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Thought you all might enjoy this 🌊✨
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hallow-witxh · 2 days ago
How to use lemons in witchcraft (Pt. 1)
Part one: whole lemons I've had a few people ask me for more information on lemons in witchcraft, so here's a new series for you guys! There will be a few parts: whole lemons, flesh/juice, peel, and seeds. For simplicity sake, there will likely only be a max of three or four ideas on each post, so that it's not overwhelming and I feel like I can go into detail without the posts getting too long. Without further delay, let's get right into it!
Basics of lemons:
Zodiac: Cancer and Pisces Planet: The Moon Element: Water Energy: Feminine
Whole lemons in witchcraft:
This ultra-easy negativity absorption trick
This slightly mean but ultimately useful-as-fuck-around-the-holidays spell
Bring a whole lemon with you when you're going somewhere that needs a significant amount of your energy. Lemons are extremely energizing and can offer a boost when you have tests, presentations, or interviews.
The first day after a full moon, press a whole clove into the feel of a whole lemon. Do this every day until the next full moon, preferably before you go to bed. The next full moon, bury it somewhere you consider a very peaceful place to invoke good luck and spiritual energy.
Throw one at your homophobic Mormon uncle.
Like I said, I'll probably keep each post at three or four ideas, but if anyone wants to add more ideas or suggest a new kind of posts, my asks are open! Always remember to do your research and always practice in a cleansed environment :) Blessed be! Tips and Commissions for a struggling witch: Ko-Fi
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breelandwalker · 20 hours ago
Secular Celebrations - Yule
At the very end of the Gregorian calendar comes the winter solstice and Yule. Technically, this is the FIRST holiday on the Wheel, since Samhain is the boundary between the old year and the new. But since most of us have to follow the January to December schedule in our day-to-day lives, we’ll end with Yule.
The winter solstice is a time when we focus on hunkering down and staying warm. We look to the homestead, we take care of our families, and we make sure our communities are surviving the winter as comfortably as possible. This is one of the times that the Wild Hunt was said to ride, their presence indicated by howling winds and stormy nights when it wasn’t safe to venture out. All manner of entities personifying hunger and cold and death stalk the landscapes of winter mythology, so we fortify our homes however we can and indulge in a little midwinter revelry to keep ourselves going until the spring.
Decorate with pine bunting, pine cones, holly, mistletoe, snow symbols, fairy lights, electric candles, ribbons, streamers, local fauna active during winter, whatever you like. There are plenty of Christmas wreaths out there, so don’t be afraid to make a witchy one with a big old star in the middle. Make sure that any ACTUAL foliage is kept away from the pets, and of course, observe fire safety for any lights you put up. Way too many house fires are caused by electrical shorts in holiday lights, so be extra careful. Do NOT plug an extension cord into a power strip. And go easy on the plastic glitter. Anathema to some, I know, but the more of that we can keep out of the waste cycle and the water system, the less will end up in the oceans.
If you have a fireplace, you can burn a symbolic log “to drive the cold winter away.” Or, if you only have a cauldron or a burning bowl, you can find an outdoor space to burn some twigs and incense for the same purpose. Or you can light some candles with appropriately wintry scents. Or, if you can’t burn anything at all, an LED candle left alight overnight on the altar should do the trick. The whole idea is to symbolize keeping warmth in the home, keeping the dark and the cold at bay, and keeping the home fires literally burning for those who must be elsewhere. However you manage this is fine.
Spend time with your near-and-dear, if you can. Eat good food, drink good wine, and do cozy things. Share treasured memories, and tell stories. Fun fact: Yule and Christmas are another traditional time of year for ghost stories, so feel free to pull those out again. If there’s a family tradition of feasting and gift-giving, lean into it. There are a lot of Christian traditions from Christmas that have made their way into the secular sphere. Sure, they still have some religious associations, but I know plenty of atheists who still exchange presents because it’s FUN. You can also give gifts to others by contributing to charitable organizations, donating to clothing drives and food pantries, or through random acts of kindness to those who need it.
