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crazycatsiren · 9 hours ago
I want to say this to all beginner witches: you can just be a witch.
You don't have to be any type of witch. You don't have to be Wiccan, Pagan, or of any religion. You don't need deities, spirits, ancestors. You don't need astrology, divination, crystals, sigils.
You can just be a witch.
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greenauras · a day ago
picrew for digital altars 🧚🏼 (made by Camade)
Tumblr media
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velvety-soul · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1/17/22 Full moon in cancer
Photos by the talented: @ambermariephotographymt on ig 📸
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windvexer · 2 days ago
Spellcasting Altars: A Powerful Tool For Sticky Situations
This post is part of a series of animistic, spirit-oriented spellcasting for beginners. Go to the masterpost to see them all.
In this other post, I was talking about two ways to think about spellwork: continuous magic, or one-shot magic. But our goal in this series is not to learn how to just cast single spells like a cool reading out of a recipe book. Our goal is to learn how to be a chef that can manage a kitchen and its staff.
So, real talk: Very often, aspects of our lives are not going to be solved with one spell.
Yes, it's really good to be able to cast a spell and have it manifest. But, more real talk: Getting spells to do something is actually pretty easy.
The real problem with practical spellwork doesn't lie in getting together some magic and causing stuff to happen. The real problem is situations resolving in the way you want, especially complex situations that are resistant to change or that require a lot of change.
In this other post, I talked about the virtue of a general spellcasting altar; one that you use to handle most any spell you need to sling.
In this post, let's talk about specific spellcasting altars, built to address one area of your life, or one important situation, that requires close monitoring and regular, active spellwork.
An Altar With a Goal
When I build a general spellcasting altar, I align it towards my method of spellcasting in general. I might invite a god or goddess of witchcraft to oversee the altar. I will probably store my tools and components near there that I use for spellcasting. It might be my good-vibes spiritual center that reflects my current path and progress.
In contrast, I build goal-oriented altars to very specifically reflect their purpose:
An altar to assist me in divinatory power might be dressed in indigo, silver, and violet; have figurines of mermaids or ravens, be decorated with mirrors, stuffed with amethyst, and drizzled with wormwood.
An altar to aid my finances and prosperity might be covered in green and gold, have stacks of fake money and dragon figurines, jars of coins, nuggets of jade, lodestone weighing down paper money, and just loads of chamomile and basil as far as the eye can see.
An altar to assist with bringing peace to my home might be decorated in soothing pale blue and white, filled with plates of cream and honey, decorated with a figurine of Hestia or Eirene, and sprinkled with aquamarine and blue chalcedony.
Most importantly for me, any such altar has space to hold one-shot and continuous spells as they work unto my needs. This may be in the form of a digital altar where spell cards are stored, or in a physical surface or container where components are held.
Goal-Oriented Altars Can be Like Hyperspells with Many Intents
I support limited, focused intent for individual spells. This means that any single situation may require a variety of spells to be cast upon it to achieve my goals.
Suppose I want to bring peace to my household. Depending on what's going on, I might need to cast a few different spells:
Reducing arguments
Increasing loving communication
Reducing feelings of anger
Increasing feelings of wellbeing
Keeping an instigator away from the home
Drawing enjoyable, healthy experiences into the home
If I build and consecrate an altar unto the purpose of peace in my home, that altar becomes like a hyperspell slowly storing and building up all these intents, until my purpose is finally achieved.
Certainly, one single spell might do - but we don't need to build altars for situations easily resolved with one spell. If your situation is being resistant to spellwork, or it's something you know will need ongoing maintenance, consider an altar instead of a series of independent spells.
Using Goal-Oriented Altars
Remember at the beginning of the post, when I was saying the real challenge to practical spellwork is resolving complex situations to your satisfaction?
Your situational altar is the command center for addressing a sticky, tough-to-manage situation.
