lesbian-deadpool · 2 days ago
Bucky: *Complaining about how busy he is*
Bucky: I’m barely meeting the marital sex quota of four times a week!
Bucky: I know! We used to be so sexual.
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ccf-draws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it's been a minute since i did fanart for these two <3 some foreshortening studies
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cyberdelph · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
by @Konovi_YEE
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ir0npvrker · a day ago
sam: we all have our demons
sam, grabbing bucky: this one’s mine!
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rainybatpersondragon · 2 days ago
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tortolitaegg · 2 days ago
I messed up posting this the first time (。•́︿•̀。)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sam bucky + team red shenanigans <3
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vidavalor · 14 hours ago
The threat of separate vacations implies a prior plan to take a joint vacation. Just sayin'...
Tumblr media
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mimisempai · 22 hours ago
Don't forget how precious you are
Sam returns from a mission wounded and Bucky is very angry. Sam is going to have to understand how precious he is, just because he is Sam and not because of what he can give.
Yes, Sam can be reckless at times, and yes, sometimes it is Bucky who sets him straight.
855 words - Rating G
Tumblr media
"Come on, Bucky..." Sam sighed, "How long are you going to stay mad at me?"
Since he had come home, Bucky had only responded with one syllable or none at all, ignoring him completely.
Now he had joined him in the kitchen and was watching him prepare dinner.
Bucky merely shrugged his shoulders.
Sam could tell by the way the utensils and dishes were rattling, by the way Bucky was opening and closing drawers, that he was still extremely angry with him.
"Please talk to me, babe," Sam said softly.
Bucky turned to him and replied, through clenched teeth, "Give me time."
But Sam couldn't obey because he couldn't stand conflict, especially with Bucky, so he asked, "Why are you so angry? That I went on a mission alone or that I'm coming back injured?"
Bucky threw the wooden spoon he was holding on the counter and turned to Sam.
He said to him in an exasperated voice, "Are you stupid or are you just pretending not to understand?!"
He was about to take his spoon back and was turning around when Sam grabbed his arm and said, "That's enough Bucky, talk to me."
"You want to talk? Then let's talk."
He approached Sam, fury in his eyes.
"You went on a mission when Joaquin told you it was dangerous and that you should wait until you had someone to back you up. But apparently Captain America Sam, who thinks he's invincible, decided he could do it on his own."
Bucky moved even closer and pulled Bucky's sweater up over his abdomen as he continued, "And as a result, you came back with this!". He pointed to the bandage Sam had on the left side of his abdomen.
Sam bit his lip, he knew he had made a mistake. He had been doing administrative work for so long after Karli and the flag smashers that the call of field work had been so strong. That's why he'd left without backup despite Joaquin's warning. Without informing Bucky, while he required that Bucky inform him as soon as he left on a mission. As a result, the person he was supposed to apprehend had taken him by surprise and attacked him with a knife.
The wound was superficial and he didn't even need stitches so he tried to appease Bucky, "I've had worse injuries you know."
"I don't want to know!" exclaimed Bucky, clearly annoyed, "Sam... you understand how it made me feel when Joaquin told me you were in the medical wing after a mission went wrong. When I didn't even know you were on a mission. I know that you are aware that life can be taken away in the most brutal way possible, you have learned that in the worst possible manner. I also know that you are strong and able to stand on your own, but just take a little more care of yourself! If you don't think about yourself, at least think about me and everyone else who loves you! Sarah, the boys, Joaquin, everyone at Delacroix and I can go on and on because the list is long.  And it's not because we rely on you, we love you only because you're you. You are precious to us, not Captain America, not the Falcon, you, Sam Wilson."
Sam, touched by Bucky's last words, approached him. His eyes were stubbornly fixed on the ground, and Sam lifted his chin. He felt a pang of remorse for the sadness he saw in Bucky's eyes.
"I'm so sorry, sweetheart. I don't have any excuses. You're right, it was stupid. And all I can do is promise you I won't do it again."
He pressed their foreheads together, and with his eyes in Bucky's, repeated as sincerely as he could, "I'm sorry Bucky."
He saw that Bucky swallowed several times before answering him, his voice heavy with emotion. "Okay... okay... But Sam, I beg you to be more careful. I couldn't bear to lose you."
Sam took Bucky in his arms and continued to whisper apologies to him over and over.
