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witchesversuspatriarchy · 10 hours ago
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This dog saves the environment AND has fun! It's a dream life!
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emilias-altar · 16 hours ago
111 • 222 • 333 • 444 • 555 • 666 • 777 • 888
Rich in love
Rich in knowledge
Rich in happiness
Rich in health
Rich in finances
Rich in connection
Rich in fertility
111 • 222 • 333 • 444 • 555 • 666 • 777 • 888
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themysticnamedamy · 16 hours ago
🌸How Other People See You - PAC 🌸
This is a general Pick A Card reading, meaning, you should only take what resonates and leave what doesn´t, not everything will be able to fit you, it´s not a personal reading, so please keep that in mind.
You should never rely on the Tarot to make any life choice for you, nor should you ever take anything too seriously, especially if it doesn´t resonate with you. It can be good advice but it also can be bad advice. Please rely on your intuition and on facts whenever making decisions.
Tarot readings of all kinds which are predicting the future in any way shouldn´t be seen as 100% set. You are the creator of your own fate, you can indeed work on making a tarot reading true but you can also work on the opposite. Your future is formable.
All Pictures used below are NOT owned by me. I downloaded them from a Website called Unsplash, which offers freely usable imagines.
Please consider leaving a comment and reblogging this Pick A Card reading if you liked it and/or it resonated with you, thank you.
If you are interested in more PAC readings, take a look at my blog and leave a follow, there are more of those coming up.
🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔🌕
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1. Pile - Hand Touching Reflection
Some people tend to see you as a threat. Now, now, don´t become mad at me. You know it yourself, don´t you? You can be very cunning and sometimes even mischievous. You can play so innocent and yet be smirking into your mind how stupid some people are. At least! This is what other people think you do inside of your mind.
True, you are very intelligent, you learn fast and you enjoy seeing behind people's masks. But that doesn´t make you mean. It more seems like you are honest, brutally honest. You take what you want when you want it and many people can scare this. You have built up a tough facade around yourself, so you shouldn´t be too surprised about this reading.
Still, you sometimes are...sad people see you like this, are you not? It hurts the most when a friend calls you deceitful or even emotionless. Because you are everything but that. You can be so soft and so emotional, you are just scared to open up yourself to others and your closest friends know this.
2. Pile - Hands On Chest
People see you as easygoing. You don´t like stress nor arguments, do you? You prefer pleasing everyone and just goes with the flow. People enjoy being around you, you have many friends, or at least, many people would like to be your friend. You bring a smile to everyone's face. Some might even call you naive, others may refer to you as innocent.
You are easy to impress but somehow you manage to keep your distance to keep many interested. Maybe you don´t even notice it but many people are interested in getting to know you on a deeper level, this can be platonic or even romantic. You are like a ray of sunshine and I think only a few rare people have seen you cry, or?
I have the feeling you chose this role yourself. Not many people know but you have a deep inner life. You might struggle with intense emotional downs or generally have intense emotions. That's why you chose to bring happiness to others because you know those troubles.
3. Pile - Puddle Reflection
You are powerful, you are strong, you know what you want and you have a lot of masculine energy. You impress people, whatever you try to do or don´t. Some might be scared of you though because of that. They might be afraid you would scold them for mistakes they did, or even be aggressive towards them for whatever reason.
Many see you as unreachable like you are a ruler above all. You are a leader, either you take on this role because you enjoy it or people tend to see you that way because you are always cool and collected. There is something deeper to you though and sometimes you are almost insulted people reduce you to your strength, aren´t you?
Is there a soft spot you once tried to share with people and then got rejected? Or is this fear only in your head? Well, some people can see it, they still choose to stay with you despite your flaws. Your presence is like a gift to people, trust me, you are loved not only for your endurance.
4. Pile - Light From Behind
Look at that. Can I ask you a question? Do you have time for me right now? You seem busy. Busy with answering other people's calls, not only literally. People come to you when they seek closure. They want help, they come to you and you give it to them. You are wise beyond your years... though many forget such knowledge comes with a cost.
You have had a rough time in your life, didn´t you? Whatever happened, it left a scar and now you want to protect others from running in the same traps you ran back them. You can´t protect everyone though and I think you slowly understand this too. You need to surround yourself with people who do not only see you as a source of knowledge but as a human being with flaws too.
True, many see you as flawless or at least as much better than themselves. Have you many suitors? Have many people tried to get your attention, your friendship, your love? There are not many who can keep up with you, you seem to be like an endless ocean for many, you are like a breath of fresh air to them. You are unique.
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carmensapientia · 12 hours ago
You Only Need Your Thoughts: the key to manifesting your dream life
The key to living your dream life isn’t hidden behind hours of work, thousands of solely spent on courses or millions of “life changing books” that will help “fix” your habits and make you a productive member of capitalism. The key to living your best life is your thoughts.
