witchy-insanity · a day ago
Reasons my art teacher may be a witch (ongoing post)
~ Wears 444 necklace
~ Liked my meditation painting for a project
~ Asked me what type of crystal my kyanite necklace was
~ Said she liked my pentacle necklace ( + asked where I got it)
~ Talked about astrology in class (though it was very brief)
~ Complemented my moon + sun button up shirt
now listen, i may not go about doing this but cmon man
how does one go about asking another if they happen to be in the practice? or at least does anyone have any advice? not asking cuz i wanna ask my art teacher, just asking cuz it's a life skill i wanna know
much thanks
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dragoncastings · a day ago
Timing: Monthly
Deities: Janus. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Carnation, & Snowdrop. Gemstones: Garnet and Sugilite. Moons: Wolf or Hunger Moon. Signs: Capricorn and Aquarius. Trees: Birch, Elder, and Rowan.
Deities: Februus. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Cardamom, Primrose, and Violet. Gemstones: Amethyst, and Opal. Holidays: Imbolc and Lupercalia. Moons: Snow or Storm Moon. Signs: Aquarius and Pisces. Trees: Ash, Elm, and Shami.
Deities: Mars and Ares. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Daffodil, Jonquil, and Lavender. Gemstones: Aquamarine and Turquoise. Holidays: Ostara and Spring Equinox. Moons: Worm or Sugar Moon. Signs: Pisces and Aries. Trees: Alder, Hawthorn, and Willow.
Deities: Aphrodite and Venus. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Carnation, Daisy, and Sweet-Pea. Gemstones: Diamond and Sapphire. Holidays: Yggdrasil Day and Veneralia. Moons: Grass, Fish, or Pink Moon. Signs: Aries and Taurus. Trees: Alder, Fig, and Willow.
Deities: Gaia and Hestia. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Hawthorn, May Bells, and Poppy. Gemstones: Emerald and Carnelian. Holidays: Beltaine. Moons: Flower or Milk Moon. Signs: Taurus and Gemini. Trees: Ash, Fig, and Hawthorn.
Deities: Hera and Juno. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Peony, Rose, and Water Lillies. Gemstones: Moonstone and Pearls. Holidays: Litha and Summer Solstice. Moons: Honey and Strawberry Moon. Signs: Gemini and Cancer. Trees: Cedar, Oak, and Redwood.
Deities: Apollo and Athena. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Delphinium, Lotus, and Water Lillies. Gemstones: Ruby and Sapphire. Holidays: Lammas. Moons: Buck, Hay, or Rose Moon. Signs: Cancer and Leo. Trees: Hawthorn, Holly, and Oak.
Deities: Demeter and Vesta. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Poppies, Jasmine, and Violets. Gemstones: Onyx, and Peridot. Holidays: Lughnasadh. Moons: Sturgeon and Red Moon. Signs: Leo and Virgo. Trees: Alder, Cedar, and Hazel.
Deities: Hel and Astraea. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Aster, Morning Glory, and Orchid. Gemstones: Sardonyx and Sapphire. Holidays: Mabon. Moons: Corn or Harvest Moon. Signs: Virgo and Libra. Trees: Vines, Hazel, and Willow.
Deities: Hecate and Vulcan. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Cosmos, Freesia, and Marigold. Gemstones: Opal and Tourmaline. Holidays: Samhuin. Moons: Harvest or Hunter moon. Signs: Libra and Scorpio. Trees: Ash, Ivy, and Oak.
Deities: Hades and Isis. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, and Peony. Gemstones: Topaz and Citrine. Holidays: Samhuin. Moons: Beaver or Frosty Moon. Signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius. Trees: Reeds, Ash, and Oak.
Deities: Zeus and Kione. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Carnation, Holly, and Narcissus. Gemstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon. Holidays: Yuletide. Moons: Cold or Oak moon. Signs: Sagittarius and Capricorn. Trees: Evergreen, Holly, and Oak.
