehow anyway.” He laughed, before swinging his legs over the side of the seat, standing up. “The man’s whipped! And he has been for a while but he just thinks you don't feel the same way. Now please go confess your love to him before he continues flirting with my sister and I have to kill his cyborg ass.”
You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face and as you looked back over at your good friend who you just happened to be madly in love with for months, he was already looking at you. 
Desert was being brought out and you watched as the people dancing to the music stopped and eagerly formed a line behind the cake. 
“Hey, you.”
You turned around to be met with the same captivating blue eyes you hadn’t even realized became your home over the past couple of months.
“Hey, Buck.” You breathed.
“Where have you been? I feel like I haven’t seen you all day…” he put his hand behind your back and ushered you to stand by the edge of the dock, away from the music and people. “I missed you.” He uttered.
You smiled sheepishly. This wasn’t the first time he had said he missed you by any means, but after your revelation earlier, this time it gave you butterflies.
“I was just with some of the kids for a while and then I was with Sam…” you started, turning to look at the water before you, a sense of nervousness creeping up on you. “He was, uh, helping me realize something.”
“Yeah?” He questioned. “Like what?”
“Like how I’m in love with you.” You whispered. You didn’t want to look up at him and see his reaction but the silence was deafening.
Slowly meeting his eyes you continued. “I-I’m in love with you.” His mouth was slightly agape and his eyes were wide. “Bucky, I’m in love with you and this whole time I figured that I was just upset because I thought you didn’t value our friendship as much as I did and you didn’t trust me… b-but I was wrong. I’m in love with you and for some reason it takes you going on dates and flirting with Sarah to realize It was just jealousy all along-“
“You’re the first person I want to talk to when I’m upset but you’re also the first person I want to tell all my good news to- even if there’s not a lot of that lately. But you’re also the person I want to watch crappy reality TV with, even though I have to explain it to you every five seconds because you don’t understand it.”
His shocked expression soon became replaced with a soft smile and he lifted his hand to caress your face. 
You instantly melted at his touch and whispered, “This past year has sucked… so bad… but I want to spend all my bad days with you… because just being with you makes the bad days not so bad…” 
You couldn’t help the tears that streamed down your face as you expressed your love for him. The way you felt had been bottled up for so long, because not only were you trying to hide it from him, you were trying to hide it from yourself.
He wiped your tears with his thumb as he leaned in, pressing a soft, but tender kiss to your lips.
“I-I love you. I’m in love with you and I have been for a while now, Doll.” The adoration that he looked down at you with made your face heat up, and if you weren’t so happy you would be angry at yourself for not seeing it for so long.
He brought his other hand up to caress your face, his metal one, the cool texture sending a chill down your spine. Speaking of which, was not clad in a jacket which only made you smile harder. The fact he was able to finally be comfortable enough to not hide his vibranium brought you joy.
“I just feel so stupid that I didn’t realize it sooner…”
He pulled you in for another kiss.
“Yeah you’re pretty oblivious for being one of the worlds highest trained spies-“ He laughed.
“Hey-“ You yelped, slapping his chest.
“Thats what I said!”
You jumped before both of your heads turned to see none other than Sam WIlson standing not too far behind the two of you. God only knows how long he had been there.
“Sam!” You both whined, rolling your eyes.
“I’m very happy for you two, but please enough with the PDA! Theres kids here!” He groaned.
You and Bucky just laughed melting into each others touch more, as he wrapped his arms around your waist and peppered your face with kisses. 
This was how you wanted to remember your days as, pure bliss.
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ahh-chris · 7 months ago
Y/N: Ah yes, the five love languages.
Y/N, pointing at Tony: 'My family never told me they were proud of me'
Y/N, pointing at Peter: 'I'm so fucking tired please god just let me rest for five minutes
Y/N, pointing at Natasha: 'I love girls'
Y/N, pointing at Bruce: 'Please pay attention to me'
Y/N, pointing at Bucky: 'Touch Starved’
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soap-bubble-nebula · 8 months ago
the experiment. || Bucky Barnes x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested by anon: Can I request an Avengers x reader, Bucky x reader fic where the reader was a Hydra experiment at a hydra base and whenever she couldn't use her powers properly, they made Bucky (as the Winter Soldier) inflict punishments on the reader. (Then after bucky joins the Avengers) whenever the reader is fighting the avengers she's fearless but everytime she sees Bucky she gets scared and runs away from the fight. At some point Bucky realizes why she's so scared of him and somehow convinces her that he and the avengers want to help her. Oh and you can choose whether you want it to be Bucky x reader or a platonic Bucky x teen!reader where he becomes her father figure! thanks and sorry it's so long 😅
Word Count: 7.9K
Warnings: Violence, accounts of physical abuse
A/N: Anon, we are Bucky stans here. We always fall in love with Bucky :) I hope you enjoy! 
Saying that being a Hydra experiment was difficult and traumatizing is an understatement. You barely spoke, and you didn’t know anything about your life before Hydra. As far as you know, you woke up for the first time in that facility, in a fully grown body. Hydra had been working on a way to fuse a person with electricity for a long time, and there you were. Many had died in the process, but you were the first success. You were able to supercharge metal, make equipment magnetic and glitch around from place to place, leaving sparks in your wake. 
Despite being the first to survive these experiments, you were not automatically proficient in their use and the Hydra scientists hated that. You had no idea how long you had been stuck in the facility, but you never felt the need to leave, or escape. That was everything you knew, your barren room, constant tests, the mediocre food that was mostly skipped and replaced with an IV drip. There was no one to tell you that the outside world was any different, that there was life outside of the facility, until they started sending you out on missions.
One of the more difficult parts of being an experiment with Hydra, was that you were never taught anything; it was beat into you. Should you have tried to rebel and use your powers to harm the scientists, or should it get out of your control, you were beat into submission. 
There was only one person who has ever made you cower in fear. The Winter Soldier. His piercing blue eyes are ones that had been drilled into you, and triggered your desire to run away. You hated him. He was the bane of your existence, but he was also who you feared most, more than those who turned you into who you were. 
You would never forget this one instance where you were trying to glitch around the room, the scientists watching from behind a tempered glass. You were trying your hardest, the edges of your body starting to glitch before stopping completely. “Try harder!” They shouted and you squeezed your eyes shut, trying to will your body to disappear into a spark. 
“Get him,” The scientist said and you felt your blood start to pump, your eyes widened and you looked at the glass with pleading eyes, fear overtaking your features. “No,” You said and squeezed your eyes shut again, trying to glitch before the Winter Soldier made it to the room you were in. The edges of your body were sparking and turning into pixels, but you couldn’t force them anymore. The door opened and your eyes widened as a gasp was let out from your mouth.
There he was, menacing and staring you down. You tried to force the glitch again, to get away from him, but you were unsuccessful. “Come on, come on,” You tried to get yourself to twitch out of your spot as you moved your legs backwards, the Winter Soldier slowly stepping towards you. 
“No, no, no!” You shouted and the Winter Soldier raised his metal arm, punching you in the stomach. He punched and kicked you to a pulp and you were on the ground, twitching and crying in agony. You body was misshapen, bruises and blood coating your frame, and you were fairly certain you had broken a few ribs. 
“That’s enough,” One of the scientists ordered. “Try it again,” He said and you laid down on the ground as the Winter Soldier stood by in the corner, watching you with a glare. 
You squeezed your eyes shut, your body starting to glitch, but you wouldn’t blink out of the space you were in. Your legs and arms glitched out and returned. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and your body reset, returning to its natural state. 
“Hit her again,” The scientist said, looking at the Winter Soldier who walked towards you. Your breathing picked up and tears pricked at your eyes as you squeezed them shut, trying to force a glitch. You opened your eyes, watching as the Winter Soldier raised his arm to hit you, and you closed them again, waiting for the impact that never came. You opened one eye and then the other, noting how he was no longer standing over you and the ceiling was in a different orientation. You had glitched to a different spot in the room.
“Very good,” The scientist sang, and you sighed, breathing starting to slow down as your eyes closed. 
Things like that happened every time Hydra tried to get you to use a new feature of your power, and when they lost the Winter Soldier, they had to hurt you themselves. They never did tell you what happened to him, but you found out later on. 
“This is the target,” One of the scientists showed you a picture of a governor. Your eyes glossed over the image, face blank. “The Avengers have caught wind of your activities. Try and be quick.” You looked up at him, not saying a word, gaze cold and steely. 
“Off you go,” He said and you left, getting on your bike and leaving the New York facility. You set up on the roof of a building where the governor was supposed to be giving a speech, and you pulled out your gun, charging the bullets with your powers before loading the weapon. 
You waited for the governor to make his appearance and once he did, aimed your weapon at him, looking through the scope. You closed one eye, finger beginning to squeeze the trigger, before you were swept up into the air by the back of your vest. You were looking down, going higher into the sky and you looked up, seeing Iron Man holding you.
“Hey there,” He snarked and you looked up at him, face still blank. You reached up to his hand and shocked the metal of his suit, causing it to malfunction and he dropped you. You continued to fall and then glitched back onto the roof of the building, putting your hands on your weapon again, before another woman with red hair started attacking you. You skillfully fought back, dodging her punches and punching her back. 
A man with a shield showed up. You grabbed onto the woman with the red hair, glitching into a locked room and leaving her there, while you returned to deal with the other man. 
You knocked the shield out of the man’s hand, grabbing it, supercharging it and chucking it back at him. You were mid combat with the man when a third person showed up. One that you recognized. You were frozen in shock, as your eyes met his frame. In your frozen state, the man in front of you hit you in the face, causing blood to drip from your cheekbone. You fell over, as the Winter Soldier approached, ready to fight. You crawled backwards on the ground, your breathing picking up and your face changing its expression for the first time in weeks. Fear filled your eyes as you quickly ran, grabbing your weapons and equipment and glitched out of sight, onto your motorbike. 
Steve looked at Bucky as soon as you disappeared. “What the fuck?” Bucky cocked his head to the side. Steve looked back at Bucky, confused. “Did you know her?” He asked, and Bucky shook his head. 
Tony landed back on the roof. “Where is she?” He asked, unequipping his mask. “She glitched out and left,” Bucky explained and Tony sighed. “We’ve been in pursuit of her for months. No wonder she’s been so slippery,” Tony puts his hands on his hips and looks down at the governor and the crowd.
“At least he’s okay,” Steve pointed out, making sure there was no one injured. “Dammit!” Tony cussed under his breath. “Where did you go?” Bucky asked him. 
“She made my suit malfunction. I had to wait for FRIDAY to get a handle on it,” Tony explained. There was a pause between all of them before Steve looked around. “Where’s Nat?” 
They found her in a locked room in the building that they were on the roof of, bringing her back to the tower with them. Despite you having gotten away, Bucky was confused. The way you looked at him then was stuck in his mind, like an imprint. He was certain he didn’t know you, but that didn’t mean the Winter Soldier didn’t. The moment kept replaying in his mind, the way you had lost your balance and your face changed as you faced him. You were gone quicker than anything, and he didn’t know why. 
Several weeks after that, Steve was pursuing you in the streets of New York, as you were on your bike, going against the traffic and trying to get away from him. He had caught you while you were in the middle of another assassination, and he chased you down. You looked over behind you, where he was also on his bike and quickly gaining on you. You closed your eyes, veering your bike left to cut him off, drifting and glitching out, letting your bike fly towards him. He jumped off, his vehicle being destroyed by yours, the smoke from the exhausts catching fire and combusting. 
You started running down the street, pushing past people while Steve tried to get eyes on you. He quickly chased you, pressing the comms that was in his ear and reaching Bucky.
“Buck! She’s going down 86th street! I’m gonna need you to cut her off. I can’t catch up to her with that glitch,” He shouted as he continued running. You looked over your shoulder briefly, and glitched midrun, reappearing on the fire escape of a building while Steve ran below you, not catching where you reappeared. He looked left and right, his back towards you and you quickly made your way to the rooftop.
You looked over the edge, ducking your head down as you eyed his every move. “I lost her,” He said.
“But I didn’t,” A voice responded and you gasped, recognizing it. You turned around and were met with those same blue eyes that you feared. You started trembling and for a moment, you forgot that you had powers that could allow you to escape. “Who are you?” Bucky grabbed your vest and your eyes filled with fear as tears pricked in the corners of your eyes. 
After staring into your orbs for a while, something seemed to click in his head. “I... I know you,” He admitted and in his moments of surprise, you put your hand on his metal arm, shocking him so that it malfunctioned, and he recoiled from the pain of the shock, allowing you to glitch down into the building so that you could make your escape.
“You had her right there and you let her get away?!” Tony shouted at Bucky looked back him. “She shocked my arm! I couldn’t get it to move.” He tried to explain. “You have another, fully functioning arm, Barnes!” Tony tried to argue. 
“I couldn’t do anything about it! She caught me by surprise and glitched before I could grab her!” 
Before Tony could argue any further, Steve came in between them. “Tony, you’ve experienced a malfunction from her before. You know what it’s like. In any case, we don’t know where she is and we’re just gonna have to come up with a solution.” Steve said and Tony glared at both of the two men before leaving. Once he was gone and out of earshot, Steve turned to his friend.
“So,” Steve started. “What actually happened on that rooftop?” He knew Bucky too well and Bucky grit his teeth, his jaw tightening. “I know her, Steve.” Bucky’s voice got lower. Steve’s face grew serious. “How?” 
“I think... I think she’s another Hydra experiment,” Bucky explained. “You’re saying she’s Hydra?” Steve’s brows furrowed even more. They had been trying to identify what group you were working for, but they thought Hydra had been eradicated. No one ever thought they could still be functioning in the shadows.
Bucky nodded his head. “Do you remember anything else?” Steve asked and Bucky wracked his brain, running his hands through his long hair to try and get any information. “I don’t know. I just saw her eyes. She started crying, Steve. She’s terrified of me. I don’t know why,” Bucky seemed to feel sympathetic towards your situation. He didn’t know what he did as the Winter Soldier, but he felt apologetic towards you. After all, he understood your situation more than anyone. 
Bucky had nightmares that night; dreams in which he saw you, bloodied and bruised, cowering on the floor as he beat you half to death. He heard your screams and cries so vividly that he woke up at four in the morning panting, your shouts of agony still ringing in his ears. He got up out of his bed and put his hands on his hips, pacing around. 
“I... hurt her. All the time,” He thought aloud, realizing what was actually going on and then quickly ran to Steve’s room, pounding on the door. Steve woke up and looked at the clock, getting out of bed and opening the door. 
“Buck? What is it?” Steve rubbed at his eyes and Bucky pushed past him, going inside of his room and pacing around. “Bucky?” Steve called, realizing that something was wrong.
“I used to hurt her,” Bucky said and Steve looked at him. “Who? The girl?” 
“Hydra used to send me in there to hurt her if she wasn’t able to use her powers,” Bucky crossed his arms, continuing his pacing. “Like... Hit her?” Steve was hesitant to clarify and Bucky closed his eyes, sighing, knowing that Steve hit the nail on the head. 
“God, Buck,” Steve rubbed his forehead. “We have to get her, Steve.” Bucky said and Steve raised his brows. “Get her? Like bring her here?” 
“Yes.” Bucky nodded. “Are you insane? Tony hates her guts. She’s Hydra!” 
“He hated my guts, too. He’ll come around. We just have to show him she can be an asset.” Bucky and Steve spoke back and forth, Steve finally conceding to the idea of doing a secret extraction. But first, they had to find you.
It took them some time, but they eventually found you. They pinpointed your exact location by following power outages in certain areas. It was almost like you were leading them right to you. You were asleep in your barren room at around midnight, when you heard shouts and hollers of guards outside. Your eyes shot open and you stood up, trying to look through the window on the door as much as possible without being there. You were chained to your bed, with a rare metal that blocked out your powers and were resistant to your supercharging them. You suddenly caught a flash of dark hair and your metal door was being pounded in. You gasped, swinging your legs off the bed and trying to yank the chains off. You weren’t able to use your powers, and the door was seconds away from being busted in. 
The door flew open and you looked up, meeting that cold blue gaze again. You started to have trouble breathing as you tried to yank the chains off the bed, pulling and pulling until your wrists started to burn. The Winter Soldier was approaching you slowly and you felt your eyes water as you continued to furiously yank at the chains. Bucky took his mask off. 
“Hey, hey, hey.” He tried. “Calm down,” He said and you continued to yank your arms back, trying to get rid of the chains that had you confined to the bed, You were crying, tears spilling out of your eyes. Bucky approached you and used his metal arm to break the ends that were attached to the furniture, leaving the chains dangling from cuffs on your wrists. The sight of his metal arm being put to use again made you cower in fear and you fell over, moving backwards as far as possible and being pushed into the corner. You put your head in your knees and avoided looking at him. 
“It’s okay,” he tried to start and he put his human hand down to help you up. You looked at it and quickly sprinted out of the room, unable to glitch anywhere. You looked over your shoulder to check if he was following you and ran right into Steve. You tried running in the other direction, but saw Bucky coming out to block the other end of the hallway. 
You were stuck in the middle and you looked at the two of them. “It’s okay. We don’t wanna hurt you,” Steve started and you quickly ran towards him, sliding down in between his open legs and running around the facility, the two of them tried to chase you, Bucky going one way and Steve in the other, trying to catch you. 
You were running, having no weapons or protective gear, you knew there was no way you could take these guys. You turned a corner and ran right into Steve. You gasped and turned, but he grabbed you from behind, catching you in his arms. “Shh... We’re trying to save you. We’re gonna get you out of here.” He tried to calm you down as you slowly started to relax, realizing he wasn’t hurting you with his touch. 
