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pagan-sanctum · 4 minutes ago
Today's General Chat Prompt
Would you rather be able to speak all human languages or be able to speak to all animals?
- Admin Deer @mythical-manda
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thatsimplerandomgal · 31 minutes ago
Do you want to add a little spice to your craft?
Try do make oracle cards with tiktok/vine references. That just hits differently
I have no regrets
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crazycatsiren · 36 minutes ago
Advice for new worshippers who are interested in becoming devotees of Artemis
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Artemis is not at all as intimidating as people might make her out to be. You can simply approach her, introduce yourself to her, and begin worshipping her. If you feel drawn to her, then chances are, she's interested in you.
Her reputation for being ruthless might stem from the fact that she represents nature, and nature sure isn't always kind! She's a wild goddess who knows what she wants and sets clear boundaries for what she will put up with. Feminism is important to her. Don't be surprised if she expects the same of you.
Artemis may be a virgin goddess, but she doesn't hate men. What she can't stand are patriarchy, sexism, and men who don't respect women. So if you're a male, as long as you're not a misogynist, she will welcome you as a devotee.
You can just talk to her. Those of us who are long time worshippers might know her better and have an easier time, but she's not difficult to communicate with. It doesn't have to begin with fancy incense and candle rituals or deep meditations and dream work. Just pray to her and speak with her. Keep in mind that receiving responses from gods is different for everyone. Just because you don't figure out immediately the best way to hear her in the beginning, doesn't mean she's ignoring you.
Pay attention to nature and wildlife around you. Signs from her become easier to pick up once you know what to look for. Deer who make eye contacts with you, wind rustling in the trees and blowing branches in your direction, leaves that fall around you, a fox running in the same direction as you're going, a friendly neighborhood cat stopping by to say hello...
You don't have to turn vegetarian or vegan! Artemis is the goddess of the hunt. She's the patroness of hunters, and a huntress herself. She has no problem with people hunting wild game to feed their families. She does, however, have a problem with people hunting animals for sport and killing animals for fun.
She will absolutely love it, if you pick up an athletic activity such as running, archery, or horseback riding. But it's not a requirement!
Offerings to her can simply consist of what you feel are associated with her. If you have something that catches her eyes, she might request it from you. I personally like to offer her selections from my favorite snacks. I also think she likes white wine, sparkling wine, honey (especially since I'm a beekeeper), fresh fruits, and little things from the wild, like acorns, pinecones, and wild flowers.
She may not have sired children of her own, but she's very much a motherly goddess who adores children. If you have children, introduce them to her, and she will be happy to bless them and watch over them. She's very maternal and has no problem with adopting children. I personally call her my mother goddess and think of her as my adoptive mother.
Be respectful to her family. She will appreciate it, if you show your appreciations for her parents and her siblings.
Enjoy having her in your life. She's a lot of fun. Once you get to know her, you'll discover what a delight she is, and how comforting her presence can be.
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slangincards · 44 minutes ago
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May 7, 2021
It all begins with a feeling. That feeling then stirs up our emotions and the energetic resources within to power our purpose. That initial stirring within has the potential to become something beyond it’s current state if we are willing to put our minds to it & think outside of our perceived reality.
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lgbtanimatedoftheday · an hour ago
Runaan from The Dragon Prince is gay!
or mlm, since I'm not sure if it was explicitly said, but well he has a husband
Already in the queue! Thank you!
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squid--inc--writes · an hour ago
Hello, dear! You've been visited by the random character question fairy! :D ~☆
Does your character find it easy to make friends? What do they value in a friend? What immediate trait about a person makes your character want to befriend a person?
Oh, yay!
So, ive been bouncing around my wips a lot lately so i think i'll just do my 3 most posted about ones. Feel free to ask me later. These are all main characters:
For gtm:
Chastille: she makes friends quite easy (although finds that, the moment people have seen what she can do, they dont tend to trust her). She values a friend who can keep up with her, not necessarily immediately, but they will fillow her where she goes, if a little slowly. She tends to drift towards people outcast from groups (at least, unless she finds out that the reason is they dis genuinely awful things without remorse) as she likes to make people feel better. Its almost selfish, but she usually helps immensely.
Torslo: she can come off very rude if you don't know her, but she does make friends fairly easily as well. She values people who let eachother exist how they want to, even if that means delving into something strange or that they wouldnt necessarily be good at. She tends to be drawn to people who observe and plan, people wgo spend more time accumulating knowledge rather than fighting.
Yauhmass: she doesnt tend to try to make friends, so there's no real certainty as to whether she could or not. However, people who want to stick around her are allowed. She values people who are honest as much as possible, because she doesnt waste energy deciphering real meanings. You say what you mean, unless lives are at stake. She dowsnt really get drawn to anyone, if someone wants to know her, qnd bwfriend her, they are absolutely allowed, she just doesnt pursue.