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sapphic-nature-witch · 2 days ago
Contact spirits safely and with caution. Once you open a portal you never know who or what will come through 🌕🌑
Tumblr media
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coins-crow · a day ago
fuck society, live your dreams. become the witch in the woods you want to see in the world
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m9ri6h · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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queenmoriarty · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and into the forest i go
to lose my mind
and find my soul
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tripsxxwitchery · 2 months ago
Herb and Flora Properties
Tumblr media
Acacia: Exorcism, banishing, money, love, to be burned for alter offering, aiding in psychic powers, meditation, protection                                                                          
Acorn: Strength, money and wealth, protection
Adam and Eve Roots: (TOXIC) Attract love, happiness
Adders Tongue: Healing, divination
African Violet: Protection, promote spirituality
Agaric: (TOXIC) Encourage fertility
Agrimony: Protection, banish negative energy-entities, reverse spells, break hexes, promotes sleep, psychic protection, returns spells to their senders
Ague Root: Protection, break hexes
Alder: Whistles entice the Elemental earth, water magic, strength
Alfalfa: Abundance, prosperity, money, anti-hunger, frugality, providence, place in the kitchen
Alkanet: Repel negativity, attract prosperity, purification All Heal- Mental powers
Allspice: Money, luck, healing, prosperity when burned, courage, magickal power, love, lust
Almond: Prosperity, success in business ventures, money, wisdom, love, anger management
Aloe: Protection, luck, money, repel evil, healing, beauty, success, peace                          
Aloes, Wood: Love, spirituality, money, protection  Althea - protection, psychic power, attract good spirits
Alyssum: Protection, calm anger
Amaranth: Healing, protection, healing heartbreak, invisibility Amber: Healing                                      
Ambergris: Lust, sex Anemone - health, protection, healing
Angelica: Protection, exorcism, remove curses and hexes, healing, visions, wards off negativity when sprinkled around the house, increases life energy bringing warmth of Fire element, wards off negativity when sprinkled around the house                                                                       
Anise: Divination, psychic awareness, joy, dreams, luck, love, enthusiasm, Winter Solstice, entices the spirits to aid in spells
Apple: Love, healing, garden blessing, buried in the garden on Samhain as food for the departing spirits, to be shared with one you love,  immortality, happiness, luck, broken heart, spirit food, the goddess 
Apricot: Love
Arabic Gum: Purification, spirituality, protection
Arbutus: Exorcism, protection    
Arrowroot: Protection
Asafetida: Purification, protection, exorcism
Ash: Prosperity, protection, healing, love, wands, leaves for prophetic dreams, sea rituals, longevity, peace, luck, purification, study, enhances magic, besom
Aspen: Protection, eloquence, anti-theft
Aster: Love                                                                                            
Astragalus: Fortification, Strength
Avens: Exorcism, love, purification, Exorcism, purification, love
Avocado: Beauty, love, lust
Bachelors Buttons: Love
Balm of Gilead: (TOXIC) Love, manifestations, ease a broken heart, protection, healing, love
Bamboo: Protection, luck, break hexes, wishes
Banana: Prosperity, fertility, potency
Banyan: Luck, happiness
Barley: Healing, protection, love
Basil: Exorcism, love, protection, prosperity, wealth, repels negative energy, sympathy, wealth, flying, courage, business, fertility, healing relationships, ensure faithfulness on masses  
Bay: Psychic powers, protection, healing, purification, strength, wish magick, wisdom, good luck, fertility, banish negativity, energy, insight, divination, victory, prosperity, employment, mental power, burn for psychic powers 
Bayberry: Employment
Bean: Love, protection, exorcism, wart charming, reconciliation, potency                                                                  
Beech: Creativity, wishes, fertility, balance mental health
Beet: Love
Belladonna: (TOXIC) Visions, astral protection, divination
Benzoin: Purification, prosperity, astral projection, confidence, protection
Bergamot: Success, money, confidence, protection, prosperity, employment, unwanted advances
Be-Still: (TOXIC) Luck
Betony: Love, healing, burn at Litha for purification, protection; place under pillow to be rid of nightmares; sprinkle around doors to ward off despair, psychic awareness
Birch: Purification, protection, exorcism, cleansing, beauty, catalyst, blessing, health, besom, beginnings
Bistort: Fertility, psychic powers
Bittersweet: (TOXIC) Protection, healing, broken heart
Black Cohosh: Courage, love, protection, potency
Black Hellebore: (TOXIC) Invisibility, exorcism, astral projection
Black pepper: Courage, protection
Black Snakeroot - Love, lust, money
Blackberry: Healing, protection, prosperity, money, pies for Lughnassadh
Blackthorn: Returns evil to it's sender
