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#wish u were here
baesicbitchh · 2 years ago
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wish u were here
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pauljasonklein · 6 years ago
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pauljasonklein · 6 years ago
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kittaem · 3 years ago
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love letters to the moon 17 / x 
“To be able to debut as SHINee with the members, it is my good fortune....(the fact) that five of us were able to meet is more important than anything.” ― The Celebrity, June 2015 (source: milliseconds_)
☾ more love letters ☾
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megan03197 · 3 years ago
“Vorrei andare a New York, sotto Natale, con te. Visiteremmo central park innevata, e ci godremmo il freddo davanti ad una cioccolata calda. Mi piace immaginarci li, in una camera d’albergo con la vista sulla città, a viziarci come pazzi e finire per fare l’amore, mentre fuori qualche fiocco, di nuovo, sta per arrivare.”
— Mia
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everydaylouie · 7 months ago
new kitsch club song : ) happy holidays!!
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silversatoru · 4 months ago
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soapy titty pics (sexting w/ inumaki)
a/n: here u go shawty i hope you enjoy ur toge smut @brandmeyelena <3.
toge inumaki x f!reader
tags/warnings: sexting, mild edging, male masturbation
w/c: 1.2k
Tumblr media
it’s 2:00 am and toge’s still awake again.
staying up late and thinking of you — your hair, your eyes, the small curve at the base of your back. then his mind starts to wonder to other aspects of your beautiful body — your thighs, your tits, the way your perfect lips would look wrapped around his cock.
it’s been almost a month since he’s seen you and it’s been the most excruciating month of his life. he was tired and bitter that he had to be in another country fighting curses while you were back home without him. he missed pulling pranks on the other students and hearing your laugh ring out through the dorms — but he also missed the feeling of his dick in your pretty pussy. toge’s mind was bouncing from one extreme to the other but it was fitting, because he missed every aspect of you.
as thoughts of you continued to cloud his mind, his hand crept down to the growing bulge in his silky pajama pants. he pressed a firm hand over his budding erection, slowly palming it up and down.
fuck — the things he would do to have your head bobbing between his thighs right now.
his phone emitted a bright light in his dark room, a soft vibration buzzing from the device. he almost didn’t check it, because there was no way anyone of importance was contacting him at this hour. it was probably just an email, or a new follower on twitter, and he was kind of fucking busy living in his sexual fantasies of you.
but then it buzzed again, and then a third time, and a fourth time too. curiosity getting the best of him, he decided his aching member could wait another minute while he checked the notifications.
his cock twitched underneath the loose fabric, his mouth practically salivating as he stared as his phone. they were pictures from you, dimly lit snapshots of your round, perky tits covered in suds of soap. the pictures were accompanied by a single message, which read:
‘some soapy titty pics for u love,, wish u were here with me rn’
how ironic that both of you were up at this obscene hour just thinking of each other. you really were his soulmate — but he could focus on the sappy shit later, for now all he cared to focus on was how fucking hot you were.
‘yeah i’d titty fuck the hell out of those
how’d you know i was thinking about you right now?’
he quickly typed out his responses before his hand trailed back down to his throbbing erection. but this time he gently pushed the waistband of his pants down his thighs and let his cock spring free from its previous containment. he sucked a sharp breath through his teeth as he brushed his fingers over the sensitive skin.
he pumped a few lazy strokes up his length while he scrolled through the pictures you sent, pinching his phone so he could zoom in on your soapy, glistening breasts. your timing was truly impeccable — you have no idea how much he needed these.
‘lucky guess? you’re always thinking about me
and i’d let you do more than just titty fuck me
i can think of a couple other things that’d be even better’
your messages vibrate through his phone and send another rush of blood straight to his dick. he lifted his hand and collected some saliva in his mouth before spitting it into his palm. he massaged the sticky substance into his cock, his head falling back onto his pillow while he texted you back with his other hand.
