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spellgazed · a day ago
Timing: Months I
Deities: Janus. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Carnation, & Snowdrop. Gemstones: Garnet and Sugilite. Holidays:  Moons: Wolf or Hunger Moon. Signs: Capricorn and Aquarius. Trees: Birch, Elder, and Rowan.
Deities: Februus. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Cardamom, Primrose, and Violet. Gemstones: Amethyst, and Opal. Holidays: Imbolc and Lupercalia. Moons: Snow or Storm Moon. Signs: Aquarius and Pisces. Trees: Ash, Elm, and Shami.
Deities: Mars and Ares. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Daffodil, Jonquil, and Lavender. Gemstones: Aquamarine and Turquoise. Holidays: Ostara and Spring Equinox. Moons: Worm or Sugar Moon. Signs: Pisces and Aries. Trees: Alder, Hawthorn, and Willow.
Deities: Aphrodite and Venus. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Carnation, Daisy, and Sweet-Pea. Gemstones: Diamond and Sapphire. Holidays: Yggdrasil Day and Veneralia. Moons: Grass, Fish, or Pink Moon. Signs: Aries and Taurus. Trees: Alder, Fig, and Willow.
Deities: Maia and Hestia. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Hawthorn, May Bells, and Poppy. Gemstones: Emerald and Carnelian. Holidays: Beltaine. Moons: Flower or Milk Moon. Signs: Taurus and Gemini. Trees: Ash, Fig, and Hawthorn.
Deities: Hera and Juno. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Peony, Rose, and Water Lillies. Gemstones: Moonstone and Pearls. Holidays: Litha and Summer Solstice. Moons: Honey and Strawberry Moon. Signs: Gemini and Cancer. Trees: Cedar, Oak, and Redwood.
Deities: Apollo and Athena. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Delphinium, Lotus, and Water Lillies. Gemstones: Ruby and Sapphire. Holidays: Lammas. Moons: Buck, Hay, or Rose Moon. Signs: Cancer and Leo. Trees: Hawthorn, Holly, and Oak.
Deities: Demeter and Vesta. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Poppies, Jasmine, and Violets. Gemstones: Onyx, and Peridot. Holidays: Lughnasadh. Moons: Sturgeon and Red Moon. Signs: Leo and Virgo. Trees: Alder, Cedar, and Hazel.
Deities: Cel and Astrea. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Aster, Morning Glory, and Orchid. Gemstones: Sardonyx and Sapphire. Holidays: Mabon. Moons: Corn or Harvest Moon. Signs: Virgo and Libra. Trees: Vines, Hazel, and Willow.
Deities: Hecate and Vulcan. Elements: Air wand Water. Flowers: Cosmos, Freesia, and Marigold. Gemstones: Opal and Tourmaline. Holidays: Samhuin. Moons: Harvest or Hunter moon. Signs: Libra and Scorpio Trees: Ash, Ivy, and Oak.
Deities: Hades and Isis. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, and Peony. Gemstones: Topaz and Citrine. Holidays: Samhuin. Moons: Beaver or Frosty Moon. Signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius. Trees: Reeds, Ash, and Oak.
Deities: Zeus and Khione. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Carnation, Holly, and Narcissus. Gemstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon. Holidays: Yuletide. Moons: Cold or Oak moon. Signs: Sagittarius and Capricorn. Trees: Evergreen, Holly, and Oak.
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punkpandapatrixk · a day ago
Tumblr media
This is Part 1 of a series of PACs specifically tailored to the theme of self-transformation. All of my PACs naturally carry this theme, however, the ones belonging to this series are imbued with intentions that are closely intermingled with one another. I think, there will be 5 PACs in total to complete this series.
They're all essentially timeless so it doesn't matter which ones you come across first.
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Part 1 begins with understanding what inner demons you're currently overcoming. You could be fully aware of this process, which makes the PAC a strong confirmation of your being on the right path. Or, you could be semi-aware of it, which the PAC then helps to make conscious of what you've understood just by intuition. You could even be unaware of this at the present moment, to which the PAC acts as a prompt for what's soon to take place in your current state of reality.
Our inner demons sabotage our path towards fulfilment and happiness. Regretfully, they are often implanted in your mind by someone/something else. Could even be part of a past life trauma, man.
Let's unravel the bad spell of the daemon and begin a process of developing ourselves in the direction best suited to our highest good~
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Pile 1 - Blockage of Intuitive Intelligence
Queen of Wands Rx, Queen of Cups
Priestess of Love & Green Alchemist (Nicolas Flamel)
Tumblr media
Something is blocking your intuitive abilities. It is preventing the melding of intuition and intellect in your being. If you are resonating with being a highly intuitive person, a spiritual person—maybe even a channeller or medium of sort, you may be finding that lately you're not really seeing or hearing anything. There can be various scenarios, but the key thing is, your Crown and Third Eye chakras are exhausted, that's why.
This phase has been brought about by your repressing your emotions up until this point. Yep. Clean and simple. Your Sacral chakra has been neglected by your being hard at work, drowning in worries, preoccupied with the hard stuff life has to offer. In simple terms, you haven't been able to frickin' relax in a loooong while. Your body is retaliating. Your Crown and Third Eye chakras aren't functioning at full capacity so energies can flow to the Sacral chakra instead. You need to take care of your body.
The demon you're battling is a sense of lack of self-worth. In a way, a manifestation of the lack of Love you've experienced practically your entire life. Perhaps up until now you've grown up surrounded by a harsh reality in which people tend to be mean, hard (on themselves but especially on you), judging, or even downright cruel. People never gave you a break, so you came to pick this up and grew to become hard on yourself. In your subconscious, the program says, 'If you stop working, if you're not having a tough time, if there's no challenge to tackle, you're not really doing something right.'
