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3 | 29 | 2020

I didn’t take a picture of my workspace, so have a pup pup instead. 

I had a very productive day!! 

I watched last week’s lab for Ornithology and printed out notes, and I bookmarked some research articles to look through later. It’s about time I caught up on what’s going on in the ornithological world. 

Plus I finished the budget section of my mock proposal for class. 

I also buckled down and studied my class notes (I try to do this every night but I don’t really get around to it as often as I should). 

I read through a chapter of the book I’m reading right now on Greek mythology. The author’s kinda pretentious and I don’t really like it, I’m just collecting all the historical and mythological figures he references to research later. 

I designed a spell for my friend who’s going through a bit of a tough time. 

I also did a really basic shower ritual and checked in with my animal guides via tarot. In a moment, I’ll light some incense to reset the energy in my bedroom and meditate. 

I completed some of my “dailies” – workout, edited some pages of the book I’m writing, cleared out some of my Tumblr likes (down to 189!!) and Youtube playlist (down to…308….oof). I still need to do my language practice though….May not get around to it tonight. 

Besides that, I got my April pages in my bujo done and caught up on Webtoons. 

Feeling pretty good! I hope I can keep this productivity going!

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Being a witch doesn’t mean being a bitch. I see these self-righteous snobs claiming their knowledge in witchcraft and other forms of metaphysical practices. Who cares what you think is the right way? Your way is not the only way and it certainly isn’t your original idea. We know there are different ways to connect with nature and witchcraft isn’t the “be all end all” to life. If it bothers you that much to see someone else practice what you don’t agree with, why don’t you stay off social media? Write a book about it, send it to the publishers, do whatever, but don’t criticize others for experimenting something different than what you were taught.

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‘’N, the [son/daughter] of N, who is (also) called N, my servant and my offspring.

I shall keep [PN] healthy in [PN] flesh and her bones. I shall protect [PN] and I shall look after [PN]. I shall be between [PN] and any sickness. I shall grant [PN] life, health, and a great and goodly old age.

I shall cause [PN] eyes to see; I shall cause [PN] ears to hear; I shall cause [PN] strength to flourish. I shall open [PN] mouth to eat and I shall open [PN] mouth to drink. I shall cause [PN] to eat in order to live and I shall cause [PN] to drink in order to be healthy.

I shall cause [PN] to be completely satisfied with a happy life on earth. I shall keep healthy [PN] whole body, every limb [of PN] and her entire frame from [PN] head to the soles of [PN] feet.

I shall keep [PN] safe from all the wrath of all spirits; I shall not let them come anywhere near [PN]. I shall keep [PN] safe from every cry of every fear.

I shall keep [PN] safe from every dread, every sickness, every disorder, every fever, every inflammation, and every mishap

I shall provide for [PN] safe-conduct, protection, life, and health in every place in which [PN] may be and every sanctuary which [PN] may enter

 [deity + epithets] said: As regards everything which has been included in this amulet and those things the inclusion of which has been forgotten in it, I shall make them beneficial to N, the daughter of N, who is also called N, whose mother is N every single day’‘

written preferably in papyrus or a piece of paper of good quality (should be carried with the owner)

Adapted and inspired by: I. E. S. Edwards, Oracular Amuletic Decrees of the Late New Kingdom, Hieratic Papyri in the British Museum, vol. IV, London: 1960, p. 107, Oracular Amuletic Papyrus (OIM 25622) for Lady Taibakhori, spoken by the Goddess Nekhbet.

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Heyy do you think "love spells" are unethical? Basically, i do think they are but im curious if there is some sort of spell you know of to create some kind of action on someones feelings IF they have them (and if they dont it doesnt have any affect). Like to draw them out if they already exist ... ? Im just bored of going in circles with somebody, not knowing if theres anything there worth salvaging and i want some closure...

Hi, there!! Love spells are not unethical per se. What you do with them (the intention behind it) however, can be unethical. If you’re asking me about my point of view, I’ll tell you this: I don’t think it’s right to bend someone’s will with a spell or any kind of magick. In this case, it would be best to ask them how they feel about you, or even draw some tarot cards for advice on this situation.

I understand the feeling of being bored and even tired of running around in circles with somebody, because I’ve been there, but it’s best to start being honest and stablish a clear path for communication if you’re interested in building something with them than starting off with a spell that you cannot be sure what kind of effect it will have on the person and how that could affect your relationship with them.

I personally wouldn’t do any spell to have an effect on someone else that it’s not me. However, I do not judge people who perform this type of spells. The great thing about witchcraft is that is a path that allows you to find yourself and what works for you or not, so it’s not my place to say whether or not these actions are ethical or not because everyone has a different views. You do you, but since you asked me, I would advice you to seek other alternatives first, like the ones I mentioned above <3

I hope this helps!!

