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So my husband and I have been planning to move and I’m practically screaming “let’s go today!” Haha… and I read my tarot spread this morning… the cards literally said “bitch please slow down and take baby steps.” 🤣

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Baldr: Norse God of Purity, Joy, and the Summer Sun 

Also known as: Balder; Baldur; Lord Baldr; Baldr the Beautiful

“Baldr, Odin and Frigg’s son, is the fairest of all Aesir spirits, merciful, kind, and wise. Lord of joy, light, purity, friendship, reconciliation, and innocence, he is beloved by all. Well, almost all.

Baldr had ominous dreams, which the Aesir recognized as portents of doom. His mother, determined to save him, traveled around the world extracting oaths from everything on Earth, making them promise never to harm Baldr. She extracted vows from all living creatures and everything formed of metal, stone, and wood. The sole exception was mistletoe, which she considered too insignificant to pose a threat.

Frigg returned to Asgard, reassured of Baldr’s safety. The other Aesir amused themselves by throwing things at Baldr (darts, hard objects), knowing that he could not be harmed. Observing these antics, a strange woman, maybe Loki in disguise, maybe his twin Angerboda, asked Frigg to explain. The woman asked whether everyone had sworn the oath. Frigg, still underestimating mistletoe, revealed the exception. 

Later Loki handed a bit of mistletoe to Hoder, Baldr’s blind brother, and, guiding his hand, persuaded him to throw it. The mistletoe pierced Baldr’s heart, killing him instantly.”

Colours: The yellow-gold spectrum; shining white

Sacred Plants: Valerian and Mayweed, which are also called “Baldr’s Eyebrows”

Realm: Baldr’s hall is called Breidablik: “Broad Splendor”

[From “The Encyclopedia of Spirits” by Judika Illes]

[all images from Unsplash]

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<div> —  diary of a bad witch, astrology 101 word of the day, 1/21/21 </div><span>ascendant- [rising sign {AS}] the sign and the degree of the zodiac rising at the time of birth.</span>
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Any writers out there interested in buying this off me? I’ve never used it, it just has a bit of wear from being stored. I’d love for someone to have it who will appreciate it.

Asking $15 but willing to negotiate!

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So today I was sitting at my computer, about to do schoolwork. All of a sudden, I got a headache. It was a really bad one pounding in my temple. I was wearing my clear quartz pendulum, and I grabbed it, closed my eyes, and took a few deep breaths. Within seconds the headache was gone. Is this the wokr of my pendulum?

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My new office is across from our Chaplain’s office and I have now filled it with a bunch of witchy stuff and am blasting music that makes it very obvious I’m not straight and I have a picture of my gf on my desk and I’m just waiting for his reaction cuz he uses my printer so I know he’ll be in here at some point today… at least I know my boss has my back

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$ Career path reading: An analysis of your second, sixth and tenth house to determine what type of careers you would excel and succeed at. If you have any twelfth house placements, in this reading, I take those into account as well, as well as any other placements that I believe could affect your career in a way.
Price: 21 Euro

♃ Luck and blessings - a Jupiter placement analysis: An analysis of Jupiter’s position in your natal chart and his aspects to see in what areas of your life you are blessed and lucky.
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Price: 15 Euro

What you can expect from my readings you can see here and here.

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These notes are based on personal observations and are valid for all personal planets (Sun, Moon, Rising, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in water placements in your chart.

Sorry if my English is not perfect.


Originally posted by tamsyntaylor

🌊 I hate when people say that Pisces are basically crybabies, that’s not true at all! In my experience Pisces are optimistic people, they’re pretty active, emotional and expressive! I need more Pisces in my life!

💧 I’m sorry but Cancer is the TRUE crybaby of the zodiac! Most Cancer I know usually cries A LOT, they’re extremely emotional. I notice that Cancer are also quite impulsive because they ALWAYS follows their gut feelings. Most Cancers I know are also quite extroverted, maybe because they could have some Gemini or Leo in their chart.  

🧚 When angry, Scorpios give you the silent treatment.

🌊 Cancers are quite bad with conflicts, they’re not so good handling their anger, they prefer to isolate themselves when they’re angry because they risk to explode and hurt really bad other people feelings.

💧I noticed that a lot of Scorpios are really smart.

🧚 I don’t know why but Cancer girls are HOT.

🌊 Pisces are a bit lazy sometimes.

💧Scorpios are pretty introverts.

🧚Cancers are often into gossips, maybe because they have some Gemini placements.

🌊 It’s difficult not to notice a Pisces, they have a charming personality and tend to excel in something, they’re also quite funny.

💧In my experience, Cancers are more vindictive than Scorpios.

🧚 Water signs tend to be passive-aggressive.

🌊 Pisces memory is BAD.

💧Water signs in general are pretty insecure about themselves.

🧚 I noticed that sometimes Pisces are fuckboys, maybe because they have some Aries placements.

🌊 Cancer and Scorpio are quite touchy and moody, they get angry fast.

💧Pisces tends to make funny jokes about themselves.

🧚 Cancers and Scorpios tend to have an “all black or withe” way to interpret the world around them.

🌊 Cancer moon is sweeter than Cancer sun.

💧Pisces have a multi-layers and prismatic personality.

🧚 I noticed that Pisces often are great leaders, maybe because they have some Aries placements.

🌊 In my experience I noticed that Pisces are weirder than Aquarius people.

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To describe the Old God is to describe the moment before the sun rises, when you’ve been up all night in the lone of dark convinced it’s all there ever will be

It is to speak of the sounds of blood coagulating and skin scarring over

To speak of the feel of wet earth underneath my bare feet in a morning where the dew has graced my presence

It is to whisper of the dread that settles in your chest as the candle light shows you more than you expected it to, of the relief of laying down for a restless night after a heavy day of weights being placed and gathered over your back

It is to trust in the void of nothingness when you feel safe enough to dream

It is the call of the crows when they need another

The thrum of your heart before it stops

The spit in your throat wetting your vocal chords just before you sing your worldly hymns of grace and divinity

The exhaustion on your body when you want it to be over but it isn’t just yet

And the spark that keeps your fire burning deep within your weary ribs, the bones cradling the flame like a mother keeping her newborn safe from the world, urging you to keep going

Keep moving

Keep living

Keep breathing

Keep dying

Keep surviving

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