Charity and compassion should be emphasized during this time of year. I mean, you should be charitable and compassionate ALL year when you can manage it, that’s just common decency. But especially when it’s cold and people are feeling that lack of money or resources and we’re surrounded by all these super-capitalistic ad campaigns telling us that our love for others is worth only as much as the kitchen appliances and diamond jewelry we put under the tree….yeah, maybe bring something a little more altruistic to the table. It doesn’t have to be huge, it doesn’t have to be performative. Just look for those opportunities to help someone out or make their life a little easier. You’ll know them when you see them.
If you’re crafty, pull out those projects you’ve been saving for a rainy day. We often spend a lot of time cooped up in the house during cold weather, the more so in 2020 with the various lockdowns, so why not turn it into something productive? Fix something, create something new, work on that scarf you’ve been meaning to finish since last winter. Make a pinecone feeder for the local birds, or scatter some nuts and dried berries for any critters that happen to be out and about. Do winter crafts with your kids to keep them occupied, if they happen to get bored of watching Frozen 2 for the hundredth time this week. (Hey, I only have nieces and a nephew, but I’ve still heard the horror stories.)
Let me pause a moment to address the proverbial elephant in the room. And this MIGHT be dipping a toe into the religion pool, but it’s an issue that a lot of us face. Late December can be a tough time for witches who were raised Christian but are, for one reason or another, disconnected from the faith or the Church at present. There’s the constant symbolism in music and decorations all around, pressure from our friends and families, people gnashing their teeth about red coffee cups, and so on. And we’re not even going to talk about the annual arguments over who stole whose holidays. If you know me, you know exactly how salty I can get on the topic, and we don’t have time for that today. This is about finding ways to celebrate, not my personal rage over people who don’t understand the difference between conflation and syncretism, and can’t be arsed to read history that doesn’t come from-...
Ooooo deep cleansing breath. Come on, Bree, you promised. (-hiss- I LIED.)
ANYWAY. Yule is a time when it might be worth remembering literally anything positive that came out of your experience with Christianity. Some of us have it, some of us don’t, that’s purely a personal matter. Some of us miss the carols, okay? There can be a lot of nostalgia involved in the season that’s disconnected from whatever trauma or differences in belief led to that split. And if you want to pause and remember that fondly, that’s okay. I will fully confess to singing along to Christmas hymns on the radio in my car at top volume because that’s a big part of the season for me and always has been. Heck, I might even attend a service at the local Unitarian church. They’re nice and non-denominational and they focus much more on the meaning behind the season than any particular holiday. So if you feel the need for that fellowship, see if there’s a UU church near you, or a virtual service online. There’s nothing wrong with revisiting your roots.
Moving back into witchcraft territory, you can collect clean snow and icicles to melt for winter moon water. This isn’t really much different from moon water you’d make at any other time of year, but it’s another method of gathering the base material. Also, icicles are great for any water you’re setting aside for more aggressive or protective purposes. The fact that they look like hanging spears isn’t lost on me.
Check your household protections and see if anything needs shoring up. Like I said, I cast my wards every year at Samhain, but they always seem to need a bit of detail work by the time Yule rolls around. Or heck, you might find Yule a more appropriate time to perform that casting, or maybe you refresh your wards at every holiday, who knows. Whatever works for you, as long as you remember to do it at some point. Cleanse your thresholds and the corners of your home, at the very least, just for good measure. But don’t go sweeping anything out the door. That’s sweeping away your good luck for next year.
And speaking of New Year’s, if the year you’ve had has been particularly….well, like the year we’ve had, you can also burn the year in effigy and cleanse with incense for a fresh start. Just write it on a piece of paper and burn that S.O.B. in the cauldron. While you’re at it, you can symbolically burn lingering worries, bad habits, bad memories, and regrets with either candle flame or a burning bowl. And yes, that includes all those negative things you think about yourself that you wish would go away.
