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@buckybarnesbingo - K4 “Star Watching
@ladiesofmarvelbingo N4 Stargazing

  • Ship: WinterWitch (Bucky Barnes x Wanda Maximoff)
  • Rating: G
  • Major Tags: Stargazing, moodboard, aesthetic, space, galaxy
  • Summary: A moodboard of Wanda and Bucky stargazing from the back of a pickup truck
  • Word Count: n/a

I was going to do a fic for this of Bucky and my OC, but realized I wouldn’t have enough time to do it until the bingo ended, and I could also do it for another bingo this way.

I forgot why I started shipping these two, but my own thought can go to shared trauma due to human experimentation from Hydra and they’re both my favorite Marvel characters. Please don’t ask why I ship them, because I really don’t know.

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Steve x reader x Bucky x Sam

Reader POV

The year was 1516, it was all hallows eve, and you were standing at the edge of the wood near your village. 

You were waiting for your lover to arrive with a horse so the two of you could elope. Neither of your parents approved of your relationship, but you wouldn’t hear of it. 

You were in love with this man, and you desired to be his. You wanted to be his wife.

So, the two of you had made a plan. You would steal a bag of silver and gold from your father, he would take a horse, and the two of you would marry without your family’s consent.

The moon was at its highest point, and you were beginning to feel scared. It was all hallows eve, a full moon, you standing in front of the woods, and your lover was nowhere in sight. 

There was a loud crack behind you that caused you to jump. Your head snapped behind you as you tried to see what had made the noise. 

Your eyes were desperately scouring the wood when a sharp pain exploded in your back.

You let out a loud scream, hand attaching itself to the area as you whipped around to see your lover standing there with a knife.

“Henry?” You whimpered, jumping back as he slashed at you once more. Without a second thought, you rushed into the woods. 

You stumbled several times before you decided to kick off your shoes, throw your coin purse, and hike up your long skirt. You could hear Henry behind you screaming your name as you dashed to the left and fell down a hill.

You rolled down the long slope, branches, and prickles scratching your face and arms as you let out small cries. As you reached the bottom of the hill, you laid there for several seconds as Henry’s yells dulled into silence. 

The pain in your back startled you back into reality, and you had to press your hand to your mouth to silence your cry.

You needed to find help.

As you attempted to stand, your legs gave way and caused you to go tumbling to the forest floor. You tried to stand twice more before abandoning the idea and crawling forwards.

You couldn’t say for how long you crawled along the forest floor, but it was a while before you conceded and stopped. The reality of what had happened crashed down on you as you laid, bleeding on the trunk of a tree.

The full moon was shining onto your face as your blood dripped onto the exposed roots of the old tree.

“I don’t want to die.” You whispered aloud. “I don’t want to die. Not like this.” You said to yourself, to the moon, to the forest as your eyes closed and your head fell back against the tree, and you fell from the world.

You didn’t die. 

When you awoke the next morning, there was a loud humming noise in your ears as you made the trek to the edge of the forest.

As you made it to the edge of the wood, suddenly your legs couldn’t move. You tried for hours, ran through the majority of the woods, trying to find a way out, but every time you made it to the edge, you were unable to move.

The humming in your ears followed you as you somehow made it back to the tree where you had woken up.

Do not cry.  A low voice said into your mind. The sudden appearance from the voice startled you and caused you to jump upright.

“Who said that?” You called, spinning in a circle. “Who’s there?”

I am in front of you, young one.

“The tree?” You murmured to yourself. The voice was silent as you reached forward and pressed your hand to the trunk of the tree.

You gasped as sparks traveled through your arm and throughout your body. The humming in your ear turned into loud shouting, and then you were gone.

As it turns out, on that fateful all hallows eve, something happened to you. As you laid dying, your blood mingled with the roots and soil of the tree. This, combined with the full moon, had intertwined your spirit with the tree.

You were a part of the tree, and it a part of you. 

This is why you could understand not just your tree, but the other trees of the wood. And they could hear and listen to you too.

It was also why you couldn’t leave the woods. You were as bound to the earth here as your tree was.

In the beginning, you had tried to keep track of your time here. Counted out the days and weeks, but soon it became too hard, and you lost track.

Be careful, young one, you could fall. The tree chided as you walked along the thick branches. 

“I am always careful.” You grinned, lightly hopping to another branch. “Besides, I have had much practice.”

You have had much practice in falling. The tree teased you.

“And that practice has left me an experienced climber.” You shrugged. You had just climbed to the top of the tree when you witnessed something fall from the sky. “What was that?”

Perhaps you should investigate.

Without another word, you jumped from the tree and began to race towards the crash. 

