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Do the thing, magic skeleton!
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mothea · a day ago
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leoascendente · 2 days ago
Pluto archetype through the astral houses 🦂
Pluto archetype:
Pluto rules Scorpio and the 8th house. It's called that way because of the Roman God of the Underworld. In Greek mythology is known as Hades.
In astrology Pluto is a transpersonal planet, this means that deals in a soul level for a trascendent way to face life. It's a destructive force of old structures that no longer serve to our purpose in this lifetime, the changes that Pluto impose are drastic and emotionally intense, sometimes it can be very hard to deal with.
Represents the most raw and honest reality about ourselves, mostly the parts we try to hide to the rest of the world. This planet prefers to move in the shadows, like Pluto's mythology.
Pluto's obstacles are hard to face but involve positive changes and a most trascendent understanding of the situations or life itself. Those tests can transform us for our best wellbeing and are made to aling us with our soul mission in this incarnation.
Pluto's placement shows us where and how we can get very passionate about the things we love but get obsesive with them as well. It deals with our basic instincts and the darkest parts of our personalities.
Represents the death of the ego and the awakening of the soul. Like alchemy, it transforms what's old into something new and brighter.
Pluto face us with what makes us uncomfortable about ourselves to make something beautiful of it, like the chrysalis evolves into the butterfly or the snake shedding their old skin.
Tumblr media
Puto through the houses:
Pluto in the 1st: The natives have tendencies to self destructive behaviors, they are also highly competitive when it comes to recognition and they prefer to keep their bussiness to themselves so nobody can use it against them. If they experience difficulties to face their dark side or Pluto is bad aspected on their chart, they can be very manipulative to sabotage the situations they don't want to face, thia is not because they are scared to face the situation, they are mostly scared of getting angry and can't control their angee. They can be very destructive and ruthless when they feel cornered or threatened by other people but if they channel thia energy they can be the inspiration even of their bosses because of their passionate spirit. These natives have an strong survival instinct, they are passionate and determinated with their goals, they also have an strong willpower when they want to achieve something specific, when they want something they finally get it no matter how much it costs to them, sometimes they make stops in their journey to recover the motivation to keep going. They are not afraid of drastic changes even when it comes to their physical appearence or their style. Their first years of life could be traumatic, stressful or emotionally hard to deal with. They don't like to trust in the Universe and prefer to believe in their hard work, they could have some trust and control issues that comes from their childhood. If Pluto is too close to Ascendant they could have problems in their birth or were born in extreme conditions, they are survivors from the very first moment.
Pluto in the 2nd: These natives can get very obsessed about their resources, money or material elements that reforce their sense of stability, for them those are the elements that makes them feel like thay are important people. They can be perceived as materialistic people or too attached to money or the security in themselves that money gives them, they might feel that money, resources and luxury are the major indicators of personal power, even they might feel that their sex appeal is closely related to the amount of money they have. They have very stablished values and moral and hardly change their mind about what they believe is true, that's when Pluto appears to make them more open to other people's perspective, to help them see that there are more options and theirs is not the major truth of things. These natives distrust anyone who has a higher level of incomes or the authority figures, it makes them feel threatened and become passive agressive, even ruthless if they are feeling that someone is putting in danger their resources. Pluto forces them, through some tests, to stop and think about the way they manage themselves and their bussiness, to realize that material resources are important but not fundamental for their inner peace and personal satisfaction. The attachment to money can come from the chilhood, where they could feel less than other people or humilliated for their economical situation, that's why in their adulthood they try as hard as possibe to never feel that way again. Through their life they can experience both extremes of poverty and wealth to help them value themselves if a softer way being more empathetic with their self value. These natives have an special talent to get the most out of the most little things to transform it into something great, they also are good with money managment and investing. People usually feel very comfortable by their side or asking them for guidance or advice, they are great watching things with a cold mindset on difficult moments, that's what makes them amazing counselors.
