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magick of the moon

new moon: lunar energies encourage new beginnings. this is when you want to initiate new adventures or to ignite dreams. think about doing magical workings for a new job, new home, or anything new you want to bring into your life. the magic done during this time will continue to grow and feed off the energies of the moon as the phases move forward to full. (a great time to pick a topic and study it until the next lunar phase)

waxing moon: energies are fairly similar to the new moon, but with an emphasis on growth. think about doing magical workings in regards to constructing, strengthening, or gaining. this is a wonderful time to attract things into your life that you’ve been seeking. do you want a better relationship? an increase in salary? this is a wonderful time to work towards those goals and to continue pushing for anything you may have started during the new moon.

full moon: think fruition. this is the time where anything you set to seed during the new moon, will come to be. the full moon is arguably the most powerful phase in the lunar cycle. this is the time to work spells for retaining, receiving, or anything you want to bring to a successful culmination. it is a wonderful time for manifesting, or anything that needs a little extra “umph”.

waning moon: this is when the moon begins to ‘wane’ or decrease in size, and the energies emitted reflect that. this is a great time to work with spells regarding banishment, decreasing something, overcoming, and resolving things. if you want to cut ties with a person, decrease a feeling, or work on an emotional toll you’re experiencing, this is the perfect time to do it. this is also a perfect time to work household purification or cleansing rituals, as it’s a great time to drive negative energy away. (but of course cleansing & purification can be done during any point in time.)

dark moon: this is during the period of time between the waning and the new moon; when the moon is no longer present in the sky. some people choose to identify this moment in the lunar phase as the new moon, and really it’s up to each individual person to choose how they would like to interpret it. (remember what works for you, may not work for others.) some witches may choose not to practice at all during this phase- they may use it as a period of reflection, and to create new workings for the new moon. if you do choose to work with the dark moon, do so with respect and with open eyes.

Here is a great plant analogy to help remember the phases:

new moon: plant (set) your intentions to seed.

waxing moon: the seeds will begin to grow.

full moon: what you’ve set to seed has grown (come to fruition).

waning moon: you start to harvest what has grown.

dark moon: take care of your garden by pulling out weeds (take care of yourself during this time) and prepare for the next cycle.

it’s important to note that really, you can do you spell work anytime, regardless of what phase of the moon it is as successful spell work is 100% possible without the aid of the moon. however, it is much more powerful with it.

here’s the video where i got this information from, check it out for more! and i highly recommend her channel, she is amazing (The Green Witch)!

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I got this wonderful candle from my sister for Christmas. It smelt incredible! So I was a little sad when itd finally burnt out. EXCEPT! I’d been pouring out the melted wax to help it burn, otherwise the wick would go out in a pool of wax. So guess who melted down the saved wax and poured it back into the jar with a new wick! Yeah, that’s right. This Witch.


I got burnt pretty badly trying to light the candles though. I like to think that it counts as my initiation XD

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Are the keys of the fate hidden in the mysteries of the past or encrypted in digital vaults of the futures?

Lo, presently you behold the lock.

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Divining Death Through Astrology

Most astrologers see the planets as predictable. Venus always behaves like this; Mars always acts like that.

But Greco-Romans pagans like my family believe that these planets are avatars of the gods they are named after. And the gods are not predictable.

As I have said many times before, any gift the gods have bestowed upon you, you received by mere accident of birth. These gifts will run out if you remain unknown to the gods.

But if you initiate a relationship with your divine parents, they might disregard whatever demise they planned for you at birth. Through their favor or anger, your fate could change for the worse or for the better.

That is why my family does not use astrology to predict our deaths. Whatever our natal chart says about it is subject to our divine parents’ prerogative.

But for non-pagans, we do it. Because they have no divine connection to the planets. Whatever the stars say about their death is likely to remain unchanged.

For such people, we look at three things:

• The Eighth House, ruled by Pluto, Lord of Death
• The placement of Uranus, Lord of Chaos
• The Twelfth House of Hidden Hopes and Fears

Planets in the Eighth House dictate the time of death. Uranus’ placement determines the manner of death. And the Twelfth House reveals one’s state of mind in that moment.

To illustrate:

  • Someone with Mars in the Eighth House would likely die before their time. Children, teens, fresh graduates. Because Mars is a young warrior with an impulsive temperament. He will be rash and rushing in the House of Death. 
  • Someone with Uranus in the Fourth House would likely die in an accident far from home. In a foreign land, or simply away from any loved one. Because Uranus creates instability wherever he finds himself. In the House of Home, he removes the roof and demolishes the foundations.
  • Someone with Jupiter in the Twelfth House would likely die with a smile on their face, fully accepting their fate. Because Jupiter brings profound understanding in whatever house he occupies. In the House of the Hidden, he will illuminate all fears and activate any lingering hope.

These three territories have to be weighed against each other. Any malevolence in the Eighth House would be balanced by some beneficence in the Twelfth. Any negativity in the Twelfth could worsen with Uranus’ influence.

Try analyzing your own chart using your knowledge of the gods. Then perform this tarot spread to see if it is a match.