As you got closer, you slowed down and hid behind a tree. From there, you could see what appeared to be a large pile of scraped metal in a heap behind three men. 

Two of the men were laid unconscious while a blonde was attempting to help one.

You should go and help them.

“I don’t believe that would be a good idea.” You whispered. 

You are scared. The tree acknowledged your fears. My dear girl, you have no need to fear these men. I sense no danger from them.

“Are you sure?”

I am sure, Y/N. Go and help them. 

“Of course.” You nodded before moving out into the open. “Allow me to help you.” You said to the blonde, startling him.

“Who are you?” He demanded, grabbing a circular disk from beside him.

“My name is Y/N. I mean no harm. I merely wish to help your friends.” You said, raising your hands. “Your friend needs yarrow root.” You nodded to the brunette. “I just want to help.” You repeated to him.

“Please, help us.” The blonde’s resolve crumbled after a second. 

You rushed into action, finding the root quickly and mashing it into a paste with the knife from your belt.

As you coated the brunette’s wounds, the blonde was making a splint for the man with darker skin.

“Steve.” The blonde announced, causing you to look up from your work.


“My name. My name is Steve. Thank you for helping me.” Steve told you.

“Of course.” You nodded. “The three of you are going to need shelter for the night.” You said, noting the darkening sky.

“Where can we find shelter?” Steve asked. 

“You can stay with me.” You told him. “I live close by.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much.” Steve breathed. “I can’t carry Sam and Buck at once, though,” Steve added more to himself.

“Another thing I can help with.” You smiled, jumping up and moving to the closest tree. Pressing your hand into the bark, you closed your eyes and passed on your need to it. 

Suddenly a large section of bark from the trunk of the tree slid from it and landed gently at your feet.

“Do you think we should carry them or drag your friends back to my home?” You asked, turning to the shocked blonde.

“Your home is lovely.” Steve complimented you as you gathered a handful of apples.

“Thank you.” You smiled, handing him an apple, and taking a seat beside him. “The trees donated the woods, and I gathered the ferns and leaves myself.”

“How did you do that?” Steve questioned you. “Get the tree to do that? And all this?”

“It’s very complicated. I’m not even sure how it works, precisely myself.” You murmured, looking down. “A long time ago, I was attacked and bleeding out. It was all hallows eve, and my blood mixed with this tree’s life force. My spirit is a part of this tree, and this tree is a part of me. I awoke after my death to find I was connected to not only this tree but the rest in this forest.” You explained to him. 

“My ma used to tell me stories when I was a kid. It was mostly Celtic mythology, but it sorta sounds like you’re a Dryad.” Steve told you. “I’m sorry that happened to you.”

“It’s okay. It was a long time ago. At least, I believe it was. Frankly, I lost track of time many moon cycles ago.” You said.

“What was the last year you remember?”

“It was 1516 when I died.”

“Y/N, it’s currently 2018,” Steve informed you, causing you to drop your apple in shock.

Sam, Steve, and Bucky had been staying with you for two full moon cycles. The metal they had crashed, a jet Sam told you, was entirely unsalvagable meaning, they couldn’t call their team for a rescue.

The nearest town was apparently seventeen hours away, and Sam and Bucky were too injured to walk.

You didn’t mind having guests for many reasons. One being you hadn’t been in contact with another human who had good intentions for years. 

To have people who had been outside these woods, to talk to was a dream come true.

You loved their company more than you could admit. You and Steve would talk about mythology, books, and stories for hours on end. You and Bucky would about your shared interests in nature and in animals until the sunset. And you could listen to Sam explain the outside world and what had happened since your death until he lost his voice.

But they would also listen to you. When you’d explain what you could do, how you’d spend your days, and what life was like when you were alive.

“I can’t believe you’ve never had a burger before.” Bucky shook his head as you and Steve picked blackberries. 

“To be fair, growing up, we weren’t the wealthiest. We were well off and could occasionally afford something from the butcher but not often.” You said, smiling as Steve threw a berry at Sam.

“We have to find a way to get you a burger,” Sam said, looking at you from where he laid with Bucky. “Maybe you could come with us when we find a way home.”

“I couldn’t. I can’t leave the forest.” You shook your head. 

“Seriously?” Sam questioned you.

“I tried to leave, but I can’t move past the edge of the wood.” You told him. “My tree is bound here, and so am I.”

“Jesus.” Bucky whistled lowly.

“I’m not complaining. I love my life here. I love the animals, the land and the trees. But it does get very lonely here. Before the three of you, I hadn’t seen people for fourteen moons.”

“Where did they go?”