Pluto in the 3rd: These natives hace an extraodinary intelligence to dig into the depths of any situation, they are very hard to cheat because they can see other people's bad intentions from afar. They enjoy open minded people who they can talk and share about things that society use to see as taboo, like sex or death. Theae natives are natural detectives but can use their knowledge to earn power over other people, they also have a sharp tongue, they know what to say to cause the most damage. This placement have the tendency to focus on intrusive thoughts or obsessive ideas, making the natives see things worse than they really are, because of this they prefer to don't talk to much what they think to avoid being misunderstood. They have a powerful mind, great for visualization but they can be scared of it, if they train this aspect they can become great manifestators for attracting the things they desire into their life. In their childhood they could feel their enviroment as threathening, where they had to keep their eyes wide open to prevent other people's intentions torwards them. In their adult life they keep this alert sense, sometimes overwhelming their nervous system because of that child wound. The relationship with siblings or cousins use to be complicated and with a lot of hidden competition between them, as well as their first years of school they felt like nobody was worthy of trust. They must be careful with their neighbours and when they make short trips (trips on the country they live in).
Pluto in the 4th: The source of the emotional complexes of these natives use to come from their family roots or their transgenerational tree, there could be some traumas related to their experience with the father figure or the part of the family related to the father, maybe because of an early death or abandonment. As a water house, these natives tend to hide and repress their feelings deep down to avoid getting their heart hurt, deep inside they are very sensitive and emotional but they prefer not showing this part of themselves, this is one of the most intense and deep of Pluto's placements. They can read people like books, their intuition is extraodinary, if they don't like someone after a while they find out the intentions of that person weren't good. The wounds of their past use to manifest mostly in their domestic life, through their life they use to experience some crisis that impose a chage in the familiar structure to evolve for a most positive stage. They heal very fast from illness and sorrows, very resiatant people but aftaid of being vulnerable, if they find a way to channel their sensibility they can heal even their ancestor's wounds, as well as improve their intuition and psychic abillities. Learning how to dive into the subconcicious can make them find hidden treasures. Their way of ending situations can be very drastic and dramatic, they cut from the roots and hardly gives a second chance.
Pluto in the 5th: These natives have the inner need of express themselves openly, they usually move between feeling like kings looking for power and authority and feeling like they can't recognize in themselves the things that makes them unique. They like to win and can be a little obsessive about it, they are competitive to extremes, the aproval of other people is very important to them, making them feel powerless if people don't admire what they do. The relationship with children can become problematic, they will be the mirror of the dark parts of the native that haven't recognize in themselves, some may feel that having children can take their freedom away. For women is important to take a lot of care for themselves when it comes to pregnacy or giving birth. These natives can be very posessive over their children overprotecting them or trying to control what they do. Romance is another place where emotions turn into a rollercoaster, they are prone to validate themselves through the sexual conquer and the power games, sometimes their relationships are too dramatic. Pluto asks to these natives to value their worth in a different light, learning the importance of humility and reciprocity, understanding that othe people's light doesn't turn of the inner light of this natives, they have an strong willpower and knows how to motivate people when they are feeling low, a good way for channel their energy is through creative activities
Pluto in the 6th: This placement is a little difficult to deal with, the major conflicts in the subconcisious mind manifest through the physical body. A negative mindset or emotional state can drive them to suffer the consecuences by a physical illness, even if it is in a unconcious level, their mindset is aligned to the good functioning of their body. Understand how their mind, body and feelings are connected can help them to improve their daily life and make them feel healthier in every level. They have an strong connection with nature, mostly with animals, if they have a pet they should analize if they are projecting over the pet any unsolved wound they have, these placement has the tendency to take care of the pets but not taking care with the same affection to themselves. Routines and daily tasks are very important to their emotional balance, they must be careful of become too obsessive about it, feeling like their day is ruined if something gets out of their control. These natives are great workers with a big sense of responsability, they also have an extraordinary capacity of concentration. The relationship between coworkers can become complicated due to power games, an excesive criticism or sexual tensions in the workplace. Pluto in every earth house doesn't get along with authority figures, in the workplace there can be conflicts with the boss. Is veey important for them to feel really passionate about the work they make, they need to feel like thwy are doing something useful for other people's lives, if they don't resonate with their work they can try to sabotage the situation and escape.
