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luminescentwitcha month ago
Moon/Sun Water
It honestly sounds more complex than it actually is.
Moon water is typically considered to be calming and spiritually opening. It can be used to cleanse and bless altar tools and to open the third eye. Sun water is more energizing and can be used in rituals related to activating the healing process.
The most obvious difference between the two is what charges them. The process of making them is otherwise the same.聽
You鈥檒l need:
A glass jar聽
Water, preferably bottled/distilled/filtered聽
A method to cleanse the jar (incense, sunlight, crystals, etc)聽
A window ledge or spot outside to put it聽
First you need to cleanse your container. If you want to be able to drink the water after it is charged, you shouldn鈥檛 use incense or any other kind of smoke to cleanse the container. You鈥檒l be consuming all that with it when you drink it.聽
Fill your cleansed jar with water. If it is going outside, as opposed to at a window, I would recommend putting a lid or plate on top of it to keep bugs and critters out of it.聽
Finally, place your jar where the moon or sun can reach it and leave it there. If you want to make moon or sun water specifically, you鈥檒l want to remove the container before the other makes its appearance. If you want to create cosmic water, a combination of the two, then leave the container out for a full day.聽
I usually clean and cleanse my containers between fillings to keep the water from getting muggy since I use it for so many things. I put it in my essential oil diffuser, add it to spells, brew my coffee with it, and use it to wash my face, among many other uses. You can use it for anything you use water for!聽
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waiitiridge4 months ago
Patiently waiting on the full moon 馃鈥嶁檧锔
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broomclosetsafety17 days ago
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something i need to remember on my journey inside the broom closet 馃Ч
it doesn't matter if my family doesn't approve, as long as i'm proud of myself and who i am that's all that matters.
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deathwishnovelaa year ago
when the sea calls to you, you must listen鈥 for every embodiment of mother nature has something to say. that pull you feel is only natural. embrace it, and she will grace you with yet another whispered secret.
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theliminalpath11 months ago
Our website will be launching soon and our first article is simmering in the pot. Stay tuned beautiful witches!!馃枻馃挏馃枻
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thelittleseawitch22a year ago
馃彽A little info dump for new witches馃彽
鈼 Research as much as you can and try to not take all your information from social media. Books & certified websites are your friend, libraries are the best!
鈼 There is no need for a 'Mentor', you can make your craft your own.
鈼 You do not need to be in a coven, they're plenty of solitary witches (myself included) that are quite happy doing their practice on their own.
鈼 Research other cultures or parts of practice you are interested in, if they are a closed practice then they need to be left alone.
鈼 You do not need a 'type' of witch to define you, do parts of your craft that make YOU feel comfortable.
鈼 Do not curse, hex, spirit work, work with deities, blood magick, necromancy etc; Straight away (Or at all if you are unsure). It is definitely NOT a recommended starting point.
鈼 Treat other witches with respect, no matter how long they have been practicing. Everyone's craft is different to another there is not need to compare one another.
鈼 You do not need an altar or a familiar to practice witchcraft, it is a personal preference.
鈼 Do not be ashamed if you are not out of the 'broom closet' like some other fellow witches. Take your time, research and see if it's what you want. Maybe ask other witches how they approached the subject to their household/families.
鈼 You do not need to believe in deities (Gods/Goddesses) or an higher power to do witchcraft, nature is the root of many witches practices, religious or not.
鈼 Doing witchcraft does not mean you have to be Wiccan or even Pagan. It has been used in many cultures and religions since ancient times. It is a practice not a religion.
鈼 Witchcraft and magick has been around since ancient times, it has been practiced by many and in many different ways. The path you choose is yours and yours alone.
馃挌 And throughout your journeys please stay safe. I wish you all the best in your future. 馃挌
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afflictionrp5 months ago
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ivaliceislanda year ago
It鈥檚 already the season of the witch at Ivalice Island
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inco-herencea year ago
dark paradise
dark paradise by Jo茫o Vitor Mantovani Manica
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witchyy-bluea year ago
Witchy instagram!
I created a new witchy instagram account where I will be posting astrology stuff and free monthly (and more types of) readings, and I鈥檓 going to be doing more private and detailed paid readings (in English or Spanish) in the dm鈥檚. You can find me here: _myoracle_
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crystyneseesa year ago
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deathwishnovelaa year ago
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Green Witch Tip:
Cork Planters | Carved Chalices!
If you have limited space, or you enjoy tiny versions of pretty things like the goblins we are, cork planters are the perfect option for you!
I typically use a pocket knife to carve out the hole, and then a dremel to smooth the edges and/or make a creative design! The nails are typically used for stability. Remember to use succulent specific mulch or potting soil!
I also enjoy carving mini chalices like above, especially for my altar! You can add all sorts of things inside, like herbs, succulents, salts, crystals, etc! Whatever your deity/ies may desire.
*pc 鈥 unknown
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