“They tried to destroy the forest. Men began cutting down trees with these electric contraptions. I could hear all the trees screaming, but I hid until they started cutting my tree.” You said, lifting your head and showcasing your neck. “The second they cut into my tree, I began to feel the pain it did.”

“What happened to them?”

“I frightened and angry, and it was as if the forest came to life.” You said, looking down. “I don’t know what I did, but none of those men came out alive.” You added, lightly tracing the scar on your throat.

“That wasn’t your fault. You lost control. It happens to the best of us.” Steve assured you.

“They still died by my hand. It is still an accident I caused." 

"Do you regret it?” Bucky asked you. “Do you regret what you did?”

“Every day.” You nodded. “I regret what happened to them every day.”

“Then that’s all you can do. All you can do is look back on your mistakes and regret them.” Bucky told you. “Take it from me as someone who has made many mistakes over their lifetime.” He said, causing you to nod.

“Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, Steve carry me back to the treehouse,” Sam said, reaching his arms out to the blonde. “I think it’s time we try to cook for Y/N.”

The boys had officially been in your forest for three months. The three were all healed up but were still staying with you.

“Bucky, no!” You shrieked as the man wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you off the ground. 

“Come swim with us, doll.” Bucky grinned, walking you over to the lake where Steve and Sam were waiting. 

“I swear, Bucky.” You began before being tossed into a waiting Sam’s arms. As you sputtered up water, Bucky stood on the bank laughing hardly. “I’ll give you something to laugh about.” You grinned, flicking your hand, causing a branch to whip Bucky into the water.

“Okay, okay, I give!” Bucky shouted as Steve and Sam howled with laughter. “You win!” He surrendered. 

The three of you spent hours in the lake until you were all pruney, which is when you all moved onto the shore.

“If you could have one thing, what would it be?” Sam asked randomly as the four of you gazed at the clouds. “I’d kill for one of Stark’s smoothies.”

“A dragon,” Bucky said immediately. 

“Ma’s soup,” Steve responded.

“What about you, Y/N? If you could have one thing in this world, what would it be?” Bucky asked after you remained silent.

“I want to have love.” You said without looking away from the sky. “I think I stopped believing it was a real thing after Henry for a long time.”

“And now?” Steve asked. “What do you think now?”

“I think. I think I’m a fool. Looking back, what I had with Henry was never a good relationship. I was foolish and naive when I was with Henry, and I don’t think I even knew what love felt like then.” You said, turning to face him.

“Do you feel it now?” Bucky pressed you.

“I do, and I think I understand the difference between being in love and loving something. I love the trees. I love my woods. I loved my family.” You began, biting your lip when you paused.

“And?” Sam asked, rolling over to face you. “What’s the difference?”

“It’s nothing important. Ignore me.” You told him.

“Doll, we want to hear what you have to say. It’s important to us.” Bucky told you.

You took a deep breath as you sat on your knees and faced the three who sat up.

“I love the trees. I love my woods. I loved my family. But I think I’m in love. I think I’m in love with the three of you. I don’t the same way about those things that I do about the three of you are. Everything I feel about each of you is so deep and raw, and it frightens me.

And it also frightens me that I’m feeling all these things for each of you. Because I don’t think I could choose, and I know that’s wrong. And I’m a sinner and a harlot for the thought of it but,-” You began to rant only to be cut off by Steve’s finger on your lips. 

“Breathe, Y/N.” He chuckled lightly. “What you’re talking about does not make you a sinner or a harlot.”

“On the contrary, what you’re proposing is something we would be more than okay with,” Bucky told you. “The three of us are already in a committed relationship, and we’ve been talking about asking you to join us.”

“What?” You whispered.

“Y/N, I know this is very different from the teachings of your time, but what your discussing is normal now. Men can be with men, women with women, and multiple people can be in a relationship.” Sam explained to you.

“Were you kidding about me joining you?” You asked, looking between the three men who all smiled at you.

“Not at all,” Sam said, and suddenly he was leaning towards you. Just as his lips were about to connect with yours, there was a loud whirring noise above your heads.

“What is that?” You yelled above the noise.

“I think it’s our team!” Steve yelled back as a jet landed in the clearing. You watched apprehensively as a door opened, and two women and three men exited the quinjet.

“You’re alive!” An older man cheered, swaggering forward. 

“How did you find us?” Steve asked as the four of you stood to greet them, you sticking to Sam’s side.

“Tony hacked into a lot of satellites.” The redheaded woman said, embracing Bucky, then Steve stopping as she spotted you. “Who’s your friend, boys?”

“This is Y/N.” Sam introduced. “She’s the only reason any of us are alive. Y/N, this is Natasha.”

