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little-witchys-garden · a day ago
Trans witches + cis male witches : we exist and we are valid in our craft.
Witchcraft community: lol no, only cis woman can truly do witchcraft.
Trans witches + cis male witches:
Tumblr media
Seriously witchcraft isn't a het cis woman only thing.
Witchcraft is for everyone.
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starlit-chaos-witch · 2 days ago
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serpentandthreads · 2 days ago
Here are some more tarot tips; specifically for interpreting the court cards as people. I've been reading tarot for over three years and my reading style may be a little different. See if these help you.
The suit's element would normally match the individual's sun or rising sign. I have had a few rare occasions where the element of the card didn't match the person's sun or rising sign, but most of the time it does. Wands = Fire Signs; Swords = Air Signs; Cups = Water Signs; Pentacles = Earth Signs
In most of my readings, pages and queens are feminine presenting individuals. Knight and kings are masculine presenting individuals.
If the card specifically comes out in reversed, then it is highlighting the negative traits of a person for that reading. Usually that means that the negative traits of the individual are significant to the situation the person is asking about.
King of Wands: A mature, strong, natural born leader. They are fearless and very action oriented. Likely to be an entrepreneur or in a position of power within the workplace. They can be quite charming and good at talking their way into (or out of) something. Reversed, this person is troublesome. Lacks confidence and self-esteem. They may have a nasty temper and are prone to tantrums. Very impulsive and has control issues.
Queen of Wands: A very beautiful individual- the type of beauty that draws attention to them everywhere (not just physical beauty- personality, too). Most likely to dabble in magic out of all of the queens, in my experience. They are very passionate, optimistic and assertive. Very independent. Likes to be their own boss. Truly is the lioness in charge. Reversed, they tend to be jealous individuals. May have a nasty temper, similar to the king of wands reversed. Tends to be very insecure about specific things. Mildly paranoid- they get triggered when they feel they are being manipulated. Very harsh when triggered.
Knight of Wands: Think of a less mature or inexperienced king of wands. Typically, this person is a younger individual, but outgoing and adventurous regardless of age. Has the fearlessness of the king of wands but tends to lack in common sense. The sporty, active type. Has a warm energy and likes to socialize. Loves a good game or challenge. Reversed, they are incredibly impulsive and lacks in self-control. Very reckless and entitled. They think even less of consequences but still manages to make it somebody else's fault. They tend to stay stuck acting the same way for years, until they have a realization that they are the problem.
Page of Wands: Think of a less mature or inexperienced queen of wands. A person who is young at heart and embodies youthful energy. Quite cheerful and optimistic. Incredibly creative, very artistic. Quite adventurous. They tend to seek approval from others, so they should focus on learning what it means to be their own boss. Reversed, this individual tends to find themselves in stagnation often. They can't quite seem to let themselves be authentic. They feel powerless or ignored, which leads to them acting out. Makes up for their loneliness by misbehaving to get attention. They fear being forgotten or left behind.
King of Swords: A very calm, very practical individual. They are disciplined and wise. They are honest and secure in their beliefs but are still open to learning about what others believe. Not the type to tolerate foolishness. Understands that everybody is always a student, no matter what position they are in. They tend to find themselves in positions of authority, especially in places where they get to give people guidance. Reversed, this person is cold. They lack the ability to be empathetic and sympathetic. Very harsh and quick to shame others. Not to the type to play victim often but will definitely point out every flaw and mistakes in others. Just as intelligent as the upright position but will use that intelligence to get what they want, regardless of who gets hurt.
Queen of Swords: This is a very powerful individual. Not exactly a motherly or nurturing person, but they still care about their loved ones. A problem solver. Very intelligent and always seems to have an answer for everything. More likely to find themselves in positions of authority than the king of swords (mostly because they tend to crave the ability to be the boss more). They are ambitious. Tends to impress people with their strong work ethic. Reversed, this person isn't ambitious. They are power hungry. Will manipulate and gaslight people as much as they can to get what they want. Gets very bitter when they lose. Very vengeful. Questions peoples motives and tends to be the best at psychological manipulation.
Knight of Swords: Think of a less mature or inexperienced king of swords. Quick-witted and smart but lacks the experience and knowledge the king and queen of swords have. They'll get there one day, though. Rational, but assertive. They tend to be the friend that will give everybody else multiple warnings when they do something stupid, then say "I told you do" when they end up being right. They're still loyal and will be present when their loved ones need them. Reversed, this person is just as impatient as the knight of wands but doesn't complain as much. Gets upset when they don't achieve something but doesn't acknowledge that they are too pushy. Very rude. Tends to be the bully.
