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I need some witchy help~

So yesterday I was meditating and when I meditate I just let my body to what it wants and how I feel I just let it take control and I felt the edge to open my eyes and so I did. When I did my eyes made it so that it was blurry and I was looking out the window because I could see the light through the blur and in the light I saw it showing a humming bird.

Does anyone know what a hummingbird might signify?

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Johnny Rein thought he got the shock of his life when his wife died in childbirth after the birth of their third daughter, Tatum. But he truly got the shock of his life when he discovered his teenage daughters are witches.

Margot being the oldest…


Jenny the middle child…


and Tatum the baby…


Despite their father working as a full-time gardener to remain close to his girls, Margot helps with raising her two sisters, Jenny and Tatum. Johnny has tried his best to shield them from the evils of the world, but how is he supposed to do that in a world he doesn’t understand? 

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My ex was jealous of my life, jealous of my job, couldn’t handle when I dressed up and other guys would check me out but then got mad when I stopped dressing up, he cried so much in two months more than my friends, family and I put together…couldn’t handle black culture and was actually very disrespectful, our dates were only going to dinner or a movie and then he would scream about how much he does for me…he could never take responsibility for his actions…could never have a serious conversation with him without him getting angry and missing the point or crying and still missing the point….It took me months to finally realize that that’s who he was and that it was only going to get worse…it took me months to realize that he was lost in his own world….that he hated what he saw in the mirror…it took me months to realize that he could never love me the way I needed to be loved because he can’t even love himself…but while realizing this I found a deep understanding for who I am…he showed me who I am not and who I’d never want to be…he showed me that high vibrational people and low vibrational people can’t mix if one is not willing to meet the other…he showed me that people can really hide who they are for a long time but who they are on the inside will always find it’s way to burst through the seems…he showed me my worth…he showed me that no matter how lost someone is you can’t lead them to the light if they are afraid they’ll go blind…he showed me how to love someone at their worse but not allow them to drag you down with them…he showed me my strength…he showed me how love isn’t enough to keep things going…respect, communication, understanding, honesty and patience on top of love is needed to build a strong empire….through the pain and confusion he taught me how to be a true Empress for my true Emperor…so I thank him and forgive him and I let him go…for my future is brighter than my past…✨

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Pick a card 3-30-2020 




5 of Pentacles rx, king of Pentacles rx, The High Priestess - instead of focusing on what you lack, see what is available to you at this moment. Your inner world is full of richness. Look deep and move in to the possibilities. 



The sun, The Hanged Man rx, 4 of Wands rx- It’s time to act. You have done the prep work but now it’s time to be courageous enough to do it. The key is in your hands. 



Strength, Ace of Cups, Justice rx- You need to be strong to be optimistic. The injustices of the world throws us off balance. The answer isn’t to be blind but we must hold on to the joys and dreams; they keep us moving and with movement things change. Eventually, before you know it, the joys and dreams inspire passions and goals and become reality. 

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Are there things you keep secret in your craft?

If yes, why?

Are you worried about controversy, judgement? Or do you just want to keep some things to yourself?

Are there things you do that the majority would scold?

I’m not looking for you to tell me what these things are, I’m just curious how much people are willing to share. And if you do keep some parts of your craft to yourself, why?

I know there are “darker” or “negative” sides to the craft and I know sometimes these aspects get looked down upon. Which I don’t agree with personally.

I find the “darker” aspects almost the most important to embrace and work with. You can’t grow in constant light.

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i’m a baby witch and i just was wondering what advice you have for someone who is looking to be a devotee to Hekate? What are your tips on contacting her, etc? Thank you!

Well, hello there! I hope I can help ya with some things.

I follow more of a hellenic reconstrucionist approach often, so my recommendations to try and contact Her include prayers and the use of her Orphic Hymns, which you can find on (also a very helpful and trustworthy site to check sources and research about the gods overall). You can research her epithets on it as well to get to know her aspects and qualities, which you can also use when you try to summon Her presence.

My other suggestions are approaching with an offering - some good ones to Hekate include myrrh incense, bread, garlic, cheese and also fish, libations (liquid offerings) are also nice, common ones are wine, milk and honey. Crossroads are a sacred place to both place offerings and to try and reach Her.

  • Soteira (Saviour)
  • Nictipolos (Night Wanderer)
  • Einodia (Of the Crossroads)

Those above are some of my favourite epithets.

Alternatively or additionaly, you can also use divination as a way to contact Her, tarot cards are quite nice to it, specially under the Dark Moon.

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