“It’s very nice to meet you.” You greeted, sticking your hand out to the woman. 

“Thank you for keeping our friends alive,” Natasha said, shaking your hand firmly.

“No trouble at all.”

“With these three? I doubt it.” One man snickered, receiving a smack to the arm from the other girl. “What do you three say? Are you ready to return to the real world?”

You shared a look with your boys at this. 

“Your lady friend can come too if she wants.” The first man offered.

“I appreciate the offer, but I can’t leave the woods.” You smiled weakly at him.

“Huh?” A blond man said, scrunching his eyebrows at you.

“She’s bound to the land,” Bucky explained. 

“She’s a Dryad. Her soul is connected with a specific tree here.” Steve added. “She can’t leave it.”

“It’s okay, boys. Go.” You told them. “Others need you more than I do.”

“But Y/N,” Sam started. “We don’t care about them, not as much as we care about you.”

“Sam, you need to go. All of you. You save the world. It needs you more than you think. If you were to stay here and something were to happen that you could have fixed, I would feel guilty. And so would you. You have to go home.”

“We’ll come back and visit,” Steve said after a minute. “All the time.”

“Steve, you actually want to leave?” Bucky asked him, surprised.

“No, I don’t want to, but we have to. We all know it.” Steve reasoned with his partners.

“We’ll visit every month. We’ll be here so often you’ll want us to leave.” Sam promised you.

“I don’t think I could ever get mad at you.” You said, hugging each one of the men before pushing them towards their friends. “Go. Save the world.”

“We’ll be back. We promise.” They said as they boarded the jet. You waved as the door closed and it began to make loud noises once more.

“It’s not like I’ll be going anywhere.”

 We can all see what you’re doing, young one.  Your tree said as you deposited another pile of blackberries in your home.

“Getting ready to make another berry spread? Yes.” You nodded.

You’re not fooling any of us, young one. You’re in pain, you just won’t admit it. 

It had been four days since your boys had had to go back home. And you had been doing anything and everything you could to keep your mind off them.

“I miss them.” You sighed, sitting on the ground. “I miss them so much.”

It is understandable. You love them but they promised to return, that is something.

“It is.” You nodded, leaning your back on the wood. “I hope they come back soon.”

The sun had shifted another place in the sky when you heard the loud rumbling of a jet. At first you merely watched but as it began to land you rushed to your feet to greet them.

“I missed you!” You sighed, throwing yourself into Bucky’s arms

“We missed you too, doll.” Bucky said as Sam stole you into his arms.

“It’s so good to see you, Y/N.” Sam said, squeezing you gently before passing you to Steve who also enveloped you in his arms.

“What are you all doing here? Not that I’m mad but it’s only been four days.” You said, pulling back from them.

“I know but it took us four days to come up with this and get in contact with these two.” Bucky said, gesturing to the two men behind you.

“Y/N, this is Loki and Thor. They’ve agreed to help you if you want them to.” Steve introduced you.

“How can you help me?” You asked, cocking your head to the side.

“We cannot unbind you from your tree but we can move it.” Thor informed you. “My brother will preform a stasis charm and it will put both you and the tree into a state of sleep.”

“This will allow us to move you and your tree back to the compound. You can come with us. See the outside world again.” Sam told you.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No. This is real, if you want it, you can come with us.” Steve said. 

“So what do you say, baby doll? Will you come home with us?”

“Yes!” You cheered, pulling Steve, who was the closest to you, down to your height and kissing him passionately. You quickly did the same to Sam and Bucky before hugging the both Thor and Loki. “Thank you! Thank you so much for this!”

“It is no hardship.” Thor assured you, patting your back gently.

“Come on, doll. Let’s get to your tree and get you two home.”

Non-reader POV

“Y/N! Are you out here?” Sam called as he, Steve and Bucky entered the wooded area of the compound. 

The four of them had been together for three years and they were all incredibly happy together. Y/N had left a note for the boys in their shared room reading merely come find me.

“Oh doll!” Bucky called as they closed in on her tree. “Where are you?” 

“Boo!” Y/N cheered, jumping from a branch onto Steve’s back. “I win.” She smiled at Sam and Bucky.

“You sure do, doll.” Bucky chuckled, taking Y/N down from Steve’s back. “What’s going on, doll?”

“Well, I’m not sure if you remembered, but it’s been three years since we met, give or take a week and I’ve decided we have to celebrate.” Y/N smiled. “So I made us a picnic and it’s up there.” She pointed to her treehouse.

“What did we do to deserve you?” Sam asked, pulling her closer to kiss her.