Every thing that’s happened or haven’t happened (aside from trauma) is because of your thoughts. If you didn’t get the job you wanted it’s because you had the wrong mindset. If you don’t have the looks you want it’s because of a lack of self love and your mindset. Your mindset is the key to success happiness and beauty.
“Health, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind-that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.”— Neville Goddard
The best way to change your mindset is through self concept and a mental diet. Begin to affirm that you’re in control of your life and that you can have whatever you want! Focus on how deserving you are of it, how the world revolves around you and it’s your oyster! Then cut out any negative thoughts relating to your desire. Only think of how you’re living your dream life and how amazing it is!
Once this happens, the ball will begin to roll and everything will work in your favor. You have the power! Use it.
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monstersandmaw · 18 hours ago
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  🦇 Anyone else looking ahead to Spooky Season already? 🦇 
I’ve just ordered some amazing new moulds, so get excited about that, but for now, I really hope you’ll consider checking out my shop and taking a look at some of the unique and handmade jewellery and coasters/trinket trays I’ve got available.
Click here to treat yourself to a little something and support my small business.
Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks at projects before they go up in the shop
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highestpriestess · 9 hours ago
Beginning a new craft;
a sideshow magician with all the drappings and distractions is likely to be called an act. True power can conjure from all that is present but not observed.
The Four Elements; fire, earth, water, air
Spirit, soul
Being bipolar with major depressive disorder, my craft is grounded in the basics of daily life. Without a dime we have all the time to focus on the power of the mind. The most important tool. You can spend to your hearts content but your craft will take time to cultivate. Just like it takes time to cultivate (find) yourself.
If you feel "silly" imagining yourself having a great day, or washing yourself in a cleansing sunshine, you're not gonna be able to manifest shit. Magick is creation and you cannot create without visualization. It will be referenced in every spiritual/magical pursuit
The Four Elements
🔥FIRE 🔥 - Anytime you can get beneath the sun you can charge yourself. Visualize a white orb in your solar plexus. Grow it like a fire underneath the sun, expanding to your chest, abdomen, legs and head until it covers your being. Carry this fire with you.
Every meal is fuel for your inner fire. Chew with intention. Personally I see too many people disregarding the vitality of food. Leaving too many distractions about and shoveling food into unnoticed taste buds. Each slowly. Finish a whole bite before beginning the next. Fuel your fire.
Candle magic (safely) - see color magic for correspondences
🌎EARTH 🌎 - Personally, my body is my earth. Sacred. To protect my body I must also protect the earth. Fucking recycle and pick up trash when you go to beach. We have all had to compromise with plastic in our lives for financial and practical reasons so I'm not here to cry plastic witch. Do what you can, and we all know we can do more. Wanna connect with the Earth? Get to it!
Ground yourself. Stand barefoot on solid ground and feel the Earth. Plant yourself. Visualize the roots of every being connect beneath the surface, feel your connection, ground yourself in the gravity of your world.
🌊WATER 🌊 - every bathing is a ritual. Why do you shower if not to clean yourself? Let the water wash over you, everything unserving washes away. Visualize the weight of the mess leave your head, run down your hair and out the drain.
Drink with intention! Being former food service and retail sometimes my first drink would be soda or alcohol and not till after midnight. My craft first began when I started to see water as the element of my being. Water washes everything clean, it moves life forward, use it as such.
🌬AIR🌬 every second of every day. Air is life. Without air earth and fire suffocate. With air water transforms beyond other elements abilities. With meditation, practiced organized breathing and emergency response breathing (how to trigger the parasympathetic system) you can practice the strength of your breathing and it's ability to unburden a worried body.
With each breath feel the strength of your lungs expand. The blood of your heart pump to your extremities, your brain inhales all the senses as oxygen fills your being. Visualize the air flowing in and out of you. Strength in, weight out.
Soul, Spirit
I define my soul as "my being", to mean my current existence. I have my body which manifests my physical world, my mind which comprehends and analyzes my world, and then my "being", me, my soul.
To find your soul and work with it I feel you need to first find the magic around you. The elements are always with you and your relationship with them must be as intertwined as the soul is.
Personally my daily rituals drive my day, being and frankly, are essential to managing my health conditions. With the weight of depression and home circumstances I never developed basic self care regimes. As I got older I didn't care enough about my existence to maintain any. That's when I realized the magic of my mind. My mind is what manifests my world and drives my body. Left unchecked my mind has destroyed my body and left my soul to hide. I integrated magic into my morning "rising ritual" that I find helpful to staying in tune with your magic, first developing your craft or without actual "tools"
DAILY: no cost witchcraft
Rise with the sun (I can't have the shades drawn I will sleep for actual days and never move)
Before leaving your bed, stretch your toes out, feel your muscle roll down your leg. Stretch your arms, follow your body like a hillside rising. Your body is your earth, the world of your being. Fuel yourself in the sun
Visualize your day. Picture yourself returning to this spot, the window is dark and room is softly lit, what fulfilled your day. Do not ruminate on your upcoming day. This is a time of potential not doubt
Bathe. Cleanse yourself, prepare your body for your day.
