normal-horoscopes · 20 hours ago
Shit to Watch Out For If You're Interested in Magic:
The Rites Are The Rites - Closed practices are closed for a reason. Open practices are open for a reason. Learn those reasons. The history of magic is a messy and complicated thing, but learning will only enrich you. Remember, it is possible to learn about things without participating.
Magic Does Not Require Blood, Money, or Cruelty - Rarely, people will encourage unsanitary or dangerous practices. Don't get tetanus. Don't eat poisonous herbs. Bleeding and sickness are not necessary for magic. Be extremely wary of anyone who crosses established boundaries to ask for money, items, or services. Magic does not require money. Sometimes people are just bigoted assholes. Even if their information is good, you can likely get it from someone who isn't an asshole. Magic does not require cruelty.
Disease Is Not Occult - Your physical, mental, and psychological illnesses are not a gift from the gods. Magic cannot cure them. Take your meds. Listen to your doctor. If something about your practice fucks with your physical or mental health, stop immediately. No spell or religion is worth your physical and/or mental health. There Are Gates, But No Keepers - Magic requires study, practice, and preparation. Its called a practice for a reason. There are best practices, common protocols, and traditions to be respected, but almost nothing is inherently required for magic. There are no deities or spirits you are required to contact, no drugs you are required to take, no books you are required to read.
The Paths Are Myriad - There is no "one path" or "true magic." Be wary of anyone proclaiming their ideas to be the One True Way forwards. Many rules are generally held by practitioners of all stripes, but very very few thing could be called universal. Paths twist and cross, none are inherently superior to another. Additionally, gods and spirits are not people, and summoners are not journalists. Personal conversations with deities are not a primary source.
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witchesversuspatriarchy · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
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violet-the-witch · 19 hours ago
Since I read “your future does not lie ahead of you, it lies inside of you” on a bookmark, I’ve been a lot less worried about the future tbh
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crazycatsiren · 54 minutes ago
This is your regular reminder that practicing witchcraft does not equal practicing Wicca.
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kitchenwitchmagick · 20 hours ago
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hallow-witxh · 13 hours ago
The Ultimate Beginner Money Jar
Tough times lead to magical measures. Here's the recipe to my ultimate money jar that's beginner-friendly.
What you will need
A medium jar with a lid
A green candle
A pen
A bay leaf
A star anise pod
A dollar bill/paper cash
1 tbs basil
1 tbs cardamom
1 tbs cinnamon
1 tbs ground cloves
1 tbs nutmeg
1 tbs rice
1 tbs sea salt
(Optional: Citrine, Tiger's Eyes, or Clear Quartz piece)
What you will do
Cleanse your jar and money with your preferred method, then write "financial gain" onto your bay leaf.
Add in your salt, basil, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and rice in that order.
Place your bill flat against the counter and place the bay leaf on top. Roll the bill tightly and tie shut with twine, adding multiple knots. The more knots, the stronger the effect.
Add it into your jar and cap the entire affair, sealing it with green wax.
(If you have a crystal, press it on top of the wax while it's still hot and let it seal on.)
How to make the most out of it
Magic won't fix all of your problems. If you work, keep working: this just might help you get a bonus, raise, or large tip from a nice customer.
If you don't work or if you're on disability/waiting for disability, seek out ways to try and make a little cash under the table. This just may help you find something for an extra bit of gasoline or pet food. Keep in mind that spell jars are only as powerful as the intentions set behind them!
Blessed be y'all, and good luck out there <3
Support your local witch on Ko-Fi or at my store, Hallow Grove!
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somnambulant-seraphim · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I made this guy with air dry clay a little while ago. He’s sort of supposed to look like a stone cave guradian of some sort. I made him to be able to hold an incense stick in his mouth. I also have a big piece of bark I found outside to catch the fallen ashes. 
I’m currently out of incense sticks right now though, so I put a twig in his mouth to demonstrate. 
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witchesversuspatriarchy · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'm sure I'm not the only one in this group here who can relate 😆
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dragoncastings · 19 hours ago
Timing: Monthly
Deities: Janus. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Carnation, & Snowdrop. Gemstones: Garnet and Sugilite. Moons: Wolf or Hunger Moon. Signs: Capricorn and Aquarius. Trees: Birch, Elder, and Rowan.
Deities: Februus. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Cardamom, Primrose, and Violet. Gemstones: Amethyst, and Opal. Holidays: Imbolc and Lupercalia. Moons: Snow or Storm Moon. Signs: Aquarius and Pisces. Trees: Ash, Elm, and Shami.
Deities: Mars and Ares. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Daffodil, Jonquil, and Lavender. Gemstones: Aquamarine and Turquoise. Holidays: Ostara and Spring Equinox. Moons: Worm or Sugar Moon. Signs: Pisces and Aries. Trees: Alder, Hawthorn, and Willow.