Perform divination about this situation nearby
Store one-shot and continuous spells effecting that situation on this altar
Keep a detailed record of what you've tried so far
Use this altar as a platform for hosting complementary, simultaneously cast spells
Light candles or incense on the altar, or feed it with direct energy work, to charge all spells stored within it
As you continuously store spells and magics related to your situation in this one altar space, it will accumulate and gain power. That power will become more nuanced and more finely honed to your purposes with each spell you store in it.
With enough active focus and work, this altar will become a source of power in and of itself. Each successive spell will coast on the crest of the one before it, and amazing progress can be made in ways not as easily seen with spells individually and stored outside of an altar's nexus.
The types of spells you cast should be specially chosen based on how you need the energy to move in the situation.
A major benefit of a goal-oriented altar is that it lets you see your current, ongoing efforts - and past, completed efforts - all in one place. You can walk by your prosperity altar and see that your debt-banishing candle is nearly burned away, you have a whole pile of incense ashes for your cash-drawing petitions, and that you've already given the spirits an offering today. In a real way, it carves out space in your life to give important issues the attention you want to give them.
This also gives you a chance to consider the types of spells you're using and whether you need more or less variety, or more or less effort applied to a specific end.
Maybe the problem with your situation is a specific blockage that won't be overcome by more conjuration type spells; maybe you need a banishment-type spell to bust open the way forward.
The post that details that isn't in the queue yet, so if you don't see something like "spell categories #2" in the masterpost, remind me to write it. There's a ton of information to get down and sometimes stuff gets lost in the stampede.
Setting Up A Goal-Oriented Altar
Set up a goal-oriented altar with any methods used to consecrate a spellcasting altar (methods will be in the masterpost... if you're far enough into the future).
Keep a goal-oriented altar as long as you need it. For some people, altars for prosperity or protection might be kept indefinitely, as these issues are often ongoing for most.
Other altars might be extremely specific, like "help me get into a new housing situation with room mates I gel with," and will be relatively short term.
Take down the altar when you're done with it. It's not like you have to, keep that bad boy for as long as you want. But you don't need to keep the altar up once your purpose has been served.
This post is part of a series of animistic, spirit-oriented spellcasting for beginners. Go to the masterpost to see them all.
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queenmoriarty · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Let the melody of nature bring you home
To the tranquillity of your heart
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spellgazed · 2 days ago
10 Days Of Spells Prompts:
This is a more descriptive or conceptual explanation of the 10 Days of Spells Prompts. Please feel free to participate yourself, at anytime, and accommodate it to your craft. There are no rules or limits here other than respecting closed practices.
The method of Cleansing is to remove negative energetic debris from an object, area, or being. Cleansing can be done in several different methods including but not limited to thought, word of mouth, breath, smoke, fire, water, crystals, sunlight, or the moon. Feel free to get creative!
Warding is the method of casting an energetic barrier or shield to protect a being, space, or object. Warding can be practiced through writing or drawing, speaking or thinking, and keeping around protective crystals or plants. Some believe you must Ward your mirrors for safety with sealing or covering them, for mirrors are powerful portals.
Affirmations are supportive and encouraging sentences to say, write, or speak to empower yourself. Affirmations usually start with “I am” and are focused on positivity. If you don’t vibe with Affirmations, consider trying a Mantra in its place.
Charging is the method of imbuing energy into a object, being, or place. There are countless methods to charging but by far the most common are placing what you desire to charge under the Full Moon or incorporating Selenite into your life.
Color Magic is a fabulous and diverse method of practicing because it can be applied to essentially anything with each color having a variety of globally known intentions. Examples to include are your wardrobe, decorations, diet, and instruments of spell-work.
Crystals are minerals, ore, and other forms of rocks that can be used spiritually, aesthetically, or for geological purposes. From a smoothed down river rock to a flamboyant fluorite sphere, each crystal holds great power, knowledge and meaning.
Divination is the method of looking into yourself, your current position, and potential possibilities to stem from it. Divination has been practiced by many cultures for thousand of years with many ways to preform it, including Tarot.
