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I just bought a few different crystal pendants and i’m excited to see the results!

I got a howlite point pendant, and it’s seen as a calming stone, that it helps with stress (virtual school am i right)

I got a fluorite point pendant as well, it helps with concentration and balances our energies

I also got an opalite point pendant, and i’m hoping it will help me with my meditation and spirit workings

Finally I got a raw black tourmaline pendant for protection. I don’t want to try spirit and deity workings without protection.

I also picked up some selenite as I don’t have any yet

Will update with pictures when it gets here!

Blessed be!

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So working with the fae is common with the magical community and so is working with the Greek pantheon, but where’s the people working with phoenixes? They’re in Greek mythology too and they’re neat bird spirits that light themselves on fire that can heal. 

Why hasn’t anyone tried working with uncommon spirit races?

What, no phoenixes? No cat sidhes, no yokai, no Arkan sonneys, not even Baba Yaga? No elves, no unicorns, no will-o-wisps, no banshees, no rare spirit races that you found in the astral dimension and you end up being the first person to discover them?

If you’re gonna be a witch who believes in fairies, might as well go all the way and start working with other obscure spirit races too. Sure, it’s a pain in the ass to find rituals to work with them but you can write your own and ask them questions about their culture when you find them.

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Glamours 💋💄


I love glamours you can be perceived how ever you want!

My way of doing glamours is to make getting ready an entire ritual. Use enchanted makeup and clothes (enchanted lingerie anyone? 😏) sigils can help in the enchanting process.

Use perfumes that benefits what you are going for. I mostly do vanilla and cinnamon since they make lustful thoughts. Orange blossom is better for sweeter attraction because it makes you seem like marriage material. But you can do anything depending on your goal!

Before you start getting ready dress a candle and light it in honor of a deity if you work with them. If not just use color and candle magick anyways. Carving the candle works too.

Put on music that works with your goal and Use color magick in your makeup and clothes to really drive home the point.

And of course remember to visualize visualize visualize!

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I know I haven’t been super active lately :( I wish I had a better explanation but I’ve just been feeling disconnected from tumblr

for those of you who want to keep up with me still, I’m on tiktok and twitch as @paige_eloise, and twitter as @paig3loise

I hope to see and interact with you guys over there!

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Hello darling 💗 this is a very good question.

My first tip is

Don’t read tarot while in a bad mental state

Reading tarot after a mental breakdown or a panic attack is probably not the best idea. Give yourself time after to heal yourself a bit before doing tarot. Any negative energy you have can manifest itself into readings giving the reading an inaccurate outcome. I used to read tarot after I was crying and my readings would always come out very negative. My mother than told me that the cards are reading your energy. So I took time after took a shower and picked myself up again. I read my cards again after about three hours after and the reading was accurate.

Pull a daily card

Pulling a daily card can help you get into the mindset of reading for yourself. Doing a complicated spread your first time could be overwhelming. Start with one card. You pull one card for the day. Let’s say you get the three of cups. You read the card in the morning thinking you might see some friends. That night you get invited out to a dinner by a few friends. Doing this everyday will help you get comfortable with reading tarot.

Don’t expect a specific answer

Be open minded to other possibilities. A mistake I’ve seen a lot of people do is pull cards until they get the card they want. For example let’s say your asking about someone’s feelings for you and you want to get the lovers. You pull the four of wands and your dissatisfied with the answer so you pull and pull until you get the lovers. If your pulling out all 78 cards for one card then tarot has already given you, your answer.

Honestly just don’t be afraid to do a reading for yourself .

♡Hope this helped♡

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Tema da semana é bruxaria 🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♂️
Fiquei com a mão na frente 😂
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I recently Rescued a “Swainson Thrush” her Wong was broken and I drove 3 hours to get her the help she needed. She is now on antibiotics and has a fractured wrist, a broken and swollen elbow, and small needle marks down her back. Most likely a cat got ahold of her. And I was thankfully able to catch her before I had to leave for work. She’s now being rehabilitated by professionals (since I know nothing about birds) but I did give her some water and mealworms which she seemed to enjoy.

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