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#winter solider x reader
juicyfruitsx0 · 19 hours ago
Cum Slut
Chris Evans x Y/N(reader)
Summary; after coming from a close friends pool party, Chris wanted nothing but to be gentle to you — but your desires got in the way and demanded more than he was offering.
Warnings: 18+ oral sex(male receiving) fingering, edging, d!try talk, unprotected sex, semi-rough sex, fingering, vaginal sex, manhandling, d*ddy kink.
Word count; 5K
Tumblr media
I rested my head on the headrest in the car. My eyes felt heavy, doing anything big always sucked my energy. I like to have fun so of course, I would always have fun — but the aftermath was always puzzling, my body felt limp, my muscles ached from all the swimming — the chlorophyll taste lingered on my tongue from all the pool water I swallowed.
Maybe I shouldn't have swam so much with the weirdos in the speedos. I wrapped the towel tighter around me feeling the cold breeze from the air-conditioner.
Chris's gaze shifted from the road to my trembling face, "Cold?" He asked.
I only nodded as I glued my eyes shut, it was getting harder to keep them open now. My throat felt dry, my skin felt rough, all I wanted right now was a hot shower to relieve my muscles from the aches, and sleep like there's no tomorrow.
My eyes were still clamp shut, but the atmosphere got a little warmer, my guess would be that he turned on the heater. I was so out of it I never felt when he placed a hand over my lap until he gently squeezed my thigh.
"You had fun today?" His voice was soft and gentle, with no hint of the authority he always had.
I cracked an eye open shifting my head to the side just to catch a glimpse of his God-like features. "So much fun," I mumbled, the words were slurred like I was drunk, but we all know the only drink I had was the pool water.
Apart from stressing over whether I should tell him or not, I did have fun. And almost all the credits goes to the weirdos in the Speedos.
I glanced at the open road, but he didn't tell me where he's taking us. "You never swam with me," I accused, but it came out more like a whine.
He chuckled, his thumb gently circling my soft skin, "I was too busy talking — but I did come in the water though."
I pouted — lolling my head deeper into the seat headrest, I groaned feeling the gesture stretched some of my aching muscles. I let out a satisfying breath before curling myself into the seat, shutting my eyes.
"Y/N," a soft voice murmured against my hair.
My eyes flutter open into the darkness, my brows furrowed when I searched for the light, "Chris?" I called out.
"Right here, Y/N."
My head whipped in the direction of the voice, Chris stood by my side with the passenger door wide open, so I guess we arrived in our mysterious location.
"Can you walk, baby?" His thumb stroked my cheeks.
My cheek burned in embarrassment, I didn't even have to try to know I couldn't walk right now, the room was so dark that I could only see the outline of his body, yet somehow I knew he was smiling right now.
That's the trick with the muscles, you can do just about anything and you'll never immediately tire yourself, only later when you've had a moment of rest. So of course I didn't realize that my muscles were aching this bad.
He grabbed my small frame out of the car cushions holding me bridal-style, I breathed his cologne, a smell that has become my favorite. I placed a hand on his chest, as he walked us inside. The bright light made me close my eyes shut in defense, now I'm guessing we were only in the garage.
I didn't dare to ask where we were.
He walked us up through those endless stairs, before he reached the bedroom of his choice, I gawked at the king-size bed covered in silk — already fantasizing about the royal sleep I would get out of it. I frowned when he walked past the bed walking us into a different room.
The light flicked on, the vanity mirror instantly lit up, the bathroom was eggshell white there was small marble designed on the walls that gave the whole room light, being here felt like royalty. The golden glass shower, the pearly wide tub. It was all a welcoming sight.
Just then Chris placed me on the sink counter, he kissed my forehead before he tugged at my shorts, without a word I understood what he was doing — he's going to shower me.
I smiled at his kind gesture.
He licked his lips before snaking his hands behind my back as he smoothly unclasped my bikini top, my mounds were already hard by the room temperature, he swiped his lower lip with his tongue before pulling down my underwear. I wanted to look away in embarrassment as his eyes roamed my body, but even I was too lazy to do that.
He steps backward, turning on the shower, before he pulls his flannel shirt over his head, his exposed chest was now displayed in front of me. I shudder at the sigh of his abs — how there wasn't a single fat on his body, he was all brawn.
His hands moved to his lower waist, I bit my lips watching him undo his belt in one quick motion, my cheeks burned a crimson blush as my mind wandered forbidden places. His eyes met mine before a cocky smirk formed on his lips, he knew the effect he had on me.
I rolled my eyes, watching him slide off his dress pants, his jaw ticked as he took one swift stride towards me.
He gripped my chin upward. "Roll your eyes at me again," he threatens.
I let out a shaky breath as I clamp my thighs shut, before my brain could register the situation my body reacted faster.
A smile coiled on my face, "or what?" I taunted.
His stare held daggers — his tongue clicked, "you don't want to play this game Y/N, only one of us has the stamina to play," his blue eyes held so many desires.
"If swimming wore you out that bad, imagine taking my cock," his lips held a malicious smirk.
I swallowed the small spit in my mouth down my dry throat. I knew I was terribly warned out, but my body didn't. I wanted this, I needed this, so I pushed for it.
My body always spoke for itself.
I wrapped my legs around his torso, trapping him, "I've taken it before." I huff.
"Not like this though," he placed his hands on my thighs, his fingers dug into my soft flesh, trying to free himself from me. "Y/N, you're already worn out." He cooed. Yet his voice was mocking me.
He snaked his head in the crook of my neck, his nose grazed my skin repeatedly as he savored my scent, I inhaled his manly musk, his bare chest against my tits, we were skin to skin. My hands gripped the edge of the counter holding onto my last bit of strength. My body shuddered as he licked my neck, the small action of pleasure took me off-guard.
"I just want to be gentle with you tonight," he murmured against my skin, as I exhaled.
He wanted to be gentle.
A bright smile was placed on my face, butterflies erupted in my stomach hearing him say such things, my hands were no longer limp by my side — but now tangled in his hair as I giggled into the air.
"Gentle is not in your vocabulary, Evans" I tease.
He pulled his head back, his eyes searched mine — his playful gaze as he softly smiled, tilting his head sideways, "I can be gentle."
I scrunch my nose in disapproval, Chris was anything but gentle, and I liked that about him — yet I chose not to argue on the small statement, I hesitated before nodding my head. His head was snuffed in my neck again as he held onto me.
He smiled against my skin, before peppering my neck with small kisses. With my legs wrapped around his torso, he carried us in the shower.
The shower was the size of my whole bathroom — I gawked at all the fancy buttons and all the different head options.
No pun intended.
Chris placed me on the ground, my legs almost gave out, but I held onto Chris's chest for support. He used one of the soft powered showerheads placing the soft water on my skin, my muscles relaxed at the light feeling, the ache already fading away.
"Does that feel good?"
I didn't dare to say a word, I just watched him soap my body, although I had no idea when he took his boxers off, but my eyes were shamelessly glued on his erected cock.
I would never get used to the sight, it was truly a sacred dick, molded by God himself — sent right to me, and to dare not to enjoy it, that would seem stupidly ungrateful.
Without thinking twice, I grabbed his Godly cock, my head hung low watching my hand lightly stroke his size.
He let out a frustrating grunt, "Y/N" He warns.
I squeezed my thighs shut, creating small friction between my legs — relieving myself from some sexual frustration. His breathing hitched when I placed my head against his chest looking down at my unholy actions — the water was still cascading down my back as he held the showerhead still.
"I wanna ride you," I admitted.
"Oh yeah?" He muses.
I rubbed his tip with my thumb, playing with his precum, the pain between my legs only increased, my desires grew stronger the more I played with his cock, I wanted him in my mouth, inside of me, I wanted him.
I pulled myself away from him as I innocently looked up with doe eyes, his eyes darken as he watched me licked my thumb, licking all the excess of his precum. I moaned at the taste.
I reached forward stroking him a few more times, but this time I held our eye contact, "please," I breathed, batting my eyelashes at him, "I can take it." I begged in a low velvety voice.
He growled before closing the shower behind me. He gripped on my wrist dragging me back into the bedroom, we stopped in front of the bed, both wet and naked. The water dripped from our body to the carpeted floor. I bit my lips anticipating his next move.
"On your knees," he ordered.
Without protesting, my knees collided with the cold floor — my hands folded on my lap, I looked up at him, waiting for his next move.
"Wanna be my little cock slut?" His calloused hands stroked my cheeks, before parting my lips with his thumb. I nodded eagerly as my tongue swirls around his finger.
He popped his finger out of my mouth. "Go on, open up for me, baby." He slipped his thumb into my parted lips again. I sucked on his fingers twirling my tongue around it, carefully watching his reactions, the way his eyes darken, or the way his jaw tightened — his breath control.
He pulled his thumb out of my mouth, before grabbing his cock, he stroked it a few times before placing it in front of my lips, "I want your eyes on me at all times." He instructed. I nodded obsessively.
With our locked gaze, I grabbed the base of his cock, before flicking my tongue on the tip of his cock, I softly sucked on his tip teasing it, as my hand stroked the rest of his dick. His hands wrapped around my wet curls, holding my hair out of the way, he looked down at me with such admiration, it only made me want him more.
I know I'm soaked by now.
I flicked my tongue to the base of his dick licking up all of his precum, our eye contact still intact as I took him in my mouth, this time all of him — I stroked what couldn't fit. He groaned the second I started to bob my head back and forth, his grip on my hair tightens, as he bucked his hips forward.
I held onto his thighs as he pushed further into my mouth, I clamp my eyes shut, but the sting on my cheek forced me to open them back up.
"What did I tell you?" He tsk, "eyes on me."
He slapped me.
And I liked it.
I stared at him wide-eyed as he pushed me over the edge, I gagged feeling his tip hit the back of my throat. After a while he released my head to come out for air, a string of saliva connected between my lips and his cock but it didn't take long until he pushed his cock back into my mouth.
"That's it, baby." He praised.
My cheeks still sting from earlier, my vision blurred, but the lewd expressions on his face only aroused me more, I couldn't help but feel proud to hear those exotic grunts escape his throat.
His hips bucked forward, as he fucked my mouth. His movements only got harsher, as his grip on my hair tightened, bobbing my head at his desired pace, a tear escaped my eye.
His eyes rolled back at the sight, as the most sacred sound escaped his mouth, encouraging me to do more.
I pushed all of him into my mouth before staying in place giving myself a moment as I harshly breathed through my nose. I moved myself again at a steady pace, bobbing my head back and forth. I pulled him out, as a string of saliva connects from my lips to his tip, I licked my lips before holding onto his base, licking him from the base to his tip, his dick only throbbed in my mouth, his veins were far more visible than usual, I peppered his tip with kisses before flicking my tongue on it — doing both licking and sucking, I mostly placed my attention on his tip, because I know how sensitive it is. He shuddered at my light touch on him.
The taste of him was exciting, and I wanted more, I always ended up being this hungry succubus around him. I could feel how much I was throbbing — wet and ready for him. I uncomfortably shifted on the floor trying to create some friction for myself, I whimpered at the pain.
My head moved in sync along with his hip movements.
His pace picked up, but his thrust was sloppy into my mouth, I moaned in satisfaction — knowing how close he was. My hand's massaged his balls, sending him over the edge.
"So beautiful." He mumbled before lolling his head back as he released into my mouth.
"Fuck," he grunted out gravelly as he coated my tongue white.
His hot load feels my mouth, I watched him pull out a bit to give me space to swallow. His gaze drilled holes onto my face as he watched me swallow as I lightly stroked his dick, making it go limp.
I smiled in achievement, as I stayed seated on the floor — He crouched down pulling me up with a kiss, his tongue was quick to invade my mouth as our tongues danced with each other.
He gently pushed me on the bed before his body hovered mine, his lips met mine all over again, his hands ravished my body stopping at my breast — he twisted a nipple making me squeal under him, his kiss muffling my sounds.
There was nothing genuine about the way he was touching me, it was all his cruel desires.
He pulled away from the kiss gazing at my breast — watching his hands work them, without a warning, he kneaded my delicate breast. I whimpered at his harsh actions, squirming under him. He wrapped his lips around my bud, taking me in his mouth as he twisted the other nipple — equally sending both pain and pleasure.
I pushed my head back against the pillows, my breathing hitched, feeling the sensation he was sending down my core.
His hand traveled down my body, reaching my most sacred place, his fingers parted my folds, as he felt my wetness.
"Is that for me?" He taunts.
I hummed as I arched my back at his touch, his other hand was still kneading my right boob, I closed my legs shut, caging him in — preventing his hands to touch me further, but he only pried them opened before harshly shoving two fingers inside of me without a warning. His touch was so harsh.
"Chris!" I cried out.
"Keep screaming." He taunted. As he lowered himself, falling to his knees while holding the back of my thighs. He dipped his head down, and slithered his tongue between my folds, swirling it back and forth. I gripped onto the silky bed sheets as I moaned out.
"Fuck, you taste just as good as I make you scream."
He only pumped his fingers at a steady pace as he hums, taking my nipple back into his mouth, harshly sucking on them. A moan ripped out of my throat.
He reached forward, grabbing my chin for my attention, he pecked my lips with a quick kiss. "Promise to only make those pretty sounds for me?"
I nodded, but he withdrew his hands inside of me, to slap my sex, I whimpered at the feeling. "Use your words." He demanded.
"Yes." I repeated
"Yes, what?"
My eyes shot open, I knew what he wanted to hear — but I was confused on why, we never established names. I was muted unable to answer, he noticed my lack of answer and slapped my sex again, only harsher this time.
A gasp escaped my throat, "Yes, daddy."
He rubbed my clit in reward, "good girl." He praised. He wrapped his free hand around my throat as his fingers pumped into my pussy, he squeezed my throat just a little to stop my blood circulation.
"You look so pretty like this, my hands around your neck while I finger fuck you, so so helpless." He grinned. I was gasping for air under his touch.
I bit back a moan, I wanted more, I was hungry for more, before he could understand my movements, I flipped us over — I straddled his waist instantly feeling his cock against me, hard as ever.
"I want to ride you," I grinded myself against him.
His cheeky grin on lips, "Yeah?"
I grinded myself against his erect cock, shuddering at the feeling, it was almost too much for me. This felt much better doing bare instead. I remember the first time we did this, our clothes were preventing this heavenly feeling.
He placed his hands on my hips, "you wanna bounce on my dick, baby?"
I laughed before positioning myself on his cock, he let me take the lead as I sunk myself on his length, I parted my lips as I leveled my breath. Even as aroused as I was, it was still painful taking him in. The more I sunk on him, the more it burned, his cock was painfully stretching me.
He rubbed small circles on my waist, his small gesture comforting me, he kissed my collarbone as he helped me take him in. It wasn't until he distracted me with a kiss — he pushed me down all the way, muffling my cries in his kisses.
I held onto his broad shoulders as I took a breath. This was all so overwhelming to me, him stretching me that much was not something I would get used to.
"You okay?"
I looked at his soft blue eyes, there was so much vulnerability in them, this was the first time I had control, he trusted me enough to let me lead. I smiled before pecking his plump lips assuring him that I'm fine.
After adjusting to his size, I moved my hips up before slowly sinking them back down, hissing at the adjustment, but our arousal made the experience so much easier — the pain slowly went away as I rolled my hips against him.
I moaned at the pleasure already building up, I gazed at him, his curly hair draped his forehead, the sex sweats all over his body giving him his natural sex appeal look, I held onto his gaze as I moved at a more steady pace. He licked his lips before latching them on my nipple, I groaned the second he softly bit them. My hands tangled in his hair as I tugged at it.
The more I bounced, the more drained I felt, so overwhelmed. My muscles ache since I gave them no time to recover from all the swimming I did today — yet this feeling was too great to give up.
I lolled my head back as I felt myself rise up, before pushing myself all the way down, I whined into the feeling, it was far too great. Alexander would constantly bring heaven on earth for me with his Godly cock.
His fingers dug on my waist — and I knew he was fighting the urge to take over, the urge to be in control, he was letting me lead.
I rode him at a steady pace, the intimacy between us was more than we ever shared, we were still fucking, but this time seemed to have a meaning behind it.
I tried my best to keep myself up, but my rhythm only got slower until I placed my forehead against his shoulders taking a break.
He licked my ears, and I shuddered at the action, I became sensitive everywhere. "Baby running out of stamina?" He mused. He knew how exhausted I was before we even started this.
I panted against his shoulders, "not all of us have monster energy like you do." I hoarse out.
"No? But you were so eager to be my little cock slut?" He taunted.
I let out a soft yelp as he slapped my ass, before gripping onto my waist guiding me on top of him.
"Ah... Don't be a sore loser, baby, you start something. You finish it." He bucked his hips forward thrusting into me harshly, he lifted his lower half as he took back control, fucking me at his pace. He was asserting power, showing me who's really in control — punishment for trying to dominate earlier.
I wrapped my hands around his neck as I rested my head on his shoulders letting out faint moans as he reached my sweet spot with each thrust. He groaned in my ears, as he kissed my shoulders.
He would be so harsh with me, but the small sweet things he would do to me was all worth it.
"Tell me how good I make you feel," he demanded.
I stayed quiet. unable to get a word out, with each moan that was escaping my mouth, my hold on his neck gripped — feeling a harsh sting on my ass, he hit that same spot as earlier, the pain felt so good. Xander always knew the right amount of pain that felt good. He knew my limits — limits that I didn't know I had.
"I don't like repeating myself, Y/N."
You just did.
He gripped onto my ass, thrusting at a harsher pace. "Tell me, how good do you feel?"
"So good," I mumbled.
He held onto my waist rolling my hips against him. A soft groan escaped his lips, as I sucked against his neck, leaving possessing love marks, something just came over me, I felt like a bitch in heat with that needy feeling to claim what's there's.
Chris was mine.
I sucked harsher on his skin as his breath hitched, the pace of his thrust slowed, yet the slower thrust was still powerful enough to hit my G-spot.
I closed my eyes, finally departing my lips from his neck, I whimpered feeling that familiar sensation builds in the pit of my stomach. I reached my clit to send myself over the edge, but his hands shaped mine out of the way.
He wrapped my hair around his hands. "You want more?" He breathed against my neck, "tell me you want more, beg me for more."
I groaned, I did not like how many times I had to beg him today, but I knew how much he gets off of that, and God knows I needed it too.
"Chris, please. I want more." I whined.
He tsk before chuckling, "I know you can do better than that."
I whimpered in denial.
He growled before gripping onto my hips, he dug his fingers on my skin, and I knew his fingerprints would be marking me for days, he untangled my hands behind his neck as he held them behind my back, there was now prominent space between us, his other hand still dug deep on my skin as he started moving again.
I had no support, my exhausted body was hosted up, hanging by a thread. His hold on me was the only thing keeping me up. I looked down at our moving bodies, the lewd action was hot enough to make me bite back a moan.
Our bodies worked like puzzle pieces working together, connecting for a bigger picture.
He had this mean look on his face as if he was fighting the urge from doing something way worse, yet I was itching to touch him, to have my hand run through his hair, tugging at it at the feeling of his powerful thrust, or the privilege to hold onto his bicep for support — but I couldn't, since my hands were pinned behind my back.
I cried out feeling his pace quicken faster than before, building up all my nerves, I tried to wiggle my hands out of his hold, but his grip was too strong, I had no strength left to keep our gaze, I shut my eyes as I pushed my head back letting out faint moans, as my tits bounced on top of him.
"Open your eyes," he demanded.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I whined before opening them up, my Y/E/C eyes met his blue ones, my lips parted in ecstasy.
"I-I C-an't." I whined.
He smirked, before shaking his head at me, and I knew he would never stop until he was satisfied, my eyes darted his lips watching his tongue snake out, coating his lips with saliva, he grinned gripping harder onto my waist, as he bucked his hips supporting his lower half, and I knew it was over for me.
He thrust into me with such force, my moaning echoed in the room.
"Take."  Thrust*   "It"  Thrust*  "Like"  Thrust* "A"  Thrust*   "Good"  Thrust* "Girl."
I was so close.
He was really pushing me over the edge. He left me no time to catch up. This was more intense than I intended for it to be, if anything what happened in the office was child's play.
Once upon a time he wanted to be soft with me.
This was nothing like that.
"Come for me, baby." His voice was hoarse, tiresome, almost as if he was on the edge as well.
My body shuddered hearing the words drip out of his mouth, it was everything I wanted to hear. My stomach twisted in pleasure feeling myself let go. My pelvis jerked as I released, milking his cock.
Chris shuttered hearing the lewd sounds I made for him as I came on his cock. He pumped into me at his own pace chasing his high, I forced my head against his shoulders — the over-stimulation was unbearable, too sensitive I was too sensitive.
He let out a sharp grunt as he pulled out his hot load of semen running down my thighs — his thrust slowed down before his dick went limp. Our body fluids dripping off of me.
My moan was cut short when Chris grabbed my cheeks, pulling me in for a sloppy kiss. My eyes glued shut as our tongues danced with each other. The low vibration from the sounds he made sent a shiver down my spine.
"These lips," he whispered, my hands still bound behind me, "their yours of course." He pecked my lips, "but they're mine to claim."
"Yours." I repeated, in the moments of pure bliss. I bit my lips, my chest still waving — trying to make sense of it all.
He reached down, sucking on the top of my breast, keeping his promises. No doubt my neck was completely bruised with so many hickeys, but he only added a few more on my chest — a proud look on his face as he admired them.
"You look like I fucked your dumb," he said, a smile hanging on the tips of his lips.
I knew he was joking, but I was too far gone to find it in myself to reply or even participate.
He carefully placed me on the bed, the soft sheets felt so holy against my skin, my eyes felt so heavy, so I did the best thing — closing them.
I felt him come back to the room, and the bed dipped, he ran a warm warm towel down my thighs collecting our semen. I smiled into the sheets of his kind gesture, I would get up to go pee, but I'm afraid if I stand I might just fall right back down.
Moments later he came to bed pulling me against his chest as he pulled the duvet over our naked body, he kissed my forehead before he let out a ragged breath.
After this whole time, the question still burned the back of my head, and I just had to ask, "where are we?" I asked.
"My house."
My body was far too exhausted to let me react but the small smile on my face was still visible.
He brought me to his house.
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sableseb · 3 months ago
bestie bestie please please hardcore angry enemies rough bucky smut with spitting slapping degradation daddy kink and all that shi PLEASSEEEE god maybe him as the soldier? or not thats your choice hskshsjs if you want i really NEEEEEEED some i'm starved 😭 i will love you forever favourite writer your smut has me in a CHOKEHOLD
Tumblr media
STOP IT.😭 Ugh. I’m not worthy of you.🧎🏻‍♀️I’m living for this request. I really, really hope you enjoy!💕 Ilysm.x
word count: 2.3k
warnings: smut, degradation, dirty talk, slapping, pussy slapping, spitting, thigh riding, spanking, cum eating, choking
tags: @fuckandfluff @bucky-soldat @stucky-my-ship @meetmeatyourworst @greeneyedblondie44 @sparksforkoo @bemine-bucky @thewritingdoll @harrysthiccthighss
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be a simple extraction mission. Get in, get the hard drive, get out. Easy enough. She’s a very efficient person. But something went wrong. So horribly wrong. Because she’s no longer in the Hydra building. She’s somewhere dark and damp chained to a stone wall. Great. She thinks. Who’s ass do I have to kick now?
Her arms are starting to ache from being suspended, ass numb from sitting on the unforgiving, cold floor. How long was she out? She couldn’t tell. The son of a bitch ambushed her.
She’s never been ambushed before. She can hear an enemy three floors down. Whoever it was they sent, they’re good. She’ll give them that. But, she’s better.
As she’s trying to move her bound wrists out of their confines, thuds catch her attention. She stops her movements to focus on the sound that’s coming from the end of the corridor. It’s black in this place they stuck her in. The only source of light is coming from the cracks in the ceiling. She can’t see a single thing from afar.
The thudding gets closer and she soon realizes it’s the sound of boots approaching her. She gets a tinge of excitement in her chest at the prospect of seeing her captor. She wants to see who she’ll ruin once she gets out of her restraints. Feel their skull crack underneath her boot.
“Ya know,” she states to the unknown figure, “You’ve made a big mistake. I don’t take too kindly to people knocking me out and chaining me up.”
She looks up to a hulking figure cast in shadows. He’s dressed in gear just as dark as this stupid low kept torture chamber. She watches carefully as he crouches down in front of her. It hits her then. This isn’t just any man. It’s the Winter Soldier. 
A smile breaks along her features as she sees him now. Hair long, mask covering his face just like the last time they met, figure all lean muscle. He’s her dirtiest wet dream and her favorite enemy. What an honor to escape him once more.
“Oh. So they sent you after me again. Haven’t they learned that even the Soldat can’t contain me?”
He always hates how mouthy she is. She’s the only one who’s ever talked down to him. Does she not realize he could kill her without a second thought? The only reason she’s breathing is because his superiors want her alive...much to his dismay.  “Last time I checked, you enjoyed being restrained,” he spits.
“Mmm. I do. I’m in the mood to be freed today though. Why don’t you let me go and show me what you can do with that metal arm?” 
God, did she want to take the brunt of that shiny arm. She wants to be strangled, slapped, groped by that appendage. He’s intimidating, she’ll give him that. Unlucky for him, the fear his presence brings turns her on. She’s curious as to what lays underneath that mask. Is he horribly burned? Scarred? 
He works the shackles off her wrist. He needs to drag her out of here and fast. She’s working on his last nerve and he’s not sure he’ll be able to keep her alive for his commanders.
He wraps a firm hand around her arm and hauls her up to her feet. “Knew you couldn’t say no to that,” she grins.
“It’s my order to retrieve you so they can beat information out of you...and I can’t wait to watch every minute of it.” He says while dragging her roughly through the corridor.
She knows his weakness. Her. She knows just which buttons to push to get him sidetracked and ultimately escape him. Hand to hand combat is always out of the question. She can hold her own, but not for a very long time with him. He’s skilled and nothing but brute force. But, she’s more cunning and unashamed than he. It’s almost too easy with him.
“Is that what they do to you? Beat you if you don’t comply? What happens every time I escape you? They must really hurt you for being such a fuck up.”
She knows it was a low blow, but she’s willing to say anything to get his full attention. And full attention she gets because suddenly, he slams her, hard, up against the rock wall. 
The air leaves her lungs and she can’t suck in more, his metal arm is enclosed around her throat, dangerously close to crushing her windpipe. He leans into her body menacingly. Even through her choking, she can comprehend his bulge brushing against her hip as her toes barely touch the ground.
She shouldn’t be turned on, she shouldn’t. But, she can’t deny she’s always wanted him to take her, mark her, fuck her then leave her to capture her another day. She craves the chase, the cat and mouse dynamic they seem to hold. It’s what drives her to make him hate her. She loves the terror, the fact that he could end her life in an instant makes her pussy drip with a sick need.
“Listen, you dumb bitch. You know nothing. You better keep that mouth shut before I kill you myself.”
Just the reaction she needed from him. “Make me, soldier.” She chokes out while grasping the cool metal.
She brings a knee to his stomach, making his grip loosen slightly before she swings a blow to his face. He drops her, but she doesn’t even make it a foot away before he drags her down against the floor. He places all his weight on top of her, pinning her arms above her head while he takes in her form beneath him.
“You really shouldn’t have done that.”
She gets a hand loose from his grasp and brings it to his mask, ripping it off his face. Big mistake. He’s gorgeous. Even with the pure rage etched along his features.
This woman doesn’t have a single ounce of self perseverance. She keeps digging herself deeper into her own grave. He wants nothing more than to end her. It’ll save everyone some time. Even if he’d be punished later, it’d be worth it to finally shut her up.