It's really a bullshit program, and clearly this was implanted in your subconscious through years of abusive emotional circumstances. The truth of the matter is, yes, you can prioritise yourself; yes, you can slow down and have an easy time; yes, you can be happy and live in paradise; you deserve to have peace of mind. But this isn't easy to make conscious if you don't beat the subconscious program, and this is where the battle could take years to overcome. But, it is possible to win and you're already on your way.
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Pile 2 - Lethargy and Cynicism
IV The Emperor, 3 of Pentacles
Priestess of Enchantment & Red Astrologer (William Lilly)
Tumblr media
Some things in life have disappointed you, to a point of bruising your ego, even. Things going in discordance with original plans, your being removed from a place of power/authority, hard work bearing sour fruits or no fruit at all... As a result of that, you've accumulated bitterness. It isn't an exaggeration to say you're only able to see the dark and ugly in every situation. It's a shame because you didn't start out this way. The flame in your spirit has been extinguished.
If there's any battle you're fighting now, it is with yourself. With your disappointment in people, situations, maybe even god, fate, chances, wrong timings... and mostly, yourself. At least some of you do blame yourself for things going wrong. While some others may have become professional complainers who see everything wrong in what everyone else is doing. You know this is just a projection of your shame in yourself, right?
The battle that is going on now—or soon to take place, for that matter—revolves around the theme of honesty. Your Soul is prompting you to view the roots of your lethargy and cynicism with clear eyes, and to have the courage to forgive whatever has transpired. Why is this important, you ask? So you can learn to be a bigger person in the face of challenges and adversities. Because, life goes on and more difficult things are still going to present themselves. Surely you want to grow and get stronger from now on to prepare for the future?
Wonderful discoveries come to those who are courageous. You have so much fire in you, very passionate. Rather than wasting such precious ember for hatred and bad speech, wouldn't you like to preciously invest them in passion projects instead? Things that bring back sparks to your life. As you do so, you'll slowly but surely regain your faith in humanity, or the world, or the Cosmos—whatever you're unpeaceful with.
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Pile 3 - You've not Waited in Vain
3 of Swords Rx, 7 of Pentacles
Priestess of Faith & Red Geographer (Marco Polo)
Tumblr media
Your Heart chakra is recovering. Whatever has caused you heartache, you've dealt with it for such a long time. Others can't even begin to grasp the sorrow you've had to endure. You've waited so long for things to change—to get better—and it seemed like nothing would ever ever ever change. So your heart was vanquished; you could not believe anymore.
'Heart's been broken so many times, I don't know what to believe~' — you know
First of all, you should know that prolonged states of heartache cause a major damage to your Heart chakra. For a while now, you may have been suffering from lack of energy, lack of motivation, irrational pangs of sadness, depression, just... a general sense of hopelessness. It is understandable given the things you've gone through. This doesn't make you a bad person, nor a failure. And this you must understand of yourself to win this internal battle.
The demon you are facing is the kind that's often categorised plainly and blatantly as self-sabotage. They make it sound so horrible—as if you're sabotaging your own chances of success and happiness. But in reality, it's always much more complex than that, right? You didn't purposefully put yourself through this? It's not like you want to be sad and unhappy? Other people, external circumstances, cruel personal experiences gave you this strange defence mechanism.
-You may want to look up ‘Overcoming the Wall of Awful’ on YouTube or something.-
But you knew this wasn't okay. So you worked so hard on your own internal development. You've tried to heal yourself so many times; people just don't know how hard you've tried. And so, in the process of healing you got hurt more, in different ways. And you began to question if there would ever be an end to the pain you've struggled with. It sounds so unfair, because you're such a good person. But here you are reading this: it is going to end. Much sooner than you may think if it isn't already happening. Have faith, my friend. You've not worked to no avail. Good things are ahead of you.
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Feel free to support me on Patreon if you love this kind of content🍑I create stories and tarot readings that calm the mind & heal from within🍒
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nealashitposts · 10 hours ago
Hey folks! 
This has been a very bad two months for me. I’ve been assaulted a few times making it harder then ever to hustle on top of losing my roomie very suddenly as she fled a stalker. This came at a bad time as due to the injuries my mental health took a nose dive and I found it impossible to do the sort of hustle I normally do, let alone extra hustle to pay double bills soooo if you want to help a bitch out there are two ways
You can support my Etsy! 
Tumblr media
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There’s a lot more on my shop as well so have a look! (Even if you can’t buy anything faving the shop really helps me out!)
Terrarium Treasures on Etsy Buy Neala a Ko-fi
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anxietygardening · 5 months ago
Boba Yaga
Tumblr media
Beth Sparks on Twitter
I have a love affair with the Baba Yaga mythos. I was pretty much born waiting to grow old enough to be a Baba Yaga. Pretty close. I'm at a more 'Eccentric Auntie' stage.
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septembertranquility · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Witch Aesthetics
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andyelement · 6 months ago
best downloadable books for new witches
Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
The Encyclopedia of Crystals
A Little Bit Of Pendulums
Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft (FREE)
The Symbols of Tarot
The Element Encyclopedia Of Secret Signs and Symbols
Encyclopedia of Spirits
A Little Bit of Intuition
Moon Magic
Blackthorn's Botanical Magic
these are only the tip of the iceberg, but are perfect for new witches who need to learn the very basics.
These are available in many other places than the Apple book store, but that's where I usually buy my books.
You can also look up "(title of book) PDF" and you may find a free version!
blessed be!
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