Pluto in the 7th: Pluto is the planet for extremes and the 7th house is all about balance and harmony, it can be a hard placement to deal with but can become a beautiful source of transformation. For these natives, is really difficult to trust in other people, this distrust is bigger with their romantic partners. They can be possisive, jealous and demanding in their relationships but if they don't recognize this dark side of themselves they will project them over other people, sometimes they attract romantix interest with those characteristics. Their distrust in their partner use to lead to distance from people they really love, making them swing between pide and sadness for the lost chance, if they don't feel well with their couple they tend to sabotage the relationship to be the other part the one who takes the step, sometimes they live relationships so intensely that they end up burning it. In some cases the decease of the partner can lead to a personal transformation in the way they face relationships. They are prone to power games in the shadows with their romantic partner, Pluto's energy leads them to balance this aspect giving the same power to both parts of the relationship. These natives are great for help and guide people that are going through hard periods of their lives.
Pluto in the 8th: These placement makes people with intense impulsive tendencies but with a powerful self control of their emotional world. Sometimes their passions gets so intense that become overwhelming, they need to recognize if they are angry or excited, these natives are the kind of people that starts with a discussion and solve it in the sheets. They have strong defense mechanism to avoid getting their feelings hurt, they hardly show vulnerability to others but they are deeply emotional, the pressure they feel because of repressing their feelings can lead to explossive argument or a fit of rage. The best way to avoid this situations that brings more conflicts is looking for a way to channel those energies, high-performance sports or activities with a little dose of risk, like martial arts, parachuting... These natives are passionate with a high libido, sometimes they use sex as a way to escape from their reality. They crave for a significant intimate bound but can be scared to commitment and reject chances of conections that could be very fullfilment, in some cases they end up in tragic relationships with a lot of emotional draining, that's why they prefer to keep their guard up. These placement offers a great intuition if they take the courage to listen to it, they can feel very attracted to occultism/mysticism, sex and what happens after death, they have the abillity to to catch the energies from a place and predict what is going to happen, they have an strong inner power to reborn from their ashes. In some cases I've seen this placement in people who had near-death experiences and somehow something inside thems asks them to understand in a deeper level the meaning of life and death.
Pluto in the 9th: This planet on the 8th looks for a meaning, in the 9th Pluto looks for a major purpose for their lives. They usually gets dissapointed with religions or gurus, feeling like they don't get to really see the image of god clearly with those religious doctrines. Their image of god is usually like the old bearded man seated on the clouds waiting for them to make a mistake and punish them for that, that feeling can lead to an unnecesary feel of guilt for little things that they think god won't approve, they sometimes blame god for the bad things in their lives. Pluto leads them to open their perspective and look for a more compassive, forgiving and indulgent image of the Divinity, if they get distance from what society says is correct they can find answers in holistic ways of life and take the hard moments of life as a learning with a meaning behind to get a higher level of consciousness. They can have a very nihilistic perception of life, becoming apathic people, they are passionate people with strong charisma and willpower, they have great ideas but they can sabotage themselves thinking about all the negative possibilities. University years can be transformative, they can switch the career they want to follow from one moment to the next. Traveling and getting in touch with other cultures helps them to reach a better understanding of themselves and get them close of the things that motivates them and makes them feel happy and alive.