But, she’s ruts against him. And suddenly, he feels something he hasn’t felt in a long time. He feels pleasure. She’s sick for wanting him. He’s dumb for wanting her. But the way she keeps dragging her cunt over his thigh, the urge to kill her subsides for now and pure need overtakes him.
“You’re fucking insane you know that?” He tells her while she gets herself off on his leg. All she does is laugh dryly.
“Aren’t we all?”
He sees that glint in her eye, the sly smirk. He forcefully shoves his mouth against hers. She drinks him in eagerly. It’s all teeth and tongue and anger. He starts tearing at her suit, mouth never leaving hers as he rips off everything until she’s left panting in her bra and panties.
He bites her lip harshly causing her to let out a moan against the pain that shoots straight to her core. He brings his hand to her cheeks and squeezes them, parting her bruised lips before spitting into her mouth.
She rubs herself against him again, faster with her tongue hanging out. His dirty slut wants more. He spits onto her tongue once again and watches as it slowly runs down her slick muscle before she swallows. It makes his dick jump, how foul she is sends him into a frenzy.
“Always knew you were a filthy girl,” he groans.
“What gave it away?”
His hand cracks down against her face. The force sends her head whipping to the side. She can taste blood along her tongue from the hit. He grips her hair and pulls her forward so she can look into his eyes.
“You don’t get to talk to me that way. You’re gonna do nothing but lay here and take my fucking cock.”
His words mixed with that menacing snarl makes her completely compliant. She’s getting wetter by the second, the thought of him fucking her hard and fast has her mind completely fogged.
He flips her body over and has her on all fours. In a trance, he watches as she spreads her legs wide, presenting herself to him. He sees the way her ass moves with each sway of her hips. He craves to feel that soft skin under his rough palms. He reaches out and grabs two handfuls of the bouncy flesh. 
He moves it around and spreads her open, watching as her wet cunt sucks the fabric of her panties in before landing a smack against her cheek. She sucks in a breath at the impact. The sting spreads down to her thigh, she wants more.
She pushes herself up against his front and he slots his thigh between her legs from behind. To his utter amusement, she starts to grind against his leg again. Pleasure sparks inside her as she creates a sweet friction on his rough pants.
He lands hit after hit on her backside. She can already feel bruises forming from his onslaught. And her poor clit, she’s rubbing herself raw as she chases more of those little jolts.
“Look how desperate you only ever think with that pussy.” He grits as he connects his palm to her ass. He relishes in the sound of her squeals, the sight of her cheeks colored an angry red as the skin ripples with each hit.
She feels a tug on her panties before she hears the rip. Cool air brushes against her swollen pussy and inflamed ass. It’s only a slight reprieve. She feels his cock rub through her folds, the tip pressing against her clit each time. 
He watches as he passes through her puffy lips, coating himself in her arousal before teasing her entrance. He repeats his motions until she visibly shakes from his constant torture. He wants to hear her beg for it.
“Who’s my stupid slut,” he grins.
“I’m your stupid slut.” Her voice starts to crack, she needs to be filled before she loses her mind.
“And what does my stupid slut need,” he continues.
“She needs your cock! Please, just fuck me.”
Without a second thought, he slams his hips against hers. Both let out ragged moans at the sudden sensations. He can’t remember the last time he was balls deep inside someone so tight. And she’s never taken anyone as thick or long as him. She can feel him so deeply that she believes he may bruise her internally.
He sets a rough pace, only chasing his pleasure. He’s not too worried about the girl underneath him, he knows she can take it. And he knows she’s enjoying it as her walls throb around his shaft after each intrusion, he can’t help the grunts and growls that he emits. 
Above her, he sounds like an animal. Which, isn’t that what he is? A caged beast? She’s never felt so full and so utterly fucked as she does now. He’s taking her apart dangerously fast. His balls kiss her bundle of nerves with each thrust. The concrete is digging into her hands, her chest, her knees. She can feel a new piece of skin tear open each time he sends her jolting forward.
The grip he has on her hips is vice-like. He’s using her like a doll, fucking himself with her body, keeping the pace fast and unforgiving as he feels a knot wind up in the base of his stomach.
Her moans continue to grow, her noises are getting on his nerves. He takes his metal hand and wraps it into her hair, pulling her up so her back is flushed with his front. He takes his flesh fingers and shoves them past that tantalizing pout, putting enough pressure on her tongue to muffle her cries.
“I need you to shut the fuck up for once.” He snarls while furiously fucking up into her. He can’t wait to watch his seed drip from her when he fills her up. He’ll make sure she takes every last drop in her pretty pussy.
All his miserable life he’s wanted to lay his claim to something. Own something rather than being owned. He finally has that something since you came along and he’s not letting you go any time soon.
She can hardly breathe with his fingers shoved down her throat. He makes her gag with them ever so often and it causes her to clench around him as she heaves. She loves how feral, how nasty he is. He’s everything she dreamed of and more.
He finds that certain spot deep inside her that makes her knees buckle. Once he hits it, he doesn't let off it. Tears stream down her face as her body quakes. Heat bursts along her back, between her legs and when she feels that cool metal spank her clit, she cums with a whine. The pain sending her over the edge.
He feels her constrict around him as she reaches her climax. He continues to over work her as he keeps smacking and rubbing her pussy. The pulses she makes with each hit has his eyes rolling into his head before his balls tighten and he cums inside her.
She’s limp in his arms as he pulls out of her. His load starts to run down her thighs. He removes his fingers from her mouth and catches the white trail before shoving it back inside her. He brings his slick covered fingers to her mouth once more and instantly, she sucks and licks until he’s clean.
“They should keep you around. I need to cum in a tight cunt once in a while.” He says while tucking himself back into his combat pants.
He doesn’t notice her standing up, he doesn’t register her swift kick to his temple until it’s too late and darkness envelops his vision. He lands on his side with a soft thud. He looks so gentle while he’s asleep. But, she knows he’s far from it. She learned that in the best way possible.
Men. So easy to use, so easy to escape from when you have a pussy. Even the master class assassins can’t resist the temptation of sinking their dicks into a tight hole. She gathers her torn clothing and makes her way down the tunnel with a limp, sparing the soldier one last glance.
She smiles, eager for when he finds her again.
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suitk0via · 4 months ago
Teacher's Favorite
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Bucky x Teacher!Reader
             18 + MINORS DNI
Warnings: smut ( not just dirty thoughts this time - reader gets laid tf out so assume all of the above when it comes to sex ), language, possessive behavior, jealous behavior, a lot of flirting, a little bit of angst, fluff, there’s a lot of build up!
Word Count: 9.1k (aka buckle tf up) 
Synopsis: You and Bucky get to know each other pretty easily. He really seems to lay the flirtation on thick, but you’re having trouble understanding it. Bucky considers himself a patient man, but he’s running out of patience waiting for the right moment to make a move. Until the perfect moment strikes, and the both of you end up rather satisfied. 
Teacher's Favorite AU || Masterlist
“I am going to a first grader’s birthday.”
You’d lost count of how many times you had repeated those words. It had been a long time since you had been this nervous, and you were struggling to keep your priorities straight. The main reason you were going was to make Elaine happy. Her hot dad just happened to be part of it.
You fully expected Elaine’s dad - Bucky - to be some mediocre looking man with a real adoration for his daughter. Instead, you met an overly attractive man with a real adoration for his daughter. Not to mention the fact he was most definitely flirting with you. You were a nervous wreck the moment you laid eyes on him, and he seemed to enjoy that fact. By the time they left the classroom that evening you were exhausted. It felt like you were holding your breath the entire time he was standing by you. Maybe because you could practically feel his eyes on you the entire time. No matter where you moved to, he was watching.
Shaking your head you huffed leaning back in your seat. You only had ten minutes before you were late for the party, but you were so anxious it was hard to just get it over with and go. Looking over at the gift bag in the passenger seat you imagined how happy Elaine would be tearing through the tissue paper. Thinking about that was enough to get you to go. Really all that mattered was Elaine being happy, and your treacherous heart could get over itself. Besides, you had a suspicion Bucky was just being nice and you were reading too far into it.
Arriving at the house you sat for a moment staring at the rainbow balloons tied to the porch railing. The house was beautiful really. It reminded you of those HGTV homes that quite literally anyone dreamed of. Opening the car door you could hear the distant sound of kids laughing already. Part of you wanted to go into teacher mode, ready to approach the party like a classroom rather than a celebration. Taking a breath you shook off your nerves walking up to the front door. Reaching out you went to knock on the door before it was pulled open rather abruptly. Pulling back you stared up at whoever was standing in front of you.
It definitely wasn’t Bucky.
“Hi, Steve Rogers.”
He stuck out his hand to you and just stared for a moment before realizing that you should shake his hand. Trying to maintain your composure you introduced yourself. He was apparently one of Bucky’s long time friends. He was gorgeous too. Why wouldn’t he be? He pulled you inside taking the gift bag from your hand. There was an overwhelming scent of what you could distinctly recognize as bubble gum bubbles and vanilla icing. How the smell permeated the entire room, you weren’t sure. “I’ve heard quite a bit about you from Laney, sweetheart. I’m sure she’s around here somewhere.” Steve winked.
Is this a test from god?
He walked away and you stood in the midst of a bunch of children experiencing the world’s best sugar high. There were streamers placed almost too perfectly on the wall, and a few kids excitedly watching The Princess and the Frog. It was all super cute. Little girls running about with princess tiaras on their heads and colorful icing stuck to their cheeks. Curiously you looked at the photos on the wall admiring the symmetry of them all. Mostly they included Elaine and only a few contained her dad putting on a tired smile. The one that caught your attention the most was of the both of them. Elaine was much smaller and Bucky was kissing her cheek. It was sweet enough to make you smile.
“Love that one.”
Nearly jumping out of your skin you turned around finally seeing Bucky. He looked good. He smiled at you and you put your hand to your chest sighing. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” He laughed putting a hand on your arm. Already feeling overwhelmingly flustered you just laughed nervously. “It’s fine.” You said reaching up and putting a hand on your face. Your skin was warm to the touch.
“You’re nervous.”
Looking up at him you desperately wanted to deny it, but he was smiling like he already knew the truth. He gently grabbed your hand, taking it from your face. “Nothin’ to be nervous about, doll.” He said. Somehow the sound of all the kids was drowned out and you looked from your hand back to him. “Come on. Elaine’s looking for you.” He said pulling you along with him still holding your hand. Externally you seemed fine. Internally you were having a breakdown. Your hand felt small in his. Hell, you felt small walking next to him. His arms looked ridiculous in that black shirt. “Did you do all this decorating?” You asked, trying to shift your focus elsewhere. Raising an eyebrow he looked back at you,
“Oh god no. I like to think I’m good at a lot of things but princess decorations isn’t one of them. I’m flattered you think I could pull it off though.”
“Where is she?! She’s here?! Stevie, where?!”
That little voice was all too familiar. Coming around the corner you saw Elaine dragging Steve alongside her. Once she saw you she gasped running towards you full speed. “Sweetheart!” She yelled and you dropped to your knees accepting her forceful hug. “Hi Elaine! You look so cute!” You said pulling back to point at her dress. She was wearing a bright yellow dress with several tiaras stacked on top of her head. Her face was all but covered in glitter as well as her lips with some bright pink lipstick. She was just the spitting image of happiness and you could just tell she was beyond excited to see you. It made your heart melt. “I’m so happy you’re here! Stevie said you were here and I started looking for you all over!” She was just rambling about anything that came to mind.
“Alright, sweety, let her breathe yeah?” Bucky said, reaching out and ruffling her already messy hair. “Okay, yeah. Here, you can have one so you can play princess too, and I want you to see the new shoes I got! They have lights on them!” She placed one of the plastic tiaras on your head and grabbed your hand trying to make you follow. “Oh, thank you! I’d love to see your shoes.” You smiled. Standing you began following her only glancing back at Bucky who was just grinning happily.
Your evening quickly went from being anxious around men to being the proclaimed queen of Elaine’s proverbial kingdom. All the other little girls made quick work of your attire saying you weren’t nearly as sparkly as you should’ve been. While one applied some glitter polish to your nails another worked a wonky braid into your hair. Elaine climbed into your lap at some point clipping some bright pink earrings to your ears and clasping a heart necklace around your neck. “You’re so pretty sweetheart. I want to be like you when I’m older.”
Something about that made tears threaten to spill from your eyes. The idea of a child looking up to you felt so surreal, but you loved every moment of it. “Me? Goodness, I want to be like you when I grow up.” Your words elicited quite a bit of laughter from the surrounding kids. They were quick to point out that you were already grown up and you just led them on. There were only two boys in the mix and they designated themselves as knights. One of them being the queen’s knight, and the other the princess's knight.
Grant – Steve’s son – played the part very seriously. “I will protect you from the evil dragon. You will be the safest queen ever.” He said holding your hand in his tiny one. Holding in a bit of laughter you nodded very seriously. “I trust you.” You said. He turned around holding one of the magic wands in his hands like it was a sword. He was undeniably cute. Light blonde hair and big blue eyes – he really looked like a little version of Steve. Elaine bounced up and down in your lap watching all the other kids play. She seemed perfectly content.
You looked around Elaine, seeing a little girl standing in front of you. Grant was holding out his “sword” telling her she couldn’t get too close. “It’s alright.” You laughed, reaching out and touching his shoulder. Hesitantly he stepped aside still looking leery of the girl. “What’s your name?” You asked. She twisted back and forth making her dress sway. “I’m Alice.” She said sheepishly. “Alice, this is my sweetheart!” Elaine said, hopping off of your lap and grabbing the girl's hand. Leaning against the armrest of the chair you looked back at her and smiled, no will to correct Elaine’s words. “Oh, um, sweetheart… if you’re the queen then who is the king?”
Good question.
“Well, I don’t thi-”
“Daddy can be king!”
Before you could even say anything Elaine ran off. Usually you were good at diverting kids attention quickly but this time you were out of luck. You didn't have the energy to panic so you just huffed and waited for the inevitable. Moments later Elaine came back pulling Bucky with her. Instantly you felt your face heat up and you directed your attention to Elaine. “Now I can be princess and you and daddy can be queen and king.” She said climbing back into your lap. Bucky didn't even flinch, he just sat down right next to you. The kids carried on a few of them trying to coax Bucky into having at least a little bit of glitter on his face.
“Queen, huh?” He said, grabbing your attention. Laughing a little you shrugged adjusting the crown on your head. “Apparently I missed my calling as royalty.” You joked. He went to say something but stopped once Elaine crawled over onto him pushing a tiara on his head. She laughed at his frown and put her hands on his face. “It must be my birthday, bug.” He sighed. Putting her hands on her hips she raised an eyebrow at him. “It’s my birthday daddy!” She said, giving him a rather incredulous look. Interested in where this little tiff was going you leaned over resting your chin on your hand. “Right, but I get to sit with two pretty girls so who wins?” He said shooting you a sly wink. Unable to contain a smile you just put your hands over your face listening to Elaine giggle wildly.
He’s definitely flirting, right?
Why would he though? It was confusing to you. Nothing about you felt special enough to receive attention from someone like him. Someone so handsome. Not that you hadn’t gotten compliments and people flirting with you before – those were more acceptable somehow – but this felt so different. One, he was a father to one of your students, that’s a big one. Two, he was just unbelievably sweet to the point where it felt ingenuine. You pinned your confusion on the mistrust you had in others. Bucky was probably more genuine than anyone you knew, but you were so on guard it was hard to see. Part of you wondered if he had something to gain from being so nice towards you, but you knew he really had nothing to gain. It wasn’t like he was trying to raise his daughter’s grades or secure her a spot in some special group.
He was just nice.
“Hey, you gotta stop that.” Bucky grabbed your wrists pulling your hands from your face. His smile made you feel weak in the knees. “You look cute all flustered.” He said poking your cheek playfully. Looking back at him you just shook your head laughing. He gave you a look like you were challenging him and there was a mischievous look in his steely eyes. “What, you don’t believe me?” He said trying to catch your eyes as you tried to avoid his. Scooting closer to you he leaned over grabbing Elaine from whatever she was doing. Squirming in his arms she giggled as he tried getting her attention.
“Hey, hey. Bug, I’ve gotta ask you something.”
She calmed down at that, sitting still on his leg.
“Isn’t sweetheart cute when she's shy?”
Instinctively your face turned warm and Elaine looked over at you with a big smile.
“Thank you sweety.”
She ran off again and Bucky crossed his arms looking at you with a smirk. Sighing, you looked back at him. “That’s not fair. I can’t deny her.” You said looking back to all the kids. “What’s not fair is that you need to be convinced of how pretty you are, doll.” You were desperately searching for any sort of sign that he was just messing with you. That he just wanted to get a reaction out of you, but it just wasn’t there. He just had a sweet look in his eyes and brandished a soft smile like he was speaking the gospel truth. Really you weren’t even sure how to respond other than being completely honest. “I have trouble believing anyone who says nice things.” You said, deflating with your admission.
Leaning back in his seat he nodded his head. His fingers tapped against the armrest dangerously close to your own. “I get it.” You just stared at his hands, mesmerized them. Until he reached up, hooking his index finger under your chin making you look at him. Somehow he was a lot closer than he was a minute ago. You could smell the minty gum he must’ve had at some point. “But I’ll keep telling you ‘till you believe it doll.” He just smiled. For what felt like the millionth time your face got hot and you smiled back at him. Until a magic wand slapped against his wrist and he jerked back. You gasped, putting a hand over your mouth.
“You don’t have permission to touch her! That’s dangerous!”
Grant had placed himself between the two of you giving Bucky the most scathing look you’d ever seen on a child. “Grant, no! Daddy is the king, he won’t hurt her!” Elaine squealed, running over to you. Bucky dramatically held his wrist like he had truly been injured. “Sweetheart, you have to help him!” Elaine shook your shoulders. Quickly getting the idea you grabbed one of the stray ribbons standing up and going over to Bucky. Kneeling in front of him you grabbed his hand listening to Elaine hush his pronounced cries. Wrapping the ribbon around his wrist you tied it into a bow. “Do you think he’ll be alright?” You asked. Grant nodded profusely while Elaine hesitantly agreed. Bucky wiped a few absent tears away and looked at the ribbon. “You could’ve just kissed it better.” He said with a wink.
“Ha ha very funny.” You said suppressing the blush that threatened to rise.
Tumblr media
Once you left Bucky was a mess. For some reason he was irritated and overwhelmingly pent up. Maybe it was because he knew things would have gone very differently if it was just the two of you. No kids forbidding him from touching you or his daughter watching your every move. It was just his luck you looked as good as you did. Your dress cut off just above your knees, allowing just a little more leg than the last one. A younger version of himself would have wasted no time taking you up to his room and making his intentions completely clear. He couldn’t do that to you. Hell, you got nervous when he looked at you too long. He knew his confession wouldn’t go over well.
“Oh, hey! Thank you for coming to my daughter’s birthday party. She likes you alot. Also, I think about you almost constantly now. I know you don’t know me very well, but I would love to know you better. Oh, yeah, and fuck the insecurity out of you.”
No. You’d take off running, and he wouldn’t blame you. That didn’t make it any less true though. Shoving an assortment of streamers into a trash bag he stopped putting his hand on his head. Truly he couldn’t remember the last time he felt so impatient about pursuing someone. Usually he could keep himself in check, but he wanted you. Aside from the sexual aspect he just loved how sweet you were. Unbeknownst to you he watched you playing with the kids for a while, and then it struck him how much Elaine really liked you.
Being around kids was certainly in your element. He liked to think he could endure Elaine’s antics for a long time, but you could endure a bunch of kids for a long time. Not a single one of them was competing for attention either, somehow you were able to keep them all happy at once. Maybe it was just part of being a teacher. He wasn’t sure. He just knew he couldn’t handle a bunch of little girls layering rhinestones on his skin and pulling at his hair for the sake of “beauty”.
Continuing to clean up he found Elaine amongst a pile of stuffed animals dead asleep. She was clinging onto a stuffed cow you had gotten her. Apparently she’d made some sort of craft at school related to a cow, and she was beyond excited pulling the animal out of the bag.
“You’re good at this.” He had said leaning over and nudging you. Looking over at him you shrugged, “Just observant.”
Cleaning up the wrapping paper that surrounded her she raised up with her hair sticking up in odd directions. “Ready for bed, sweety?” He asked. Without even opening her eyes she nodded, sticking her arms out for him. Scooping her up off the ground he carried her up the stairs and to her room. He carefully avoided the toys that littered the fuzzy pink carpet going over to pull back her covers. She wiggled out of his arms and into bed, rolling back and forth for a second. “My tired birthday girl.” He sighed kneeling beside the bed. Her eyes opened a little and she nodded. There was some rogue confetti stuck to her cheek, but he didn’t bother it. Reaching out he pushed her hair away from her eyes smiling at how warm she was. “Can I have another birthday?” She asked with sleep thick in her voice. Laughing he leaned down kissing her forehead. “Sure year.” She huffed at his response and glared at him. “Oh, come on bug you can’t trick me.”
“I tried!”
Laughing he leaned down again wrapping his arms around her. She put her little arms around his neck and yawned. “I love you Elaine.” He said pulling back and tucking her beneath the covers. Her eyes fluttered closed again and she hummed. “I love you too daddy.” And like that she was sound asleep again. Moments like that made all his petty worries dissipate. Because above all else he was a father, and that was the most important role he would ever have the privilege of playing. Flipping the lamp off and the nightlight on he stepped out of the room continuing to clean up the remnants of a princesses birthday party.
In the days that followed he settled for seeing you in passing. He found himself bringing Elaine lunch just about every day instead of giving it to her before they left the house. It was an excuse to see you, and it made Elaine happy. He’d charm his way into being able to walk down to the classroom, and somehow he startled you every time. All the kids were either at lunch or outside. He’d memorized that part of your schedule at least. This day was no different. He came into the office holding Elaine’s Barbie lunchbox, paid the secretary a few compliments, and he was granted a visitor’s pass.
Making his way down the now familiar halls he headed towards the stairs. The bulletin board had changed, and he vaguely remembered you talking about it.
“Of course I have to change it.” You whined meticulously cutting out intricate lettering. He was sitting next to you in Hailie’s chair, messing with the puzzle eraser shaped like a cat. “Doll, it’s been two weeks.” He laughed. Sitting down your X-Acto knife you glared over at him. “Yeah? Well, Florence hates it now. So it needs to be different, and I can’t take credit for it or she’ll tell me it’s ‘too tacky’. The nerve…” Leaning back in his chair he listened to you vent for a moment. “Nothing will be more tacky than that sorry ass marriage she still parades around. As if her husband isn’t sleeping with his assistant, and she doesn’t borderline assault every man she looks at.” You said matter of factly continuing to work on your letters.
“What did she do to you sweetheart?” He reached over, beginning to cut out some more shapes for you. He liked watching you work. Your focus was razor sharp, and you could still hold a conversation with him. It wasn’t like you to gossip, but clearly you were bothered by your superiors passive aggressive comments about your work. “Hailie says she’s jealous because you’re here pretty often. She didn’t take your disinterest well.” You gave a dry laugh adding one of the letters to a now fully formed stack.
The new board was sweet.
It reflected your personality more than anything, and he liked it more because of that. There were intricately designed cut out bees that students had made. He could pick Elaine’s out easily, seeing as it was the only one with cow print and the words “COW BEE” scribbled on the bottom. Shaking his head he went down the stairs humming to himself.
Approaching your classroom he didn’t hear any of the tell tale signs of you. Usually there was quiet music playing or he could hear you clicking a pen anxiously. It was dead silent this time. He stepped into the room and spotted you kneeling on the floor by one of the desks. You were sticking a name tag onto one of them. “You’re early.” You said running your hand over the tape holding the tag down. Turning around you smiled, and a million thoughts went through his head. He wasn’t sure why the kneeling made his mind go berserk. When it came to you his thoughts were either that of a sexually deprived twenty year old, or someone who saw the possibility of not being alone anymore.
“Early? What, are you waitin’ for me?” He was clearly joking, but he liked the idea. You gave him a look before continuing what you were doing. Walking over to Elaine’s desk he sat her lunchbox down and pulled the little chair out sitting down. “I didn’t think you’d forget.” You said. Tilting his head he leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees. Going through a mental checklist he hurried to figure out what he may have forgotten. Judging by your tone you weren’t upset or anything but he didn’t want to disappoint you.
“Mister ‘if a sweet girl like you is around count me in’.”
“Ohhhh. Face painting! That’s today?”
“Yes James.”
“You remember that I said that?”
Flustered, you put your hands on your face. Oh god he had it so bad for you. He loved making you all flustered, the physical effect he had on you. The effect he knew of that is. He liked to think you thought about him and all his not so subtle advances. Clearly you did if you remembered what he had said on a whim. A more devious part of himself wondered if you ever got hot and bothered at the thought of him. If whenever you laid in bed at night you wondered about just how good he could be to you.
“What did I tell you about that, doll?” Trying to pull himself out of his less than appropriate thoughts he scooted closer to you pulling your hands from your face. You gave him a half hearted smile and he held your face in his hands. His eyes lingered on your lips a little too long, and he ran his thumbs over the tops of your cheeks. “Okay, quit looking at me like that. I feel like I'm being interrogated.” You laughed shuffling away from him. Leaning back in the uncomfortable chair he crossed his arms.
This happened way too often.
Being so close to something only for you to shy away from him.
“You should know that you’re not allowed to refer to Halloween this evening.” That shifted his thoughts dramatically he laughed, but you were being completely serious. Looking up at him you nodded before standing back up. Sighing you walked past him putting some scissors back into a cup. “You’re not kidding.” He huffed, and you stood in front of him. Tilting his head back he stared up at you as you explained some situation between a religious parent and the school board. “The agreement was that Halloween would not be pushed onto the kids and instead we could only refer to the fall season.” He was too focused on looking at you to even process the idea of a lunatic parent complaining about how “demonic” halloween was.
“You won’t hear the H word from me.”
“You’re a good boy, Bucky.” You laughed, reaching out and ruffling his hair. Truly he could’ve had a heart attack at that moment. Everything in him wanted to reach out and wrap his arms around your legs and hold you like a desperate child begging for attention. He was beginning to suspect that you knew exactly what sort of effect you had on him, and you were just using it to your advantage. Because he was for sure about to be the best damn face painter in the world if it meant he’d get a little attention from you.
And he did just that.
It didn’t take long for the evening to roll around and he found himself painting the faces of one too many children. Some of them were reasonable requests, while the others were beyond his comprehension. You were good at talking them down from their big ideas though. Helping them settle for a little black cat rather than a full face of dragon scales. Some of them were persistent than others, and Bucky would rather play enforcer over negotiator. So, you did the negotiating.
Though a lot of the time he was just sitting by you occasionally putting more paint onto the small palette, or playing a consultant to an indecisive child. “I like the cat but I like the leaf too.” A little boy swayed back and forth in the seat staring at the picture sheet. “I like that cat too. What do you think Bucky?” You scooted closer towards the boy looking up at him. Bucky feigned some contemplation before shrugging. “Why not both?” He suggested. The boy looked over at him like he’d solved all the world’s greatest mysteries.
“I like Mister Bucky’s idea.”
You laughed at that handing a paintbrush to him. “Hm. Get to it then, Mister Bucky.” Smiling he did just as you asked and listened to you go back and forth with the boy. Watching you interact with all the kids made him wonder how you didn't have your own. Obviously you were young, but it was lost on him as to why you weren't even in a relationship. To him you were nothing short of perfect and it didn't make sense that no one had managed to sweep you off your feet. You pulled away a lot. So he assumed you kept everyone at a distance and most guys just didn't have the patience to continue pursuing you.
