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i'm the one who groped you tight and rode you from perdition
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CEO Junior | JJK
Tumblr media
Why you had to sit through the company meeting, you didn’t know. You were just a PA and you weren’t even needed at the moment, your boss just told you to sit in the back with the other assistants and stay quiet until the end of the meeting.
When you walked in you kept your head down not wanting to make eye contact with any of the high end music producers like Min Yoongi or Jung Hoseok, they made you nervous. You took the first empty seat you could find and squeezed into it between another empty seat and girl who looked like she could kill people with only her eyes.
You doodled on your note pad as the meeting began, only looking up when the heavy door came open revealing a guy in black baggy cargo pants and a oversized crewneck to match. He waved over to Hoseok with a goofy grin which was returned with a pointed look. He just chuckled and moved across the room to claim the empty plastic chair beside you.
He smelt good, like a warm fall scent that was oddly comforting for spring. You weren’t sure exactly what he did for the company, maybe he was also an assistant but you would guess not by the way he presented himself. Maybe he was a dancer but that wouldn’t explain why he was here. He did seem to know Hoseok so maybe he was a producer...but why wasn’t he at the long meeting table as well?
You mindlessly doodled his black combat boots that he kicked back and forth across the gray carpet under his feet. “Are those mine?” He asks in a whisper, tapping his finger under the awful excuse for a drawing.
Your cheeks heated up instantly. You hadn’t meant to start drawing them, you just had a bad habit of recreating whatever you saw and since you refused to look up from the floor it was either drawing your dull navy blue flats or his intricately laced boots.
You shook your head, not wanting to speak since Namjoon made you promise to be quiet. You barely knew one another in school, just saying hi in passing. But you still followed one another on social media and he was kind enough to offer you his PA job when he saw your pity posts about losing your previous job. It was a low point for you but after Namjoon started becoming a constant in your life things got better. He was more of a friend than a boss but you still chose to respect his wishes.
“I don’t believe you.” He chuckles earning a glare from Hoseok, but you didn’t see it. “But I think it looks really good. Think you can draw my watch?”
He held his wrist out in front of your face and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t interested in the shading and curvatures of his stainless steel watch. You nodded, finding a clean spot on the paper and started sketching it out while he held us wrist as still as possible, eyes focused on the way you guided the pen around the corner of the paper.
The meeting went on like that, you not saying a word but drawing everything he pointed out to you like the purse of the girl beside you and the company logo painted on the wall above the CEO at the head of the table. He whispered little compliments in your ear or suggested little details to adding mushrooms to a shoelace or a person climbing out of the purse. He was very entertaining and you couldn’t help the frown on your lips when the meeting was called to an end.
You stood up, dusting off your pencil skirt and waved a goodbye to the man before he could object and made your way to Namjoon who was waiting by the door for you with a pleased smile. The other man had to face a very livid Hoseok who pulled him out of the room by his sleeve in a haste.
“Thank you for staying quiet in there, I know you didn’t want to come and having you there is some stupid rule the company set. I hope you weren’t too bored.” Namjoon explains with his hands buried in his slack pockets as he led the way back to his corner office.
“No, I drew a little bit.” You hum, walking through the door he held open and made your way to your slightly smaller desk in the corner.
“Can I see?” He questions, popping a mint in his mouth and sliding onto the top of his desk, patting the empty space beside him.
You nodded and slid into the spot, opening the notepad and explained what each doodle was and where you got the idea and why there was a clock where Yoongi’s face should be.
“Oh, you met Jungkook?” He asks, remembering who you’d been sitting with and putting two and two together.
“Is that his name?” You question, taking a mental note of it.
He nodded, “Yeah, he’s the CEO’s son. He designed the company logo. He’s supposed to take over when his Dad retires in a few years and poor Hoseoks in charge of making sure he gets in line for it.”
That would explain Hoseoks clear distaste for the man—for Jungkook. “He didn’t seem like he was very interested in the job.”
“He isn’t.” Namjoon laughs and leans back on his desk with his hands planted behind him. “He doesn’t want to be in charge of the label, he wants to be signed to it. But Daddy Jeon says no.”
“That’s horrible.” You frown, tracing the end of one of the drawings with your thumbnail. “Is he a decent singer? Have you heard him?”
