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Calling all Witches!

Instead of cursing the despot in the seat of power, please consider performing a blessing for the country and the world.

By cursing the man, you are creating energy for him to fail. Yes, he’s failing miserably, but we’re all suffering the price for that energy. It’s like killing the entire garden to get rid of one patch of weeds.

By blessing the country and the world, we will literally be lifted and healed from the roots up. The problems will be resolved and the despot will disappear because he will not be in alignment with the new energy.

Think about it, please.

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Being the color I am, I’ve been dealing with anger quite a lot lately. I am… so upset and full of rage, and that is energy. 

The positive witch in me says that I should banish this anger. Rid my body and mind of this weight and continue into the light. 

But, does this anger not come from the light? I am angry at the pain and injustice and inhumane attacks on my brothers and sisters. I am angry that I can’t protect them. That is an anger of love. 

Do not dismiss your anger. Don’t banish it and turn in to dust. Use that energy to cast protections on protestors and blessings on their families. Use your rage to hex cops, to curse them with endless nightmares and all consuming guilt for the cycle of oppression they uphold until the weight of it crushed them entirely. And if you can, donate. 

Quedanse enojados. 

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This is perfect for all the sea witches out there but really just anyone who wants something special for herbs and salts. It’s not really made to eat with! 

What You’ll Need:

  1. Sea shells (I got mine from Dollar Tree)
  2. Copper Wire (I got mine from the jewelry aisle in Walmart)
  3. A drill to make a hole in the sea shells
  4. Something to help cut the wire

First things first, I got a drill to make a hole in the sea shells. The hole would be near the bottom of the shell, right in the middle. I didn’t plan out my copper wire handle but you could braid the wires or just wrap wildly. I added a bead to one and you can add decorations like that if you’d like. I also used twine, a Himalayan pink salt rock, and smaller sea shells. I drew with a gold paint pen inside the shells. Keep wrapping and working the wires until it’s a steady handle to support the shell.

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hi there!!! i’ve recently gained interest in learning more about my ancestors&spirit guides and how to communicate with them so if any of yall know any websites, vids, posts, etc. that i can learn from it would be very appreciated if you told me about them, thank u ^-^

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I’m crafting a digital grimoire. I have a hand written one that I use for a lot of my initial notes, but I wanted something that was more organized. I’m using Pages so once it’s “done” I’ll be able to send it to a printer hopefully and get a bound book! 

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If my black lives matters posts irritate you, I suggest you unfollow me right now. I’m sooo disgusted with the “spiritual “ accounts that preach that they dont see color. So you dont see that a certain group of people are being targeted? Spirituality doesn’t give you an excuse to hid behind rose colored, patchouli scented glasses. You disgust me by using “love and light as a blindfold. And best belive that the divine sees through your bullshit.

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Can anyone recommend good online place to buy some crystals from? I’d love to buy them in person but, there are not many places where I live to begin with and due to not wanting to travel right now it’s hard to get to those places.

I’m mainly looking for clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst! Thank you for reading!

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Hey beginner witches! Here’s a really simple guide to a few crystals you can use for Self Love Spells or any other self love purpose! These are just a few of the many out there and remember you can always use a stone that you personally connect with (such as a birthstone) for self love work! 💕

Here are some ideas for how to use these gems in self love:

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Added ALL kinds of new pieces to the shop last night! 💖✨

Lots of new designs, as well as some of my usual! Ouija Boards, Planchettes, Cat Skulls, Bats, Spiders, Alien Babes, Tarot Cards, Rune Sets, Wall Hangings…you name it! 😍

Most of the newest designs have sold out, but there are still a whole bunch of items available, so click the link in my bio to claim a piece of your own! 💖✨🌸

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