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shemii-draws · 2 days ago
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i can’t sleep
make a wish
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dandthegods · 2 days ago
I know there’s a lot of wishes as a polytheist or pagan for a temple to worship at. And I have them OFTEN (like today I dreamt of a repurposed house used as a pluralist polytheist temple)
But honestly, I kinda just wish I had a small group of friends in the same religion. And be close enough to rent a campsite and do a small offering ritual and group hellenic hangout thing together. Judgement free, supportive, and out in nature but still private. Just would love to do burnt offerings over a large campfire and be able to talk about the gods openly and laugh with some people.
I dunno; with the seasons changing and wishing I could go camping right now, having that small group community would be nice.
Anyways, cheers!
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anordinaryseal · a month ago
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Repost this seal and wish will come true.
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zetrystan · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Weird turn of events at the yard sale.
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changingmencaptions · 3 months ago
Hey, so I haven’t seen my friends in a while due to studying and the pandemic. They always say how I’m very predictable and I haven’t changed since they met me. Anyway you could change me to when they see me they won’t think I’m so predictable anymore?
Ah, predictable David. Always keeping in your comfort zone, rarely breaking away from your strict routine of college work, study and sleep. I think it’s time we change things up. Don’t you agree?
You walk passively around your lonely apartment, picking up small bits of rubbish and putting them in the trash. You wipe down the counters and clean the dishes, making sure your home was as tidy as possible before your guests arrive.
It’ll be the first time you see your friends since the beginning of the pandemic. Well, first time you see them in person at least. You had seen them in Zoom classes and Facetime calls, but it just wasn’t the same. So, this was a special occasion for you all.
You had invited them to have dinner and drinks at yours. Just a small get together. Nothing too big. Just like old times.
You take the final beer glass out of the dishwasher. Your distorted reflection stares back at you.
“Same old me”. You smile lifelessly. “I hope they’re not disappointed.”
You drag your feet as you walk to your bedroom, ready to put on the same old shirt and jeans you wore back when you first met them.
You stare into your reflection.
“I wish I wasn’t so predictable.” You sigh. “I just want them to be surprised, that’s all. I wish I could just... change.”
You glance at your phone, checking the time.
“They’re gonna be here in twenty minutes!” You dive deep into your closet, trying to find your average shirt and jeans. But before you do, you feel something strange.
A rush of horniness flows over you. You feel blood rush into your average sized penis, causing your hard dick to press firmly against your thigh, feeling trapped in your underwear.
“Fuck... I feel so fuckin horny” You moan, grinding your hips against the closet door. Your hard cock pleasurefully rubbing itself against your thigh.
Horniness clouds your brain as precum begins pouring out of your cock like a leaking faucet. As precum drips out, your cock begin to grow, both in length and girth. It grows and thickens, causing the bulge in your tracksuit to look unnaturally large. Suddenly, your cock grows so big that it bursts through your underwear, flopping out and pressing against your tracksuit, leaving little to the imagination.
Your brain turns fuzzy and warm as your body takes over. You jump onto the floor, giving into your primal urges, fucking the floor beneath you with your new fat cock. Your body grinds against the floor as if you’re fucking your potent load into some fertile pussy.
You close your eyes as your body rhythmically fucks the carpet. You hump and hump, pressing your cock into the ground. Your brain clouding over more and more.
Tumblr media
Suddenly, as you continue to grind your cock against the carpet, you feel your stomach rub against the floor. How strange. It wasn’t touching the carpet before. But it definitely was now. You tried to lift your stomach up from the floor, but no matter how far you got from the carpet, your belly continued to rub off it. You snap out of your horny haze and force yourself to stand up. You feel significantly heavier than before. You eventually reach your feet and look at yourself in the mirror. You scream in shock.
Tumblr media
You look like some jock who’s had one too many beers. Or maybe 50 beers too many beers. You struggle to adjust to the weight your new body, falling against the mirror in front of you, causing your fat belly and perky fuckable tits to press against the reflection. You look like some fat fuckable hog.