And finally, reflect on the year as a whole, with all the joys and lessons it’s brought you. What memories have you made? What has brought you joy? What do you regret? What have you learned? What skills have you developed and how will you use them? What improvements do you still wish to make? And what do you want to do with the coming year?
And around and around it goes….
Like I said at the beginning, this is by no means exhaustive. These are just some basic ideas to get you started. You can make your own celebrations and your own traditions as you, either by building off of existing ones or by creating something new. As long as it has meaning to you and marks the occasions you deem important in ways that are fun and festive, it’s all good. This is something I’d love to see more often as a discussion - personal traditions, things that are unique to families or particular regions or individual witches, all the places they intersect, and all the various ways that we celebrate ourselves and each other and our craft.
- Hex Positive, Ep. 011 - Secular Celebrations (November 1, 2020)
Other Posts In This Series:
Spring Equinox
Autumn Equinox
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angeloracle · 2 days ago
Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
🌙 4th December 2021
The upcoming Sagittarius New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. This makes it much more powerful but also more volatile than usual.
We might feel pressured to change ourselves in some way. If you feel guided to transform any areas of your life, go for it. But only after you are sure you know what you want.
The New Moon will conjunct Mercury. This puts focus on communication, mental activities, technology and travel. Be clear on what you want and write it down or speak it out loud!
With Mercury affecting the Eclipse, you want to be as precise as you can and write things down. This strenghtens your intentions.
Just like with any Eclipse, be careful what you wish for.
I wish you a lovely new moon✨
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mothmaam · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pre-Yule / December New Moon Simmer Pot
Several Orange slices
A few Green Apple slices
Several Pine Branches
3 tblsp of Whole Cloves
3 Cinnamon Sticks
1/3 tblsp of Cinnamon Powder
Handful of Bay Leaves
Gonna do another one on Yule but with cranberries and star anise. This one is for the new moon tonight!
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gremlin-magic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sigil magic is one of my favorite kinds and throughout my practice I’ve made so many so I figured why not share them with everyone! This one is obviously for motivation. Use it to give yourself a boost of motivation, in spells that may require it, or for anything else that your heart desires.
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Witch books are a pain in the ass when you're not a beginner!
When you're a beginner it's so easy, you just look up witchcraft books and you have hundreds to choose from all with the same information. It's so difficult to look for books about witchcraft that aren't for beginners or filled with misinformation, or are actually just mislabelled wicca.
So I've given up on searching for "witchcraft" books and instead gone into looking at specific research books instead. It can get pretty tedious when the books you want to read aren't easy guides with pretty covers but they're practical, go into a lot more depth and are WAYYY more credible.
I would totally recommend doing this if you've been stuck like I have. Don't worry about your topics being too niche or specific, I guarantee there's a PhD student somewhere who's written about it.
Here are some topics that you could start searching for:
magic in your cultural heritage
magic in a history/culture of interest (with respect to their boundaries)
historical development of a specific deity
religious archaeology
pop culture interpretations
biblical/Christian interpretations (King James I)
demons/the devil
performance and story telling
feminism (some books in this topic will be terfy in which case check the bibliography and reviews)
When you're looking at books check the bibliography! A credible source of information will have referenced numerous different sources from several different medias and viewpoints. If you're looking at a bibliography and it's all books about the same exact topic by similar people that's proof that the book is just a parody of a parody and there is nothing to gain.
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amaranthine777 · 2 days ago
Hi guys today i’m gonna talk about REALITY because lots of people are confused i’m realizing ! so firstly reality is not something that’s going to be fully comprehended by the human mind ok! (i’ve studied this thoroughly but i’m human and it’s all down to your own interpretation after all because it’s YOUR REALITY) . this is from a LAW OF ASSUMPTION perspective. I’m gonna try to address this with as little loop holes as possible.
