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biomic · 2 minutes ago
do yall think storius will become an actual character after zoobooks beefs it next ep or do you think they’ll just shuffle him off the board unceremoniously like leggy
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proteus-s · 2 minutes ago
tommyinnit is everyone's little brother and that makes me so emotional I cannot cope with that (/pos)
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doctorofthestrange · 3 minutes ago
Went for a walk today. Got some pizza & saw a neat poster in the front window of a comic shop. 😉
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Tumblr media
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snowandstarlight · 3 minutes ago
usually twitter mostly annoys me but today it brought me the excellent news that the writer/director of to all the boys i loved before is adapting a sarah dessen book (and that netflix has optioned a few others)
if both the mediator series and the truth about forever get made into movies/tv shows my teenaged self would be so satisfied
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cringemoments · 3 minutes ago
Guess who just went to their first therapist appointment and cried after the therapist said they would listen to them?
This weirdo—
I literally started crying when she said she would listen to my story and help me with my life block. No one else in my life actually lets me rant to them and always talks over me.
This is quite possibly the first person in a long long time who was just decently nice to me and it made me break down in crying hiccups.
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hscharts · 3 minutes ago
Chart Update 2021-04-23 02:04 UTC
Treat People with Kindness:
Kworb Live iTunes US: #1482 (re-entry)
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Kworb Live iTunes US: #947 (-54)
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Fine Line:
Kworb Live iTunes Album US: #55 (+6)
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Sign of the Times:
Kworb Live iTunes US: #864 (+53)
View all the current chart positions for Sign of the Times
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pachibun · 3 minutes ago
The way I told myself that I can take my sweet time with drawing only to finish up a full-blown illustrated piece in [checks file data] less than 8 hours of actual drawing time
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lucy-the-cat · 4 minutes ago
Lover’s Curse Chapter Thirteen - Lover’s Curse
Days pass without a visit, with only the ceiling tiles to aid my scheming.  My heart skids and shudders at an uneven pace, and everything--the walls, the guards, the pain--blurs around it.  Sometimes it is light.  Sometimes it is dark.  Sometimes Cal begs for me in my dreams.
It must be a week.
Is he bored of me?
I lay my head against the pillow for a noonday nap.  Footsteps draw closer, and I pull upright.  A familiar head emerges from the doorway, black hair tousled and slick with sweat.  The circles beneath his eyes may well be charcoal, bruises tithe for the nightmares he cannot have.
He has me, I suppose.
“Could you knock?”  I make a show of smoothing my hair, twisting the gray ends so they catch the light.  “I thought princes were taught better manners.”
“I’m a king.”
“Depends who you ask.”  He tenses, but I press on.  “Prince, king, monster--it doesn’t matter.  You’ll always be Maven to me.”
I can’t read his expression as he settles on the edge of my bed.  He tosses a packet onto my lap, the stiff print of government documents.  “It matters to me.”
My hands brush shakily over the surface.  “Did you like my present?”
“Read it.”
The wording is archaic and stilted, certain phrases snagging my eye while others blur to nonsense.  Protection of the Crown.  Cases of Legitimacy.  Line of Succession.  “What the hell is this?”
He chuckles, fingertips grazing my leg.  “Do you know what a royal consort is?”
“If it won’t let me punch you in the face, I’m not interested.”
“You should be.”  Maven’s eyes gleam.  “My grandfather had one.  Had Father any sense, he would have made one of Corrieanne, though I doubt Mother would have stood for it.”
“I don’t care about your parents’ love lives.”  I yawn.  “I barely care about yours.”
“It’s a title granted to royal lovers.”  His hand retreats from my thigh.  “You’ll have an official place in my court, and the protection of the Crown.  You’ll never be interrogated by a Merandus again.  Just sign the dotted line.”
“What’s the rest?”  I flip through the papers.  “I’m not agreeing to 37 pages of paperwork so you can brag about fucking me.”
Maven chokes, but swiftly recovers.  “Mostly terms regarding any children  we might have, but that’s--that’s--I’m too young to talk about heirs.”  His cheeks flush grey.  “There are more pertinent matters.”
“What’s in it for me?”
He traces the nearest manacle, face softening.  “These come off.”
I still.
