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Hello my friends,

As many of you likely know by now…this Samhain (or Halloween) not only lands on a full moon,  but this particular moon is a blue moon as well! So…what does that all mean?


What is a blue moon?

A blue moon means it is the second moon within the month. This October (2020) the was a full moon on the 1st and a full moon on the 31st. How is this magickally significant? Many believe that 2 full moons means 2x the power! 

What is the October Full Moon - Blood Moon / Hunting Moon?

Many of you are familiar with the different esbats (full moon gatherings). In many traditions the esbats are when you complete spells and spirit work and Sabbats (holidays) are reserved for gratitude and honoring spirts/elements. 

In the “old world” the October full moon is one of the 3 harvest moons. It is a time to harvest and preserve food and gather and dry herbs.  Honoring your ancestors, gathering with family, having a large feast, and mingling with the spirit world are all activities to focus on during the October full moon.

read more about October’s full moon here.

What is Samhain?

Samhain is one of the most popular witches holiday in pop-culture. But for most witches and wiccan’s, it looks very different than it does in the movies. 

On All Hallow’s Eve, or Samhain, the veil is thinnest between worlds. That means divination, spirit work, communicating with/honoring loved ones and remembrance are all the most powerful at this time. (Add a blue moon and you have yourself a party!)

If you are looking for a low-key way to honor your loved ones and connect with the spirit, check out this post to learn about Dumb Suppers.

Because this is also a full moon (and a blue moon!) you can also try full moon water scrying as a form of divination. Check out how to do that here, all you need is a black bowl!

Some other activities you can do on this very magickal night:

-Tarot Readings


-Leave apples offerings for spirits (burry apples at crossroads)

-Add to your gratitude jar

-Do a spell/ritual to strengthen your spiritual or psychic connection 

-Make some moon water, learn more here

-Decorate your altar with apples (one of the most magickal fruits!). Black cloth or dark purples and blues are powerful for spells relating to divination and spiritual connection. 

-Dark reds and golden oranges are also great colors to represent on your altar.

-Stones such as amethyst, obsidian, and labradorite are powerful to charge and use in your spells for grounding, cleansing, and meditation. \

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Chapter 2

Summary: The hunters come for them quickly. There’s no time to run. Alicia tries to buy him time, but the figures in the flames chase after him. He stumbles into a room. Something in it doesn’t like him.

Warnings: Possession, fire

Petch was an old country. Some might even call it ancient. Magic lay in its roots, its citizens breathed it in the air. Their histories were intertwined from the country’s birth. Petch was also fading. Its military power waned, though its culture thrived.

The nearby country of Jugnon saw its chance and pounced. Things changed rapidly from then on. Magic was outlawed, ruled something unholy; it was of fae, of demons. Witches went into hiding all over the country, isolating themselves in forests and swamps. Others suffered betrayal at the hands of their communities, and still others found refuge with them. Hunters scoured the land, trained in the trickery of fae and demons. 

Things for the Rhaekin family changed little. They were already hard to find, so deep in the forest. They set up protective charms and kept in the good graces of the local fae. Declyn didn’t even know anything had changed until it was too late.

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Thank you to all of you who replied on my last post! You truly made me feel better and more confident in myself and what I want to do. I still am not sure I’m going to tell any of my IRL friends and family what I’m doing. I have witch and Wiccan friends and they’d probably be happy but I need to get a little more self confidence before I tell them. My family won’t be surprised cos I was always collecting fairy things and making little notebooks about them and doing “spells” as a kid but they also won’t really understand and they’ll find some way to judge me for it even tho I am a grown woman doing this in my own house. My 95 year old grandma will never know about it cos she’s still fighting for me to go to church and I haven’t been to one besides a wedding or funeral since I was 18. For right now this is just for me and for all who find this tumblr. It’s making me happy. I’m excited for this journey.


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