‘obviously,, ur tits are just the warm-up
and then we’d move on to your mouth, right? with your hands tied behind your back just how you like them?’
he could practically imagine you down there, strands of spit hanging from the corners of your swollen lips while your tongue flicked over the head of his member. you’d be staring up at him with biggest eyes too, and they’d be glistening with a hint of mischief as you continued to tease him.
toge desperately fucked himself into his hand until the point where he was about to come, and then let his cock fall helplessly from his fingers. he was going to drag this out for as long as he could, edging himself in between each of your messages. but he could barely contain himself when the next thread came rolling through:
‘of course babe
i’d cover your thighs in love marks and then lather your dick with my tongue
hot, sticky saliva dripping from my chin while you shove it down my throat as hard as you want’
you were ruining this poor boy, a couple small beads of sweat forming above his brow. he was fiercely bucking his hips into his hand now, but it still wasn’t what he needed — it’s still wasn’t you.
but it was good enough, and he pushed himself right to the edge again before quickly letting go. his fingers twitched and trembled while they flurried across the screen:
then you can relax and i’ll do the work
slide my dick inside your wet pussy and bend you over the edge of the bed
i need you so bad it’s been so long’
toge’s hand wrapped around his shaft again, pumping faster and more frantic than he’d been before. his eyes were squeezed shut and he could practically feel the walls of your cunt around his cock. he’s picturing you riding you him, hearing the soft slapping noise of your ass hitting his thighs with every bounce. your hair is falling around your face, messy stands in front of your eyes as they roll back into your head. you look so pretty, so perfect on his cock, so-
‘two more weeks toge
two more weeks until i’m moaning and whimpering in your ears
gasping for air and clawing at the sheets while you take me from behind
i want you to wreck me when you finally get home’
he could almost hear the illusion of your delicate moans, the way they roll off your tongue and right into his yearning ears. and he could almost see your face contorting in overwhelming pleasure while he grinds his hips into yours.
clusters of the quietest whimpers slipped through his lips while he squirmed and stretched out his legs. he was intoxicated with thoughts of your body on his, your name glued to his lips while strings of white flew onto his bare chest. he milked out every last drop of his seed, the sticky white substance covering his torso and dripping down his hand.
he dropped his phone to the bed, the only sound in the silent room being his heavy, breathless pants. it was satisfying, doing this while he texted you, but it still didn’t amount to the real thing. what he really fucking needed was for this goddamn mission to end early so he could come home to you.
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lizadale · a year ago
Tumblr media
was doodling this in response to the “death is not serious” asks last night and i ended up liking it too much to not post it
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megan03197 · 3 years ago
Mi sono innamorata di te non per il fisico, ma per il carattere. Ricordati che è la testa che conta: Che me ne faccio di un corpo bello se il carattere fa cagare?!
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jaehyunjeffrey · 2 years ago
100 Reasons Why I Love Jaehyun:
of course, how could I not kick start this list off with my love for this man's dimples (they're so prominent and so charming i can't)
the smile lines he gets by his nose that make him look like he has whiskers
I love that his ears get red whenever he's embarrased or lying about something
his legal name: jung yoonoh (jaehyun fits but yoonoh, I think, really embodies him) both sound so attractive
whenever he wears his floofy, kind of messy hair
his utterly sweet and genuine personality (his personality literally tops everything in this list. it makes me uwu so hard)
i adore his humor and silliness
he can be so awkward sometimes too and its so funny and cringy but its one of my favorite things ever
those deep vocals...and his vocals in general holy crap his voice can be compared to a singing angel from the heavens above
the fact that he's an actual prince (yes thats a fact karen don't test me)
no but he actually has so many qualities of being a prince and it makes me cry
he once said that he wrote a hearfelt letter to his mom after he moved away, telling he to fulfill her dreams and what not and that it brought her tears & once I found out about it I was also brought to tears because he's just so thoughtful and amazing wtf
I love his relationship with his family and his friends so so much he's so caring
his dancing is 10/10
when he does girl group dances/challenge dances/cringy dances :')
his aegyo could send me into cardiac arrest
the fact that his favorite movie as a kid used to be high school musical
and that he made breaking free one of the songs on the "playlist to his life"
english skills 10/10 (whenever he speaks english it makes me feel all tingly inside)
I love that he lived in america for four years and that's why he's here man
his 👏 visuals 👏 god bless his parents and those family genes
perfect eyes
perfect lips
perfect ears
perfect smile
perfect body (those collar bones tho & those toned arms holy-"
honestly...perfect everything ok who am I kidding
I seriously love that when he went to school in conneticut, his teacher couldn't pronounce his name and that ended up created one of his nicknames: "Jay"
I also love his other nicknames...Jeffrey, peach, bread, valentine boy, etc.
