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Title: About the size of it

Pairing: Winterprincess

Rated: Mature


Shuri presently rises from her crouched position to stand as tall as she can with her small frame, all lanky limbs and slim curves beneath her gauzy summer dress. 

Bucky does his best to avoid going there but his brain no doubt takes mental snapshots of her to save them for…recreational activities.

“I can handle it, you know”, she says, drawing up close to stand right beside him.

 He scrubs off another  stain from the wood, a deep  knit in his brow.

“What do you mean ?”

“The gigantic rod you think you’re hiding in your pants apparently.”

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was anybody gonna tell me winterprincess is a thing??

or was i just supposed to find out myself??

i love it sm, maybe there will b a little hetero, just a little.. as a treat

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Winterprincess + Mafia Boss AU

“So my biggest business rival turns out to be an eighteen year old brat…I don’t know if I should be feelin’ impressed or offended, sweetheart.”

Shuri knows the jab is only one of his infamous little mind games but it bites at her self-esteem all the same. 

She soldiers on, keeps her hands clasped in her lap and pretends she doesn’t care that this dangerous man is invading her tiny studio. That his thighs are stretched obscenely so as he sits across her. 

It’s truly a contrast to behold. Him decked in a tailored suit while a tepid cup of instant noodles is resting on her coffee table. 

“What do you want from me ?”, she says, leveling a hardened gaze at him.

His lips stretch into a sinister smile. 

Your kind services.”

Shuri swallows hard. 

“You…You want me to make fake cash for you ?”

Barnes tilts his head in an almost reptilian move. The room closes up on Shuri when his heated gaze lands on her delicate neck then roams her body from the waist down.

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  • a “designated successor” au where steve becomes president and bucky becomes first gentleman after the u.s. capitol is blown to kingdom come during the state of the union
  • a time travel au involving loki and clint’s daughter for some fuckin reason???
  • spidershield titanic au where steve is a second class valet and peter parker is up in first class with the swells, the heir to stark industries
  • an unfinished winterprincess oneshot where shuri tries to throw a surprise birthday day for bucky, complete with a drive-in movie and swing dancing
  • some canon adjacent shit where the whole gang tries to draw out death herself by staging a fake wedding
  • an admittedly very cute platonic scene between loki and wanda where they just like chat about how they’re both trying to be better people

i clearly went through an odd phase as a write about two years ago. i kinda wanna have another go at a couple of these abandoned ideas xD

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This was created for the May Writing Challenge as put forward by @helga-leakadia.

Day 6: “You’re so hot when you’re angry.”

TITLE: Camelot

RATING: Teen Audiences

PAIRING: Bucky/Shuri (Winterprincess)

SUMMARY: Bucky has finally found the one thing that he is better at than Shuri.


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This was created for the May Writing Challenge as put forward by @helga-leakadia.

Day 3: “Stop lying to me.”

TITLE: Dead Man’s Switch

RATING: Mature Audiences

PAIRING: Bucky/Shuri (Winterprincess)

SUMMARY: Shuri is kidnapped on a visit to Coney Island and Bucky will do anything he has to in order to get her back


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