That push back just made him want you more. He wasn't pushy or disrespectful. He wanted you to trust him on your accord. His view of you had morphed from something of pure lust to unbridled affection. Of course he was still lusting after you, but it became more than that very quickly. He liked being around you and doing anything he could just to make you smile. Striving for those little laughs and flustered expressions.
You'd be a great girlfriend...wife...mother.
“Alright. Looks good.” Bucky said, adding a little line to the center of the leaf. You finished yours and the boy stood up staring into the mirror. Looking back at both of you he nodded. “You guys are good.” He said before practically sprinting to the bounce house. Elaine had been in there the whole time. Leaning back in his chair he huffed watching your eyes following all the kids around worriedly. If children were around there wasn't a moment you weren't watching and waiting for the moment you would be needed. Standing up he went over standing behind you putting his hands on your shoulders. Almost instantly you relaxed, leaning into him a bit.
Simple things like that made him wonder if he wasn’t alone in his feelings.
“You've gotta relax, doll. This shouldn't be stressful.” He said looking down at you. Leaning your head back you sighed. “If I’m in this building I’m stressed.” You said looking up at him. Staring into those all too familiar eyes he could’ve easily gotten lost in, he was promptly interrupted by Elaine running and jumping into your lap. Climbing up you she peered up at him over your shoulders. You cautiously held onto the end of her shirt trying to balance her wobbling form on your legs.
“Hey, be easy sw-”
“Can I go to Molly’s house? Her mom said that it’s okay because Saydee and Penny are going to. So it’s a sleepover and I really want to go. Can I please go?!”
Elaine was practically jumping up and down on you. “Elaine, calm down.” He said, sounding more stern than he meant to. Turns out cotton candy and two cherry icees was enough to power her tiny body into a state of constant movement. Slouching a bit she looked up at him and pouted. “Oh gosh Elaine. You’re putting the hurt on him, hm?” You laughed pushing some of her stray hairs away from her face. Bucky sighed, reaching out and straightening her shirt. “I don’t mind, bug. You’ve got to settle down though. I won’t let you go if you’re acting up.” He said. Like she had been struck by lightning she straightened her posture and sat down in the chair beside you. “I will be the best out of everyone.” She proclaimed. Raising an eyebrow you looked back at him and he shrugged.
Only a few more kids came over one of them being accompanied by a father who was far too interested in you. Bucky was painting a pumpkin on the little girl’s cheek while the father in question was being rather annoying – in Bucky’s humble opinion.
Your responses consisted of uncomfortable laughs and shifting eyes. Clearly you weren’t interested but he kept on. “Come on, you’ve got to be kidding. What are you so shy about, huh? I don’t see a ring or any man hangin’ onto ya’.” Bucky finished the painting patting the girl on the shoulder and she took off. Looking over at this ever persistent father he felt offended that he dared to even look at you. Technically it wasn’t his place, but why should he stand by and watch this horrific attempt at getting to you. You were shifting around in your seat clearly looking for a way out of this conversation. Well, verbal assault rather. You hadn’t said a word to the bastard but he just...kept running his mouth.
Jealous much?
He scolded himself for the thought before standing up from his chair. Thankfully he was taller than the other man – solely for the purpose of glaring down at him. Looking at you he held his hand out tilting his head to motion towards the doors. You got the idea pretty quickly taking his hand before standing up. Turning back towards the man he glanced over his shoulder.
“You might want to worry about your daughter sticking gum in her hair before you worry about my girl.”
He didn’t mean to say that, but really he did.
The man looked back behind him before rushing off with a worried look on his face. Bucky gently pulled you along with him trying to subside his emotions while looking for Elaine. “She’s with Molly’s mom.” You pointed out. Walking over he had some brief conversation with her before he realized he was still holding onto you. All of your coworkers that were present seemed to take notice as well. Specifically Mrs.Florence who sent you a scathing glare.
“Oh she’ll be fine! She can borrow some of Molly’s night clothes. I can drop her off tomorrow morning.”
Bucky just nodded before hesitantly letting you go. If he was lucky you wouldn’t run off on him. Crouching down he gave Elaine a little goodbye before kissing her forehead and telling her to be on her best behavior. Then she ran over to you, wrapping her arms around your legs. Looking up at you he just adored that smile you gave her, and he hoped that his little fit of selfishness hadn’t completely made you uncomfortable.
“Bye bug. I love you.”
“I love you daddy! I love you sweetheart!”
Both of you gave a little wave as she walked away with all the other squealing girls. Molly’s mother had more strength than he did that’s for sure. The one time he let Elaine’s friends sleepover he needed help from both Sam and Steve. He couldn’t imagine doing it on his own.
Now he was stuck contemplating what to say to you. It wasn’t often that he wasn’t one hundred percent confident in his actions. The ‘my girl’ slip up was a little much, and he knew he most likely made you feel uneasy. Then all of your colleagues were looking at you with him. He felt terrible. Being so caught up in his thoughts he almost didn’t notice you grabbing his hand again and pulling him outside.
“I’m sorry, d-”
“Nothing to be sorry about.”
The way you cut him off was very out of character. It wasn’t like you to be snappy or cut in while anyone spoke. Suddenly he felt like a wounded animal at the mercy of their captor. You crossed your arms looking up at him. “I don’t get it.” You huffed. Tilting his head he waited for whatever you were going to say. Reaching up and putting your hands on your face you groaned in a frustrated manner. “I shouldn’t have done that. I crossed that line out of selfishness. I know what you told me about all the things people say, and it slipped my mind. I’m sorry, sweetheart.” He was being sincere and he hoped that translated.
“I don’t get why you like me. I don’t understand. It doesn’t make sense to me.”
Bucky stared back at you feeling slightly anxious as to what your perception was. He wasn’t going to try and deny it – there’d be no point. Everyone knew but you. He didn’t have to outright say it. He showed it more than he meant to quite often. However he approached this would determine how the rest of this evening went and he knew that. He just didn’t know how to approach it. It felt like being in high school and having a friend tell your crush that you liked them and then they confront you about it.
Sure, he was a grown man but the nerves were all the same.
Clearly distraught you put your hands on your head. He wanted to reach out and provide some sort of comfort but he already felt like he was in hot water.
“Bucky, you are easily the most remarkable person I have ever met. I have spent almost everyday of the past few months nervous out of my mind if I even thought about you. I’m nervous now! You make me nervous Bucky! I can’t understand why you like me because I'm...I’m painfully normal. Every woman in that building looks at you. They know I’m not good enough for you. I know I’m not good enough for you. I could go through the list – I’m too young, I’m not that pretty, I’m not mature enough. It goes on and on. I like you a lot Bucky. I don’t like giving myself some weird false hope, and you’re not helping either.”
Bucky’s heart was racing wildly.
So, you do like him.
It felt so juvenile to be happy about someone liking him back but it was you. You were something he really only dreamed of. Wherever this was going he couldn’t continue it here.
“Fuck. Will you come with me? If you don’t want to, that's fine but I can’t keep talking about this here.”
Emotionally you were too spent to disagree so you took his hand again. Bucky was formulating different scenarios in his mind about how this would end. Idealistically he would be honest with you, you’d be honest with him, and maybe it’d progress from there. He felt impatient. Like waiting for something big to happen but it couldn’t happen fast enough.
Needless to say, the car ride was relatively quiet.
Bucky caught himself speeding a few times. His logic was the sooner he got home the sooner he could genuinely respond to everything you said. He was thanking god for Molly’s sleepover, because he couldn’t imagine doing this with his inquisitive daughter clinging to you. You were leaning against the window and occasionally sighed.
Pulling into the driveway he quickly led you inside. You didn’t seem to mind either. Closing the door behind him he took a deep breath before looking back at you. You almost looked sad. Stepping forward he put his hands on your face. He could feel your face turn warm underneath his palms. You stared up at him with a little sad glaze over your eyes.
“I’m not good at saying what I feel. I would much rather show you.”
Tumblr media
A blind man could see where this was going.
You did not expect face painting to end with a weird confession. Not to mention the fact you were standing in his house and a mere inch away from kissing him. This culmination of months of dancing around each other had led up to this point. You expected this to go down in flames. Not a small blaze but the equivalent to a forest fire consisting of all of your hopeless emotions. Instead it seemed like you both had the same idea.
“Show me then.”
Bucky seemed to take that as a challenge kissing you feverishly. For a split second you were convinced this was one of your dreams, but reaching out and grasping at his shirt was enough to ground you in reality. This was real and it was happening. It was either that or the fact that the two of you were making out with your back pressed against the banister. “You taste exactly how I imagined.” His words came out breathy and rushed, immediately connecting with you again. If it were possible for your entire body to blush you definitely were. The implication of him thinking about how you tasted was enough to make those all too familiar butterflies form in your stomach.
Clearly anticipating the penultimate moment of this encounter Bucky lifted you up carrying you up the stairs. “You’re going to believe you’re the most beautiful woman alive by the time I’m done with you.” His voice was low, and his tone was completely serious. So serious you had the sneaking suspicion this was some genuine foreshadowing. Walking into the room he kicked it closed behind him. Gently sitting you down he leaned down kissing you again and you could feel him smiling against your lips.
You couldn’t recall ever feeling the way you did now. Like the person you were with had been just waiting to delight in this moment. The thought of someone looking forward to having you felt so out of reach, but Bucky made it believable.
You liked this.
You liked him.
His hands wandered down to your thighs and just barely beneath the hem of your dress. Fingers dancing dangerously close to the most sensitive part of yourself. “God you're so pretty.” He breathed tugging at the end of your dress. Getting the idea you lifted up for a second allowing him to pull it off in a rather swift motion. Instinctively you wanted to wrap your arms around yourself but you didn't get the chance to before he pushed you backwards. Struggling to hide your sheepishness he grabbed at your face making you look up at him. With a wicked grin on his face he sighed.
“I wasn’t joking.”
Hesitantly you nodded and he gave you a quick kiss. In the process he undressed himself, his shirt getting caught on the lamp. Soft kisses trailed from your lips to your shoulder pulling an embarrassingly needy sound from your lips. You instantly tried putting your hand over your mouth but Bucky grabbed your wrists putting your hands above your head. “Don’t hide from me. Please. I want everything you have for me.” There was such a need in his voice you shivered in his grasp. Once he let go of your hands you didn’t dare to move, instead letting those sounds go unfiltered.
His hands rested on your waist comfortably, and looked up at him unable to subside the heat that had spread throughout your entire being. His hands crept up your back, unclasping your bra and sliding it off your shoulders. The cool air hit your chest causing goosebumps to cover your skin and your nipples to harden. Instantly his hands were kneading at your breasts and leaving cool kisses against your skin. “Fuck, Bucky.” You whined, putting your hands on his shoulders. Giving a low laugh he looked up at you through his dark lashes. Suddenly those baby blue eyes had a new shine you’d never be able to forget.
“Hm, you’re sensitive baby I’ve barely touched you.” He said continuing his slow descent until he was nestled between your thighs. His hands held onto the sides of your legs using his body to part your legs. Then you were thankful you had subconsciously chosen a cute pair of panties. Especially since he was looking at you like he was going to completely ravage you. “Cute.” He mumbled, hooking his fingers underneath the soft black fabric. Really if he kept speaking you would’ve been satisfied but you imagined he wouldn’t be. Looking up at you he smiled at you sweetly. That same sweet smile you’d hopelessly fallen for mixed with the most intense bedroom eyes you’d ever seen. “Tell me if it’s too much, okay? I don’t want to hurt you, just wanna make you feel good.” He said.
Nodding you closed your eyes. Unsatisfied with your non-response he clicked his tongue, reaching out and putting a hand on your face. Holding onto his forearm you shook your head. “I trust you, Bucky. I’m just nervous.” The words came out rushed and shaky. He smiled, pulling your panties off with a swift tug. You felt self conscious under his gaze until your thoughts shifted completely.
Pushing his finger through your folds you gasped unintentionally shifting your hips further into his touch. It was embarrassing how worked up you were, his finger glistening with your arousal. “Oh, pretty girl. All this for me?” He said before sticking his finger in his mouth taking in any trace of you that stuck to his skin. The sight alone made you squirm. Humming he pulled his finger back with a smile on his face. “I need more.” The tone of his voice was hungry – that of a man who hadn’t indulged himself in years. Scooting down he kissed the inside of your thighs still staring up at you, enjoying his view. You could feel his stubble against your skin leaving a tingle behind with each kiss. Inching closer to your glistening core he hummed against your skin, the vibrations making you shiver with anticipation.
“Bucky, please.”
“I know, I know. I’m taking my time. I’ve waited too long to just get it over with.” He said, his index finger teasing your needy hole. It was a slow push and every movement sent you reeling. Slowly he pushed a finger in you twisting until he found that perfect spot. “You’re so wet for me baby.” He whispered. You went to respond but before you could he flattened his tongue against your clit taking a long drawn out lick. Your hand shot out grabbing at his hair for purchase. “Oh my god.” You moaned trying to catch your already labored breath. The sound of your voice only encouraged him and he went from a slow pace to a devastating one. Your skin grew hotter with each lewd sound of his tongue and fingers working you to the edge.
“Fuckin’ hell. You know how much I love this pussy, pretty girl?”
“B-Bucky, oh my god – fuck.” You were really hanging on by a thread. His fingers curling inside you and his tongue flicking against your clit was enough, adding his words had your legs beginning to shake. “I know angel. You feel so good I can just see it on your face. The way you’re squeezin’ my fingers.” Pulling back his face glittered with your sweet wetness and he continued pressing his fingers into you. Now hovering over you he was staring down at you.
“You know how much I’ve thought about this? Coming to see you at work in those fuckin’ dresses just wishing I could bend you over on your desk and fuck you ‘til you couldn’t take it anymore. You know how many times I’ve dreamed of this, having you spread out on my bed tasting that pretty little pussy?”
There was no room for response in your mind. Everything was beginning to feel fuzzy, and thinking of him wanting you so desperately was only making it worse. “Fuck, you’re close. I feel it. Are you gonna cum all over my fingers baby?” He asked leaning down and leaving hot kisses against your jaw. “M’yes Bucky.” You managed writhing under his feverish touch. At an alarming pace his fingers slammed in and out of your soaked cunt making the worlds most sinful sounds. You were on the horizon of your climax just waiting to fall over the edge.
“God, I know angel. Who made you this way? Hm?”
“You Bucky.”
“Who’s pussy is this, pretty girl?”
“Y-Yours Bucky.”
“Damn fucking right it is. Now, cum for me.”
The cry that ripped through your throat was visceral. Something you hadn’t ever experinced was the white hot pleasure that coursed through your veins. You couldn’t focus, your ears were ringing – but you could hear Bucky’s praises being pressed against your neck in the form of soft kisses. “You did so good baby. Such a good girl for me.” He said and you could feel him smiling flush against your skin. Still blissed out he lifted you up pulling you into his lap trying to pull you down from your high. In his lap you could feel his ridiculously hard cock pressed against your thigh. With what strength you had left you wanted to return the favor.
With your head still pressed against his chest you looked down to see just how big he was. Instantly you worried that he wouldn’t fit. He was huge, and rock hard for that matter. Through his cooing and praises you gently rocked your hips against him elliciting a moan that reverberated throughout his chest. “Again? Are you sure angel?” He laughed at your desperation. Trying to formulate a sentence you whimpered pushing his back against the head board. Still he held onto your hips digging his fingertips into your skin.
“I wanna ride you.”
Simple enough, but clearly Bucky was beyond excited at the prospect. “Oh baby. You sure you can handle it?” He asked. It was a good question and you weren’t even sure. Reaching down he postioned himself right below your enterance. Shakily you lowered yourself onto him, immediately moaning at the pressure it created inside you. Your walls still throbbing from moments before. You’d barely moved at all feeling like you’d already been stuffed full. “Bucky, you’re too big. M’too full.” You whined against his shoulder. Pulling you to look at him he stared into your half lidded eyes. “No. You’ve got it baby.” He pushed on your hips making you slowly take him in completely. Once you reached the base you shivered at how full you felt. His cock reaching places you never even knew existed.
Tears rolled down your cheeks and he kissed them from your skin. “Angel you’re so good to me. So fuckin’ warm and wet.” He breathed putting his hands on your ass. Trying to supress your moans you leaned forward kissing him fervently. Impatiently he pushed you down on his cock before lifting you back up. “Bucky, please…” You whined against his lips. Making you bounce up and down on him he groaned and you could feel his tip brushing against your most delicate spot. Moving one of his hands to your lower stomach he pressed down to feel himself. “I can feel how deep I am baby. Feels good.” He breathed adding pressure to your stomach.
“What angel, ask.”
You squirmed taking a deep breath.
“Please, fuck me.”
He started slamming into you, his balls slapping against your ass with every thrust. You were basically limp, you’re legs too shaky to support you anymore. Listening to him moan your name over and over like a broken prayer you gave in. That same heat taking over your body like it did before, but Bucky wasn’t done. “Look at you, all fucked out. You’re so fucking beautiful like this. That pretty pussy squeezing me so tight.” He moaned pulling on your hair. Continuing his crushing pace you were left a gasping mess against his chest, listening to the sound of your wet cunt being fucked wrecklessly.
“Fuck, I’m close.” He groaned chasing his high. You could feel his cock twitching inside of you and your body responded for you, squeezing him tighter than before. “Please cum in me Bucky.” You mummbled. Frustrated he slapped your ass causing you to yelp. “Speak up.” He said almost as if it were a warning. “Please cum inside me. Please. I-I want to feel so full.” You begged shamelessly.
“More full than you already are? Angel, you’re downright filthy. Don’t worry. I’ll fill that pretty little pussy with all the cum you want.” He promised, his hips beginning to stutter. You felt him throbbing against your walls and you were practically panting with expectancy. With a few long and harsh strokes you felt him release, still ramming into you. The warm feeling of his thick seed filling your cunt had your eyes rolling back. You kissed his neck and shoulders listening to him as he praised your entire being. Breathing erraticly he slipped his tongue into your mouth pulling out a breathy moan.
“You’re my best girl. There’s nobody like you.” He was returning to his usual self. Himself that wasn’t chasing after a release. “God, I fuckin’ love you.” He admitted. Your stomach fluttered and you couldn’t help but smile. Wrapping his arms around you he buried his face into your hair taking some deep breaths. “I just wanna stay here forever.” He sighed as he softened inside of you. Feeling his hot cum dripping down your legs made you shudder, and he took notice. Pulling back for a moment he just stared into your eyes, a smile playing on his lips.
“My girl.”
With some light coaxing you had managed to get him out of you and into the shower. The both of you spent a little too much time touching one another rather than cleaning up. Once you did you still felt shaky, wrapped in one of his fluffy white towels. Bucky – being the ever attentive man he was – carried you back to bed, dressing you a little bit in the process. After a dramatic hunt for your panties he pulled them up your legs making sure to leave kisses along the way. “You’re so pretty, doll.” He would repeat over and over, as if to convince you.
Digging through his closet he brought you maroon henley he said was his favorite. You accepted it with a nod savoring the lingering scent of him. He laid beside of you tucking you into his arms, one of his legs protectively draped over yours as your leg rested between his. There were a dozen more kisses before you felt your eyes growing heavy. “Pretty girl, you’re leavin’ me.” He sighed kissing your forehead. You barely opened your eyes looking back at him.
You couldn’t believe you were here.
That he was real and that he was in love with you.
Reaching up you put you hand to his cheek. All those bright smiles and not so subtle compliments had led to this moment. Bucky didn’t give up on you. He kept going until he broke through your well guarded heart. Thinking about him and all of his subtlties made you feel fuzzy.
“I love you James.”
He smiled brighter than you ever thought he had before. Kissing you passionately he sighed against your lips. “Not just for my dick, right?” He smirked knowing you would react harshly. Blushing you smacked his chest.
“I’m just messin’ sweetheart. I’m glad you love me. I mean, I’m not surprised. I always was teacher’s favorite back in school.”
Tumblr media
okay, so... I have never written smut and actually published it so please bare with me as I improve. Also, I’m going to go ahead and apologize for errors. I’ve proofread this a few times and I'm going to do it a few more times. So, I may not have caught all the errors. 
Thank you for all the absolutely encouraging feedback!
tags: @bebudaful @commonintrest @oh-my-gerd @maladaptivexxdaydreaming @i-l-y-3000 @white-wolf-buckaroo @shawnie--jo​
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statticscribbles · a month ago
Having a baby with Bucky
Summary: Headcanons for having a baby with Bucky
Any of these headcanons can be requested to be an imagine if you want
-You find out you’re pregnant when he’s on a mission, and don’t tell him until he gets back
-He finds out when you’re bent over the toilet vomiting
-You hadn’t ever talked about kids so you both decide to have a long conversation about it
-You find out Bucky is mostly worried about any family he has being put in danger by his past, not that he’d be a bad parent
-You make a few jokes about him being the worlds oldest dad at 100+ years
-Bucky proposes on the spot, you’re too preoccupied with how long he had the ring instead of him proposing
-You deal with a lot of morning sickness which Bucky is always happy to sit by your side with, or hold your hair back when it gets bad
-He refuses to miss any doctors appointments going so far as to skip a mission brief for one
-At the first appointment when they do an ultrasound Bucky cries
-You spend two days arguing about if you want to know the gender or not
-You make jokes that the baby has Bucky’s preferences for 40’s food when you get cravings
-Bucky tries to avoid touching you with the metal arm, but the coolness seems to calm the baby down, if you lie about that to make Bucky feel more comfortable using the arm he doesn’t need to know
-Bucky can easily handle your mood swings, unless you’re crying, then he just sort of flails around unsure how to help, which usually makes you laugh
-Bucky talks to your bump all the time, any chance he gets, worried that the baby might forget him
-You let Bucky think of names but refuse to tell him your top picks until you find out the gender
-When you find out its girl, you calmly mention you want to name her after his mom or sister, he just nods, muttering a quick thank you
-You find out later from Steve he went through seven punching bags unsure of how to deal with the overwhelming love he felt
-Bucky takes time off from missions right before and after your daughter is born
-Once your daughter is born Bucky spends hours just staring at her and everything she does
-You ask about growing your family once you daughter is almost a year old
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arkadiastackie · 3 months ago
Because Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan own my heart, and that I am so grateful to love them, here are some Stackie pictures, because it’s always healthy and heartwarming:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This friendship is such a model to me, I wish someday I'll meet my platonic soulmate like they did.
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thighs-of-betrayal-blog · 2 months ago
Love your drabbles and one shots!
Umm.. can you do a one-shot in aftermath TFATWS settings when the reader and Bucky go to Sam's home in Louisiana. They then like help in the party and stuff a lot while Bucky flirts with her during that and then they dance at the end ft. Sam and Sarah whistling and cheering them on. And then Bucky just whispers, 'marry me?'. And the reader just melts and kisses him and says yes and it's just all fluffy with tiny bit of angst and i-
It's too detailed lol.♥️😂😩✌️
That One Question
A/N: This request is everything... My heart can’t take all the fluff haha. Thank you so much for sending it in! Also, thank you for the kind words, love :)
I hope you all enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated! 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger! Reader
Warnings: a tad bit of angst, fluff, cursing 
Tumblr media
Relief floods through you as you look out at the calm Louisiana waters. The worst of it is over and now, you have a sliver of relaxation until the next mission comes up. 
Fighting against the Flag Smashers was your worst nightmare, the one time you were desperately worried of losing both Bucky and Sam. 
You’re glad they’re both okay. You don’t know what you would’ve done if you lost both your best friend and the love of your-
“Everything okay over here, doll?” 
Bucky’s voice melts over you, pulling you out of your thoughts of despair. 
“Hey, baby,” you whisper, not quite ready to turn away from the moving water to look at him. 
You sigh as his arms wrap around you, his chest pressing into your back as he rests his head on top of yours. “Tell me what’s on your mind.” 
Leaning back into him, you close your eyes. “Just everything that’s happened. This one was different from the rest.” 
“Because of Karli?” 
“She didn’t deserve to die.” 
Bucky gently turns you around and cups your chin in his hand. “You’re right, doll. She didn’t. But, that doesn’t mean her death was your fault.” 
You stare into his blue eyes and let them carry you to shore, steadying you back into reality. “I just feel like we could’ve done more. We could’ve-” 
“You guys coming to help set up?” Sarah asks, standing a few feet away with a pile of plates in her hand. “The party starts in a few minutes.” 
“We’ll be right there,” you answer, giving Sarah a small smile as you move out of Bucky’s hold.
He walks back up to you then and kisses you on the side of your head. “I promise we will pick this conversation up later, doll. Right now, let’s just try to enjoy the night… Maybe even have some fun with Sam.” 
You raise your eyebrow in question. “We always have fun with Sam.” 
Rolling your eyes, you lightly punch him in the arm. “Don’t be rude.” 
As you grab his hand, he intertwines your fingers. “Me? Rude? Never.” 
The party is exactly what you need to get your mind off everything. Between Sam’s dancing and Bucky’s dad jokes, you’re currently laughing your ass off, forgetting about everything else around you. 
Bucky shoots you a look and you tilt your head to the side, but he just shakes his head and smiles. 
Sam watches the exchange between the two of you before grabbing Bucky’s shoulder. “C’mon, tinman, go dance with Y/N!” 
Bucky laughs as he stands up and walks over to you, stretching his hand out for you to grab. “Fancy a dance, doll?” 
Sliding your hand into his, you smile. “Why I’d love to dance with you, kind sir.” 
The both of you laugh as he drags you onto the dance floor, wrapping you up in his arms as he rests his forehead against yours. 
“Hey,” he whispers, his breath fanning over your face. 
You wrap your arms around his neck. “Hey.” 
“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” 
You take a second to answer, pretending to think about it. “Hmm, let me see… Maybe once or twice?” 
“Oh really? Once or twice, huh?” 
His hands move slightly over your hips, daring to tickle you. 
“You wouldn’t,” you laugh out. 
A mischievous glint appears in his eyes. “Try me.” 
As soon as he starts to move his fingers, you freeze up. “Okay! Okay! I give in. You tell me you love me every day.” 
Bucky laughs as he settles his face into your neck, biting down lightly on your skin. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you. You might have to say it again.” 
Laughing along with him, you move back and grab his face in between your hands. “You tell me you love me every day and I’m the luckiest person in the world.” 
Grinning, Bucky leans in. “Now that’s more like it.” 
Just as his lips are about to touch yours, you hear Sam and Sarah whistle from across the party. 
“That’s my boy!” Sam yells, his voice booming over the crowd of people. 
Embarrassed, you hide your face in Bucky’s chest. “Please tell him to fuck off.” 
“Don’t worry, I am,” he says while flipping Sam off. 
You feel his head move back towards yours, his mouth resting against your ear. “I love you so fucking much, doll.” 
Closing your eyes, you let his words run through your body, taking claim of your heart. “I love you just as much, Buck.” 
“Then marry me.” 
You lift your head up and take a step back, staring at him confused. “What?” 
He chuckles at the expression on your face and lifts your chin up with his finger. “Marry me.” 
His words are spoken with utter confidence. You know he’s been thinking about this for a while. 
Without hesitation, you smash your lips to his. “Yes,” you whisper. “Fuck yes.”
Bucky deepens the kiss then, his heart beating fast against yours. 
In the background, you can still hear the faint cheer of Sam and Sarah. But now, they don’t even realize the huge moment they’re celebrating... They will soon though. 
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sgt-seabass · 2 months ago
Monster 🌹
Description: During the Hydra takeover, the Winter Soldier becomes infatuated with a girl who makes him feel whole.
Pairings: Winter Soldier x Female!Reader
Word count: 4,238
This is an explicit fic. 18+ only.