Tumblr media
The concept of infinite realities and always shifting through them.
your reality is a reflection of your state or inner world we know this!! NOTHING is set. there is NO ORIGINAL REALITY that defeats the purpose of shifting all time . The reality you were in BORN as a baby is a different reality than you are in now if anything that’s your “original” reality, hell you aren’t in the same reality you were in a second ago 💀.You are not bound anywhere you are INFINITE MY LOVE you only exist in the present moment ! nothing is set !!! when i say nothing i MEAN NOTHING.
Tumblr media
The consistency of this illusion
“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” ~ Albert Einstein
“The subconscious mind can process 20 000 000 bits of info per second. The conscious mind can only process 40 bits of info/sec. So the subconscious mind can process 500 000 time more what the conscious mind is able to.”~ google 😭 . As we know the subconscious mind “materializes” our desires ! and the 3D is a projection of your imagination , subconscious what ever you want to call it ! I use to wonder “hmmm we’re shifting all the time why is everything so so consistent” your subconscious it’s downloading EVERYTHING it’s omnipotent ! and it’s making the shifts accordingly.
I don’t like shifting discourse but here we go. YOU’RE SHIFTING THROUGH INFINITY ALWAYS it’s your nature. The nature of God 🧘🏽‍♀️no i’m not a shifting page i will not discuss it ! but if you want to shift change your concept of self around shifting and you’ll be able to, you’re pure consciousness and more than any physical body anyone who says other wise is lying.
The Nature of your consciousness
It is infinite and exist infinitely that’s the nature behind your consciousness it’s not physical it is not set that is impossible, you’re thinking all the time bae !
Your perspective is present ! you exist RIGHT NOW ALL THE TIME. you will continue to exist in the present moment.
This is why everyone can win , WE ARE ONE ULTIMATELY.
Your consciousness is tied no where there is NO LESSON you have to learn on a metaphysical level .
Tumblr media
For some reason i’m not able to show multiple pics is my tumblr glitching ? 😭 i’ll figure it out or someone help ?! i’m willing to answer any questions or any debate if you want to ? but yup this is it <33 .
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majesticwitchblog · a day ago
Ughhh why is witchcraft so frustrating? I'm trying to move a crystal with my energy and it's not working. Neither is malanipulating fire. I feel like I should be able to do these things! My friends said it takes practice but I don't see myself getting any better at it the more I practice.
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blinkingstarwitch · 2 days ago
My final form of my travel altar
Tumblr media
Mini cauldron (bottom of an incence burner)
Elements (made out of deer anlter)
Pentacle (necklace pendent)
Birthday candles
Matches and stricker
Paper for sigils
Spell pouch
Tumblr media
Blue apatite
Moon stone
Raw sapphire
Raw ruby
Clear quarts
Rose quarts
Tumblr media
Egg shells
Poppy seeds
Mandrake root
Rose petals
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hallow-witxh · a day ago
How to use lemons in witchcraft (Pt. 2)
Part two: Lemon flesh and juice
Basics of lemons:
Zodiac: Cancer and Pisces Planet: The Moon Element: Water Energy: Feminine
Lemon flesh/juice in witchcraft
The best lemonade you'll ever have is also a potent spiritual protection spell/potion! Cut off the peel of 2 large lemons, and slice the flesh into bits. Remove seeds. Add bits to a pot with a sprig of fresh basil, 2 cups of water, and 1 cup of sugar(or to taste, I personally only use 1/2 a cup). Simmer for 10 minutes and stir occasionally while mashing the lemon bits with a spoon. Remove from heat, cool to room temperature, and strain over 2 cups of ice water in a pitcher. This should give you about 4 or 5 cups of lemonade depending on your sugar taste. You can also add water, use more lemon - whatever calls to you.