Out of here? I can have a life beyond these walls? Like the people I always see in the street? You thought.
Bucky then walked to catch up and you cowered into Steve’s arms, putting your head into his chest instinctively and gripping his clothes.
Bucky’s heart wrenched as he stayed where he was, avoiding coming any closer so that he wouldn’t scare you. “It’s okay. Bucky’s not gonna hurt you,” Steve said and you turned your head to the side to look at the man he called ‘Bucky.’ One look and you sucked in a breath, turning your head back to Steve’s chest. 
“I’ll keep my distance,” Bucky said to Steve and Steve nodded, helping you stand up straight and leading you out of the facility with a gentle grip while Bucky trailed behind. You got on the jet, and it was still dark. 
You sat on the floor in the corner of the jet the entire time, clutching your knees to your chest. It was only a 30 minute plane ride back to the city, having been on the outskirts of it for the duration of your time there. 
Steve was tasked with watching you for the journey, and he tried talking to you throughout it. “You don’t have to be afraid. None of us are going to hurt you.” He paused as he took in your features. You were looking everywhere but at him. “What’s your name?” He asked and you didn’t say anything. Steve smiled slightly. “I’m Steve. That’s Bucky,” He introduced and you continued to just stare at him. 
Steve stood up and walked over to a drawer. He pulled it open and found a pen and paper, walking back. “Do you feel comfortable writing stuff to me?” He asked, handing you the items and you took them hesitantly. 
You gave him a look, wondering whether or not you should share any information with him. Though you were Hydra’s successful experiment, they failed in one aspect; making you into a cold-blooded killer. You did as you were told to avoid punishment, but you didn’t kill anyone you weren’t ordered to. Despite your chaotic history, they failed in wiping out the little bits of who you used to be; the parts of you that they could never truly erase, the shy, compassionate parts. You clutched onto them, pretending they didn’t exist so that you can have some sense of yourself and who you used to be.
After a few minutes of talking Steve sighed, realizing you wouldn’t be communicating in any way. He went to grab you some water and your shaky hand that was clutching the pen came into contact with the paper.
‘Y/n.’ You wrote on it and left it on the ground. Steve returned with a bottle of water for you, that you hesitantly grabbed. His eyes fell on the inked piece of paper in between the two of you. 
Steve picked it up and read it out loud. “Y/n. That’s a nice name,” He said and you pursed your lips, looking down at your bare feet. 
“Are you hungry?” You looked up at him, surprised. They hadn’t offered you food since your dinner time which was at 6pm. It was nearly 2 in the morning. You slowly picked up the paper and wrote. ‘Yes,’ handing it to him. 
He smiled at you and went into a separate room, bringing you a granola bar. He returned and handed it to you. You looked at it confused, having never seen anything like that before in your life. Your brows furrowed as you looked around it, trying to decipher what it was. Steve chuckled and opened it, handing it to you. 
You held it and bit down, a simple flavor and crunch spreading through your mouth. You blinked multiple times, wondering what this was and why it tasted so good. You even found yourself letting out a slight smile at the refreshing taste of it. 
“Have you never had a granola bar before?” Steve asked and you shook your head. You lifted the long sleeve of your top and showed him your IV. “There’s lots of incredible foods we can show you. I’m sure Bucky even has some favorites,” At the mention of his name you stopped chewing, quickly glancing at the back of Bucky’s head before looking back down at your snack. 
Steve sat himself on the floor next to you and grabbed the paper you were using to talk to him. He picked up the pen and wrote. ‘Are you scared of Bucky?’
You replied. ‘Yes,’
Steve knew the answer, but somehow he was disappointed to hear about it, though he wasn’t surprised. ‘He’s a good guy now.’
‘I don’t believe you,’ You wrote out. ‘I’m sure you’ll see it soon,’ Steve wrote back and you left it at that. Steve had sent a message to Tony and the team that they were bringing you back to the tower, and as soon as you landed, you were arrested and dragged into the tower. You looked back to Steve in a panic.
“Steve, Bucky. Good work with this one. We’ll see what we can get out of her,” Tony turned and Steve grabbed his arm. “Hey, no. You can’t imprison her,” He said and Tony furrowed his brows. 
“Are you kidding me? She’s a murderer!” Tony said. “Take one look in her eyes and tell me she’s a fucking murderer then,” Bucky snapped and Tony shut his mouth.
“We’re interrogating her, and that’s final,” Tony said and followed the agents who apprehended you. They put you in some type of glass container, the chains removed from your wrists. You were hyperventilating as you glitched around, trying to escape, but you were never able to make it past the glass. You banged on the glass, trying to breath, eventually realizing it was hopeless and you pressed your back to the glass and slid down, leaning your head back and hitting the glass. 
There were a few agents there guarding you, and they let Tony in. You turned towards him and watched as he approached you. “How’s it feel? I’m sure you’ll come to like staying in there,” Tony said and you slammed your hands on the glass. He didn’t even flinch.
“If you start talking, then maybe I could give you a book to read. Pass the time,” Tony snarked and you didn’t say a word. Tony shrugged and then turned to leave. You breathed on the glass, causing it fog up, and used your finger to write out a word. 
Tony stopped when he heard the squeaking of your finger against the glass, turning to see what you had written out. You had presented him with the name of the one person who you believed was genuinely trying to help you.
Tony knew what that meant. It meant you’d only talk to Steve, and if that’s what it took to get you to speak, then he would make sure that the Captain was there to talk to you. It took a bit of convincing, and Steve came downstairs and saw you, laying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. “Hey,” He called and you looked up. You were clutching the pen and notepad you were given, since Steve said he’d only be able to talk to you if you had those items.
You ran over to the glass and put your hands on it. You quickly wrote something out on the paper and pressed it to the glass. ‘I want to get out of here.’ 
“I know you do. You gotta talk to me about some stuff first.” Steve said and you held the notepad to your chest. You thought about what would happen to you if you spoke to Steve. You didn’t want to stay in prison. Considering this, you asked him the one question you always wanted to know the answer to.
‘Can I have a real life?’ 
Steve looked at your sad eyes and read the paper. “I think so. Bucky did it. I think you can, too.” Even though you grimaced at the mention of his name, things started to make sense in your head. 
You pursed your lips and closed your watering eyes. You couldn’t believe you had finally had an out; a way to really let go of the torture and the crimes. Steeling yourself you took in a deep inhale through your nose, your face unchanged. 
‘I’ll tell you everything you want to know.’
And you did. You gave Steve every detail about your life, what you had observed by watching the scientists and the people around you, the crimes you had committed. Steve bargained for you with Tony, saying that he’ll only give him the information if you could have a chance at a life in the tower. 
“Are you nuts? No way.” Tony shook his head and scoffed at Steve. “She could be a real asset to us! She has those incredible powers. She doesn’t want to be an experiment anymore,” 
“And you’re just going to take her word for it?” Tony looked at Steve frustratedly. 
“Tony, you don’t understand. She’s not a cold-blooded killer. There’s something in the way that she was conditioned. It’s not like Bucky. She’s a sweet girl, who has real feelings. It’s just been buried for so long,” Steve made your case.
“Rogers. This isn’t a goddamn charity for ex-Hydra agents. She’s going to prison,” Tony snapped and Steve sighed. “Get her evaluated. At least do that before you make any rash decisions. She could really do great things,”
Tony somehow agreed to that and had you evaluated by a therapist. As you were sitting in the therapists’ glass office coloring a picture, chains around your ankles and wrists, the therapist spoke with Bucky, Steve and Tony outside. 
“Y/n’s not a danger to you. She did what she did out of fear, because of torture.” She explained. “Is she coloring?” Tony asked, looking confused. Despite being a grown woman, your face had the innocence of a child while you colored. “Yes, Mr. Stark. She doesn’t remember her childhood. As far as she’s concerned, she was born a fully grown adult.”
“She drew these,” The therapist showed the guys the detailed images you drew of some of the torture devices, or some of the men who would beat you. One of them was a looming, dark picture of Bucky. Tony turned to Bucky. “You were apart of her torture?” 
Bucky avoided looking at Tony, giving him the answer to his question. Tony saw you through the glass office, with your childlike focus as you colored, and something in him softened. Perhaps Steve was right. 
You were released and moved into the tower that day. You looked around in awe at your room and the comfy bed. You picked up the notepad that you had been carrying around. ‘Am I staying here?’ You asked Steve and he nodded.
“Yeah. This is your new room,” Steve smiled. 
‘I don’t have to be chained anymore?’ You asked and he shook his head. “No one is going to chain you here,” Steve said and you sat down at the edge of the bed, feeling the soft mattress underneath your fingertips. Tears pricked your eyes as you watched Steve. “What’s wrong?” He asked, concerned and you looked at him. You wrote out on your notepad.
‘Thank you so much.’
Steve smiled and sat next to you. “Don’t worry about it. Welcome home,” He said and you nearly started sobbing. He showed you where your toiletries were, how to work the shower and where you could store all your things. 
He then left you so that you were able to get settled in. Once you were alone, checking out drawers and such, a knock sounded. You opened the door and there stood Nat. You pursed your lips and took a few steps back. You quickly rushed to your notepad.
‘Sorry about that one time,’ You wrote out and showed it to her. She seemed amused. Nat’s opinion of you wasn’t low. She knew something more was going on when you didn’t kill her, but instead moved her aside. “Don’t worry about it. Don’t you talk?” She asked and you paused. “Are you mute?” She asked and you shook your head, quickly writing out a sentence.
‘I haven't spoken in years,’
“How come?” She asked and you wrote a new sentence. ‘I was never allowed to.’
“You’re allowed to here. No one’s gonna hurt you,” Nat said and you shrugged. 
‘It’s not that simple,’
She knew you were right, it would take you some time to warm up to everyone and feel comfortable enough to talk to them. Nat gave you a tour of the tower and the kitchen. There, you saw so many foods that you had never seen before. You would pick up something and point at it, Nat telling you what it was. “That’s a plum,” 
You knew what general ingredients were, but some things you had never seen. You held the plum close, wanting to try it. “You wanna try it?” Nat asked and you nodded. “Those are Bucky’s, so we’ll have to ask-” You immediately put it back at the mention of his name, and shook your head. 
“Oh... Okay,” Nat looked confused. 
Whenever you walked into the common room and Bucky was there, you turned around and walked out. The next few weeks sucked for him, since you always avoided him. “Why’re you freaking out about this?” Steve asked his friend one day.
“Because I want her to know that I’m not that guy anymore,” Bucky said and looked at his friend. “There’s something more than that. What is it?” Steve was perceptive and Bucky sighed, crossing his arms. “I guess, I just feel responsible for her. I’m a big part of the reason she turned out this way. I don’t want her to be afraid of me... I just wanna take care of her,” 
“Well. We can come up with a plan. She hasn’t been out of the compound yet. Maybe if you take her and she experiences something good with you, it’ll start to change her thoughts.” Steve was right. So he and Bucky came up with a plan for an afternoon trip around the area, making sure to tie in some of Bucky’s favorite places. 
One day, you walked into the common room to find Steve sitting at the kitchen counter. “Hey, Y/n. Want a snack?” He asked and you nodded, walking up to the counter to sit down. Steve made you a snack, and that was when Bucky walked in. You stood up to leave and Steve put a hand on your shoulder. “It’s okay. Don’t worry. Sit down,” You sat back down, facing Bucky so that he wouldn’t attack you from behind.
“Hey, Y/n,” Bucky smiled and your face stayed blank. “I was gonna head out into the city. Did you wanna come?” He asked and you shook your head. Steve put his hand on your shoulder. “Hey. It’ll be okay. Bucky’s nice and you haven’t had a chance to explore the city yet, have you?” Steve asked, knowing the answer. 
You shook your head. “Well, this is your chance. If anything happens, call me. I’ll come get you, I promise,” He said and you gave one look at Bucky who was smiling at you and you hesitated. You put your notepad down on the counter and pulled out your pen. ‘Shoes.’ You dropped the pen and ran to your room, putting shoes on and coming back. The two men leaned over to see what you had written and Bucky sighed in relief, grinning at Steve who grinned back. 
You came back in a few minutes, Bucky still standing there. “Ready?” He asked and you nodded. You picked up your notepad and your pen. You stood awkwardly with Bucky in the elevator, avoiding his gaze every chance you got. 
Bucky didn’t press you and walked out of the front doors of the tower, holding them open for you. You stood outside and took in New York in a different light. You smiled at it. You weren’t running this time, you were just taking in the light coming through the buildings and coating the busy streets. Bucky watched you, amusedly and then started walking. “Come on,” He called and you walked a little ways behind him. He stopped walking and turned around, noticing how you were keeping your distance. 
“You don’t have to worry about anything. Stand next to me,” He smiled and you were clearly reluctant, your facial features twitching a bit. Before you could even make a decision, Bucky slowed down to match your pace, so that you were walking side by side. 
Bucky took you around the area, showing you to a bookstore first. You looked around at all the books. “Pick out whatever you want,” He said and you seemed hesitant, unsure if you even liked to read. But you walked around anyway, looking through books. 
“If you wanna find out what a book is about, they have a description on the back,” Bucky picked up a random book and showed you. You nodded and continued to look through, picking up books and checking their backs. 
You stopped on an eye catching cover of a girl holding weapons. You turned it around and saw that it was about an assassin falling in love with the person who stopped her. After reading more details about the assassin, you found that you related to her a lot. 
“You like that one?” Bucky asked and you looked at it, hesitant to say anything. Bucky knew that you did. “Come on. Bring it with you,” You followed Bucky up to the register and he paid for the book, allowing the lady to put it in a bag. Once you left, he handed you the bag and you were confused. You pointed at yourself and he nodded. “That’s for you.” 
You pulled out your notepad. ‘No one’s ever given me a gift before. Thank you,’
Bucky smiled, knowing that you were making important progress with him. He walked with you up and down certain streets, telling you stories about them and pointing out cool details. He also bought you a warm sweater since the weather was getting colder. To end the afternoon, you went to have lunch at Bucky’s favorite diner. 
He told you about why it was his favorite, and you didn’t know what to get while you were looking at the menu, so Bucky ordered for the two of you. You had never tasted something so good in your entire life. Bucky was smiling at you as you ate and you met his eyes, shyly looking away. 
After eating, Bucky looked at the menu again, intending to order milkshakes. “Soy milk? What’s that? Milk introducing itself in Spanish?” Bucky scoffed under his breath and you clapped a hand to your mouth, trying to hold in your laughter. 
Bucky raised his brows and looked up from the menu. Your eyes were squeezed shut and you were hunched over to the side, giggling quietly. Bucky laughed with you. “You really found that funny?” He asked and you nodded, still holding your hands to your mouth.
“You can laugh here. No one is gonna punish you for that,” Bucky said and you dropped your hands, your face still in a smile at the joke. “Hey, look at you. You have a cute smile,” He said and your face fell, your brows raised and your face flushed. You stared at him and he looked confused, you turned your head to the side. “Something wrong?” Bucky asked and you shook your head.
‘No one’s ever called me cute before,’ You wrote and showed it to Bucky. “Well, see. They were all assholes. I think you’re very cute,” He said and you smiled slightly, looking down at the ground. Bucky ordered the two of you vanilla milkshakes and you put your lips up to the straw, pulling the drink, as a mild sweetness spread over your tongue. It was cold, and pleasant and your eyes widened as you looked at Bucky, who was already watching you. The edges of your body started glitching out and becoming pixelated before they subsided.
“It’s good, isn’t it?” He asked and you nodded, your lips spreading in a smile. He chuckled. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.” He said and your smile fell slightly. 
What was happening here? You had come to the conclusion that he was different than before early on in your trip. That, mixed with him constantly trying to talk to you without hurting you in the days you’ve spent in the tower convinced you enough. But there was something else going on that you couldn’t quite put your finger on. 
You walked back to the tower with Bucky, clutching the gifts that Bucky got you while you were out. Your opinion of him was surely changing, but you didn’t know what it would turn into. 
You didn’t speak for weeks after that, but Bucky continuously took you out and hung out with you. He even trained you in the gym. You read more books, started watching movies together and were around each other a lot. 
The first time you spoke was when Bucky and Sam were out on a mission and you were hanging out in the common area with Steve and Nat. You were getting worried about Bucky since he hadn’t checked on you recently. You went to Tony’s lab and knocked on the door. “Hey, kid,” Tony greeted. 
You and Tony had gotten closer over the last few weeks and he started to see the innocence that the therapist was talking about. You even helped him supercharge some of his weapons or turn on something without a power source. You handed him your notepad.
‘Where’s Bucky?’ 
“He’s still not back yet, kiddo. I’m not sure.” He said and you sighed. “Why are you so worried about Bucky? Do you like him or something?” Tony teased and you paused. You sat down on the other side of his metal table where he was tinkering with things. He was standing across from you and you wrote. ‘How do I know if I like someone?’ 
Tony really felt he was having a conversation with a teenager. Even though he’d understood that you never had a chance at those experiences, he still had a hard time grasping how innocent you actually were. “Well, you know you like someone when you always think about them, want to be around them, enjoy spending time with them.”
You thought about his words. You had seen people romantically holding hands in the streets, and you’ve read about it in books, seen it in movies. You had been imagining holding Bucky’s hand or being close to him. Maybe that’s how you knew you liked him.
You quickly wrote something out. ‘Is it wrong for me to like him? He used to hurt me.’ 
“It’s not wrong. Bucky did something to me in the past and we’re friends now. His past self and current self are two different people. Besides, you can’t help who you like,” Tony said as he looked at you. You put your head in your hand, and pushed your mouth to the side.