Elemental Magic is used often by various practitioners most commonly understood as Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. Almost everything has a corresponding element. You can choose your favorite or find a way to incorporate them all into this but it’s ultimately up to you!
The goal of this is to show us your favorite or most commonly used items, intentions, rituals, or energies. You can create a spell for yourself with your favorite outfit, herbs, colors, flowers, crystals, blanket or other comfort items.
Grounding is both a therapeutic exercise and a spiritual practice. The overall intention of grounding is to connect with an aspect of energy and allow it to absorb and transform your negative or over-abundant energy. You can write or draw, meditate and release, spend time in nature, listen to calming music, or incorporate the certain desired aspect into your home.
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shittywitchadvice · 2 days ago
shitty witch tip #286
Using off brand spell components can lead to summoning off brand deities.
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dedang3l · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Moons are beautiful <3 I love the night.
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222777444333 · 2 days ago
Witchcraft isn’t just organized spells and rituals or ceremonial ✨MAGIC✨
✨Magic ✨is talking to your plants gently and telling them why they’re being re-potted or trimmed.
✨Magic ✨is wearing your favourite shirt for good luck.
✨Magic ✨is saying things like “thank you” or “you’ve been very helpful to me” before getting rid of old or no longer wanted items.
✨Magic ✨is a deep steady breath and a murmured assurance of, “I can do this” before a big day.
✨Magic ✨is keeping a candle lit on your desk because you find it relaxing.
✨Magic ✨is listening to music and feeling it in your soul.
✨Magic✨is the reassuring look of another from across a room.
✨Magic✨ is going to sleep at night knowing you made it though the day.
✨Magic✨is the little things too.
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candorwitch · 2 days ago
THE LOVE OF THE GODDESS BE FIRE SAFE IN YOUR CRAFT. ALWAYS use fireproof dishes when burning candles, have water on hand, or even better, a fire extinguisher! You may roll your eyes but you’ll be glad you have these things if a small flame gets out of control. ALWAYS put out your incense in a bowl of water to ensure it is fully out, and NEVER leave a candle burning unattended! Call me paranoid but having a full-face gas mask and filters on hand in your emergency fire kit isn’t a bad idea either. This is also a reminder to check if your smoke alarms are working, and if you don’t have any, to install them (as well as carbon monoxide alarms).
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snowandsage · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
I would give anything in the world to have my ears naturally look like this 🥲
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crazycatsiren · 14 hours ago
I can't help but wonder, since when did it become such a thing in the witch communities, for more and more "experienced" witches to insist, demand even, that "you MUST do this thing and that thing for your witchcraft OR ELSE"?
Since when did it become the thing to do to fearmonger and make beginner witches so afraid, that they almost become paralyzed with fear every time they take one step out of their comfort zones, and can't seem to do even one small thing to advance their practices without looking over their shoulders?
Do you know how many things I have done for my craft without any form of protection, any ward, any circle, any shield?
Do you know how many times I have messed up, and all it took was a shrug and an "oh well" before I simply moved on with my day?
Since when did gods and spirits ALL become potential sources of harm? Since when did even ancestors become scary?
Not cool, is what I have to say about this.
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d1114monroe83 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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venusian-grimoire · 2 days ago
🎶Simple Witch Tip:
When cleansing spaces (or anything else), if you like to put some music on the background, go for an "Enemies-to-Lovers" playlist (there are thousands all over the internet. Just pick one, or create your own.)
Listen to it with the intention of transforming all the negative energies into ones of love and protection, and that every bad vibe that comes your way, turns into a protective energy for you and yours. 💫
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windvexer · 2 days ago
Practical Magic Tech: Spellcasting Altars (101)
This post is part of a series of animistic, spirit-oriented spellcasting for beginners. Go to the masterpost to see them all.
Tumblr media
This is a 101 theory post. Go to the masterpost to find actionable steps for altar building and consecration.
Loosely defined (remember, we aren't trying to label everyone, we just want to clear the weeds in our corner of the magical universe), an altar is a sacred space used to facilitate two-way communication and movement with the unseen worlds.