Bladderwrack: Psychic powers, protection, money, water or sea spells, wind spells, travel,  psychic Clarity
Bleeding Heart: Love
Blessed Thistle: Protection, animal healing, abundance
Bloodroot: (TOXIC) Love, purification, protection
Bluebell: Luck, truth
Blueberry: Protection
Blue Cohosh Root: Courage, balance, protection 
Blue Flag: (TOXIC) Money, wealth, success in business
Bodhi: Wisdom, fertility, protection, meditation
Boneset: Protection, exorcism
Borage: Courage, psychic powers, carry leaves for protection
Bracken: Protection, healing, fertility, prophetic dreams, rune magick
Brazil Nut: Love
Briar: Add to tea for clairvoyant dreams, protection
Briony: (TOXIC) Mage magick, protection, money
Bromeliad: Protection, money
Broom: (TOXIC) Divination, wind spells, purification of the circle, hung indoors for protection
Bryony: (TOXIC) Pleasure, reveal secrets 
Buchu: Prophetic dreams, psychic powers
Buckeye: Luck, divination, money, wealth, prosperity, gambling
Buckthorn: Protection, exorcism, wishes, legal matters
Buckwheat: Protection, money
Burdock: Protection, healing, wards off negativity, purifies, protects (washing floors or dried root on red string around the neck), happy home, clears space & holds the space safe, spirit of north
Cabbage: Luck
Cactus: Protection, chastity
Calamus: (TOXIC) Luck, protection, healing, money, purification
Calendula: Stress management , opening to the 3rd Chakra, helps energy move outward from center of body extending in all directions
Camellia: Prosperity, wealth, luxury
Camphor: (TOXIC) Healing, divination, chastity, past lives, prophetic dreams, purification, psychic awareness, unwanted advances
Caper: Lust, love, potency
Caraway: Protection, lust, healing, mental powers, repel negativity, psychic healing, vitality, energy, magickal power, anti-theft
Cardamon: Lust, love, burned in love spells and in love sachets
Carnation: Protection, strength, healing, altar offering to the goddess, strength
Carob: Protection, health
Carrot: Fertility, lust, vision, the God aspect
Cascara Sagrada: Protection, money, legal matters
Cashew: Prosperity, money, communication
Cassia: Psychic awareness, spirituality
Castor: (TOXIC) Protection, repel negativity
Catnip: Love, beauty, happiness, power, courage, positive cat magik, friendship, joy, anger management, depression management, familiars
Cat Tail: Lust
Cayenne: Exorcism, healing
Cedar: Healing, purification, money, protection, cleansing, courage, stopping sexual harassment, prosperity, aura field and space
Celandine: Joy, protection, happiness, escape, legal matters, depression management
Celery: Lust, psychic powers, mental clarity, concentration, peace
Centaury: Snake removing
Chamomile: Purification, tranquility, money, sleep-rest (tea), love, luck, meditation, prosperity, incense for the God, gambling, hex breaking, legal matters, peace, dreams, dexterity, protection
Chapparal: Fire element rituals, Protection, Spirit of South 
Cherry: Love, divination, burn chips at sabbats, creativity , victory
Chestnut: Love
Chickweed: Love, fidelity
Chicory: Favors, frugality, remove obstacles, invisibility, frigidity, liberation
Chili Pepper: Fidelity, love, break hexes
China Berry: (TOXIC) Luck, change
Chrysanthemum: (TOXIC) Protection
Cilantro: Health
Cinchona: Protection, luck
Cinnamon: Prosperity, success, spirituality, healing, lust, protection, love, psychic powers, passion, power, dreams, strength, astral projection, courage, money, purification, personal empowerment
Cinquefoil: Money, protection, sleep, prophetic dreams, purification, lust, prosperity, divination dreams 
Citron: Healing, eaten to increase psychic powers
Civet: Love, lust, sex
Cloth-of-Gold: Animal communication
Clove: Protection, exorcism, purification, love, money, mental clarity, burn for wealth, wards off negativity, counter spells, cleansing, divination, luck, depression management, psychic awareness, prophetic dreams, happiness, gossip 
Clover: Success, protection, money, exorcism, love, fidelity, consecration, beauty, luck, youth, healing, faeries, prosperity
Club Moss: Protection, power
Coconut: Purification, protection, chastity, Water
Cohosh, Black: Courage, protection, potency, menopause
Coltsfoot: Love, psychic visions, healing, wealth, prosperity
Columbine: Courage, love
Comfrey: (TOXIC) Money, root or leaves for healing, carry for safe travel, protection, stress management, safe Journeys (Worldly or through Meditation) , Winter Solstice 
Copal: Love, purification, exorcism, protection, spirituality, earth element, sets sacred space, allows guides and guidance to come
Coriander: Love, health, healing, protection, longevity
Corn: Divination, protection, luck, money
Cornflower: Psychism
Cornsilk: Water element, stimulates flow
Cotton: Luck, healing, protection
Cowslip: Youth, healing, treasure finding, luck, love, psychic dreams
Crocus: Love, visions, wisdom
Cubeb: Love
Cuckoo-Flower: Love, fertility
Cucumber: Healing, fertility, chastity
Cumin: Exorcism, protection, prevents theft, fidelity, love
Curry: Protection, exorcism
Cyclamen: Fertility, protection, happiness, lust, broken heart
Cypress: Healing, protection, comfort, longevity, peace, sleep, liberation
Daffodil: Love, luck, fertility
Daisy: Love, lust, Luck, depression management, faeries and elves, happiness