Huuli: she very much a "if you're friends with my friends, then you're okay in my book" but can make friends well if she wants. She values those who value solid friendship. Think "we haven't seen eachother in 5 years, but we will pick up right where we left off." Types. She tends to be drawn to people who prove they are loyal, and can help their group.
Torpin: she seems to make friends easily, but then again, she doesnt meet very many people, and she only confides to a small few people. She values people who let her do her thing, even if they don't under it. She is drawn to those who also have strong scientific pursuits.
Venitry: shes definitely a talker, and can make things awkeard fast, however, if people are fine with that, she can make friends. She is very old, and doesnt really care about much other than loyalty. Too many betrayals for a lifetime, let alone the many shes lived. She gets very excited to help people, so she's drawn in by inexperience, but she can also be fascinated by people who are strong willed and happy to start a fight.
Trifi: she doesnt like to make too many friends, shes only slight younger than venitry, so has seen far too many deaths. She values honesty and integrity. If you can stand by your values, and they dont clash with hers, she will stand by you. due to having a little natural paranoia abouy anyone they meet, she is drawn to people who dont ask to many questions, however, will be friendly to most people, as her wife likes to try to make friends with anyone.
Thank you for the ask! I really appreciate the chance to get to talk about my characters
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servantofthefates · an hour ago
The Three Kinds of Witches in My Country
Being a witch in the Philippines is like being a drug lord or a hitman. People know you as powerful and dangerous. Unlike what I have seen in the Western world, the witches here are recognized and respected. Those who do not believe are those who have never come across a real one. If they are avoided, it is out of fear, not because they are seen as deluded. If they are mocked, it is out of envy, not out of doubt for their identity. We do not take the name witch lightly.
To perform magic, they use anchors, better known as taglocks in the English language. Photographs. Handkerchiefs. Dolls filled with hairs or nails. They need something from you in order to hurt you. They turn these anchors into bridges that connect them to their target.
To perform magic, they use insects and animals. Either they send a creature to enter the target’s body and wreak havoc within, or they simply order the creature to bite, sting or otherwise attack. They train these animals to be their soldiers, loyal to a single commander.
To perform magic, they use orisons and incantations, often in Latin, sometimes in another old language. They call upon the power of old gods and entities to activate these ancient words and hurl them towards their target. Additionally, the written or spoken words must be fueled with fury.
There are three other occult practitioners that do not fall under the category of witch. They are believed to have powers, but they are seen more as helpful than powerful. They are also often perceived as frauds. Because unlike witches, whose magic always works, they sometimes get it wrong.
Traditional healers. Many of them are indeed frauds, using placebos as a cure. But for most, their powers are simply not as strong as the witch whose spell they are trying to reverse — hence they fail and are misjudged as fakes.
Observers. Reporters. They use alum or wax to determine if there is a presence in a place, and to diagnose whether a disease is supernatural. Their powers stop there. After they identify an anomaly, they cannot force it out or heal it.
Fortunetellers. Palm readers, tarot readers, astrologers. They predict the future. Unlike witches, many are seen as approachable. Querents often ask them about lighthearted things, such as the results of sports matches and elections.
A majority of Filipinos ridicule the last three. After all, many are in it for the money. Witches, on the other hand, tend to use the craft for protection and insurance. To make sure nobody hurts them and their loved ones. Rarely do they use it for business.
I come from a bloodline that believes in the old ways. But only in English would we ever brand ourselves witches. In our language, doing so has extremely unfriendly connotations. Worse, it contradicts the power inherent in the word. Much like bragging about being humble. The moment you do it, you negate it.
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zamolxiana · 3 hours ago
Dream Journal
Entry #6
I had a dream last night... buckle up, a lot to read coming...
My dear friend was renting a small apartment with another girl. It was a one room flat, and the main room was divided in two by a wall made of glass and a door. The girl that was living there with you was cursed. She had this curse on her for years and it was completely controlling her life. The spirit that was with her sometimes didn't let her leave the room, he didn't allow her to date, and if she had any thoughts of dating or even having fun with her friends, that spirit would start making problems in order to stop her.
My friend told me about her situation, so I came over to see what's going on.
When I arrived, the girl wasn't home, so I entered in her room and my friend pointed at a pink dust on her floor telling me that the spirit controls that dust and makes it appear to make the girls have to clean and not go out. Other times he messes up her room entirely while her friends are there to scare them away. I bent down to touch that dust and the dust suddenly moved away from my hand. I did this a few times and each time the dust moved away as if I wasn't supposed to touch it.
