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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Yeah, I have tiptoed onto Tumblr, dodging spoilers left and right! So far, so good: the top of my feed was an Expanse discussion about how fandom is still seeped in racism and homophobia. It’s not the only one, but it’s particularly noted in a fandom like the Expanse, which has a POV character who is the son of eight different people who are a single family unit. It also has a bisexual space pirate who is in a polyfamily. And yet the fandom still focuses hard on the characters that are white, are protrayed by white actors, or are coded as white by the fans.

The Mando fandom has completely different issues, IMO, but the Star Wars fandom also suffers from these issues. I’m not going to carry on much more, but it’s a topic that is close to my heart. You’ll probably hear more about it from me later, but for today, just enjoy the quote and new Mando episode.

Quote:  A third of the way through the message, Bastion’s eyes narrowed and his gaze shifted to Ahoma. He stared at the younger man until Ahoma flushed and dropped his eyes. Bastion returned his gaze to the holo, but he seemed angry. Parjii didn’t understand why her description of her time on the range should be so upsetting.

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Okay, since none of you asked and I find that very rude, here, have an incomplete list of my WIPS anyways. Please bug me about them, or I will never finish like half of them.

  •  1 - The main story of the very silly and fluffy series benrey stole a duck, which will include things like 
  •   Benrey meeting gordon
  •   benrey learning english
  •   benrey using his skills in english solely for evil
  •   benrey stealing a duck
  •   and more!
  • 2 - another HLVRAI fic, which actually takes place in the standard kinda-but-not-really AU of post-canon. It’s the roleplay my friend and I are doing, but in story format. Summary: It starts when Darnold wakes up only to find that he’s scribbled strange images in the night. Recognizing them, he calls the rest of the science team, with a very important message - they need to go back into black mesa. - it’s complete nonsense and i love it. (probably earns the ‘crack treated seriously’ tag? that’s the general mood.) we both have no idea what we’re doing and it’s fun.
  • 3 - A very tender and heartfelt BBC Merlin fic, about Merlin in the time between Arthur’s death and his return. Has things like: cool new powers, Merlin actually being happy, and??? a??? soulmate bond??? im not sure what i made but i’m having fun. technically just needs to be edited but also - i wrote it in may and we are now in december i am a little behind on that.
  • side note: i have never actually watched merlin despite being in the fandom for more than four years
  • 4 - A very tender and heartfelt story about the Doctor, River, Amy, and Rory, about stories, endings or lack thereof, the chance to always come home, and a million other things, all wrapped up in the guise of “an AU where river falls in love with some later regeneration instead of eleven”
  • it has some of the strongest wham lines out of anything I’ve written
  • it is basically my love letter to the ponds.
  • 5 - the like??? three?? lines i had of a no-ghosts AU where team phantom is a team of gray-hat hackers. I thought the parallel worked really well and I hope I write it some day. it’s cool.
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update: a fivehead queen

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i’m absurdly nervous about this painting because I know exactly where I want it to go but I know for a fact that I will not achieve the image in my head SO here’s a wip

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in Maggotfare, we have:

  • isolated community of farmers
  • half of them farm grubs while the other half farm kudzu
  • civilizational collapse but none of the characters know it cuz they’re super isolated
  • beat down vespas
  • existentialism
  • weird creepy diseases created by the government wiping out the agriculture industry
  • voices from the river
  • ^nobody liking the river
  • trailer park rivalries
  • trailer park boys-esque shenanigans
  • depression
  • cannibals (?)
  • 1972 chevy nova vs police car chases
  • the wind smells like acid rain and cigar smoke
  • thunderstorm jazz
  • Vibes~✨✨✨
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Well, all my wips are now self ship–

The cat stared at him, large yellow eyes unblinking yet narrowed at the human. Or at least Sky knew him to be human, Rewind was less sure. Wary to say the least. Sky watched the feline, curious how the furry friend would properly react to the human heater. Rewind shuffled closer to Sky, making his human chuckle softly. Sky couldn’t say he was all too surprised at the grey kitty’s reaction. Ace himself was actively asleep, yet Sky could imagine the childish pout that the freckled man would have at Rewind’s “kind” reaction. 