“Do you want my list?” She teased as they pulled apart. “I’m kidding! Now come on, the foods getting cold!”

The four stayed in Y/N’s tree for the rest of the night and well into the next day. The tree that was more responsible for their relationship than anyone admitted.

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Omg thank you so much, this is one of the nicest asks I’ve ever received 💙

This is one of the funnies requests I’ve ever done, I hope you like it :) also steve totally started a war against sea urchins after this, his soul left his body 😂

I also have this head cannon that steve won’t swim without arm bands or a float after he went in the ice.

As usual feel free to reblog!

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This is another piece written on a whim. Peter and Harley (twins here) accidentally bumble into time travel. They end up back in WW2 era and eventually bump into Captain America, Bucky Barnes and the commandos. 

The slosh of mud underfoot feels almost too loud in the strange quiet of the woods around them. Even through his mask Peter can smell the heavy scent of a rainstorm they just somehow missed. The crack of thunder in the distance makes the threat of the rain returning all that more pressing. He digs his fingers into his brother’s uniform at his armpits, grunting a little as he hauls Harley up from the muddy forest floor.

Harley being completely limp and maybe having a head injury is enough for Peter to be careful about how he picks up his twin. The blonde teenager’s head lulls slightly back. Peter grimaces, reaching out to support his head awkwardly. “C’mon, Harls.” He’d shake Harley if he wasn’t afraid he’d make things worse. His brother didn’t need an even worse head injury.

He moves to finally just pick his twin up completely, foregoing trying to wake him up just yet. “Karen, are you sure he’s okay?”

“Yes. Your brother took a bump to the head, but he will recover with rest.” The AI replies easily enough, “I checked his vitals through his suit, Peter. Would you like me to do it again?”

Peter sighs a little. “No, no, I believe you. Just… Rest, right.” There wasn’t much resting they could do in the woods. He wasn’t seeing any shelter nearby. “Any luck with wi-fi or anything?”

“Nothing so far. Nor can I reach Stark Industries servers or find local cell towers in the area.” Karen is ever the calm one, maybe at best sounding concerned. Peter half appreciates this, half wants to scream in frustration. Sometimes he realizes becoming an Avenger was a weird horrible mistake.

“God, what if we’re just- in some other dimension? Another planet?” Peter mutters lowly to himself, squeezing his brother close. Harley at best grunts in displeasure, burying his face against Peter’s chest. The brunette doubted it was all that comfortable, given both of them were in their Iron suits. “This is the worst!”

“It is rather inconvenient.” Karen agrees casually. “I would advise getting out of the rain, I cannot check the weather stations, but the storm seems to be returning. You are both currently very conductive in your suits.”

“Oh my goddddd.” Peter breathes out as he walks further into the woods, adjusting Harley in his hold. “I hate wizards, I hate weird portals, I hate this- crap.” He stifles the rest of his frustration as he focuses on just walking. All Peter wants to do is climb up into the trees to get a better look at their surroundings, but he isn’t about to leave Harley laying out in the mud.

About a mile into the walk of muddy confusion and shame through the forest, Harley finally starts waking up. The blonde groans a little, half in irritation, half in pain as he twists against Peter. He squints up at his brother, grimacing unhappily.

“What in the fuck?” Harley grumbles loudly as he just stares up at his brother.

“Good question, I have no answers!”

Harley snorted, closing his eyes for a second. “Gimme a second…”

“Trust me, Harls. Karen can’t find anything. No wifi, no servers, no cell towers.”

The blonde teenager scrunches his nose at that. “That can’t be right.” There is a pause before he goes, “What in the fuck?”

“What in the fuck.” Peter repeats in turn. Harley is quiet as he keeps trying, data dancing across his vision as he attempts to make any kind of connection.

“I think I can walk now, Pete.”

“You collided hard enough you were out for a good while. I’m going to carry you.”

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How civil war should have ended 😂

I promise I love Tony stark but I just had to do it! I couldn’t resist 😂

Disclaimer: I used and edited a civil war poster for the background lol

As usual feel free to reblog:)

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Well Well well, I’m here again. Obviamente with more WinterBaron content

Why? Because i fcking can :)

But now have a context :0

The kind miss @yokochan69 She commented on an idea about Hallowen costumes, so despite being in November I could not resist.


The camera of this phone is la wea mala totalmente.

And Well, Because of not having any kind of self-control, I made a more elaborate drawing of it


I think what I liked the most was the little coincidence that it reminded me of Mothra and Godzilla (I’m a Kaiju fan) soo … Yeah, most likely I drew TEAM CAP with a species Costume about the 4 titans ^^ “

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