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A new chapter


A/N: Hi guys! This is my first fully written part of Jessi’s journey and I really hope you like it! 

Please, if you have any feedback or critique, let me know! I’m really curious and I’d love to hear your opinions! Now onto the story :)


After recieving the sweetest morning call, Jessi finally gets to move into the NCT 127 dorm!


It was an unusual Saturday morning. The whole night, Jessi tossed and turned in bed, not catching any sleep. She had too much on her mind; what to pack, what to take with her and damn, she is going to be moving into the NCT 127 dorm! She basically lived there already, usually hanging out with Mark and Jungwoo. But soon it will become her permanent home for whenever she was in Korea (which is 99% of the time) and she couldn’t be any more excited!

“Jessi? Hey, are you awake?” A soft voice interrupted her ligh sleep. A hand started smoothing out her hair , gently shaking her shoulder afterwards. In reply the girl just groaned, cuddling further into her way too comfortable bed. The intruder didn’t stop there though. The person curled up next to her, pulling her close. Jessi knew though, that the touch felt familiar, thus knowing it was probably one of her boys.

“I still can’t believe you will be living with us from now on.” As the melodic voice reached her ear, she was sure Mark Lee was the intruder, making her miss some well needed sleep. The most anoying but also sweetest kind of intruder one could want. Slowly Jessi turned around in his arms, pushing her face into his neck. For anyone wonderin; Mark smells really good. Like baby with a spoonful of fresh air and a cup of washing detergent. He smells like paradise, which once again made Jessi doze off.

For a second everything was peaceful, until Mark started laughing uncontrollably, his body trashing in Jessi’s grip. “Your breath tickles me! Stooop!” Eventually he succeeded in pushing her completely off of him, getting a deadly stare from the girl in return. “I was sleeping Lee, why are you here?”

“Well, first of all, we need to move your stuff in the dorm. And it is better if we start early while the others are asleep. Later they will be wilding and moving will be a challenge.”

Jessi fell back in her bed, groaning. Why has nobody told her how much work moving is?

“… and I just wanted to talk to you and make sure you feel comfortable with us… I know we can be a lot but… if you ever wanna do something girly, then just ask me!”

A smile spread across Jessi’s face. Not that he could see it.  Mark was the sweetest and most considerate person she ever encountered. She truly appreciates him.

“I’ll gladly do face masks and stuff like that… Just please…”

At that Jessi perked up, suddenly being very interested in his next words.

“…don’t make me go to Victoria’s Secret with you… it’s too much.”

A loud laugh escaped her, though she tries to quieten it with her hands. Mark was just staring at her, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. “I’m serious.” He mumbled, cutely pouting at the laughing girl.

When she finally got her self-control back, she sat up and threw her arms around his neck. Thousands of tiny kisses were pressed against his reddened cheeks. That didn’t help his flustered state at all. 

“Why do you always have to do that when I’m embarrassed?” he whined, trying to get her off of him. 

But Jessi had an iron grip on the flsutered boy. When she finally pulled away, Jessi still had a big smile on her lips. 

“Thank you, Markie. This truly means a lot to me. You’re always so caring and… I know how much you hate being cute and lovey dovey, but thank you. Thank you, that you do so much for me.”

“Of course Jess, that’s what best friends are for. And I know it’s not gonna be easy with us and sometimes we’re gonna act like fools… just know that we really try our best and just want you to feel like you’re at home, okay?” A nod was the only answer she gave to him, before attacking him with hugs again.

Mark fell back on the bed, all of the air getting knocked out of his lungs. “Yunjin-ah! Enough is enough, get off!”

“YAH! It’s Yunjin-noona for you, you damn brat!”

“You’re more a hyung than a noona, trust me.”

“GET OUT! I need to get dressed!”

Mark left the room cackling, waiting excitedly for Jessi to be ready to move!

Next stop; the dorm of NCT 127!

After pushing the last box into the hall of Jessi’s new home, Mark dramatically collapsed onto the floor. He did most of the carrying, he offered it, but Jessi still insisted on helping him out. Mark then felt challenged and literally ran up and down the stairs in order to get more boxes into the dorm than Jessi. 

Now, after a whole ass workout, he was absolutely exhausted. Obviously. “Thank you for your help Mark, but you are an absolute idiot.” Jessi laughed, being out of breath herself even if she only carried a few boxes up the stairs minus the running Mark did.

“Did someone say Mark is an idiot? Cause I wholeheartedly agree.”

Johnny rounded the corner, a party hat on his freshly died brownish hair.

“Hey, new and absolutely gorgeous NCT 127 member!” he screamed, lifting Jessi’s frame up and twirling her around.

“Johnny!” she squealed, holding him close. “Yes, thanks guys, I’m fine!” Mark sarcastically commented, dusting his clothes off and wandering further into their home.

Double J just laughed and followed Jessi’s very own superhero.

As soon as she walked further into the dorm, all the boys jumped out of their places, presenting a pink cake in front of her. “SURPRISE!”

All the boys were surrounding the big dining table, throwing confetti in Jessi’s direction as she appeared in front of them. She hated surprises with a passion but getting surprised by her members? Well, not as bad as she thought.

“Wow, thank you! This means a lot to me.” She smiled a genuine smile, her hands placed on her blushing cheeks.

The boys all circled around her, “hugging” her tightly. 

“Welcome to the team Jessi!” they all shouted in unison and Jessi couldn’t help but feel right at home.

She was finally where she belonged to.

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My Boy


Originally posted by t3n

Winwin x Male Reader (A+F?)

Polt(?)winwin and m/n are in a toxic relationship.

P.S this is my first time writing it may suck :/

“Where the hell have you been?!"m/n yelled as soon as winwin got inside there shared home winwin just rolled his "why does it matter?” Winwin asked in a drunken slur m/n then noticed the red and blue marks that covered winwin neck “I fucking hate you” m/n whispered getting ready to walk away until winwin pulled him back they looked at each other with sharp eyes winwins eyes soften “I’m sorry"he whispered "please don’t leave me” m/n engulfed winwin in a hug and shushed him “I’m not gonna leave you its ok"m/n said quietly.They both knew that they were only dragging each other down but they couldn’t bare the thought of leaving each other.

Omg that sucked lol

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Pairings: Jaehyun/Taeyong, Lucas/Winwin

Rating: NC-17

Genre: A/B/O, romance

Summary: “My new manager is hot,“ Taeyong says first thing as he enters his shared apartment with Sicheng. “He is tall, wide-shouldered and he looks like editorial slapped him on the face.”

“Okay?” Sicheng doesn’t even turn around, way too focused on his task of cutting onions and not crying his eyes out.

Taeyong sighs, gathering the courage to drop the bomb. “He also is my mate. As in… destined mate.”

or a corporate AU, in which Taeyong has to hide the fact that he’s omega, Jaehyun is an alpha with no sense of smell, Sicheng tries to jiggle uni life with working part-time as barista and Lucas just really wants to get the name of a cute guy who works in Starbucks. (also posted on AO3!)

Chapter 3

Keep reading

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Wanted: NeoZone

mafia fic game!au x nct 127


After years and years of research and investigation from the police, detectives, and victims— it has been narrowed down to 10 suspects.

Would you like to help catch NeoZone?

Yes No

introduction / masterlist + guidelines

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27 may • winwin bubble —

‘what to eat’ seems like the most difficult question in the world…

but i haven’t chosen what to eat.

i’m home…

i ordered ramen 🍜

enjoy your dinner, everyone~~

remember to eat your dinner, eat something that you like and eat more!

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27 may • winwin bubble —

what are you doing?

i just left the company and now i’m on the way back

what should i eat at night?

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