Pluto in the 10th: This is another placement of Pluto that can be hard to deal with. They usually had a difficult relationship with the Mother figure, sometimes seeing her like someone dark or with negative intentions torwards the native. In other cases, when Pluto is well aspected, the Mother could be seen as someone brave and inspiring, with the abillity to turn negative things into something wondeful, in other cases, the early decease of the Mother could be very transformative. This native's first experience with the Mother figure will project over their public life and career, they can become obsessive about being important and their reputation to feel powerful. They don't get along to well with authority figures, they usually feel intimidated by them but refuse to show it. They must be careful with their hidden intentions torwards their succed or fame, sometimes, even if it's subconsciously the motivations behind are more related to the power and control they could have. Pluto leads them to focus in succed by doing something they really feel passionate about, they can be very admired and recognized by doing something they love, instead of looking for being an authority for the rest of the world. These natives have very high standards for themselves, they are ambitious and brave to achieve what they want no matter how much time it takes to get their goal. They must be careful with their reputation through their life becaude they could experience drastic transformations in the way the introduce themselves to the world, sometimes they shift their career as well and work in something completely different feom what they were doing before. Their biggest lesson is to feel grateful and satisfied with what they have while what they want is on their way, also is very important to find the career that really fullfils them. These natives have an special eye to see the structures from institutions that are no longer useful and find new ways to improve them, like the fuctioning of schools, prisions, hospitals or things related to laws.
Pluto in the 11th: These natives tend to move between self imposed isolation to avoid feeling misunderstood or feeling so related to a higher cause that they loose themselves in their own revolution. They deeply feel the need to find a movement that inspires them and can be a legacy of wisdom to future generations, they need intelectual stimulation or will scape the situation before it become too boring. They use to feel both attracted and intimidated to groups situations, mostly related to the improvement of social structures that are no longer useful and the evolution of society. They must be very careful about getting involve with radical ideals or jumping compulsively from a social cause to another to avoid their responsabilities with themselves or avoid their reality. These natives born with the need of finding their soul tribe or soul family, the people they can open up with and be themselves, they are also very talented with themes related to personal and psychological growth. Pluto here makes the natives focus first in the negative things in their enviroment, they are also great imagining the worst possible scenario for any situation, Pluto forces them to realize the power of their mind and use it to throw light over the positive thing or the learning behind the negative. These people usually have hard dissapointments with their friends because of lies or betrayals, but they can also make deep bounds with friends that last a whole life. Through their life they can completely shift their goals and hopes.
Pluto in the 12: Pluto in all water signs have a bad time expressing their emotional world, in the 12th this tendency becomes more intense. They are usually scared of their own instincts and impulses, feeling them so powerful that they think if they open up the door a little bit they can become uncontrollable. They don't get along with drastic changes if they mean they have to renounce to something they feel related to, feeling like they are loosing a part of thwir identity. They tend to be scared of death and what happens after that, also there are some doors in their subconscious mind that intimidates them and prefer to keep them hidden. These natives are deeply emotional and a natural conection with higher realms (I've seen this placement in charts of people that transformed their fears and developed their psychic habilities, one of them is dedicating his life to channeling from the akashic records), they are talented to swim in the depths of the mind to see the lights and and shadows in the same way, Pluto helps them to reach a better understanding of the Universe and themselves and how they are interconnected to each other. The hardest part of this is that they come to heal and transform not just their subcouncious but to heal the colective, sometimes they get so overwhelmed by other's negativity that they isolate from society a while to recover and recharge batteries. These natives use to have some problems with institutions or spend times of imprisonment on them. They are highly sensitive with the natural talent of healing, they can shift their perceptions of things and make aomething great from small places, even if their living conditions are hard they can turn the situation into something useful and beneficial that will help others in the future. Holistic therapies, astrology, meditation and the interpretation of dreams are careers where they become relevant figures, as well they can channel their eneegy through creative activities like drawing, music or poetry.
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breelandwalker · 2 days ago
Just a heads-up for the pagan and witchcraft tags -
If some random url or anon messages you asking what you think of a certain website and their ideas and claims, block the account, report it for spam, and delete the message.
Do not answer. Do not interact. Not even to snark or issue a rebuttal.
The fucking neo-nazis are fishing for recruits in our waters again.
Do not let them use your blog to boost their SEO results. Do not given them a second of your time or an inch of your platform.
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hernamewasluna · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
"The sorceress kit", a bizzare collection of about 100 trinkets found buried inside a box, in the garden of a house in Pompeii, believed to be a fortune teller's tool kit.