Altars are often built to house and honor gods and spirits. There is a fairly significant difference between someone building an altar or shrine to honor their god(s), and a spellcasting altar for witchcraft.
Our goal with a spellcasting altar is not really to honor anything. We can build a separate altar or shrine to honor a god if we would like to do so.
Instead, for the purposes of this series, a spellcasting altar is:
A hardwired connection to the otherworld,
Which makes gathering metaphysical energy easier, and
Drawing power out of the ethereal and grounding it into physical objects is easier, which means
Successful manifestation is easier.
Delivering targeted spells is easier.
Also, it's beacon that naturally accumulates and collects spiritual power (this is why people can put things on their altars to automatically charge them).
And it's powerful method of classical conditioning.
Classical Conditioning: It's Hella Useful
If you use a spellcasting altar for most of your spellwork, after a little while just being in its presence is going to click you into a magical headspace.
Yes, spellcasting altars are imbued with actual magical power and have very useful metaphysical properties. But their utility extends beyond the metaphysical.
Also they're a great place to store all your spellcasting stuff.
(By the way: try using a specific stimulus, such as an earthy grounding scent or wearing a headband, every time you practice grounding, centering, and exiting a magical headspace. It's a really really helpful tool)
Does it need to be a physical altar?
No. A physical altar is only one piece of spellcasting "tech". If that tech is not viable for you, you have many other techs to draw upon.
Digital altars can also hold metaphysical energy. True magic can be done through web pages. Ask anyone who's been in an occult server on the rough side of the web.
All that being said, you don't necessarily need any altar. They're a handy tool but no one tool is everything.
Let your path serve you, not the other way around.
What about size? What about shoebox or mint tin altars?
Oh boy, get ready for my favorite hill to die on!:
Spellcasting altars are nothing more than container spells.
In a jar spell you take, idk, some rosemary for sleep protection, some iron nails against nightmares, and some lavender for sweet dreams. You put them all together in a jar and consecrate them to your intent and those independent components come together to create something greater than the sum of their parts in order to effect magical change.
In a spellcasting altar, maybe you take a candle for connection to the otherworld, a crystal to accumulate energies, and little colorful stones to represent the Western buildingblock elements (fire, earth, air, water). You put them all together on a specially marked flat surface and consecrate them to your intent and those independent components come together to create something greater than the sum of their parts in order to effect magical change.
When you cast a container spell, you are linking up a variety of powers to work together in the long term. And nobody is out there telling you to get a gallon-sized glass jar. In fact it's popular to use the teeniest little jars possible.
Get yourself a mint tin if that's what you prefer. Hell, a matchbook with a sigil drawn inside. Make your altar into a notebook or a tumblr blog. All that is necessary is that you find it to be useful; that it gives you more back than what it takes to use it.
But I do have one thing to say in support of the classic on a shelf/flat surface altar: They're kind of like hypersigils, and that's really handy
What if you made a container spell for general prosperity, and then put that container spell inside a bigger container spell for general empowerment of everything placed inside of it?
Tumblr media
That's what a spellcasting altar is!
It's a big cauldron of power designed to help you manifest your desires and link power to objects in the way that you choose. Start adding other finished spells back into it, and it's like a magical combo move that multiplies power and makes it easier for you to manage everything there.
Too much volatility and movement in your financial life? Take some of the prosperity stuff off of your altar - and just like that, the magic in your life has shifted.
All your spells are lagging and there's not much motion? Light a spicy, fiery candle on your altar to give everything there a tangy boost.
Feeling irritated by someone? Print out a picture of them and place it on your altar, facing away from you. No spellcasting, chanting, or ritual required - an act of magic was done because an action was taken in a magical place designed to manifest every intent you put within it.
The real benefit of spellcasting altars is that they do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.
You're probably not interested in practical magic because your life is great and you already have enough time, energy, interest, or ability to manage everything in a mundane way agreed upon by Society.