He nodded again with a big smile. “He’s really talented and could easily make a good career out of it but like I said, he can’t. He and Hoseok are actually good friends too, he got us both hired here. That’s why the big man is so hard on Hoseok, he wants him to earn his place here or some shit.”
“What about you? Have you earned your place?”
“I hope so. He doesn’t really talk with me. When I asked if you could be my PA he refused at first and said I didn’t need one which is true. But then Jungkook vouched for you and next thing you know his Dad is saying yes and telling maintenance to put an extra desk in here.”
“He got me hired?” You ask. You’d worked under Namjoon for a few months now and this was all brand new information to you.
“He did. I did too, let’s not forget.” He shoves your shoulder.
“Forever my knight in a suede suit.” You tease but he only rolls his eyes.
“Very funny. But really, you should thank him. He didn’t know you at all and still took a chance on you.”
You nodded and slid off the desk, fixing your skirt and getting directions to Hoseoks office. When you arrived all you found was a very stressed Hoseok, rubbing his temples and staring at an unusually bright monitor.
“Mr. Jung?” You ask, knocking your knuckles against the open door. His head turned toward you, giving you a small polite smile and signaled you over with a nod of his head.
“What can I help you with Miss?” He even sounded tired.
“Do you know where I can find Jungkook?” You asks sheepishly. You swore there was a factory for the company that made these unearthly, handsome men.
“What did he do now?” He groans, rubbing at his face in frustration.
“I find that hard to believe. If he’s printing off photo copies of his lunch again just tell me.” Poor man, Jungkook clearly gave him a hard time.
“No, honestly. I was sitting with him during the meeting and Namjoon told me he got me hired so I wanted to thank him for giving me the chance to work here.” You reply honestly.
Hoseok studied your face for a moment and then nodded along, believing you. “He’s most likely up on the recording floor. If he’s not there then he’s hitting on the receptionists.”
You thanked him with a bow and skipped out of the room, checking with the receptionists first since she was closer but she said she hadn’t seen him all morning. Her red cheeks and shy demeanor proved that she was quite fond of the man.
You pressed the elevator button for the recording floor and rode it the way up with a janitor who looked like he was one sweaty window handprint away from jumping out of one. When you got off on the floor you were surprised by how quiet it was. You could see inside each booth, all of them empty except for one.
Min Yoongi was sitting in a swivel chair, pushing buttons and flipping switches with a massive headset on while Jungkook stood beside him with a matching set nodding his head along to whatever beat was playing. Recording was a new hire, Park Jimin. He auditioned as a back up dancer but clearly they saw more in him and thus had him signed under Mr. Min himself.
You walked into the room going unnoticed by all three men and sat on the couch, waiting until they were done. They chatted amongst one another, spewing out musical words that you didn’t understand. It wasn’t until a very friendly Jimin waved at you did the other two notice you in the room.
“Can I help you?” Yoongi asks first, not hiding his annoyance that someone was interrupting him.
“Be nice Yoongs.” Jungkook nudges him and smiles widely at you. “Maybe she wanted to see the master at work.” Yoongi grumbled something under his breath but you didn’t miss his blushing cheeks when he turned back to Jimin who was watching and not having clue what was being said.
“I actually need to talk with you.” You nodded to Jungkook who pointed to himself in question just to be sure he heard you right. “Yes you.”
“Let’s talk outside so grumpy can get back to work.” Jungkook laughs, smacking the older man on the back and guiding you out into the hall.
“How can I help you Miss Y/N?” He asks, sliding his hands into his back pockets and leaning forward allowing you to smell that warm scent again that had your sense going insane.
“Namjoon told me you vouched for me to get hired?” You question even though you didn’t doubt what Namjoon said. He was an awful liar, so he usually didn’t do it.
He nodded, “I did.”
“Why?” You meant to thank him but you needed to know why he’d take a chance on someone he knew nothing about. Someone who’d he be in charge of one day, responsible for their mistakes...
“Why did I convince my Dad to hire you?” You nodded. “Because Namjoon is a great judge of character, I trust him to make good decisions. So when I came into the office and saw him begging my Dad to hire you I knew you had to be worth it, and I was right. I know PA’s aren’t the top dogs of a business but you’re still important. You respect Namjoon and he speaks highly of you.”