“Hey,” Tony called and you looked up. “Don’t hold back on the things that make you happy. We don’t all get second chances at life, but you did. I don’t want you to regret starting over, I need you to promise me you won’t hold back.”
‘I promise,’ You wrote, and smiled at Tony. He smiled back and continued tinkering. Then all of a sudden, FRIDAY’s voice came over the speakers. “Agents Barnes and Wilson have returned from their mission. Barnes is injured, and will be taken to the infirmary upon landing,” 
You looked up, panic taking your eyes as you looked back down at Tony. “FRIDAY, what’s their ETA?” Tony asked. “ETA: approximately one hour,” She replied and you ran out, going to wait on the roof for their arrival. You stayed there, waiting for them to land. And once they did, you stood up, ready to assist them in any way possible. Sam came out limping, Bucky’s arm around his shoulder and you ran up to them.
“We need to get him to the infirmary.” Sam said and you nodded, quickly putting your hand in Bucky’s and a hand on Sam’s shoulder. You glitched all of you down to the infirmary.
Sam got the attentions of the attending nurses and doctors and they put Bucky on a stretcher, you instinctively followed them. “Sorry, Miss. You’re gonna have to wait here,” one of the nurses said. 
You quickly jot something down. ‘I want to make sure he’s okay.’
“I understand, Miss. We’ll help him and we’ll call you in when you can see him,” She turned around to follow the doctors and you stood there. A hand come to your shoulder. “He’ll be fine. The doctors here are great,” Sam tried to reassure and you looked at him, analyzing his injuries. He was scratched up and bruised, but he was still standing. 
‘Are you okay?’ You wrote and he chuckled. “I’ve been better. I’m gonna get cleaned up with the nurses. You gonna be okay on your own?” He asked and you nodded. He turned to leave, walking away with a nurse.
You stayed in the waiting room. You waited until a doctor came out about an hour or so later to talk to you. “Hi, Miss. Could you come with me?” He asked and you quickly stood up to follow him. “He’s fine. He’s sustained some minor head injuries and we had to give him some stitches. But he should be waking up soon.” The man explained and you used your notepad to write out a message. 
‘Thank you so much.’ The doctor nodded and let you into the room where they were keeping him. He left and you were there, looking at Bucky passed out on a hospital bed. You sat next to him and waited for him to wake up. You were hesitant to say something. You knew that no matter what you wrote he wouldn’t be able to see it, and the only option left is to say something out loud. You steeled your nerves and pursed your lips. 
“Bucky?” You called. His name, although it was foreign to your tongue, felt so familiar. You put your hand in his and squeezed a little. “Bucky.” You called again and he didn’t move. 
“Please wake up,” You said. The sound of your voice was strange to you, as though it was the first time you were hearing it. “You’re gonna be okay,” You said. 
After 40 minutes or so of you waiting by his bedside and using your notepad to draw, he stirred. You sat up straighter. He opened his eyes, his face was turned away from yours. “Bucky?” You called and he whipped his head around at the unfamiliar voice. 
“Did you... did you just talk?” He asked and you shut your mouth. “You’re not in trouble. I promise. I’m just... surprised.” He admitted. The sound of your voice was mellifluous; a sound that he knew he wanted to keep hearing. Unbeknownst to you, Bucky had also been developing feelings for you while the two of you spent a lot of time together. 
“Can I ask you a favor?” He asked and you nodded. He licked his lips, a smile coming on his face. He reached out his hand to grab yours and you let him. “Could you say my name again?” His voice dropped down to nearly a whisper as his eyes narrowed affectionately and the ghost of a smile played on his lips.
You looked shy but you looked him in the eyes, your face flushing the whole time. “Bucky,” Your voice reached his ears and his face broke out into a smile. “Again,” He asked and you blinked a few times, confused. 
“Bucky,” He smiled and pulled you towards him. “Your voice is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard, doll,” He said as his thumb rubbed across your knuckles. Something came over you in that moment. You didn’t know what, but you immediately pressed your lips to his, without thinking. Bucky’s initial surprise was shoved aside by the realization that you were kissing him right now, and he moved his lips with yours.
After a few short moments, you pulled away and he smiled widely. “God bless America,” He said and you chuckled and lightly slapped his bicep. “Hey, is that any way to treat an injured soldier?” He mocked annoyance and gave you a look. 
“What does this mean?” You asked and he was still taken aback by the fact that you were talking, but tried not to let it show so that you wouldn’t be shocked into silence again.
“It means you like me, and also that I like you,” He explained. “Yeah, but what do we do now?” You asked, your voice still relatively low as you hadn’t gotten used to saying sentences out loud yet. 
“Well, I could ask you out on a date. Would you like that?” He asked and you nodded. “I’ve never been on a date before,” You said. 
“That’s not an issue. I could show you what a date feels like,” Bucky grinned and you nodded. “I’d like that.” 
Something shifted in the way you saw his eyes that day. They were no longer scary and they didn’t drive fear into your heart. Instead, they were comforting and clear, eyes that you would have loved to get lost in. 
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siempre-bucky · 8 months ago
You Seriously Called My Wife?
SUMMARY: Bucky has a hard time opening up to Dr. Raynor about his nightmares. Desperate times call for desperate measures, call in Mrs. Barnes.
Angsty fluff | Slight AU
A/N: my first time writing for bucky in 3 years I'm hella rusty! I'm so sorry.
Tumblr media
This was probably the 7th time the air conditioning unit kicked on, Bucky lost count staring at Dr. Raynor who looked equally stern from across the way. The clock ticked, he had a habit of running out time on their sessions. "James, this is getting us nowhere. Don't forget that this pardon is very generous, now tell me, did you have a nightmare last night?" she asked.
Bucky smirked a little, not enough to get her attention "No," he replied simply like all the other times before. Dr. Raynor breathed in deeply, mustering up all the willpower not to reach over the table and beat him across the head with her notebook of power.
She took out the pen from the small slot and clicked it dramatically, narrowing her eyes at him "The notebook thing?" Bucky groans, sinking into the gray couch, his leather-clad hands folding into tight fists. "We talked about the whole passive-aggressive thing Doc."
Dr. Raynor placed the pen on the notebook and reached inside her pocket, pulling out her sleek black iPhone. The pair locked eyes as she dialed a number without even looking "I'm going to need you to come in," she spoke in a hushed tone before hanging up, dropping the phone into her lap.
"What did you do?" The brunette man asks, tilting his head to the side. Dr. Raynor just shrugged, letting the brief silence fill the room until approaching clicks of high heels fill the space. Bucky's blue eyes grow wide "You didn't," he groans.
The metal doorknob clicks open revealing a woman in a white silk long sleeve blouse, a chocolate-colored pencil skirt, and matching brown high heels "Come in Mrs. Barnes," Dr. Raynor smirks.
"You seriously called my wife on me?"
Y/N made her way to the couch, Bucky's eyes narrow and his mouth hangs open in disbelief. She sits next to him, crossing her ankles and leaning against his arm. "let's try this again," she starts, "James did you have a nightmare last night?"
Out of habit, he holds his wife's hand tightly in his gloved one and places their locked hands in his lap. He imagines himself in his bed, Y/N across from him as he cries and tells her about what happened in his dreams last night. He felt at ease.
The doctor's office front glass doors swing wide, the sound of honking yellow cabs drown out the couple as they exit "I want her fired! I can't believe she did that!" Bucky yells as he rushes out, hands on his waist as he stands on the busy sidewalk. Y/N grabs his arm and pulls him to the alleyway.
"You have to talk to her!" Y/N yells in the same angered tone, "she's threatened to bring me in for months and today she finally had to do it! Bucky, you need to talk!"
"I can't!" he yells, slowly pacing in front of her. Y/N folds her arms across her chest and bites down on her lower lip roughly. He can't? What a bunch of bullshit. She stares the super-soldier down as he burns a hole in the ground with his steel-blue eyes.
"You can't?" She says her thoughts out loud, "or you won't, Buck? Is this some manly pride thing because you don't like her?" she shakes her head and leans on the concrete wall.
Bucky stops and looks at his wife with angered eyes, his hands on his hips and his chest puffing. "This has nothing to do with pride, Y/N! I c-can't talk to her about them," his voice went from a strong yell to a gentle whisper as his words fell off his tongue.
"Why not?" she questions with a deep sigh.
"I-I can't talk to her the way I talk to you," he confesses. His eyes soften, he looks like the same broken man at 3 am, pleading for his wife. "I can't trust her the way I trust you."
"Buck," she whispers softly, taking a step towards him.
"She doesn't know me the way you do o-or understand me and what goes on in my head at night." Y/N reaches up and pats him on the shoulder, inviting him in for a hug. The man's arms wrap around her waist tightly, not wanting to let her go. He feels safe, bending down to place his forehead on her shoulder. "I-I'm trying so hard, Doll."
The woman rubs his back gently "I know you are, Honey," she reassures him gently. Bucky starts to tear up, he wasn't lying, he was honestly doing his best to talk to the insufferable woman every week. Being open was never one of his strong suits. "I need you to try a little harder, please Bucky. Do it for me. Us."
He pulls away and looks into her tear-filled eyes "I promise," he says sternly before pressing a loving kiss to her forehead. "I still can't believe she tattled on me to my wife," he mumbled against her skin.
A week has passed since the incident in the ally outside Dr. Raynor's office, the soldier and the psychiatrist sat across from each other locked in a silent battle. "James, when was your last nightmare?" she questions, hand on her pen just in case.
"Last night."
"Tell me about it," she instructs.
Bucky shifts in his seat "I have a proposition," he says.
Dr. Raynor chuckles "It doesn't work that way, Sargent Barnes."
"You'll want to hear this one." She motions his to continue, slightly slouching in her seat. "I will tell you about my nightmares, in all detail that I can remember...if Y/N can be here next to me for it," he offers, trying his best to smile.
The woman smiles, finally a solution that she can work with. She truly cared about the man across from her and if it meant having another person in the room she was all for it "I'll buzz her in."
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golden-barnes · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Summary: Bucky has a long list of reasons to hate John Walker. But the fake Captain America deciding to flirt with you, definitely takes the cake.
Category: Smut 18+
Warning: Jealous Bucky is just soft dom! Bucky, dirty talk, penetrative sex, slight chocking, closet sex, and just John Walker being annoying
Word count: 1.9k
Author’s note: trying out this new format bc I liked the way it look when I did the Spencer Reid fic. A small spoiler warning for the newest FATWS episode but other than that it’s like an AU bc this really has nothing to do with yesterdays’ episode. Comment and reblog pls and thank you!
Tumblr media
There’s a lot to hate about John Walker. The fact that he is trying to replace Steve as a cheap version of Captain America. His stupid face and the way he handles the shield. Even the way he speaks comes off as pretentious and arrogant.
But what really made Bucky seethe with anger is the fact that his little beady eyes would not stop looking at you. Undressing you with his eyes. Taking in every move and gesture you made. It made Bucky’s blood boil. He kept clenching and unclenching his fist. How haven’t you noticed his insisting fucking starring? 
“Can you chip your teeth? Because I’m pretty sure you might by how clenched your jaw” Sam said, patting Bucky on the back. He just rolled his eyes but decided not to say anything. 
There was nothing that can be done. They made a silent pack not to anger the imposter. The government had asked Sam, Bucky and you to help out with a smuggling ring that they have discovered and low and behold, their little Captain America got his ass handed to him. They basically begged them to help. Bucky almost screamed a Fuck no into their faces but you managed to hold him off from punching the soldier that appeared at your apartment. 
You turned around and bent over to pick up something. You were unaware that the fake Captain America licked his crusty lips while looking at you. He kept eying you like a piece of meat. Bucky rolled his eyes again and turned to Sam who was quietly reading the reports.
“Can I punch him?” Bucky whispered to Sam.
“Do you want your pardon to be revoked?” Sam said to him, not even looking up from the reports.
“There’s nobody here. Y/N won’t say anything. You definitely won’t mind.” Bucky whispered, glaring at the blond man that kept staring at you. You clearly didn’t give a shit about him. Therefore, why was he still looking at you?
Sam rolled his eyes at his ex-assassin friend. “Yeah, and later we can steal the shield.” Sam looked up from the reports and pushed them to the side. 
“Exactly! Yeah, now that’s a plan.” Bucky said excitedly, standing up from his chair trying to make his way to John before being stopped by Sam, who grabbed his friend by the arm and pulled him back into his chair. Before Bucky could protest, he heard you whistle at them. 
“Hey, guys! I think I have something.” You said. The three men surrounded you, while you were explaining how you found out the new base location for the smuggling ring.
Bucky tried his best to focus on what you were saying and your explanation, but he couldn’t help but notice that the Kmart version of Captain America was inching closer and closer to you. Didn’t this man have a wife? Bucky swore he read that somewhere. Why does he keep staring and getting closer to you?
“Oh! Sorry, ma’am.” The jackass said, when he “accidentally” bumped into you, he grabbed your waist and forearm to stabilize you. 
“It’s okay.“ You told him, and let out a soft chuckle. Bucky felt his pen explode in his hand. The three of you turned to the pouty super soldier who just rolled his eyes and went back to looking at the schematics. 
You knew something was up with Bucky. He didn’t say anything. Not after the pen exploding incident. Not even when you were joking around with Sam. He loved making witty comebacks to your jokes. It was your thing. 
But maybe it was John Walker’s presence that made it uncomfortable for him. You knew Bucky hated the guy, mostly cause he took Steve’s spot without earning it. But there was something more to this. Bucky has always had a staring problem, but the number of sharp glares he has been sending to Walker has been enough to alert anyone. You couldn’t comfort him, not without making it super apparent that you are dating. And Bucky had already expressed that he doesn’t want to publicize it unless it’s only Sam that’s around. 
“Agent Y/L/N, I think I found something,” Torres said, signaling to you to go follow him upstairs. You took one last look at Bucky, who was still glaring at the oblivious John Walker.
“Damn, I don’t know how you guys get any work done with that around you all the time,” John said, staring at you walking up the stairs. More specifically, staring at your ass. 
Bucky looked at Sam, almost begging him to let him punch the douchebag that is this man. But Sam gripped his forearm. Bucky will not lose his pardon like this. 
“How about we focus on the damn mission?” Bucky almost growled. John Walker put his hands up.
“I’m sorry man. It’s just- look at her.” John sat back and leaned into his chair. From the distance, he could see you talking to Torres. 
“C’mon man. You asked us for our help but we aren’t here to do all the work.” Sam said trying to be the peacemaker between the super-soldier with a murderous gaze and the soldier with the wondering eyes.
“Yeah. Yeah sorry.” John said trying to go back to the records. You were descending from the stairs and walking over to them. John brought his attention back to you. The way your hips would sway when you walked. The confidence in every step. Everything Bucky loved, and apparently fucking John did too.
“Guys, I think we need to rest for today. I am a little bit burned out. I think we all are.” You said, with your hands on your hips. Bucky felt his heart clench, you did look tired. Especially because you were almost doing all the work and piecing all of the clues. 
“That’s an incredible idea.” Sam said stretching in his chair. He also looked tired. It made Bucky feel bad that he has been focusing all his energy on glaring and not helping out. He almost felt guilty.
Almost because a surge of rage flows through him again. John “Can’t take a hint” Walker smirked at you while you were grabbing the files that were on the table. 
Bucky didn’t even give you a chance to say goodbye. To Sam or the annoying motherfucker that made Bucky want to break rule number 2.
“Woah, Buck. what are you doing?” You said while the brunet dragged you around the base. His grip on your forearm was hard but not enough for it to hurt. Bucky wouldn’t hurt you, not in any way you wouldn’t like it. 
There was something about how Bucky was walking, the silence, the way he was searching for something but never letting go of you.
Bucky opened up a closet door. 
“Get in, doll.”  He whispered in your ear, in a low deep voice. You let out a gasp, feeling goosebumps all over your body. You looked at Bucky in the eyes, and you knew he wasn’t in the mood for a fight. You entered the closet space without protesting.
It was a small storage closet. It barely had anything in it so you felt cramped. You turned to Bucky, while he closed the door. The man stalked towards you and you walked backward till your back hit the wall. Bucky had you cornered, and you didn’t mind it.
“Did you have fun, doll?” Bucky said, getting close to your face. His hands went to your hips, pulling you towards him. 
“Buck, what are you talking about?” You whispered to him. Bucky rolled his eyes and took one of his hands off your hips. Placing it on your neck, lightly applying some pressure to it. You gasped at his touch, he chuckled a bit at your reaction. 
“C’mon darling. Did you have fun playing around with the imposter Captain America? I mean he had fun looking at you. So I’m assuming that you had fun being looked at.” He said, with his hand still on your neck and his face inches away from your face. You looked at your boyfriend with wide eyes.
“Oh, you didn’t notice that. Well, I did. Maybe I should teach you who do you belong to. Would you like that sweetheart?” He said, his breath tickling your lip. You nodded, breathless. Bucky smiled at you.
The hand that was around your neck, went to your chin. Grabbing it and pulling you closer so that your lips would meet. His hands started to wander across your body, while yours looped around his neck. 
Your kisses started to grow hungrier, more desperate. As if Bucky spotted kissing you, you would fade away. His hands reached the zipper of your pants and pulled it down. Not even breaking from your kiss, Bucky managed to push your pants down. You break from your kiss to get out of them, while Bucky took off his pants and underwear.
He didn’t wait. He pushed you softly back on the wall and started to leave kisses and soft bites all over your neck. 
“Jump, baby girl,” He said softly against your skin, patting your butt.