I actually think there's a pretty good chance that you're interested in practical magic because there's not enough of you to go around to deal with things in a mundane way.
Magic is real, and real things tend to take real work.
So how is it helpful to turn to a new methodology of managing your life, when it takes just as much time and energy as you were spending before?
Spellcasting altars, even small ones, even digital ones, help us out. They automatically collect power for us to use later on, so we don't have to drink our precious Get Stuff Done juice. They house doors to the otherworld you can just open and close, instead of having to create the door every time you need it. They help us automatically get into the spellcasting mindset through a hardwire connection to the otherworld and the magic of classical conditioning.
Spellcasting altars do specific things and fill specific needs. Therefore, they're not going to be necessary or even useful for everybody. Try them out and see if they're useful for you. If so; a tool has been added to your toolbox. If not; you have considered and discounted something unhelpful, and now you can move on to better things.
This post is part of a series of animistic, spirit-oriented spellcasting for beginners. Go to the masterpost to see them all.
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queenmoriarty · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
every day i randomly pick a tarot card from the deck and today it is:
The Emperor (german: Der Herrscher)
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spellgazed · 2 days ago
10 Days Of Spells
Tumblr media
I am so excited to announce this project that I am inviting anyone who desires to partake in! This is a chance for practitioners of all kinds to exhibit their creativity and what they are willing to share of your craft. The more the merrier! If you participate, please use the #10daysofspells tag so I may see it!
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shittywitchadvice · 8 hours ago
shitty witch tip #287
Use seasoning salt to spice up your protection spells.
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breelandwalker · a month ago
2022 Witch's Calendar
For all my witches out there, here's a handy list of the 2022 dates for the major holidays, full and new moons, and special events. I've listed my sources at the bottom. Dates and times for all events are calculated for Eastern Standard Time, USA, Northern Hemisphere. Adjust for your location as needed. Enjoy!
WOTY Holidays and Solstices
February 1-2 - Imbolc
March 20 - Spring Equinox / Ostara
May 1 - Beltane
June 21 - Summer Solstice / Midsummer
August 1 - Lughnasadh
September 22 - Autumn Equinox / Mabon
October 31 - Samhain
December 21 - Winter Solstice / Yule
Full Moons
January 17 - Wolf Moon ♋️
February 16 - Snow Moon ♌️
March 18 - Worm Moon ♍️
April 16 - Pink Moon ♎️
May 16 - Flower Moon ♏️
June 14 - Strawberry Moon ♐️
July 13 - Thunder Moon (aka Buck Moon) ♑️
August 11 - Sturgeon Moon ♒️
September 10 - Harvest Moon ♓️
October 9 - Hunter's Moon (aka Blood Moon) ♈️
November 8 - Frost Moon ♉️
December 7 - Cold Moon ♊️
Fun Fact: The title of Harvest Moon is given to either the September or October full moon, whichever falls closest to the autumn equinox. In 2022, that month will be September.
New Moons
January 2 ♑️
February 1 ♒️
March 2 ♓️
April 1 ♈️
April 30 ♉️
May 30 ♊️
June 29 ♋️
July 28 ♌️
August 27 ♍️
September 25 ♎️
October 25 ♏️
November 23 ♐️
December 23 ♑️
Special Events
April 30 - Black Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse (10:42pm EST)
May 16 - Total Lunar Eclipe (12:11am EST, coinciding with zenith)
June 14 - Supermoon
July 13 - Supermoon
October 25 - Partial Solar Eclipe (11:01am EST)
November 8 - Total Lunar Eclipse (5:59am EST, coinciding with zenith)
Inverse - Full Moon 2022 calendar: Dates, times, schedule, and names for the brightest nights all year
Astroseek - Full Moons 2022 & New Moons
The Pagan Grimoire - The Wheel of the Year: The 8 Festivals in the Wiccan Calendar
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greenxeclectic · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tiny nushrooms grpwing out of a douglas fir pine cone in BC, Canada.
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