A little later, they were lying on the couch and Sam was lying on top of Bucky, his head against his chest, Bucky's arms around him. Bucky kissed him on the head and said, with a smile in his voice, "You know you don't have to keep asking for forgiveness" after Sam had whispered for the umpteenth time that he was sorry.
Sam put his hands over Bucky's and tightened his arms around him before replying, "There's one thing I hate more than you being mad at me, it's hurting you.  So I guess you'll have to put up with my apology until I don't feel guilty anymore."
Bucky shook his head and kissed Sam's head again before putting his chin on his head.
"I love you Sam, I just don't want you to ever forget how precious you are to me."
Sam just nodded and kissed Bucky's hand thinking that even though he regretted what led to this moment, it was comforting to know how precious he was to the one he loved.
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story 🥰
Still thanking you for bearing with me 😝
SamBucky masterlist here
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buckaroosplumss · a day ago
Snow Day
Tumblr media
a/n: I haven’t written in ages, and I haven’t really edited this one, so I hope this short little fic is okay! I was planning to get a much longer fic out, but I had accidentally deleted it. :/
pairings: SamBucky x daughter!reader
warnings: I don’t think there’s any warnings for this one :)
summary: it’s y/n’s first time playing in the snow with her dads!
Bucky and Sam had been wanting to play with you in the snow, but it had either been too cold out, melted before you had the chance, or the snow wasn’t sticky enough.
But the snow was finally perfect to either build snowmen, or as you insisted, building animals with the snow.
When you and your two dads had gotten your snow gear on, you practically rushed out of the house. You had been in such a rush that you had almost fallen face first into the snow before Sam had caught you.
“Take it easy hon, the snow isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.” Your dad reminded you, helping you down the front steps.
“Do you wanna play at the park or in the backyard today, doll?” Bucky had asked, reaching down to hold your hand while Sam grabbed a pair of gloves.
You had opted for the backyard, the last time you had made something at the park, a sandcastle, some other kids had smashed it.
Sam had quickly found some gloves, and the three of you headed into the backyard. The snow was a little deep, so Bucky had carried you until you got to the yard.
You first wanted to build a family of ducks, which hadn’t taken too long, but it took a while for you to name all of your snow ducks.
“What’s this little guy called?” Bucky asked and you shook your head at him and sighed, clearly, and quite dramatically, disappointed.
“Papa. This is a girl duck. Not a boy.” You corrected, both Sam and Bucky were definitely having a hard time not laughing.
“Sorry sweetheart, what’s her name.”
“This duck is name ginger.”
Once you had named all four of your ducks, you’d gotten bored and made the decision to head inside.
Sam bent down to pick you up, but you had asked him to put you back on the ground. You had said that you could get back inside on your own.
After a few minutes of struggling in the deep snow, you’d given up.
“Dada. Help please.” You asked and Sam walked over to help you get to the front porch.
You obviously could not get back inside the house on your own.
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konovi · a month ago
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karmax03 · 7 months ago
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tysm for 10k 🥺 / 15k 😳❤️
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kinnxporsche · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
✨cool gay uncles energy✨
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cyberdelph · a day ago
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lies-unfurl · 9 months ago
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rainybatpersondragon · 10 hours ago
Sam, trying on his new suit and showing it to bucky : hello I'm captain america and you are?
Bucky : not as straight as I thought, apparently
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What if archive of our own had a Spotify wrapped where they tell us our top ships of the year, longest fics, time spent reading, top fic authors and top tags. That would be so interesting.
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vidavalor · 14 hours ago
It'd be really funny if Raynor was all you didn't respond to Sam's texts! and Sam's texts were like...
Sam: you wouldn't believe what just happened, Buck
Sam: this kid just hit on me.
Sam: *Air Force* kid, Buck, can u believe it?! they just *do* this now...
Sam: I think we went on a date, maybe. There was tea. I was fixing Redwing. I thought just lunch but then he came back w/drinks and all but told me he'd like my clothes better if they were on his hotel room floor...
Sam: guess I still got it, huh?
Sam: Buck, wtf, are you dead?
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thinking-about-fiction · 9 months ago
Bucky really went from a cranky scowling old man who never smiles to that Cool (gay) uncle who pulls up 2 hours late to the family cookout with sunglasses, cake and level 100 swagger
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now that's character development
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winterybirb · 9 months ago
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juls-art · 9 months ago
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couple of nights worth o’ fucky kisses
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