 And you did just so. Wrapping your legs around his waist, with one of his hands on your ass and another moving your panties to the side. 
“Hold that there, baby. Let me make you feel so good.” Holding his neck with one hand, you moved another hand to hold your panties to the side, to make it easy for him.
“Good girl.”And with one thrust, he was inside you, hitting all the spot. You moaned and gripped the back of his neck tightly.
“Like that doll? Can anyone else do this to you uhn? C’mon doll give me everything you got.” With every word that came out of his mouth, he would thrust hard and deep into you. You felt lightheaded. Your legs tightening around his waist but his thrust wouldn’t stop.
“Fuck, Buck. Don’t stop.” You gasped. Bucky kept kissing your neck. Overloading your senses. You were close, you knew it. Bucky knew it. You could feel him grin against your skin.
“Who makes you feel this good, doll?” He asked. You gasped at his sudden change in pace. He started to thrust more desperately, less controlled. He was close too.
“You. Fuck, only you.Shit, Bucky. I’m going to cum.”  Bucky smirked at you.
“Then cum, doll.” Bucky silenced your cries with his lips. Still thrusting into you, letting you ride your high and getting to his. And that wouldn’t be long.
With one final thrust, Bucky came. He gave you a soft kiss on the lips and let you down.
“I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You said, putting on your pants.
“I love you too, Y/N.” He smiled at you. You slapped his chest lightly, which made him laugh.
“I hope you realize that I would never go with discount Captain America over there.” You joked which made Bucky laugh even harder. You both were dressed and tried to look as decent as you could to leave the closet and the base.
“Let’s hope that fucking in an army base won’t be the reason you lose your pardon.” You said, grabbing Bucky’s hand, to give him reassurance. He gave you a smirk.
“Maybe if we let them watch, they won’t take it away,” Bucky replied to you, giving you a wink. 
“Yeah and get John Walker to join would also help your case.” Bucky stopped in his tracks and looked at you.
“Oh, you are gonna get it when we get home.” Now it was your turn to wink at your boyfriend.
“I’m hoping I do.” Bucky shook his head but pulled you closer to him. Wrapping his arm around your shoulders, walking towards the exit of the base. Confident that John Walker couldn’t take you away from him.
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offcast-plus1 · a month ago
Lost in the Fire
— PAIRING: dark!Winter Soldier x female!Reader 
— SYNOPSIS: You managed to hide from Soldat for some time, but on one day luck was not on your side.
— WARNINGS: 18+ NSFW, non-con smut, rough sex, oral (female receiving), fingering, manhandling, choking, bondage, creampie, Soldat speaking Russian and being obsessed, blood play, violence, minor degradation kink, autassassinophilia*, dirty talk, multiple orgasms, praise kink.
Autassassinophilia -  is a paraphilia in which a person is sexually aroused by the risk of being killed.
— A/N: Hey lovelies! I was inspired to write this by my recent nightmare about Winter Soldier🙄 I recommend you to listen to The Weeknd ~ Lost in the Fire while reading if you can, cause it was exactly what I was listening to while writing. 
My dear @bvccy thank you for all your support 💞💖💕 I hope you enjoy! 👉👈💖
— LINKS: [Masterlist❄], [Hydra Victorious AU].
Tumblr media
“I saw him again! I swear!” Your voice was almost cracking.
“That man with steel-blue eyes I told you before! I’m sure he’s working for Hydra!”
The male agent sighed tiredly, standing up from his seat.
“Miss (Y/N), I know it’s hard for you to handle this whole situation, but you need to stay calm and clear-minded”.
You were breathing heavily, bowing your head. It has been almost six months since you were hidden from Hydra. After you dug too deep in your research and found out too much about them, they began to hunt you. You even changed your appearance a bit to cover your trails, but it didn’t work. The brown-haired man that you met several times was definitely stalking you, but S.H.I.E.LD agents didn’t pay much attention to your words.
“That man is dangerous! I don’t know how, but every single time he knows exactly where I am! I’m scared…” You were looking at the agents one by one, trying to read their reactions.
“In this case, we can only suggest that you move to our special safe place,” said the guy standing next to you. “The house is heavily guarded, and no one could get there.”
His confidence was giving you hope, but not for long.
“Honestly, you should have done it when we spoke with you last time, but as I remember you didn’t want to leave your flat.”
“I thought they wouldn't do this in public, I have a lot of neighbors, but…” You frowned a bit. “You are probably right.”
“If Hydra really has a purpose to eliminate you, I doubt they will care about anyone, like your neighbors. So, should we start preparing for your relocation?“
Maybe it was not a bad idea after all, but if that man managed to find you even there… A cold shiver ran down your spine from every thought about him and the things he could do to you once found a way to get closer to you.
“Yes, please. I hope it will work…”
“Everything will be fine, Miss. You’re doing the right thing.”
One of the agents patted your shoulder before he and his colleague left the office, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
Tumblr media
The weather was especially cold that night, so you closed all the windows tightly and put on warmer clothes. You were holding a cup of coffee, watching some news on the TV. The unpleasant feeling of anxiety was bothering your mind during the whole day, and sometimes your fingers were playing with a beautiful hairpin to soothe your stress. Since you were relocated by S.H.I.E.LD to the secret place outside the city, you should have calmed down and felt better, but you couldn’t.
Those steel blue eyes were haunting you almost everywhere. It seemed like they were watching you even when you were asleep, visiting your every dream. You fidget slightly in your place from remembering that cold-blooded sight, you could swear you had seen that man many times before you got here, but S.H.I.E.LD agents soothed you, that it was only your imagination. Oh, sometimes you wished they were right.
The news stories were changing one by one on the TV when suddenly the lights blinked. A strong shiver ran down your spine, causing your cup to fall and shatter into small pieces. You got up very quickly and moved to the covered window opposite your sofa. Your head began to spin a bit from the fear, and you could feel your heartbeat pulsating in your temples. With slowly careful motions, you pulled aside a curtain, trying to detect any suspicious actions outside the house, but there was nothing. You sighed with a slight relief, bringing a hand to your chest. Your imagination was definitely playing some bad games with your psyche. At that moment, you were so paranoid and nervous, your eyes were desperately searching for any strange thing, and just as you were about to go away, you saw the lights outside the house shut down.
“Shit…” you mumbled, almost jumping away from the window.
Was that a technical issue or your paranoia’s bad joke? However, you didn’t have time to think, as a squeaking noise echoed against the walls, making your heart skip a beat. Almost immediately you turned off the TV and ran upstairs to your bedroom. Your mind was a total mess and a cold fear was covering your whole body. It wasn’t your first time having a panic attack, and usually hiding in your room helped you to calm down, but this time everything was very weird. 
When you still didn’t feel safe, you crawled under the bed, trying to sense any unknown sounds, but only a dead silence was filling the space around you. Time was running so slowly, so it seemed like you were hiding here forever, but you made some progress in stabilizing your mental state. Your hands were still shaking a bit, proving that you were pretty scared anyway. 
For some reason at that moment, you wanted to speak with someone, but soon you realized that you left your phone in the living room. You cursed a bit, trying to be as quiet as possible, but almost after that, you heard some strange sounds, which were very similar to footsteps. Just one thought that someone could get into your house pierced your body like an electric shock.
The more you were listening to those creepy noises, the more you were terrified. No, you couldn’t stay here anymore, this house would be the death of you if you hesitated. With these thoughts, you got up on your feet, looking carefully through the keyhole on the door and silently praying that it was just wind.
Different decisions were circling in your mind, but right now you had to open that door and run out of here. When you did that, you quickly pressed yourself against the wall, moving very slowly toward the stairs. The lights were still blinking, making it hard to see the surroundings. Intuitively you found a way downstairs, but suddenly you felt that something was blocking your legs. Something sharp and thin, like a fishing line. Your feet got stuck together and you couldn’t prevent yourself from falling.
At that moment, time almost stopped. Laying on the ground beside the stairs, you opened your eyes, feeling so confused and hardly remembering what happened. 
“Are you lost, malyshka?” [baby girl?] 
That masculine voice sent shivers down your spine, and your body almost froze for a second. When your vision became clear, you could finally notice a pair of heavy black boots near your face. At first, you tried to get up, but a sharp pain forced you to lay still. Meanwhile, the unknown figure beside you leaned down to have a closer look at you. You didn’t dare to raise your head, as somehow you knew to whom that voice could belong. 
“Who are you? What do you want from me?” You were trying not to cry so hard, it even caused your captor to smirk.
“You know who I am, and why I’m here.”
Your muffled whine pierced through the room when he suddenly grabbed you by the chin.
“Look at me!” His grip was getting tighter, and for a moment it felt like your jaw was going to break.
All past minutes your brain was overthinking about how you could save yourself, but now you had only one choice - to obey. When your gazes finally met each other, your heart made a flip in your chest. You wanted to scream, but every attempt ended up with silence. The Asset used his other hand to bring you on your knees, pulling you roughly by the hair. It was so degrading, painful, and shocking. He got you after the all efforts that S.H.I.E.LD made to hide you from Hydra, but they never truly believed in your concerns. All these thoughts caused the tears to run down your cheeks, while the Soldier was dragging you in an unknown direction.
“Please! Don’t do this! Please…” 
He was still gripping you by the hair, not even listening to your pathetic whimpers. Somehow you managed to grab onto his hip in a weak attempt to slow down his movement, but it didn’t help either. From the corner of your eyes, you could see that you were getting closer to the exit. Damn, he knew perfectly that you were going to escape the house…
Your thoughts were rushing crazily in your head when suddenly you remembered about the silver hairpin, and from this moment everything happened too quickly…
A sharp pain hit you right into your temple, and the last thing you remembered before you blacked out was the Asset hissing from the anger when you stabbed the inner side of his knee with a hairpin.
Tumblr media
An unpleasant noise forced you to open your eyes. What was that? Gunshots? Alarm? No… it was something else. Did you have a bad dream again?
Your head was spinning so badly, you could even say that you saw some stars dancing on the ceiling above you. Although you didn’t know how long you were unconscious, you could admit that your body was heavily damaged. Did it mean everything that happened was real?
“How is your head?”
His voice was echoing and doubling in your ears like a siren. Slowly, you turned to another side, watching the surroundings. Almost immediately you recognized a covered window, and then shreds of your broken cup. Your heart began to beat faster when you found out that you were in the living room. A saving phone was here, you only needed to take it and send one SOS message.
The Soldier was standing near the entrance, looking at you sideways. You could see a little trail of blood close by, but you didn’t see the hairpin. When you heard his loud footsteps, you decided it was the right time to act. With all the strength you had left, you crawled to the sofa, desperately searching for the phone on it. One second, two, three… everything was happening like in the slow-motion movie. One last effort and you got it! Almost blindly you were trying to type the message, but your hands were shaking too much.
“No!” you cried out when he suddenly came to you from behind and took away the phone.
The Asset threw it through the window, breaking the glass with a loud sound. The chilling air filled the room abruptly, giving you even more shivers. He was standing right above you, so his solid figure seemed huge. Unexpectedly, he took off his black leather jacket and pulled it aside. You fell back on the floor from confusion, and he kneeled beside your trembling body.
“Well, if you wanna play. Let’s play.” He slowly stroked your lips, tracing their shape with a cold finger. “You dropped this, by the way.”
With a slight sound, something felt right onto your face. Almost straight away, you felt a metallic smell, that was your hairpin covered in his blood. You tried to move it away, but he quickly caught your hand. With slow motions, he repeated his previous actions on your lips, but this time with your hairpin. He didn’t cut you though, but his blood was spreading all over your mouth.
“S-stop, I….” Your eyes began to water again.
“You better keep your mouth shut if you don’t want me to paint a chessboard on this pretty face of yours.”
When the Asset finally ended his sick game, he got up a bit, searching for something on his belt. You were so afraid even to breathe during his actions, so now you were desperately gasping for air. That salty smell was now everywhere, but you were trying your best not to think about his blood on your face. If you wanted to survive you had to handle it.
All your small attempts to move were unsuccessful, as the Soldier was pressing you to the ground with his knee.
“Sir, I didn’t do anything bad… I swear, please, let me go.”
This time your pitiful voice got his attention, but not in the way you wanted. The Asset stood up and rolled you onto your stomach. You didn’t have even a chance to struggle, as you felt a rough rope wrapping all around your body. Your desperate cries for help irritated him pretty fast, so he pushed himself against your body, pressing your face to the floor.
“Stay still until I finish.” His furious breathing almost burned your earlobe.
Your tears were falling to the ground, making the carpet wet beneath your face. He continued to tighten the knots on your body, humming something unrecognizable into your ear. You thought that was the worst thing he could do to you, but when you heard a strange sound behind your back you began to jolt again. The Soldier was slicing your clothes with a sharp knife, enjoying each second of that process.
He left your body naked, cut in some places, and smiled with satisfaction as he admired the results of his work. Fresh wounds were very itchy, you didn’t even know where exactly he injured you, cause it felt like the cuts were everywhere.
“I told you not to move.”  He was finishing binding you, putting your hands behind your back. “As I see, you never listen to anyone, right?”
“Go to hell! You and Hydra!”
That hysterical statement escaped your mouth too quickly before you could even think about it. On the other hand, being so close to the end like this, there was nothing for you to lose.
The Asset gave you a devilish smile, like he was expecting it. He suddenly rolled you again on your back and pressed his lips against your bloody ones. Your mind was almost exploding from the mix of pain and the way his hot mouth was exploring yours. Your muffled moans were heard through the kiss, as his palm cupped your breast and began to play with your hard nipple. Were they hard from the cold or from the way his muscular body was rubbing against yours?
Reality began to leave you when he wrapped his cold arm around your neck. Was his hand really metal or was it just a hallucination from the lack of oxygen? The Soldier didn’t stop kissing you even for a second, choking you harder with each passing moment. Only when your face turned pale did he let you take a deep breath. While you were gasping for the air, he gave your neck a long lick, going lower to your collarbone. He was trying so hard to leave bruises on your soft skin like he wanted to mark all your body.
You were attempting to recover and didn’t pay much attention to his actions until he began to suck on your sensitive peak.
“Why are you doing this? You could already just kill me…” Your empty eyes were constantly staring at the dark ceiling. “I knew it, it was you… you followed me everywhere, your eyes...y-you.”
Your voice cracked into a desperate moan when he suddenly bit your tip, tugging it with a nasty sound.
“It was just a matter of time before I finally got you.” He kissed your lips again with eager hunger.
You didn’t have a desire and power to kiss him back, but in some automatic way, your lips began to move against his. You could feel his smile as his thighs began to rub more intensely against yours.
The Soldier broke the kiss only to come back to your nipples, petting them one by one, using his lips, tongue, and teeth. Unexpectedly, you found yourself breathing heavily from all the things he was doing with your tormented body. Your blood was mixed with his and you both were covered in that sick cocktail of blood, sweat, and tears.
When he bit your nipple too painfully, you cried out loudly, trying to move away, but at the same time, he pushed two metal fingers inside your mouth, forcing you to suck them. Everything was quite bearable until he began to choke you again with those fingers. Instinctively your teeth locked on them, but you had no chance to damage the metal. Desperation made you give up and just let them in. As soon as you stopped struggling you heard a pleasing growl against your soft skin. The Asset was worshiping your breasts until both of them became overstimulated and sore.
“You look so peaceful now, malyshka.” [baby girl.] He licked his lips, watching his metal fingers slide against your mouth.
“M-make it s-stop…”
“Shush, girl. You don’t get a say in this.” He grabbed your neck again, right around the red line from his previous grip.
You began to see stars one more time when the Soldier spread your legs wide apart. His warm hand possessively moved between them, smearing your wetness along his palm. Your eyes blustered with tears, it felt so horrible to realize you were aroused that much in this creepy situation.
“You’re right, I could have killed you a long time ago, but you know what? I enjoyed every moment of haunting you down, every single one.”
With these words, he lowered himself down between your legs and pressed his hot mouth against your swollen folds. The Asset was sucking and nibbling on your tender flesh, and teasing your needy nub, while his metal hand was squeezing your neck tightly. With each passing moment, you were getting closer to the edge, feeling the spring inside you tensed to its limits. The Soldier began to help himself with his long fingers, flicking your clit, while his tongue was painting wet lines across your core.
“Enough, p-please...,” your lips were desperately gasping for the air. “I, I can’t breathe.”
Instead of loosening his grip, he moaned against your flesh, sending a strong vibration through your body. That crazy mix of sensations almost sent you over the edge, when he suddenly stopped moving and nuzzled at the soft skin of your inner thigh. After that he made a trail of nibbles across your stomach, burning every inch he touched.
The Soldier got up a bit, making himself more comfortable. You could feel your own juices on his palm when he was lifting your legs onto his broad shoulders.
“What a shame. No one believed the poor little baby,” he mocked, squeezing your jaw and forcing you to look at him. “Did you really think they could hide you from me? Da, malyshka?” [Don’t you, baby?]
“I d-don’t understand...”
“You’re such a silly and naive girl...” He leaned closer to your face, enjoying the fear in your eyes, “...but so beautiful and sweet. Don’t cry, I will take care of you.”
The Asset muttered with an arrogant smirk, leaving a sloppy kiss on your lips before he came back to his previous position. He unzipped his pants and the sound made your heart flutter. You were whining and fidgeting from a nagging pain in your hands, the ropes almost cutting into your skin.
“Look at me, baby girl.” You flinched when you felt his hard length rubbing against your wet entrance. “I’m gonna ruin this pretty little body of yours, and I want you to see it.”
“You’ll…ah,” your whine turned into a shriek when the Asset thrust his hips into yours. “You’ll pay for t-this...”
