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angel numbers 🧚🏼‍♀️

“angel numbers are sequences of numbers that carry divine guidance by referring to specific numerological meanings”

- the secret of tarot

111 🔮

  • thoughts are manifesting
  • focus on what you want, not what you don’t want

222 🌙

  • don’t be anxious
  • the universe is on your side, and everything will work out
  • trust the universe and the fact that you’re on the right path

333 🌞

  • your deities/universe is assisting you
  • you’re safe

444 ✨

  • you’re surrounded by angels/good energies
  • you’re guided through whatever you’re working on

555 💫

  • expect huge changes!
  • large shift in energies
  • be excited for the changes that await you

666 ☄️

  • reevaluate your thoughts
  • reconnect with your spirituality

777 🍀

  • luck is on your side
  • keep doing exactly what you are doing

888 🍃

  • prosperity is in your future
  • alignment with the money you desire

999 ☁️

  • finish that task you’ve been procrastinating on or having trouble continuing
  • completion will open new doors for you

000 🌈

  • expect a fresh start
  • new beginnings
  • you are the creator of your universe

1111 🪐

  • you’re on the right path
  • you’re mastering manifestation
  • alignment with the universe
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Kill her, burn her, scorn the witch!

I cried out “WICCAN!”

As they threw me into the fire filled ditch.

I begged them for freedom,

The people I’d helped,

What was their reason?

For beating me,

Cutting me,

I was a good person ,

Why couldn’t they see?

My soul was freed with the roaring flames,

So I ran to the nature,

With the raven that stayed,

My only companion,

The one I could trust.

My withered body’s ruins,

Remained in the dust.

By Becky Crane.

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Hey babes, does anyone know of a black, pastel, or galaxy themed (astrology themed) card deck that would contain the star signs (symbols or constellations), planetary symbols, moon phases, and cards to represent the sun and moon?? Or do I need to do this myself??

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I experienced my first full moon as a baby witch tonight. I’m still learning, so I only did the basics. But here we go:

Cleansed my altar, the space around it (so, in other words, my room)

Cleansed the Moon Water I had left on the window sill since the moon first came up

Cleansed my crystals and alter items

Meditated and tried to get a grip on my own energy… tips for meditating with ADD?

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Yesterday, I decided to give the reality tv show “90 day fiance” a chance. I have to admit it’s good and quite addicting, plus reality is totally my guilty pleasure.

 There was a scene that caught me off guard though. A woman claimed she had some big secret to expose. To my actual surprise she revealed that she had turrets syndrome. Immediately, something caught in my throat and heaviness filled my chest. I began to sob. My partner grabbed me and held me. With my face in my hands I told him, “My brother had turrets.” I couldn’t say more, but my head was racing with memories that hadn’t turned up since… ever. I had never dealt with this pain. The way they bullied him, the things they said to him and to me. I was instantly filled with regret. Why wasn’t I there for him? I should have been a better big sister. Why did I stay silent? Why didn’t I fight? And now he is left with the scars, the ones we don’t discuss. Now I want nothing more but to hug him, to fix it, but I can’t. He’s not here. And it killed me.

The moon represents our state and fluidity of consciousness, that of which exists beyond the egoic mind and materialized perspectives rooted in what we can see with the naked eye.

Our moon represents the thoughts, feelings, emotions and intuitions that exist within our psyche and being. Soul.

Virgo, she is the perfectionist. The fixer-upper. But she has to be careful that she’s not patching up work that was meant to be scrapped. It’s okay to start anew, that is, with the right intentions. Who is she doing it for? Is it out of guilt or the feeling of incompleteness? Can she ever learn to start over?

I would say that it is common knowledge that dwelling on past-pain is useless, but then why is it so familiar? Why does it come in waves and hit so f*cking hard every time? 

The virgo inside each and every one of us aches to mend the broken and missing pieces from our past, in order to create some sort of utopian future where our families are perfect, our friendships never failed us (and vice versa), we always got the job and kept it in good standing, we never failed a test, we never said that rude comment that still rings in your brain, we always made the responsible choice to avoid whatever dilemma, and so on and so on.

I am here and the moon is here to remind you that the curveballs that get thrown in our path are meant to break us. If we were to somehow miraculously dodge every one of them, how would we ever learn to recover? How would we grow?

It is true that you as a human being, a life form, transcended here to earth with a purpose. But the purpose belongs to you and only you. Other than your personal destiny, your main purpose is just to exist as a student of the universe, to learn from your mistakes and transmute the things you don’t like into things you do. And sometimes, that means starting fresh. It is only then that you realize the inner purpose of a life journey. And I can say now with confidence that this journey won’t end until I do.

Thanks for reading.

I know this post was different than my last two moon readings, I thought I would switch it up. Let me know what you think. If you’re into astrology, witchy stuff, earth magic, or just like what I’m about, give me a follow and let’s be friends :)

Happy Wednesday #witchblr, love you.

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Foxgloves: insincerity, said to both heal and hurt

Foxglove flowers are produced on a tall spike, are tubular, and vary in colour with species, from purple to pink, white, and yellow. The scientific name means “finger-like” and refers to the ease with which a flower can be fitted over a human fingertip.

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Fuck it, here’s some personal shit.

So, last night was a full moon. I never feel like I have energy for my craft, and last night was no different. Usually, I push it off until there’s no point in even doing the working. It’s terrible, and it sucks, and it doesn’t make any sense.