Deities: Aphrodite and Venus. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Carnation, Daisy, and Sweet-Pea. Gemstones: Diamond and Sapphire. Holidays: Yggdrasil Day and Veneralia. Moons: Grass, Fish, or Pink Moon. Signs: Aries and Taurus. Trees: Alder, Fig, and Willow.
Deities: Gaia and Hestia. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Hawthorn, May Bells, and Poppy. Gemstones: Emerald and Carnelian. Holidays: Beltaine. Moons: Flower or Milk Moon. Signs: Taurus and Gemini. Trees: Ash, Fig, and Hawthorn.
Deities: Hera and Juno. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Peony, Rose, and Water Lillies. Gemstones: Moonstone and Pearls. Holidays: Litha and Summer Solstice. Moons: Honey and Strawberry Moon. Signs: Gemini and Cancer. Trees: Cedar, Oak, and Redwood.
Deities: Apollo and Athena. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Delphinium, Lotus, and Water Lillies. Gemstones: Ruby and Sapphire. Holidays: Lammas. Moons: Buck, Hay, or Rose Moon. Signs: Cancer and Leo. Trees: Hawthorn, Holly, and Oak.
Deities: Demeter and Vesta. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Poppies, Jasmine, and Violets. Gemstones: Onyx, and Peridot. Holidays: Lughnasadh. Moons: Sturgeon and Red Moon. Signs: Leo and Virgo. Trees: Alder, Cedar, and Hazel.
Deities: Hel and Astraea. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Aster, Morning Glory, and Orchid. Gemstones: Sardonyx and Sapphire. Holidays: Mabon. Moons: Corn or Harvest Moon. Signs: Virgo and Libra. Trees: Vines, Hazel, and Willow.
Deities: Hecate and Vulcan. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Cosmos, Freesia, and Marigold. Gemstones: Opal and Tourmaline. Holidays: Samhuin. Moons: Harvest or Hunter moon. Signs: Libra and Scorpio. Trees: Ash, Ivy, and Oak.
Deities: Hades and Isis. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, and Peony. Gemstones: Topaz and Citrine. Holidays: Samhuin. Moons: Beaver or Frosty Moon. Signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius. Trees: Reeds, Ash, and Oak.
Deities: Zeus and Kione. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Carnation, Holly, and Narcissus. Gemstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon. Holidays: Yuletide. Moons: Cold or Oak moon. Signs: Sagittarius and Capricorn. Trees: Evergreen, Holly, and Oak.
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darkgrimoires · 15 hours ago
Drying herbs ❁ ⚘
I just wanted to write down my process of drying, storing, and energizing the herbs I harvest. (I help out but my mom does most of the gardening herself so I don’t think I have enough experience to talk about that part.)
There are several ways to dry fresh herbs, but I’m only gonna talk about the 2 methods I’m most familiar with.
Natural drying ⚘
Plants with high moisture content, like basil, may grow mold before they dry out completely, so people usually opt for a method that dries more quickly; this one takes a few weeks.
⚘ Collect the herbs. If you google it, you’ll find each plant has a particular spot that’s best for you to cut it, but, as long as you don’t take more than 1/4 of them (and that’s a rule to live by), the plant should have no trouble continuing to grow afterwards.
⚘ Make sure they’re clean. You might want to wash them in cold water and gently dry them with paper towels.
⚘ With a string, tie a few stems or branches together. The less you use for each bunch, the more aerated they will be, making them less susceptible to molding. If you’re using something other than a string (say, tape), be sure to only wrap it around a part of the herb you’re not going to use, cause it might damage that.
⚘ Hang them upside down (otherwise they’ll fall and lose their shape) somewhere as aerated as possible, away from sunlight, and wait. It can take anywhere between a week and a month, from my experience. You’ll know it’s ready when it becomes crisp; when it’s almost dry, if it looks a little too fragile, you might want to wrap a bag around it so that you don’t lose leaves or flowers that may fall out.
Microwave drying ⚘
Some witches aren’t comfortable using modern appliances for magical purposes, but I don’t mind it. I don’t like using the oven (purely because my oven sucks) which is probably the most popular method of fast drying, so I adapted. In theory, it might seem like herbs will lose some of their properties when you fast dry them, but when you start doing it you realize that sometimes it’s the best way to preserve them, like when the process of natural drying would leave them exposed to light and humidity for too long.