“You can think so if it makes you happy.” He pulled away his long hair, and you could see his dark smile. “Oh, you had such nice panties. I like the bow - so sweet, huh?”
You grit your teeth, trying to adjust to his size. He was so big, stretching you from the inside, pressing you down and holding you there with his whole body. The Soldier bent your legs at the knees and laid them over his shoulders, pounding you harder with each thrust and taking your breath away.
“P-please, it’s so deep…I beg you.”
“Shhhh, you can take it,” he whispered, nuzzling at your neck. “Scream for me, I want to hear you..”
Flesh was meeting flesh with a slapping sound, coaxing your inner muscles to spasm. You came with the most intense release you’d ever had, moaning loudly right into his ear.
“Good girl.” His panting echoed in your head, as he kept fucking you with sloppy thrusts.
Even with the broken window and the cold wind seeping in, it felt so warm to be beneath him, held by him and conquered. Your wounds were rubbing against the floor, skin chapped from the way his thrusts made you brush against the carpet. Suddenly the Asset tugged on your hair, growling as he released into you. You were crying and jolting from the feeling of hot liquid filling you up, and he had to hold you in one place with his hand still gripping your throat.
When he finally stopped moving a tired moan escaped his lips, and you didn’t even notice that your next release was build-up already. The Soldier pulled out, leaving some drops of his seed on your belly and spreading it along your folds. You cried out and arched your back as his thumb flicked your overstimulated nub. He watched as your body shook, your moans like music to his ears.
“It was so good to be with you, but eventually all good things come to their end.”
You heard him fixing up his pants, and you managed to turn on your side, trying to crawl away from him. He chuckled meanly, gripping your ankles and pulling you back. When you saw something shiny in his hand, you weren’t scared at all, you even sighed with relief. Soon everything would be over...
“Bud' khoroshey devochkoy, yesli khochesh' zhit'.” [You should be a good girl if you want to live.]
His hot mouth covered yours for a moment and you felt sharp steel on your cheek. You tried to scream, but he was still kissing your lips with a greedy desire...
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Tumblr media
                    VACANT MIRRORS    ;    MASTERPOST  
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       shit’s been rough. shit was rough even before the blip. dr. hart shares an office with dr. raynor, and you share with waiting room with bucky barnes. set before tfatws; a friends-to-lovers, slowburn, eventual smut.
—   CHAPTERS   /   completed!
1.   dolly’s jukebox, an audio imagine
2.   the vacant mirrors tag
3.   readers make their rabbit!
4.   fan art & memes
5.   the glass cannon’s club set list
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Bad Intentions
summary: dr barnes, y/n’s psychology professor and final year thesis supervisor is going through a rough patch in his marriage. following a heated argument at the end of class, dr barnes spots y/n at an on-campus bar. he makes a twisted revelation.
pairing: professor!bucky x reader
warnings: age gap [y/n is around 22 and dr barnes is 39]; he’s kind of a dick(?) and a little creepy(?); implications of stalking, he [violently but consensually] takes what he wants, public shenanigans, academic misconduct, cheating, swearing and drinking.
a/n: the whole story is based on the gif below. y’all i actually used my degree for this. p.s. requests are open and you can send them in here.
Tumblr media
“Remember that the seminar next week is cancelled. Enjoy your time off but please don’t forget to do the reading!”
Dr Barnes was only halfway through his sentence when everyone was already getting up to leave. It was a Friday afternoon so it was no surprise that all the students were eager to depart. Almost one hundred psychology majors of varying academic years crammed in the bleak lecture hall and most of them could hardly focus on the topic of the class; no one wanted to be pondering over the validity of intelligence tests on a Friday.
Y/N soundlessly shut her laptop and reached for her bag beneath the desk. It was just past four o’clock and her stomach growled for something to eat. She had skipped lunch to go looking for Dr Barnes, needing to ask him a question about an upcoming assignment. To her dismay, she did not find him like she had hoped. In fact, she didn’t see him until he strolled into the lecture hall fifteen minutes late and grumbled something that resembled an apology to the class.
Dr Barnes was Y/N’s personality and intelligence professor; a big, bearded guy who did his psychology PhD when Y/N was still watching cartoons. Y/N had just started the last year of her undergrad, and after handing in a proposal for her final year thesis, she was assigned Dr Barnes as her supervisor. She wasn’t at all surprised, if truth be told. With the amount of professors going on maternity and paternity leave after their lockdown shenanigans, Dr Barnes was one of the few personality experts left at the university and took on more supervision cases and classes than he had any previous year.
Y/N knew he was busy and that harassing him with more emails about her little predicament wasn’t like to make his day easier. She had emailed him on Wednesday morning, and from her experience with Dr Barnes in previous years, she expected to receive a reply within 24 hours. This was always the case with him.
However, when Friday rolled around and no response had come through her inbox, Y/N knew she had to take matters into her own hands. The ethics application for her project was due on Monday and she simply couldn’t proceed without his advice on the matter. Psychology research ethics were a bitch, and she wasn’t exactly keen on making some stupid mistake and having the university slam her for carelessness.
Y/N took her time packing her things, waiting patiently until the majority of students had departed before finally pushing herself up to stand and slinging her tote bag over her shoulder.
Wanda, her roommate, remained in her seat, jotting something down in her notebook. “I’ll wait for you while you talk. We can go to the library after,” she proposed, and Y/N smiled at the idea, nodding her head eagerly.
Dr Barnes was still by his desk, eyes focused on the screen of his computer as he closed his lecture slides and finally shut off the projector. He looked up from what he was doing and eyed Y/N curiously as she approached him.
“Any questions about the lecture?” He asked, almost absentmindedly, diverting his eyes back to his computer. He proceeded to tap a few buttons, wait a short moment, then slowly close the laptop. He began to gather up the pages strewn across his desk.
“Not about the lecture, no.” Y/N smiled at him politely and walked a little closer, coming to a stop just before his desk. She noticed his beard had grown out a bit longer since she had last spoken to him, looking a little more rugged than usual. “I was wondering if you received my email?”
Dr Barnes lifted his gaze and considered her face for a long moment. Y/N shifted her weight from one leg to the other, feeling herself grow a little uncomfortable under his dark eyes. Dr Barnes seemed a little irritated.
“Have you bothered to read the module handbook before taking this class, Miss Y/L/N?” He tore his gaze away again, turning his attention to the papers in his hands and shoving them into a thick plastic folder. “No, of course you haven’t. No one ever does.”
Y/N remained quiet, her initial polite smile faltering at his sarcasm. She was used to Dr Barnes always acting cheerful and kind, always eager to help whenever he could. In previous years, he had even stayed behind after classes to help her friends out with assignments and often sent out recommendations for readings which he thought would simplify complicated concepts and ideas. Dr Barnes always went the extra mile. On this particular Friday, however, something just wasn’t right.
“Just for a second, let’s pretend that you did go to the incredibly difficult length of opening the document I had posted on the forum, labelled important, and read the excruciatingly long five hundred words it contained.”
He closed his folder and slid it into his brown messenger bag.
“You would then be aware that university policy clearly states lecturers have five working days to respond to any queries via email. To answer your question, yes, I have seen your email but I have not yet had the time to find the appropriate resources to direct you to. You can trust that you will receive your answer by Tuesday.”
He proceeded to shove his laptop into his bag, then checked the time on his watch. To Dr Barnes, the conversation was over.
“But the assignment is due by Monday afternoon,” Y/N reminded him, and the look he shot her in response made her regret she hadn’t just dropped it. To say he looked annoyed was an understatement.
“It’s not my problem you left it this late,” he answered coolly. “You shouldn’t be expecting special treatment from your lecturers. I’m taking twice the normal amount of classes, have about eighty assignments to mark this weekend, and on top of that, I’m in a really bad fucking mood, so don’t expect me to just drop everything for you.”
Behind her, Y/N could hear Wanda hurry to pick up her stuff, eager to remove herself from the room as swiftly as humanly possible. The angry exchange was the last thing Y/N had expected when she approached his desk, and she couldn’t blame Wanda for wanting to get away. The whole thing was just plain awkward, and if Y/N had been in Wanda’s shoes, she’d want to give them some privacy, too.
Wanda’s steps echoed off the walls of the lecture hall, and then the door was swinging shut behind her. It was just Y/N and Dr Barnes.
His eyes met her face again, one eyebrow raised expectantly, his expression almost scornful. He picked up his jacket from the back of his swivel chair and slid into it quietly, the silence discourteous in itself.
“Is that all?”
With her lips parted at his gruff and unfriendly attitude, Y/N lightly nodded her head and took a step back. She had never heard Dr Barnes curse so openly before, and she wasn’t keen on provoking him further. Her eyes remained trained on his clearly aggravated expression for a brief moment before she finally turned towards the exit.
“One more thing.” She hadn’t even made it two feet before his voice stopped her in her tracks. She turned her head towards him, and felt him analyse her face for a fleeting moment before continuing. “For your own sake, I would advise you to learn your place.”
Y/N’s brows only furrowed at his words, lips pursed into a thin line. She was so, so confused at his sudden coldness and strange attitude. What the hell had she done to provoke this? She studied his expression for a long moment and then, unable to read his thoughts, Y/N turned back towards the door and began walking briskly towards it.
“And don’t roll your eyes!” He called after her.
Had she rolled her eyes? She wasn’t sure.
Annoyed at his behaviour, Y/N only muttered, “see you on Monday, Dr Barnes”, and stalked out of the lecture hall without waiting for a response. She let the door slam shut behind her.
Wanda was waiting just outside, leaning on the wall with her bag slung over her shoulder and scrolling through something on her phone. At the sudden sound, she looked up and slid the phone into the pocket of her jeans.
“What was his problem?” She asked in bewilderment. “I’ve never seen him so pissed off.”
Y/N only sighed as they both turned towards the main exit. The corridors had grown deserted, and neither of them felt like going to the library after that, whatever that even was.
“I don’t know. He usually answers my emails the same day and is always like ‘come to me with any questions or problems, I’ll be happy to help’. What a load of shit.” Y/N snorted. “The whole time he spent being a dickhead, he could have spent answering the question from my email. I didn’t ask for papers or resources. I asked a simple yes or no question. That’s all.”
Her friend smiled sadly in her direction, then furrowed her brows when she remembered something. “Didn’t he - just a few days ago - tell you your paper was publication worthy and offer you a place as his research assistant?”
Y/N nodded, honestly unable to believe it now. He was so cheerful that day, radiating kindness and enthusiasm, praising her work until her cheeks grew red. Whatever happened to the Dr Barnes she was so fond of?
“Not only that. He also offered me a ride home the other day. I ran into him after leaving the library at like 11pm. What a weird guy.”
The brunette clapped her on the back, a small comforting gesture as they made their way through the large revolving doors and finally stepped outside.
“If I were you, I’d report him to the Dean. That shit was nothing short of unprofessional. I can’t believe he cussed you out like that.”
The afternoon September sun shone down on them as they took their usual shortcut through the parking lot, then turned left onto the main road towards their apartment. It was only a ten minute walk and Y/N was thankful for the fresh breath of air after what happened in the lecture hall.
Wanda suddenly had an idea. “It’s a Friday. We should go out and grab a drink or two. God knows you need it after that shit show.”
Y/N laughed at her statement but couldn’t bring herself to disagree. Now that she was no longer going to the library - too angered by Dr Barnes to even contemplate the work she had yet to do for him - Y/N was happy to have someone else make her evening plans for her. A few drinks with Wanda were always a good idea, and with the new semester recently starting, they had hardly had a chance to sit down and catch up.
Upon getting back to their shared apartment, Y/N spent some time alone in her room before she needed to start getting ready. She lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling with a cushion pressed to her chest, almost vibrating with rage at Dr Barnes’ attitude. She wanted to know what the hell she had done to provoke him like that.
Y/N considered everything that had happened each time she had seen him over the previous few days. She had visited him in his office on Monday to discuss some minor changes she wished to make to her thesis proposal; something about the wording of the questions she would ask her research participants. It was nothing that could have sparked any sort of unpleasant emotions; it was bland. Dr Barnes spent twenty minutes giving her some counsel, and at the end, he told her not to worry. He said she was on track to an amazing grade with the work she had already put in and that she should just relax for a little while.
“Speaking of great work,” he then added, reaching behind him and flicking through some papers on his desk until he pulled out the one he was looking for. He was sitting on the edge of the table, Y/N occupying the chair opposite his desk, only a few feet away.
He handed her the stapled pages. “Congratulations on scoring the highest grade I have ever given on this assignment. It was a great read, even publication worthy. Not something undergrad students get told often.”
Y/N raised her brows in surprise, honestly not expecting the high praise. She smiled and thanked him politely, tucking the pages into her bag.
“You know, I’m currently working on a few research papers and I’m looking for some help with things like literature reviews, gathering data and helping with analysis. It’s a paid opportunity and it always looks great on grad school applications, if it’s something you’d consider.”
Y/N almost jumped with excitement.
“Really? That would be amazing!” She was biting her lip, eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.
Dr Barnes expelled a satisfied little laugh, pleased with her response and eagerness. He held out his hand and offered a little shake to mark a deal well struck.
Y/N accepted it gladly, her own hand tiny in his own. It lasted a second, then it was done, and Dr Barnes was announcing he had to get going to his next class.
Y/N left his office just moments later.
She ran into him again the same evening, just as she was leaving the library some time right before midnight. He was leaving for home, having stayed behind to catch up on admin work, and he had a mug of coffee in his hand despite the late hour. They made small talk for a brief moment on the steps leading up to the main entrance of the building and he asked if she needed a ride home. Y/N declined, explaining that she only lived a ten minute walk away, five if she took the shortcut through the parking lot.
On Wednesday she had sent her email, and on Friday came the lecture. As far as she was concerned, Y/N had done absolutely nothing that could have provoked his bitterness and hostility. Defeated, she got up from her bed and headed for the shower, eager to wash away the anger she felt.
They left their apartment just after 8pm and walked the short distance to the best bar on campus. It was a stereotypically Irish establishment, Guinness flowing from taps, all sticky wooden furniture and rowdy middle aged men mingling with students on a typical Friday night.
Y/N bought the first round of drinks, both her and Wanda deciding to start the night off right with some shots. These were soon followed with glasses of rum and coke, then pints of Guinness with blackcurrant cordial. The alcohol quickly began to flow, and the conversation with it.
They sat at a tall round table near the back, soon having to scream at each other in order to be heard over the shouts directed at the rugby game playing on the large flat screen TV by the bar. It wasn’t long before Y/N began to forget all about her unpleasant experience earlier in the afternoon, every gulp of alcohol making her stress and anger melt away just a little bit more.
“You can’t text him,” Y/N warned, her face scrunching up in disgust. “You’ve broken up with him for a reason. Even the best sex isn’t worth it and both you and I know that it wasn’t even mediocre!”
Wanda only laughed and protested by shaking her head vigorously. She was drunk, closer to plastered. “No! It’s worth it, I swear. It won’t mean a thing!”
Y/N giggled at her argument and looked down suddenly when the screen of Wanda’s phone lit up on top of the table between them. Wanda hurried to cover the screen.
“You’ve already texted him, haven’t you?”
The brunette only smiled and shrugged her shoulders sheepishly.
“He’s meeting us here literally any minute and if all goes well, the sex I get tonight will be mediocre and I’ll have no hangover in the morning.”
“Easier said than done,” Y/N told her solemnly, and rolled her eyes at Wanda’s typical drunken antics. She had a string of lousy ex-boyfriends and a tendency to text them at random the second she felt the familiar buzz of alcohol. Fighting with her about it was just about pointless.
“Great, just who I want to see tonight!” Y/N sighed in defeat. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be right back. I need to use the bathroom.”
Wanda grinned from ear to ear, almost apologetically as Y/N slid from the wooden stool and pulled her skirt down to cover more skin. She turned in the general direction of the bathrooms and waited in line for just under a minute before finally stepping inside. She did her business, washed her hands and fixed her hair. By the time she existed the tiny bathroom, Wanda’s ex had already arrived and made himself comfortable in Y/N’s stool. Feeling her annoyance rising, Y/N decided to opt for the bar instead.
She approached it slowly and awaited her turn to order. The bar was a long, rounded plank of wood with a chandelier made of at least a hundred wine glasses hanging just over it. There was just the one bartender and he was laughing at something one of the customers had said. By the time he got around to taking her order, over five minutes had passed and when Y/N looked over her shoulder to her and Wanda’s table she found it empty. Her eyes quickly darted to the door and she watched in disbelief as Wanda practically dragged her toy for the night out of the bar and probably towards his car. 
Just as the door slammed shut behind them, the bartender placed Y/N’s drink in front of her.
With no where to go and a whole pint before her, Y/N slid onto a nearby bar stool and exhaled sharply in what felt like a combination of annoyance but also amusement. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and realised she had a text from Wanda.
“Sorry for ditching but there was an emergency. Don’t wait up xx”.
Y/N knew exactly what kind of an emergency Wanda meant.
The bartender was just beginning to walk away when Y/N called after him. “Do you mind also giving me a shot of vodka?” She smiled at him sweetly and he expelled a little laugh.
“Tough night?” He questioned, kindness in his eyes.
“Tough everything,” Y/N answered, and tore her gaze away from the man in front of her when someone slid into the empty bar stool to her left. She studied him from the waist up; black jeans, a brown leather jacket, a dark beard and… no fucking way.
“Make that two shots and a pint of whatever beer you’ve got on tap.” Dr Barnes thanked the bartender and waited until the guy had walked away before he turned his gaze towards Y/N.
