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twitch-and-the-witch · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Found on Facebook. Picture credit given was @kateusm
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badbookofshadows · 2 hours ago
Stopping Working with Deities
so, I had something kind of weird happen. not bad weird, just uncharted territory weird. Lucifer and I are no longer going to be working together. nothing ended badly, there were no hard feelings and nothing went wrong, it was just time to move on. Lucifer explained during our last tarot reading that he has nothing left to teach me, and that our journey together has come to a fulfilled and complete end.
this is, of course, emotional. I’ve been working with Lucifer for almost as long as I’ve practiced witchcraft seriously. it’s bittersweet, and it would be an utter lie if I said I wasn’t at least a little upset. this change has come at the same time as so many other massive changes in my life that i feel unstable, unready. I lost my mentor, and though it is so exciting to know that i truly have grown in my magick, enough to take the reigns at least, I’ve lost a friend tonight and it hurts; but i’m going to be okay.
Ares and I are still going to be working with each other, in fact he’s actually been more involved in my life now than he has ever been, and i feel immensely honored for that. he is such an incredible god and I feel so honored to be able to have him in my life and walk with me through my path.
I don’t really have a conclusion for this, I just really wanted to confide in the community about this because this really is unfamiliar waters for me. I hope any other witch going through this has the fastest and most blessed healing and growth as you process this change. thank you so much for reading friends
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moonandserpent · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Baba Yaga’s Hut pendant, Mandragora earrings and Druidess pendant hand carved by Moon and Serpent Website or Etsy
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hi y’all sorry to be desperate on main lmao but I reblogged a DIY magickal shower cakes post a while ago and tried to search for it so I could make one for my friend for her bday and it is GONE 🥺 does anyone know what I’m talking about/have a screenshot??? will be forever indebted
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on-pidge · 8 hours ago
some themed gardens with plant suggestions
sun garden
black eyed susan
warm colored carnation
moon garden
white lilies
henbit/purple deadnettle
fae garden
evening primrose
common dewberry
bluebells (do not pick if you are in a forest)
(northeastern) wildflower garden
baby's breath
cornflower/bachelor's buttons
my personal garden wish list
purple deadnettle/henbit
baby's blue eyes
some succulents
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auguryandalchemy · 10 hours ago
Witch Tips: Common Sense Edition
Always remember that sometimes the things that happen to us have a mundane explanation to them, not a supernatural one. Here are some tips and things to remember, for safety and otherwise.
Do not overload your spell candles with herbs, crystals, etc. They’re made to be that size and WILL crack/break if overloaded. On that note-- NEVER leave candles unattended. Things can catch fire, burn, etc.
Do NOT consume Essential Oils, for the love of what you believe in. I never thought I would have to specify this.
Colored candles tend to stain so leave a cloth, paper, plate, etc under the candle as to not stain the surface underneath it.
If you have dogs, cats, etc PLEASE research plants that are not okay to keep around them and NOT keep them around them, if you keep them a all. For example: Aloe Vera and a lot of Lily family are toxic for cats
Please don’t just eat any old herb/plant/etc. Once more, research before you do so, ask a medical professional, etc. If you want to use something on your skin, do a small test on a small patch of skin first.
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littlewitchyluna · 10 hours ago
Fresh Slates Can Be Messy
The new moon is often associated with a clean slate, clearing out old energies, and starting fresh.
Sometimes however, starting fresh is messy.
I was having a particularly rough week with my sister and I was frustrated with myself because the behaviors that she were showing were suddenly becoming very frustrating to me. Behaviors that were against the rules (but I had let slide for fear of confrontation) were suddenly bothering me and I was reporting them to my Director and hopes for some guidance on how to deal with them when they suddenly told me they were going to move my son to another room. I would get a new assistant. A fresh start with a fresh face. A few hours later, I was thinking about how we just finished a new moon.  Have you connected the dots?
A fresh start can feel messy at first, chaotic even but after the storms, the rainbows come out and when everything is washed away, it’s made room for beauty and a fresh start.

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divinedryad · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in creating journals, my intent was to combine spirituality and mindfulness to create notebooks to help others ground, get in touch with their feelings, and keep track of their goals.
🕊 click here to visit my shop and learn more about the journals 🕊
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stephnetwork · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reina, Parisa, and Libby from The Atlas Six by @olivieblake - please read this incredible book if you haven't already!
instagram: @sketcheswithsteph
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paprikadaniela · 16 hours ago
If you have experienced abuse or any type of trauma, parallel to your psychological/psychiatric treatment
You should consider an spiritual cleansing and an uncrossing. An uncrossing is extremely helpful.
Trauma creates holes in our Aura, subconscious mind, and consciousness.
Trauma is also stored in the body's cellular library and reproduces itself over again when creating new cells.
Therefore on par you should also undergo a detoxing process to get rid of any toxicity accumulated inside a genetically traumatized coding.
Holes allow parasitic entities to feast upon their victim and it also prepares the ground for demonic possesions.
Be very wary of this. I know we live in a world were people go on with their lives some completely disconnected with their souls. But actually psyche disorders and demonic and evil entity possesions are linked.
#magic #witchblr #witchcraft
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zamolxiana · 17 hours ago
hey, is hades a good deity to worship (for me would just be making an alter for him and giving offerings)? i already do that with persephone and i kinda wanna do it with hades aswell. im also a baby witch
Hello 🐺✨
If you feel pulled toward Hades, my advice is to do research and learn about him. Once you start understanding him, how he is, what he does, you will be able to see if your heart says that you should connect to him.
I warmly recommend checking this post for research. The reason why this is so important is because each person is unique, therefore they have different experiences. And, while it is great to read about others' experiences, firstly you need to have the foundation on which you will build the connection with your deity.
Also, once you've build that foundation based on knowledge, you will be able to spot people who talk from a knowing point of view, and those who don't. I've seen many people around the internet trying to make Hades seem like a bad guy, seeing him from a point of prejudice, but I chose to learn and experience for myself, and this was the best decision for this.
As for the way you connect to him, my advice is do as you feel called to do. Your intuition will tell you if you ask. In my case, I don't have a designated part on my altar for him yet, although I did divination and asked him if he wants it, he said yes but not to hurry, because he knows that my altar space is now going through a transformation process.
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