Lemon juice is just full of cleansing energy and potent negative energy absorption. Add a bit to your water in the mornings to help absorb negativity all day! Easy, fast, delightful in sparkling water (but I am secretly a 65-year-old grandparent in a 22-year-old body so I like sparkling water)
Lemon juice is also very protective outside your body. You can dab it onto your clothes, add a tablespoon to your washing machine or dishwasher, or even just sprinkle a tiny bit into your mop bucket (And I mean TINY: a tablespoon to a gallon ratio, or even less). All of that with infuse you and your home with a clean, fresh energy.
Of course, these are just a few easy broom-closet-friendly ideas, so if you aren't worried about keeping your practice hidden, feel free to add on your ideas and tricks! My blog is geared mostly towards beginners or people living in unfriendly environments, so a lot of my lists, tricks, and tips are for them. As always, remember to do your research and always practice in a cleansed environment! Blessed be!
Tips and Commissions for a struggling witch: Ko-Fi
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pickacardreading · 2 days ago
Choose the pile that sparks a memory for you. It has your answers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The passion in your life is anything that's emotional based, diplomatic, practical approach, and also dealing with your connection to other people. We can talk about relationship or marriage counselor or coach and basically anything that's done by coaching. This is an amazing passion as you may improve a lot of people's lives. The way for you to develop this passion is continuously bring this transformation energy to people around you and who may need your help. You have learned that being naive and childlike won't work a lot of times especially in relationships where you have to have a mature approach. This is why you too being diplomatic by measuring all things perfectly in your life gonna help you a lot in developing your passion. Good luck! 
Tumblr media
The passion in your life is lil bit unique. It's not fiery as other passions may be but it's a calm one. The passion in your life is to maintain the harmony between you and your family, other people's family, and people around you so that you all can live a happy life where nobody is being defensive and there's no need to struggle all the time. The passion in your life is to live peacefully and happily. It's really amazing right? The way to develop your passion too is as amazing as your passion. The way to develop that is by being the master of your emotions and intelligence. That's it. Whenever it's needed to deal with your logic, deal with that. Whenever things happen when they challenge your emotions, deal with your emotions that have been under your control. Good luck! 
3. KEY
Tumblr media
The passion in your life too is amazing darling. Your passion is not selfish. Where other people's passion may center with themselves by how to make themselves richer, your passion is to maintain the balance and justice for people around you. It's social like that. For this reason too, your advice to develop this passion is as amazing as your passion. The advice is to be an agent of change to whatever injustices and imbalance that happen around you. Whenever you are needed to give help, offer that with utmost courage and also with great meticulousness so that you can win and restore that balance and fairness. Good luck!
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the-soul-shard-system · 2 days ago
How about, instead of blaming ppl we shouldn't be as the reason for "not being taken srsly" we blame the ppl we ACTUALLY should be.
No. Endogenic systems ARE NOT the reason why ur therapist won't take you and ur DID/OSDD srsly.
It's ur therapists fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. Some 15 year old who uses xe/thou/god/fae/rain/frog/✨/❌/💕/?!/&/% pronouns IS NOT the reason why ur mother wont take ur srsly when you say that you wanna you they/them.
It's ur mother's fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. A 20 y/o trans demiman who has no wish to get top or bottom surgery bc he has no gender dysphoria IS NOT the reason why ur insurance company wont take you srsly when you wanna chop ur titties off.
It's ur insurance company's fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. Some kid who self-dx themself as autistic and now identifies as autigender IS NOT the reason why the school councilor wont take you srsly when you tell her that you think that you might have autism.
It's the school councilors fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. Ur next door neighbour who says that she's married to 2 gods, partnered to an angel, and currently courting an elf IS NOT the reason why ur best friend doesn't take you srsly when you tell her about ur own craft as a witch.
It's ur best friends fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. That one tiktoker who says that they're polyfragmented and dating 3 of their headmates/alters at once while also being heavily inteoject heavy IS NOT the reason why that one fakeclaimer in ur DMs wont take you srsly when you say that ur a system.
It's the fakeclaimers fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. This one chick who's exploring her sexuality and says that she thinks she's pansexual IS NOT the reason why biphobes wont take you srsly when you say that ur bisexual.