Warnings: Hydra wins au, 18+ smut (sex, male and female orgasms), mentions of violence during Hydra takeover (non-graphic descriptions).
a/n: Set in the universe where Hydra wins. Fic inspired by Monster by EXO and the emotions it gives me. Highly recommend listening to it while reading to feel the vibe. Thanks to @offcast-plus1 for teaching me that kitten in Russian is kotenok. 🥰
Tumblr media
The day that Hydra won, everything changed.
It was a swift takeover, political sites all over the world taken ambush by the overpowered Hydra forces. The world seemed to freeze, teetering on the edge of panic.
However, everyone’s attention turned to the Avengers. Surely, they would stop the world from being taken over?
But as it turned out, they weren’t the world’s heroes that day. Hydra threatened the assassination of millions of political figures and innocents if the Avenger’s didn’t hand themselves in.
Instead, they vanished. No one knew where they went, but as the shots rang out in each parliament house, the world lost their faith in the fallen mantle that was the Avengers.
The overtaking of S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters was the most symbolic, and held by far the most casualties, thousands being killed within twenty-four hours of Hydra’s reign.
 In the scheme of the situation, you were small fry. A meek girl who had been hired as a gardener for S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. Like most overpriced, ugly modern buildings, S.H.I.E.L.D. had invested a significant amount of money into adding lush greenery to help aid a less monotonous aesthetic and help with the ‘mental health’ of employees.
Whatever their reasoning didn’t matter to you, all that mattered was keeping the spaces flourishing. Despite the size of the headquarters, there were only three significant garden areas, all situated near the different cafeterias the building held.
You’d often spend your time outside, tending delicately to the foliage that thrived under your gentle touch. It was your pride and joy, watching the way the flowers blossomed and plants bloomed from just small buds. Your life was otherwise dull, but it was enough to live to see something grow under your care.
  On the fateful day, you were standing in the garden of tenth floor cafeteria, when shots rang out and the screaming started.
You weren’t an agent. You didn’t even like watching action movies. So, when green and black clad armed forces sporting the tentacled insignia stormed into the cafeteria, you froze. In the warm breeze your light blue modest summery dress swayed, and it would have been a cool and calming atmosphere if you could hear anything over the shrieks of people inside. You looked to the balcony, but you weren’t stupid enough to think you could survive a ten-floor drop.
A Hydra agent gripped you by the forearm, dragging you inside as you almost tripped over in your kitten heels, your watering can and fertilizer cast aside as you were forced to your knees with the other forty people in the room. You cursed yourself for not dressing more appropriately, but it was a Friday in the middle of summer, and you were meant to be going out for dinner with your only friend, Alice, who worked on the thirteenth floor in finance. You couldn’t help but wonder if she was in the same situation as you. If she was even alive.
The Hydra soldiers watched over the cafeteria, guns held readied, as if they were begging for someone to so much as step out of line. And two poor souls did. Two young women, sobbing uncontrollably, tried to make a run for it. Within seconds they were shot down, bodies slumping to the floor with a sickening thud. Your body was in a state of shock, mouth agape as you couldn’t even conjure a scream.
Everyone in the room stayed silent and compliant after witnessing the deaths, the only sound being the rustling of tactical gear from a Hydra agent or an escaping sob from a hostage.
It felt like you had been sitting on your knees for hours, your joints stiff and sore. Right as you went to shuffle more people entered the room and based off the way all the Hydra agents stood to attention you assumed these people held some importance.
In front of the group stood two men. One in a polished suit that was probably worth more money than you would ever earn, his weathered features glowing with pride as he looked over each of you. You recognized him as Alexander Pierce, a fierce political figure, an obviously corrupt fierce political figure.
You gasped softly at the sight of the man next to him. The Winter Soldier. He was clad in leather and kevlar, every single holster filled with an array of weaponry. He was absolutely dripping with malice, and the black mask that covered the lower half of his face made him all the more intimidating.
“Well, Soldat. Any worthwhile keepers?”
The masked man ran a critical eye across the crowd, assessing each individual with clinical precision. He pointed out a male and female agent who seemed fit enough for Hydra’s standards, and they were swiftly given two options by Pierce.
Join Hydra or die.
The female pledged allegiance, while the male chose death.
Another bloodied body was added to the now growing pile at the side of the room.
As the Soldier ran his analytical gaze through the crowd once more, he froze when he saw you. His heart started racing at the sight of you. You reminded him of his childhood crush from the ‘40’s, a time since lost. He’d lost sweet Mary, but you, you made him feel something he thought he’d never feel again. When your eyes met, he felt at home. It made him want to do nothing more than indulge himself in you, engrave himself into your body and soul so all you could think was him.
The Soldier leaned closer to Pierce, whispering something unintelligible into his ear as he kept his stare on you. You felt a cold sweat starting to dampen your skin at the leering look the masked man was giving you.
You didn’t see the way Pierce started smirking, lost in the emotion bubbling within you, your urge to engage in fight or flight rising with each passing moment.
Within a second, two Hydra agents were upon you, one gipping each arm as you were dragged forward.
Your instincts were a raging wildfire now, and your body gave out your physiological reaction, which to your surprise and the surprise of the guards holding you, you froze.
They’d expected you to kick and scream and fight, even try and run. But your body went taut at the threat, heart rate slowing as your body became immobile, feet dragging. The stunned guards stopped, and the moment they halted you couldn’t keep standing as your knees buckled beneath you.
Despite your body being motionlessness, your vision was clear. You stared in terror at the masked man, unsure of what he wanted with you.
You wanted to go home to your small apartment, sit in your cushioned window nook and read the night away. You wanted to crawl into the plush comfort of your bed and pretend the outside world didn’t exist.
You’d been so detached from the moment, when you blinked the masked man was much closer now, on one knee in front of you as he gripped your chin with his large, calloused hands. Confusion spread through you as your heart fluttered at the touch.
“Oh my little kotenok, you’re so sweet.” When he spoke, the deep rumble of his voice sent tingles coursing through you. His words were muffled by the mask, but his tone almost sounded affectionate and there was a slight twinkle to his eye. It stood out against his hard, ominous exterior. There was an undeniable connection, one that you didn’t understand, as if you were long lost soulmates.
A small whimper left your lips as he shooed the guards away, instead opting to bundle you against his chest and lift you. You were still frigid and numb, but amongst it all, the mixture of leather and a musky woodsy scent of the Soldier wafted through your nostrils. And oddly, it calmed you. His steady heartbeat gave you a rhythm to follow, and so you started counting it. And before you could help yourself, your body gave way and passed out in his arms, just in time to miss the firing of bullets and screams as the hostages left in the room were slaughtered.
Tumblr media
  The Soldier didn’t let you go the entire ride back to base. He sat in the back seat of his ride with you in his arms, snapping at the driver when he so much as looked in your direction. The streets were chaos, but his heavily armored vehicle kept his precious cargo safe.
By the time they reached the Hydra base on the outskirts of the city, hidden underground, the Soldier knew everything there was to know about you from his intelligence holdings. You were around the same age as he was when he was first captured by Hydra, you lived by yourself and had no immediate family, and the only friend you did have had been eliminated in the takeover. You were a quiet hard worker, who was often sighted reading in the garden areas when you were on break. A true sweetheart.
As the vehicle pulled into the base the Soldier looked at security camera footage of you from the morning. You were sitting in the sun, basking in its warmth as the wind lightly tousled your hair. The sight was breathtaking. And the Soldier knew you were exactly who he’d been looking for to have at his side. His own little petalled paradise.
The Soldier carried you to his quarters, which was essentially a penthouse underground, and placed you upon the plush king size bed. He moved to the modern and spacious living room to wait for you to wake. As he read through different intelligence reports, making different tactical plans, he realised that his space was incredibly sterile. There was no life, no plants. Just an impersonal space filled with greys and whites. He made a mental note to move to a better space once the takeover had been completed. You were changing him already.
  It wasn’t long before you woke, your body confused at the lushness beneath you. As you opened your eyes the first thing you noticed the grey bedsheets that were far too comfortable. Although as you remembered what had happened you shot up, stumbling out of the bed and looking yourself over.
You were still fully clothed, even your heels untouched. There were no marks, no injuries. Calming a little you took in the room around you. It felt like a cell, a fancy cell. While you could tell the furnishings were expensive there was no sentimentality to any of it. Wringing your hands, unsure of what to do, you took small steps to peak your head outside the bedroom door.
From your vantage point you could see the back of the Soldiers head. You took a deep breath and started to approach, looking for an escape route as you did. But there was really nowhere to go. And an odd part of you knew there was nothing to go back to anyway. Your job was undoubtedly gone, and that was the only thing that had given you any real joy. You’d immersed yourself in it to distract from the loneliness that pitted in your heart. And now that was taken away, you didn’t have anything to run to.
Hearing your approach, the Soldier looked over his shoulder, his face stern but eyes giving away fondness. You stopped a few steps away from the couch, gasping at the sight of him. The mask was discarded onto the couch next to him, giving you full view of his face.
As if a moth drawn to a flame, you could help but awe at him. He was undeniably beautiful. His messy hair framed his face, his chin and jaw scruffy with facial hair that was previously hidden behind the black plastic of the mask. You imagined him smiling, his nose scrunching in delight as the corners of his eyes crinkled, his pearly whites flashing and breaking his cold exterior.
Anxiety overtook you as you saw the metal arm, red star blaring a scorching reminder of who you stood before. He’s a killer. The Winter Soldier. You’d heard stories of his conquests. Expert assassinations where his victims didn’t even stand a chance. You mentally kicked yourself for admiring the man and downcast your eyes as you gripped your arms, shifting weight from one foot to the other nervously. “Are you going to kill me?”
The Soldier’s brows furrowed at the question, seemingly trying to find the right words for his answer. The couch creaked as he stood and approached you, his form easily towering over yours. He ran his flesh hand down from your temple, leaving it to rest cupped against your cheek. It was an undeniably soft gesture.
“No, pet. If you let me, I’ll give you everything. We will rule together.” For a moment his robotic voice had a slight Brooklyn tone to it, and it caught you off guard.
We will rule together. Your eyes fluttered, mind going blank.
You’d expected him to kill you or give you some sort of cruel ultimatum, like those S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. But he was offering this to you. Asking you to join him.
“But— You’re a monster. A killer.”
He gave a deep, dark chuckle, tilting your head up so his face was inches from yours.
“You don’t seem very scared for someone standing before a monster.”
He was right. Despite everything, there was an odd contentedness that had settled within you. It was unexplainable how he’d so easily captured your heart, twisting it in his grasp so he held your every whim. The danger signals that had previously been ringing in your head had been quelled, and all you could think about was the scent of him, the way you wanted to run your fingers through his hair. Tend to him like a forbidden garden.
You were both wilted, run down from life. But together, you could grow and blossom in the new world set by Hydra.
“I’m scared… By how much I want to say yes,” you admitted honestly, voice rasping as tears threatened to fall.
As wetness trickled down your cheek, he brushed it away with the pads of his fingers.
“Submit to me, kotenok.”
He said simply as you into his eyes, your body subconsciously relaxing at his command. You were hypnotized by him, and when he closed the distance to press his lips to yours, a fire ignited in you like never before.
Everything felt right, like the final puzzle piece being put in place.
This was where you were meant to be.
Your body went lax against him as he picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist and arms around his neck. He broke the kiss for a moment to nip at your lips, a possessive growl passing through him before he clashed your lips back together.
In a moment of boldness, you cheekily ran bit his bottom lip and rolled your hips, enjoying the sounds it elicited from the Soldier. You’d never felt like this - felt the licking flames that were fueling you.
Smirking against your lips the Soldier pressed your back up against the nearest wall, allowing your hips to grind together, your already growing wetness threatening to leak through your thin cotton panties at the feeling of his clothed erection.
The Soldier paused, your lips barely touching as he ground his hips against you again, the movement rubbing your clit. You mewled headily as your head tilted back to rest against the wall, giving him access to suck the skin at the crook of your neck. His hands gripped at the bottom of your dress, hiking it up and pulling it over your head so that he could tear away your underwear and lacy bra with ease.
Normally you would feel self-conscious being bare in front of someone, but with the Soldier and the way he left hickeys along your neck you felt a sense of endearment and security.
“Are you ready for me, kotenok?” He teased uncharacteristically, continuing to move his hips against your wet core as his fingers plucked your sensitive nipples.
As he started to roll your nubs between his fingers, the pleasure rippling through you started to stoke the fire pooling in your abdomen.
“Yes, please, please,” you begged desperately, pussy clenching around nothing as he continued to toy with your tits.
The Soldier complied, removing his hands from you to undo the buckles on his pants, movements quick as it was clear he was as sinfully hungry as you were.
You felt his hard cock prod at your entrance, and for a moment the Soldier stilled, looking at you for permission, making sure this was what you wanted.
You felt yourself falling deeper down the rabbit hole that was the complexities of the Soldier as you nodded your head to him, letting out small breathy pants in anticipation.
One hand on his length and one hand gripping your hip, he began to slowly sink you down on his girth. The stretch was painful despite your flowing juices, and your back arched against the wall as you whined. You gripped against his leather clad chest as you made it all the way to the hilt.
As he slowly began to thrust in and out of you, you made a strangled noise, cheeks flushing as the pain quickly turned to pleasure. The Soldier used his metal hand on your hip to keep you steady as he returned to his ministrations on your nipples with his right hand.
He husked out deep moans that matched your keens as he set a steady rhythm, your hips slapping together. The fire pooling in your abdomen became a searing heat as you felt your orgasm quickly approaching. It was when the Soldier shifted positions so that his member was stroking your g-spot with each thrust that you let out a particularly high moan, body shuddering as your brain went to static, the only thing registering being the carnal pleasure surging through your body and gushing against him.
The Soldier felt your pussy clench around him as you came, the feeling causing him to groan wantonly as he started slamming his hips against you, the steady rhythm lost as he became overwhelmed with the need to fuck you hard.
He pulled you down against his slamming hips, your body drowning in pleasure as his own orgasm approached. With a final groan the Soldier’s frantic thrusts stilled deep in you, his cock pulsing as his cum painted your slick walls.
He rested his head in your neck, hair damp with sweat as he panted. He’d never felt such pure bliss, even before he was given the mantle of the Winter Soldier, when he actually had a chance at a love like this.
You both stayed like that for a moment, gasping for breath as your hearts beat wildly, yet still syncronised with each other, as if you’d melded together to become one.
Time seemed to fly by as the Soldier moved you to the master bedroom’s ensuite, sitting you down in the marble bath before washing you with a gentleness you didn’t expect from the killer. He put you in bed before he went to clean himself. When he returned and climbed into bed with you, there were so many unsaid words hovering between you, but as you moved to snuggle against his broad chest and his hands softly ran through your hair, it seemed that the words weren’t needed.
Tumblr media
     6 months later
The Soldier was a man of few words, but his actions spoke louder than any words anyway. And he took every chance he got to show you how much you meant to him. Within weeks of the Hydra takeover, he had moved to a penthouse apartment of one of the most affluent buildings in New York. You knew of the killings, but you were mostly sheltered from the outside world and the pain it would cause you.
The Penthouse was beautiful. Unlike the basement, the space was bright and lively, and the Soldier had a greenhouse set up on the balcony for you to spend as much time as you’d like in. He filled the study with your favourite novels, set up the cosiest of nooks around the home and allowed you to get anything you wanted for the apartment. You filled the home with greenery that made it feel like a peaceful abode.
The Soldier would often be gone for lengths of time and when he’d return, you’d tend to him like your plants - with care and delicate touches that caused the smallest of smiles to dance across his lips. If there was one thing he cared more about than Hydra, it was keeping you happy.
So, when he sat you down on the pale blue couch one afternoon after he had returned beaten and bloody you were worried, leg shaking anxiously as you awaited his words.
“Pet, we captured Black Widow last night. She knows the location of Captain America. She cares too much for the world, and she needs an incentive, one only you can provide.”
Your eyes widened. He’d never involved you in his dealings before. But you were quick to nod your head. He’d done so much for you, you could return the favour.
“Whatever you need, I’ll do it.”
 Within hours the Soldier had taken you back to the Hydra base you had first visited, escorting you to one of the holding cells. The cement was cold and desolate under your bare feet as you padded to the middle of the room where a wooden chair was waiting. Despite knowing the ploy, you couldn’t help but gulp as you sat in the chair and the Soldier secured your arms and legs down with leather straps. Some of your anxieties dissipated as he pressed a chaste kiss to your lips, but you knew for his plan to work that would be the only tenderness you’d get until the scheme was finished.
The Soldier unsheathed a hunting knife from his thigh holster and twirled it around in his fingers as he waited, not glancing at you as he put himself in the mindset of the Winter Soldier. You hung your head as footsteps approached and willed yourself to start shedding tears like you’d planned. Tears started to drop against your thighs as Natasha Romanoff was dragged into the room, arms bound behind her back. She was very obviously wounded, previous interrogation tactics unsuccessful.
She was thrown at your feet and your eyes met. Her eyes widened in shock at the sight of you before she quickly looked back to the Soldier.
“What are you doing?” She demanded, the fearsome Black Widow doing her best to come across intimidating.
The Soldier remained unfazed, still twirling the knife as he considered her. “Natalia. Tell me where the Captain is hiding.”
Natasha scoffed, shaking her head. But her attitude quickly vanished as the Soldier stalked behind you, gripping your hair and tilting your head back before placing the blade against the thin skin of your throat. You whimpered at the feeling of him pulling your hair, not out of fear but arousal. But to anyone else in the room it would have taken it as a sign of panic.
“Don’t— You wouldn’t—”
“Tell me, or she will die, Natalia. I know you have a heart.” For emphasis the Soldier added the slightest amount of pressure to the blade, allowing for a small cut against your neck as blood began to pool.
The stress passing through Natasha was evident.
She couldn’t give up Captain America’s location. She knew Hydra would capture him the first chance they got. But at the same time, the way her heart was shattering at the sight of you, she knew she couldn’t watch you die either. She couldn’t live with the life of an innocent directly on her hands, her ledger already had far too much dripping red. And the Soldier knew that.
As the Soldier raised a brow at Natasha her breathing quickened.
“Fuck. Fuck. Shit! Alright, alright. Just don’t hurt her.”
A satisfied smirk spread across his lips as Natasha gave away the coordinates of the Captian’s hideout. The Avengers. So easy to play when they want to be a protector.
The Soldier removed the knife from your neck and wiped away small amount of blood, the blood already clotting. “Good, kotenok. You did so well,” he cooed, undoing the restraints and rubbing your wrists to make sure the blood flowed back through them.
Natasha watched in shock as you stood up and pressed a kiss to the Soldiers padded shoulder. He placed a kiss to your forehead in return as he ran a hand down your back.
The Black Widow had been trained in keeping a cool head during missions, but Natasha couldn’t help the anguished cry she let out at the revelation that she had given Hydra the location of Captain America for nothing.
You both didn’t look back at her as you left, leaving her to be dealt with by other Hydra agents. The Soldier had promised that he would let you teach him how properly tend to a rose if you’d done a good job, and based of his praises, you had.
The Winter Soldier was a monster. But he was your monster, and you were his.
Tumblr media
  banners made by me.
hope you all enjoyed my entry into @hydravictrix​‘s Hydra AU 🥰
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fictitiousfoodie · 3 months ago
What A Shame
I LOVED writing this one it is hot and fast. ;) Enjoy 
Bucky has a shitty girlfriend and he soon realizes he should be with you instead. 
Word Count: 1554
Tumblr media
"Bucky, you gotta move on from her. She treats you like garbage, and I get that part of you thinks that's what you deserve, but it isn't. You know if I am honest, Y/N would -"
"STOP. I can not think of her that way, nor do I want to. And thank you for the advice, but Alice said she had something to say, so I will hear her out. I am not saying I am going to forgive her; I am saying that I would hear her out and that if her apology is sincere, I would be willing to try and work on things."  Bucky said, cutting Sam off in the process.
"Ohh are you guys talking about Buck's POS ex-girlfriend?", Y/N asked walking up behind them with the key to the door they were all now standing in front of. She threw the key to Sam, and he unlocked the door.
"I am going to stop telling you two anything about my personal life," Bucky grumbled as he kicked the door in and fired shots into the room. They were raiding another enemy bunker with some special tech that needed to be recovered or destroyed. They were a well-oiled machine at this point. As soon as they breached and secured the room, they called for backup. Their job was done now, and it was time for them to go back home. -------------------------------------- 2 Days Later
"My my my Mr.Barnes, you do clean up well.", Y/N said, playful taking in the now cleaned-up Bucky standing in the kitchen.
Sam let out a low whistle, "I know what you are trying to do and it ain't gonna work on her."
"Wait, What are you trying to do?" Y/N questioned. "Nothing, at all. Sam is just being stupid." "Nah, he is trying to make sure that if he has to reject her, he looks good - make her feel bad about cheating..." "Alleged cheating." Bucky interrupted. "Fine..alleged cheating. But he wants to also make sure he turns her on if he decides to forgive her." Sam finished. "OHHHHH makes sense." Y/N snickered, trying to play along.
Bucky sighed and turned. He had a date, no, not date, a meeting to get to, and he wanted to be tastefully late, not rudely late. He was almost out the door when Y/N ran up and said, "Hey Buck, by the way, the outfit works." Then closed and locked the door.
"Why you gotta play with the man like that?" Sam asked, chuckling under his breath. Y/N didn't say anything. She just shrugged her shoulders and walked off to the living room.
She and Sam were in the middle of watching The Fast and The Furious when the door burst open, and Bucky stomped in.
"You're back soon," Y/N said from her spot in the recliner. She had put on a pair of leggings and an oversized shirt once Bucky had left, not expecting to see him until tomorrow morning.
Sam had turned over his shoulder to look at Bucky, "What happened?" "I ... I guess I will never understand the thinking of a woman," Bucky said with finality and bitterness. Sam sighed, "She didn't apologize..." "Nope, not even once. Tried to say it was because I was gone so much," he shot with a dry humorless laugh. Y/N started to stand up and walk toward the kitchen counter, making sure to pull up the oversized shirt so Bucky could see the curve of her ass as she walked. He had always told himself that there could never be anything between them because Y/N was younger, well younger than he was. She was bright and carefree, both things Bucky tended not to be. But he couldn't lie and say after what Sam had said and the comment she had made earlier, he was starting to consider it. His cock twitched in his pants as her hips swayed in the leggings.
"What a shame, Buck. What a shame. Could've been with me this whole time instead of what's her fucking name," Y/N said, turning and hopping up on the counter, only successfully hiding the smirk she had and not the playfully sinful look on her eyes.
Buckys heart studdered and halted, "With you?"
Sam smirked to himself, knowing that Bucky couldn't ignore it now. Sam had seen it a while ago. They complimented each other slowly. Both of them had started to see it too. "Told ya."
"Sam?" "Yea" "Get out now," Bucky snapped, stalking over to where Y/N sat on the counter, pushing into the space between her legs and getting in her face. "You really want this, Sunshine?" Although it mostly came out harsh as he wrapped his arms around her, there was a softness and genuine kindness behind his words.
"You're smart Barnes, I'm sure you can figure it out." Hearing his last name on her lips was all he needed. He lunged forward and captured her lips. His kiss was soft and gentle at first but soon gave way to hunger. Y/N wrapped her legs around Buckys waist and pulled him in even closer. She moaned into him when his hand tugged softly at her hair. She broke the kiss panting. "God, you taste good, Sunshine," Bucky said, pulling Y/N back in. Her hands went to the hem of his shirt and slide her hands underneath. His skin was warm and soft in contrast to the hard muscles that moved along his abdomen. She wanted to feel his skin against hers. She tugged at the shirt haphazardly, and Bucky got the idea, pulling away and taking his shirt off. Y/N bit her lips at how incredibly turned on she was by the man in front of her. He had barely touched her, and she could already feel the wetness growing between her legs. Bucky was back to her in a moment, shoving his own hand up under her shirt. She gasped at the cool touch of metal to skin.
"Sunflower, if that's the reaction I get from just wrapping my arms around you - you're gonna be ruined by the end of this." He pushed her shirt all the way up and over her head. He growled when he looked down to find Y/N wasn't wearing a bra and was already bared for him. He palmed her breasts and started to kiss down her neck. One hand continued to palm her while the other went to play and twist her nipple. Y/N bit her lip in hopes of stifling the moan he had pulled out of her. Instead, Y/N slid her hands towards the button of his jeans, desperate to get her hands on him. She was able to get the button and fly of his jeans and immediately slid her finger into the space between his jeans and briefs and felt his hard cock. Bucky twitched in her hand and growled, "Careful, Sunshine, you are making it hard to be a gentleman."
"Maybe I don't want a gentleman," she said, running her hand down the length of his cock. "Just remember, princess, you asked for it." Before Y/N knew what was happening, Bucky had pulled her hand from him, scooped her up, and put her on the floor. Then, he yanked her leggings off of her and pulled himself free of the confines of his briefs. Y/N, just starting to catch up to what had happened when Bucky jerked her up and placed her back down on the counter. Then, he moved back in between her legs and slide two of his metal finger into her. Y/N was glad that Bucky had his other arm wrapped around her. She almost fell backward at feeling him slip in and out of her.
"Oh my ...god...please..." Y/N begged. "What, Sunshine? What do you want?" "More...please..." "That's it, use your words. What exactly what you want?" "You...... I want you in me...... Please...."
Bucky couldn't hold back any longer after hearing Y/N beg for him to be in her. He moved his hand to her hip and slid all the way into her. She was tight and warm and felt fucking fantastic. He pulled her up off the counter, and Y/N wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. Bucky pumped into her, and Y/N could immediately feel her orgasm building. He was hitting her just right, and it turned her on even more than he was able to do while holding her. Bucky could feel his own orgasm building and knew, by the way, she was tightening around him, Y/N wasn't far behind.
"That's it, Sunshine, you like when I fuck you rough. Make you mine."
Y/N couldn't respond. She was cumming hard as Bucky continued to fuck her through it. She had never felt so good in her life.
"Sunshine. Answer me, who is fucking you good?"
"You are James. You are." Bucky's hips stuttered, and his eyes flew open wide. He had expected her to call him by his first name, but he loved the sound of it on her lips. A few more thurst, and Bucky was cumming as well.
They stayed there for a moment, both coming down from their highs. Bucky placed a soft kiss on Y/N's forehead and whisper, "Come on, Sunshine. Let's get you cleaned up for round two."
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serendipityrogers · 5 months ago
someone has a crush || b. barnes
summary: peter finally turns twenty-one and is hell-bent on taking you out for a drink. bucky thinks his little crush is cute, but is convinced peter could never handle a woman like you. 
pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader & a little peter parker x female!reader
warning: smut, minors DNI, 18+, not a ton of smut just a sprinkle, oral female receiving
an: i’ve had this idea for awhile and i figured it would be a good one off story, hope y’all enjoy!! not really edited!
Tumblr media
“Tony really went all out, huh?”
Your eyes weren’t sure what to focus on first. The front of the hotel was littered with red and black balloons, streamers, and any other type of decoration you could think of. Across a couple of the front windows was a huge banner with Peter’s face, and in large silver script was ‘Happy 21st Birthday, Peter!’ You laughed at Tony’s ‘too much gene.” Clearly, Tony didn’t want Peter to forget anything about tonight, no matter how drunk he got.
Pepper messaged you earlier today asking if you could come an hour and a half earlier to help with some finishing touches, and of course, you said yes. After quickly collecting your belongings out of your car, your phone, your party clothes you would change into closer to party time, and another helium tank she asked for. As you walked into the building, you noticed the same intensity of decorations seeped into the lobby, and then further into the large ballroom. And if you thought the decorations outside were over the top, they were nothing compared to the ones inside.