“Oh...” You trail on, fully expecting him to say something about how great your ass looks in a skirt like Kim Taehyung the front maintenance guy does when he’s drinking on the job which is every morning. A handsome guy no doubt but he had alcoholism and sucked at trimming bushes. Yet they kept him. “Well thank you.”
“Thank you for not letting me down.” He grins, showing off his large front teeth. It was cute. “Is that all you needed?”
“Yes Sir!” You smile and bow. “I’ll be getting back up to Namjoons office now. Thank you again.”
Your flats slapped against the tile but heavy boots followed your trail and then a hand capped over your shoulder, halting you. “You know...the logo on the building is getting kind of old and when I take over I want to change it. Maybe we can meet for lunch soon and you can help me sketch out some of my ideas?”
You smiled and a rush of confidence went through you. “Like a date?” You tease.
“Exactly like a date.” He confirms with a wink, taking your smile as a yes and yelling out that he’d get your number from company records before you could reject him.
I realize I cannot keep up with a series to save my life so I’m keeping this as a one shot. Also, I’m writing on my mobile so this is unedited and I’m too lazy to proofread.
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A Fate Unimagined - Chapter Fifteen.
Tumblr media
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Previous Chapters - One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
“Rin, it won’t bloody work! Would you just listen to reason, for once in your life?”
“Yes, it will! I’ve done it before!”
“Well, we’re not doing it now, not in this situation. Now, shut the fuck up and keep quiet, before they hear you. Do not go against me, let’s not have a repeat of the basilisk incident.”
It was moments like that, when she was being insufferably difficult over a plan of attack, that Geralt sneered at the very thought that she could be anything more to him, pissing him off as she did.
He knew it’d rear its ugly head again at some point, both of them being quite self-righteous, stubborn people, her more so than him though. This time she actually did listen to him, albeit begrudgingly.
She remembered her failing when he mentioned what had happened with the basilisk, realising to go against him here would be significantly more dangerous. Maybe he was right and she wrong, either way though they dispatched of the vampire nest quickly and efficiently, receiving a handsome payment for it.
As they were riding away from the homestead of the family who had hired them, cutting across the fields to return to the village they were staying at, they both suddenly got the feeling of being watched by many eyes.
Dismounting their horses, they drew their swords, on high alert as suddenly people carrying fiery torches emerged from the darkness all around, Rin casting her hands around them and encircling them with a protective barrier of fire.
“That abomination that you carry cannot remain, ember,” a man, a sorcerer so he revealed himself to be spoke, walking right through the flames. His skin was as black as night, his eyes all the way white, cutting an imposing figure at his colossal height.
Geralt threw an Axii at him, the sorcerer anticipating such and deflecting it before sending out his own magic, directed right at Rin. “It cannot remain!” He shouted strongly as she clutched her stomach, doubling over in agony.
The sorcerer then dealt with the immediate threat, holding out his other hand to physically disable Geralt from being able to either help her or harm him, the witcher utterly enraged as he fought against the magic binding him to the sport.
Rin screamed in pain, trying not to let fear flood her, remembering exactly who and what she was, this coupled with her instinct to protect her baby as she threw a fireball at him, the sorcerer then dodging it. It was exactly what she wanted though, her fire magic revealing itself as a flaming silhouette of herself stepping from the circle of fire, ensnaring him as it dragged him to his fiery death.
She then made the fire die down, both she and Geralt drawing their swords to do battle with the remaining men. It might have been eleven against two, but they were soon cut down by them, heads split in two, throats slashed, guts spilled.
It seemed they gravely underestimated the combined power of two beings both trained to fight as efficiently as they’d been, especially where protecting their unborn child was concerned.
“You, I will let you live, but only to carry a message back to the Sanctuary. Do not come for us, or we will slowly slaughter every last one of you. What I carry within me is no abomination, she is our child and we will be cold and dead before we allow any of you to harm her.
“You’ve witnessed what we’ve done here, know we are capable of worse. Remember it.” Rin spoke as she held the man at the tip of her sword, lowering it and stepping close to him, pressing her hand to his face and making him roar in agony as she burned him. “I am Rin of Rholkrhaden. You will fear me.”