Page of Swords: Think of a less mature or inexperienced queen of swords. This person craves knowledge, though they don't quite understand that knowledge isn't the same as wisdom. Still, their curiosity leads them to become quite intelligent. Analytical, deep thinkers. Asks a lot of questions. Can be quite chatty. Reversed, this person tends to be a loner. Not the type of person to have more than two or three friends. Tends to be insensitive to others, passing it off as "offensive humor" but really, they're just a massive bitch. They are either egoistical or insanely insecure.
King of Cups: This person is diplomatic, empathetic and caring. The type to do what it takes to keep the peace. Pretty easy-going, not the type to be very strict. They are in control of their emotions, but they are able to express their emotions in a healthy way. Not the type to seek positions of power but is likely the patriarch of the family. Reversed, this person's emotions control them. They react emotionally, not thinking of what they are saying until it is already said. Moody, irritable types. Doesn't hide their feelings well. Can be withdrawn after an argument.
Queen of Cups: A genuine, kind person. Very supportive of their loved ones. Sensitive, but not toxic. This person is also very sentimental- things such as heirlooms, family photos and even the smallest gifts mean a lot to them. Empathetic- more than the king of cups. The type to cry when somebody else starts crying. Usually, the first to listen when somebody needs support. Reversed, they are emotionally possessive. The type to manipulate people with their emotions. May mean well but ends up causing harm in the process. Vain. Very stubborn when they are not supportive of somebody else's decisions. Will throw a tantrum after a while if their various attempts of getting somebody to agree with them or do what they want fails.
Knight of Cups: Think of a less mature or inexperienced king of cups. Tends to be a romantic. In love with the idea of love. Optimistic, maybe a little dramatic. In tune with their emotions but may not have figured out the best ways to express them quite yet. Adaptable and easily influenced by their surroundings. Reversed, they are performative. Will wear a different personality depending on who they are with and what they want. Emotional, but repressing their emotions. Emotional outbursts can be explosive. Has intimacy and commitment issues.
Page of Cups: Think of a less mature or inexperienced queen of cups. Tends to be the shyest out of all of the pages. Sensitive and tends to take things to heart. Tends to cry over little things. Genuinely nice and wants to help others. Very imaginative. Similar to knight of cups, tends to be in love with the idea of love. Daydreams a lot. Reversed, they are like spoiled children. Used to getting what they want. Not the type to stay in one relationship for too long. Tends to be manipulative of others. Prone to lying.
King of Pentacles: Similar to king of wands, very likely to become on entrepreneur. Very successful in their career field (and generally most aspects of their lives). Most likely to be able to retire young but tends to keep working anyways. Very ambitious and knows what they want. Grounded- they aren't manipulated easily. Seeks to do better. Respectful towards others and demands respect for themselves. Will help their loved ones but has limits. Reversed, this person is greedy and stingy. Only thinks of themselves. Stubborn. Materialistic and judgmental. Sometimes a gambler. Don't expect empathy or sympathy from them- they are ruthless.
Queen of Pentacles: The most motherly and nurturing out of all the queens- even the queen of cups. Very loving. Tends to be more of a homemaker. Family is everything to them. Practical, yet empathetic. Offers comfort and support when needed but does not tolerate their kindness being abused. The parent, parent friend, plant parent, animal parent... They love taking care of others. Reversed, they are smothering and possessive. Selfish. Tends to be very anxious and gets nervous when they feel people are against them. Good at pretending they did nothing wrong. Doesn't like it when people don't tell them things. Don't share finances with this person- they will spend all your money and not feel bad about it.
Knight of Pentacles: Think of a less mature or inexperienced king of pentacles. They are hardworking and strive for success, though they may not always be sure of what they want in a career yet. They either have a clear vision of what they want or are still dabbling in anything that interests them until something clicks. Tends to have their morals and values straightened out young, but their sense of stability is lacking. Reversed, this person doesn't know what they want. They lack in confidence and tend to make up for it in indulging in other things (such as video games, partying, etc...). Tends to seek perfection but can never reach it. Don't befriend or date them if you're looking for loyalty.
Page of Pentacles: Think of a less mature or inexperienced queen of pentacles. Jack of all trades, master of none. They tend to want to do many things but never have the time to. Tends to be the most outdoorsy out of all the pages. Enjoys a good adventure, but once they're back to work they don't play games. Impresses people with their ambition but they tend to pile too many tasks on themselves. Still loyal to their friends and family, though. Reversed, they are easily distracted. Don't trust them with any major tasks. Probably best not to loan them money. Very immature and lazy. Procrastinates and probably gets in trouble for it often. Doesn't take consequences seriously and keeps repeating bad habits.
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neverrosecoven · 2 days ago
Harmless and easy 'leave me alone' spell...
Write the name of the person you wish to leave you alone on the piece of paper.
Fold it up (away from you) as tight as you can.