“I look so fat... bro!” You scream at your new body. “What, bro? Why do I keep saying bro, bro? What’s happening to me, man? I sound like a fuckin jock, dude!”
You pushed yourself off the mirror and watched your body wobble. You stumbled out of your bedroom, stepping over beer bottles and dirty used cumrags. You suddenly look back in shock to see your clean room had turned into a pigsty. Your books had turned into porn magazines and your clean floor had become littered with beer cans. It reeks. It is the perfect pigsty for a fat fuckable jock pig like you.
Tumblr media
You wobble your way into the living room, ready to run for the door. But before you can reach the door’s handle, your pig body regains control. It’s like your a passenger in your own body, completely out of control.
Your body jiggles its way over to the couch, flopping itself down. You absentmindedly switch on the TV, switching on the football game. You sit back on the couch, getting more comfortable. Your body begins to inflate even more. Your slightly overweight jock body starts growing until you look like a fat overweight pig. Your belly expands outwards, becoming soft and round. Your tits follow suit, rounding out and filling up with meat, becoming fuckable and bouncy. Your nipples grow too, becoming thicker and fatter. Your nipples look like they are begging to be nursed on.
Tumblr media
You suddenly regain control over your pig body. You attempt to get off the couch, but it’s impossible. You try to stand, you try to roll over but nothing works. Your body keeps you immobile, sitting on the sofa, forced to watch the football game. You continue to struggle and struggle until
“Fuck, man! That’s so embarassing bro. And it smell’s awful dudeee.” You let out a soft chuckle. A part of you, deep down, finds it funny. Yes, you might be turning into a fat fuckable hog of a man, but your farts.... they’re funny!
“Hehehe mannnn, I smell like a- BURRRRRRRRP” You let out the most guttural burp.
“God, maybe I am a just a fat pig- BURRRRPPPP” You chuckle. “A BIG FAT DUMB FUCKABLE PIG HAHAHAHAHA”
Your friends arrive, letting themselves in the door to find their big fat pig of a friend guzzling beer and rubbing his 9 inch fat cock on the sofa.
At first they look at you in horror. What had happened to you? How did you change so much in such little time? It was just a year!
But as reality shifted in your apartment, so did they. Their brains began to adjust to this new you. They got sucked into this new reality. A new reality in which their best friend, David, was now a dumb fat jock. They all join you on the couch, pulling at your fat tits, calling you “lard-ass”, letting you burp in their face. Ah, what more could a boy ask for?
You got exactly what you wanted, David. To change into something unpredictable... and let me tell you, no one could have ever expected a smart meek college student like you to end up as a fat dumb college drop out who can’t do anything more than drool on his fat tits...
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catchymemes · 6 months ago
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heartsnmagic · 7 months ago
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memoryslandscape · 3 months ago
I wish for a season that does not begin with quick tides of ache.
Meg Day, from “Last Psalm at Sea Level,” Last Psalm at Sea Level (Barrow Street Books, 2018)
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odetolove95 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- "You gonna let me sleep?"
- "Sleep is for the weak. I want to love you all night."
- "That's humanly impossible."
- "You underestimate me."
- (pause) "Buck?"
- "Yeah?"
- "Can I ask you a question? It might be a little cheesy."
- "You, sweetheart, can ask me anything."
- "If... you had one wish, just one, what would it be?"
- "That's easy. To grow old with you."
- "And what if that doesn't happen? What if... we only had a day to live?"
- "Every moment I spend with you is worth a lifetime, so it really doesn't matter—one day or one hour—so long as I get to die with you. Holding you close like this."
- (smiles) "How could you love me so much?"
- "I could ask you the same thing. Now shut up and let me kiss you."
Stucky AU - Lifetime in a Moment
(Apologies for the bad manips. It's the best I could do)
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365filmsbyauroranocte · 9 days ago
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Roman Holiday (William Wyler, 1953)
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emotionalwords · 8 months ago
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imagine-loki · a month ago
Imagine Loki expressing his wish to spend more time with your family and friends, as he feels safe and comfortable with them. 
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catchymemes · 9 months ago
Credit: @heathershawwww / TikTok
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