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witchesversuspatriarchy · 18 hours ago
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Found this and thought you all would love it as much as I do. A green witch accepting her calling!
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hallow-witxh · 19 hours ago
Apple Cider is basically a homesteading spell.
So let's talk about it!
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Apple Cider has been a stable in my house every single year for almost my whole life.
Although I never lived in one house for more than a year or two (and oftentimes, not even in one country), I always had a yearly visit to my grandparent's house in Washington before moving here permanently. There's a beautiful pasture, a giant garden, an orchard right next to our home dripping with pears and apples comes autumn. Every year without fail, my grandpa would drag me over with a big ol' bucket and we'd gather pounds and pounds of apples. We made all sorts of fun things. Applesauce, apple cakes, apple candy, apple honey and sugar, apple syrup - and my favorite in the whole wide world, apple cider. We would get fresh herbs from a farmers market and make gallons and gallons of cider to jar for the upcoming years, because I would always, without fail, want a cup of it when I was sick, sad, lonely, or tired.
In recent years, as I study more and more about my practice, I realized that Apple Cider was basically a potion of happiness and safety. A perfect homesteading potion/spell - which is why it gives me such a sense of comfort. And now, I'm realizing that it would be selfish of me to keep such a treasured recipe to myself.
So here is what you'll need:
Crock pot
10 apples (I recommend 5 honeycrisp and 5 granny smith), quartered
Moon water (enough to cover apples by at least an inch and a half)
1/2 - 1 packed cup of brown sugar (depending on your sweet tooth)
1 orange, sliced
1 tablespoon whole cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon allspice
1/4 teaspoon ginger
1/4 teaspoon genuine vanilla extract
Tiny pinch of salt
What do the ingredients manifest?
Apples: Love, Luck, Prosperity, Healing
Sugar: Sweetness, Love, Inviting good things
Orange: Abundance, Happiness, Love in marriage
Cloves: Protection, Success
Cinnamon: Protection, Healing, Luck, Love, Success
Nutmeg: Luck, Protection, Safety, Balance
Allspice: Luck, Financial Success, Healing
Ginger: Confidence, Prosperity, Success
Vanilla: Love, Passion
Wash your apples and orange
Cleanse your crock pot with your preferred cleansing method (I like an incense/smoke cleanse)
Slice your apples and orange, add to the crock pot
Add your sugar, herbs, and spices
Cover with moon water until it's 1.5-2 inches above the apples
Cover crockpot with lid and set to low for a minimum of 6 hours, preferably overnight
Strain out apples, herbs, orange slices
Add vanilla and tiny pinch of salt, mix well
Serve piping hot with a fresh apple or orange slice, if desired
You can also use the cooked apples to make applesauce, or turn them into apple pancakes or add to cakes/baking mixes! I hope this recipe brings warmth and light to your kitchen <3
Blessed Be everyone, and have a wonderful autumn.
Tips and Commissions: Ko-Fi
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wiccan-flower · 20 hours ago
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Is the third and last harvest of the year. Samhain is the end of warm days and start of the darker half of the year. Nights will get long and colder. The spiritual veil between our world and the spiritual world will be at its thinnest on the 31st. Samhain is the night the dead can walk around the earth.
🍂 make a pumpkin pie
🍂 carve a pumpkin
🍂 press leaves in books
🍂 decorate your alter with leaves and pinecones
🍂 make apple cider
🍂 make a broom
🍂 collect pinecones and acorns
🍂 make a wreath
🍂 dress up in a costume
🍂 read scary stories
🍂 light Orange, purple, and Black candles
🍂 hand out candy
🎃 Animals: bat, spider, fox, raven, crow, and dog
🍁 Colors: black, purple, orange, and green
🎃 Crystals: amethyst, smokey quartz, onyx, jet, malachite, and black tourmaline
🍁 Herbs: mugswort, yarrow, allspice, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rosemary
🎃 Food: apple, pumpkin, squash, soup, pie, cider, and corn
🍁 Inscense/oils: cedar, sandalwood, sage, rosemary, clove, and cinnamon
🎃 Gods: yama, hades, apollo, and herne
🍁 Godesses: freya, hel, hecate, demeter
🎃 Spells: spirit work, ambition, protection, ancestor work, and banishing
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notrixxtarot · 22 hours ago
🔮👻 The Basics of Samhain 👻🔮
Samhain is creeping up on us in 9 days! Many of us (including myself) are preparing festivities and activities to be done, entering the darker half of the year with a bang!!
This post will inform you on the basics of Samhain, such as why it is celebrated and how witches celebrate, how you can celebrate, and ways we can make this the best Samhain ever.
Pronunciation According to Google: So-Wen (Samhain)
Where Did Samhain Come From?
Samhain is a Gaelic holiday has been celebrated yearly for over 2,000 years. Celtic pagans would begin their celebration the evening of the 31st, usually continuing into the next day in some celebrations. Samhain is now observed by most witches, wiccans, and Celtic pagans.
What Is There To Celebrate?
Aside from celebrating the fall equinox, and the transition into winter, Samhain is when the veil between the Overworld and the Spirit Realm are thinned. This means interactions with the fae or spirits are more likely. Many use this day to celebrate loved ones who have passed on, or a day to celebrate spirits as a whole.
