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Hello fellow witches! 💖

I’m looking for some good online shops 😊

Shops that sell any witchy things

such as (but not limited to) these:

  • Organic, ethically-sourced candles
  • Healing crystals and stones
  • Alter tools (chalices, athames, cauldrons, pentacles, bells, magic wands, etc.)
  • Boxes, chests, jars, bags, pouches, etc.
  • Tarot cards
  • Journals, notebooks
  • Stationary (envelopes, pens, wax seal stamps, etc.)
  • Incense, essential oils
  • Singing bowls
  • Divination dice (astragalomancy/astragyromancy dice)
  • Meditation cushions
  • Beautiful tableware (mugs, tea cups, tea pots, tea sets, bowls, plates, utensils, trays, glasses, etc.)
  • Statues, figurines
  • Decor (decor for the Sabbats, tapestries, vases, prints, posters, throw pillows, lamps, candle holders, door beads, faerie lights, faux flowers & plants, etc.)
  • Dream-catchers, feathers, medicine bags, smudge ceremony tools, etc. (yes, I’m Indigenous)
  • Craft supplies (string, beads, feathers, dried herbs, shells, etc.)
  • Jewelry, clothing, accessories
  • Beauty & self-care stuff: dry brushes, scalp massagers, roll-on remedies, nasal inhalers for essential oil blends, balms, face masks, hair masks, soaps, toners, beauty tools, etc.)
  • Cannabis paraphernalia & accessories (pipes, jars, rolling trays, ash trays, natural cleaners for pipes and water pipes, grinders, papers, cones, vape accessories, decor, resin art, books, etc.)
  • Books (witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, self-care, self-help, spirituality, herbalism, botany, gardening, astrology, astronomy, metaphysics, folklore, legends and myths, craft-making, etc.)


  • They can be Etsy shops or any others!
  • They must be run by real people, not affiliated with large companies/corporations (unless they started out small and now they’re booming, which is different). What I mean is, I don’t want to buy from shops who get their products from factories that mass-produce and sell for maximum profit (cheap products sold for way more than they’re worth, and at the expense of their employees). I’m looking for shops whose products are made with love and care 💛
  • They can be expensive or inexpensive, as long as they’re made with love 💜 if some items are expensive, I’ll either save up or search elsewhere for cheaper versions. Whatever I (or others) don’t have the money for, those items can still be used as inspiration! 😊 or even just as fun things to daydream about ☺️

How to share with me:

  • reblog this post
  • comment on this post
  • send me a message & I’ll share it in the notes on this post
  • send me an ask (anon or not) & I’ll add it to the notes on this post
  • or make your own post & send it to me!

(add the links & names!)

I’m gonna make a post sharing all the shops I already follow, as well as the shops you guys send my way! I’ll also add them to the notes on this post ☺️😊 thank you so much in advance!! And take care everyone! ✨💗✨💖

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Honestly what I really need is a witchy godparent, teach me the ways of the craft pleaseeee

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No one asked but here’s my

✨Zodiac Ranking✨

This is all based on my experiences with these signs and not meant to be taken seriously. I am by no means an expert. Ps I am a Taurus

  1. Capricorn- most of my best friends are Capricorns. Love that for me
  2. Leo- my current best friend is a Leo. Also my grandma is a Leo
  3. Sagittarius- good vibes. Funny af. Party
  4. Cancer- soft energy. You do be kinda naive tho
  5. Pisces- chill vibes. Can hurt my feelings sometimes but I’ll let it slide
  6. Virgo- lil control freak vibes. Maybe call me tho? Idk
  7. Libra- sweet then sour
  8. Aquarius- lol u really like yourself don’t u
  9. Taurus- as a Taurus myself, u guys annoy the shit out of me (not my mom tho she gets a pass)
  10. Aries- quit lookin at me like that. Do u have a problem
  11. Scorpio & Gemini- tied for last. Literally every person that has done me wrong has been a Gemini or Scorpio

As a disclaimer I dont judge anyone based off of their sign alone. All of this is based on people that I have personally known

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I feel like this is one of the subtle things from my childhood that influenced the witch in me. I still have the stones that came with it too.