he was born on valentines day and I think thats literally the cutest thing in the whole universe
how absolutely, completely and utterly rude he gets performing on stage (ie. cherry bomb, regular fancams)
all of his photo shoots and any & every picture of him on the internet (currently being saved to my phone)
the peace sign selcas (he has so many. every selca he posts he's holding up a peace sign I stg)
his talent is unreal (singing, dancing, playing sports...)
and he's so hardworking & dedicated. he always wants to do his best, I mean he's doing a great job fulfilling his life goal of "becoming someone big"
he sleeps while hugging a blanket akskdklsl shoot me
his "a whole new world" cover & any other cover or song where his solo vocals get to shine 👌
whenever he has black hair cuz damn
also did I even mention his laugh? he has such an adorable laugh that I could listen to all day
how he has the best alcohol tolerance of the group
according to his kpop profile, one of his weakness is that he's very sensitive at times and i just find that to be another reason why I love him so much (because he feels things so deeply)
the funny meme faces that he makes (ie. bread face, kissy face, etc.)
he always seems to have a positive, happy attitude and it makes me feels so happy
when he literally radiates confidence
also, this is out of place but I love his height. (i'm 5'3" so 5'11" is like perfect for me ugh)
his bowling skills are 10/10. he absolutely killed it at the isac competition and earned a silver medal in the end (im literally still so proud and shook that he set the highest bowling score in Isac history just 3 weeks after he started bowling practices)
I admire his athleticism too
he can swim, play basketball, bowl and more which is so freakin attractive
he also has a blackbelt in taekwondo (not to be dramatic but I would let him roundhouse kick me in the face)
his competitiveness
when he runs his hand through his hair to get it out of his face
his sense of style is so cute too
looks good in every single color, especially pink
he's literally such boyfriend material
when he uses hand gestures while talking
how he interacts with fans at fansignings
his bromance with johnny uwu
i loved it when he hosted the night night radio with him and listening to his voice even if i had no idea what he was saying
his passion for music
I love him even when he's not doing anything
I love any gif of him eating or drinking (idk why but it's so fascinating okay I promise I'm not weird its a thing)
that he actually started a sentence by saying "I know this may seem a bit corny but-"
his energy on stage and how he has had the power and force to break a lightstick, simply by swinging it in the air
"Ive been walking with the cheese thats the queso" (queso queso)
that his hidden talent is his "flexible tongue" (once again, I'm still impressed and very shook)
he was the most adorable child ive ever seen & his predebut pics are just so cute
his apple hair (a.k.a wearing a ponytail on top of his head)
when he kisses the camera
"no thanks im full I just want some milk" (hE nEeDs sOmE MilK lol sorry ill leave)
his blonde haiirr also f's me up
whenever he wears a nice suit and looks like a rich CEO straight out of a kdrama
I just love that he looks like he could be the male lead in a kdrama in general
he's so so super sexy
and he loves food and eating (I mean who doesn't, relatable)
his favorite foods are meat, spicy pork, peaches, and green tea ice cream
hes so skillful and i literally cant say that enough (I know im being repetitive but idec bcuz it deserves to be recognized)
he plays the piano too y'all (like I remember a vidoe was posted a few months back and I had tears running down my face)
his favorite season is spring (me too tho)
and his favorite color is white (wow so pure)
highkey a chef, good at cooking :') (husband material)
when he glistens on stage because of sweat ugh
when he makes finger hearts
his "ideal type" and how it's not completely focused on a specific type of woman.
he looks so soft and pure when he's sleeping
that he describes himself as "a lovely and cute guy" in 5 words (he knows what's up :'))
he knows he lovable and handsome lol
he cares so much about us nctzens and whenever he thanks us I truly feel so blessed to bias someone so genuine
the fact that he's an aquarius (f*ckin love aquarius's)
I love that he can still act like a little kid
and that he's made a tiny little snowman which turned out adorable
he's blind (not really) but he has to wear contacts or glasses and I also find that cute (geez how many times have I said cute now?)
he looks so good in glasses damn
that he dressed up as dracula for halloween
his habit of putting his hand up into his sleeve to touch his arm
his cheesy grin (dont touch me its the softest thing ever it makes me wanna protect him)
he's an intellectual
he's absolutely wholesome
he exists
he breathes
and there's no one like him (and, because I'm very biased, no one as wonderful or handsome!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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