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The Witches’ Tree: An Agatha Raisin Mystery (Agatha Raisin Mysteries (28))

The Witches’ Tree: An Agatha Raisin Mystery (Agatha Raisin Mysteries (28))

The Witches’ Tree: An Agatha Raisin Mystery (Agatha Raisin Mysteries): M. C. Beaton: 9781250057464: Books


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𝓢𝓮𝓵𝓯 𝓬𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓾𝓪𝓵𝓼 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓮𝓶𝓹𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓼!!!


Originally posted by millenialcrisis

✨ Journal.

✨ Take a bath. (you can add epsom salts and oils to make it extra nice.)

✨ wear or carry protective crystals e.g obsidian, hematite, malachite, black tourmaline. 

✨ Lay on the earth. 

✨ Listen to your favourite playlist. 

✨ Make a homemade dinner. 

✨ Care for your garden. 

✨ Draw/make art/paint. 

✨ Meditate. 

✨ Have a cup of tea. 

✨ Read a book. 

✨ Go for a walk. 

✨ Have a break from technology. 


- blessed be love mercurymoonmaiden.

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I just read this post by heatherwitch on love magic for bedridden witches and I want to write down the ones I like so I can remember them.

I’ll add my comments/ideas in blue

banner of pink, yellow and orange roses on a transparent background

“Assign a candle to each person you care about, and burn it when you’re thinking of them to send good energy their way”

I’m going to do this, as well as create my own prayer ritual. Maybe I could create several mini alters, each composed of: the candle, gems and some other small items that I feel correspond to the person. Ouuu I could order stickers of their photos and stick their photo to their candle – that would be super cool. Or I could get a beautiful mini picture frame for each mini photo. I can pick a song and scents I associate with my love for them as well.

banner of pink, yellow and orange roses on a transparent background

“Enchant your salt lamp to fill the room with love whenever it warms up”

I’m gonna do this because I love the idea of light filling a room with positive energy, especially if it’s coming from a rock, but I do want to say… So, the belief that Himalayan salt rocks/lamps produce negative ions in the air by adding electrons to oxygen molecules is not backed by any clinical study. Based on what I’ve read from several sources over the years, I am inclined to agree that the claim cannot be regarded as true.

banner of pink, yellow and orange roses on a transparent background

“Keep a jar of the coins you find on the street for luck”

When I find coins, I usually just put them in my wallet to bring home and put in my savings jar. When the jar is full, I roll them up and deposit them in the bank. But now that I’ve read this.. instead of putting change I find into my savings jar, I’ll put it in a jar designated only for lucky coins. Coins I get back from purchases can go in the savings jar. Ouu! Once the lockdowns finally lift, and it’s safe to use cash again, I can use my lucky coins to put in tip jars/dishes at stores. And to give to people when they’re buying coffee for me! ☺️

banner of pink, yellow and orange roses on a transparent background

✨ “Write your wishes on a bay leaf and place it under your pillow”

This is so cute ☺️ some other plants associated with love: basil, calendula, thyme, patchouli, yarrow, lavender, oregano, fennel

banner of pink, yellow and orange roses on a transparent background

“Keep moonwater from every phase”

I knew I wanted to make moon water at different times during the lunar cycle but I always imagined myself using it right away. Now that I’m thinking about this… I could get tiny glass jars to store a little extra in case I want to do a spell later in the month that a certain moon phase would be best for! I want tiny little jars shaped like hearts, plants, the stereotypical potion jar you see in movies (round base thin neck and a large cork cap/cork/lid).

banner of pink, yellow and orange roses on a transparent background

“Hide little hearts around the room, infused with different energies that you get whenever you remember and notice them”

I already have hearts all around me, but I never thought about attributing a meaning to each of them. I could have the heart-dish that holds my keys remind me that I’m grateful for my home and family. I wanna get some small/medium heart-shaped wall mirrors – I can enchant those as well – maybe with the feelings of self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance to remind myself to have confidence 💕

banner of pink, yellow and orange roses on a transparent background

rose banner: fairysmooches

created with: these transparent rose icons

@heatherwitch 💕 thank u for the inspiration!

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Luna de lobo🌚

El 2021 abrió el calendario astronómico con toda la fuerza: hace menos de dos semanas ya pudimos apreciar la impactante triple conjunción de Júpiter, Saturno y Mercurio.

Pero la agenda de eventos astronómicos apenas está arrancando. Es que la primera Luna llena de este año se adueñará del cielo el próximo jueves 28 de enero.


¿Cuál es el significado de la Luna de Lobo ?

Símbolo de la fertilidad, desde la antigüedad la Luna ha estado en el foco de atención de las diferentes culturas. Es que debido su naturaleza y los efectos que provoca, desde siempre ha despertado un enorme interés y una incuestionable mística a su alrededor. Y más aún cuando está llena.