“You’re a lifesaver!” Pepper exclaimed, noticing your arrival. She brought you in for a hug, before grabbing the helium tank out from under your arm. “I’m glad I could help, what can I do next?” You asked her, placing your things on a barstool. “Natasha is struggling with that balloon arch, could you please help her?” Pepper pointed toward the center of the room.
There was a black dance floor in the middle of the ballroom, and in the middle of that dance floor was currently Nat. She was surrounded by red and black balloons, desperately trying to attach them to a tall wire shaped like an arch. “I’m on it.” You laughed, reassuring Pepper.
“Need some help, Nat?” The question was asked sarcastically, you could see the frustration clearly on her face. “I swear to god I never want to see another balloon again in my life.” She huffed, another balloon falling off the arch. “It can’t be that hard.” You insisted, taking a seat next to her. Within fifteen minutes, you were already eating your words. Fuck balloon arches.
“Finally.” You said, out of breath. In the last hour, you blew up over seventy-five balloons. But that didn’t matter, the arch was done and anchored to the wall. It wasn’t going anywhere, and you made sure of that. Natasha and you high-fived with both hands, some delusion laughter passing your lips.
“Do you wanna come up to my room and change?” She asked you, stretching her arms above her head. “That would be great, I need to shower, I broke a sweat doing that.” You chuckled, grabbing your things and following her out of the ballroom. The two of you had thirty-ish minutes before the party started, but Natasha and you had a reputation of being fashionably late when possible. Except, for Pepper’s sanity, you would be early today.
As you walked out of the bathroom, Natasha was sitting in front of the mirror applying a layer of makeup. She finished her waterline before looking at you, “Oh, you look damn good.” You loved when she complimented you. It gave you a swell in confidence, because if she thought you looked good, you looked amazing. Your dress was simple, thin straps on your shoulders, wrapped around your body pretty tight, and the bottom hem was asymmetrical.
On the invitation, Tony asked everyone to wear red and/or black. Natasha’s dress was a similar shade of red, but it lacked the straps and was comparable to a long tube top, resting just above her knee. You fluffed your hair and added another layer of lip gloss, waiting for Nat to finish getting ready. Peeking out the window, you saw the parking lot was nearly full. “I’m ready.” Nat said from behind you.
“God, you are hot as shit.” You complimented her, making her blush. “And we wonder why people think we’re together.” She laughed, grabbing her clutch off her bed. As the two of you walked into the hallway, you could hear some muffled music playing, getting louder as you walked closer to the ballroom. People were piling through the main set of doors, and you two followed suit.
“There you guys are!” Pepper sighed with relief as you and Nat walked back into the ballroom. “How does everything look? Should I make any last minute changes? Peter will be here in ten minutes.” Her words were like bullets, firing one after another, unbelievably fast. You grabbed both of her shoulders, “Pep, everything looks wonderful. Peter is gonna love it.” You insisted. She visibly relaxed, her shoulders fell and she let out one long breath. “Now, let me buy you a drink.” Steering her towards the bar.
You bought Pepper, Natasha, and yourself a shot, chasing it with some lime. “Do you feel better now?”
You asked Pepper, stacking all the emptied glasses together. She nodded, pulling out her phone. “Okay, Peter will be here in four minutes. I’m gonna go
meet Tony outside.” And she was gone before either of you could respond. You turned towards Nat, who was eyeing someone at the other end of the bar.
“Who is it now?” You asked, propping your head up next to hers, following her gaze. Your eyes landed on Steve, “Oh come on, Nat.” You rolled your eyes, nudging her with your shoulder. “What? He’s hot.” As if that justified her googly eyes. “You know what that means…” She said, breaking her gaze and looking back at you.
You raised your eyebrows in confusion, “...that means Bucky is here.” She nudged you this time, sending you a wink. “You’re delusional.” Scoffing at her, taking a sip of your beer. “I’m gonna go see him, do you wanna come?” She asked, picking up her clutch from the bar. “I’m good, I can smell the sexual tension from here.” She rolled her eyes at your joke, making you chuckle.
You weren’t alone for long, before someone joined you at the bar. “Speak of the devil.” Muttering loud enough for him to hear. “Talking about me, sweets?” Bucky asked, bringing a green beer bottle up to his lips. “In your dreams, soldier.” You chuckled a bit, rolling your eyes. There was a sudden flood of cheers in the room, eyes training towards the door. Peter walked in, Tony and Pepper standing behind him.
He was shocked, his face registering that emotion well. You watched his eyes dart around the room, shifting between the decorations and the mass of people. Speechless, mouth opening and closing, struggling to find the right words. Everyone began circling around him, giving him hugs, handshakes, and high-fives. His eyes left the crowd of people in front of him, like he was searching for something, or someone.
They landed on you, the corners of his mouth raising higher onto his cheeks, left hand coming up to wave. You smiled back brightly, meeting his wave. “Somebody’s got a crush on you.” Bucky cooed condescendingly. “Oh shut up, no he doesn’t.” You hit him in the chest, rolling your eyes again. You flagged down the bartender for a cocktail.
“You’re insane, if you don’t see that.” He scoffed, placing his empty beer bottle on the bar. Bucky was right, you knew Peter had a crush on you. But you alway figured it was something that would pass. But you were on six years and counting. You figured if you never acknowledged it, it would disappear eventually. “Shut it, Barnes.” Pushing him with your elbow.
“If I didn’t know any better, I would say you were jealous.” You looked up at him through your eyelashes, stirring your cocktail with the small red straw, before placing it between your teeth. Bucky let out a shallow laugh, almost a snort. “Oh, no denial, huh?” Pushing more, placing a hand on his left arm. He immediately tensed, making you chuckle. You opened your mouth to say something, but you felt a hand press against your back.
“Hey, (Y/F/N)!” Peter exclaimed, glancing between you and Bucky, “Hello, Mr. Barnes.” His voice wasn’t as cheery, but he put a hand out for him to shake. Bucky did so with a big smile. “Peter, I told you to call me Bucky.” His metal arm grabbed at Peter’s shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze. “Right.” Was all Peter said.
“Happy birthday, Pete!” You cheered, bringing him in for a tight hug. His other hand came to rest on the one already resting on your back. “God, finally, you’re 21.” You chucked, he was the last person in his friend group to reach legal drinking age. “I know it’s only taken 21 years.” He joked, “I actually feel like an adult now.” He admitted. Peter’s hand lingered as you two pulled away from the hug.
“Let me buy you a shot! You want one Buck?” Your attention turned towards him, he shook his head, gesturing towards his new beer. You never understood why Bucky drank, it was literally impossible for him to get drunk. “Two Melon Ball shots, please!” You called towards the bartender who gave you a thumbs up. “I’ll talk to you later, sweets.” Bucky cooed, sending you a wink. One exaggerated enough that Peter noticed.
Soon the shots appeared, and you thanked the bartender. Handed one to Peter, he removed his hand from the small of your back. “Ready?” You asked, bringing the small glass up to your lips. With Peter’s nod, you poured the liquor into your mouth. The vodka made your throat burn, and the melon taste made your lips pucker. Peter made a similar face as yours, making you laugh.
“God, that sucked.” He laughed, placing the glass beside yours. “Well, do you love it?” You asked him, gesturing towards the room. “Oh, it is definitely amazing.” His eyes bounced between all the people. “You should have seen Pepper earlier, I thought she was gonna burst a blood vessel or something.” You laughed, “And that fucking balloon arch was a nightmare.” Just the thought of it made you want to drink.
You took this time to take in Peter’s appearance. His hair was pushed back with a small amount of hair gel to help. His shirt was black, a quarter-button up, with no buttons done up. A pair of charcoal grey dress pants and a black dress shoes. He accessorized with a fancy watch on his left wrist. You couldn’t deny that he looked very good.
“So, now that I’m 21, are you gonna let me take you out for a drink?” The question made you tense up. Your head swirled, trying to come up with an answer. “Peter…” Was all you said before your voice trailed off. “I know you’re older now, but in my mind, you’re always gonna be that kid I met in his sophomore year of high school.” You tried to say it sweetly, not wanting to ruin his night or your friendship.
You could feel his arm snake around your waist, pulling you closer to him, “C’mon (Y/F/N), but I’m not a kid anymore, give me a chance.” He insisted, his grip tightening around you, causing you to place a hand on his chest. Peter was never good at hiding his crush on you, but he was throwing caution to the wind tonight. “Parker, you’ll always be a kid to me You know we can’t do this.” The words left your mouth, but you could feel your heart racing.
He looked away for a second, eyes scanning the crowd quickly. You felt his hand move further down your back, he was practically touching your ass. Slowly, he leaned in, lips right next to your ear. His voice was deeper than normal and in a whisper, “Then let me prove to you, I’m not.” The words sent shivers down your spine, and a small gasp fell past your lips. You could hear him chuckling.
“Peter, hey!“ A hand appeared on Peter’s shoulder. He reluctantly pulled away, rolling his eyes so that only you could see. Before turning toward the person, he branded his face with a smile. “Hey, Cap.” His voice went back to its normal octave. Steve stood beside Peter now, instead of behind him. His grip loosened on your waist, before pulling away completely. “Let me buy you a drink.”
Before Peter could protest, Steve was steering him away from you and towards the opposite side of the bar. You could now feel that your face was very warm, and your mind and body were fighting one another. But before you could think about it anymore, you were joined by a familiar face.
“Well, that was quite a show.” Bucky laughed, leaning against the bar in front of you. You avoided his gaze, trying to build up a facade once more. “So you were watching, huh?” You asked, abandoning the small red straw and drinking straight from the cocktail glass. “Yeah, it was cute.” He shrugged, an unimpressed look on his face. “Cute? Sure, if that’s the word you want to use.” You chuckled, your heartbeat back down to a normal level.
“Yeah, it’s cute he thinks he could handle a woman like you.” This statement peeked your interest highly. A laugh passed your lips, out of pure disbelief. “Oh, and you think you can?” You asked, testing the waters of this conversation. “Not a doubt in my mind, doll.” He knew that nickname made your head spin. He’s always had this effect on you, but you weren’t sure if it was the alcohol or the fiasco with Peter but you felt mischievous.
“Are you willing to prove it, Sergeant?” His whole body tensed at the nickname. Confidence swelled inside you, knowing you had the same effect on him. “Right here, right now, if you wanted.” Bucky confessed, metal hand coming to rest on your cheek. His thumb landed on your bottom lip, pulling it away from your top lip. You took the opportunity to swirl your tongue around the tip of his metal finger. The cool vibranium contrasted against the warmth of your mouth.
His eyes widened for a moment, before his lips turned into an evil smirk. “My hotel room is just d-I’m not that easy, Buck.” You chuckled, placing your hand on top of his metal one, and pulling it away from your face. Confusion registered on his face, “You gotta work for it, soldier.” And with that, you walked away, leaving him speechless. Your eyes wander around for Peter, you were about to use this leverage to your advantage.
Of course, you felt guilty for using Peter like this, but that was the last of your worries. You would make it up to him somehow. You saw Peter standing with Ned a couple feet away, no Captain in sight. “There you are, Peter.” Smiling, as you joined Peter, “Hey Ned.” You had met him around the same time you met Peter. The three of you chit-chatted for a while, and you bought both of them a drink. “Hey Ned, would you mind grabbing me a cupcake? My feet are killing me.” You asked him sweetly.
Peter shot him a look, one he didn’t want you to see, that basically screamed ‘leave.’ Ned took the hint, and rushed off. “Ya’know, I thought about that drink a little more…” Your voice trailed off, you had to speak a little louder than normal, due to the loud music but also to make sure Bucky could hear the conversation from a few stools away.
“Wait, really?” He sounded shocked, but his face read with excitement. You planted one of your hands on his bicep, creating a wind-shield wiper type movement with your thumb. And as if your touch was like a green-light, his right hand moved towards your hip, giving it a slight squeeze. He pulled you closer to him, the two of you chest to chest once more.
“What changed your mind?” He asked, slowly, but surely, moving his hand further towards your back, until he reached the very top of your ass. You hummed, pretending to play dumb, “Well, I just happened to notice how good twenty-one is looking on you already, and decided to give you a shot.” It seemed like as soon as the words left your mouth, Ned appeared with two cupcakes. “Thanks Ned!” You exclaimed, popped the entirety of the small cupcake into your mouth.
Your eyes wandered towards Bucky, but he was gone. Suddenly you felt stupid. That whole charade and he wasn’t even there. “Excuse me real quick.” You muttered towards the two boys, leaving them in confusion. Scanning the crowd, for couldn’t find the man anywhere, so you stepped out. As soon as the door fell closed behind you, there was a tight grip around your wrist, pulling you in the direction of the elevator. And before you knew it, you were being thrown onto a hotel bed, like you weighed nothing.
Bucky hovered above you, a hand on either side of your head, caging you between him and the bed. Your hands struggled to decide where to place themselves, eventually landing on the back of his neck, twirling the small hairs around one of your index fingers. His lips landed on your jawline, placing soft open-mouthed kisses along it. His stubble left a very minor scratchy feeling on the soft skin of your face.
You brought the lobe of his ear between your teeth, pulling at it slightly. Your tongue traced the shell of his ear, before pulling away slightly, and speaking softly into his ear. “We don’t have much time, Buck.” And with your words, it was like a flip. Any sweetness seeped out of his body, and his movements became more aggressive. He pulled away from you, causing your arms to fall onto the bed.
He moved quickly, his hands gripped your hips, his vibranium hand tighter than the other. Your dress was pulled up and bunched up around your waist. His fingers quickly ripped your panties down to your ankles, before pulling them off completely and placing them on the bed next to you. Your knees rested on his shoulders like two puzzle pieces.
Teasingly, he planted soft kisses on the inside of your thighs, his stubble creating a sweet burning sensation. Out of nowhere, he licked a stripe up your pussy, collecting your arousal on the tip of his tongue. It mixed with his saliva and lubricated the entire area. Your phone buzzed somewhere on your bed, the first time you ignored it. You were sort of
busy, and honestly didn’t hear it until the last minute.
But once it rang again, you definitely heard it. Reluctantly, you began feeling around the bed for it, with Bucky still between your legs. “What’re you doing?” He asked, placing soft kisses between your thighs. “I need to find this phone, this is the second time they’ve called.” You explained, hand landing directly on the phone.
“Fuck.” You muttered, reading the name off your phone, “It’s Peter.” You groaned, answering it. “Hello?” You asked, trying to sound as normal as possible. “Hey, where are you?” He sounded a bit frustrated, you could hear the loud music playing on the other end of the phone call. Just as you were about to answer him, Bucky’s tongue delved back between your lips. A strangled noise passed your lips, that you quickly played off as a cough.
“Are you okay?” Peter sounded concerned now, your brain malfunctioned at the feeling between your legs. The mixture of his warm tongue and stubble rubbing abrasively along the inside of your thighs turned your thoughts to mush. “Hello? (Y/F/N)? Where are you?” Peter asked again, the frustrated tone coming back. “I-I ran out to my c-car, why?” You managed to muster out, your free hand flying to the top of Bucky’s head, pulling his hair.
“We’re gonna cut my cake here in a couple minutes, and I want to make sure you’re here for it. So please hurry up with whatever you’re doing.” That was all Peter said before ending the phone call. You didn’t even have a moment to feel guilty, to be distracted by the tightening feeling growing in your stomach. “You’ve got four minutes.” You muttered, arching your back off the bed. “I just need three.” The vibration from his words made your toes curl in your high heels.
His tongue began to work overtime, and you even felt a new sensation. A cooler sensation and you glanced down and saw his metal thumb land on your clit. Your body jerked at the new feeling, and he chuckled at you. You opened your mouth to give him a smart remark, but couldn’t even force your lips to form words. He started rubbing small circles with his thumb, while his mouth worked on the lower half of your pussy.
“Holy shit…”You repeated this phrase about half a dozen times as your orgasm hit you like a ton of bricks. Your legs tensed up, and your grip on his hair tightened, which seemed impossible, you were surprised you didn’t rip any of it out. His finger and tongue kept working as you rode out your high until you were sensitive and even then he didn’t stop. You had to practically kick him out from between your legs.
Once he was finally out from between your legs, he barricaded you back between the bed and his arms again. You bit your lip at the sight of him, his chin covered in your juices. He gripped your chin, tightly, planting a sloppy kiss on your lips. “I just wanted you to taste yourself, sweets, and how fitting that nickname truly is.” He winked at you, his words making heat creep onto your cheeks. “We should go.” You said, trying to push him off you.
“Under one condition.” He cocked an eyebrow at you, a devilish smile on his face. You rolled your eyes, and laughed, “What could you possibly want now?” Pausing your movements to get up. The grip on your chin tightened,” After this stupid party, I get to feel that tight pussy of yours wrapped around my cock.” The abruptness of his words caught you off guard. But your smart-ass nature came flooding back quickly, two could play this game. “Yes, sir…”
And with that, while he was stunned, you were able to push him off you. He landed on the bed beside you, and you finally stood and pulled your dress back over the curve of your ass. Quickly, you approached the mirror, repositioning your dress, styling your hair to as close as it was before, and wiping away any stray lipgloss. Bucky walked up behind you, palming your ass with his hands. “Give me your panties.” He mumbled, looking into your eyes through the mirror.
“Are you insane? Absolutely n-“ You were cut off by feeling a tightening sensation around your throat. In the mirror, you could see Bucky’s left hand covering the entirety of your throat, squeezing around the sides. His lips lined up with your ear, “Now.” His voice was forceful, and you didn’t dare play smart-ass right now. You quickly stepped out of your drenched panties and placed them into his hand.
“We should probably get going.” And with those simple words, he released the grip on your throat and placed your panties in one of his back pockets. The walk back to the party was silent, the cold breeze floating between your legs as you walked, made your legs feel like jelly with every step. “I hate you, Barnes.” You muttered, loudly enough for him to hear, before pushing the door open to enter the party once more.
“Thank god, took you long enough,” Peter said, almost instantly greeting as you walked back in. His eyes shifted towards Bucky, and then back to you. His eyes scowled at you, but you simply shrugged. “Oh him? He borrowed one of my, uh, that’s not the point.” You struggled to come up with an excuse. And like the universe was listening, someone called Peter’s name. It was Tony.
“Let’s go cut this cake!”
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yarnforbrains · a month ago
Kinktober: Day 16 - Bed Sharing
Tumblr media
This is 100% one of my favorite tropes ever: ONE BED. And with Bucky? fuck me running. I'm ready to die and go to heaven. Also on ao3.
Warnings/Tags: 18+, MINORS DNI, spanking, fingering, p in v, dirty talking, creampie,
Words: 3.5k
“You have got to be shitting me.” I cursed under my breath as the humvee pulled up to the outpost. We had been traveling most of the day on makeshift roads, slowly making our way up through the treeline to base camp and I was miserable. I was cold. I was tired. I was bored. I had done all of the easy puzzles in my sudoku book, and I couldn’t figure out the rest. There was no radio in the humvee, and even if there had been, I doubted we would be able to pick anything out.
It wouldn’t have been so bad if my “chaperone” had said more than three fucking words to me the entire time. Somehow he managed to make me feel like a burden and completely invisible at the same time. It wasn’t fair, but I was pretty sure it was intentional. It seemed like everyone but him knew that I had a crush on him, and I would bet money that was the reason why we had been sent on assignment together.
“That’s ‘the outpost’? I mean, I knew we weren’t going to be staying at a Hilton but - fuck, man - that looks like Baba Yaga’s hut.” I gestured wildly to the small structure in front of us and was met with a blank stare. “What? You never heard of Baba Yaga? Ogress? Fuckin’ cooks people and eats ‘em and -”
“You speak all those languages, and you choose to spew profanities.” My reluctant companion rolled his eyes before shutting off the vehicle and leaving me behind as he trudged through the snow to what I was pretty sure was a haunted house at the very least. The humvee had only been off for a few seconds, but it was quickly chilling without the heater on. I had no other choice but to scurry along after Bucky.
He moved quickly. By the time I stumbled in the door, stomping snow off my boots, he had already started a fire. Immediately I went to it, pulling my layers of gloves off and holding my hands out towards it. I sighed as I felt the feeling creep back into my cold hands. With one part of my body now warm, the rest of me demanded it as well. I toed off my boots and stripped out of my snowsuit and kicked it out of the way, luxuriating in front of the fire, soaking up the heat like a lizard on a rock, basking in the sun.
“Don’t worry. I’ll get the rest.” Rife with sarcasm, Bucky had brought in our things and was turning around for another trip to the humvee to retrieve equipment. Any feelings of guilt I had were melted by the extravagant decadence of the hot fire. If he had wanted help, he could have asked for it, but that would have involved speaking to me. The weather was frigid enough; he didn’t need to be so cold.
When he returned, a gust of cold air filled the room. Bucky kicked the door close, set the bags down and complained under his breath about the cold.
I watched him over my shoulder as he stomped the snow off his boots and tossed his wool toque onto the table. “Aren’t you the Winter Soldier?” I layed a heavy emphasis on the season. “Shouldn’t you be used to this? I am from Texas. The weather doesn't do this god awful thing in Texas. You might be used to this, but I am not.” I refused to apologize for being cold, even if it was making me irrationally irritable.
“It’s almost -30° out.”
I shrugged at his question. “How would I know that?”
“You realize I spent the last several years in Africa - where it’s hotter than Texas?” He dropped the case he was carrying and glared.
I turned back to the fire and struggled to find the right words. “Shut up.” I failed and gave up.
Bucky scoffed while tossing his snowsuit coat and the thick jacket he wore underneath it onto the table on top of his toque. He was handsome - offensively handsome - with a jaw I wanted to press a kiss to and a body I wanted to climb like a tree. The man could have been wearing a clown suit and a rainbow wig, and I’d still want him. I didn’t want to spend the assignment fighting with him.
I swallowed my pride and apologized for being such a brat during our trip. “I get mouthy when I get nervous.”
“It’s okay. It’s kind of cute.” The barest hint of a smile tugged at his lips, and my stomach flip-flopped. “You'll get less nervous the more you do this.” He misunderstood. I wasn’t nervous about the assignment. I was nervous because of my crush on him.
Bucky joined me at the fire, peeling off his own gloves and setting them on the worn, wooden mantle. He held his right hand out to warm it as I had, but his left arm stayed by his side. I had seen flashes of his metal arm briefly during our trip, but hadn’t asked any questions. We hadn’t spoken much over the last few days. I did a lot of complaining about the cold; he did a lot of brooding. Now that I was no longer cold, I was curious.
“Does it get cold?” I ventured, motioning towards his left arm with my chin.
“I mean the metal. Does the metal get cold and make your shoulder cold, too?”
He shook his head. His left hand flexed at his side, the scale-like pieces interlocking gracefully peeking out from under the cuff of his sweater.
“Can I touch it?”
Bucky looked at me as if it was the first time he’d been asked, but he held his left arm out to me nonetheless. I held his wrist and pushed his sleeves up, running my fingers over it, intrigued by how the pieces fit together and worked as one. “It’s beautiful.”
I stepped closer and pushed his sleeve up his arm to his elbow joint. Gently manipulating his arm, I stepped in front of him to get a better look. The arm was crafted beautifully, curving and sloping where muscles would have been, creating graceful lines out of vibranium. It wasn’t until my hand had crested over his shoulder, tracing the line where flesh met metal under his sweater that I realized how I had intruded on his personal space. I withdrew my hand quickly as if the arm that couldn't get cold somehow held heat and burned me.
“I’m sorry. I -” Embarrassed, I met his gaze and tried to explain. Bucky swallowed thickly and ran his tongue across his bottom lip, his blue eyes stormy and tumultuous.
“Don’t worry about it.” Bucky lifted his mechanical hand and tucked a stray lock of hair behind my ear. I shivered as his fingers grazed my neck, his eyes still set on mine.
“I won’t worry about it,” I repeated dumbly. Bucky smirked and dropped his hand; my eyelids fluttered at the loss of contact.
“Good girl.” With another ridiculous smirk, he turned back to the fire. I swayed on my feet, trying to convince myself that just because he was being nice, it wasn’t anything more than professional courtesy.
Still, I felt my cheeks and ears flushing pink. Stepping away from the fire, I gave our shelter a thorough look. It had looked bad from the outside, but the inside was both better and worse. The floors were slightly uneven. The curtains were threadbare, and the table looked wobbly, but it was warm. As I continued to look around the room, butterflies took flight in my stomach.
“Hey, Buck?” The apprehension in my voice drew him to my side.
“Yeah, doll?” The endearment spurred the butterflies into flight again. This was getting to be a problem.
I nodded my head towards the piece of furniture against the wall.
Bucky followed my line of sight, smiling deviously while he draped his arm over my shoulder. “What about it?”
“Is that the bed?” slipping out from under his arm, I sat on the edge of the bed and bounced on the mattress. I cringed as it squeaked in protest and gave a little under my weight. The metal bed was noisy, and I could feel the springs through the blanket. It looked like an antique, but not in a valuable sort of way, but more like a this was a piece of shit when it was made and it’s a piece of shit now.
The bed lurched as Bucky sat down next to me, and I grabbed onto his arm, afraid it would collapse under our combined weight. “Is this where you offer to sleep on the floor?” My voice was small. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to share a bed with him. I very much did, but I would prefer a stable bed. One with clean sheets that didn’t require a tetanus booster to sleep in.
“I’ve slept on enough floors.” His answer was sobering, and I felt bad for my joke. Given his history, it had been in poor taste.
“I’d think one would be too many for me.” I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself. The storm was picking up outside, and the temperatures were dropping. Our warm, little, witch’s hut was starting to feel colder and colder, and the trip had taken its toll on me. I closed my eyes as a yawn overtook me, and when I opened them again, Bucky was watching me. I smiled sheepishly, slightly embarrassed by how tired I felt.
If I was this tired, he had to be exhausted. Bucky had barely slept while we traveled. He was the one that had done all the work so far; I was just along for the ride. “You don’t have to sleep on the floor. I -”
“We could just pull the mattress off and stick up in front of the fire.”
I was grateful for the interruption because I didn’t know how I was going to finish that sentence. Bucky’s solution was perfectly reasonable so I nodded in agreement and helped him move the flimsy mattress. We found some extra blankets and flattened pillows in a closet and shook them out, sending dust into the air.
“We have an early start tomorrow.” Bucky groaned and plopped himself onto the mattress. His joints popped and sang out, and I smothered a smile when he glared at me. “It’s not nice to laugh at an old man, you know.” He pulled off his boots and set them to the side.
“You might be 100 years old, but you’re a super soldier. Your joints are probably in better shape than mine. I have no sympathy for you.”
Bucky clicked his tongue at me and pulled the covers out from underneath him. “Come on, doll. I won’t bite unless you ask me to.” He lifted the blankets and motioned for me to climb in and take my spot next to him.
We were going to share this dilapidated old mattress. Ok. That was fine. We could both be adults about this. I just had to keep myself from fondling him or trying to mount him in my sleep. I could do that. I would just stay on my side and do my best not make an ass of myself.
Taking a deep breath, kicked off my boots and joined him under the covers. We were being polite. Each of us kept to our own side; no limbs crossed over the imaginary border between us. We laid there in silence, listening to the wind howling outside and the logs crackling in the fireplace. During our trip, I had spent hours watching him; now I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. But I could smell him and feel the heat pouring off of him.
Several minutes crawled by with the two of us just lying in bed awkwardly - not talking, not touching. Not nothing. Bucky was the first to break.
“This is ridiculous. Come here.” Without warning, his arm went around my waist, and he tugged me backwards until our bodies collided. My breath hitched as he stretched his arm out underneath me and rested my head on his bicep. The arm around me tightened, and Bucky slid closer, tangling our legs together under the sheets.
