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* manifestation emoji spell *

🌿 🕊 🧿🌛✨1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣✨🌜🧿 🕊🌿

manifest peaceful change and exciting new beginnings that you have been wanting and waiting for

* your wishful thoughts will turn into a beautiful reality *


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So here’s an unaltered photo that I took of my partner at the stone circle on the Whidbey Island ley line. I’ve had photos on my phone glitch before, but never like this, and I think it’s pretty neat.

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🦇the problem with “witchcraft 101”🦇

tl;dr: there is no such thing. the idea that there’s Basic Principles©️ to all of witchcraft is incorrect and tied to a misunderstanding of what witchcraft is, though that’s another post.

long, will read: the typical witchcraft 101 post includes correspondences for the cardinal directions, associations for various colors, a method or two for grounding, information about the elements, lists of sabbats, types of witchcraft/witches, moon phases…

i could break each of these down and probably will in other posts but to keep it concise, there is no guarantee you will use literally any of this information in your craft unless you do nothing but imitate the people sharing it (and i do not usually tell people how to practice, but developing your craft purely through copying blogs will not make you happy. you deserve better).

are these things useful, some even very common in witchcraft? of course. are they integral to the craft? no, and while they should be exposed to newbies as concepts with a lot of potential and knowledge to share, they should not be what greets them at the door and claims to have built the floor they’re about to step on.

the more accurate presentation is that witchcraft and its basics will be extremely varied from practitioner to practitioner, because we grew up in different cultures, are descended from different ancestors, live in different places, have different needs, have different niches; because we are different people and souls.

your foundation may be that mother nature provides for all and her directions and winds are the guide of life, but another may turn their eyes to the sky and find meaning and instruction in the movements and jurisdictions of the celestial bodies. the omens that these two give attention to, the energies that they call upon, the sources for the correspondences they develop, are going to be very fucking different and can’t be matched into one tumblr post.

i never use the directions in my craft. i don’t celebrate sabbats. i rarely consider the moon for spellwork. i don’t ground at all how other people say to, nor do i even call it ‘grounding’. my color associations are different from the (western, often american-centric) ones from popular posts.

yet despite employing almost none of the “101” staples, my magic is effective, fulfilling and fast-acting. it is unique to me and tailored to my needs and my spirits’ needs, as well as our strengths; which is how i believe everyone’s craft should be, in order to best serve and provide for them.

as i said before there is nothing wrong with most of the stuff in 101 posts. that shit is pretty useful and even important in certain kinds of work, like color associations for dealing with energy, and the meanings of the elements for making use of astrology.

but do not think that they are The Established Basics, the only way to begin, the way things should be done, or features that you Must display in your craft in order to be a witch. they can easily be almost totally fucking useless to you because of how complex and individual magic work is.

so in conclusion read what you will and learn what you can but remember that there is no universal instructional for the craft and you are free to build your own style of work and thought as it fits you, gets you results, and helps you understand, even if it doesn’t look like the mainstream practice.

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TW: This is a deep post

Many have reached out in concern and I’d like to explain that first and foremost I am fine. I have serval severe mental illnesses that cause extreme manic episodes. No I promise I am not lying

This is literally the only platform of social media I feel comfortable sharing literally anything that comes to my mind. Literally all in mind. This is my safe haven to explore my witchy side, hope and pray to the gods I get noticed for my tarot and other spiritual work, and to just blog my daily life and feelings. Soon I will open myself more. It’ll take time.

You all are dear to me and I thank you for your concern as well as your support! If you want to expand your love and follow my insane shananagins my Instagram and Facebook are in my bio💕

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Advice from my mouth to your ears

I used to stress when I’d see all these fancy grimoires and detailed drawings that people put in their books. I tried to replicate this look with fancy books and bullet journals and shiny brush tip pens. In the end, all it got me was a number of thick journals that are 5% full.

I rely more on the old book I painted over the pages on and wrote down every interesting piece of witchy crap in. The basic knowledge still sits in my head so unless I really want a neatly laid out piece of minimalist writing to show off to friends, I go to the messy cellotaped pages that are worn and flaky.

Trust your knowledge, not the art of the craft. The way it looks is only important to you.

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What are affirmations?

Affirmations is the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment. When we start to train our minds to think positive using affirmations we start to see and believe we can achieve success in anything. There are many books on positive affirmations. I will list some below along with some educational manifestation and affirmation videos I found interesting.

I find affirmations are most powerful when said aloud. Although many individuals will speak affirmations in their mind, I believe your ears need to hear the affirmations you are speaking to allow yourself to train your mind more efficiently. Speaking these thoughts aloud is a normal feature of healthy human cognitive. You are then putting these affirmations into the universe allowing for these to manifest more powerfully.

Here you can find some good affirmations to get you start. This is a Pinterest account I found interesting, check it out!
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Looking for a Pen Pal

Hello all! I’ve been feeling lonely. Ever since the pandemic I’ve been working at home and even then I don’t really have any friends cause I’m so awkward lol. I really like the idea of a pen pal.

About me: I’m 31, mother of 2, and married. I love art, all kinds. Painting, drawing, miniatures, scrapping, I even just started needle felting. I love music (although struggling to learn guitar and I recently bought a kalimba). I love animals and nature. I’m interested in paganism and like witchy vibes. I live in the US.

Requirements: 18+, just be sweet and open minded.

I would love to send cute letters and little trinkets. Please message me on tumblr or you can contact me at either way we can work something out and become awesome friends!

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With a flick of my wrist, I channel the energy to open up the back of the bed open and grabbed whoever was back there. Telekinesis came in handy, especially as I motioned for the person to be lifted from out from under the cover and up into the air. Who I pulled out was a shock, not what I was expecting at all, but I kept my guard up. “WHO THE…. WHAT THE FUCK!” It was a man, young and probably around my age. His brown eyes were wide as he hung upside down, being pushed up against a tree a few feet in the air by only the magical force I possessed. “Please ma’am I mean you no harm… what in the devil!” His accent was deep and southern. His eyes were what were getting me though, his eyes held sorrow ad despair that screamed from inside of him. I softened a bit at the realization of how much sorrow surrounded me and how much lack of sleep he had gotten.

           I snapped out of it, shaking my head. Trust no one Leona, I scolded myself. “Shut up, there’s no devil here unless you count the dog who will rip you to pieces!” I snapped with anger and fear. Sadie barked and growled at the man, making him cower back as much as he could move. “I’ll ask one time, who are you and why the hell were you in the back of my truck?” - Excerpt from Finding Truth (Arvin Russel Fic)

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