Damiana: Divination, love, lust, sex magick, dreams, visions, psychic powers, opens door between worlds
Dandelion Leaf and Root: Purification, divination, wishes, calling spirits
Date Palm: Potency, fertility
Datura: (TOXIC) Protection, sleep, break hexes
Deerstongue: (TOXIC) Lust, psychic powers, gossip management
Devil's Bit: Love, protection, luck, exorcism
Devil's Shoestring: Protection, luck, gambling, power, employment
Dill: Love, lust, seeds draw money, leaves for protection, flowers for love
Dittany of Crete: Manifestations, astral projection
Dock: Money, healing, fertility
Dodder: Love divination, knot magic
Dogbane: Love
Dogwood: Protection, wishes
Dong Quai, Slices: Health, vitality, fire element rituals
Dragons Blood: Power, protection, exorcism, potency, love, courage, fortune, catalyst, magick power, strength, purification, stimulates action of other herbs in incense blend, stimulates movement of energy
Dulse: Harmony, lust
Dutchman's Breeches: Love
Ebony: Protection, power
Echinacea: Strengthening spells, health, strength, wards off negativity or undesirable energies
Edelweiss: Invisibility, bullet-proofing
Elder: (CAUTION: SEEDS ARE POISONOUS, TOXIC)  Money, wishes, theft protection, exorcism, healing, prosperity, sleep, wards negative thoughts when used as wind chimes, blessings, do not burn the wood of elder for it is sacred to Hecate, see fairies in the trees at Litha, flowers used as an alter offering, berries for esbat wine, flowers added to candle spells directed at hecate during the new moon, cleansing, offering
Elderberries: Prosperity, protection, sleep, joy, visions, banishing, energy, ancient wisdom, contactwith elementals, invoke magic
Elderflower: Purifying, healing
Elecampane: Love, protection, psychic powers, anger management
Elm: Protection, love, attracts elves
Endive: Love, lust
Eryngo: Peace, love, lust, traveler's luck
Eucalyptus: (TOXIC) Healing, protection, joy, purification, air element rituals
Euphorbia: (TOXIC) Protection, purification
Eyebright: Joy, psychic powers, mental clarity, mental ability and clarity, visions
False Unicorn Root: Connection to magical realm, contains energy and intention
Fennel: Protection, exorcism, healing, purification, virility, sacred to the God, hung over doors at Litha, strength, courage, money
Fennel Seed: Stimulates movement
Fenugreek: Prosperity, wealth, money, mental powers, clearing
Fern: (TOXIC) Money, wealth, eternal youth, protection, outside for rain, luck, riches, health, exorcism
Feverfew: Protection, wards sickness, wards accidents in traffic
Fig: Divination, fertility, love
Figwort: Protection, health
Fir: Health, prosperity, birth and rebirth 
Flax: Luck, money, protection, purification, beauty, psychic powers, healing, health, initiates flow
Fleabane: Exorcism, protection, chastity
Forget-Me-Not: Mental powers
Foxglove: (CAUTION: POISONOUS, TOXIC) Faeries and elves, lust, grow in garden for protection of the house and yard
Fragrant Bedstraw: Love
Frankincense: Exorcism, purification, protection, spirituality, power, meditation, blessing, concentration, banishing, courage, divination, healing, love, purification, consecration, sets sacred space, sets safe space for guides to come in, spirit of east or north
Fumitory: Money, exorcism
Furz/egorse: Burn at Ostara for protection and as a preparation for any conflict
Fuzzy Weed: Love, hunting
Galangal: Protection, legal matters, lust, health, money, psychic powers, break hexes, energy, strength, courage
Gardenia: Love, peace, healing, spirituality, psychic awareness
Garlic: Protection, healing, health, exorcism, lust sacred to Hecate, flowers for altar offerings, cloves for protection, anti-theft, wishes, relief from nightmares
Gentian: Power, love, break hexes, wishes, theft
Geranium: (TOXIC) Courage, abundance, health, love, protection, fertility
Giant Vetch: Fidelity
Ginger: Love, money, success, power, aphrodisiac, psychic ability, apathy, lust, good health, magickal power, fire element rituals, brings into existence, bringer of the manifestation, 3rd chakra vitality, inner strength, stimulates flow of energy, spirit of south
Ginseng: Longevity, sexual potency, protection, healing, love, lust, wishes, beauty, vitality, fertility, desire, encourages a long lasting affect, strength
Goat's Rue: Healing, health
Goldenrod: Prosperity, money, divination, luck
Goldenseal: Money, healing
Gorse: Protection, money
Gotu Kola: Meditation
Gourd: Protection
Grain: Protection
Grains of Paradise: Love, lust, luck, money, wishes
Grape: Mental clarity, money, fertility, garden magick, happiness
Grass: Psychic powers, protection
Ground Ivy: Divination
Groundsel: Health, healing
Gum Mastic: Magickal power
Hawthorn: Happiness, fertility, powerful wands, protection, chastity, fishing magick, faeries and elves, purification, business, depression management, purity, cleansing
Hawthorne Berries: 4th chakra strength and vitality, love, contentment
Hazel: Luck, fertility, protection, wishes, nuts strung on cord in house or ritual room to invite the help of plant fairies, used for wands, healing, anti-lightning, love, aphrodisiac, wisdom, divination, mental powers, intelligence, inspiration
Heather: Luck, protection, red to start or end an affair, white for protection, purple for spiritual development, use at samhain to invite spirits to visit, rain making, spirituality
