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The witcher soulmate au where at some point before the age of 25, you switch with your future self for a day so you can meet your soulmate.
Jaskier is a romantic at heart and spent his entire childhood and youth imagining how romantic his Swap will be. He has the whole day planned, including a romantic picnic under the stars where he recites a very cheesy love ballad that he wrote for his soulmate at the age of 14. All his friends make fun of him but Jaskier doesn’t care because he’s already so in love with this person nothing could ruin it for him.
He has his Swap during his second last year at Oxenfurt. Right before he’s supposed to go on stage for his bardic debut, all of a sudden he’s outside, and it’s cold, and there’s a very handsome man in front of him (Lambert), and he only has two seconds to react before the very handsome man punches him in the face. His last words are “...soulmate?” before he blacks out.
He wakes up later in bed with an Even More Handsome Man fawning over him and it’s love at first sight. Geralt introduces himself and tells Jaskier about their life together and apologizes for Lambert punching him in the face (he swapped during combat training). He shows Jaskier around Kaer Morhen and lets him meet everyone, and the two spend the day getting to know each other. It’s not at all what Little Baby Jaskier expected. It's too cold and snowy for his picnic and he’s suddenly very embarrassed at the prospect of reading his 14-year-old love note to Geralt, but its perfect because he can tell that Geralt loves him so much and they’ve built a life together. 
When he feels himself fading back to his own time Jaskier cries because he doesn’t want to lose this, he doesn’t want to have gotten a taste of the warmth and love he’s always desired only to have it ripped away from him and to return cold and alone to his own life. But Geralt kisses him and tells him they’ll find each other soon, and that he loves Jaskier very much and he can’t wait to spend their lives together.
In contrast, Geralt has spent his whole life believing that he doesn’t have a soulmate since he waits and waits for a Swap that never comes. The second round of trials fucked up the timing and he’s actually one of the rare few that will have his Swap after age 25, but he lives over 20 years believing that he’s destined to be alone. (And oh boy does that fuel his self hatred)
By the time Geralt’s Swap does come around he’s stopped believing years ago. It happens when he’s stuck in a rock slide and gets knocked out. He wakes up and finds himself in a quaint little house, in bed with a strange yet beautiful man. Naturally, Geralt’s first reaction is to hold a knife to his throat and demand, where am I? Who are you? What did you do to me? Older Jaskier is very confused (and horny) as to why his husband is threatening him with a knife so early in the morning, but eventually clues in to what’s going on. He tell Geralt that he’s safe and having his Swap, expecting him to calm down, but this Geralt is young and headstrong and just gets more suspicious until he fucking books it out the window.
Jaskier is forced to chase him down in his braes and tackles the witcher as soon as he’s close enough (thank you, Lambert. The combat training finally paid off) then he sits on Geralt until he calms down. He forces Geralt to listen to him and explains that Geralt is retired and lives in a house in Toussaint where they run a winery together and have been married for over thirty years. (he’s part fae or something so he’s aged alongside Geralt) Of course, Geralt thinks that’s all bullshit since witchers don’t retire, but eventually Jaskier gets him to relax by bringing him to the stables to see Roach.
They spend the day together and Geralt slowly starts to warm up to Jaskier, the whole time in awe that someone would see him and want to treat him with such softness. As the sun is setting, they sit on the beach and Jaskier looks Geralt in the eye and tells him the words he’s been preparing for years now, the words he knows this younger, lonelier version of Geralt so desperately needs to hear. I love you. I know you think the world has no room for you to be loved and happy, but the world is wrong. I adore having you in my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Geralt wakes up afterwards trapped in a cave by the rock slide with a splitting headache. He assumes it was all just a dream. That is, until he’s at a tavern in Posada and a very familiar face finds him.
Jaskier grabs him by the shirt and kisses him over the table. “There you are.”
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He's back !! Pics from today's filming in South Wales 🐺❤️
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Made another jaskier and i think he is adorable 😍
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TheSenseMedieval - The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine | Toussaint Rich Desk
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Before doing anything, I remind you the conditions to use my cc : termsofuse
It means the quality is extremely good looking and detailed. If it is not the case in your game, feel free to ask me for help, I’ll see what I can do for you.
But it’s also available in 2k
Features :
13 swatches
Base game
Find it in the desks or search “TSM4” / “tw3” or “Desk” to find it as well !
Choose btween 2k and 4K in the archive DON’T PUT THEM BOTH IN YOUR GAME.
Don’t forget to tag me if you use my cc on your tumblr! :)
Converted from the Witcher 3, all credits to CD Projeckt Red.
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I envy Gascon honestly (with my whole bisexual heart) x)
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Australia V England on right now!
C'mon England!!
#England #Rugby #EnglandRugby #WearTheRose
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I know I got to enjoy 8 books, 2 seasons of a tv show and 1 video game where geralt and yen are canon but i want more
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so many of the emotional geralt scenes in s2 would have been so much more emotional if he didn't have the eyes of a fucking potoo
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You. Are. All. His 💋
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1. Train to Busan (2016) dir. Yeon Sang-ho 2. The 100 1x01 - “Pilot” (2014) dir. Bharat Nalluri 3. Manifest Destiny #5 (2014) written by Chris Dingess, art by Matthew Roberts & Owen Gieni / 4. The Low, Low Woods #1 (2020) written by Carmen Maria Machado, art by Dani 5. Hannibal 1x05 - “Coquilles” (2013) dir. Guillermo Navarro 6. Annihilation (2018) dir. Alex Garland 7. Princess Mononoke (1997) dir. Hayao Miyazaki 8. The Ritual (2017) dir. David Bruckner 9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt illustration by Marek Madej / 10. Fallout 4 concept art by Ray Lederer 11. Hannibal 3x02 - “Primavera” (2015) dir. Vincenzo Natali 12. Get Out (2017) dir. Jordan Peele [Deleted Scene]
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Doctors hate him
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queenklu · a year ago
Hey so listen. I’ve only played Witcher 3 and watched the Witcher show, I know the canon is that Geralt just keeps getting brown horses and calling them all Roach BUT
it would be REALLY, REALLY FUNNY....if Roach has been the same horse for like.....fifty years.....and Geralt doesn’t notice his horse is magic, because how long do horses live? 100? This is Fine. Horses, he’s found, are surprisingly sturdy. One time a catastrophic storm sank Geralt’s ship and drowned literally everyone on board but Roach was found chilling on shore, a-okay. 
Jaskier: So I didn’t want to bring this up at first, because I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t cool with your magic horse--
Geralt: My What. 
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sir those are my emotional support 6 month old browser tabs
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darkverrmin · a month ago
"I'm sorry for the long comment on your fic-"
Please don't be?? I mean, you actually take the time to write paragraphs about something I wrote?? It's so cool?? I cry happy tears when I get comments like this on my fics??
Here's to the people who write long comments on fics, you're one of the reasons I keep writing 💫
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✨ Happy Witcher Season 2 yall! ✨
What a fun installment the last season was and im looking forward to more!
Also yes this was a good excuse to paint Roach as the goodest bestest prettiest good horsey.
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Dont worry guys its just his revenge body
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This post SCREAMED geraskefer
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deus-ex-moshina · 6 months ago
Wait wait it just occurred to me. Rience a) first saw Jaskier performing Burn Butcher Burn at the tavern with zero context, knew that he was mad at Geralt but didn’t know why b) never realized who Yennefer actually was (went to Kaer Morhen instead of following her) and c) saw her again at Melitele’s temple with Geralt
Conclusion: Rience 100% connected the dots himself/thought Jaskier and Geralt had a falling out because Geralt was sleeping with his wife. Essentially
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