“What a splendid coincidence.” Y/N’s tone was all sarcasm, fuelled by her anger at him and inflamed by the alcohol in her system. Something about it made her inhibitions go out the freaking window, all politeness and respect forgotten, replaced by bitterness and hostility. She took a big gulp of her beer.
“If you must know, I noticed you when you came out of the bathroom and I thought I’d come over and apologise for earlier,” he stated calmly, clearly holding his alcohol better than she was. Y/N was certain she didn’t see him enter through the front door, which likely meant he had arrived before her and Wanda, sitting somewhere in one of the booths in the back. He’d been there a while.
Y/N turned her head and looked at him expectantly, one eyebrow raised. “That’s funny. Thought the advise was that I learn my place.”
“I shouldn’t have said that to you,” Dr Barnes answered apologetically, all calm and professional, his normal pleasant self. “I was in a bad mood and I took it out on you. Like I said, I’m sorry and I hope we can move past it.”
He awaited her response, watching as she tilted her head back and took three large gulps of her drink. She plainly did it to buy herself more time to compose a response. She wasn’t sure whether she should accept the apology so easily, and the buzz in her head wasn’t helping the situation.
So, instead of giving him the response he was looking for, she turned to him and asked, “why were you in a bad mood?”
Dr Barnes looked away at her question, lifting his head to regard the chandelier above their heads, all dusty wine glasses, twinkling with a warm orange glow. He didn’t say anything until the bartender placed their shots in front of them and grabbed a glass for the beer.
“I, uh…” Dr Barnes looked a little lost for words and Y/N’s watchful eyes on him weren’t exactly helping. “My wife and I aren’t in the best place right now.”
Y/N snorted at that. “Your wife pissed you off so you decided to take it out on a random student? Real professional, Dr Barnes.”
He didn’t respond, only brought his shot glass to his lips and tilted his head back. Dr Barnes was not quite as sober as she had initially thought. The guy was just better at covering up his cloudy thoughts and keeping his snarky comments to himself; something Y/N definitely tended to struggle with. So, when he chuckled at his own misfortune, Y/N shot him an expectant look.
“I… Well, I wouldn’t say random, but yeah, you’re right. Dick move.”
Y/N eyed him with suspicion and waited as the bartender set the beer down and Dr Barnes handed him some cash in exchange. He stalked off towards another customer.
“What do you mean?”
Dr Barnes turned in his stool to face her. With his elbow resting on the bar next to him, thick thighs spread apart and his usually bright eyes hazy with the effects of alcohol, Y/N almost gulped at the sight. There was something very different about him outside the lecture hall. The guy dripped with testosterone and Y/N cursed her drunken self for having these thoughts about him.
The corner of his lips curved up into an amused smile. He considered his words for a brief moment, then shook his head and sighed. “Let’s just say my wife isn’t your biggest fan.”
Y/N’s brows knitted together. “I’ve never even met your wife.”
“You haven’t,” Dr Barnes agreed, then paused to take a long drink of his beer. He licked off the foam that attached itself to the hair above his top lip. The entire time his dark gaze remained trained on her face, weighing his next words. “That doesn’t mean she hasn’t heard of you… or seen you, for that matter.”
Y/N regarded him in confusion, and he took a moment to scan her expression before elaborating further.
“She’s jealous of you,” he explained, and Y/N could only stare at him blankly. This wasn’t making any sense. “Which is why she stormed out of here the second she spotted you.”
“Why on earth would she be jealous? We’ve not done anything… y’know?”
He took another gulp. “You haven’t. What I’ve done is a different story. I’m not exactly great at covering my tracks.”
When Y/N didn’t respond, he continued. It appeared Dr Barnes had no filter tonight, his words escaping his mouth with not a second committed to acknowledge their possible consequences.
“You should consider making your social media accounts private with the sort of things you post. You never know who can find it.”
Was he… stalking her? Y/N’s mind wondered back to her most recent online activity. There was a picture of her childhood dog, a few photos from a trip she took with her family and… significantly more racy lingerie pictures, photos from messy outings with her friends, and late night Twitter musings about all things sex. To any outsider, the whole thing painted a very interesting picture of the kind of person she was.
Her cheeks flushed red.
“Needless to say, she wasn’t impressed when she unlocked my phone to see you in nothing but your little baby pink set.” He took a long drink of his beer, eyes fixated on her reddening cheeks. His eyes were dark, unreadable.
Tumblr media
Y/N couldn’t tell if he was scorning or taunting her. Nor did she know what to say, or even what to think. Her lips parted at his honesty about recent events, and she shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. He was gauging her reaction to his bold words and the sinister implication of what he was really doing looking at her photos. His words brought forth a mix of images to Y/N’s mind that she feebly attempted to push away, something inside of her stirring at the thought. This was bad.
“I thought I had gotten away with it when I made up some lie about how your page was recommended to me by the algorithm, and how I went onto it out of curiosity. How I was shocked with what came up.” He laughed again, a disbelieving little chuckle at his own stupidity, it would seem.
He went on. “Everything was fine for a little while, apart from her suspicion, of course. But all hell broke loose when she woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of me grunting a name that wasn’t hers, my phone in one hand and my cock in the other.”
Y/N stared at him in disbelief, suddenly sobering up at his revelation. She couldn’t believe what was happening, what she was hearing. To her dismay, her body was quicker to respond to the information than her mind, her thighs clenching together at the thought of him him doing that while thinking about her.
“She connected the dots… Me mentioning your name in passing, hiring a new research assistant. She knew my intentions right away.”
Y/N cleared her throat. “Your intentions?”
Dr Barnes smiled, an ominous little smile which hid some deeper meaning. “Don’t act so surprised. I don’t just offer rides home to any student, or try to get alone with them whenever I can. You drive me fucking crazy but you’re so clueless about it. It almost makes the whole thing worse.”
Y/N knew it was the alcohol talking; that these words would never have been uttered had he been sober, but somehow, the detail did not change a thing. Drunk or sober, he said what he said, and Y/N knew that he was not lying about it. He had no reason to.
“Even right now,” he began again, regarding her body in a way which made goosebumps rise on her skin. She felt naked under his gaze, his dark eyes drinking in the sight of the valley between her breasts, then the curve of her hips, and smirking knowingly when his eyes fell upon her clenched thighs.
“Or maybe you’re not as clueless as you seem. Maybe you’re just toying with me to taunt me.”
“Taunt you?”
Dr Barnes laughed quietly and finished the last of his beer, setting the glass down on the bar a bit too roughly. Y/N regarded the wedding band on his finger, feeling a perverse combination of guilt and arousal.
He continued. “If you wanted to get fucked by your lecturer, you would have done something about it by now. But no, I think you just like to torture me. You give me just enough to make me think you want it… a smile here, a visit to my office there, a coffee waiting for me on my desk or your bedroom eyes whenever we make eye contact in the lecture hall. It’s fucking infuriating.”
It was Y/N’s turn to pick up her shot glass and down the contents. She didn’t even flinch at the burn in her throat.
“I’d be furious if I found out my wife had a sliver of the thoughts I have of you about some other guy. I’m pathetic and she knows it. She met me here today to tell me she’s done.”
Y/N tried to look sorry for him, she really did, but no matter how hard she tried to alter her facial expression, the one that appeared was not remorseful. His wife had done nothing wrong; she just picked up her dignity and self-respect, and did the right thing for her. Y/N knew that had she been in her shoes, she’d probably do the same.
Dr Barnes’ behaviour was distasteful, to say the least. It was shameless, shocking and vulgar. And whilst Y/N completely realised the severity of his choices and the revolting thing he had done to some poor woman - his freaking wife - the fact did nothing to cease the budding yearning for him at his revelations. The imagery was just too vivid.
He sighed in exasperation as he slid off his stool. “I’m gonna head off and hope one of my mates lets me crash on their couch. I’ll see you on Monday, Miss Y/L/N.”
He dusted off his jeans and made sure he had his phone and wallet before he stalked off in the direction of the door. Y/N remained where she was and motioned the bartender over.
“Another shot of vodka, please.”
With how quiet the bar had become, it took the bartender less than twenty seconds to set another shot glass in front of her. He smiled kindly at her again, almost empathetically and Y/N wondered if he knew; the guy just looked like he did.
She muttered a quick, “thank you”, tapped her bank card on the reader and threw her head back, downing her shot. Then, on a sudden whim that Y/N had no time to tame, she gathered herself up and followed Dr Barnes out through the exit, hoping to God that he was still nearby.
The old wooden floor creaked under her boots as she trudged towards the exit, and when she finally got outside, she instantly wrapped her arms around herself at the sudden chill.
It was almost midnight, the night dark and moonless. She stopped just outside the door to the bar and glanced around her. The street had a number of different bars and clubs, some of them bursting with people, most of them close to deserted. The street itself was relatively quiet, the old cobble road littered with parked cars, beer bottles and the smell of smoke.
To her left, two girls stood talking until a large navy car pulled up and they got inside, shutting the door behind them.
To her right, stood Dr Barnes, just beneath the flickering neon sign with the bar’s name, a cigarette dangling from the unsmiling corner of his mouth. His phone was pressed to his ear.
“Thanks, pal. I’ll be there within the hour,” he told the person on the line, took the cigarette out from between his lips and tapped off the ash. He was just hanging up when his eyes met Y/N’s.
No words were said. A long moment passed before either of them moved, their eyes regarding each others’ expressions, searching for clues about thoughts or feelings. It felt as though the air itself was holding its breath and when Dr Barnes reached up and took a long drag of his cigarette, something inside of Y/N simply snapped.
She watched as he dropped the butt of his smoke onto the cobblestones beneath his feet and put out the flame with the sole of his shoe. He was looking down and when his eyes lifted again - all dark and hazy with the effects of alcohol and craving - Y/N knew there was no turning back.
Incited by her own drunkenness and the wicked and depravity of the images his words had placed in her head, Y/N inhaled sharply before beginning her descent towards him.
Dr Barnes narrowed his eyes at the sudden determination in her step, but didn’t protest when her fingers hooked around the collar of his jacket and pulled him down firmly towards her. Lips met, the kiss all teeth and growls, and Y/N hissed when his fingers tangled in her hair and yanked her head back. He deepened the kiss with fervency, hands groping at each other’s bodies with urgent desperation.
“Don’t stop,” she whispered into the kiss, dizzy and out of breath.
Y/N dug her fingernails into his shoulders when he harshly pulled her against him. She was trapped between his frenzied arms and heaving chest, a big wall of muscle that made the unholy images in her head descend into perversion. There was something so erotic about the way he desperately craved to make her crumble in his arms, his grip strong and brutal, almost murderous. Y/N whined at the feeling, having never experienced something so raw before. Dr Barnes was not some random college guy, selfish and eager for an instantaneous release.
No. Dr Barnes was a man. Experienced and sensual, lustful and dripping with the purest form of eroticism, Dr Barnes was masculine and powerful, authoritative and forceful. It was a lethal combination which made Y/N’s breath catch in her throat and her hands itch for more of him.
He almost dragged her away from the entrance to the bar and towards the dark alley situated just next to it. Mouths never leaving each other, Dr Barnes was ruthless with the sheer force of his hold on her and she cried out when he drove her back against the stone wall of the building.
The shadows of the alley shielded them from the eyes of anyone leaving the bar or passing by, but the groans and grunts were a dead giveaway that the dark passageway was not unoccupied. Y/N should have paid more attention to how dangerous this was, how fucking awkward it would be if someone she knew caught her like this with her professor. But when he pinned her against the wall, wedged a muscular thigh between her own legs and harshly grabbed her face in his hand, all reservations and hesitancy melted away from her skin.
All that existed was him, his hands holding her in place and touching her everywhere. No inch of skin was spared in his frantic exploration, the short skirt she wore providing access to all the different places he had imagined squeezing and licking and burying his face in. Groping her ass roughly under her skirt, Dr Barnes did not waste any time before forcefully tilting her head to the side and placing his mouth on her neck. It was all tongue and teeth, his hand still holding her face in place and when he was satisfied that she wouldn’t move, his digits skimmed her collarbone and hooked around the low-cut top of her dress. The stretch of the fabric and the lack of bra allowed him to yank the material down from over her breasts, exposing her.
Y/N felt herself gasp, unsure if it was in response to the chilly night air hitting her already hardening nipples, or the feeling of him roughly grabbing the back of her thighs and hoisting her up, back scraping painfully against the wall. He held her there, pinned to the cold surface, and she felt her breathing accelerate when his lips moved hurriedly from her neck, to her collarbone and finally wrapped around a stiff nipple. His mouth was warm, wet and hungry and it made her insides clench with need. A moment later, when he let go of her slightly and she slid down the wall to land on his thigh, still wedged between her legs, she cried out at the pressure it placed on her clit.
“James.” His name fell from her lips along with a feeble exhalation, her eyes screwed shut at the intensity of the feeling. He released her nipple with a wet pop, the skin glistening with saliva, red from the assault. Her feet barely reaching the ground, Y/N did her best to raise her hips and then slam herself down onto his thigh again, grinding on it with determination until he noticed and pressed it harder to her crotch. He aided her in massaging her little bundle of nerves on the rough fabric by gripping her hips and guiding her movements until the friction made her skin raw.
“Too much,” she whimpered breathlessly, and Dr Barnes paused for just a second to gauge her expression. His lips were red, swollen, glistening from the kiss and just like her, he struggled for air. His eyes held a certain wildness to them, a determination and desperation that Y/N had never seen before. He reached down and maintained eye contact as he undid his belt, the button of his jeans and pulled the zipper down. Then, when Y/N realised what was coming, he pinned her to the wall harder than before, cupped the back of her left thigh and lifted it to his hip.
His other hand, frantic, pulled himself out of his jeans and boxers and expertly moved Y/N’s underwear aside under the fabric of her dress. Nails digging into his shoulders and a gasp was the only response he needed when he forcefully drove himself past her lips and entered her until he was fully sheathed inside her cunt. He groaned out at the feeling and his name fell in a breathless whisper from her lips again.
It was rough, shameless and fierce, his hips snapping to meet her own whilst a thin layer of perspiration built up on their skin. Y/N wanted to encourage him, she truly did, but amidst the wild thoughts that this was her professor - a man she was supposed to respect, be courteous towards and above all platonic - she found she didn’t know what to do or say. Her boldness ran out the second she grabbed him by the collar and kissed him, and since that moment, he had complete control.
And so, unable to form any words, Y/N simply moaned at the feeling of him taking exactly what he wanted, furiously slamming himself into her with so much force her legs shook and the skin of her back screamed from the scratches the wall had given her. For him, it was encouragement enough, the little sounds spurring him on further until he was burying his face in her neck and grunting her name, just the way he had when his wife caught him with his cock in his hand.
Y/N only briefly managed to catch her breath before she saw Dr Barnes reaching up and pushing his index and middle fingers past his lips, wetting them generously before finally reaching between them and beginning to skilfully massage her clit. His touch was hard, applying just the right amount of pressure and massaging it in perfect little circles. The combination of being filled up so completely, his thick shaft stretching her in the most blissful of ways, and his fingers working so gracefully against her clit, soon resulted in her feeling the familiar heat in her lower abdomen.
He finished first, his cock pulsating and throbbing inside of her until he filled her up with his load, the feeling enough to push her over the edge and bite into his shoulder at the intensity of it all. Her walls clenched around him sweetly, and he continued to thrust all the way through his and her combined orgasms until both of them were spent.
He pulled out gently and Y/N slumped against the wall, her legs barely able to hold up her weight. She watched with clouded and blurred vision as he stepped back and pulled his trousers back up, quickly buttoning them and fixing his belt. Just like that, it was done. No feelings, no warmth, just the satisfaction of a quick, hard fuck.
Y/N was breathless, her clit still pulsating from her orgasm but the reality of it all quickly beginning to settle in.
“I, uh… I should probably get going,” she told him calmly, almost awkwardly, shifting her weight from one leg to the other when she felt his cum trickling out of her. Her fingers fumbled with the top of her dress, clumsily tucking her tits away. 
He regarded her expression for a brief moment; the reddened cheeks, messy hair and the way she was biting her lip, all disheveled and shy, clueless with what to do next. How do you proceed with life after you’ve just gotten fucked by your professor behind an on-campus bar? The question hung heavily in the air until she noticed him take pity on her predicament and took a step closer.
She stayed unmoving as he hooked his fingers around the bottom of her skirt and fixed it so that everything was covered once again. Then, gently, he reached up and cupped her face in his hands, her back still pressed to the wall. She almost shivered, the adrenaline dropping, the stone feeling so much colder than it had been before.
“Don’t worry about this. Everything’s going to be alright,” he reassured her, and placed a long kiss to her forehead. “It can be our little secret.”
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bvccy · 15 days ago
Please, can you write a fic about Winter Soldier having a breeding kink, and being very possessive? And he will make love in his sexy black suit 😭👉👈
FUCK 😭😭😭 My dear, I wrote a thing 😔
I wanted to keep this short, but of course, I didn't manage. This is a very cursed request though, still, I hope you like it!
— Pairing: Winter Soldier x F!Reader
— Contents: noncon, some crying, wet and messy, prone, breeding kink, possessive WS and him being a teasing bastard, hints of Bucky being very much against this beastly act but unable to do anything about it
— Word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
He knew what he was in her eyes, could see it in every unguarded look and hear it in her screams: a monster. Part of him didn't care — the larger part, in fact — but the Winter Soldier knew there was someone inside who was hurt by seeing her so scared.
"Let me go! Let go!"