'Heliotrope: (TOXIC) Exorcism, prophetic dreams, healing, wealth, invisibility, money, spirituality, prosperity, psychic awareness
Hellebore, Black: (TOXIC) Protection
Hemlock: (TOXIC) Astral projection, diminish libido, power, purification, charging, alignment
Hemp: Healing, love, visions, meditation
Henbane: (TOXIC) Love, luck, divination, invisibility
Henna: Healing, health, love, change, dying material
Hibiscus: Love, lust, divination, 5th Chakra
Hickory: Legal matters
High John the Conqueror: (TOXIC) Strength, confidence, health, love, money, success, happiness, break hexes, increase strength, legal matters, anointing, victory
Holly Thistle: Purification, break hexes
Holly: Protection, luck, dream magic, anti-lightning, balance, dreams, enhances magic, holiness, consecration, beauty 
Honesty: Money, protection
Honeysuckle: Protection, money, psychic powers, confidence, broken heart, luck, happiness, healing, depression management
Hops: Healing, sleep, stress management, opens the channel in and out of the body in relationship with the universe 
Horehound: Exorcism, healing, purification, protection, mental clarity, balance, banishing, opens air element within body & in the world, opens channel for clear communication
Horse Chestnut: (TOXIC) Healing, money
Horseradish: Exorcism, purification
Horsetail: Fertility
Houseleek: Love, luck, protection
Huckleberry: Protection, luck, dream magic, break hexes
Hyacinth: (TOXIC) Business, court cases, sleep, depression management, love, protection, happiness
Hydrangea: Break hexes
Hyssop: Healing, protection, purification, wards negativity, prosperity, money, banishing, dragon energy
Indian Paint Brush: Love
Iris: Purification, wisdom, courage, reincarnation, spirituality, happiness
Irish Moss: Luck, money, protection, opens throat, opens channel for clear communication
Ivy: (TOXIC) Divination, protection, healing, fertility, love, fidelity
Jasmine: Divination, love, money, prophetic dreams, sleep, prosperity, spirituality, visions, confidence, broken heart, astral projection, business, court cases
Jimson Weed: Protect against evil spirits
Job's Tears: Luck, wishes, healing
Joe-Pye Weed: Love, respect
Juniper: Protection, love, exorcism, health, anti-theft, banishing, peace, wishes, aphrodisiacs, sets sacred space, spirit of north
Kava Kava: Lust, protection while traveling, astral projection, visions, luck, visions, protection, love, opens one to receiving guidance and guides
Kelp: Wind spells, psychic powers, protection, connection to divine source through the physical and spiritual, unity, life-force strengthening, spirit of center
Knotweed: Health, binding spells, protection
Lady's Mantle: Love, self control
Lady's Slipper: Protection
Larch: Protection, anti-theft
Larkspur: Protection, health
Lavender: Protection, call in good spirits, love, sleep, longevity, happiness, peace, healing, burn for purification, peace, use in bath for purification, burn at Litha as an offering, psychic awareness, chastity, liberation, menopause, childbirth, grief or loss, youthful vigor, stress management, travel, anger management, attracts elves
Leek: Exorcism, love, protection
Lemon: Purification, love, friendship, longevity, cleansing, healing, peace, success, broken heart, anger management, devotion
Lemon Balm: Love, success, healing, depression management, aphrodisiac, soothe emotional pain after relationship ends
Lemon Verbena: Protection, purification, love, power, beauty, youth, happiness, peace, mental and emotional balance, summer solstice
Lemongrass: Psychic powers, mental clarity, lust, repel snakes
Lettuce: Love divination, sleep, protection, chastity, luck
Licorice: Love, lust, fidelity, aphrodisiac, meditation, harmony
Life-Everlasting: Health, healing, longevity
Lilac: Eorcism, protection, purification, beauty, love, peace, psychic awareness
Lily: Protection, exorcism, repel negativity, truth, break love spells, strength, purification, breaking hexes
Lily of the Valley: (TOXIC) Mental clarity, happiness, insight, depression management, peace
Lime: Healing, love, protection, cleansing, happiness, purification
Linden: Healing, protection, luck, love, sleep, bark for protection, leaves and flowers for immortality, good fortune, youth, attraction, longevity 
Liquid Amber: Protection
Liverwort: Love, protection
Lobelia - (TOXIC) healing, love
Loosestrife: Peace, protection, harmony, purple restores harmony and brings peace
Lotus: Protection, spirituality, love, lock opening, liberation, mental powers
Lovage: Love, attraction, cleansing, purification
Love Seed: Love, friendship
Lucky Hand: Protection, luck, money, travel, employment
Mace: Psychic powers, mental clarity, divination'
Maguey: Lust
Magnolia: Fidelity, past lives, peace, sex, broken heart, beauty, wisdom
Mahogany, Mountain: Anti-lightning 
Maidenhair: Beauty, love
Male Fern: Luck, love
Mallow: Love, protection, exorcism
Mandrake: (TOXIC) potency, exorcism, protection, fertility, money, love, health, protection, catalyst, prosperity, divination, increase psychic powers, aphrodisiacs, cursing enemies, building, banishing, protection in the subconscious, unconscious and underworld,
Maple: Money, longevity, love