With her handprint emblazoned onto his face, the man scuttled back and ran for his life, Rin frowning in his wake.
“I’ve never seen you unleash anything the likes of that before, nor the fire silhouette,” Geralt commented, resting his hand on her shoulder as he came to stand behind her.
“I keep my cards close to my chest,” she spoke, turning as she lovingly stroked her belly. He loved it when she did that, he found it very touching to see someone of such resolute and fortitude soften when it came to their child. “She’s okay too. I see the concern in your eyes. Listen though, for I can hear her heartbeat when I concentrate, so you should be able to as well.”
He tuned out all other noise, his own heartbeat fading, picking up on Rin’s before focusing harder. He then heard it, strong and speedy. It made him smile in a way Rin had never seen before, his hand covering hers.
Wrapping her arm around him, she sank against his embrace, turning her head and kissing his chest affectionately, forgetting for a second. She quickly composed herself, clearing her throat and pulling away from him to retrieve Blanche.
If she was honest, she did sometimes wonder if they could ever be more than friends. She found herself dissecting it a lot, especially in the small hours while he slept beside her. What truly separated friends from a relationship? Sex. They had sex. Quite a lot of it, in fact.
This couldn’t be where the line blurred though. Rin wasn’t very typical in so much that she equated sex with love. It was a physical need for her and Geralt was a means to that end. She didn’t really feel affection towards him at all, but then she questioned this by wondering why she’d kissed his chest affectionately earlier, or why she sometimes lay awake, watching him sleep.
She deduced it was likely a fondness developing because of who he was in relation to her baby. This was where the line truly blurred, she guessed. That had to be it. She was just softening toward him emotionally because he was the father of her child.
Going forward, she didn’t have much opportunity to pursue this, for the safety of the baby as well as them became her most pertinent of thoughts. The Sanctuary were not done with them, despite her warning.
More attacks came, the sect seeming to turn up wherever they headed. When they weren’t fighting them off, they were dealing with being followed by them, the Sanctuary watching their movements from afar.
“They’re goading us, just ignore them. They want one or ideally both of us to ride after them. Let it be on their heads that neither of us are that stupid,” Geralt told her, noticing Rin repeatedly turning to see three of them sulking through the woodlands they rode through, quick to hide behind trees yet not quick enough to escape her notice.
“They’ll bring more sorcerers or sorceresses with them next time. Just another like the big, white eyed fellow we encountered in our first proper contact with them could have felled us,” she replied, Geralt snorting.
“With what you managed to do to him while doubled over in pain, I think we stand to be just fine. The next time we encounter them face to face, I would suggest that you burn them immediately rather than encircling us. They’ve nothing to say worth noting, so keeping them alive is of neither use nor benefit to us.” He suggested, Rin nodding as she slightly turned her head. They were behind them again.
Holding her reins in one hand, she waited until they were clearer of the trees before sending back a fireball of the greatest magnitude she’d used in a while, watching it propel through the air and hit two of the three following them. The third had the good sense to flee.
“Extremely impressive, young lady,” Geralt complimented her with.
“Why thank you. I aim to decimate.” He knew her words served as a double entendre from the way she’d been eyeing him all afternoon, hunger rising within her, wanting nothing more than to partake in her usual brand of heated, sexual decimation with him.
They faced a few issues in facilitating this though, the next village they arrived in not taking kindly to either of their kind, so being forced to sleep in the open air. Well, Rin slept. Geralt wouldn’t rest when he had her to protect while she was sleeping. Sex wasn’t on the agenda while they were out in the open, vulnerable to attack.
It was the same the night after, the night after that too. Sadly, persecution over witchers and embers was rife, both noting that they seemed to face adversary from all angles, further members of the Sanctuary sent to follow them again.
By the time they finally did rest, at the invite of the kind lord and lady who had hired them for a job, Geralt was exhausted. He might have had more stamina than most, but three nights without sleep had taken its toll.
“You can play with me all you like in the morning, but for now you must sleep, Geralt,” Rin told him as he lay down, pulling her astride him.