Hide it away in the corner of your freezer (burning the paper works as well)
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crazycatsiren · a day ago
The "Third Eye" - It's not what you might think it is
Tumblr media
"How do I open my 'third eye'" is a question that I see very often asked around in the modern witch communities.
The real answer to that question is: long story short, you can't. You don't have access to the kind of training required for it. Unless you have access to legitimate and experienced teachers who really know this stuff back to back, who can walk you through every step of the process, and even then, there's no guarantee of success. It's not something that you can just "do".
The third eye is an ancient Hindu and Buddhist concept. It's not the "sight" or the "sixth" sense of western spiritualism.
The third eye refers to a gate or pathway that leads to the inner and supernatural realms, as well as spaces of higher consciousness. In Buddhism, the third eye symbolizes a state of enlightenment. The reason why it's said to be located in the middle of the forehead, is because it represents the enlightenment achieved through meditation, religious practice, and holy work. Buddhists regard the third eye as the "eye of consciousness", from which enlightenment beyond the physical sight is achieved. Do you know how hard it is to achieve any level of enlightenment? Pretty damn hard is the answer. Devout Buddhist monks and nuns will spend their whole lives working on it, knowing that it may or may not happen.
The divine are the only beings that may come with their third eyes already open. In artworks of Buddhist deities such as Buddha or Guanyin, you will see an urna in between their eyebrows, portraying their third eyes. The god Erlang Shen of Chinese mythology, a nephew of the Emperor of Heaven and a celestial warrior, literally has a third eye, which he uses to see through all realms and dimensions, divine and mortal.
Mortals have to really work at it, if they really want it. But for mortals, no matter how hard you train, it may or may not happen for you.
Now, the third eye in Hinduism. Much thanks to @rue-cimon for the information provided.
You can't just "open" the third eye.
Can you focus on the spot during meditation? Yes. Can you visualize it as a center of energy? Yes.
But you can't open it. It's not "opening the third eye chakra" that New Agers love to toss around.
In Hinduism, it is the god Shiva, who is said to have a literal third eye. Which is why the ajna chakra is so important in Hinduism. It is said to connect one with the Brahman (universe) and allow one to receive "messages" from the past and the future. Hindus will place a tilaka (similar idea as the Buddhist urna) between the eyebrows as a representation of the third eye, to emphasize the importance of the ajna chakra and in honor of Shiva.
Hindus believe that the third eye, when opened, causes complete obliteration (think of it as an apocalypse), and that ability lies only with Shiva. Do you really think that we, mortals, can have that ability? Or should have that ability? Probably not, if you were to ask a Hindu.
So if you were to go with the Hindu side of this: you cannot open the third eye, period. It may not even be possible with a Tantric teacher. And the teachers wouldn't be instructing you on how to "open" that eye, but rather to simply visualize it and be more attuned to it. The least you can do is focus on the spot during meditation. That's it. That's about the most you can do on your own. Focus on the spot between your eyes, let your mind be at ease, try not to visualize anything, and don't think or expect anything. Just focus. Focus on your breath, on the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. Do this for up to 20 minutes. You might feel different afterwards, but that's not your third eye "opening". It's what meditation, true meditation, will do to your body and mind.
So, bottom line, folks: don't try to pry open your third eye. It's not going to work, and you might even end up getting yourself into a load of trouble in the process.
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queenofdarkness22081971 · 2 days ago
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insomniasmuse · 2 days ago
Why do I think the United States is cursed?
Lemme think, the Genocide of the Indigenous people. The stealing of the land. Artifacts stolen and put in fucking museums.
Tsk, maybe that's why things are the way they are.
Aside from most people just being inept bastards.
I'm tired.
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capri1queen · a day ago
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pickedmyskin · 9 hours ago
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thatwitchyshitt · a day ago
Tumblr media
Can someone tell me what this card means? It showed up in ny tarot card reading, thanks! 😄😄
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little-witchys-garden · 7 hours ago
Witchcraft community lets all come together and stop terfs from appropriating cultural myths and trying to rewrite gods and myths into being transphobic.
Seriously it's becoming a big dang issue...
It's also starting to fall into a racism, antisemitism, and xenophobic problem as well because they're really trying to rewrite minority cultures mythos into transphobic preaching...
They're also attacking pagans and witches that's divine support trans people...
I've seen many terfs demand trans divine be erased or straight up denying the very existence of these beliefs + their followers, which is incredibly harmful since many minority and cultural beliefs have trans divine...
They're really trying hard in erasing and rewriting whole myths, folklore,legends, beliefs,cultures and religions...
This not okay.
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starlit-chaos-witch · 2 days ago
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serpentandthreads · 23 hours ago
Where do magic correspondences come from?
This was an interesting topic that somebody asked me about before. I'm happy the person asked because I feel like people don't ask questions like this enough. Many beginners make that mistake often. When you are beginning your craft or in the early stages of researching for your craft, always ask questions.