Marigold: Prophetic dreams, protection, legal matters, marriage spells, enhanced psychic powers, pick in full sun, business and legal matters, clairvoyant dreams, mixed with water and rubbed on the eyelids to see fairies
Marjoram: Protection, love, happiness, health, money, depression management, prosperity
Marshmallow: Healing, friendship, boundaries, love, protection, strength, emotional balance'
Masterwort: Protection, strength, courage
Mastic: Psychic powers, lust, manifestations, love, magick power
May Apple: (TOXIC) Money, prosperity
Meadow Rue: Love, divination
Meadowsweet: Love, divination, peace, happiness, harmony, 3rd chakra
Mesquite: Healing
Milk Thistle: Creativity, protection, dispel, transformation
Mimosa: Love, protection, prophetic dreams, purification, past lives, visions
Mint: Exorcism, protection, money, lust, healing, travel, alter offering for helpful spirits , love, luck, anger management, dreams, abundance, prosperity, rejuvenation
Mistletoe: (TOXIC) Healing, protection, love, fertility, health, exorcism, hunting, success, catalyst, lust, liberation, sexual potency 
Molukka: Protection
Moonflower: Liberation
Moonwort: Love, money, divination
Morning Glory: (TOXIC) Peace, happiness, depression management
Moss: Luck, money
Motherwort: Balances within, self empowerment, 2nd chakra
Mugwort: Astral projection, strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, divination, rub fresh herb on crystal balls and magick mirrors to increase their strength, pick on full moon night, clairvoyance, purification, sex, renewal, fertility, clearing, sleep, visions, opens one to the teachings of the subconscious and unconscious self, 6th and 7th chakras
Mulberry: Protection, strength
Mullein: Exorcism, health, protection, courage, love divination, calling spirits, dreams, opens life energy flow through the body
Musk: Purification, sex
Mustard: Fertility, protection, mental clarity, health, money
Myrrh: Spirituality, purification, protection, healing, exorcism, wards negativity, burn for purification and consecrations, banishing, sets sacred space, ancient wisdom
Myrtle: Peace, money, love, youth, fertility, sleep, healing, prosperity
Narcissus: Peace
Nasturtium: Healing
Neroli: Love
Nettle: Exorcism, protection, healing, lust, abundance, 3rd and 6th chakra, banishing, stress management, gossip management
Niaouli: Protection
Norfolk Island Pine: Protection, anti-hunger
Nutmeg: Protection, money, health, luck, fidelity, break hexes, burn for prosperity, love, psychic awareness, relief from nightmares
Nuts: Fertility, prosperity, love, luck, use for tips on wands, gifts, communication
Oak: Protection, health, money, healing, potency, fertility, luck, the God, wands, burn leaves to purify the atmosphere, acorns draw money, burn wood for good health, acorns draw money, power, balance, prosperity
Oak Moss: Court cases, money, protection 
Oats: Money, offering to the god, stress management
Oleander: (TOXIC) Love
Olive: Healing, peace, fertility, potency, protection, lust, victory, spirituality
Onion: Exorcism, healing, protection, purification, money, prophetic dreams, lust
Orange: Love, divination, luck, money
Orange Bergamot: Prosperity, success, energy, joy, friendship, success, prosperity, psychic awareness, peels for love, incense for good fortune  
Orchid: Love, psychic powers
Oregon Grape: Money, prosperity
Orris: Divination, protection, love, prosperity, money, clairvoyance, sex, psychic awareness
Palmarosa: Hhealing, love
Palm Date: Fertility, potency
Pansy: Love, divination, rain magick, mental powers, strength
Papay: Protection, love, wishes
Papyrus: Protection, wisdom, self-insight
Parosela: Hunting
Parsley: Purification, protection, lust, love, fertility, prosperity
Passion Flower: Peace, sleep, friendships prosperity, increase libido, popularity, anger management, stress management
Patchouli: Money, fertility, lust, break hexes, incense for drawing money, earth, underworld, business, confidence, court cases, love, desire, prosperity, protection, success, sex, enemies
PAU D'ARCO: Fertility, wards off negativity, clears
Pea: Money, love
Peach: Exorcism, love, fertility, wishes, longevity, broken heart, youth
Pear: Love, lust
Pecan: Money, employment, prosperity, dreams, discipline
Pennyroyal: Exorcism, consecration, strength, protection, peace, healing
Peony: Exorcism, protection, purification
Pepper: Exorcism, protection, use in amulets or grow for protection, wards negativity
Peppermint: Purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers, divination, money, apathy, exorcism, insight, lust, menopause, clears energy and space
Pepper Tree: Protection, purification, healing
Periwinkle: (TOXIC) Protection, money, love, lust, mental clarity
Persimmon: Healing, luck, changing sex, insight into others
Petitgrain: Protection
Pilot Weed: Protection
Pimento: Love
Pimpernel: Protection, health
Pine: (TOXIC) Protection, exorcism, money, healing, fertility, brush outdoor ritual area with a branch to purify and sanctify, burn for cleansing, needles in money spells, spirituality, gambling, dreams, cleansing, banishing, purification, prosperity, employment, birth, rebirth, strength, life and immortality 
Pineapple: Luck, money, chastity, hospitality, protection
Pipsissewa: Money, calling in good spirits
Pistachio: Breaking love spells
Plantain: Protection, healing, strength, snake repelling
