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watching-ostara · a day ago
Mind, Body, Spirit Check-In // Pick A Pile
Wednesday, 1 December 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Disclaimer!!! This is a general reading and therefore may not be perfectly accurate. General readings are for entertainment purposes only. Take what resonates, leave what doesn't.]
Fox (Pile One)
eight of wands (upright); two of pentacles (reversed); page of swords (reversed)
You've recovered or are in the process of recovering from a major setback and are now approaching your obstacles with a vengeance. You've been channeling your willpower and your interactions with your physical world have taken on a sudden change, one of solid focus and determination. However, take heed that the actions you build upon this foundation don't end up taking on its mercurial properties. You want changes that stick and that comes with diligence and hard work just as much as it does willpower.
Leaves (Pile Two)
five of wands (upright); eight of pentacles (upright); five of swords (upright)
You're in a hollow, petty place of conflict, more likely with yourself than any external point of influence. This in itself renders the situation meaningless as winning and losing both affect you in equal measure. The very act of victory could leave you resenting the outcome and the events you've taken that have lead you here. But try to look at this time as one of learning a new skill. Observe your situation and change tactics to sync in to the most fluid way forward.
Fur (Pile Three)
justice (upright); the fool (upright); four of swords (upright)
You're starting something new, equipped with all the tools you need to safeguard you on your journey. This is a time of peace, of restoration and of clarity. Hold yourself and look within: introspection now is the most powerful way to start anew. Be it a new month, a new venture or a new relationship, there is a feeling of absolute knowledge. Karma will align to all your actions surrounding this time.
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ahoycaptin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I illustrated these moon calendars for 2022 and I'm really proud of them!
You can get them from my etsy store.
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biwitchenkitten · a day ago
Let’s bring back when we would start covens and have an all girl orgy under the lunar eclipse 🌒 ❤️✨
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