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Originally posted by witchy-girl-666

Price: By Donation 
What is it? An energy reading is a process in which I read your energy for any problems it’s presenting to me. This is good for those of you who need guidance on certain issues. It can also tell you what imagery your readings present to me.

If you feel in need of guidance, DM me and we can set one up. I’m open all weekend, but I’m taking limited spaces as it’s a lot of energy. 

Also I won’t read for medical issues!

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So I started practicing green witchcraft cause it’s something I’ve been interested in for a while and now I have time and stuff lol cause of quarantine. I don’t really know what else to say and I know no one really cares but whew chile I needed to get that out there. Not that it’s a bad thing but y’know. Okay imma stop talking now ✌️


Originally posted by mizworldofrandom

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basic crystal info

clear quartz 🤍

clear quartz is a definite must have crystal! it can be programmed with any intent which is why it’s many’s favorite. clear quartz also boosts the power of other magickal tools such as herbs.

rose quartz 🥀

perfect crystal for self love spells and such! it can be used to attract love, friendship, and amplify the intensity of relationships.

amethyst 💜

one of my favorites! amethyst can be used in meditation and intuition/psychic work. it can also be used in spells for anxiety. sleep with one in your pillow case to remember you dreams!

selenite ✨

selenite is great because it never needs to be cleansed. other crystals themselves can be cleansed with selenite!

tiger’s eye 🐅

a beautiful rock which has uses that stand with its name. tiger’s eye is used in spells about strength, courage, and prosperity. carry one with you for courage in uncomfortable situations!

citrine 🌞

citrine works like a dime in prosperity spells! bring it with you to a job interview. also used to ward off nightmares!

obsidion 🔮

perfect for banishment and protection spells! also great for scrying.

hematite 🌱

great for grounding and meditation! also used for protection, as it’s a reflective stone.

comment your favorite crystal! mine’s rainbow moonstone 🌈🌛🌝🌜

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So I’ve recently been feeling a presence when I meditate and give small offerings. Up until now I’ve been giving offerings in general, not to a specific diety, and allowing those who want them to claim them. I keep getting images of viking type warriors and very nice looking swords that I think are Nordic, so I’m trying to focus on  But a tarot spread was brought to my attention that is supposed to identify a deity you’re attempting to communicate with! These are my results:

Something that represents them:  Justice: Truth, clarity, fairness
A trait (Usually negative):  The Empress: Motherhood, fertility, nature
A trait (Usually positive):  Father (King) of Wands: Leadership, overcoming challenges, vision, drive
What they rule over:  VI of Wands: Victory, success, reward, recognition
Something associated with them:  Mother (Queen) of Swords: Complexity, perceptiveness, clear mindedness

At first when I saw the Justice and VI of Wants I thought it might be Tyr, keeping with the emphasis on truth and justice, but I’m not sure if it’s him who is coming through (I’m also scared of war gods lol). I might do another reading, but I figured I’d try to ask others for their opinions first! If you have any ideas on who it is let me know!

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Hi, again heh, thank you for my last question it help and I was wondering if you’d have any tips on how to start working with Selene and Nyx? Or if you’d know any sites/apps I could use to help. Hope I’m not a bother

Unfortunately I do not. I’m most well versed in the olympian gods (and several of the Norse gods). I know a few of Nyx’s myths but not how to work with her.

Do I have any followers who have worked with Selene or Nyx and would like to share their experience?

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Hey guys I made a witchy discord server since the ones I join usually dont give me the best vibes. Still working out the kinks of being a server owner but with all this extra time on our hands it shouldn’t take too long. This is a server to become a coven/family and to learn new things. 

You do need a verified email to join! I will take harassment and shenanigans very seriously so please dont join if you’re into doing that kind of stuff to people. There will be areas for art/music/writing as well!

See you guys there!

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* I love myself as I love others

* I honor the need for balance

* I accept Universal truths as my own

* I allow intimacy and vulnerability into my space

have a blessed full moon! Full Moon Readings will be available through next week for $12.22!

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Would you join his church?

My sorcerer oc Halite as a priest. He has to change his looks and name every 10-20 years to avoid being recognised since he can’t age. As a priest he has a place to sleep, food to eat, wine to drink and most importantly he can use magic without anyone noticing - all he has to do is say ‘amen’ after every silent spell.

and nah, the cross is not symbolizing anything

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Witch Tip:

You can use letter sealing wax to easily pour over and seal your spell bottles, ritual papers, annoint candles, etc. without burning yourself from using a candle!

It can also make cleanup a bit easier, while conserving your lovely spell candles as well.

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🔮Daily Tarot🔮

Nine of Crystals Reversed


“When you feel as though you’re entangled in a weary web, meditate to center yourself and seek inner-guidance.”

It’s been a very rough few weeks, so it’s normal to feel burnt out right now. If you are, don’t be afraid to retreat back to the safety of your own company for a little while. You need to balance staying busy with a calm period. It allows you to rest and recharge, as well as process all things you’ve accomplished so far.

Private tarot readings are available on my website:

Stay safe witches 💚

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