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All the ships :
song goes : keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest
A loses their memory, the only thing they remember is B. Whether B was an ally or an enemy of A's, they're deeply insecure/suspicious, so they refuse to take care of A. Whoever else was an ally of A's, A doesn't want to stay with them because they're now strangers. Some time later, B hears of A again because A created a completely different life for themself, so much so that even B can't let them continue that way.
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tincanstark · a day ago
Bucky: I don’t know. I think I want a partner who’s smooth and put together… someone who—
Tony: *trips over a plant and immediately apologizes to it*
Bucky: That one. I want that one.
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gayspacesprinkles · a day ago
Tumblr media
Full image on my Twitter @/gayspacesprinkl
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why-the-face · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
The one name that can never be crossed off.
Just had a thought after watching ep 1 of TFATWS and had to quickly sketch this up. Because feelings. I have them.
And I need to share them.
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anthon-e · a month ago
Tumblr media
buckytony + size difference half commission, half gift for @iam93percentstardust the ko-fi comms are sketches but since u've supported me before & are one of my fave fic writers, i thought id so smth a lil bigger as a thank u 🥰 hope u like it!
[Do not repost, use, or edit ❤️]
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unstable-river · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Codename U.N.C.L.E WinterIron AU
Enemies to lovers, Agent Stark and Agent Winter have to work together for a mission. Stark relying on his handy tech gadgets, while Winter uses brute force to kick down doors and attackers.
Then, the hotel unfortunately has only the honeymoon suite left avaialble! Agent Stark dancing in a bathrobe with a drink, unconciously seduces his new arch nemesis?
Agent Winter get a glimpse of his companions pacemaker throught his bathrobe  and becomes strangly protective of him in the field. Much to Stark’s confusion.
But what is this Winter Guy hiding? Always wearing long sleeves+gloves, having this inhuman strength. And why can’t he remember his past?
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dirtyrottenraskel · 11 months ago
hear me out: character a & character b break up, and it’s messy as shit right
they block each other on everything but spotify
cue character a making a bunch of angry passive aggressive playlists and character b has secretly been listening to them bc they miss character a
B U T here’s the kicker
character a can see character b listening bc spotify is a snitch & will tell u what ppl u follow are listening to
and time and space from each other has only made the yearning worse
so character a starts making apology playlists and character b keeps listening to them, and makes one of their own like “missing you” or smth sappy like that
and character a makes a collaborative playlist titled “dear character b” and all the songs spell out like take me back, if you’ll have me - or smth sappy like that
and character b shows up at character a’s house with flowers with a tag that have a spotify barcode to a playlist called “come back to me, my love”
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massivespacewren · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Art for the wonderful @marvelreversebigbang together with MagicaDraconia16! go read it HERE on AO3! It’s a wonderful fic with a secret identity and these two getting closer and starting to work together, all set in an awesome 616-ish setting with some MCU things! go reaaaad it <3
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tincanstark · a day ago
Bucky: Sometimes Tony is like a box.
Steve: … explain?
Bucky: Tony is fragile and needs to be handled with care.
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justlous-art · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
buckytonynat nation make some noise!!!! I hope you all will enjoy this one, it’s honestly one of my favorites trouples 😊
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holistic-alcoholic · 24 days ago
Reporter: so, Mr. Stark, tell us, what are going to do this Pride month?
Tony: SI has planned several events actually and for our LGBT+ employees we—
Reporter: I’m sure that’s very interesting, but what about your personal involvement? Sure there’s something you could do from the height of your privilege—
Tony: Oh, me, personally? I’m planning to suck a lot of dick.
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baloobird · a year ago
Hey guys!!! Welcome to the first ever Comfortember!! Yes, whump is nice buuuuut comfort tends to kinda get glossed over and imo, the comfort afterwards is the best part of the whump.
In the form of:
Tumblr media
The month of November will be dedicated to all things fluff and comfort. I think this is gonna be so much fun, I hope you guys will consider participating!!
Please refer and follow my side blog here where all the fics for this challenge will be showcased, I also have an FAQ there as well but if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to message me or send me an ask! 💛
I have also created a collection for this event so all the fics will be kept in one place, the link to that his here.
Thank you guys so much for reading this, I hope you consider participating and I can’t wait to read what everyone comes up with!!!
Adding my taglist under the cut in the hopes to spread the word, pleeeease do, I want this to become a thing!! 
Taglist: @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars​ @dexteritymisdirectionsuggestion​ @peuty​ @starkaroos2034​ @teamtonystark-always​ @podcastsandcoffee​ @bestofirondadfics​ @desirexwolf​ @genderfluidspacedragon​ @theoneexile​​  @just-the-daydreamer​ @my-leg-is-not-a-chew-toy​ @diminajackson​ @theofficialdeannawinchester​ @whatwasmyprevioususername​ @autisticbabynurse​ @ironmanismydad​ @tinyandsteven​ @dreamingformuses​ @smokesteamair​ @intuitive-mathgeek​ @legendarypenofeating​ @petermyspiderson​ @zselenophile​ @and-so-my-adventures-begin​ @sarcasticmusic​ @fandomsofrandom​ @cluusheen​ @mjc-dream​ @emygirl​ @pxterbpxrker​ @pawprinterfanfic​ @innocent-until-proven-geeky​ @aizawa-wears-crocs-old​​ @jaelyn-raquel​ @iron-damn​ @pixeltrix-13​ @anyonewantathroatsweet​ @m0ther-of-dragons​ @chaos-with-a-pen​ @spideynamu​ @bthtallmadge2​ @warmwithafewfrostymoments​ @the-reverse-mermaid​ @icymapletree​ @kitkatwinchester​ @hold-our-destiny​ @brushes-of-sage​ @ghostinthebau​ @canonismybitch​ @tmifangirl24​ @loverofstuffsworld​ @stuck-in-a-fictional-universe​ @drowned-in-books​ @peanutdoodles​ @hauntedbybleachella​ @aelinasardothien​ @tonystark-built-this-in-a-cave​ @pj-hermes-tonystark-obsessed​ @spidey-reids-2003​​ @7peternotparker7​ @justme--emily​ @dongjiayun​ @dykeragee​ @jmercer1997​ @swagfictionreadingnerd​ @dredfulhapiness​ @fallenstar07​ @starkfridays​ @romeoandjulietyouwish​ @himaboroshi736​ @spiderling-the-meme​ @iron-loyalty​ @tonystarkdadmode​ @hopefuldreamers-world​ @riseuplikeglitterandgold​ @joyful-soul-collector​ @loveliestdisappointment​
Let me know if you wanna be tagged/removed!!!
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