⚘ Don’t use branches; gather leaves and very soft stems only. Spread them over a paper towel evenly and microwave until they become crisp. Sometimes there’s barely any changes in aspect, aside from that. It takes about 1-2 minutes, but I recommend stopping every 20 seconds or so to move them around a bit and make sure everything’s going well, since microwaves are a little unpredictable. If your microwave starts making a popping noise, pause, open it, and let the heat dissipate a little before continuing. (Be careful not to burn yourself!)
Storing ⚘
Fresh herbs: For me, fresh herbs don’t last more than a day before they start shrinking and losing their vivacity – maybe a couple of days, if I push it. To prolong that time, you can store them in the fridge (wrapped by a newspaper page or a thick paper towel), but it still won’t last more than a week. You can also wash them in cold water, spread them over a baking tray, cover it with paper towels and freeze them; I’m not sure how long they last that way cause I’ve only done it like, twice, but I’m guessing more than a few weeks.
Dry herbs: Once it’s dry, you have to store it in a sealed container, away from sunlight. It’s generally advised that you use opaque containers (like porcelain or amber glass) and store it inside a cabinet or a closet; the less sunlight it gets, the longer it’ll last, and the less likely it is for them to lose their color or scent. You can pick the stems, leaves and flowers and store them whole, being careful not to squish them too much if the container is small, or you can use a mortar and pestle to grind them for easier storage.
Energizing ⚘
You don’t really have to energize herbs, but I like to think it helps channeling them towards your intent. Specially with dry herbs cause they’re usually harvested without any inherent in mind, since they’re to be stored for future purposes.
⚘ For fresh herbs, be mindful of your intent as you collect them, energizing each branch you cut as you do it, selecting them based on what you’ll use them for.
⚘ For dry herbs, stop for a minute while you hold them in your hands, close your eyes and visualize you’re transferring your energy into it, focusing on your intent. You might want to say a few words to manifest it, or imagine a beam of light coming from your hand and being absorbed by the herbs.
Herbs have many uses, fresh or dry. Like making incenses, tea, essential oils, balms, and several different kinds of amulets. I wanna get into some of my favorites on my next posts :)
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serpentandthreads · 21 hours ago
🌻 Magic, Spirituality & Religious Ask Game 🌻
I was inspired by @little-ginger-witch witchy ask game and wanted to make an ask game that was a little more inclusive to those who don't necessarily identify as a witch. No hate to the person who made that ask game! This is all for fun.
What kind of practitioner do you identify as?
Do you have any daily practices? What are they?
What's your favorite type of magic to use (knot magic, candle magic, pop culture magic, etc)?
Do you use any tools in your practice? Which one is your favorite?
What types of magic are you not willing to do?
Do you have a moral code that guides you in your craft?
How do you feel about "problematic" workings (baneful workings, love workings, health workings, doing workings on others without consent, etc)?
Do you use divination at all? Why or why not?
What's your favorite divination tool?
What's your least favorite divination tool?
What's a method of divination you'd like to try?
What are your favorite types of divination readings?
What types of divination readings are you willing to do, but don't really enjoy?
What types of divination readings do you refuse to do?
Do you identify with any religions?
Do you celebrate any holidays? Which ones?
Do you venerate or work with any deities?
Do you venerate or work with any entities or spirits?
What kind of offerings or acts of devotion do you give those deities, entities or spirits?
What's your unpopular opinion regarding magic, spirituality or religion?
Who are some of your favorite practitioners on Tumblr? Tag them.
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tiredmoonslut · 11 hours ago
Music for the witches of 2022
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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crazycatsiren · 2 hours ago
Rice, like eggshells, can be used to replace salt.
Rice can be used for cleansing purposes, as well as for bringing about abundance and prosperity.
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witchcultblackmagic · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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springtime-sprite · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Exploring nature 🌲
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2022grimoirechallenge · 23 hours ago
May Week 3 - Shadow Work and Retrograde
Hello hello everyone and welcome to another week of the 2022 Grimoire Challenge! This week we’re gonna be looking into Shadow Work and its part in our personal lives and in our practice! As well as that dreaded Mercury Retrograde, along with some other fun topics!
So, without further posturing on my part, let us begin!
Part 1 - What is Shadow Work?
Make a page in your lab notebook, or journal, whichever is fine, where we’re going to define shadow work. What is it? Where did it start? Who coined the term? What are ‘shadows’? Dig deep into what shadow work is, before jumping into doing it.
Now that we know what it is, how do we perform shadow work? What are some methods for doing it? How does one go about facing their shadows? What can we learn and unlearn from doing shadow work? What things can be helpful or harmful when performing shadow work?
The more you know about shadow work, the world you live in, and yourself, the better you’re going to be at performing shadow work. This can be a heavy topic and a difficult thing to perform. Make sure you’re ready to truly observe and look at yourself and your life/ choices before you jump into the next part.