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i’m working on an actual wip page but for now i’ll put everything right here. please yell at me about these! 


mother, mother:  tag | ao3

rating:  T

characters:  kenma, kuroo Tetsurou, kuroo’s family in all the forms that it takes

relationships:  kuroken endgame [or mayhaps middlegame? we shall see]

  • kuroken fic about family v found family and identity, also a getting together fic. i really really hope i can pull it off. 
  • aka the behemoth fic, because it’s ended up being much longer than I envisioned when I started it, and it’s taking forever to get through. 
  • currently sitting at 13k, will probably be around 30k total. 
  • chapter one is done and published, chapter two is in the middle of draft 1.5, chapter three will need major restructuring and rewriting
  • i’m hoping to get through this draft by the end of 2020 at the latest but my focus has been so scattered
  • i’m also planning a 5+1 things fic as like a backstory for this?

paranormal au:  tag

rating: T probably

characters:  i think everyone will show up or be mentioned at least once, but the main cast is kuroo, kenma, oikawa, iwazumi, bokuto, akaashi, and tendou

relationships:  established kuroken, iwaoi, and bokuaka. will likely be more gen than romance leaning

  • a bunch of crazy shit happens:  kuroo and kenma explore a haunted house, oikawa finds a ouija board and summons something he didn’t mean to, and akashi gets possessed.
  • thus oikawa decides to form a paranormal investigation company because “we have experience with this, we could make bank!”
  • wildly swings between comedy and horror
  • basically a buzzfeed unsolved au except i didn’t know what buzzfeed unsolved was until after i started this
  • this is a series and probably my biggest project to date. there are three oneshots before the main plotline starts and i blame haikyuu horror week
  • i’ve been sitting on this au since septemberish and i have zero ideas for the long plotline and i’m stuck at the beginning on the first fic. will probably need some major rewrites and restructuring. i’ve set this one on the back burner for now. 

fantasy au:  tag

rating:  T i think?

characters:  everyone shows up or is mentioned eventually, and the plot is focused on Fukurodani, Nekoma, Nohebi, and Seijoh, but the POV cast is Akaashi, Bokuto, Kenma, and Kuroo. 

relationships:  bokuaka and kuroken endgame [also may be middlegame, i can’t write a slow burn to save my life], will be more focused on plot than romance 

  • akaashi is the new-ish king of fukurodani who inherits a kingdom in crisis and has to navigate an alliance with a kingdom he can’t figure out the intentions of, defend the borders against two powerhouse kingdoms, and keep his biggest secrets under wraps. and deal with feelings he definitely doesn’t have for his personal guard. 
  • kenma, however, just wants to do his spellwork in peace when he’s sent on a diplomatic mission by the ruler of Nekoma, and gets into a lot more inter-kingdom policy than he ever wanted to deal with. also kuroo’s there too, and he doesn’t know what to think about it.
  • this one i’m also having trouble making a plotline for, but it’s at least semi-coherent and i just need to hack at it for a bit. i really like the idea! i just can’t focus on it
  • also i’ve done a shit ton of worldbuilding and it would be a shame to waste it
  • this is my next longfic priority after i finish “mother, mother” unless the promare one swallows me again. 

passing by [working title]

rating:  M

characters:  so far it’s predominately Kenma, Hinata, Kuroo, and Suga shows up in there somewhere, but who knows what’s going to happen

relationships:  undefined/ambiguous kuroken, one-sided kenhina, there’ll be some queerplatonic relationships in there too

  • involves midnight road-trips, misunderstandings, more identity/discovery stuff, lies, blanket forts, and
  • this is the fic i go back to when i need a break from chaptered stuff. it’s completely nonsensical and most of the time i open it it’s just to read and visualize it. i need to figure out a plot for it and possibly start drafting soon but right now it’s a side project 
  • how long will this be? no idea! it’s sitting just under 6k right now


  • this one nebulous thing that may actually be two nebulous things but i don’t know yet 
  • i started a oneshot and i’m struggling to figure out where it’s going, but honestly it’s turning out to be more of an exploration of what a potential longer post-canon thing may be 
  • tl;dr:  there’s something! but i don’t know what it is yet
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His nose grazed her neck like a wisp before he placed a soft kiss on her skin

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again it includes all my ‘verses, cuz why not, but this time every character I want, not just the villains.

the only important takeaway here is that Liam for some reason is Krampus/son of Krampus, Cale is a merman type creature, and Rubio is a dryad.

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Good evening, all. I’m slowly getting things in order outside of my writing world. Like my desk has stacks of “to be filed” which is big, and “to be scanned, saved in the cloud, then filed” which is not large, thankfully.

I got some writing done, not as much as I wanted, but I’m still making progress. Quote today is from Jobs.

Quote:  “Yes, ma’am,” Parjii said, saluting. Then she followed the siblings aboard. They each picked a bunk and a locker to throw their bags into, then went to the cockpit. It was built for four crew, so Chee slipped into the pilot’s seat while Ahoma and Parjii took the second-row seats.

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