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#wish me luck

wrote over 20k for the rarepair I just started shipping, and would really like to turn that keyboard burning towards my ongoing fics, but I dont wanna lose this fire….

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This will turn into a “my mother watching wrestling blog” but it’s so funny. I say “Miz and Morrison” she looks at me and goes “Mis amores?”. She haaates the size difference between wrestlers and unprompted violence, she is so offended by people beating people up backstage, it’s so cute how mad at Sheamus she got because “He was aiming for his (Jeff Hardy’s) face!!”

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Alright! 100 villagers in looking for Judy with the campsite! Any guesses on when she will show up? I have no prizes if you get it right, But I would be impressed

These are the villagers seen so far:

Jacques, Gigi, Ruby, Groucho, Snooty

Queenie, Admiral, Savannah, Pekoe, Broffina

Roald, Cranston, Chief, Wolfgang, Bones

Cashmere, Clyde, Bettina, Poppy, Boris

Ursula, Skye, Peewee, Willow, Prince

Axel Timbra Gayle Bluebear Winnie

Mac Blaire Alice Quillson Margie

Tank Stitches Wade Daisy Broccolo

Jacob Kevin Bangle Pierce Ozzie

Murphy Anchovy Penelope Pinky Freya

Deli Rod Croque Jay Bruce

Ed Pom Pom Chrissy Pate Twiggy

Erik Mathilda Huck Vladimir Soleil

Louie Dobie Hamlet Leopold Tammi

Blanche Jeremiah Goldie Cole Kiki

Mallory Pippy Benedict Peck Annalisa

Boyd Maddie Flurry Olivia Egbert

Apple Miranda Drake Gabi Sylvana

Maelle Purrl Wart jr Diva Kitty

Keaton Olaf Diana Kitt T-bone

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its been june which means im starting my fifth month in my year without radiohead

in an hour will be amnesiacs anniversary and i LOOOONG to hear you and whose army, dollars & cents, glass house…. scratch that. i miss all of it. it hurts!!! the melodies i play for myself in my head are nothing compared to listening to the real thing. it succcccks. but when the year is over, listening to it all over again will be so amazing

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