Anybody who has been on my profile for a longer period of time knows I am not a believer in the whole "rosemary can replace any herb" thing or the "white can replace any color" thing. It sounds very misleading to me, but that's just my take on the topic. There are many variables that go into correspondences of different things, but these will be some of the things I try to look to when determining correspondences. I hope the following helps you understand this better.
Psychology: I typically look to psychology for things like color correspondences. While we will all individually have our own personal opinions on things based on our own experiences, it is proven that colors tend to have a similar effect on most people. If you'd like to take a look at my post on color correspondences, here is a link.
Medicinal Uses: This one is usually more for things such as plant correspondences. You can see why certain plants are associated with certain things based on their medicinal uses. Rosemary, for example, is associated with memory and dreams in magic. For medicinal uses, rosemary can have positive effects on one's memory and neurological functions.
Folklore: Folklore tends to be region specific. You can live in the same country as another person, but if you live in completely different areas of that country the folklore for your regions may be a little different. Folklore can tell us of many superstitions that let us know what something means. Try reading up on the folklore for the region you're from. You may be surprised by some of the tales you find.
Culture: I'm separating folklore and culture because while folklore can be tied into the culture of a place, folklore tends to be more specific to specific locations. Different countries will have different cultures, which means they will have different perspectives than what you may have. If you do research on the culture of a country different from yours, you may find that the people of that country have different traditions.
Religion: Religion can be tied into culture, too, if the area is overall dominated by one religion. Religious texts and stories can often be found talking about using various things for specific uses (such as magic and honoring deities). Because of this, a person might have a specific association with something because of their religion.
These are just the five things I consider when determining correspondences of things. There are a few things that I have personal association with, though, so I'm not saying you should be limited by these five things. I do think that taking them into consideration is important though.
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the-clumsywitch · 5 hours ago
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Random Questions/Comments about Spirit Work
Think of it like a FAQ mixed with things I've actually been asked/told.
Q: Can you actually see them or is it all in your head?
Depends on the spirit and your own abilities. I personally lost sight when I was growing up as we all tend to do but I do get some shadow people occasionally, or some let me see them. I have to give up my sight (close my eyes) to see the other side sometimes.
But regarding my mental health, I've shown no signs of mental illness that would have me hallucinate. Besides, the things I've dealt with have happened far too much to be anything other than an experience.
Q: All of this seems really terrifying, why would you dabble with the dead?
Some people choose to work with the dead other times the dead calls you. I'm the latter. You can't ignore their calls forever (or at least I can't).
Q: Don't you get scared?
All the fucking time. That's kind of what bothers me about how working with the dead is some stoic mess. It's a lot of joy, a lot of pain, a lot of grief. You have to let these emotions come and go. It's natural. It's human. The thing is you cannot let yourself be overwhelmed by them. And I think it's misinterpreted into stoicism. Like during an exorcism in a movie where the demon tells the priest how their mom's sucking Satan's dick or some shit or talks about how they were some awful person before coming into the faith and then in pure hollywood fashion priest loses his shit. I have never heard of some crazy shit like that happening. I've been shown how a person died. I've felt the pain they had in their final moments. I've peoples best and worst moments in their lives. I've even been attacked and threatened to be killed by spirits. But at the same time nothing makes me feel more alive when interacting with the other side. It's an odd feeling. The other side is frightening sure, but it's an amazing world to experience at the same time.
Q: Any advice about beginning spirit work/community?
When you start, just let things happen. You might feel a chill, you might be pushed, touched, you might hear things you never thought you would but that's okay. Let it happen. If you get startled, laugh it off. It'll happen a lot. Work on staying calm. Spirits react and thrive on your emotion. Fear, anger, sorrow, happiness. Don't feed them.
Also, I'm serious about not starting alone. Start with someone you trust. Someone more experienced. You need that confidence and that confidant. I mean it when I say I wish I wasn't alone. A lot of the things I've gone through I've gone through alone. And that was as terrifying. Always ask for help if you need it.
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Happy Saturday peeps 🖤🥀
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brklynwtch · 2 days ago
Yk speaking from a veiled person stand point , I’ve grown to actually like wearing face masks , theres just something nice about no one seeing all of your face , it feels like a secondary layer of spiritual protection as well as physical for obvious reasons . Tbh it’s also making me consider wearing Tegidion (Greek face veil) more often
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witchyintention · 18 hours ago
Magic/k Test Question #1
Tumblr media
Keeping mint in your purse or pocket is useful for helping to attract prosperity.
What else might it be used for in your practice?
Comment your Answer!
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witchcommunity · 6 months ago
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IG :Jo Brownde's Art Weekly
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capri1queen · 2 months ago
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