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As your words fell flat,

I picked them up & I nailed them

Or with glue attached them thus:

To a piece of papyrus; deadwood.


As the stack grew higher,

Piled up towards the heavens,

I chose a few for safekeeping,

To get me by when times got rough.


Now with the bells tolling, the

Time is right to say the things I

Never minded then; back when the

Storm raged in full.


I will bind you; line your legacy for a

Future you; a future me to watch,

A ghost among many ghosts

To haunt me

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very sad to announce that as soon as i finished these hands i was filled with such a sense of “god i wish i had that :(” that i stopped for 5 whole minutes just staring at a wall

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  • Name: Castian Pralis
  • Age: 23 (July 1st)
  • Looks:
    He stands at 5’11 and about 190 pounds.
    Jaggy/messy short brown hair, usually parted to the left or pushed back in frustration/stress. Deep brown eyes that usually match his neutral expression. He has scruff on his face from only occasional shaving but he tries to keep it shirt/shaved cause it irritates him.
    Usually smells of saltwater and, unfortunately, sweat from sailing. He and the crew don’t take much notice to it given it’s their everyday life but strangers often give him looks on it.
    He wears quite a few layers and perfectly fits the “traveling sailor/pirate” look as quite a few people say. His appearance is complemented by layers, leather, and belts, with a long coat given to him by the previous captain of his crew. 
  • History:
    He was raised aboard ships, traded off like a worker whose pay was in meals and semi shelter on board. He was treated somewhat like a dog on most ships, there for chores and entertainment. His life was like this until he turned 15 and was taken under the wing of a certain captain and was taught the things he needed to know about running a crew and doing trade among kingdoms. He learned under the captain for four years before the captain’s death, after which the crew dubbed Castian as the new crew captain. 
  • Personality/Morals: 
    A pretty calm guy, usually aboard his ship or doing tradings. He tends to try to do things on his own, giving his crew downtime even when they insist on helping him in trade deliveries and other things. He also helps people out on the roads/towns as well.
    He can be quite a teasing person and at times borderline cocky but prefers to let people make a fool of themselves instead of aiding the chaos. He is, however, helpful to those he thinks are being wronged. 
  • Role in Cast: Main character
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im on my yearning bullshit and i like how this hand came out :3

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Wip. Tried some thicker lines for this one and I really like how they turned out. Still need a title tho.

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Here are some WIPS.

I really haven’t drawn many things I can share here. I just tend to draw NSFW more (regardless of if it’s 18+ or not). Check out my twitter for those

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