Part 2 - Facing the Shadows
Now that you know what shadow work is, and a little about how to go about it. This part of the challenge is going to be to start some shadow work. I say start, because doing shadow work isn’t a one off, one time, one day thing. It is a process that can take days, months, or even years.
So after looking up what shadow work is, what things in your life do you need to work on. What shadow work do you need to do in your own life?
Start the process now, or whenever you feel ready. We’ll circle back to this topic a few times through the rest of the year to see what progress we have all made!
Part 3 - Meditation/ Journal
This goes along with the above. When you start your shadow work, meditate on it, and then journal where you’re at mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually at the start of this process. How do you feel? Why do you feel that way? Where do your thoughts and emotions linger? How do your actions follow suit and/ or need to change?
Take time to do this. Sit with yourself, truly sit with yourself and look long and hard at yourself in the mirror both literally and metaphorically, in an attempt to better understand yourself.
Growth and change happens slowly over time, both good and bad, and in order for our shadow work to be successful we must take the time to look inward and outward to see ourselves in our personal world and in the greater world and the effects those two things have on one another and how they influence each other.
Part 4 - That Damned Retrograde
So this doesn’t have to be specific to Mercury Retrograde, but since it is currently in the stars, why not look it up. What is it? What does it mean? How does it work? What/ who does it affect and how?
How often does it occur? Do you feel it? Or are you only aware of it when someone else mentions it?
What stock do you take in astrology, if any? Do you feel the stars truly influence us or is it all arbitrary? I’m not one to judge anyone’s beliefs about anything, and this challenge is about helping you form a basis to grow from within our craft. So, use this as a baseline to build on to your beliefs, a place to start or continue learning from. The more we understand about ourselves, the better.
Part 5 - Navigating Planetary Changes
How do you navigate changes in the planetary alignments? Do they influence your life at all? Is it an actual thing, or do you feel a belief in the thing creates the chaos it inspires?
What other planetary movements do you know of? What others do you wish to know about? Make a list and look them up. What planetary alignments do you feel most connected and drawn to? How do they influence you?
Take your time with this one. Astrology is a huge topic to cover. So don’t feel obligated to limit this to one single day, or even one single page!
Part 6 - Fun activity
Since summer is basically here, get outside. Pick some flowers, Take a walk. Go for a swim! Plant something in your garden if you have one! Eat some fresh fruit. Lay in the grass and feel the sun on your skin. Just go enjoy being outdoors for a few minutes.
Enjoy this week’s challenge prompts and look forward to more!
-Mod Hazel
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dragoncastings · 15 hours ago
Herb Magic: I
Wealth, exorcisms, abundance, cleansing, love, banishment, prosperity, pleasure, fruitfulness, purifying, romance, accomplishment, and compassion.
Romance, attractiveness, cheerfulness, glamours, charms, pleasure, love, attraction, vitality, rejuvenation, hope, optimism, and happiness.
Fortification, restoration, desire, prophecy, defense, revitalization, curative, lust, pleasure, insight, protection, healing, sensuality, and divination.
Peace, romance, emotional healing, shadow work, harmony, soothing, cleansing, amorousness, physical healing, synchronization, calming, and purification.
Wealth, desire, attraction, success, sensuality, security, romance, serenity, affection, harmony, fortune, lust, prosperity, protection, tranquility, love, and peace.
High John the Conqueror:
Protection, delight, divination, inspiration, joy, prosperity, positivity, romance, spiritual awareness, success, security, hopefulness, and warding.
Lemon Balm:
Grounding, love, composure, adoration, compassion, calming, communication, virtue, soothing, connection, romance, and divination.
Divination, health, repelling, spirituality, sensuality, purification, attraction, psychic power, longevity, astral projection, lust, cleansing, and protection.
Romance, protection, banishment, amorousness, safety, cleansing, fortitude, love, defense, admiration, exorcisms, compassion, fortification, and warding.
Prosperity, joy, fertility, purification, love, success, affluence, happiness, fruitfulness, cleansing, romance, compassion, and achievement.
Prophetic dreams, divination, spirit work, protection, grounding, warding, connection, enlightenment, security, psychic powers, strength, and astral projection.
Protection, awareness, healthiness, grounding, recognition, shielding, soothing, focus, romance, courage, and fortification.
Romance, luck, justice, wealth, amorousness, blessings, righteousness, prosperity, compassion, fortune, affluence, desire, success, and fairness.
Other Links:
Herb Magic: II Herb Magic: III Herb Magic: Common
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cgmourningstar · 13 hours ago
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maddiviner · 4 hours ago
“Prepare less, risk more. You will get further.”
Jason Miller, Consorting With Spirits, page 193.
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Tumblr media
Green Gaïa
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