Coordinate clothing with color Magick and daily intentions. Basic protection is intention so USE WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY.
Meditate. Finding the soul is quieting the mind. Start slow. Don't think " I can't meditate for an hour so I can't do it". You have to start small and it's always hard. We are busy beings, the world is crowded. Reaching mindfulness is a skill to be practiced not inherent.
The elements are with you. If you want to become a master of your mind and manifest your life you will use the basic elements and what's around to create your magic. If you wanna become powerful with nothing, start by using what you already have.
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lailoken · 7 hours ago
“For our ancient ancestors, the hearth was at the very centre of the home and all domestic life, both mundane and spiritual, operated around it. The hearth provides warmth, food, and light in the dark. It gave life and thus was revered as the hallowed centre of the home. Sacred stories were told around the hearth-fire, guidance from the spirits was divined within its flames and the hearth was the very altar for all domestic rites of worship and communion with the gods, the land powers, and with the beloved dead.
For the witches, Charmers and Cunning folk, the hearth has retained many of these ancient associations and usages, and provides the 'working surface'. Where space is an issue another working surface, 'altar' or 'shrine' may also be arranged within a suitable spot. Some of the tools of charming may be kept at the hearth, ready for use upon the arrival of a client, the more 'religious' tools of the cult are kept there also for household rites and communion with the Otherworld. Divinations and counsel with spirits may be sought in the dancing flames of the blessed fire or within the swirling smoke issuing from a crucible placed on the hearth. Charms will be constructed at the hearthside, there empowered, and left on the hearth over night to 'cook’. Spells may be conjured and released to their destination via the chimney (the direction of the wind will always be noted here) and the most potent protective charms and physical anchors for household guardian spirits will be placed on the hearth or secreted within the chimney. As with spells, the witch's spirit helpers or familiars or sometimes the spirit of the witches themselves in animal form, will be sent out to do their work via the chimney or otherwise through the window, which is also highly important as it allows one to keep a keen eye on what is going on outside...”
Traditional Witchcraft:
A Cornish Book of Ways
4: ‘Places of Power’
by Gemma Gary
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tristanginger · 11 hours ago
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A soft glam look! Only one dip of brown eye shadow, BB Cream, highlighter, brow gel, eyelashes cut in half, eyeliner, and bronzer. And a neutral lip!
I tells ya, bring yr highlighter down! On the apple of the cheeks! 
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will-o-the-witch · 9 hours ago
I might record some guided meditations. Thoughts?  And/or what kind of things would you like a guided meditation for? I’ve already got personal cleansing, personal empowerment, meet a spirit guide, and patron deity on the list 
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highestpriestess · 14 hours ago
I fucking love thyme
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I've been having reoccurring nightmares relevant to past traumas. The moon is wanning. My witch year is near the end. I could feel it once the full moon past. The seasons are just over the horizon and my shadow work clearly needs attention.
I love thyme. The scent, taste, powers. Tonight's dinner, scent and resting ritual will have all the thyme.
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lailoken · 6 hours ago
“In 1669 the witches of Mora and Elfdale in Sweden described their shamanic journey into the Otherworld; after anointing themselves from a horn of salve at the crossroads they thrice called upon the Devil (Horned God) with the words:
"Antecessor, come and carry us to Blockula."
Antecessor is perhaps a derivation from the Old Norse Ansur 'god, divinity.' The Devil appeared as a figure dressed in a grey coat, wearing a high peaked hat with a multi-coloured band around it and with a red beard. By his power the witches flew mounted upon animals and staves ‘over churches and high walls' to his kingdom, which was situated in 'a delicate large meadow.' They passed through 'a gate painted with diverse colours' to the Otherworldly hall or herrgard at Blockula, the Black Peak.' At Blockula the Swedish witches celebrated the eternal delights of the sabbat — sacred dance, feasting, erotic mysteries, magical combats and the acquisition of helper-spirits such as cats and white ravens.”
Call of the Horned Piper
6: ‘Hag-Way and Sabbat Stone’
by Nigel Aldcroft Jackson
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baganslover · 6 hours ago
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greenwitchcrafts · 14 hours ago
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Today's herb of the day is Juniper berries!
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Magickal uses:
Place juniper near your doors of your home or near your valuables to protect against theft, add the berries to ah love mixtures when carried in a satchet to attract love, burn for aiding psychic powers and exorcisms, carry around if you are a cis male to increase increase potency and banishing all things injurious to health by attracting good energy and love. Good for hex breaking, curse breaking, psychic power, purification, love, health, protection and Anti-theft workings.
Other uses:
commonly used as a flavoring for drinks and in cooking and preserving foods.The oil is said The oil is said to have diuretic and antiseptic properties. Juniper berry oil is also known as a gastrointestinal irritant, which is thought to help promote digestive health and dried fruit and oil are used to relieve stomach upset.
Thor, Astarte & Ishtar
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