He clenched his jaw and answered by holding her wrists tighter, stretching them in front of her to stop the frantic squirming. One knee was on her lower back and he managed his weight with the other booted foot braced beside her. The black suit was stifling and his skin itched to feel her, to get closer to her… after all this waiting.
"I don't want to die," she whimpered. "I don't want to die…"
Keeping his hands around her wrists but stretching now his legs on either side, the Soldier leaned down until his chest was flush against her back, breath fanning against the side of the girl's face as he took in the sweet scent of her hair.
"I would never let you die," he said before he even realised.
Rather than calming her down, hearing it just made the girl more panicked. There wasn't any reassurance in the way he said it, just a ravenous hunger. When she felt a hard and dexterous movement at her waist and realised it was his hand, undressing her, she began to squirm again in a desperate, useless way. His metal arm was pulling at her clothes in a way that left her feeling cut and bruised.
It only took a heartbeat to feel the difference between the cold lifeless hand and another smooth, warm length between her legs. She tried to tighten them on instinct, but it only made him angry. The Soldier pressed the metal palm beside her head but she could still feel him pushing down on her, could feel the shape of him through her sweat-soaked shirt, the belts and buckles and cold slippery leather that rubbed against her skin all the way down her back — until it suddenly stopped and she could feel his flesh: warm, sweaty, and rough with hair.
The Soldier rested his chin on her shoulder and sighed, eyes fighting to stay open as he pressed himself inside. He could feel her soft thighs tightening, but his manhood had already pierced her.
"Ever since I laid my eyes on you…" he whispered, "knew you'd be mine…"
She tried to argue, but every time her mouth parted, only high moans came out, so she just shook her head instead.
"No?" he teased, grinning as he looked at the blushing side of her face beneath the curtain of ruffled hair. His locks fell over hers, messy manes mingling in sweet shades.
The Soldier flexed his hips, legs tensing with the action, and pressed in deeper. He struggled to make it fit, but kept his motions slow, precise, conquering her only a little before stopping, then going further in… Sweat ran down his upper thighs, he could feel it cooling from the air of the room. It dripped down, tickling his skin like little dews of fire until it reached his groin and caressed the swollen sac there, going all the way down that throbbing surface to lick its way onto her mound.
"You don't think you're mine now?" he asked with a lazy smirk. The Soldier brought his face close enough to nuzzle her cheek with the tip of his nose, desperate to be close to her in every way. "You will be, soon. I'll make you mine…"
He heard as well as felt her wincing, trembling like a purr all through her body. The girl tried to bury her face into the ground, eyes closed and jaw set firm and not sparing him even a look from the corner of her eye. The closer he got to her — taking her, digging his way thrust by thrust up to her core — the more she tried to get away from him. Against her protestations, he leaned in and placed a hard and lasting kiss against her cheek while, with another sharp angling of his hips, the Soldier pushed past the little distance that remained and settled into her all the way down to the root.
He rested there a moment, feeling her chest going up and down in panicked gasps, legs trembling as she tried to accept him… He moaned as he felt her core shivering around him, throbbing all over his manhood as if it was a choking mouth before, slowly, it adjusted and relaxed, cupping him inside of her warm, wet channel.
"I'll make you mine," he said lowly as he began to thrust — gently, carefully, held back by that part of him that didn't want to hurt her. Even saying it gave him a thrill, it made real the dream of having something of his own, someone.
A shiver ran down her spine and settled in her legs, growing into a tension that was bound to snap as he thrust harder, deeper, pushing past the pulsing of her core.
"I'm not… " she tried to say, each attempt interrupted by another vicious shove. "Please, don't… Why are you —"
"You will, you're going to be mine," he growled, lips curling back over his teeth right at her cheek, threatening to bite. He pushed his length in deeper and stayed there, making her body swallow him while he let himself lay even harder against her, to hold her still, and make her listen. "I'll get you pregnant, and you'll be mine forever."
He heard her give a long and angry whine at that, but if she struggled with a bit more force, he didn't notice. His hips were moving with the frantic urgency of taking her apart, making her feel the heat he felt. The girl's legs tried to tighten as if to push him out, but it was useless — if anything, it only made her clamp deliciously around him.
His knees braced on the ground as he put more force into his thrusts, aiming for her tender walls until he heard the girl crying out in pleasure — slow, hard, deep and steady thrusts that made a wave of shivers run all through her body and settle in her womb. He held back until he felt her still and give a low, long whine, her tight channel strangling his member more than he thought possible. Rich dollops of wetness trickled out past the thickness that plugged her.
With her body made lazy by its own surrender, the Soldier began to chase his pleasure. His eyes closed dreamily while his face rested in her hair, now that all the fight was wrung right out of her. It only took a few more cantings of his hips before he felt a shiver growing, echoing across his flesh. He pushed as far in as he could, as deep as she could take him, and released his heavy load inside her. A growl rumbled from his chest with each pulse, until it ended.
He'd never felt more sated or more satisfied, and although he finally felt like he had her, he was hungrier for her than ever.
"You're mine now," he sighed, whispering against her tear-stained cheek. A heavy hand came up to pet her head in an oddly caring and soft motion. "My good girl… I'll take care of you." Of both of you, he wished to say. "You're mine now, I'll take care of you, you'll see…"
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shurisneakers · a month ago
harmless (epilogue)
Summary: Bucky volunteers to go stop a small time villain, but nothing can prepare him for what exactly he has to deal with. (Bucky x villain!reader)
Warnings: cursing, frustrated bucky, dramatic reader, obnoxious flirting, mention of tax fraud, money launderig, etc. you know. the usual
Word count: 5.8k
A/N: oh hi. no i didnt disappear for two months what? anyway. for a story to have a conclusion, there should be a plot. and since there is no plot, just have some good vibes and idiots <3
shoutout to my sparkle anon for the can opener slander <3
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Tumblr media
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It was a fine day.
A good day, even, to watch your lair descend into complete chaos after your plan to take over the tri-state area with an army of clones fails.
Not to mention the unperformed musical number.
It smacks Bucky in the face right as he enters-- an ocean of teal shades and a chorus of his name squawked at him like the seagulls from Finding Nemo. If he wasn’t so damn used to it, he would have maybe had a faint blush at the occasional “you’re pretty” thrown in there.
In greeting, he presses his lips into a thin line. A rather pathetic excuse for a smile, if you could even call it that.
“Well, hello. What an unexpected surprise.” One of the voices is agreeably louder than the others, and so he diverts his eyes to the circular platform raised from the floor. “And by unexpected I mean completely expected.”
“Y/N.” He ignores the multitude of ‘yeah?’s to zero in on you in the centre.
He can tell it’s the original-- not because of the ultramarine tuxedo you have on, accessorised with a sparkly dance cane and definitely more feathers than should ever be on something that’s not a bird-- but because of the additional top hat. No one else in the crowd had one.
“Clone army? You serious?”
“You can’t blame me, Bucky.” You throw him a wide-toothed grin, eyes still hidden behind the masquerade mask you’ve got covering half your face. “I gave you the chance to destroy the blueprint and you never took it, so now we have to deal with it.”
“Deal with what?”
“Us taking over the tri-state idea,” you say, bringing your foot down loudly on the metal platform.
Scarily in sync and in a manner that leaves him speculating how long you had to practise this, your doppelgangers do the same before falling into the first position of a dance number.
He winces. Hands in the air, no one else moves.
“Where’s Nico?”
“He said he was gonna get ribbons to tie around everyone’s wrist so we can differentiate between the orignal and the copies.”
Bucky stares at you.
“Wouldn’t it be easier to just tie one around your wrist?” he asks slowly.
You blink at him, arms lowering. “He was excited so I gave him twenty dollars, leave me alone.”
“You’re the only one with a hat,” Bucky continues emphasizing.
“You’re the only one with a hat,” you mock, voice high pitched and muffled. “Stop focusing on the technicalities, you killjoy.”
“There is not a single person in this lair who thinks.”
“And that includes you.”
Rightfully, he walked straight into that one. If he tried hard enough, he could place the blame for the profound loss of his critical thinking ability on hanging out with you.
“You don’t deserve our performance.” You sigh dramatically.
“Thank God,” he deadpans.
All of a sudden it’s his one, lone metallic middle finger against an army of white-gloved middle fingers challenging him.
“Can you please finish with… whatever this is.” He checks his watch. “We got somewhere to be.”
“A hot date?” You lean forward on your palms, bodyweight precariously balanced on the cane.
“You wish.”
“I do, actually,” everyone echoes back at him. He wonders if they’re only programmed to hit him with insults and pick up lines.
A smile slips past his otherwise well-maintained, time tested facade of annoyance. “Get it over with.”
“Alright, everyone. Just as we practised.” You straighten out your spine, arm holding the cane high in the air with your head tilted to the sky. “One, two, three--”
“Attack,” your clones say in unison.
“What?” You look down quickly. “No, not that. The other one.”
They look up at you. “Unclear chain of commands.”
“Not Battle Plan #3, execute Dance Routine #2.”
They look at each other. Bucky, too, watches them look at each other.
“Unclear chain of commands.” They tilt their head up at you.
“What the hell is unclear about-”
“Executing Battle Plan #3.”
“For fuck’s sake,” you curse, crouching to leap down from the platform. “Not Battle Plan #3.”
“Confirmation received. Battle Plan #3 in motion.”
“I said not-” You land gracefully on the ground, already in a defensive stance.
Hot, he thinks. Not a good time to let you know, however.
“Abort Battle Plan #3.”
“Plan set in action.” They march eerily into straight lines, easily at least two hundred of them populating the lair. “Clownproof Protocol activated.”
“Oh, my God, you idiots-- deactivate Clownproof Protocol.”
But they’ve shifted positions already. Backs stiff as a cardboard and eyes a nice, bright red that doesn’t go well at all with the shade of blue they’re dressed in.
“No,” their voice, robotic and gravelly, is a sharp contrast from before.
“Hmm,” he notes, unsurprised and unimpressed. “Your clones are malfunctioning, sweetheart.”
“I can see that.” You grit your teeth, spinning around to watch them as they reach behind their backs.
“Should do something about it.”
“Ya think?” you shout when they swiftly brandish their weapons.
“I do, yeah.”
Long cylinders tubes of foam and small tubes of translucent material.
He doesn’t have to spend too long racking his brains on what they as they hold up the smaller sticks. A beat passes before a crack sound reverberates through the lair, neon colours of blue, green, pink, and yellow bright in your palms.
The lair goes dark.
There’s a long silence before--
“Are you kidding me?”
Bucky doesn’t wait for the collective, loud battle cry to finish before he calmly makes his way to the corner of the room to stand.
“Your plan was to take over the tri-state area using pool noodles and glow sticks?” he snorts, vaguely making out your silhouette through the flashes of pink and purple on your face.
“This was for the fucking dance number,” you seethe, top hat giving away your location like a lighthouse. “Everyone stop it. I swear to God if you even breathe at the espresso machine, I’ll--”
Bucky checks his phone. Two texts from Steve that he leaves on read and a video from Clint on the group chat that he doesn’t even open.
He can hear the chaos upholding in front of him. Pool noodles fly across the crowd, glowsticks thrown up in the air and down before getting kicked around the floor. More of a fucking rave than an actual plan gone wrong.
“We got an hour left.” He locks his phone and slips it back in his pockets. “D’you think you’ll be done by then?”
“You can help, y’know.” You duck under a pool noodle being flung at you.
"I'm not gonna fight you, Y/N.”
"Bucky, baby, these are my evil clones.”
"I'm not gonna hit your clone," he argues back from his place in front of the wall. “Make them not look like you or something. Maybe then I’ll help.”
“That’s very sweet, and you’re adorable.” You jump to land a dropkick against your carbon copy, whipping around to glare at him. “But I hate you.”
It’s almost on instinct that the exact opposite nearly slips out of him, but he bites it back. Considering that he hadn’t ever said it to you before, saying it in the middle of a clone battle with yourself didn’t seem like the most opportune moment. He’s been holding onto it for weeks, a little more time wouldn’t hurt, would it?
“I know,” he says instead, crossing his arms over his chest again. “Pay attention. You’re behind you.”
You swing around, kicking the feet out from under a clone. The sharp clang of metal on the tiles of your floor is reassuring.
The lair door swings open. All activity comes to a halt when the darkness temporarily lifts.
Someone stands at the doorway, light casting a halo around his broad figure.
“Hey boss,” your new assistant says cheerfully. “And boss, and boss, and boss, and boss--”
“Hey Nico,” you cut in from the middle. “Hit the reverse button on the clone machine, please.”
And the glowsticks resume flying through the air.
“Yes, ma’am.” He salutes, veering through the crowd with soft ‘excuse me’ and ‘coming through’s. The little cloth bag he carries when he goes shopping finds itself tied to his belt, for safekeeping in case things get too ugly.
Nico was ridiculously tall, easily towering over all the clones. His shirt is about two sizes too small and the seashell necklace he kept around his neck because it reminded him of his home and his mom looked like tiny beads in comparison.
Despite Bucky’s initial cynicism, the guy seemed to fit in rather well at the lair. He was clearly just as fascinated as you were with the wacky tech ideas, doing his part by taking on all the heavy lifting which previously was managed by you and your several levitation rays.
“I couldn’t find enough colours for two hundred people so I just picked up some coffee for us and Christmas lights,” he informs loudly, letting out a small ‘oof’ is courtesy when one of you thump his chest with a pool noodle.
Not to forget, Bucky also appreciated how Nico’s spring cleaning got rid of years’ worth of junk from the lair, the new windows he had you blow into the walls to allow in more sunlight because he believed it helped productivity and the fact that the furniture always smelled of lavender.
“That’s great, buddy.” You struggle against one of them in a swordfight and Bucky briefly considers stepping in until you deftly disarm them, flipping them over your shoulder before springing up. “Did you get the Tekton set?”
“No, they were all out.” He takes a large leap to the raised stage at the end of the hall, the floor vibrating where he lands momentarily. “But I got some new screwdrivers because I broke them last week.”
“Broke them? I thought you lost them.” You throw him a glance in the middle of shoving a clone aside.
“No, that was the previous previous set. I broke the ones we got after that.”
And the guy apparently had an aversion to screwdrivers, it looked like.
“How did you break vibranium sc-”
“Wrap it up, Y/N, we gotta go.” Bucky reminds over all the noise, back still very much pressed against the wall.
“Oh, hey Sergeant Barnes!” Nico calls out, ducking to avoid a glowstick thrown at him. “I didn’t see you there.”
“Afternoon, Nico.”
“Would you want some coffee?” he asks politely.
“I’m good, thanks.”
“I only brought two cups but you can have mine. Or maybe if we mix it together we can form one mega drink--”
“Nico, the switch,” you intervene.
“Sorry, boss.” He hurriedly turns back to the machine, gently picking one of your clones up and setting them aside like they were made of nothing. Maybe he could be an Avenger.
“It’s okay.” You let out a noise of irritation when someone thunks you on the head with a glowstick. “Any day now.”
“Um-” Nico’s eyes dart over the control panel. “Which one’s the button again?”
“The big red one that says ‘reverse switch’, probably.”
“That’s-” he pauses. “That’s not here.”
“What d’you mean that’s not there?” Your arms hold back the attack of a noodle. “Check the emergency panel.”
“Okay.” He momentarily disappears behind the gigantic box until his voice comes back muffled. “It says we need a password.”
“A password?”
Bucky sends a text to Steve that they might be late.
“What the fuck is th- okay, fuck that. Just hit any switch that’s not green.”
“Gotcha.” He waddles back to the front, shaking his fingers out. “Is yellow okay?”
“Any colour, Nico,” you whine.
“You got it, boss.” He slams his palm down on the button.
Bucky can feel the giant wave that runs through the lair, the hair on his arm standing straight.
Mechanical groans and the noises his laptop makes when it powers down soon follow as the red eyes return back to normal. Instead of just falling over, which he’s sure would haunt his nightmares for days, every clone just plops themselves down on the ground, crossing their legs and sitting as he remembers he did in middle school.
“Yay.” You lean against the railing for support, breathing heavily.
“You did it, boss.” Nico gives you a large thumbs up. “It all went according to plan.”
“Sure it did.” You nod. “Definitely. That was the plan.”
Bucky scoffs out a laugh, pushing himself off the wall and making his way to you. He makes sure to flip the switch on his way to you, bringing light back into the lair.
“Why-” you hold up a finger, still trying to catch your breath “-why did we put a password on the emergency panel?”
“Because, uh-” Nico gestures towards Bucky in what felt like an apology.
Bucky looks back at him strangely.
“It was to stop him,” he adds. “No offence, Sergeant B.”
“None taken,” Bucky reassures because it was literally his job.
“Fine, whatever.” You ignore the whole exchange, dragging yourself to behind the machine. “What’s the password?”
“I dunno.” Nico scratches the back of his head. “Did you try ‘password’?”
Your head pops around to stare at him unblinkingly. “Our password is ‘password’?”
“No, wait.” He snaps his fingers in a moment of realisation. “I think maybe it’s one two three.”
Bucky nods along, mouth pursed inward. It seemed pretty on-brand.
“It’s not working.” You glance up at Nico.
“One two three four.”
He can hear the chime of the keypad as you punch in the numbers, mumbling to yourself.
“You’ve gotta be shi- why did that work?” You throw your hands up when there’s a woosh of air following a small click. “Who decided that?”
Nico shrugs. “We didn’t. It just came with the system.”
“The system?”
“You guys don’t change the default password?” Bucky’s eyebrows furrow. “Even I do that and I’m six hundred years o-”
“Okay,” you interrupt, pulling off the panel and letting it fall to the floor with a clang. “No more password-based stuff, Nico, make a note of that.”