Esta luna es apta para todos los rituales de “luna llena”

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Simple_Imperfections, writing in Tennessee, a part of Breaking Rules:


Arabelle couldn’t help the smile and blush that formed on her face from the kiss on her hand. It was so sweet and Isaiah’s words were beyond genuine. She didn’t know what this man was doing to her heart, but she was starting to like it. ”Anything for you.” She whispered back, meaning every word. She took her bowl of food from Raelyn and took a moment to appreciate that she gets to eat Raelyn’s food. The witch was so sure that she was going to die that she had mentally said her goodbye to the earth she had grown to love. But now, she gets to enjoy a warm bowl of soup that the farmer girl had surely made with love. ”Thank you.” Belle muttered as she slowly started to eat. It hurt to swallow more than she had originally thought. Her muscles were screaming at her and she had to take her time. Belle kept glancing over to Izzy to make sure that he was attempting to eat and didn’t need any help.

Raelyn wasn’t expecting to be rejected from Rowan. Even more so he walked away from her. She wanted to watch him eat. It would mean that everything was relatively okay. It would mean that after a couple of hours of sleep and things can go back to normal. Everyone else was eating, but not him. He worried her the most. Everyone else, though in pain, seemed to snap out of the fighting funk. But Rowan. He has made even less eye contact than he normally does. Rae slowly took a seat and took a couple bites of her food. Her stomach was turning in knots and it was ruining her appetite. ”Do you think I should check on him? He has to be hungry even if magic is healing him.”

The witch looked to the clearly worried farm girl and took a moment to weigh some of the pros and cons. Belle usually left Ro alone when he seemed like he needed to be by himself. Rowan kind of reminded Arabelle of an outdoor kitten. No matter how far they wander off, they always seem to make it back to your doorstep. In any normal circumstance, the witch would have warned Rae away from him. But this whole situation was unusual. She also had a sneaking suspicion that Rae would have gone even without her blessing. ”Yeah. Just go make sure he didn’t get lost.” Belle encouraged.

The worried chef didn’t need to be told twice. Rae set her bowl down and immediately got up, following after him. She hesitantly moved through the back door. Rae was quiet at first, she didn’t want to startle him. And then she realized, she wasn’t even sure what she would even say to him. She didn’t want to ask him if he was okay because she figured he would try to lie to make her feel better. But she genuinely wanted to know. Raelyn may not have any magical abilities, but she wanted to help him in any way she could. ”…Ro?” She called out. ”I-i-i know you probably wanted to be alone, but I couldn’t help but check on you.” She admitted. Her eyes looked over him, trying to see if he was possibly hiding any injuries. ”I can go if you want..” “She suggested, realizing that it might have been a terrible idea to be out here.

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I saw this woman on TikTok move a crystal with her energy and it just makes me think about how, as kids we use to do the things we see in movies. If it wasn’t for people mirroring there toxic energy onto us and their thoughts, but instead nurture our talents, where would we be? I think it’s truly a shame that people don’t understand how powerful they are.

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Leo Suns & Risings Hello! This is your February 2021 Tarot-Scopes!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (I AM ALSO A LEO), but with this Mercury Retrograde affecting us January 30th - February 20th the beginning of February can be challenging for all of us Leos. This month we Leos need to learn to be patient and compromise especially because Mercury (the communication planet) is going to be in our 7th house. Our 7th house has to do with our relationships/coworkers. The 5 of Wands was the first card I chose & I feel there will be some tensions with friends/coworkers/or relationships. This is a card of finding comprimes & not letting your ego get in the way of this. 5’s in tarot do symbolize conflict. Don’t try to take things too seriously & try not to be too sensitive. The next card was the Hanged Man. This card is telling us that sometimes in life, we are handed pauses & we shouldn’t try to resist these pauses. I feel that there will be some delays in the beginning of the month so don’t try to push yourself. You could be feeling stuck & restricted in your life remember that this retrograde can definitely feel tough for the fixed signs! This is a month to take a humble approach & not let your hurt ego bet the best of you. The Queen of Cups is the ending of the month where you can feel INTUNE with your emotions, very in touch with your femininity. Compassion & Motivation will be coming from your 2nd house towards the end of the month, people may be coming to you for advice & you can be emotionally supportive. The 8th house has Neptune in it signifying to me towards the end of the money except a bonus, raise & or a sum of money! The last card was an oracle card and it was the Princess card (how fitting for all my sassy Leos out there) “you can be your own knight in shining armour.” You may be in a dire situation you feel you need to escape from. Rest assured, you have the power within to persevere. You already know you don’t need to be rescued by a charming prince or a knight in shining armour. You’ve got your own shield & sword. Don’t rely on anyone else but yourself.

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no cause i haven’t been able to stop thinking about that one episode of coven where myrtle snow is getting burned at the stake and her last words are ‘BALENCIAGAAAAAA’

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Me: it is hot as hell in this musty ass room I’m in

*sees a dark shadow moves in my parifiral vision*


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