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Island Escape

Felt like building and decorating over the last few days (probably because I find the process very calming), so decided to focus that energy on Sulani. Sometimes it’s just good to have a calming activity to renew, recharge and refocus. 

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i doodled A Lot today dhaskjhdskjhsk, was working on fur patterns again for mine and @/imnoctsorry’s 1917 warriors AU (YES IM GONNA DRAW OTHER PEOPLE’S 1917 CATS SOMETIME I JUST GOTTA WORK THROUGH MY OWN IDEAS FIRST LOL)

i keep tossing around Fur Patterns, but im pretty content with my most recent one (seen on top) methinks. i might tweak the tail so it doesn’t have the dark tip though, it seems unfitting considering its like,,, Not His Full Tail,,,, also desaturate the dark brown cause Holy Cow it bugs

the bottom’s a WIP of the ref i’mma be making, it’s just gonna be one full body, i have both there so i could look at what i didn’t like about either attempt haha

this isnt my “””official””” post for the AU but his name’s Deerspring in this AU and he’s very good at the Zoomies

i think jude and i were tossing around the idea of in the context of the au it being somewhat of a collaboration And war between clans, schofield and blake’s clans being two clans working together. i THINK™ (i really gotta brush up on my lore as a true Fake Fan) we were saying Deerspring is from thunderclan??? maybe windclan i forget honestly and [Blake cat] from Riverclan

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“So, exactly what is an Ink Weed?” Shaelo asked, and I swallowed down my horror as I tore my eyes away from Jespaar’s side.”

“A semi-sentient tattoo, designed to kill the wearer.” I said, quietly. “Unwilling fighters were often gifted these. Once you start the mission it steadily grows I up till the goal completion.”

I hesitated. “Esten?” Shaelo prompted. “It kills the moment you try to abandon the goal. It kills the moment you complete the goal. I’ve only seen someone survive it twice but…it wasn’t pretty.” They’d gone mad. “Heard it talks to you, can control you, can talk through you once it gets big enough.”

We were silent for some time before Shaelo clapped his hands together. “So we stall it.” He said pragmatically.


And Shaelo and Jespaar have their own playlist!

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blink and she’s gone - prologue excerpt

taglist (ask to be added/removed): @the-starlight-chills @charles-joseph-writes @enchanted-lightning-aes @0englishmuffin0 @ordinarysolobomb @mouwwie @semblanche @cloudwriteblr

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the devil is a state of mind. ⋆ a wip by clowndream

genres: new adult, contemporary, dark fantasy, horror-ish

pov: first-person, past tense

themes/tropes: mlm romance, religious grunge, cosmic horror, bodysharing, surreal horror

status: first draft

content warnings: suicide, self-harm, physical and verbal abuse, bullying, substance use, body horror

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