Plum: Protection, love, healing, self-confidence
Plumeria: (TOXIC) Love
Poke: (TOXIC) Courage, break hexes
Pomegranate: Divination, luck, wealth, wishes, fertility
Poplar: Money, astral projection, success
Poppy: Fertility, love, sleep, money, luck, healing, invisibility
Potato: Healing, image magick, astral projection, separation, foundations, earth energy
Prickly Ash: Love
Primrose: Protection, love
Purslane: Protection, love, happiness, luck, sleep
Quassia: Love
Queen of the Meadow: Power, protection
Quince: Protection, love, happiness
Radish: Protection, lust
Ragweed: Courage, faeries and elves
Ragwort: Protection
Raspberry: Healing, visions, protection, love, alleviates labor pains, spirit of center, spring equinox
Rattlesnake Root: Protection, money
Red Clover Blossoms: Abundance, love, money, protection, success, summer solstice
Red Root: Clears energy, dispels
Rhubarb: Health, protection, fidelity
Rice: Protection, money, fertility, rain, blessings, weather magick
Roots: Protection, divination, power
Rose: Beauty, protection, purification, love, psychic powers, healing, divination, peace, luck, courage, catalyst, sex,  sleep, prophetic dreams, anger management, love divination, abundance, attraction, prosperity
Rose Geranium: Protection
Rose Hips: Healing, luck, call in good spirits, abundance, strength, fall equinox ceremony
Rosemary: Exorcism, protection, healing, love, lust, mental clarity, sleep, youth, burn for purification, wards negativity, love, blessing, consecration, cleansing, strength, wishes, dreams, beauty, theft, healing, psychic ability, spirit of south, grow to attract elves, blessing
Rowan: Protection, success, psychic powers, healing, power, wands and amulets for knowledge, incense of leaves and berries for divination, fires to call upon spirits for help, grow for protection of the home, inspiration, wisdom, enhances magic, attracts faeries 
Rue: Exorcism, protection, purification, break hexes, health, mental clarity, healing, blessing, consecration, use in altar oil, love, money and wealth, gossip management 
Rye: Love, fidelity
Saffron: Love, lust, healing, strength, happiness, psychic powers, wind raising, depression management
Sage: Purification, protection, wisdom, longevity, wishes, health, immortality, intuition, divination, luck, prosperity, money, spirituality, menopause, psychic ability, clears, inner guide, longevity, vision
Sagebrush: Exorcism, protection, purification, joy, peace
St. John's Wort: (TOXIC) Exorcism, protection, courage, strength, happiness, health, love divination, burn at Litha to send away negativity, wear for invincibility, willpower, gathered at Litha, power, stress management
Saltpeter: Unwanted advances  
Sandalwood: Protection, exorcism, purification, wishes, healing, spirituality, full moon esbats, wards negativity, spirit offering, luck, sex, banishing, astral projection, business, success, mental powers
Sarsaparilla: Love, money, inner strength, grounding, purification
Sassafras: Money, health, healing
Senna: Love
Serpentaria Root: Love, aphrodisiacs
Sesame: Money, success in business, lust, happiness, gambling
Shallot: Purification
Shamrocks: Faeries and elves
Shepherds Purse: Sleep, depression management, healing
Skullcap: Peace, love, fidelity, stress management, anxiety management
Skunk Cabbage: Good fortune, legal matters, legal matters
Slippery Elm: Halts gossip, aids verbal communication and development, enemies, friendship, ends disputes
Sloe: Exorcism, protection, banish negative energy/entities
Snakeroot: Money, luck, break hexes, love, lust
Snapdragon: Protection, break hexes, exorcism, prophetic dreams, prosperity, gossip management, money and wealth
Solomon's Seal: Love, exorcism, protection, an offering to the elementals for their aid
Sorrel, Wood: Healing, health
Southernwood: Love, lust, protection, faeries and elves
Spanish Moss: Protection
Spearmint: Healing, love, mental clarity
Spiderwort: Love
Spikenard: Health, fidelity, love, luck, strength, wisdom, mental powers
Squill: Protection, money, break hexes, business
Star Anise: Psychic powers, luck, good fortune, spiritual powers
Stephanotis: Lust
Stillengia: Psychic powers
Straw: Luck, attracts fairies, do not burn magik infused straw, it will bring ill-fortune, used as an image to protect an area, image magick, fertility 
Strawberry: Love, luck, joy, broken heart
Sugar Cane: Love, lust, prosperity, sympathy
Sumbul: Psychic powers, love, luck, health
Summer Savory: Mental clarity and strength, mental powers
Sunflower: Wisdom, health, wishes, fertility, happiness, friendship, prosperity
Sweetgrass: Calling in good spirits, bringer of positive energy, clears, seals In, burned after white sage which clears, spirit of east
Sweetpea: Strength, courage, friendship, chastity,  truth, love
Tamarind: Love
Tamarisk: Exorcism, protection
Tangerine: Magickal power
Tansy: Healing, health, longevity
Tea: Strength, courage, prosperity, riches, health
Thistle, Holly: Purification, hex breaking
Thistle, Milk: Exorcism, protection, healing, strength, break hexes, snake enraging
Thyme: Purification, courage, psychic powers, sleep, wards negativity, burn for purification, and healing spells, love, renewal, youth, divination, prophetic dreams, faery folk, romance
Ti: Protection, healing
Toadflax: Protection, break hexes