“Noted.” He pulls out a tiny little book, scribbling in it with the pencil attached before flipping it closed.
A second later the machine whirs to life, blue light emanating from it. The sounds of a generator overpower what he’s sure is Bye Bye Bye by *NSync playing through the speakers.
Each of the clones gets up, dust their blue suits off before obediently lining up in a queue. He can hear them shoot compliments at each other, either for the wrinkled suit or the glowsticks in their pockets.
“See you later.” You give them a small wave. “Or not.”
“Bye,” Nico says to the first person who walks through the door and disappears. “See you. Nice meeting you. See you around. Bye--”
With the determination of a person too polite to be alive, he makes sure to bid farewell to every person who walks through the machine.
Your eyebrows upturn at him but you say nothing.
“Hey,” Bucky says, stealing your attention. “Did you have fun?”
“Loads.” You wipe the sweat off your brow, ditching your post to come stand in front of him. “You ever been in a battle against yourself? Should try it sometime.”
“No, only one of us can be the designated idiot at a time.” He presses a kiss to your forehead. “You good?”
“It’s your turn next week.” You let out an exhale before giving him a bright smile. “All good.”
“Told Steve we’re gonna be late.”
“Oh, good. I need a shower.” You scrunch up your nose, picking at your suit. “Maybe a nap. How about we don’t go?”
“Sure, if you’re the one to break the news.”
“Coward.” You poke at his chest. “Fine, but we’re taking the bike.”
“Why would we need to take the bike if you’re gonna cancel?”
“Because-” you open your mouth to begin, only to be cut off by a sound of utter distress from across the platform.
From the side, you see Nico standing over his espresso machine that lay in pieces on the floor.
You look at Bucky. He already knows what you’re gonna say.
He shakes his head. “Just go.”
“It’ll only take twenty minutes.” You flash him a smile. “You’re my favourite person in this room. Maybe even this street.”
“Yeah, yeah.” It nearly escapes him again, the words hanging at the top of his tongue. Shouldn’t be this easy to say, should it? “Go on. He looks like he’s about to cry.”
You blow him a kiss before stalking towards Nico, placing a hand on his shoulder. The smile he gives you doesn’t quite reach his eyes, and you gently dismiss his insistence that it’s okay before bending down to assess the damage.
Bucky lets out an exhale before pulling out his phone to hit play on the video Clint sent at least two days ago.
Tumblr media
“You did what?”
Bucky crosses his arms over his chest. “Stop being dramatic.”
“I’m being dramatic?” you scoff. “You bought a house.”
“I was gone for twenty fucking seconds and you bought a house without telling me.”
He rolls his eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was necessary--”
“Not necessary? We’re together and you’re-”
“Guys,” T interrupts. “It’s just Monopoly.”
Steve nods from his place on the couch.
“T, he bought a house without telling me.” You turn to her immediately, voice shrill in complain.
“It’s a fucking board game.” Bucky leans back. “It’s your fault you left.”
“To get your thirsty ass some apple juice, you loser.”
“Did I a-”
“I don’t even buy apple juice. Where did you get that?” T points to the glass in front of you, half full.
“I have resources.” You cryptically count the fake currency in your hands, glancing at the board in front of you for your properties.
“Are they allowed to team up?” Steve’s voice is low when he asks his girlfriend.
“No.” T narrows her eyes at you slipping Bucky a wad of cash, an unnaturally high sum.
“She just gave him cash.”
Bucky silently takes it, looking his best friend right in the eye. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Right.” You clear your throat, getting up from your place and pretend to dust yourself off. “I’m going to the kitchen for some orange juice--”
“I don’t have orange juice.”
“Does anyone want some?” You place your hands on your hips. When you get a round of declinations in return, you nod. “Alrighty. Be right back.”
“No more chips, we need to get dinner,” T calls out. “You won’t find any, but still.”
“Yes, ma’am.” You throw her a salute before marching on to your quest.
Bucky counts the money he has left. It’s a few seconds of silence as it dawns on him that he has more money than he realised initially. The obscene amount he had procured made no sense, even if he counted the amount you’ve been slipping him all evening.
“I’ll be back.” He pushes himself off the couch, shoving the bills into his pocket for security while he investigated.
In hushed tones from what he left behind, he hears, “They’re strategizing. It’s a team meeting.”
The reply, however, comes back at a normal volume. “It’s literally just a board game, what is wrong with you people?”
“You’re doing what she told you not to, aren’t you?” Bucky finds you amidst a kitchen full of half-open shelves.
“I’m definitely not looking for chips.” Your head was tilted up as you scoured T’s cabinets for her extra stash you know she kept hidden. “Would never do that.”
“Sure you’re not.” He leans his weight against the counter, watching you blindly reach about the space. “Check behind the cereal box.”
“Check inside the cereal box.”
“Oooh,” you exclaim, pulling the box out and flipping open the cardboard lid. “Only an evil genius would know that. What are you not telling me, Barnes?”
“I live with like, thirty people. You learn to hide things.” He watches you pull out a brand new packet of nachos stealthily. “Are you actually mad at me?”
“Fuck no,” you respond immediately. “I’m just gonna use my public meltdown to our advantage. Throw ‘em off their rhythm, they’ll never see us coming.”
Which reminds him, “We’re not on the same team, I don’t know why you keep giving me money.”
“You’re my sugar ba-”
“Stop,” he interrupts.
You grin at him, tearing open the packet gently. “I’m embezzling funds and stashing them at your bank. Some of the notes are from my game back home.”
“You brought your own currency?”
“Sure did,” you sing. “You’re my fall-man. You’re going to take the blame-”
”No, get your illegal money out of my bank, what the fuck?”
“Go to jail-”
“I refuse.”
“And then I’m going to bust you out of there and then we’ll live on an island or something.” You shake the bag gently, well out of her earshot, shuffling the chips toward you.
“Go team, I’m so proud of us.” You pop a nacho in your mouth and smile at him widely.
He shakes his head, reaching into the bag you hold out for him. “Not a team.”
“Hold on now, what happened to Team Dumbass? Bracelet Bitches my beloved?”
“It died when you tried to get me sent to jail for money laundering and tax fraud.”
“If that’s all it takes to break us apart then it wasn’t that strong in the first place.” You sigh, placing a hand on his chest before retracting it quickly to shove it into the bag again.
But it has been. Strong, he means, for months now. He would never be able to say it out loud but he’s pretty sure it’s the most content, happy even, he’s been in nearly a hundred years. Also, it’s the most absurd mix of distress and fun he’s ever chosen to be subjected to.
“Steve thinks we’re strategizing in here.” He hums.
“I already have a strategy.” You stand close enough beside him to have your elbows touching. You’ve found that likes some sort of physical contact, no matter how small it may be.
“S’ppose it involves me.”
“Obviously. Maybe if you didn’t betray me then I’d tell you what it was.”
He scoffs. “It was one house that I bought with my own non-illegal currency.”
“Without telling me,” you reiterate. “And all your currency is illegal, I’ve been swiping it out the whole evening.”
His eyebrows cinch together at this new piece of information but he doesn’t pursue it further.
Instead, he takes another chip. Counts the number of tiles between the countertops on both sides of the room. Revels in the feeling of your skin grazing against his metal arm.
He hears you reach into the bag, snapping his mind out of the little trip it was taking.
“Hypothetically, in real life,” Bucky begins, breaking the momentary silence, “if I ever did buy a house-”
The smile drops from your face instantly. “Did you actually-”
“No,” he adds quickly. “Hypothetically. In the future. Not now.”
You eye him skeptically, all other movements put on halt for that brief period.
“I didn’t buy a fucking house, I swear.”
You press back a smile at his degree of seriousness, feeling relief flood into your system. “Go on.”
“You’d be open to that?” Bucky looks at you out the corner of his eye.
“Sure.” You shrug casually and he lets out a short breath he didn’t realise he was holding. “But I got some hypothetical conditions.”
“Course you do,” he mumbles.
“Number one,” you announce, holding your hand up with a chip pinched together between your fingers, “No can openers.”
“Okay, hypothetical plan cancelled,” he says immediately.
“No can openers, I’m serious.” Your laugh is short, teasing.
“It’s the first thing we’d hypothetically get.” He rolls his eyes. "You call me over every time you need me to open one."
"Because those pieces of shit are hard. And I just call you over to see your face."
He knows.
“And your arms. They look great while you do it.”
Okay, moving on.
“Second--” You do it before he can “--Jake.”
“What about him?”
“Hypothetically, he’s gonna be happy that I moved out and I can’t have that.”
Bucky quirks an eyebrow.
“Let’s fake my death.”
A little too dramatic, he thinks.
“Give him something to be sad about.” You grin. If he knows you, then he knows there are at least three plans already formulating in your head.
“He won’t be,” he reminds.
“You’re right, he won’t.” The smile vanishes slowly, narrowed eyes taking its place. “Fine, then fuck Jake. He can starve after he realises I’m the one who restocks his stupid yoghurt.”
Bucky’s pretty sure Jake knows. It’s also why your roommate buys your favourite pasta sauce even though just the mere sight of it makes him want to, in his words, projectile vomit.
But remembering Jake brings up another detail.
“What about Alpine?”
“Alpine 2.0.” Your answer comes back startlingly fast. “I’ll clone her.”
“We’ve already seen what happens to your clones.”
“Just because a few of them went rogue-”
“We’re not cloning Alpine.”
“Fine.” You huff. “I’m pretty sure Jake’s more attached to A.N.K.L.E.S. now anyway.”
“The murder Roomba?” Bucky picks up nacho. Dinner wouldn’t be an issue for him, his metabolism was much higher than the average human’s.
“It’s not a fucking Roomba, it’s a droid and its name is A.N.K.L.E.S.”
Bucky scorns. “Since when?”
“Since forever. The A stands for ABBA and the rest I don’t know yet.” You pop a chip into your mouth. “Either way, I don’t think he’d care much.”
“Okay, so hypothetically we get Alpine.” Bucky chews slowly, thoughtfully. “She gets a room.”
“Alpine gets two rooms. One for the day and one for the night.”
“The cat doesn’t need two rooms.”
“She deserves two rooms.”
“No, she doesn’t.”
“You feed her enough to need two rooms.”
“Shut up, she’s a growing cat,” he murmurs. He just pinned a new recipe to try out for her on his Pinterest board.
“She’s grown.”
“Alpine can pay rent if she wants two rooms.”
“Jerk. Don’t subject my cat to capitalism.” You take a pause. “Cat-pitalism.
He stares at you. “Hypothetical plan cancelled.”
“Third,” you continue regardless, “I’m gonna fill the entire place with traps and fake doors and shit, it’s gonna be so cool.”
He gets vivid flashbacks to pen swords and almost-mushroom clouds. His nose twitches.
Bucky pushes himself off the counter’s edge to get some water. “You get one room to invent and none of it ever leaves that space.”
“How do I take it to lair then?”
“Figure it out.”
“What if you sneak into the room and steal the plan and ruin my inator?”
He had an all-access pass to the lair and it had never happened before. There was no reason to believe he was going to start now.
Still, he kisses your cheek on his way past you. “Figure it out.”
“Okay, well then hypothetically I’m gonna build a portal in one of the rooms.”
“I will burn your hypothetical portal to the ground.”
“You can’t do that, I have a hypothetical force shield.”
“Your force shield has a hypothetical battery that I’m gonna remove.”
“That was one time.”
“One room to invent on the weekends and you use your teleporting shit to get it to the lair.” Bucky’s been here enough for dinner parties and game nights to know where T keeps her all her dishes.
“Okay, new hypothetical plan,” you say as he holds his glass out under the tap. “I’m gonna build a lair in our garage.”
“Garage?” In this economy? Fuck no.
“Fine, dungeon, then.” Your eyes shine. “We’re gonna stay in a castle.”
He shuts the tap off. “You’re gonna stay there alone.”
You continue excitedly, “A big, dark castle and you will never see me again because there’s gonna be so many rooms.”
“Great. Let me know when you’re moving,” he says dryly. “Gotta move all your stuff out of the Tower.”
“Yeah, lemme call a moving van for my fucking toothbrush.”
“Your other stuff.” The water disappears in a few strong gulps. The glass, he decides, can be the alibi he needs for being there, just in case T comes at you for stealing from her stash. If he was going to jail for money laundering, you could go for theft.
“What other stuff?” You squint.
“Y’know…” he trails off when he realises you very much don’t know, setting the glass down. “Your inators and stuff.”
Your head tilts inquisitively. “Thought those go to S.H.I.E.L.D..”
"Well, yeah. They’re supposed to." Bucky shoves his hands in his pocket. "I don’t know, just had a feeling you'd want 'em back one day."
“Wait, so you kept them?” You fight the smile that threatens to spread across your face. “Since when?”
“Freeze gun, I think.”
“Wasn’t that-- wait--” Your eyebrows knit together before your jaw drops. “Wasn’t that the first time we met?”
“Don’t remember.” Yes, he does. Yes, it was.
”You’ve had a crush on me since our first meeting?”
“Oh my God, you’ve had a crush on me since our first meeting.”
He drags his palm across his face. “They’re getting recycled first thing tomorrow.”
“Not before I see them first.” You jump up with a renewed interest in this conversation. “Where even are they? The storage? On a ship?”
“My room.”
“I’ve been to your room, I’ve never seen my inators around.”
“You’ve seen the shelf,” he argues, crossing his arms over his chest.
“You mean that fucking drawer in the corner?” You cross your arms too, in retaliation. “The one you’ve stuck together with tape?”
“Why do you think it’s like that? I ran out of fuckin’ space, it’s too full.”
“I didn’t know it had my inators, I thought it was just like that.”
“You thought it’s barely hanging together because it was just like that?”
“Like owner, like cabinet.” You laugh when he rolls his eyes at you. “I’m kidding. Here, have a chip.”
“No,” he says as he takes the one you’re offering. “Hypothetical plan cancelled.”
“Okay,” you move on. “So in our castle, there’s gotta be at least one hypothetical room for all our friends.”
“Right, so that’s zero rooms for you then,” Bucky notes.
“We’re literally in my best friend’s kitchen right now.”
“Ask her if she feels the same.”
“T,” you call out and he gives a short exhale in disbelief. “Are you my best friend?”
Her voice comes back loud and clear. “No.”
“See? She loves me.” You turn to Bucky.
“You’re missing a few steps there.”
“No, I think I got all of them.” You nod. “T, Jake, Alpine and her three rooms.”
“Oh, so Alpine gets three rooms now.”
“Yeah, duh.”
He’d disagree but Alpine really was the royalty in this house. It was only time till she took over the entire house. The Tower had been claimed months ago anyway.
“Fine. But then hypothetically, if we’re doing this then you need to do it properly.” Bucky pauses. “Castle’s gotta be all-black.”
You reel back. “It certainly does not.”
“Black walls, black furniture--”
“Pink walls. Blue furniture.”
“ cushions. Black curtains--”
“Yellow cushions. Purple curtains.”
“No garlic, no mirrors--” he continues to list out.
“We’re not vampires, Bucky. The castle has to look like a Barbie dreamhouse or I’m not staying.”
“I guess it’s just me and Alpine then.”
“You’re going to steal my child and stay in a castle that I made without me.”
Bucky’s lips press inward. “Yeah, sounds ‘bout right.”
“Bitch. I’ll leave all my inators in every room. They will be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you’ll see at night.”
“ kitchen. Black floor--” he continues in revenge.
“Alpine’s going to get four rooms. Morning, afternoon, evening, night.”
“Black doors. Black bed. Black can-opener--”
“No can-openers.”
“Black wardrobe. Black--”
“I will evict yo--” You stop abruptly. “Why are we arguing about this?”
It’s not like you ever needed a solid reason before.
“Let’s just build a treehouse and stay there,” you propose instead.
“Deal.” He holds his hand out for a handshake, which you grab firmly.
“You guys done in there?” Steve calls out. “Neither of us wanna check if you’re fine, so please just get out.”
Bucky rolls his eyes, dropping your hand.
You gesture to the bag of chips. “D’you think I should take this out th-”
“Good call.” You stash it back in the cabinet for later. Not in the cereal box, since it was your bag now.
You can tell game night’s gonna go on for longer, given that your plan to bankrupt Steve so hard he’d never be able to play the game again without tearing up had still not been put into action.
“Get your money out of my bank.”
“We’ll see.” You grin, cupping his cheeks and giving him a quick kiss before taking a step past him. Only, he tugs you back for one more, just a little longer than the last. It’s nice that it still leaves him feeling things in his stomach he refuses to put a name to.
You hum as you pull away with a small smile. “Wait three minutes before showing up so people don’t think we came together.”
Bucky’s eyebrows furrow. “What the fuck even are you talking about?”
“Actually, you know what? I think it’s time we let them know we’re-” you drop your volume “-official.”
He stares at you. “We’ve been together for months.”
“Shhh, they’ll hear you.”
“There’s nothing to hide.”
“Yeah, only ‘cause we’ll tell them.” You roll your eyes.
“They already fucking kn-” he shuts his mouth. “I’m not gonna do this again. Stay here if you want, I’m leaving.”
“You’re just gonna ditch me? Traitor.” You change stances immediately.
“You just s--” For the love of God. “--you’re insufferable.”
You stifle a laugh. “Go on, say it.”
"Say what?" he asks wearily.
"Say, 'God I hate you', or something like that."
He should say it. It's tradition, and you're waiting there, arms crossed across your chest. There's a mock glare on your face but a twinkle in your eye.
"I love you," he says instead.
It’s a second before your face pulls into the biggest smile he’s seen.
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