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slytherclaw2005 · 6 minutes ago
Sharon: Truth or dare?
Bucky: Dare.
Sharon: I dare you to kiss the cutest person in the room.
Bucky: Okay, Sarah?
Sam: *angry at Bucky for flirting with his sister*
Sarah, confused af because aren’t Sam and Bucky dating or smth: Yes?
Bucky: Can you move over so I can get to Sam?
Sharon, relieved: Yep.
Sam: *confused af but also overjoyed* :O
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superdogbiter · 15 minutes ago
Bucky:”I need to be alone right now”
Bucky:”Thanks for being alone with me Sam”
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ironjesterr · 18 minutes ago
Bucky has smiled more with Sam and his family than he has in any other movie he's been in
Being around the Wilson's must be the closest he's been to any form of normalcy in decades
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friendlydaydreamer · 36 minutes ago
For some reason I find it really HOT when (on screen or in writing) a character takes control by grabbing the other person’s chin to pull them in for a kiss.
I imagine this is something Bucky used to do back in the day when he was all smooth-talk and easy smiles.
The thought of him doing this to Sam (after he gets his confidence back) makes me wanna scream. Like Sam won’t know what hit him!
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superdogbiter · 44 minutes ago
Bucky:”God,you’re so clingy”
Sam:”YOU came into MY bed”
Bucky:”Says the one spooning me right now”
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i-want-it-alll · 45 minutes ago
Don't mind me, just thinking about how there was a panel where a fan asked Sebastian if he'd be interested in playing a LBGTQ+ character again (32:08), and he not only said yes, but kinda joked that it could happen with Anthony (34:42).
And about how when they were announcing the show at comic con, Anthony and Seb were being weirdly suggestive with the way they answered some questions.
(Also, both of them have played multiple characters that weren't straight...)
Many, many thoughts... 👀
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battlships · an hour ago
Sambucky au where Sam starts getting some very uhhh enthusiastic fans (AS HE SHOULD) and he loves that but these fans are starting to cross some lines until suddenly..... nothing. Sam just assumes they lost interest until he finds some new crossed out names in Bucky’s book.
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color-me-surprised765 · an hour ago
Remember bucky and John walker fighting together, and we were all mad because we thought they were working together. We know now that's not true, but maybe they accidentally met up or something and were forced to work together to defeat the flagsmashers
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Sam&Bucky:*Heated argument*
Bucky:”Fuck you”
Sam:”Later.Now listen here you little shit”
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Sam:”Bucky this is a crime scene”
Bucky,taking out 4 containers of ice cream from the victims freezer:”And what,this is the murder weapon? Get off my dick”
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superdogbiter · 2 hours ago
Bucky:”You’re giving me a sticker?”
Sam:”Not just any sticker,it’s a sticker of a kitty saying me-wow”
Bucky:”I’m not in preschool”
Sam:”Well if you don’t want it i can just take it back”
Bucky:”Back off i earned this”
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hanauzumakiinuzuka · 2 hours ago
I guess Bucky can’t stop falling in love with men who have a family member named Sarah, huh?
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superdogbiter · 2 hours ago
Sam:”Knock knock”
Bucky,sighing:”Who’s there?”
Bucky:”Sugar who”
Sam:”Eh,it’s irrelevant”
Sam:”Because you’re so much sweeter”*Fingerguns*
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margarethx · 2 hours ago
I have a question to all the fans of Bucky who say that now Sam should be his therapist just because he used to help people with trauma in the past and is clearly good at this job...
How would you feel if you suddenly saw people writing multiple stories where Bucky becomes Sam’s private Winter Soldier? I mean... it was his previous “job” and he was supposedly good at it. Maybe Sam should just use Bucky’s skills as an assassin to his advantage now that they’re close friends? Bucky likes Sam... maybe even loves him... so he should just stop being selfish and allow himself to be treated like a weapon for his partner’s benefit. Preferably for free. It just makes so much sense! Doesn’t it?
You see a problem now?
Just because a person is good at something it doesn’t mean that their friends or partners are entitled to their “services” and constant help for free. And it’s even more not good when we talk about dealing with things like years of emotional baggage and traumas.
Sam can emotionally support Bucky when he has energy for it and Bucky can use his fighting skills to help Sam when he’s the one making a decision to do so. But none of them should be forced to do unpaid labour for the other just becuase they’re partners.
Being a therapist and a brainwashed assassin are clearly two different things, but the premise stays the same. It would not be cool for Sam to use Bucky as a personal weapon. And it would not be cool for Bucky to treat Sam like he’s some 24/7 support line.
Why is that so hard to get for some of you? I really, really hope you don’t treat your friends and relatives this way...
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