Image not mine.
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tomorrow-bts-mp3 · 2 days ago
Sometimes people should stop trying to reach out to spirits and just feel them in the nature around them.
We live on a planet who has seen so much, let that sink in before trying to bend a spirit to your will or whatever. Spirits are already everywhere in your daily life, be quiet, be grateful.
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serpentandthreads · 2 days ago
To the more experienced practitioners on here: what's something you feel beginners need to hear?
Personally, mine would be to take your time. Seriously. Don't rush anything. Take your time reading up on information. Take your time cross referencing your information. It's not a race. Your practice will develop to become something personal to you, so don't worry about having all the right information immediately.
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hearthwitchmagick · a day ago
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orchidrene · 2 days ago
Who adores you right now? (romantically)
꒰🌸 welcome to orchidrene's cottage”♡ᵎ꒱ˀˀ ↷ ⋯
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Tumblr media
Pile 1 Pile 2 Pile 3
Pile 1
Tumblr media
The person who adores you has major water placements. A very promising individual. Also very dangerous when they have to be. I'm getting them being a Pisces sun or Cancer rising. Whoever it is, I feel like their eyes speak louder than their personality does, they might have really sparkly and watery eyes, the type of eyes that you just can't resist. They might have a very bright smile too. I'm getting sunshine energy from them. They might be someone who roasts others. I'm getting them being the moodmaker too, I'm getting cancer moon energy from them as well. Why do I feel like you might like them too or atleast they feel like you do 💀😭. They probably have a deeper voice doesn't matter if they're a guy or a girl. This might have been a person that you had a falling out with too though, I'm literally getting the korean drama 'descendants of the sun' kind of relationship dynamic here. "I hope it's not something that passes by with the wind." Your person might like roses. Damn, I just realized that I said 'your person' they might be like "sorry I'm y/n's" while joking around with their friends of the same gender 💀. I'm getting very fruity acting straight friends here LMAO. They create scenarios about you before going to sleep (I'm not getting anything 18+ though.) They might call you a piece of art. I'm getting you met them wearing a dress, it's very specific but I'm getting white cottagecore Aurora dresses (take what resonates, leave the rest.) They feel like you have a duality and you seem to have a very cute puppy/bunny like energy at times which conflicts your usually resting bitch face which is really intriguing. I'm getting for some of you, they saw you running and started liking you because of how good you looked while running. I'm getting some of these admirers seeing you with long hair at some point. Crabs and moon might be significant. I'm getting the vision of night skies on a beach. This person might think that your voice is seductive, you might make 18+ jokes with an innocent looking face and a really sweet tone. I feel like this person's love language is acts of service. You might have very unpredictable sides that really intrigue your person. 'For you' by CBX is what their feelings for you are going to be like. "You left me behind because you forgot about me, until you remember I'm going to wait for you. My love, look at me, do you still love me? Look at my eyes and tell me, a heart full of love can't be hidden. Don't ever forget the truth that I was there for you, don't erase my heart that could do anything for you." At some point, you're going to fall apart, not because of a fight or anything but because you are busy, they will be hurt because of you as they are simply just waiting for you. I got 'always' by Yoon Mirae as your feelings for them. "When I see you, everything stops, I don’t know since when, one day, you came to me like a dream, you shook up my heart, I knew that it was destiny." I feel like you'll be in each others' life again though.