What Happens on Samhain?
On Samhain, celebration is very individualized depending on your own reason for celebrating, whether it is to remember those who have died or to recognize the spirits in your life.
It is common to cook/buy food and drinks as offerings to these spirits, and having dinner with them (this includes preparing the spirits their own plates). It is a belief that spirits will return to your home on Samhain seeking hospitality, and we should absolutely grant them such.
Costumes are worn to ward away malicious spirits, along with the carving of Jack-o-Lanterns.
Many will have bonfires and music, and participate in various divination methods in hopes of meeting a new spirit, or connecting with one that has passed.
Some people in participating communities will go door-to-door (in costume) reciting verses for food, either for themselves or for offerings. I believe this had a huge effect on the modern day Halloween.
This link has examples of divination rituals that Celtic people commonly did for Samhain, such as apple peelings to determine the name of their future spouse, and a ritual to determine if someone will live through the year!
Spirits deserve the same amount of respect as living people do, so acknowledge them this Samhain. After all, we will be one with them some day.
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somnambulant-seraphim · 15 hours ago
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Since I got more inspired by my previous space and witch-themed frog plush, here’s .⋆。✧*゚+☆ Stellar ☆+*゚✧。⋆. They’re a horoscope and constellation-themed frog. I hand-embroidered the the stars on their body based off of real constellations. 
On the long, third-last photo there are the following constellations: Cancer (my sun sign), Libra (Stellar’s and Orbit’s sun sign), Triangulum (I know it’s just a triangle, but that’s how it really is) and Aries (turned sideways in the photo). 
I used the same fabrics as my previous frog, Orbit, because I want them to look like they’re more related to each other. Though the eyes I picked for Stellar are different, they’re made of dark, greyish metal buttons. I also made Stellar a bit smaller, less rounded and their overall body shape is a bit different, like how their snout is less pointed. 
Thanks for all the support of my blog everyone! <3 I’ve really appreciated all the interaction and positivity!! ·₊˚⋆ (❀v‿v) ∼ ♡♡♡ ⋆˚₊·
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maddiviner · 10 hours ago
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Interesting perspective from a Twitter friend. Thoughts?
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witchesversuspatriarchy · 21 hours ago
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Only a witch enters the forest through a portal
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firesidetextiles · 18 hours ago
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Here's the first embroidery piece I did after starting Fireside. It's done directly on a bit of the city witch fabric print. If you'd like to bring it home, it's in my shop.
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rrtt4 · 19 hours ago
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Witch's Apothecary Cabinet
- Wood M (26 swatches) - Wood L (26 swatches) - Vintage M (38 swatches) - Vintage L (38 swatches)
- New Mesh - Base Game Compatible
Download (Patreon)
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shadechamber · 16 hours ago
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spellgazed · 13 hours ago
Tasseomancy: Symbols
Tasseomancy or Tasseography is the practice and process of using tea leaves or coffee grounds to forecast, understand, or improve upcoming or current events. This can be used for planning ahead, or for personal growth, healing and development. One nearly finished a loose herbal concoction, and then flips the remaining biological powders onto a small plate. They then scry based off of the shapes or symbols the leaves lie in. Here are some basic shapes and their meanings.
Anchor: Stability, Stagnancy, permanence, and immobility. Angel: Fortune, positivity, and potential true romance. Apple: Health, longevity, academic or professional success. Aries: Strength, intensity, lust, and scorching emotion. Axe: You have overcome your challenges, victory and triumph. Boat: Reunification, fellowship, familiarity, and support. Bowl: Containment, stagnancy, summer, light, and Litha. Bridge: A wonderful voyage to embark on lies ahead of you. Candle: Enlightenment, guidance, illumination, and warmth. Car: Impending prosperity, fortune, and achievements. Chain: Accountability, a sequence of occasions, and stagnancy. Clouds: Trials and troubles ahead. If surrounded by dots; success is coming. Clover: Upcoming luck. The higher up its located, the sooner it will come. Compass: Guidance, direction, backing, assistance, and support. Crown: Triumph, magnificence, incentives or gifts, and admiration. Cup: Achievement, celebration, emotional healing, and purification. Dagger: Love, encouragement, assistance, and support from allies. Gun: Discord, tension, slander, defamation, and disharmony. Hammer: The journey and trials you’ve faced have been overcome. Hat: Accomplishment, success, and achievement in general. House: Stability, victory in profession or corporate choice. Knots: Apprehensions, concerns, tension, worry, and pressure. Ladder: Advancement, improvement, development, and progress. Mars: Movement, action, progress, vigor, and lustful love. Mountain: Forthcoming impediments, obstacles, and challenges. Mushroom: Rebirth, shifting, transformation, everlasting growth. Owl: Deceit, deception, loss, probable illness, or deprivation. Pear: Social status, wealth, prosperity, and admiration. Ring: Harmony, love, partnership, alliance, and marriage. Scissors: Arguments, disputes, separations, or possibility of ailment. Sun: Stamina, energy, vitality, triumph, and opportunities. Trees: Prosperity, direction, growth, happiness, and luck. Umbrella: Struggles, aggravations, provocations, and endurance. Venus: Romance, femininity, compassion, and love.
Tasseomancy: Fundamentals / Numbers / Shapes
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