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Candle Magic using colorful chime colors: Get yours 💖

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The Empress takes us from the mysterious, subconscious realm of the High Priestess into the realm of the earthy and sensuous. The Empress is a master of the physical world, and to many a representation of the maternal aspect of the divine feminine principle. She is one with the earth and all of it’s creatures and invites us to explore the ways in which we are all connected. The Empress guides us through the process of connecting with the cycles of nature, and with ourselves as caretaker, or “mother”. Connecting with ourselves in the role of mother does not necessarily mean that we need to have literal children, but rather that we learn to view ourselves as source. It means connecting with our power to create and bring things into being in this world. The Empress encourages us to acknowledge the universal cycle of birth, death, and transformation, the ways we participate in it, and the ways in which this cycle plays out in our own lives in every aspect. With that in mind, it is a wonderful time to explore the outdoors, work on creative projects, spend time with your family, or explore your relationship with the divine feminine if it is in your practice. The Empress, as a life-giver and earth mother, is also a powerful healer, and may be inviting you to tap into your own healing abilities or look at the ways that nature can be a powerful healing tool.

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When we are focusing on what we are appreciative of or grateful for, it alters the vibration of the energy in our field. Similarly when we focus on the things we wish would change we align with it’s frequency of lack. 

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My would be either: Priestess / Witch of Death.

I feel like both of them fits me. XD.

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Back in march last year, I felt the first stirrings of my new path.⁠
Not my path in spirit, but my path in life. ⁠

The wool was finally pulled from my eyes.⁠

The black flame began to burn brighter than ever. ⁠

The Luciferian current ran through me, electrifying and purifying. Gnosis, light, understanding, fell at my feet and illuminated the shadows of my life. ⁠

I sang to the sea and delved deep into the woods. I sought out the guidance of my Gods, the ancient ones of the hills. The Gods who were born from the void, to rise up from the earth and to descend from the starry heavens. ⁠

They answered in half whispers and voices like thunder. ⁠

My new path was clear. ⁠

I just needed the courage to walk it.⁠

I had to do better.⁠ ⁠

Even when others did not. ⁠

And that’s exactly what I did. Thank the Gods. ⁠


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I can’t say that I don’t have a soul anymore..  or that I’m an empty shell…

Why? I’m so glad you asked! 

Because EMDR! That’s why. 

I’ve always been terrified of being alone, yet find myself alone more often than not. In fact, I CLING to people so I can avoid being alone as much as possible. 

First trance: I tried so hard to focus on my feelings of being alone, but people kept appearing. So I thought “fuck it” and imagine a world with only me. No other humans, just me.


And my damn support team popped up! I tried to imagine a world without them… and there was still ME!

The only thing that came up was some anxiety and the thought of loneliness! 

Me: What the fuck did you do to me? 

Therapist: *sarcastically* that’s right, it’s all my fault 😂🤣😂

Me: *retells experience*

Therapist: Ahhhh. So, just because you’re ALONE doesn’t mean you have to be LONELY


Therapist: Let’s do this again. And this time, focus on the anxiety. 

Second trance: not only can I NO LONGER feel the anxiety, but I feel like there’s a fucking HOLE in my chest! You know that feeling of breathing through your ears? THAT’S what it felt like!!! But instead of being EMPTY! It was full of fluffy, light, happiness!! Like a motherfucking Carebear’s tummy! 

Me: I can’t feel lonely… 

Therapist: Ahhh! …

Me: *explains* 

Therapist: YES!!!

Me: I don’t have to feel lonely even when I’m alone! 

Therapist: Now focus on that lightness and happiness! 

Third trance: it feels like there’s a doorway into me now… 


*finds key*

*UNLOCKS a fucking hole in my CHEST!* 

*goes through said door* 

*finds SOUL

Yes, that’s right. I unlocked the door to my fucking soul, THEN climbed THROUGH the door! And found! My! Fucking! Soul! 

Picture yourself floating in space-time. Stars in every direction. Galaxies spinning far away, nebulae and planets, and asteroids and black holes in every direction! Everything is millions of light-years away! Yet, still there. Some, still visible. And you are just floating in a beautiful, peaceful, serene oblivion.

Then a silhouette emerges. A vacuum of space in itself full of its own infinite universe appears in YOUR OWN shape! Stars twinkling throughout your figure! Galaxies! Quasars! Everything surrounding you and MORE! Condensed into YOU

Me: ..  

Therapist: ..? 

Me: I love my imagination! 

Therapist: *nods*

Me: I just met my SOUL!! *explains* 

Therapist: YES!! Okay! Now be there with your soul!

Final trance: *skeptical- how do you beat THAT?!* I’ll fucking tell you how!!! You HUG your fucking soul! You cry together a little bit, then you MERGE with your soul! You look down at your hands, and see a fucking collection of Stars in a blanket of space but somehow still see your fleshy hand!! You become WHOLE!! You feel something *click* into place and find an entire DEPTH of yourself that you get to explore!!! You become WHOLE and find endless possibilities.  

Oh, and remember my one EMDR session where I was on my island and everyone I’ve ever known and will ever know were building something huge with me and my support team, and it ended up being me? Yeah, well, my soul went in there. 

THAT’S how you top meeting your soul friends.

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Need Clarity? Ask for a Tarot or Oracle Reading!


Originally posted by feedermercury

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convinced faeries like to steal my things >:p

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Journal prompt of the day:

Who do others think I am? Who do I know I am? What are the behaviors and patterns I give off that may be reinforcing the image others have of me? What might I do to better embody who I know myself to be? Is it important to me that others see me the way I do?

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So my husband and I have been planning to move and I’m practically screaming “let’s go today!” Haha… and I read my tarot spread this morning… the cards literally said “bitch please slow down and take baby steps.” 🤣

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