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Emoji Spells


for a little cash to come your way soon

for money to make its way into your pockets

for money to find its way to you

for money abundance


for luck with finding a job

Employment Emoji Spell

to get that job you applied for

for that job you want

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I get the job I’ve applied/ interviewed for


to make moving to a new home positive and easy

Hearth blessing emoji spell


to heal past traumas

to help you overcome a broken heart and grow as a person

Self care emoji spell, may you feel more relaxed and centered

for Trauma Recovery

for healing emotional wounds

“my daily stress and struggle will be reduced”

for overcoming emotional and physical abuse, stress from trauma, and negative self-talk

for February to be filled with self love and healing

for inner peace

Good Luck

“good luck will come my way when i need it”

Good Things to Come

imbolc luck emoji spell

attract happiness, love, success & peace


to have the best grades possible

Passing all exams

“my studies will flourish and i will see results in my success”


“I invite positive energies and love into my life and relationships.”

for all wlw; to strengthen your bond or to boost your chances of finding that someone special!

emoji spell to attract love


to promote restful, good nights’ sleep

for a peaceful and calming night

“i will fall asleep and rest with ease”


For Healthy Pets

for animals in shelters to help them feel safe and loved and find wonderful new homes soon

to save the salamanders


to invite creativity in your life

to protect your plants from harm!

For A Safe & Happy Ostara

for the start of spring!!!

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Lately when I’m at my altar or meditating, Artemis and Isis will each be holding my hand or wrist tightly. Not to hurt me but as a protective gesture.

Even a few days ago they said to me, “Don’t do anything big. Keep your head down and you will be fine. You will get through this.”

And I know they’re taking about the shelter-in-place that’s going on. And I know they mean to keep my head down for longer than the two weeks mandated. Which I’ll do my best.

But I’ve also noticed The Universe hasn’t been around for a bit but they will come back.

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Hi there everyone!

I wanted to leave you guys in on something I have been working on (and thinking about selling). I have a ton of fun making them and love to see what these cute little guys turn out to be. In the past, I have made larger trees (about 5-6 in. / 12.7-15.6 cm. tall with their base) but they are very time consuming so I have been focusing on making mini trees ( 2-3 in. / 5.08-7.62 cm. tall with their base). I also infuse them with reiki while making them and do it again afterward! With this being said, I thought it may be fun to show you guys the process (or at least the parts I have photos of). Here we go, enjoy!!


After putting the little guys together, which involves cutting wire, spinning each piece to have one stone per wire, making little groups and spinning them together, then forming the tree by twisting the groups together, I put the trees next to potential base stones for the trees.


Next, I use the extra wire at the bottom of each tree to make a root system. After this, I repeat the comparison step again and attach them.

…And this is the first batch of mini trees (they have element themes):









What do you guys think? Do you think anyone would want one, like should I start a shop? Leave me a DM, Ask, or comment to let me know!

(Feel free to reblog but please give me credit and do not make changes to the original post.)


~Savy 💜

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so apollo just contacted me (i did a pendulum reading to confirm it was him and a tarot reading to confirm i should work with him), any advice ? and anything he may like as an offering ?

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Help me accept the changes in my life

With grace but not passivity

And trim away those who I am outgrowing

Let my mind expand

Like the branches of the tree of life

And eventually surrender to the divine

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The gentle breeze rustles the wind chimes bells signaling to the fairies hiding in the grass that it is time for them to reveal themselves

Crawling out from underneath lily petals and climbing up the cattails they follow

The fading light of the evening sun as it sets beyond the horizon

They tiptoe underneath the hose that drips water every so often

Dancing until the moon rises high in the sky

To the beat of the bells above

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wow remember how i said i was going to identify as agnostic awhile back?

well, that changed.

since then i’ve felt drawn to return to following gaia, so that’s what i’m doing

tbh, the decision to become agnostic again wasn’t one of my best. i felt like something was missing from my craft and life during that time.

so for now and definitely for the foreseeable future, i am once again a hellenic pagan witch following and working with mainly gaia.

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She flipped through her cards meticulously. Sensing their energy. Knowing that one of them contained knowledge of her future. She pulled one from the middle. It was an armored skeleton riding a white horse. The most feared and misinterpreted card that was in the deck. Death. She wasn’t surprised. She anticipated this. She could feel the change in the air around her. It sent a chill down her spine and into her fingertips. But she knew not to be afraid of what was to come. She needed to embrace her transformation and the challenges it would bring head on so she could connect with her highest form of herself.

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