My breath was shallow and quick, and he stole what little I had left when he nuzzled against my ear. “We will stay warmer this way.”
I accepted his logic and nodded my head in agreement, afraid to speak.
“It’s not just that...” his breath tickled my ear, and I suppressed a shudder as goosebumps erupted over my skin.
“Not just what?” I tried to roll over to face him, but Bucky’s hold on me kept me from doing so.
“I traded Clint for this assignment.” Bucky nipped at my neck then sucked on the sensitive skin.
I swallowed my gasp and sunk back against him. “You volunteered?” I thought he had been ordered to come along. I had no idea that he even knew who I was, let alone hope that he might even be interested in me.
He hummed in agreement and sent a bolt of electricity straight to my core. “I’m a little sweet on you, doll.” He kissed the side of my neck again and nuzzled closer to me.
I wetted my dry lips with my tongue, but it was dry too. This man was too charming with his old timey talk, and I was too enamored to care.
“I figured you wouldn’t mind too much.” There was a shred of vulnerability in his voice that showed his sincerity. I shook my head and admitted to the crush I had on him.
His hand around my waist moved and began stroking my hip. “Are you sure you don’t want me to sleep on the floor? I don’t think I can keep my hands to myself.”
I gasped as he rolled his hips and pressed his erection against me. “I don’t want you to.”
“What, doll?” Bucky’s hand traveled between my legs, and he cupped me through my clothes. I moved against his hand, starting to feel needy for him. “Sleep on the floor or keep my hands to myself.”
“Either one.” My voice was shaky. I wanted him badly.
“I want to touch you.” His hand dropped to my waistband, his fingertips dipping under the elastic. I knew he would find me wet and wondered if his metal hand had the capability of feeling just how soaked I was for him.
My skin was on fire where his lips kissed my neck, and a moan slipped out of me before I could stop it. Bucky took that as permission and slid his hand further into my pants, parting my slit with his fingers and rubbing me gently.
His metal hand felt cool against the slick heat of my arousal. He teased me, putting his fingers everywhere but where I wanted them to be. Needy mewls poured from my lips while I rolled my hips, frustratingly aching for more contact. Bucky pressed himself against my bottom again, and each time I rolled my hips, his cock grew harder against me. I reached out blindly behind me, wanting to get my hands on him. I wanted to touch him and drive him as crazy as he was making me.
But he had other plans.
Bucky’s mouth nipped at my ear as whispering huskily, voice growly and demanding. “Three days, doll. I didn’t touch you for three days.”
I was getting close. I grabbed onto him, my nails scratching across the plates that made up his arm. He laughed breathily in my ear, abandoning my clit to fuck me with his finger. I cried out as he moved inside of me, curling up to hit the spot inside of me that made stars explode behind my eyes.
“Do you know how hard it was to keep my hands to myself on that damn train? Every time I looked up, you were there, sucking on the end of that damn pen.” Another finger slid into me, and I frantically grabbed his wrist and ground down on his fingers.
“And today?” He pumped his fingers into me slowly, pulling moans from me while I rode his hand. “You kept looking at me like you wanted to fuck me.” His words sent me arching against him. “Do you want to be fucked, doll?” Bucky kissed his neck and scraped his teeth along the sensitive skin. I clenched around his fingers and moaned. His voice, his dirty words, and the sloppy sound of his fingers inside of me were pushing me towards a quick orgasm..
“Yes. Please, Bucky. Fuck me. Please fuck me, Bucky.” I didn’t recognize my voice as the one doing the begging. “Fuck. Don’t stop. Please. I’m so close. Oh god - right there.”
“Don’t come until I tell you. Understand?” I nodded my head fiercely and cried out when he withdrew his hand. His fingers were shiny with my wetness as he brought them up to my mouth and smeared my own juices across my lips. “Suck.”
Captivated, I opened my mouth dutifully, and he slid his fingers inside. I did as he asked and sucked his fingers clean. The taste of my own arousal mixed with the slight metallic tinge of his fingers had me desperate and dripping.
“That’s right. Good girl.” Bucky showered me with praise while I sucked on his fingers.
Removing his fingers from my mouth, he rolled me onto my stomach and moved in between my legs. Bucky pulled my pants down, growling when he saw I still had leggings and long johns on underneath. Bucky curled himself over my body and whispered into my ear while pulling the rest of my clothes down. “Keep that ass in the air for me, sweetheart.” I arched my back and presented myself to him. I was ready to follow any order he gave me if it meant he kept touching me.
Behind me, I heard the sound of a zipper and the rustling of clothes. Bucky crawled closer on his knees and spit into his hand and wet his dick with it. “I don’t think I even need this. You’re drenched.” He ran his finger through my slit again,and then I felt the warm pressure of his cockhead at my entrance. We moaned together as he pushed forward, his hands on my hips, holding me where he wanted me.
“Fuck, you’re tight. And so wet.”
My mouth was open and panting at the burning stretch of him inside of me.
“Good girl. That’s it. Look how well you take me. Like you were made for my cock.” I could barely pay attention to the praise Bucky showered on me. He felt so good inside of me, but I still wasn’t satisfied.
“More. Please, Bucky. Please?” I pleaded with him for more, my mind dizzy with sensation. I was stretched wide around him. I’d never had a man this size, and I never wanted anyone other than him again.
Hushing me gently, Buck pulled back slowly then snapped his his as he thrust forward into me. He hit deep, making me cry out. He did it again, a slow drag followed by a fast fuck. His fingers on my hips tightened, and I knew I would probably have bruises in the morning, but I didn’t care. I begged him again to go faster and give me more, and Bucky held me tightly as he began pistoning into me.
It only took a few strokes for my orgasm to build, and I tried my best to keep it at bay, but Bucky groaned my name and redoubled his efforts. My body was shaking with the impact of each thrust, and I nearly came off the bed when a hard smack landed on my buttcheek. The impact sent me clenching around him, the pain of the strike mixing with the pleasure of his cock driving me to the brink.
“I should have known a filthy mouth like yours would like to get fucked hard. You like that?” I nodded frantically, and Bucky slapped the other cheek. “Are you ready, slut? Are you ready to come for me?” I cried out my answer, and sobbed as he fucked me into the mattress. .
I was undone with one word, spasming around him. My orgasm set off Bucky’s, and he came with a ragged groan, snapping his hips against mine and pouring his come inside me. We stayed locked together, catching our breaths until he stopped pulsing inside of me. After slipping from me, Bucky pulled the layers of clothing back over my bottom and flopped down beside me.
“Keep that there,” he ordered, patting my butt. “I like knowing you’re dripping my come.”
I nodded mutely, still dazed and amazed, happy in my post orgasmic haze. Bucky called me to him, and I tucked myself back into the crook of his arm. Taking my hand in his, he kissed my palm and set it on his chest. “We should sleep,” he said. “We have an early day tomorrow.”
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just-dreaming-marvel · a month ago
Torture ~ Part 2
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 9,145ish
Summary: You and Bucky get captured, and it’s definitely not an easy time.
Warnings: ANGST - torture, nudity, mentions of sex, unwanted sexual experiences, near drowning, blood
< Part 1
Tumblr media
Bucky groaned as he began to come to. Though his eyes were already shut, they clenched as he slowly remembered what had happened. 
You had gone down and it was clear the agents were purposefully trying to get Bucky away from you. But then there was the white smoke that made him tired. He couldn’t remember anything after that.
Slowly, he blinked, his eyes needing to adjust to the brightness of the room. The lights on the ceiling were LED, he immediately noticed. He was laying on top of a thin mattress that did nothing to support him. There was a silver sink and a silver toilet in the corner, with a silver chair besides them. Sitting up, he could tell the wall in front of him was pure glass, while the wall to his right and behind him were pure white. Looking over to his left, he first thought that that wall was a mirror until, instead of himself he saw, he saw you.
You were lying on an identical mattress in an identical looking room. You were still out like a light, which concerned him, but at least he could see you. Bucky noticed in that moment that they had stripped you both of your tac gear and dressed you in short compression shorts and tank tops. He slowly pushed himself to his feet and walked over to the glass wall that separated you. He knocked on the glass with is metal hand.
“Y/N,” he called. “Y/N, wake up.” You moaned as you started to stir awake. “Come on, sweetheart, wake up.”
“Wh—what?” you rasped, eyes slowly opening. You tiredly looked around as you pushed yourself up and leaned your upper body against the wall behind you. “What… How—“ you turned to see Bucky standing on the other side of a glass wall, his metal hand pressed against the glass. “Bucky? Where… where are we?”
“I have no clue.” He shook his head, studying the two rooms again. “It’s too clean in here.”
“Have no fear, Soldier,” a man’s gravelly voice interrupted. “I have a feeling that it won’t be that way for long.”
Two completely uniformed HYDRA agents walked in through a hidden door on the other side of the glass wall at the front of the rooms. A tall, middle-aged man in the same uniform was right behind them, with two more agents behind him. It was clear that man in the middle was in charge. 
You pushed yourself up against the wall, wanting to make sure that you didn’t look threatened by the man. Which you really weren’t, you just needed to make sure that he didn’t see you as weak. Both you and Bucky carefully watched as the man stood in front of the two rooms with a smug smirked etched onto his face.
“Welcome back to HYDRA, Winter Soldier,” the man said. “It’s been too long.” You bit the inside of your cheek to keep yourself from doing anything stupid. From the corner of your eye, you could see Bucky’s jaw clench. “And Agent L/N, nice of you to join our ranks.”
“Who are you?” Bucky asked, his voice low and dangerous.
“Oh, yes,” the man chuckled. “Of course you wouldn’t remember me. I’m Jack Snow. I was simply like one of these men back when you were here, Soldier,” he motioned to the guards near him. “Just doing what I needed to for my beliefs and to rise the ranks of HYDRA.”
“What do you want with us?” You asked, keeping your voice strong and steady.
His dark blue eyes, almost black, bore into you as his snapped his head in your direction. His eyes slowly went up your form as he studied you. You tried not to shiver and tense under his gaze. You could faintly hear the whirling of Bucky’s metal arm as he clenched his fist.
“That, my dear, all depends on the two of you,” Snow responded. “I need information on the Avengers and my Soldier back, you two will be able to give me both.”
“Let her go,” Bucky said. “If you want the Winter Soldier back, she has nothing to do with it.”
“That’s where you’re wrong. Since the trigger words are no longer working with you, we need leverage. And she,” Snow pointed a finger towards you, “is your perfect leverage.”
“I won’t do anything for you unless you let her go.”
“I’m not so sure about that.” 
Snow stepped forward and tapped on the glass of your room. A small rectangular control panel appeared. You and Bucky watched as his fingers pressed a few things. It was a quiet change, but noticeable to you. The vents were making a rushing sound, like they were sucking something in. It quickly began to get harder and harder to breathe. You lifted your hands and they gentled clawed at the bottom of your throat. With wide, frantic eyes, you looked to Bucky, falling to your knees as you started choking.
“Y/N!” Bucky shouted as he rammed his metal fist into the glass, failing to make a single crack or dent. “Y/N!”
Your eyes were growing heavy as less and less oxygen reached your lugs. You could faintly hear Bucky’s shouting and pounding from the other side of the glass. With your body quickly giving out, you collapsed onto the floor, still taking shallow, barely there breaths. 
“Y/N! NO!” Bucky screamed, falling to his knees. John Snow cackled. “I’ll do anything you want! Just stop hurting her!”
John grin grew victoriously. “Excellent.” 
His fingers reach back up to the controls.  Air was swiftly pushed back into your cell, causing you to choke slightly as it began to fill your lungs once again. Bucky closed his eyes in relief at seeing your chest rise and fall normally again.
“You both will do what I want,” John said, “but first I will have to break you both in order to know that I have pure compliance.” The man turned and began heading towards the door out, the guards following. “Welcome home, Soldiers. We have a lot of work to do.”
The door shut and Bucky pressed himself up against the glass, trying to reach you.
“Sweetheart, can you hear me?” He asked, the worry in his voice was also compressed against his chest. You nodded, opening your eyes and turning your body to face him. “I’m so sorry this happened. I’m going to get you out of here. I promise.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Buck,” you rasped, crawling over to lean against the glass wall that separated your two cells. 
“I’m so sorry, doll… for everything.”
“Are you saying that because of the situation we’re in or because you actually mean it?”
“I mean it, Y/N. Every word. And once we get out of here I’m set on proving to you that I mean it.”
All you could get yourself to do was swallow harshly and then nod. Your body was tired, having the oxygen taken from it. Your eyes fluttered shut before your whole body jolted awake, almost like it had already decided it was too scared to fall asleep.
“You need to rest,” your half-opened eyes met his blue ones. “I’ll keep watch and wake you before anything happens.”
Only because you felt your body giving into the rest it so desperately craved, you nodded in agreement. The mattress was on the other side of the cell but you didn’t care. Your body was too tired to reach it and you wanted to be as close to Bucky as you could possibly be. As soon as you were fully laid out on the ground, you were out.
Bucky let out a long breath, unsure of what to do. So he simply sat there, barely taking his eyes off of you. He couldn’t allow you to be harmed, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he did. But, unfortunately, Bucky didn’t have that luxury of choice.
You slept soundly for a few hours, Bucky waiting for the next shoe to drop. He was moving his mattress closer to the glass wall that separated you with the glass wall suddenly turned black and he couldn’t see you anymore. He rushed to the glass, punching it over and over again.
“Y/N! Y/N!” He shouted. “Can you hear me?”
You jolted awake from the sound of Bucky punching the wall. Looking around, you realized that the wall between the two of you was black. Jumping to your feet, you stood in front of the glass wall.
“Bucky!” You responded, hitting against the glass as well. “Bucky! What’s happening?”
“I don’t know,” he replied. “But we need to keep talking to each other so that we know the other is there.”
“Okay,” you nodded. “Yeah.” You didn’t hear the secret door to your cell slide open and John Snow with two guards step in. “Okay… Bucky, I—“ Snow kicked you in the back, slamming you into the glass. You gasped out a yelp in surprise.
“Y/N? Are you okay? What was that?”
One of the guards grabbed one of your arms to restrain you, while the other side the same on the other side. You began to thrash around, trying to get loose when Snow grabbed you by the neck from behind and slammed your head into the glass.
“Y/N!” Bucky shouted. He kept scanning the pitch black wall, like it would eventually be able to see right through it. “Come on, Y/N! Answer me!”
Snow dragged the metal chair in your cell loudly behind you. The guards swiftly pushed you into it. They used their feet to trap your legs against the lets and their hands to trap your arms. Snow sent a nod to someone you couldn’t see and suddenly metal cuffs pinned you to the chair; two on each limb, one around your thighs and the other around your waist.
“Time to have some fun,” Snow whispered, leaning down against your ear.
“Y/N! Y/N!” Bucky continued to call out for you as he hit and rammed himself against the barrier.
Snow, without his eyes leaving your face, reached his hand out and motioned for something. One of the guards handed him a black stick looking thing.
“This is going to be painful,” Snow told you, quietly. Like he was trying to prevent Bucky from hearing anything. “And I’m going to enjoy every second of it.”
He leaned away from you with a wicked smirk on his lips. You watched as he pushed a button just above where his thumb was resting on the stick. The top of stick began glowing orange. You had been put through rigorous training to deal with torture, so your breathing was even and your weren’t giving anything away on your face. You weren’t going to give Snow the satisfaction of what he was about to do to you.
Looking at you dead in the eye, he pressed the tip of the stick into your right shoulder. You bit your tough to prevent you from screaming out at the searing pain of your skin burning. You glared him down at he removed the stick and pressed it against your another shoulder. You inhaled sharply, still not allowing yourself to scream, cry or wince, even though your brain was screaming at you to do all of those things.
Bucky was still shouting for you and hitting against the glass. Snow rolled his eyes at the seeming annoyance of Bucky trying to get to you. 
“Make his cell soundproof, so that we can’t hear him,” Snow ordered, loud enough for Bucky to hear. “But make sure that he can hear her.”
“Yes, sir,” one of the guards responded, quickly pulling out a tablet and pressing on it. “It’s done.”
“Great. Let’s keep this going then.”
He raised his arm and swung the stick into your face. It burned as it hit across your face and your head snapped to one side. He then did it to the other side, with still no response from you. Snow frowned before jamming the burning stick into your stomach. You bit down on your tongue harder, drawing blood as you lurched forward. You clenched your eyes shut at the threat of tears falling. You would not give him the satisfaction of seeing how painful it all was.
“You are a surprisingly tough one,” Snow commented. “Especially for the lack of serum and powers you have.”
“Sometimes, there’s strength in normalcy,” you panted out a responded, trying to sound stronger than you felt.
Snow hummed. “Well, we’ll see how long that lasts. Let’s head out. We’ll leave her in the chair for now. See how the Soldier handles it.”
Snow stomped out, with his goons following after him. Once the door slid shut, you let your head hang and the tears slip down your face. 
Bucky was going crazy. He couldn’t see you and he knew that you couldn’t see or hear him. Deciding that it was useless to fight against the seemingly unbreakable glass, he had started to pace. His anxiety was at an all time high. You were getting tortured just mere feet away and he couldn’t do anything to stop it.
He was just about to turn once gain, when the black disappeared from the wall separating the two of you. Bucky rushed towards it, letting something between a gasp and a growl escape his lips.
“Y/N!” He called for you. “Can you hear me?”
“Yeah…” you breathed out, rolling your head back up. 
“Are you okay? What did they do to you?”
“Nothing I couldn’t handle,” you forced a small smile. “I’m okay, Bucky.”
“Don’t lie to me, sweetheart.” He shook his head slightly. He studied the bleeding burn marks along your body. “I didn’t hear you screaming,” he whispered.
“I couldn’t do that to you… or give him the satisfaction.”
“Stop Bucky. I can see the guilt and the worry and the weight of the world in your eyes. This is not your fault.”
“I should be protecting you.”
“Sometimes that’s not possible. And that’s okay.” 
Suddenly the cuffs that were holding you down released you. You sighed in relief, visibly relaxing. Bucky watched as you slowly left the chair, grabbed the mattress in the corner, and moved it to mirror where Bucky’s was. You laid down, looking into Bucky’s cell. Bucky copied you, able to meet yours.
“Just…” you nervously breathed out, “just don’t leave me… okay?”
“I’m not planning on it, sweetheart.”
The two of you don’t know how long you were left alone for, but Bucky was sure it was a little over 50 hours. You had to take his word for it. The small amounts of food you got were from a slit that appeared against the wall. It was always old and stale, whatever they gave you. But you both knew that you needed to get to preserve your strength.
Bucky and you didn’t do much talking, the tension still very much there. Both of you wanted to say so much but it was not the place or time to do so. He did often share concern about the burn marks, one of them looking infected. You waved it off as no big deal, though in all honesty it actually hurt to move your right shoulder because of it.
The two of you were laying side by side, with the obvious glass wall between you, when you noticed smoke slowly exiting the vents into your cell.
“Bucky…” your voice was clearly scared as you sat up and stared at the smoke.
“What is it?” He sat up as well, looking into your cell.
“Smoke.” It was like you triggered something just by saying that word out loud. “Bucky.”
“Hey, hey, hey,” Bucky moved so that he was on his knees facing you. He lightly tapped on the glass to try and get your attention on him instead of the smoke. “Look at me, Y/N. Focus on me.” You looked over and saw how he was positioned, and you copied it. “There you go. I need you to put your shirt to your mouth. It will act as a filter and buy you some time.” You nodded, quickly did as instructed. “Now, keep your eyes on me, okay?” 
It was breaking Bucky that he couldn’t do anything to really help you or erase that glint of fear from your eyes. The two of you knelt there, staring at each other as the smoke continued to fill your room. Soon, you began to cough, the shirt not working very well as protection. Your eyes were getting heavy, but you fought to keep your focus on Bucky.
“You’re doing so good,” Bucky pressed, trying to keep you fighting. 
He knew it wouldn’t last must longer, that you’d be given no choice but to give in. You were swaying, your body weakening. Then with one last glance at Bucky, your eyes closed and your body went slack on the mattress. Almost in that same moment, a vacuum turned on and the smoke disappeared through the vents, leaving you passed out in the room. 
A few minutes later, Snow and two guards entered the cell. Bucky stood up, trying to look like he was defending you when he knew he actually couldn’t. Without a word, the guards grabbed you, causing Bucky to growl.
“Don’t touch her!” He hit the glass.
Snow smirked. “What are you going to do to stop us?” 
He pressed a button on the tablet he had in his hand, cause chains to be released from the ceiling. The guards attached you to them, clearly causing strain on you because your toes were barely touching the ground.
“For this one, I want you to watch,” Snow told Bucky. 
A guard entered the room with a whip. Bucky immediately noticed that there were small, broken pieces of glass imbedded in it. He tensed, stepping as close as he could to the glass.
“I’ll do anything you want me to,” Bucky was trying to sound strong, but there was a hint of begging in his tone. “Just don’t hurt her.”
“I’m afraid that won’t work,” Snow grinned. “Like I told you before, I need to break both of you to ensure pure compliance. And to break the both of you, I need to torture her. So that’s exactly how I intend to do it, how ever long it takes and using whatever methods I choose.”
Bucky clenched his jaw, glaring daggers at the man. Snow turned and took the whip’s handle from the guard. He released the whip, throwing it back over his shoulder before slashing across the side of your left hip. Bucky had to hold back a flinch as you suddenly awoke with a scream of pain. Snow threw the whip back over his shoulder, revealing how the whip tore through before your shirt and skin, blood dripping down your legs and onto the floor.
Snow repeated the action, again and again. Each in different spots. You were still out of it because of the smoke, that you couldn’t stop yourself from crying out in pain. Bucky eventually had to look away as he started flinching every time the whip hit you. Snow had a huge smile on his face as he heard each of your screams and noticed Bucky had turned away and began flinching.
After about 20 minutes of whipping you, Snow decided that he had had his fun for the day. The guards followed him out of the room, leaving you dangling there by your wrists. The door slid closed and Bucky let a tear fall. He pressed himself up against the glass, like if he were to just will it, if he could press up against it hard enough, he could reach you. 
Bucky watched you carefully, focusing on your breathing. It was ragged and unevenly, but it was there. Your head hung down, having passed out because of the pain, and blood was running down your body into a pile below your toes. It was bright in contrast to the white walls and floor of the cell you were encased in. Bile slid its way up Bucky throat, but he wouldn’t let it come out. He couldn’t give Snow the satisfaction of that.
“It’s been three days, and still no signs of them,” Natasha sighed as she collapsed in one of the conference room chairs. It had been turned into a command center for the search. She ran a hand down her face as she propped her feet up on the table.
“At least Vision and Clint haven’t reported in about finding their bodies,” Steve said. “It means there’s still hope.”
“Yeah, but for how long?”
“We all know that HYDRA won’t kill Bucky without trying to get the Winter Soldier back out of him.”
“And they have the perfect leverage to do it… Y/N. They’re going to use Y/N to get Bucky to do what they want.”
“Or vice-a-versa.”
“We need to find them before we’re too late.”
“Yes, but when will that be?”
“I don’t know but we an’t give up until we bring them home.”
Bucky flinched when the chains were released at you fell to the ground, landing in your own blood. His heart raced as he itched to hold your tortured body in his arms. He fell onto his knees so that you’d be able to see him better when you finally woke. The sound of your slight groans gave Bucky the sign that you were waking up. You turned but froze as a cry slipped through your lips.
“Don’t try to move,” Bucky said gently. “The wounds haven’t stopped bleeding, they’re still open.” 
Your eyes blinked open, searching for Bucky. When they found him, you could see the weight of guilt weighing down on his shoulders. Like if they were to put him in water, Bucky would easily sink down to the bottom.
“Stop that,” you rasped.
“Stop what?” He played dumb.
“Blaming yourself for all this… it’s not a good look on you.”
“He’s torturing you because of me… so it is all my fault.”
“A relationship is a two way street, Buck. And this is nothing I can’t handle.”
“You’re laying in your own blood, you can barely move. How much more of this do you think you can handle before you just resent me?”
You bit your bottom lip as you pushed yourself to a sitting up position. “You don’t get it do you? I love you, James. It will take a lot of work for me to actually resent you. That’s how it works when you love someone, in case you didn’t know.”
“Y/N, I—“
“No. I don’t want to hear it. I need to rest, since I might bleed out and die anyway.” 
Staying where you were, you turned your body and laid back down. You made sure that your back was facing Bucky. He sighed, wanting to defend himself but unsure of how to exactly go about doing that. So he moved so that he was sitting up against the wall. He chose to watch you breathe, your chest still unevenly rising and falling.
Bucky was sure they left you two alone for another three days. You refused to even look at him. You hadn’t moved much from your mattress after finally getting there. The blood on the white floor was definitely now a large stain. Bucky still felt sick every time he saw it, wanting to just throw up everywhere. 
Most of the cuts across your body were healing nicely. The rest, not so much. You were pretty sure you were going to die of an infection before you died during the torture or got out of here. You could feel what it was starting to do to your body, but you couldn’t let Bucky know. For one, because you were still angry at him and other was because he didn’t need to carry any more guilt and worry than he was already.
The both of you were laying down on your mattresses when Snow and his guards entered the section in front of the two cells. Bucky was quickly to his feet, where you couldn’t move that fast so you just opted to sit up.
“I see our Soldiers have been resting,” Snow commented. “How perfect.” Neither of you were willing to give him a response. “Today, I wanted to try something different.” The vents made a loud noise as white smoke began to rush through them. “And I need you both out for it.”
You woke up in a glass box, in an empty room. You were leaning against one of the walls, your legs folded under you. Looking up you noticed that the walls reached all the way up to the ceiling, with the whole thing not being very wide. Using the walls for support, you pushed yourself onto your feet and began studying the outside room. It was perfectly square, a door on each wall.
“You two are awake, good. Let’s get started,” Snow’s voice boomed over speakers. “Soldier, let’s see how good your locating skills are. Your precious Y/N is somewhere in this maze, locked in a glass container. You have 20 minutes to locate her before the container fills with water and she unfortunately drowns. But beware, some of my guards might be standing in your way. Don’t be afraid to let the Winter Soldier take control. Good luck.”
Water quickly came raining down on you, drenching you almost immediately. You began hitting and ramming up against the glass, only for it to mockingly do nothing. Time seemed to speed up in that glass container. Before you knew it the water was up to your waist.
“You’re running out of time, Soldier,” Snow’s voice taunted. “Let him in.”
“Don’t Bucky!” You shouted, not knowing if he could hear you or not. “Don’t let the Soldier in!”
“How sweet, even as her life hangs in the balance, Y/N’s still watching out for you. But are you doing the same for her?”
You had to start treading water once it had reached your shoulders. It was tiring and you were worried that you didn’t have enough strength to hold yourself up before the water filled the whole container.
“Bucky, I don’t know if you can hear me,” you started speaking, panting slightly. “But I’m sorry.”
“No!” He growled, responding over the speakers. “You do not get to apologize!”
“Please don’t blame yourself. You didn’t put me in here.” You were treading still, taking in the last few inched of air you had left. “I love you. Even if you never feel that exact some way about me… I love you.”
“Stop it! Y/N! I am not doing this right now! I’m going to find you because I need to tell you how I feel in person. Not while scouring this maze for you. I will find you because I need you to realize how much I regret not telling you that night you did or even way before that! I will find you, I promise!”
“Bucky…” Tears rolled down your cheeks as you readied yourself to take your last big breath. “I love you.”
You took a large inhale before the water had completely consumed the container. You could faintly hear Bucky’s screams from under the water, breaking your heart. Because of your training, you knew you could hold your breath longer than the average person. But even that wasn’t long enough, because you gave into the darkness more quickly than you would have liked.