“You had a chance to leave, and you didn’t.  I can trust you without them.  Provided you sign, of course.”
It’ll be like before.  A red princess, paraded on Maven’s arm, a symbol of hope to dull us into complacency.  At least I get to keep my name.
My hand shakes as I grasp the pen.  “No more silent stone?”
“Never.”  He grips my shoulders, mouth at my ear.  “Unless you give me reason.”
Fire sings in my blood as I yank him closer.  “Then I’ll never leave.”  My lips graze his, close enough to bite.  “Unless you give me reason.”
“So you agree.”
“Silence.”  My fingers curl into his hair and pull, claiming his breath before he can respond.  The less he can speak, the less he can lie.  
We sink into the pillows, Maven shuddering beneath my touch.  Heat climbs up my spine and I want nothing more but to burn him and his stupid palace to the ground.  Make an M from the ashes.  M for monster.  M for murderer.  M for mistake.
M for Mare.
He caresses my body with the barest of touches, as though I were a delicate vase rather than a thorn burrowing in his heart.  One hand finds my face, guiding me away from his mouth to his glistening neck.  A little further, and I could give him hickeys to match my brand.
The thought should thrill me less.
“My queen.”
“Consort.”  I nip his trachea.  “If I sign.”
“You chose me.”
“Less talking, more gasping.”  
He slithers to my ear.  “Be specific, Mare.  Are we talking low, husky moans,  or--” His breathing grows rapid.  “Would you prefer quick, panicked gulps of air?”
“Just say my name.”
He says it like a prayer.  He says it like a curse.  He says it like a taunt, a sweet nothing, a vengeance, a promise.  He sees through me like no one else can, like no one else wants to.  “Mare.  My queen.”
I’ve given up correcting him.
I glare at my signature, freshly scrawled and painfully red, as though it will change anything.  I need the leverage this position will give me, the trust it represents.  And I need these manacles off before they smother me.
Everyone will know.
If they didn’t already.
A dark, bitter laugh escapes my throat.  Lover.  As if Maven and I have ever approached love.  Loneliness.  Desperation.  Sorrow.  A void filled with the closest body, not healing, but deepening.  Love only to fools and beggars.
To anyone else, we are a curse.
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biolumins · 4 minutes ago
the most absolutely accurate personality test i have come up with is how people react to me once they've told me personal information. like if you're one of those people who realizes later they can't trust me to stay neutral because i'm not actively favoring you or still act civil to the person you've decided is your opponent please just don't tell me anything about yourself i can't deal with the weight of your insecurity and control issues on my soul.
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unwillingly evil
you were forced. your resolve was broken slowly but surely, and now you're unsure of whether you'll ever get it back. for some reason, you believe that your current position is your fault. it isn't. it's the fault of those who did it to you. and yet you soldier on, facing forwards even as you slowly lose your will to continue. when you die, you're calm. unafraid for the first time in a while. this is the one thing they can't take from you.
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ayeti · 4 minutes ago
i have questions for ppl that have watched Bly Manor
1) let's say, hypothetically, that someone (me) is a giant chicken when it comes to scary things. Pls rate the scary on a scale of 1 - 10
2) also on a scale of 1 - 10, how gay is it?
and finally, 3) is the gay worth the scary?
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docholligay · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I'm really nervous about my bat mitzvah tomorrow. I keep reminding myself that if I fuck up, the worst it can be is embarrassing and embarrassment is survivable. They can't take my Judaism away if I freeze up and forget a prayer I've done a thousand Shabbats, no one is going to do anything but tease me if the rabbi has to stage whisper every word in Hebrew for my portion, and if someone thinks my dvar torah was a little spicy, well, okay, basically every Shavuot talk I've ever given is some Jewish version of Sinners In the Hands of an Angry God.
Tomorrow matters, but it also doesn't. I'll be known in my community for my elaborate onegs and deep love of arguing about Torah and Haftorah and the way I manage to invoke the Pirkei Avot at least once every six weeks. I AM bar mitzvah, and have been for years, and the ceremony is only allowing me a celebration I thought was lost to me. So there's no need to be nervous. It's about celebrating me as a part of the community, whether I end up being able to pronounce mikshol (doubtful) or if I forget a prayer tune (likely).
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