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Sneak peek WIP
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wip wip wip wip
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Drawin EYES
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lil sketch
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Peace and quiet
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okay okay okay
buff ingo wip
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Can I request a fic with James Potter and slytherin female reader?
Where James and reader are soulmates they have a mark, but when James finds out who his soulmate is he's dissapointed, because he wanted to be Lily and not reader, because she's not her and besides she's slytherin (you know that stuff a slytherin and a gryffindor dating).
Then reader knows James don't want to be with her, so she decides to go on a date with Regulus to Hogsmade. James sees them together and he gets jealous, it makes him think over his actions so he decides to apology and talks with the reader.
A fluffy ending please.
I hope this is ok. Have a good day or night!
A/N: Of course you can!! Tysm for the request! Here’s part 1! <3
Unusual Soulmates
Tumblr media
(James Potter x fem! Slytherin! reader)
Warning(s): Swearing & angst.
Words: 1k!
These days at Hogwarts, soulmates were connected by distinct markings. They could be anything from a simple line on the wrist, to a circle on the thumb. That way, people could easily identify their soulmates. Markings could appear at anytime, although most witches and wizards got them by by 5th year. It didn’t stop anyone from pursuing a non match, though.
In your last year at Hogwarts, you had finally been given your mark. It wasn’t anything special. It was a simple “X” on your left wrist. Sirius had boasted about getting his for weeks.
“C’mon y/n, show me yours!” Black pleaded soon after showing you his own.
“It’s nothing special Sirius,” you sighed
“Just an x on my wrist.” You showed him anyway, rolling the sleeve of your Slytherin jumper down. He examined it for a minute before pausing in an almost shocked manner.
“L/N,” Sirius spoke, sounding a bit surprised. “James has the same marking.”
You had completely froze. How could that be? James Potter was madly in love with Lily, not you. If anything, they both should easily be soulmates. He hardly paid you the time of day, as he quickly became obsessed with winning over Evans.
Why on earth would he give her up for you? You were a Slytherin for Merlin’s sake! It would never work out.
“That’s - it’s not possible.” You half whispered. You wanted so desperately to cry, scream even. Yet you just stood there as Sirius let go of your wrist.
“I swear y/n. I’d never lie to you.” He calmly stated, still holding your gaze. The dam had broken, and tears welled up in your eyes. You couldn’t hide your emotions any longer. Without saying a word, you grabbed your books and rushed out of the empty classroom. Sirius had called after you, but you refused to turn around and go back. You felt like you were going to vomit.
You kept your head down as you hurried back to your dorm. You glanced at the clock tower on your route back. 2:30pm. You cursed yourself under your breath. You and Remus had planned to study potions this evening in your dorm room. How on earth were you gonna explain this to him? You knew he would understand, yet another wave of embarrassment washed over you. Dread started to creep up as you made your way up the staircase. As you opened the door, Remus sat there on the sofa, potion book in hand.
“Sorry I’m late,” you spoke, trying your best to bottle up your emotions from the boy.
“That’s fine y/n,” Lupin smiled, placing the book down. “James has been keeping me company.”
Your breath hitched in your throat. You hadn’t noticed him sitting across from Remus, silently going over his own notes. In that moment, you wished to just disappear. James had yet to acknowledge your presence, still skimming over the papers.
“You alright, y/n?” Remus asked, making his way up towards you. It was then James noticed you, glancing up in your direction. You shook your head, the tears threatening to fall again.
“I - he just -“ you couldn’t speak a full sentence. You tripped over your own words, trying desperately to find the right ones.
“I’d like to speak to James alone please” You stated as Remus still looked at you worryingly. You could hear James let out a sigh of what seemed like annoyance. Remus nodded, giving you an understanding look before walking out.It was just you and James now. You sat down were Remus had just been sitting.
“Look y/n, I know we lost yesterdays quidditch game,” James laughed. “You can lecture me about it la-“
“That’s not what I’m here to talk about.” You interrupted, a hint of anger in your voice. He looked a bit surprised, but smiled nonetheless.
“No?” Potter questioned, now leaning towards the edge of the dorm room chair.
“What is it then?”
“I’ve finally gotten my soulmate marking.” You admitted, daring not to look at the boy sitting across from you. You didn’t want to be here in this situation, not one bit. The sooner it was over, the better you’d feel. It needed to be said, whether you liked it or not.
“Really?” He asked, clearly surprised by your announcement. “At this point I’d thought you’d been forgotten!” You couldn’t hold back a genuine smile as he joked.
Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad?
“It’s you,” you blurted out suddenly, not caring to think your words over. “James, you -“
“I’m sorry?” Potter asked, confused as ever. “What about me?”
You’re throat felt dry, and now you could hardly get a word out of your mouth. Turning your head away from him, you yanked down your house jumper, revealing the marking. James didn’t say a word, and that’s when you started to cry.
“I’m sorry,” you whimpered, wiping the tears off your face. “Really, I -“
“You’re playing me, aren’t you?” James suddenly spoke, a bit too calm for your liking. “You and the other marauders put you up to this? S’ that right?”
“It’s not a joke!” You yelled, clenching your fists at the claim. You were standing now, and he did the same.
“It’s not funny, y/n. I’m in love with Lily!” He started to shout now, and that only made you cry harder.
“You think I don’t know that?” You asked. His next sentence alone would made your heart break into a thousand pieces.
“Really?” Potter questioned, becoming more angry by the minute. “Well I don’t think you do! You think ruining someone else’s relationship is funny? We’ve been together for years! We love each other! Why on earth would my soulmate be a Slytherin? I mean seriously, y/n! Why the fuck would I love someone like you? For Merlin’s sake, you’re not even comparable to her.”
At that moment, you completely lost it. Those words cut deeper than anything else. He hurt you, and he knew it. Almost immediately, your hand met his face. You slapped him, hard. James didn’t react, nor try to stop you. You wanted desperately to hit him again, punch him even. Grabbing your potions book, you stormed out of the dorm room, not bothering to look back.
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Hehehe colorss
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Testing some new brushes~
Edit: Finished version here
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ToH spoilers
Them! 💕💕💕
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It's just a wip, but I like the sketch so far. Once I start proper rendering it will lose some of its charm, so I decided to share this step as well.
I got inspired by Bob's D'yer Mak'er. It's such a good finale fix-it and has the best written Dean I've seen in a while. Check it out if you haven't read it yet, I promise you won't be disappointed.
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dragon sketch
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finally, I’m almost done with Granite Falls (town) 🌲🐟
I would really really like to thank @sofslice for their wonderful idea that inspired me building my own town in granite falls. Far from being as good as theirs, it’s still a big work in progress 📋💓🥺
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Working on the next update and it’s finally my babe’s turn😭. 
He’s a combination of 55 and 59 so I added 59’s facial seams to make him a little different than the “original” 55. 
I’ve been dreaming about 59’s reactivation since the night DBH released on PC 2.5 years ago. I remember all the tears i shed for him that night and seeing that epiphany comment of “so why not make a sequel to bring him back?” Now the moment has finally come. 
Everything Ive done for this story is worth it💙 and im willing to do more.
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working on some shark band aid designs 👀
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Thinking of making a minecraft themed askblog
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Got the last og group for the hype and then once it's finished it'll be put with one big post
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I've gotten further on those Inverted Mer-versions of Sun/Moon :]
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So... after spending the morning too tired to roll myself a fucking cigarette my brain balanced it out with an eight hours long drawing focus. So I have four new WIPs, here is a bit of one of them. Jon baby!
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