“Bucky… I love you.”
“Y/N? Y/N? NO!” Bucky screamed. “Y/N, answer me!”
“Looks like your times up,” Snow said. “I guess you didn’t want to save her as much as I thought you did.”
Bucky growled, running down one of the maze halls. He needed to get to you and do whatever it takes to do so. He had only been injuring and knocking Snow’s men out so far. But now you could actually be dead, so they deserved to be too.
The next guard Bucky ran into didn’t stand a chance. Especially because he needed the weapons. Bucky took the guns from the guard he had just choked the life out of. The next guards he found earned a bullet straight into their hearts. Not one of them stood a chance against Bucky, which made Snow grinned wickedly as he watched from the screen in his office.
Bucky eventually reached a door. He opened it, ripping it off its hinges as he did so. If he was in his right mind, he probably would have halted at the sight of you lifeless floating in that glass container. But he wasn’t in his right mind. Bucky shot a few rounds at the glass, only cracking it, before going up and using his metal fist to hit right at one of the cracks. The glass shattered, spilling the water out everywhere, with you along with it.
Your body was too cold and you weren’t breathing, even with you being out of the water. Bucky picked you up and took you to a corner of the room that was the least wet and glass cluttered. You were barely flat on your back before he began CPR. The sound of your ribs cracking beneath the force of his hands should have caused him to flinch, but it didn’t. He leaned down, plugging your nose and forcing air into your mouth before continuing compressions.
There was little relief when you began coughing and breathing again. You heaved and Bucky turned you onto your side, allowing you to throw up. Once you were all out, he held you close and let you curl up against him. Your breaths were labored and you were shivering as you tried to get smaller and smaller. But you couldn’t curl in too much without a whimper slipping through.
Someone clapping sounded from behind the two. “Very good,” Snow smirked. “Very entertaining as well.”
Bucky’s jaw clenched as he tightened his grip on you. Guards filed into the room, reminding him of who was really in charge. Snow waltzed closer to the couple still on the ground.
“Leave her there, Soldier, and come with me,” Snow ordered. Bucky didn’t move. “I don’t think you want me to rip her from your arms. So let her go and come with me.”
With a hard glare, he slowly let you go, laying you on the ground in front of him. He looked at your face as he took his time to stand up. Snow nodded to a few of his guards, and they went to pick you up. Bucky growled and took a protective step forward.
“I wouldn’t try anything if I were you, Soldier,” Snow warned. “They’ll kill her on the spot if you do.”
Bucky watched at the guards hoisted you up from under your arms and dragged you away like a rag doll. His eyes didn’t leave you as they dragged you through the door, still staring after you were gone.
“If you want to see her again, there’s some work you must do.” Snow stepped in front of Bucky. “Starting with some training.”
You were back in your cell when you finally came to. Your body was still weak, tired, and cold, but you had to stay awake. You were scared you might really leave this earth if you rested again. Looking over to Bucky’s cell, it was dark. The lights were off and it was very obvious he wasn’t in there. That worried you. 
If you were alive and in your cell, it meant that Bucky had to let the Soldier out. One of his worst fears. But he had done that to save your life. Which you could have blamed yourself for, but you knew the real culprit was John Snow. You were going to make sure that you killed Snow with your bare hands before you left this awful place.
Shivering, you needed to curl up to get warm. Turning on your side to face Bucky’s cell, you cried out at the pain in your ribs. You lifted your shirt to reveal very painful, large purple bruises. Using an arm to support your ribs, you finished the turn onto your side, curled up, and you waited. And waited, and waited. The longer the minutes ticked by, the more worried for Bucky you became.
You jumped when the glass between the two cells went completely black. You pushed yourself up so that your back was up against the wall. And continued to wait. You didn’t have to wait very long, because the door to your cell slid open and in waltzed Snow, without any guards. You obviously didn’t pose as a threat to him anymore.
“I really am glad to see you up,” he started. He moved to the metal chair, pulled it up to the mattress, and sat in it. “I was worried you were actually going to be a goner.”
“Where’s Bucky?” You asked.
“Oh, he’s back in there.” He pointed towards Bucky’s cell. “I simply didn’t feel like rewarding him with see you just yet.”
“What did you do to him?”
“Only what he was made to do.”
“He wasn’t made to do anything.”
“That’s where you’re wrong. He was made to inflict pain and to enforce the will of HYDRA.”
You shook your head. “You’re wrong. Bucky was made to be a hero, to love and to be loved. He’s stronger than you even realize and he will give you what he wants to protect me, nothing else. Including protecting himself.”
“You’re right about one thing, he will do anything to protect you.” 
Suddenly, Snow lurched forward and grabbed you by the neck. He hauled you up to your feet and held you against the wall. The black separating the two cells disappeared, causing Bucky to snap towards your ceil. He went to stock towards the glass when John stopped him.
“I wouldn’t move if I were you,” John warned, “or she getting a knife to her carotid artery.” He slipped a knife out of his sleeve, pressing the blade against you. Bucky froze. He couldn’t let you get hurt. “Very good, Soldier. Bring in the present!”
Bucky’s cell door slid open and a clearly drunk, giggling, barbie looking woman was pushed into the room. Once she caught sight of Bucky, she was quickly batting her lashes and leaning up against him. He tried to step away and the blade was pressed harder against you.
“I told you, don’t move,” John smirked, a drop of blood trickling down you. “This is your present, Soldier. You have three options to choose from: a, you kill the woman right away and Y/N here lives, b, you have sex with the woman while Y/N watches and both women live, or c, you do nothing to the woman and Y/N dies. The choice is yours.”
Bucky meet your gaze, tears filling up your eyes at the impossible decision he was being forced to make. To him, C, wasn’t on the table at all. Option A would kill the innocent woman and force you to watch. Option B would save her life but force you to watch him have sex with this woman, which would hurt you emotionally. 
You both took your eyes off one another as a cart got rolled in. There was a gun and a condom laying on the top of them, showing two of the three choices. Bucky looked back at you again for guidance, only for you to look at him with so much guilt and sorrow. You couldn’t help him make this decision. But one thing was clear, he couldn’t do anything that would hurt you. Before you even blinked, Bucky had the gun in his hand and fired. The woman lay bleeding out on the floor. Y/N gasped, letting the tears fall.
“I knew you’d make that choice,” John smirked. He harshly let you go as guards rushed in to take the woman’s body away. “You have tonight together before your first mission back. Enjoy it while it lasts.”
John waltzed out, the guards disappeared, leaving you and Bucky alone in the two cells. Bucky’s head was down, back turned to you, as he stared at the woman’s blood.
“Bucky,” you called carefully. You walked up to the glass, hand pressing against it. “Look at me.” He didn’t move. “Her blood isn’t on you.”
“Yes it is,” he responded, his voice rough and raw. “There was another choice. But the thought of you watching—“ He sucked in a breath. “I couldn’t do that to you.”
“I know… I know…” 
You teeth clattered against each other as you were reminded of the cold. Your arms wrapped around yourself, trying to warm you up. You were about to say something to Bucky when the glass between the two cells slipped into the back wall. Bucky didn’t move but you took a careful step in his direction, testing out the new rules. Once you realized it was real, you made your way in front of Bucky.
“Look at me,” you demanded gently. He reluctantly did. “Please don’t waste our time like this. They’re letting us be with each other before they probably take me away from you and force you to kill our friends… please just hold me…”
Bucky couldn’t say no to that. He gently, yet swiftly, brought you into him. Slowly the two of you moved to his mattress, where the two of you laid together, entangled in each other’s warmth. You reached up and pressed a kiss to his lips.
“I love you,” you whispered, tears rolling down your cheeks.
Bucky kissed you again, harder. “I love you too,” he responded. “I’m going to get you out of here… I promise.”
The next morning, the two of you woke up to guards marching into the room. Four of them quickly went over and tore you off of Bucky. He began retaliating, trying to fight them off of you. One pressed a gun to your head.
“Bucky…” you cried out. “Do what you have to to get free… don’t worry about me…”
“I can’t do that,” he responded quietly, shaking his head. “I love you too much.”
The guards dragged you away. “I love you.”
“I promise nothing’s going to happen to you, Y/N.”
“I’m more worried about you.”
Then you were out the door. You watched as the door to your cell disappeared along the long hall they were dragging you down. You let the tears roll down your face as they took your farther and farther away from Bucky. They took you into a small room, clean room. It was white like the other one, with a twin bed on one side, an open shower on the other. The shower was next to a sink and toilet. On the other side was a shelf with some folded clothes on it.
“I need to keep you in good health to ensure the Soldier will do what I need him to,” Snow strolled in. “Just know, the situation can change whenever you or him act out.”
The guards tossed you from their grip, onto the floor. You turned to look up at Snow.
“I hope he breaks free and run,” you growled.
“I hope, for your sake, he doesn’t.”
It had been two and a half weeks since you had seen Bucky, or anyone else for that matter. They had left you alone since bringing you to the new room, when you assumed was a good thing. Except that Bucky was out there doing their dirty work, losing all the progress he had made to become himself again.
You were sitting on your bed when the slit under your door opened and in slid a box. You furrowed your brows and you moved towards it and noticed a little note on top of it. You picked up the note and unfolded it.
Your Soldier’s coming home tonight. Dress up to reward him. - J.S.
You took a deep breath as you brought the box over to the bed.  Opening it, you immediately noticed it was lingerie. You lifted it out of the box to find a black, lacy bodysuit. You knew that you’d probably be in more trouble if you didn’t wear it, so you had no choice. You changed into the lingerie and waited on the bed for Bucky to arrive. 
When the door finally swung open, a guard entered first, aiming a gun at you. You curled in on yourself on the bed, trying to keep some of your dignity. Bucky followed after the guard. To them, he looked like their strong Soldier. But to you, he was the beaten down man you met after had escaped HYDRA. Snow stepped into the room from behind, eyes roaming over your barely clothed body.
“The Soldier is here for the next day to rest,” Snow informed you. “Treat him well. And, Soldier, she’s all yours.”
Snow nodded towards the door to the guard, signaling for them to go. The door shut and locked behind the men leaving. Bucky didn’t move, and neither did you. You sat them, studying the way his shoulders shagged and eyes were darker. Exhaling slowly, you moved off the bed and to him. The second his eyes met yours, you knew that you were actually dealing with the Soldier and not your Bucky.
Suddenly, and very roughly, the Soldier pushed you up against the wall. He pushed his body into yours as he began to suck at the open spots of your skin.
“Bucky,” you rasped, trying to push him off of you. “Bucky, please stop.”
That seemed to get the Soldier going more. He shut you up with his lips on your, shoving his tongue into your mouth. You tried to push him off, thrashing around, but he gripped you tighter. Bruisingly tight. You gasped as he tossed you onto the bed, pinning your hands above your head with his metal hand and pinning your legs down with his knees.
“Please,” you cried. This wasn’t your Bucky. “Please, stop.”
He pushed himself against you sucking away at the skin you had on display. You clenched your eyes shut as tears trailed down your cheeks. The Soldier, still kneeling on your legs, let your arms go and straightened his back. His face was void of emotion as he went to strip himself of his own clothes. You took this chance to reach up and smack him across the face. He growled, metal hand coming down on your throat and pinning you to the bed.
“B—Buck—y,” you strained. “Pl—please… Sto—stop…” You looked into his eyes. “Please…”
Within seconds, he was off of you and across the room. You were choking as air began to go back through your windpipe.
“Oh my— I— Y/N. No,” Bucky rambled, staring at you in horror. “I… I’m so sorry. Oh my gosh. I almost— I—“ You didn’t respond, curling in on yourself on the bed. You watched him warily. “Y/N…”
“I’ve never ran into the Soldier before,” you whispered. “He was cruel.” Tears streamed down your face. “He… he wasn’t you, Buck.”
“Then why are you still looking at me like that? Like you’re scared of me to come anywhere near you.” You looked away, ashamed. Bucky leaned against the wall behind him, sliding down it onto the floor. “I was worried about this happening. I’ve let him back in… scared you.”
“It’s not your fault, Buck. It’s what they’re making you do.”
“Did he make you dress like that?”
“Snow gave it to me. Told me it was to reward you.”
“I… I would never—“
“But the Soldier would. He… he almost did. Next time he might just…”
“I’m going to bargain for your freedom.”
“What? No!”
“I’ll stay here in exchange for you to be able to go home.”
“No!” You jumped off the bed. “I will not let you do that. We are making it out of this, together. Or not at all.”
“I can’t let the Soldier or Snow keep hurting you. Just look at your skin, Y/N! Bruises are forming right before my eyes and the scars he’s given you! It’s killing me to watch it.”
“Don’t you think it’s killing me to watch what this is putting you through?! Every time I see you, I can see what all of this is doing to you. I feel my heart shatter.” You made your way over to him. “This is what they want though, for it to break both of us. Even to break us apart. We can’t let that happen.” Your hand come up to his cheek, rubbing your thumb along it. “Please don’t let them win.” Bucky sighed into your palm, leaning into it. “We will get out of here. I can’t imagine that our friends have stopped looking for us.”
“Ten assassinations in four weeks,” Steve sighed. “All with his MO… It’s Bucky. It has to be."
“They must be using Y/N as leverage to get what they want out of him,” Tony said.
“There’s been another one,” Natasha stated, entering the room. “A political party member of a rising party in Europe.”
“We need to find him and Y/N,” Steve said. “Stop what’s going on.”
“Guys! Guy!” Clint and Scott shouted as they ran in. 
“I think we found something!” Scott announced. He handed his tablet over to Tony. Tony’s eyes bulged as he looked at what’s on the screen.
“Holy shit, I think you did.” Tony looked at Steve, showing him the picture of the note left on one of the assassinations. 
“He’s leaving us clues,” Clint said.
You hadn’t seen Bucky again after those 24 hours you had with him. You two spent most of the time holding onto each other, trying to ease the others’ worries. It didn’t really work, but it was still nice trying. It was a week and a half since all that. You were laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, when a box got slipped under your door with a note on top. You sighed, figuring you had a good guess about what was inside. You crawled over to it and opened the note.
He’s coming back tonight. Wear it and do what he wants. I won’t let you stop him this time. I’m waiting for a show. - J.S.
This set of lingerie was red and really was useless as it didn’t cover much. Once you were changed into it, the door opened and Bucky entered. By looking into his eyes, you knew it was your Bucky.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I made a mistake on the mission and now… If I don’t do what he wants, he’ll kill you. And I can’t—“
“It’s okay,” you whispered, coming up to him. “Do what you have to… I can handle it…”
“I’m so sorry.”
“Bucky…” you gently took his face in your hands. “It’s okay.”
He turned around, ashamed, as he stripped down until he was naked. You could hear and see him take a deep breath before he spun around and slammed you into the wall. You winced and could see the apology in his eyes. He didn’t say anything and you knew it was because he was going to get in trouble if he did.
You allowed him to use you like a rag doll and did everything he directed. With each demand, you could feel how sorry he was. You didn’t fight, knowing that Snow was watching and that it was life or death. You were bleeding in many places, and exhausted, by the time Snow’s order came over the speakers for Bucky to step away from you. He ordered for Bucky to leave you there and clean himself up.
You passed out as the shower turned on. Bucky kept his eyes on your chest rising and falling as he quickly did as he was ordered to do so, changing into the clothes that were on the shelf for him. He was just about to go and clean you up when the red alarm began going off. You groggily woke, pushing yourself to sit up.
“Don’t,” Bucky softly ordered. “Don’t move. You’re too weak.”
“What’s going on?” You asked.
“I don’t know.”
“I need to get dressed. If they come into move us, I… I don’t want…”
“I’ve got it.” 
He picked you up and rushed you to the shower. With a washcloth, he wiped you down carefully before helping you change. Just as he finished, Snow stormed into the room with a handful of guards.
“You two, up and with me,” he ordered. “Now.”
Bucky helped you up, your legs wobbly with what you had just been through. Snow quickly snatched you from Bucky’s arms and aimed a gun at your side. Bucky’s hands formed into fists and his jaw clenched.
“You and my guards will do whatever’s necessary to get me out of here, or she dies,” Snow threatened, moving the gun to aim and your neck.
The guard offered Bucky a gun. He took it, eyes glaring at Snow. Bucky then took the lead, now knowing the ways out of here because of the missions he had been on. Being out in the hallway now, you were able to hear the fighting going on. The familiar sounds of repulsers firing and a vibranium shield clanging against the walls. 
You took a deep breath in as you felt hope flood your veins for the first time in what seems liked forever. With a gun pressed into your neck, Bucky led your group down the halls. You hoped that Bucky was leading you closer to your team and not farther away. But you also knew that, to him, your life was in the balance and he wasn’t going to do any more to hurt you than he already had.
“Stop right there,” Tony instructed, stepping into the hallway and blocking the way. 
His hand came up, ready to fire, as his helmet disappeared into his suit. He looked at you, relief filling his eyes until he noticed the gun pressed against your neck. Tony’s eyes flicked from yours to the gun against your neck and then to the gun Bucky was aiming at him.
“I thought we were good now, Barnes,” Tony said. “Hate to see you pointing a gun at me again.”
“I have no choice,” Bucky responded. “He’ll kill her.”
“The Soldier is right,” Snow interrupted. “If he doesn’t get me out of here, I will kill her. So, Soldier, what are you waiting for? Kill him.”
Bucky’s finger twitched over the trigger before he pulled it. The red, white, and blue shield came flying between Tony and the bullet, blocking it before the shield lodged itself into the wall. You could see Bucky let out a sigh of relief, like he had been hoping that was going to happen. Sounds of bodies falling behind Snow, yourself, and Bucky made you turn to look. They each had arrows in them. Clint was not too far down the hall with Nat, waiting to make their next move.
“Shoot them Soldier!” Snow demanded. “Before I shoot her!” 
He pressed the gun against you harder, which you didn’t think was possible. You noticed the slight nod of Bucky’s head to Steve and Steve’s response. Shots were fired. You don’t even know who shot first in all the commotion. But suddenly, both Snow and you were on the ground, bleeding. John Snow was dead and you were definitely going to bleed out with out fast the blood was leaving your stomach.
“Y/N!” Various voices shouted. 
Bucky was quickly on one side of you, hands pressing against the wound. Tony was kneeling on the other side, while the others stood around. You could hear Steve calling in for a med team and a quinjet, using his Captain voice.
“Stay with me,” Bucky begged. “I promised you that I’d get you out of this, I told intend on breaking that now.”
“Hey kid,” Tony forced out a smile. “I need you to hold still because I’m going to try to seal the wound until the med team arrives, okay?”
“Okay,” you breathed out.
Bucky lifted his hands so that they were hovering above you before Tony pointed his armored finger and began spraying nano particles on the wound. The bleeding immediately slowed. You knew it wasn’t a permanent solution, but it would help you survive. Tony studied the rest of your body that he could see, noting the bruises and new scars that marked your skin.
“Hey,” you caught his attention. “I’m okay… I survived.” You reached up and took a hold of Bucky’s metal hand. “We survived.”
You slept on the quinjet back, body exhausted from everything you’d been put through. You woke up in the med bay. Looking around, you noticed Bucky in a bed beside you.
“We had to drug him in order for him to let us give him a check up and for him to get any rest,” Steve told you, revealing his position on a chair in the corner.
“That’s good,” you said quietly. “He needs it. He hasn’t had very much rest since we were taken… too worried about me.”
“He told us what happened. He feels incredibly guilty… He’ll be blaming himself for awhile.”
“I know.” You looked back at Bucky. “And I know that there will be things that haunt me too… but we’ll work through that together. I know we will.”
“I’m glad you too figured out the whole ‘I love you’ situation. At least that’s in the past.”
“Yeah… it will definitely make dealing with all this crap easier.” You paused, studying Bucky for a moment. “Steve, do you mind moving his bed closer? I want to hold his hand.”
Steve quickly stood up and rolled his bed closer to you. He put down the barrier so that it merged into one large bed. You took his hand and intertwined your fingers into his. You brought his hand up, pressing a kiss to it.
“I’ll leave you two to rest,” Steve said. “I’m glad you guys are back.” 
He left and you moved closer to Bucky. You lifted his arm over your shoulders and curled into his side. You craned your neck up and kissed the corner of his mouth.
“I love you,” you whispered.
“I love you too.”
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Teacher's Favorite
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Bucky x Teacher!Reader
              18+ MINORS DNI
Warnings: implied smut nothing too crazy, self image issues, age gap (reader is in early twenties, Buck is late thirties early forties), female aligned reader
Word Count: 3.6k
Synopsis: You are first grade teacher and Bucky is a single dad who wants to be involved with everything his little girl - Elaine - does. He’s the dad all the parent’s and faculty drool over. You quickly become Elaine's favorite teacher and Bucky's just gotta meet you.
Teacher's Favorite AU || Masterlist
Tumblr media
6:30 am
The digital clock above the radio mocked you as each minute ticked by. Early meetings were never fun. Something about sitting at a table crowded with tired teachers was draining. Reaching across the middle console you grabbed the tote filled with miscellaneous craft supplies, failing to catch the few googly eyes that fell onto the floorboard. Stepping out into the cool morning air you suppress a shiver making your way up to the entrance.
Everything was quiet early in the mornings. No kids running down the halls or teachers blowing those stupid whistles trying to make them calm down. A smile made its way onto your face seeing the new bulletin board you had slaved over for a few days. Pictures of each of the kids next to their artistic renditions of the school building. You were only a week into the year and it was already so busy you could barely keep up with the work. Approaching the conference room you could smell the coffee and stale bagels the school board provided as a half ass incentive to quote: “Have a good year!”. Honestly, you’d rather them be blunt with you on new policies instead of them pretending they care.
Because to be clear, they don’t.
Stepping into the room you found yourself a seat and waited patiently as all the other’s slowly filtered in. It was a long meeting going over the same policies you’d already read over. While they rambled on you did some lesson planning, specifically on today’s lesson. In the evening there was a PTA meeting and an open house planned. Thankfully, you didn’t have to sit in on the PTA moms arguing about a fall festival that was weeks away, but you were in charge of having something for the kids to do while their parents were there. Today’s lesson surrounded the reading book you were reading to the class, Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn. The theme was the change in seasons and the kids seemed to love it. You were trying to think of something that could coincide with the lesson as well.
“Any questions?”
No one responded. Mrs.Florence clapped her hands together and dismissed everyone. “Excellent job on the bulletin board. Very cute.” She said, patting you on the back on the way out. “Yes.” You silently congratulated yourself. Praise from that woman was nearly impossible to receive, and you were really trying. Being so much younger than a majority of the teacher’s made it incredibly hard to gain respect. Sometimes it was worse than highschool, and you had to remind yourself constantly that it wasn’t for you, it was for the kids. Those little smiles were worth far more than anyone else’s approval. Stepping into your classroom you flipped the lights on and began setting up for the day. Crayon baskets at each table, each student’s writing journal, and selecting the helper’s for the day.
Paper collector, line leader, and snack helper were high honors in a first grade classroom.
Finally turning on the board you put up the plan for the day and finally took a seat waiting for your TA and the kids to come in. Just in time Hailie came in with a string of excited children behind her. Hailie was your assistant and you were thankful for her more than you could even express. “Good morning guys!” You said standing up watching all of them put their things away in their cubbys. You received a plethora of replies and most of them were excited screams. “They’re extra hyper today.” Hailie huffed, sinking down into her chair. You gave her a pitiful smile before walking around your desk.
“Sweetheart!” A little voice caught your attention and you looked over. Elaine came running at you full speed and wrapped her arms around your legs. “Hello Elaine. What did I tell you about sweetheart?” You laughed crouching down to give her a proper hug. She giggled, throwing her arms around your neck. “Sorry miss. I like sweetheart. You are sweetheart! My daddy calls me sweetheart too!” She explained, stumbling over her words a bit. “Oh Elaine.” You sighed, watching her run off.
Picking favorites was wrong, and you didn’t.
Elaine Barnes held a special place in your heart already. Only a week in and she came in everyday giving you a hug and called you sweetheart. It was the sweetest thing you’d ever seen. She came in on the first day a little nervous and with a little soothing she quickly proclaimed you as her favorite teacher. She had to be the most polite little girl you’d ever met. When she first called you sweetheart it made you laugh. She insisted on explaining to you why in a dramatic manner.
“Daddy says that my heart is sweet so I am his sweetheart. I think your heart is sweet so you are my sweetheart!”
You accepted it pretty quickly, but you told her she still needed to call you by your name in class. A pinky promise sealed your fate and now – to Elaine – you were sweetheart.
After they’d settled down you dived into your plans for the day. They all listened and asked questions as you read and nothing made you happier. After that they began their coloring sheets, some of them sticking their tongues out as they focused on staying in between the lines. You walked around making sure to complement each of their work and providing some help on color decisions. “Oh, wow! That’s amazing Trevor. I’ve never seen a Care Bear leaf before.” You said, earning a happy grin from the boy. He went on telling her about each of the leaves and the different bears they represented. Things like this just made all the early morning meetings and bad coworkers worth it. Giving him a pat on the shoulder you continued circling around everyone else.
“Psst! Sweetheart!” Elaine not so subtly whispered. You raised an eyebrow at her crouching beside her seat. “Look! I made this leaf look like a cow!” She pointed at the paper happily. Looking at the paper you made a shocked face. “Oh my goodness. Cow’s can’t be on leaves!” You said trying to get a rise out of her. Laughing, she shook her head, “Noooo! Its just the colors! The leaf isn’t a cow, silly.” You nodded in understanding before standing once again. Reaching out she grabbed your hand and tugged on you. “Wait, guess what?” She said grinning. “What?” She shifted in her seat, sitting down her crayons in the process.
“I’m coming back later, and daddy’s coming too.” She said, clearly excited at just the thought. You smiled squeezing her little hand. “That’s great! I can’t wait to meet him!” You said, satisfied with her happy nod. The timer pinged and the kids all began tossing their crayons back in the basket. Walking over to your desk you grabbed your keys looking over at Hailie. “Lunch already?” You laughed at her confused look and stood by the door watching as she directed the kids into a single file line. With a quick talk about hallway manners you lead them down the hall and to the cafeteria. Hailie took over directing them to their tables and you headed back to the classroom.
You had thirty minutes until recess and you planned on using that time to its fullest extent. In that short walk you though of a craft for later in the evening. Just cut out some paper leaves on some different construction paper and let the kids decorate them as they pleased. Simple enough and easy to keep them occupied while their parents form nasty cliques against members of the PTA board. You cut out various leaf shapes until you heard the familiar sound of little footsteps down the hall.
Instinctively you smiled at the sound sitting down the scissors you were holding too hard. Flexing your fingers you huffed as Elaine came running into the room. “Hey! Miss Hailie said it’s time to go to the playground.” She said coming around your desk and staring up at you. “Lead the way.” You smiled. Grabbing your hand she tugged you from your chair and down the hall. Looking down at her you just smiled at how cute she was. Her wavy brown hair pulled back into a ponytail with a big blue bow on top just accentuated her cuteness. From what you understood it was just her and her dad, and really if her dad was the one fixing her hair and dressing her then he was pretty damn good at it. Usually you could tell when a mother allowed the father to dress the kid for a day. They’d come in with an oddly matched outfit and a less than perfect hairdo. It was always cute but you could just tell the difference.
“I love your bow today Elaine. It makes your eyes look so pretty.” You said. Reaching up and touching her head it was like she remembered she had a bow in the first place and she gasped. “Oh! Daddy picked this one to match my dress. Aunty Nat made it for me on my birthday.” She said, skipping alongside you. “Well it’s very cute.” You smiled. Joining all the rest you listened to their in depth reviews of how their lunch was.
“My mom cut my sandwich in the square shape and I hate it.”