It's the biphobes fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. Ur classmate who is very open about being objectum and claims to be in a romantic relationship with their favorite green mug and having sex with the color indigo IS NOT the reason why ur Dad won't take you srsly when you come out to him as gay and polyam.
It's ur Dads fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. That one WattPad writer who claims to be fictosexual and writes smut between them and their fictional others IS NOT the reason why ur brother won't take you srsly when you say that ur a grey-ace.
It's ur brothers fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. That one witch who's only been practicing for only a year but already claims to be working with their ancestors and well as 23 gods/goddesses/goddexxes, half of them being anime gods or Disney characters, IS NOT the reason why ur new date it being folkist towards you for practicing traditional Italian folk magick.
It's ur date fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. That one 12 year old who's fictionkin and factkin IS NOT the reason why that one girl from church calls you a freak and doesn't take you srsly for being a wolf therian.
It's the church girls fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
No. That one person on Instagram who claims to be a median system and uses semi-plural pronouns IS NOT the reason why ur doctor won't take ur srsly when you apologize for switching with a little for five minutes.
It's ur doctors fault for not taking you srsly and you need to place the blame correctly.
Place. The. Blame. Correctly.
It's not that hard.
(Feel free to reblogged and add on if you guys want to).
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ladyastrelle · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
common spell components for glamours:
CRYSTALS — rose quartz / clear quartz / amethyst / selenite / tiffany stone / opal / kunzite / morganite
WATERS — full moon water / sun water / dew / melted snow / ocean water
TOOLS — candles (pink, white, blue) / brushes / mirrors / ribbons
ENCHANTED OBJECTS — jewelry / makeup / charms / clothes / other accessories
MISC — flowers / fruits / sugar / herbs
suggestions for various types of glamours:
BEAUTY - roses, catnip, dew, ginger, ginseng, heather, maidenhair, orange
COURAGE - basil, fluorite, mullein, sunstone, sweetpea, thyme, tiger eye, amatrine
FOCUS - amber, aquamarine, celery, celestite, ocean water, onyx, master root
TRUTH - bluebell, iron pyrite, moss agate, opal, selenite, yellow candles
STRENGTH - bay leaf, ebony, mulberry, pennyroyal, saffron, thistle, tourmaline, oak bark
WISDOM - almond, amethyst, bay leaf, coral, iris, sage, sunflower, skullcap
ATTRACTION - honey, cinnamon, cardamom, carnelian, patchouli, damiana, rosehips
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abn-iiblis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Methods of Spell Work To Banish: • Burning to ashes and sweeping away the ashes • Cast out a window, down a cliffside, etc • Bury it and spit on the spot To Bind: • Wrap in black thread • Cover in wax or other material • Seal in jar and hide in dark spot To Hide: • Wrap in ribbon • Place in a (painted) black jar or other container • Cover in cloth or other material and bury To Encourage: • Plant or bury near the front door/steps • Plant or bury near a window • Place near a window To Communicate*: • Anoint a candle • Leave out an offering • Meditate • Open the front door and/or windows To Glamour: • Leave under the full moon • Work with its reflection To Cleanse: • Bury in salt • Burn herbs and pass through the smoke • Let it bathe in the moonlight To Protect: • Leave sigils/wards on doors and windows • Carry sigils/wards on every day items (keys, phone case, etc) • Enchant jewelry with protection spell *: Communication with deities, spirit guides, etc #witch #pagan_witch #witchcraft #green_witch #witchythings #baby_witch #beginner_witch #kitchen_witch #witches #witchery #witches_of_the_world #witchblr #witchbound #witchbasics #witch_blog #witch_basics #witch_community #witch_content #witch_culture #pagan #pagancommunity #paganism #eclectic_pagan #eclectic_wicca #pagan_culture #pagan_community #magick #magic #spellwork #Abn Iiblis
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