The past few weeks I’ve been putting together a raised bed garden with my partners help. To be honest, though, it was my partners insistence to get me out of the house and get some fresh air and sunshine. I’ve even started some seeds inside the house, some of which have already sprouted. Just need ten more bags of dirt and I can start using the garden outside. While doing this project, one of my partners commented to me that he was surprised how little I went outside for a witch.

And he was entirely right. After the whole debacle with the coven I used to be a part of, my practice went to practically nothing, not just the going outside part. Yeah, I sort of work in the field in a way, but that’s not practicing. So last night, I activated my altar. It was an internal battle. I had waited until really late, and then all I wanted to do was go to sleep. But I kept being pulled back to my study. I kept hearing my own words in my head, that phrase I had mentioned to a friend of mine when I realized I was the one getting in my own way.

“Well, are you a witch, or are you a witch?”

So half past the witching hour, I got started. I couldn’t muster up the energy for anything in depth. Just an activation, almost like a check in. And an offering….

Whooooooooboy, I’m so thrilled because I feel like I’ve grown out of the little shell of what I thought my practice was. I ALWAYS give a mixture of herbs and/or alcohol as an offering. But I’ve been trying to work with Aphrodite more. She’s been calling me ever since I saw that statue at work last year. I’ve left some offerings for her, and even grabbed the prettiest abalone shell I’ve ever seen to be her representation on my altar. Aside from the shell and the booze, she always felt kinda “meh” at my offerings. And yes, I know, I still need to get a special little shot glass just for her because none of mine are pretty enough. Oy vey.

Last night, I got the impression that I needed to offer up something special. REALLY special. And extremely personal. I was to offer up an orgasm. I made me up a little bed right in front of the altar. My thoughts were to be direct and use no external help *cough cough*no toys *cough cough*.

I felt so awkward at first. Not because I was doing something so sexual in front of my altar. Sex is natural and chock full of magickal energies. It goes hand in hand with magick in so many ways. And I’ve had plenty of fun with my partners in front of it, even once when it was activated. But this was different. This was something I was doing FOR the divine, for the Lord and Lady, for Aphrodite. It was an entirely different audience, and an entirely different experience.

I also broke open my Book of Shadows. I’ve had this giant ass leather bound thing the size of my torso for I want to say 3 years now. And I have 3 pages written in it, years apart. I could say the reason is I was intimidated or lazy or life got crazy, but that doesn’t matter much. Last night, I did write in it. And when I got to the bottom of the page, I wanted to sign it, but not with my real name. I read in a book a long time ago that it’s important to pick a new magickal name when taking up your practice. I still feel this is unnecessary and should only be done if the person truly feels they should. I never did. Yeah, I’ve used an alias or two before but nothing special per se.

And just like that “Kiara” popped into my head. I swear I heard it in a movie, and I’m sure that I did. But when I looked it up, it actually has a contradicting meaning (“first ray of sun” “little dark one” “light, clear”) and partial roots in the Irish name Ciara (that’s Kee-rah, NOT cee-air-rah), which is sometimes anglicized to Keira, which is a name I already use and has some personal ties to my name since middle school for me. It also has Italian roots in the name Chiara (Kee-Ah-Ra). And I’m proudly Irish and Italian and am trying to bring those two roots together in my practice.

I still just signed it “K” because I’m still unsure if I want to claim this as my magickal name or not.

I would end it there, but there’s just a bit that I want to add. I woke up this morning earlier than I thought I would. I was jostled awake by a voice, or at least I thought I had heard a masculine voice say either “she must not be home” or “she must not be awake yet.” I sat bolt upright because I thought it was someone at my front door, but there was no one there. And with both my partners working rn, and it being too early to really be anyone else, I’m not sure what it could have been.

But that’s enough of my rambling. On to the rest of the day!

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Have a wonderful Wednesday 🖤

#jennascuriocabinet #oddities #skullcollector #skulls #gothicdecor #odditiesandcuriosities #macabreart #gothicart #darkartists #etsysale #weirdthings #roadkill #framedtaxidermy #witchythings #onlinesale #curiocollection #forsale #womenwithtattoos #boaconstrictor #alternativepeople (at Jenna’s Curio Cabinet)

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Free tarot readings because I’m bored and want to hone my skills. I am already relatively familiar and good at it, but reading for strangers will test me.

Deck 1. Shadow tarot- For questions about your internal self/ves. Also has a habit of telling the future. No. I’m not kidding.

Deck 2. Steampunk Tarot- For questions about the world around you and about you. Situations. Other people.

Deck 3. Astrological Oracle- This will speak to some of you. I find it very beneficial and insightful for companion and compatibility readings.

Deck 4. Adorabyssal Oracle- Cryptids, Mythological and supernatural creatures done in a cute art style- but don’t be fooled, this deck is incredibly nuanced. Good for advice.

Ask away! Anon or not.

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Some witchy things you can do at home


Originally posted by byaseashore

  • Let in the fresh air every morning.
  • Let your bed breath before you make it.
  • Draw sigil of protection and grounding in chalk outside your wall.
  • Keep a jar of dirt outside your doorstep to keep your home dry.
  • Sprinkle salt on your carpet before you vacuum to cleanse it.
  • Place chakra stones in order along your bed to strengthen your dreams.
  • Use tape to bind and seal.
  • Cast a spell on to sweet treats you’re baking using the sugar in the recipe.
  • Write automatic short stories in your grimoire.
  • Meditate for a bit and doodle what you saw. You can leave it there or make a full piece from it.
  • Just be naked for a while. Let your skin breath, especially after shaving.
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