Pile 2
Tumblr media
A very patient person, might have a calmer aura. I feel like they don't come from a very financially stable family though. They might have trouble moving on from the past too. It's really scary when they express their anger though. Definitely someone who's been betrayed in the past, I'm getting them trusting easily while still being afraid of getting hurt. They seem to have difficulty starting over, mostly because people might push them around. They're a very relationship oriented person, they care a lot about having good relationships that they can rely on. They just want someone to return the same amount of energy and effort that they give away to others. They might have a colder aura too though, I think it's because of the past heartbreaks maybe. I'm specifically getting Elsa from Frozen. Blue might be their favourite colour. They might still be very contemplative regardless of their giving nature, I'm getting them trying to carefully monitor and control their own actions. They'll have to be really persistent and resilient if they want to end up with you, that's what they think. They might have leo or taurus placements and you might have water or air placements. 'Future' by Red velvet played when I shuffled. "You are my future, future, all the time, I want to go through the hard times and hold your hand,you are my sunshinе, sunshine, sunshine, all the day, show mе, like the sun that turns the night and makes another morning." 'Another day' by Monday Kiz and Punch played when I shuffled to find out which drama storyline/plot/personalities, etc. Might be reflected in your relationship. You might have a sad personality or might be going through a sad phase, this person is going to support you at a time like that (you might be crying over your ex but not be able to show vulnerability outside, this person will still understand how you feel and take care of you.) I got 'this love' by Davichi when I drew their feelings towards you "For me, only times that are colored by you, are passing by, I love you, I thank you, for holding me so warmly, I can live because of this love." This is how your person is going to feel towards you. At some point you might push them away and they might not be able to take care of you even when you're hurt or sick. I got 'done for me' by Punch when I shuffled for your feelings towards them. "Please leave from my memories, take away all your memories, erase it all, even your longing, so even if you miss me, so you won’t miss me, let me forget all our moments, even the smallest traces, let me erase all the memories you left behind, let me hope that none of the memories remain, I can’t get any closer to you, I’m so afraid of these feelings, so take away all of your memories, erase it all, done for me, I have no choice but to leave, no choice but to go far away, please forgive me, I hope we can meet again some day." Damn, I'm not sure why you're so afraid but I don't see you both getting together anytime soon after this seperation. You might've been drawn to pile 1 as well.
Pile 3
Tumblr media
They might have prominent cancer placements. This person might give really good advice. They might have trouble with accepting change. I feel like there was recently a revelation that hurt them a lot. Their family might be going through a financial crisis right now. They might not have a good relationship with their family as well. They might want to make a move towards but have trouble initiating it right now. They're scary when they're angry. I think that they like mint chocolate ice cream. They might have fox like facial features. I feel like they're more on the extroverted side. They are very cute and have a very youthful appearance. I'm getting campus crush vibes from them. They have a lot to offer so they try to get closer to other people and love them but those people being the ungrateful people that they are put them off as 'too much' or 'try hard.' You might talk to them casually and actually make them feel seen, heard and understood which is why they adore you so much. One more hint: they might've lost a lot of weight since the last few months and it's very obvious. For some reason I feel like you're not quite ready to date anyone yet though and even if you are, the outside forces might affect this relationship negatively, like it's not in either of yours control. You are going to be confused because of your own thoughts and emotions. Other people or outside forces (might be something from the past) might cloud your mental clarity or action. You might end up following what the crowd says regardless of your feelings. You're going to lack vision and going to be there like "it's going to end someday anyways." I feel like at some point you're going to be very content with yourself and for you money might be important when dating someone so you will block your own relationship with this person. The new beginning between the both of you is going to be blocked for quite some time, you guys might also be stuck in the talking stage for quite a while. You both might have 1st house sun synastry, I'm getting the connection between the both of you bringing in a lot of creativity and confidence into each other. The relationship might make you question your self worth. Even when the relationship ends, you'll always think of each other because the passion never really dies💀. I'm getting there being some kind of physical distance, maybe even though you live near each other, you meet only once three months or so. Might be a long distance relationship too though. You might be skilled when it comes to being romantic but your follow through is very week. You might be overconfident and take them for granted in the beginning or something. They will always see you as the one that got away, you might've had 12th house synastry (I'm getting moon) but I feel like you're going to be the one who's going to regret the situation more, they tried to very loving towards you, while you treated them like crap, they were still patient with you. I feel like you might chase them for a really long time after your seperation and they're going to reject you because of how bad things got between the both of you. You might've met/dated them under a water moon (pisces, cancer, scorpio.) Your person might like cars too.