I tried various things to trick the spirit into entering a stuffed toy so I can lock it in, I tried talking to it, reasoning with it, and it didn't work. It seemed like a very determined trickster spirit.
So, I told the spirit to move on me and leave that girl alone. Tried to bait it telling it that I'm a witch so I'm more useful in terms of power and possibilities. And, finally, the spirit said yes.
So the spirit guided me to find in that girl's room 3 little round mirrors (like the ones girls have in their purses). And, as I was taking those mirrors in my hand I was a bit tensed because I had no idea how to escape and not get that spirit attached to me. So, instead of looking in the mirrors, I took them to my mouth and bit them into pieces. This way the spirit lost its possibility of stepping into this world again.
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alternativemlm · 4 hours ago
...ur a witch?👁️👄👁️
I feel like I've said this already many times but yeeees? I'm a Celtic Pagan, if that answers your question. Pagans and witches are in no way the same thing, but I consider myself to be both.
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aletheiamagilee · 4 hours ago
Ten of Wands
As the last pip card of the fire suit, this card represents burden. After going through your journey towards your goal, it's time to go home and you carry with you everything that you experienced throughout your journey.
How heavy is the burden that you carry? Are all of them necessary?
Carrying more than the weight that you can take would leave you with nothing to carry at all. On the other side, carrying so little weight won't make the journey worth it.
For other tarot-related posts:
Here's more Tarot Q&As.
Here's the free readings.
Here's the pick-a-card readings.
Here's The Tarot Masterlist.
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blessedhikes · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Empty spell bottle pendant on Blessed Hikes
Wear it as a necklace, hang it on your bag or in your house. The bottle is easily removed, so you can use the macrame bag for crystals and other items as well! Great for any kind of charm - protection, luck, prosperity, love, tranquility, confidence, vitality...
Get them here:
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aletheiamagilee · 5 hours ago
I’m JJ, could you do a tarot reading on what I need to know before I go to US Navy SEAL training pls? I can do a tarot or oracle reading in return
Greetings✨ The card that I got for you is Nine of Pentacles. I can see that there's a need to be responsible, independent, and most importantly confident. You're about to enter a new phase of your life. Walk through that door with finesse. By the way, I would love to have that oracle reading that you're offering. Thank you✨
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aletheiamagilee · 5 hours ago
hello, star! I’m in love with a friend of mine, but we live in different countries, nothing is really certain about our relationship (he’s an aqua moon/rising 🤦🏻‍♀️ hahaha) so I’d like to know: how does he feel/do we have future? (you can choose the question you find better to answer, and thank you sooo much already💛🌞)
Greetings✨ The card that I pulled for you is Ten of Cups. I can see a potential romantic relationship blooming. However, know that it won't bloom by itself. One must do the first move. I hope you happiness✨
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aletheiamagilee · 5 hours ago
Helloo~ can I get advice please? The word is {bubbly}
Greetings✨ The card that I got for you is Eight of Pentacles. Do you have a hobby or a passion? You might've been a little distant from this part of your life. You might want to consider going back to it. If you're looking for healing, this is where you'll find it. I hope this resonates✨
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aletheiamagilee · 5 hours ago
Hi! How are you? I’m YX. I would like to ask what’s my future like with C? I’ve been with him for almost a decade however I’ve been feeling miserable lately. He’s depressed, frustrated about his career/life etc - anything a man typically worries about and he’s been spreading negative vibes and energy to me every single day. I don’t wish to abandon him, I wished he understands how I feel and try to do something about it (sounds easy, but it’s not... i know).. he’s a lovely person but not at all recently, just a sad and depressed person most of the time. I know I can’t go on like this. It’s affecting me. A lot. And I feel extremely helpless. Thank you for your time.
Greetings✨ The card that I pulled for you is the Two of Swords. It seems like you're torn between two decisions at this moment. For this reason, the future cannot be certain. However, whatever of the two choices you choose, there will always be a part of you that will wonder what woul've happened if you chose the other choice. You will carry a what-if in your mind. On the other hand, things would get worse if you did not decide soon. I hope this resonates✨
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thelittlestspider · 5 hours ago
im sad that the craft isn't gay
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lokisbeautifulangel · 5 hours ago
Black magic, night walker
She haunts me like no other
Nobody told me love is pain, oh
Black magic, dark water
Surrounds me like no other
She's got my heart in chains
Came across this beautiful lyrics 🖤🖤🖤💜
_Eminem; Dark Magic.
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athoughtoneachpage · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
WITCHES STEEPED IN GOLD by Ciannon Smart Publication: April 20, 2021 Publisher: HarperCollins CA, Genre: Fantasy Rating: ★★★★★
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