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If you’re feeling creatively blocked… or just mental blocks in general. Wash your hair. A simple but effective ritual to literally cleanse energy from your head.

You can even add an affirmation or chant. “Water washes away from me, all the blocks I cannot see.”

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From a witch on a very small budget

Many of you already know that you don’t need fancy, expensive equipment to be a witch (If you didn’t know… Hey! You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment to be a witch!), but the problem is not knowing what to do and what to use instead. I this post I will outline some tips for witches on a budget, with some more basic examples, and some specific ones I used in my own craft

The Basics


Herbs can be bought at pretty much any grocery store, and if you get them in bags rather than the nicer containers you can save a lot! If you know enough about herbs and you don’t plan on consuming them, you could try foraging. Some plants, such as dandelion, are easier to identify


Dollar stores and thrift stores are always a good go-to, and dollar stores will have pretty much any candle you need between $1-3. However, I have noticed that a lot of people, especially those in their 30s/40s have a bunch of candles laying around that they bought a while ago but never actually used. If you’re not feeling too shy and you feel comfortable asking them for things, suggest taking one (or all) of their hands


Funnily enough, crystals are often cheaper when they don’t come from crystal stores. Of course, some stores are the exception, but generally, I have found really inexpensive crystals in plant nurseries/greenhouses, small bookstores, and little gift shops. Of course, if none of those are options (or you simply can’t find them because they’re not that common), there’s always buying secondhand

A Little Less Basic


You can find so many useful trinkets, such as bells, candleholders, and mirrors at thrift stores and flea markets. On top of that, you can find other funky little things that you might want to incorporate in a non-traditional way. Personally, I have a bag of bee erasers that like to make an appearance in the spring, as well as a bunch of little animals that act as sign holders that I just think are neat


I am a huge fan of passive cleansing, so on top of using a cleansing spray (which you can make yourself) every so often, I frequently use an oil diffuser and a salt lamp to cleanse my space. These are probably the most expensive items on the list, however they can be significantly cheaper than buying smoke bundles, as these are one-time purchases. A small diffuser is $10-15, while a salt lamp is around the same. All you need for the oil diffuser is one bottle of oil of a cleansing herb, such as rosemary, which would likely last you at least a year, it not two


While it’s my dream to have a special tarot journal/witchy planner, they can be quite expensive. If it’s your type of thing, try getting a basic year planner from the dollar store and customizing it. Some things you can put in are associations of the days of the week, sabbats/holidays, and moon phases. There, you can keep track of your craft, such as tarot readings, spells, and even observations. If you have a few hours, you can make a basic planner look super cool and witchy!

Creative Tips


It can be difficult to have a physical altar space, especially for closeted witches. Instead, you can try drawing an altar, or having a space in a game. For example, you can make an altar in Minecraft, which has available mods for witchy items, or other games such as Animal Crossing. If you have a deity, you can create a space for them, or play games that relate to the deity, such as a fighting game like Call of Duty for Ares, or Stardew Valley for Demeter


There are many ways you can connect to your deities that aren’t the conventional, “traditional” ways. On top of playing games that are related to the deity, you can watch videos or play sounds that connect to the deity, like ocean sounds for Poseidon or a video of a fireplace for Hestia. If you’re concerned, ask your deities if it’s ok with them. Some deities have firm boundaries and you should respect them


Fortunately for us, there are many forms of divination. Some of free, such as using a bowl of water for scrying, and some more conventional, such as tarot. Of course, you can use playing cards instead of tarot cards, make your own runes, and make a pendulum out of a necklace or earbuds, but I have a different idea. Just make your own form of divination. Use coloured pencils, pick one at random, and use the meaning associated with that colour. Write actions words on a piece of paper and pick one randomly. Intuitively flip to a part of a book and use the first word/phrase you see as a sign. Anything can be divination if you put some thought into it

Did you enjoy this? Let me know if I should make a part 2

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We have these wonderful spirit accessories to aid in your craft or as decoration for your alter! What would you like to see in our store?

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In some myths, foxes are wise and benevolent. In others, they are connected to fire and the sun. 🦊

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