Toadstool: (TOXIC) Rain making
Tobacco: (TOXIC) Healing, purification, offerings
Tomato: Protection, prosperity, love
Tonka: (TOXIC) Courage, love, money, wishes, luck, friendship, prosperity
Tormentil: Protection, love
Trefoil: Decorate alter, protection, luck, when taking one, leave a bit of ginger or milk poured into the ground as payment to the fairies
Trillium: Love, luck, money
Tuberose: Love, lust, peace, psychic awareness
Tulip: Protection, prosperity, love
Turmeric: Purification (used with sea salt), fortification, strength, clears aggression
Turnip: Protection, endings, banish negativity
Uva Ursa: (TOXIC) Psychic powers
Valerian: Protection, purification, love, sleep, prophetic dreams, peace, sex, friendship, anxiety management, self esteem
Vanilla: Love, lust, mental clarity, money, confidence, attracting people, magickal power, prosperity, success, wishes
Venus Flytrap: Protection, love
Vervain: Sleep, protection, purification, love, money, peace, healing, gather/burn at Litha, altar offering, brings riches, creativity, wards psychic attack, youth, chastity, astral projection, unwanted advances, anger management, prosperity
Vetch, Giant: Fidelity
Vetivert: Love, luck, money, break hexes, wards negativity, anti-theft, exorcism, wishes, peace, protection, prosperity, divination 
Violet: Protection, healing, love, lust, luck, wishes, peace, sleep, insight, visions
Wahoo: (TOXIC) Courage, success, break hexes
Walnut: Health, mental clarity, wishes, infertility, spirituality, travel
Watercress: Healing
Wax Plant: Protection, power
Wheat: Money, fertility, prosperity
White Willow Bark: Healing, blessings, binding, sacred earth connection between human and earth and spirit, protection, spirit of east
Wild Lettuce: Love divination, protection, sleep, opens to the deeper consciousness, attunes to deeper meanings
Wild Plum: Healing
Wild Yam: Fortification, grounding, release, 1st chakra
Willow: Protection, healing, love, burn bark with sandalwood for divination, vitality, energy, ending pain, moon magic, wishing, spirits, death passage, besom, inspiration, pyschic energy 
Wintergreen: Protection, healing, break hexes, strength, good fortune, opens channels
Winter's Bark: Success
Wisteria: Spirituality
Witch Grass: Exorcism, happiness, love, lust
Witch Hazel: Protection, chastity, healing, beauty, unwanted advances
Wolf's Bane: (TOXIC) Protection, invisibility
Wood Betony: Love, purification, protection
Wood Rose: Luck
Wood Sorrel: Healing, health
Woodruff: Protection, money, victory, add to Beltane wine to clear away barriers, success, changes, psychic awareness, prosperity 
Wormwood: (CAUTION: POISONOUS, BURN IN WELL VENTILATED AREA, PREFERABLY OUTDOORS TOXIC) Exorcism, protection, love, psychic powers, calling spirits, protection while traveling, evocation, divination, scrying (stronger when combined with Mugwort) at Samhain, sacred to the moon, good luck, clairvoyance, divination, safety in cars
Yarrow: Hhealing, divination, exorcism, protection, courage, love, psychic powers, happy marriage (wedding bouquet), wards negativity, defense, protection, gather at Litha, happiness, fidelity, broken heart, prophetic dreams, spirit of south, clears, stimulates movement
Yellowdock Root: Clears stuck energy, fortification
Yellow Evening Primrose: Hunting
Yerba Mate: Love, lust, fidelity
Yerba Santa: Protection, healing, psychic powers, beauty, clears channel to divine life force
Yew: (CAUTION: POISONOUS, TOXIC) Yule symbol for death and rebirth, used for dagger handles, raising the dead, psychic awareness, spirits
Ylang Ylang: Insight, love, past lives, peace, sex, visions
Yohimbe: (TOXIC) Love, lust
Yucca: Protection, purification, transmutation
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Boba Yaga
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Beth Sparks on Twitter https://twitter.com/sparksel/status/1387277973963878401?s=21
I have a love affair with the Baba Yaga mythos. I was pretty much born waiting to grow old enough to be a Baba Yaga. Pretty close. I'm at a more 'Eccentric Auntie' stage.
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Monthly: May
Deities: Gaia and Hestia. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Hawthorn, May Bells, and Poppy. Gemstones: Emerald and Carnelian. Holidays: Beltaine. Moons: Flower or Milk Moon. Signs: Taurus and Gemini. Trees: Ash, Fig, and Hawthorn.
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Is there anything more beautiful than a well loved old book? 🥰
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Outfit rundown Jacket: vintage Skirt: second-hand Victorian Maiden Underskirt: second-hand Blouse: The Floral Notebook Hat: vintage Shoes: Yosuke Wooden cat-mushroom brooch: present Other brooches: thrifted/vintage Candle earrings: Phantom Jewelry Sunglasses: thrifted Rings: thrifted
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Blood Moon Eclipse over Stonehenge in Wiltshire UK - over 35 images were needed to create this (my pic) 🍂💫✨
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Tarot Cards Meaning
Major Arcana
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Art credit by Paleona
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Just like a butterfly
I too will awaken in my own time
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