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witchesversuspatriarchy · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
The revolution will not be televised - it will be Tiktok’d
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mothea · 2 days ago
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hallow-witxh · 2 days ago
Mind-Clearing Grapefruit Marmalade
Tumblr media
Grapefruit is a cleansing, purifying fruit. It can help cleanse the mind of doubt and negativity while helping keep your thoughts pure and focused.
As someone who actually loves marmalade, I created a very simple marmalade recipe that needs only one grapefruit and a bit of sugar. This recipe can help cleanse your mind while both cooking and eating it. You can add whatever other favors you want to it (lemon would be great, as it has energetic properties) and incorporate their uses in it as well.
Onto the recipe!
You will need:
One grapefruit: Cleansing, purifying
3/4 cup of sugar: Invoking sweetness
1 tsp of vanilla extract: Self-appreciation
A pot
A vegetable peeler
A knife
A cutting board
Cleanse your kitchen.
Wash your fruit thoroughly and use moon water to rinse it off. You can also use a sat scrub to cleanse it further, both spiritually and physically. Once that's over, peel one large strip of grapefruit peel. Set aside.
Cut your fruit into wheel slices and poke out any seeds. Using the tip of your knife, carefully, carefully, cut off the peel and pith. Too much of these will turn your marmalade very bitter but make decent cleansing tea.
In your pot, add your zest strip, fruit, and sugar. Stir it well until all of the fruit is covered in sugar. Over medium-high heat, cook it all down while stirring constantly. Mash up the fruit with a fork or potato masher until all of the fruit is liquified and as smooth as you can get it. (This is when you can add powdered herbs, lemon pieces, etc)
Reduce heat to low and cook at a simmer until it can coat the back of a spoon thickly. This should take about 10-12 minutes. Stir occasionally.
Remove the peel of zest and perform the fridge test. This is done by placing a collop of marmalade on a small plate and sticking it in the fridge or freezer until it's completely cooled. If you want it thicker, continue cooking the marmalade. (This is also when you want to remove any chunks like herbs or lemon chunks)
Once it's to your liking, remove the marmalade off of the heat and cool SLIGHTLY before putting it in a heat-safe container with a lid.
This should keep in the fridge for about a month. It's tasty on toast, ice cream, or as an additive to a citrus cake! It can also be a good offering for homesteading, nature, or fruit-related dieties. The scraps of grapefruit can be used in tea or even candied.
As always everyone, blessed be, and happy witching <3
Support your local witch on Ko-Fi or at my store, Hallow Grove!
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sapphic-nature-witch · a day ago
All beautiful teas 🍵
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illcrawlbacktoher · 2 days ago
witchblr, what's an easy protection spell for a loved one?
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astrainastra · a day ago
Mercury in Virgo, Gemini, Mercury-Pluto Aspects, Mercury-Saturn Aspects
Tumblr media
Anyone who thinks they can one-up these people in debates, arguments, or anything that has to do with talking - think again.
Mercury is in domicile in Gemini. A Gemini slighted may not be as critical as a Virgo but once they talk you will feel the drag. The funny thing with Geminis though is you'll never know immediately if they are serious or just joking. Which gives their responses more impact.
A Mercury Virgo individual will annihilate you with facts and logic. The type to make you re-think your life decision from years ago.
Mercury-Pluto and Mercury-Saturn aspects have this vibe where their word is the law. Mercury-Pluto individuals I have noticed are especially gifted manifesters. Pluto gives power to their words- written or spoken. Mercury-Saturn will destroy you with structure. Their words' power lie on its ability to carry karma. If you have this placement (or Mercury 8H/Mercury 10H), remember: With great power, comes great responsibility.
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bitchyvvitch · 2 days ago
for the witches who specialize in symbolism and omens, i've had like 5 bees come into my room every day for the past 3 days. and every time i get rid of one, it would just come back. so is this some sort of sign or message from spirit ?
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Demonology & Witchcraft ~ Walter Scott
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