“I had six gummies and they were really good.”
“I gave some of my goldfish to Layla and she ate them like she was a birb.”
Those were just some of the comments you heard. Either way it made you smile. First graders had a lot more to say than adults give them credit for. Leading them outside it was like opening the gates to a herd of sheep. Each of them ran like mad towards the playground. Standing under the awning you watched and waited for anything to happen. Surprisingly only one kid fell, and you were quick to apply a Star Wars bandaid that had all the other children ooo-ing and ahh-ing. You didn’t even have to comfort them much, the excitement of everyone complimenting his bandaid got rid of all his tears. Once time was up Hailie blew the whistle and they all lined up. The day went on smoothly after that. Hailie taught the second half of the lesson while you prepared for the evening. When the time came you told them all to get ready for dismissal and they dug through their cubbies and waited patiently.
Once the bell rang there was a chorus of sweet goodbye’s rushing out the door. “Bye guys have a good evening!” You said plopping down in your chair. Before Hailie closed the door Elaine came racing back into the room giving you a big hug. “Bye bye sweetheart. I’ll see you later!” She sang, waving her arms as she ran back out the door. You let out a laugh leaning back in your seat.
“She loves you to death.”
You smiled, “That’s little Elaine.”
Tumblr media
Bucky didn’t think this open house was that big of a deal.
Just a way for parents and teachers to meet, but to his daughter it was the most important thing ever. The moment she got into the car she was talking about how she couldn’t wait to come back later. He didn’t remember saying anything like that as a kid.
“Can I bring one of my birthday cards to give someone?” She asked, a reflection of his own eyes twinkling back at him. “Of course sweetheart.” He said, kissing her forehead. Bucky didn’t have many weaknesses, but his baby girl was his kryptonite. After a long life of being a hardened man his little girl turned him into a sweet dad. Something he never thought would happen but it did. “I’m so excited daddy! You can meet my sweetheart!” He paused at that looking up from tying her shoe.
“Your sweetheart?” He spiraled for a moment imagining the day she would inevitably bring some unsuitable boy home to him. Grimacing at the thought he watched as she broke out into giggles. “Mhm! My sweetheart is my teacher. She has a sweet heart so she is my sweetheart.” She explained. A little weight lifted off his shoulders. He wouldn’t have to intimidate a first grade boy anymore. “Really?” He smirked, tying the knot. She stood up and nodded profusely. It always amused him to hear her pick up on his lingo. Sweetheart happened to be one of them, and he wondered about the inevitably old woman who just swooned over his little girl's affection. “Yeah! She wears pretty dresses and she has pretty eyes.” She said, grabbing his hand.
“Can’t wait to meet her sweety.”
Arriving at the school Elaine was practically jumping out of her carseat in excitement. He envied her energy. Pushing his sunglasses up on his head he opened her door and she hopped out. “I want to show you everything!” She said, grabbing his hand. Nodding he went ahead and picked her up, her arm wrapping around his neck. “I want to see it all.” He said.
Stepping inside he was met with cool air and colorful walls. The smell was that distinct elementary school smell. Sort of like crayons and pencil shavings. She begged for him to put her down and he did. Holding his hand tightly she led him around the school and he thoroughly enjoyed listening to her give a description of everything he saw.
“That's my art class. I made a picture of school in there.”
“This is the bathroom. I only have to go sometimes.”
“This is the door to the playground.”
The unnecessary introduction of everything in sight just made him laugh. She was thorough, just like him. Walking past a conference room he heard some people talking but didn’t bother to look in. “Hey Elaine!” A voice called out. Elaine spun around and waved. The woman smiled and looked up at him. “You must be dad.” She said, but there was a hint of something in her voice. Something rather flirtatious. Nodding, he decided to ignore it, shaking her hand. “I’m Mrs.Florence. I’m the principal.” She said, adding a wink to her introduction.
This wasn’t an odd occurrence. Women in failing marriages were drawn to him like a magnet, and he just wasn’t sure why. Looking at the ring on her hand he nodded. “James. Nice to meet you.” He said, clearly wanting to end this interaction. Feigning shyness, some of her blonde hair fell into her face and she bit her lip.
“Daddy, I want to go to my teacher’s class!”
Thank god for Elaine.
Giving an uncomfortable wave he let himself be pulled away by Elaine, watching the defeated look crawl onto her features. Going down the steps he had to walk slowly beside her, smiling at the concentration on her face. She fell on the steps once and was petrified of them for a while. Now she took her time, one foot at a time on each step. “Good job being safe sweety.” He said. Once she reached the landing she thanked him, and before he could say anything else she took off running. A little shocked at her behavior he was running right behind her. “Elaine!” He called out. She just giggled running towards an open classroom door. Getting closer and closer she ran inside disappearing around the corner.
“Sweetheart sweetheart sweetheart!”
“Okay okay! Hey Elaine.”
Stepping inside he took a breath looking around the room. The walls were painted with various shapes and colors complementing the rug that was decorated in letters and numbers. Turning his head he spotted Elaine all but tackling her teacher. “Daddy she’s my sweetheart!” His eyes dragged up from her, to you.
He almost audibly gasped. You certainly weren’t the image he pictured in his mind. Internally he imagined a woman with grey hair and glasses perched on her nose. Instead he was met with a beautiful young woman. Beautiful felt like an understatement. His eyes lingered on your face tracing the shape of your lips as if to commit them to memory. Your smile reached your eyes as you looked down at his little girl. The soft edge of your jaw, the column of your throat, and your exposed collarbones called out to an absolutely primal part of him. The dress you wore stopped right below your knees, exposing just enough of your legs to make a man wonder. It was thin – not obscenely so – and just loose enough he couldn’t quite get a perfect view of those curves. Once you acknowledged him a soft smile crept onto your face. “Nice to meet you, Mister Barnes.” Of course your voice was smooth like silk. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” You said, Elaine just giggled dancing around you happily.
He didn’t even flinch when you called him Mister Barnes. Usually he would frown and insist that it made him feel too old. “You must be this sweetheart I’ve heard so much about.” He said as suave at possible. Clearly it worked because you just remained as bashful as ever, and he just loved the feeling of that power. Nervously you laughed, “Yeah. I’ve told her to call me by my name during class but she prefers the nickname.”
Stepping forward he put his hand out and you took it hesitantly. The skin of your hand was soft, and he just knew the rest of you had to be just as soft. “James, but please – call me Bucky.” He smiled. Smiling, you introduced yourself. Your hand left his but the warmth lingered. A kid came running up to you holding some stuff in his hands and you excused yourself attending to him happily. Getting on your knees you were at eye level with him and Bucky was overwhelming himself with different scenarios.
You looked cute down there.
He thought you'd looked better with his dick i-
“Daddy, Can I invite her to my birthday? Please.” Elaine pleaded, ripping him from his thoughts. Looking back at you he nodded to his daughter. If you came to Elaine's birthday then he'd have a gift of his own. Of course – like the sweet girl you were – you agreed, making his daughter so happy she was squealing. The excitement died down and Elaine was distracted again playing with the other kids. He wanted your attention again, and in that bit of selfishness he ended up signing up for things he had no desire to do.
“Are you sure?” You laughed giving him a look. Shrugging he signed his name on the line. Apparently you were alluring enough to make him sign up to help pass out programs at a school play. “I’m only asking because you’re the only dad that has signed up for anything.” You said. Glancing at the list he saw the plethora of undoubtedly mom names and sighed. “What will you be doing?” He asked, just curious. Looking confused for a moment you pointed to two things. The play programs and face paint for the fall festival. Signing his name right next to yours he sat the clipboard back on your desk. “If a sweet girl like you is around, count me in doll.” He winked, watching the way your eyes darted around nervously at his words. If a little complimenting got you like this he could only imagine what you’d do underneath him.
James, this is an open house at an elementary school.
Common sense kicked in, and common sense sounded a lot like his mother. Things were winding down, and the PTA moms flooded the room chasing their respective children around. “Hell of a crowd.” He said in a low voice. You hummed in response watching them all. “Some of the most insane women you will ever encounter. I’m sure you’ve dealt with them plenty.” You said a little exasperated. Tilting his head he wondered what you meant by that. You seemed to catch on. “I mean, you’re good looking. They prey on that sort of thing. Just… vicious.” You stopped swallowing hard. Your anxious disposition and admission made him smile. Just to calm your nerves he nudged you softly, “You should’ve seen Florence up there. Nearly jumped on me. Thank god for little Elaine, she saved me.” You gave him a sympathetic look and laughed.
Everything about you was far too cute, and the longer he stood next to you the more dangerous his thoughts became. “Can I have animal crackers for dinner?” Elaine tugged on his hand, rubbing her eyes sleepily. Smiling, he leaned down to pick her up. “Hm. Maybe not for dinner but we can work them in.” He said. Nodding she looked over at you, “You have to come to my birthday sweetheart.” You just grinned and nodded. “I wouldn’t miss it. Don’t worry.” You said sticking your pinky out. Elaine giggled, reaching out and locking them together.
“The address is somewhere on the card. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you.” He said reaching out and putting his hand on your shoulder. Your skin was warm against his hand, and he just wished it didn’t end here. “Bye Elaine. Bye Bucky.” You said as they parted. Your voice replayed in his mind as he walked down the hall.
Tumblr media
Apologies for any mistakes! I've read over it a few times and feel satisfied, but i'm sure some mistakes slipped through. Feedback is appreciated.
Part 2
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spiritualchange · 4 months ago
Who We Are Without Them
bucky barnes x fem!reader
summary: you watch bucky slowly become more of himself while you sit in a endless cycle of pain not knowing how to live on your own
warning: angst, violence, red room, hydra, brain washing, mind control, fluff ending
word count: 1.2k
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was like your mouth was sewn shut since you arrived, they didn’t want you, they wanted Bucky.
Bucky. The name was foreign to you, but you remembered Steve calling him that the first time he saw him, and Bucky called himself that too.
Before everything, it was just you and Soldat, for years. You had been captured and sent to the Red Room in the 1960s, and a present to HYDRA. They all thought you and the Soldier would be perfect partners.
The Winter Soldier and the Red Widow.
It was like everything HYDRA did to him had been thrown out the window, he even got a new metal arm supplied from Wakanda.
It was like everything HYDRA did to him had been thrown out the window, he even got a new metal arm supplied from Wakanda.
Unlike you, you grasped onto everything the Red Room and HYDRA fed you, it was the only thing you knew, you didn't know how to live without it.
You envied Natasha and Yelena, how they were so free spirited after the torture, how they were making a new live for themselves, it was all you wanted.
And you tried so hard, just to find something for you no matter how big or small. But you needed to do it on yourself, you didn't want to burden the Avengers more than you already did, they accommodated you, gave you shelter, food, somewhere for you to find you.
Tumblr media
You watched as Bucky left with Steve and Sam through the window in your suite, you hadn't left the compound since you arrived, you were scared if you were outside, there was a possibility you could hurt someone. You were so scared of yourself, you could barely stay in a room with someone else.
Grabbing your gun you headed down to the training facility to see Yelena and Natasha stretching on the mats, in mid conversation. You didn't even know how long you were standing there, but when you saw Natasha send you a small smile you froze.
"You can come in." Natasha called out.
They were the only two who really knew what you went through in the Red Room, the things they made you do, the things they did to you.
There was a calming aura around them that drew you in to slowly sit down a couple feet away from them.
"How are you settling in?" Yelena asked you, turning her attention to you.
Your mouth went dry, this was the first time anyone on the team had actually talked to you.
"It's different." Your accent was strong. You spent day and night in your room trying to learn English.
"It was like that for me when I came, but everyone is here for you." Yelena gave you a smile.
"How do you do it?" You looked at both of them, they both stared at you in confusion. "How do you act? Everything is okay."
They both looked at you in pity, you hated that look, Steve looked at you like that when he learned about your past.
"It took a long time." Natasha answered, she herself pointed to herself getting emotional, this wasn't something she talked about much not even with Yelena. "There were times I thought everything around was too good to be true and I was under some mind control game. I wasn't used to everyone being remotely nice to me, not barking out orders. And I know what you're going through but you have Bucky, that was something I didn't have."
"He's different." You confessed. "He isn't the same as I remembered and I'm scared that he doesn't want me anymore, he's this whole new person and I feel like I'm just this Widow that was trained to kill."
"Don't say that." Yelena frowned at your statement. "I heard Bucky talking about you, and I know how much he doesn't like talking about his past but he can't shut up about you, it gets annoying sometimes." Natasha snorted at the end.
"Talk to him." Yelena continued. "Tell him how you feel or he'll never know. He wants to help you, he wants you to be okay."
"I don't know how to be okay." You spoke quietly looking down at the mat.
"That's fine, you'll find it when it comes." Natasha gave you an encouraging smile.
Tumblr media
You had been searching for Bucky since he came back from his run. The layout of the compound was something you weren't familiar with so there were times you had gotten lost.
When you did find him, he had been in the kitchen with Steve. Steve was the first to see you, nudging Bucky in the side to get his attention.
"Hey." Bucky gave you a tight lipped smile. It was the first time he truly saw you since the both of you arrived.
Steve could sense the tension in the room, he gave both Bucky and you a small smile and wave before leaving the room.
There was an awkward air between the two of you, Bucky was still in the kitchen, you were awkwardly standing in the middle.
“Here come sit.” He encouraged you. He pushed another plate of food next to him.
You slowly made your way to him, averting your eyes down to the food.
Bucky sensed the discomfort you had and he slowly brought his hand closer to yours, interlocking your pinkies together. You flinched at first, but you relaxed at the comfort of his touch.
“Um…I wanted to talk to you.” You murmured.
“Alright, I’m listening.” He smiled.
“I’m sorry that I’ve been avoiding you and everyone else. It’s just overwhelming, the change and all, and you’ve been so open with the change and it scared me.”
“Scared you?” Bucky frowned.
“Your different now.” You confessed. “And I’m happy that you're finding yourself again but I’m not. I feel like I’m still the same person. You've become so accounted for in his century, you're happy, smiling. But I’m scared that you won’t like me or want to be with me anymore because I’m still the same cold blooded killer.”
“Hey don’t say that.” Bucky fully grabbed your hand. “That wasn’t you, that was the Red Room, HYDRA. I have always loved you, no matter what you were. You wanna know a little secret, I’m scared too but I don’t want to show you the dark part.”
“But that’s the only part I know, the dark part.” You emphasized.
“I know.” He nodded. “That’s kind of why I didn’t want to tell you I was struggling, I wanted you to know the new me, because I want you to love this part too.”
You went to go cup his face, feeling the softness of his skin, you smiled sadly. Bucky’s hands covered yours, kissing your forehead.
“Are we going to be okay?” He asked you softly.
“Yeah, we’re going to be okay.”
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peterbarnes · 4 months ago
Summary: Bucky gets triggered into the Winter Soldier on a mission. You do everything you can to get him back, including taking on a dozen SHIELD agents and doing the stupidest thing you’ve ever done in your life. 
Word Count: 2.1k
Tumblr media
Alarms blared throughout the compound.
You were sitting at your desk, head down on the cool metal as you slept through your shift. When the noise sounded, you shot up from your spot and looked around for the emergency. You silently let out a breath, grateful that nobody was there to catch you napping or stare at your now disheveled appearance. You pressed down on your S.H.I.E.L.D uniform trying to get out the wrinkles even though it was a lost cause.  Nice one, [Y/L/N]. You’ve only been here a year, try not to get fired. 
The alarm had almost been forgotten until someone opened the glass door to the control center, causing it to bang harshly against the wall. 
You’d never seen Steve Rogers in such panic before. He was usually so put together, not a hair out of place. He was Captain America, after all. Icons have no room for slip-ups, even when saving the world from alien invasions. That’s how you knew something was wrong. There wasn’t one hair out of place, there were several. His eyes were darker than their usual bright, welcoming blue. They weren’t warm, they were cold and scared. Steve Rogers never got scared.
“Steve, what’s wrong?”
You had never run faster in your entire life. There’s a reason you weren’t a field op, and just ran missions from the control center. You weren’t necessarily athletically inclined, but that didn’t matter right now. You pushed down the burning in your lungs and the sweat dotting your forehead as your legs carried you from one side of the compound to the other. Steve was right next to you, purposefully slowing himself down so he wouldn’t leave you behind. 
As soon as he said your boyfriend’s name, you had dashed out of the room. You didn’t have time to listen to a whole story before leaving. He needed you. So as you began to run, you told Steve to fill you in on the way there. And considering you had no idea where Bucky was, you let him lead the way.   
“Someone hacked into the comms on our mission. They had to have been Hydra because they started saying the words.”
“What words?” You asked, panting.
“Those words, [Y/N]. He tried to fight it, but… there was nothing he could do.”
As something trickled down your cheek, you couldn’t tell if it was sweat or if you were crying. Your mind had already started whirling, imagining Bucky in some dark underground warehouse on what was supposed to be an easy recon mission. You pictured the fear that must have overtaken his face when the voice started to speak the words that haunted his dreams. The words that he had tried so hard to cleanse himself off. But the scariest thing that you imagined was him eventually adopting a look of defeat as he realized that no matter what he did, how many therapy sessions he went to, no matter how many amends he made, he will always still be there. And he will always been stronger than him. You just prayed that you were assuming the worst and that Bucky hadn’t gone to that place mentally because it wasn’t true. None of it. There’s no one stronger than Bucky, especially not the Winter Soldier. 
When you got to the main level of the compound, the last thing you expected to see was Bucky being circled by what looked like two dozen armed agents. His fists were clenched and you see the gears turning in the soldier’s head as he tried to formulate a plan. Steve had gone to get Tony, hoping to initiate the lockdown protocol before Bucky could leave and hurt anyone else. You were on your own. 
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw one agent push down on the trigger, almost enough to release a bullet and shoot Bucky. Your blood ran cold, knowing that one wrong move could take your boyfriend from you permanently.
“Hold your fire!” You shouted, running into the center of the room and holding your arms out towards the agents to keep them back. You were a high-ranking agent, but considering these were field agents you had no authority over them.
“You don’t give the orders around here,” one of the agents snarled.
“That doesn’t mean I’m going to let you shoot him.”
Your teeth were gritted as you tried to think of what to do next. You always thought that if you were in a situation with this many guns pointed at you, ready to shoot, your instincts would kick in and some great idea would come to mind. But that didn’t happen, instead, your mind ran blank and your hands shook. 
You opened your mouth to try to reason with the agents, but before that could happen, you heard a scream from behind you. You snapped around to find Bucky picking up two agents and throwing them into the others. It was like dominos, watching the agents knock into each other. The people who weren’t knocked down were too surprised to act when Bucky made a break for it, running down the nearest hallway. Not you, though, you could care less about those agents, he was your only focus. 
The problem with trying to catch a super-soldier was that they were so damn fast. The speed at which Bucky was sprinting through the compound made you look as if you were casually jogging, even though it felt like you were on the brink of passing out. 
Suddenly, a large door slammed down in front of Bucky from the ceiling. The vibranium glinted against the fluorescent lights, the only other thing on the door being a tiny, square window towards the top. 
Bucky skidded to a stop, his shoes squeaking against the floor. You could faintly hear him growl before he started to bang on the door. He was feral, like an animal in a cage. 
You saw a door in front of you start to descend from the ceiling. Your heart rate picked up, knowing that if it dropped in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to get to Bucky. He would be on his own, separated from you, and possibly from his true self, by a single door. 
Your feet slapped hard against the floor as you pushed yourself to run harder, faster. When the door got halfway down, you dove, sliding under it until you heard it slam behind you. 
You hadn’t even noticed the banging of Bucky’s fist stop until you looked up from the floor to see him towering over you. 
You scattered to get up from the ground and face him. You planted your feet firmly on the ground as you looked at him.
“You’re not going to hurt me,” you whispered. 
“My mission is to kill anyone in my way.”
His voice was not what you expected- it was deeper than it usually was, emotionless. You’re so used to hearing your boyfriend’s light tone or a loud laugh escaping his lips at a corny joke you told, so this startled you.
He walked towards you menacingly, and though you weren’t scared of him, you couldn’t help but back up. Eventually, there was no more space left and your back was flat against the metal door. Your breath hitched as Bucky stopped right in front of you. His eyes were vacant and distant as they bored into yours. 
“You’re not going to hurt me,” you repeated, your voice more firm and assertive than last time. “Because no matter what, no matter how much you’re brainwashed, your still Bucky. My Bucky. And my Bucky wouldn’t lay a finger on me.”  
This time Bucky didn’t say anything, but you could see him gritting his teeth. He lifted his arm as if to strike and you scrambled for something to do. You couldn’t fight him obviously, you’d never win. There was nowhere to run considering he was boxing you in against the door. And even if you could slip under his arm and give yourself a few feet of space, you were trapped between two doors about twelve feet away from each other. Him catching you would be inevitable. So you panicked and did the first thing that came to mind.
You booped his nose. 
And to make it worse, you made the little “boop” sound right as the pad of your finger came in contact with his smooth skin.
Really? That was the best you could do?
You mentally facepalmed at your stupidity and waited for whatever the Winter Soldier would do next, knowing that if you got slapped around you probably deserved it for that move. Your eyes were squeezed shut, but when the hit never came, you slowly opened one and peeked at the man in front of you.
His eyes were squeezed shut too and his face was grimaced as if he was in pain. His fingers were tangled in his hair, pulling at the roots. The thing about the Winter Soldier is that even though deep down, Bucky’s still in there, fighting as hard as he can, the soldier has none of his mannerisms. Everything about him is different, the way he walks, the way he talks. But this, this is something that Bucky does whenever he’s overwhelmed and needs to ground himself.
“Bucky?” You let out, your voice cracking.
His eyes shuttered open at the sound of your voice. They weren’t dark anymore. You were able to swim in his cerulean sea again. Letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, you reached out to him, cupping his face in your hands and rubbing your thumbs over his rough stubble.
His voice was shaking like a little kid scared of the dark. So you became his light. You wrapped your arms around him, drawing his large figure into you. Being with you was like instinct for him, so he was quick to bury his head into your neck and snake his arms around your waist.
“I’m so sorry,” he whimpered into your neck, placing a delicate kiss there.
“Not your fault. Not even close to being your fault.”
You kissed his hair, rubbing up and down his back. 
“You came back, Buck. That was amazing.”
He slowly removed himself from your arms, staring at you curiously.  
“You booped my nose.”
You cringed.
“Oh god, look I panicked okay? I know it was stupid-”
Before you could finish your sentence, Bucky leaned down and locked his lips with your own. Kisses with Bucky were always passionate, and this was no different, but it was slower, more intimate. It was almost like as his lips moved, you could hear them forming a soft “thank you.” 
“Genius, actually,” Bucky whispered on your lips. He was so close you could feel his breath on your face and his nose against your cheek.
“It was so utterly ridiculous that it- I don’t even know what it did. But suddenly everything that was out of focus became so clear. Like it was just you and me in your room, making fools of ourselves. No Hydra, no Winter Soldier, just us being [Y/N] and Bucky. You and me, doll. Nothing else existed at that moment.” 
“Hey,” you replied softly, tears gathering in your own eyes now. “It’s you and me always, got it, Barnes? If I have to boop your nose a million times, no matter how fucking stupid I look, I’ll do it.”
You both giggled and Bucky pressed his forehead against yours. You went to kiss him again before the vibranium doors on either side of you lifted and disappeared back into the ceiling. You heard slow, dramatic clapping before you turned your head to the left and saw Tony standing there.
“That was lovely, truly,” he said, wiping a fake tear from his eye.
“Leave them alone, Tony,” said Steve, chuckling as he walked up to Tony’s side. 
“What? I’m simply basking in the presence of true love.”
“Damn right you are,” Bucky growled jokingly, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. You leaned into him, resting your head on his chest. You could feel the warmth radiating from his body, and while he always said it was from the serum, you liked the idea of people with warm hearts having warm bodies.  
“Come on,” you told him, leaving his embrace and taking his hand instead. “Time for bed, it’s been a long day.”
“Don’t I know it.”
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marvels-wars · a month ago
Dark Steve x Reader 18+
Tumblr media
“I really don’t think he’s in here.”I whispered into my ear piece as my peaked my head around the corner my eyes scanning around the empty hydra base.”He has to be in there this is the last place his tracker pinged from.”Natasha replied causing me to roll my eyes.”I’ll keep looking.”I told her as I ended the communication session my eyes landing on a door at the end of the dark hallway ahead of me.”Steve come on we all know this isn’t how you want this to go down.”I said with each step as I approached the door my hand grasping for the cold metal handle.”You think you know everything about me huh?”A voice said over the intercom marking me freeze as I slowly turned around looking behind me.”Steve give up.”I told him as I saw a dark shadow move silently down the hall making it’s way closer to me until I could see his face.Steve tilted his head to the side as blood dripped down his face.”Your bleeding Steve let me help you.”I offered as I subconsciously checked to make sure my gun was still on my hip.”It’s not my blood.”He said coldly a smirk creeping up onto his lips as si fought the chills that were trying to crawl up my spine.”Let me help you Loki has you under mind control.”I pleaded as he stepped closer to me his eyes looking down at me as his hand gripped my arm tightly causing me to pull my gun out only to have him slam his fist against my face.”Don’t even try it bitch we both know you wouldn’t have the heart to pull the trigger on me.”He snarled as he grabbed my waist making me fight against him as he slammed me against a neat by wall knocking me unconscious.
When I opened my eyes I was in the room at the end of the hallway.I watched silently as Steve stepped threw the door closing it behind himself causing the metal door making a loud thud as it closed sending an echo threw the base.”I knew you would come looking for me.”Steve said as he sat infront of me while I fought against the rope that tied me to the metal chair. His hands gently ran across my chin as he leaned closer to me.”I want to help you Steve.” I told him as he wiped some of the blood off of his face using the back of his hand. “You will help me don’t you worry baby girl.”He said as he crouched infront of me.”I need you to get me into the Avenger tower I need Loki’s staff.”He said while grinning.”Never.”I replied causing him to raise his hand hitting me across the face as I yelped.”Don’t be stupid we both know you’ll do as I say because that’s all your good for isn’t it princess”He said to me as he leaned down pressing his lips against mine in a possessive kiss his tongue pushing against my lips causing me to moan softly.”You’ll do as I say won’t you.”He said breaking the kiss as he towered over me.”Yes.”I said as he grabbed my neck tightly making me gasp.”Yes sir.”I said correcting myself warm tears pricking the corner of my eyes.”Good girl you always listen so well.”He cooed softly as he released me from his grasp.His hands ripping the rope from my wrist letting me fall to the ground with a whimper. “I can’t have you going rouge on our mission maybe I should remind you who owns you.”He growled kneeling next to me setting his hand on my thigh.”Steve please.”I begged as he slowly moved his hand up to my clothes core. “You soaked your uniform I can feel how wet your pussy is threw your gear princess.”He chuckled leaning down to kiss me as his hand slipped into my pants.”Who do you belong to slut.”He growled as he pushed his fingers into me making me moan.”You sir all you only you.”I cried out as he started kissing my neck.I started to pant as he unzipped my uniform exposing my nipples to the cold air.”Please Steve.”I begged again as he leaned now slowly licking and biting my nipples causing me to gasps in pain his fingers curving inside of me with ever thrust.”You gonna cum like a good girl.”He asked me as my body shuddered.He chuckled licking his fingers clean”Good girl you follow orders so well.”He cooed as he grabbed my face making me look him in the eyes.”Open your mouth.”He growled making me open my mouth quickly for him I moaned as he leaned over spitting into my mouth with a smirk. I watched as he stood up slowly making his way to the door.”Don’t worry doll I’ll be back for you.”He said as he made his way into the hall way locking the door on his way out.
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