“I’ll be fine. No, I shall be incredible, in fact. Master of your desires, invocator of your pleasure,” he replied, pulling her swooped neck top down further and kissing her beautiful cleavage, his eyelids growing heavy.
“Go to sleep.” She instructed, smiling as she reached to stroke his face. Without thinking, she leaned in and kissed him, a soft kiss of feeling rather than sexual passion, a kiss he returned before he shut his eyes, his snores rumbling after a few moments.
Could he be more than a friend? Again, Rin found herself awake into the small hours, pondering that very question.
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Going Away Present
Tumblr media
RM x Reader Smut
Wrote this for a beautiful soul who gifted me with BTS goodies for my birthday :)
Summary:You’re bored and you decide to tease your boyfriend while he’s at work 
Warnings:Smut (Dom Namjoon, use of toys, blindfold, attempted orgasm denial :P, penetration), Swearing
It was midnight and you were wide awake. You were bored. You were alone and there’s only so much you could read of a Kathy Reichs novel. Namjoon was at the studio working on some solo stuff. With the guys on break none of them were at the dorm; well you think Yoongi was in but he pretty much lived in his room or the studio so you may as well be completely on your own even whether he was home or not. The dorm was huge and you just a spec in the large desolate empty space left you feeling even lonelier. You were in full lounge mode, snug fluffy pyjamas; sprawled out on the large L-shaped sofa fit for the kings the boys were. The huge flat screen rolling out the new series of Family Guy in the background, the white hue of the screen seeping into the darkness of the rest of the living room.
-How long you going to be baby-12:01
-Not sure beautiful, what are you still doing up?-12:04
-Couldn’t sleep, I’m bored, it’s so quiet here-12:10
-Anything in particular you’d like me to do about it?-12:12
You couldn’t quite decipher the tone of this message was meant, sarcastic? Cheeky? You went for cheeky
-Maybe a few, but you’re not here to exactly help me :P-12:16
- I’m sorry baby, I know I’ve been neglecting you in that department. I promise when this songs done you can have me for as long as you want-12:18
-When can we do this again?-12:16
You accompanied the message with a video Joon once took from his point of view as you rode his thigh; completely falling apart in front of the circular lens.
Your lips hiked up into a smirk, the teasing mood coming out of nowhere except depravity and boredom.
-          Shit babe! Unnecessary-12:23
-          If you’re not at my studio within 20 minutes I won’t let you cum for a month-12:24
He added in haste after the first one. You knew he’d probably already started the timer the second the two grey ticks went blue.
You’d almost forgotten how much he hated being teased, but you were reinvigorated by the thought of what your punishment would now be. You scurried through the dorm chucking on some comfy jeans; skipping the underwear. Your hoody, thankfully was thick enough to camouflage your already perked nipples.
Hair in a scruffy bun, strands straggling to the side tucked behind your ears as you was in a fluster grabbing your keys. It took about 12 minutes to get the studio you did not have time to worry about your appearance.
You drove in autopilot, arriving at your destination with no real recollection of how you even drove their safely.
The security guard cleared you through the door, looking only slightly perplexed as to the purpose of your visit. Poor guy must be sleepy; BigHit now requires a guard anytime the members are in the building. On call security being just another one of the indicators of how successful and huge they’ve become.
Every other step was skipped as you bound yourself up the stairs. 3 minutes left. Your eye caught the glimpse of the dim light coming through the door of Yoongi’s studio
So he wasn’t at the dorm
“I was actually worried you wouldn’t make it” A voice creeped from behind the chair that did not turn to face you.
“You know how I feel about teasing. You’re now not to speak unless spoken to, you’ll do as I say when I say it! And you need to be as quiet as possible, Yoongi’s next door. I’ll gag you if I have to. Understand?”
“Scuse me?” he snapped back
“Yes Sir!”
“Good, now come here” He ordered pushing the chair away from the desk slightly finally angling the chair in your direction.
Shadows still on the wall, originating from the rows of models on the shelving units, two lamps directed at table of mixer and multiple screens flooded with music programs.
“Clothes off”
You shed your clothing with slow teasing movements. He never specified how quickly. He realised this as his impatience swelled through his tired body. Not that he was complaining watching the way your behind shuffled out of the denim.
“Did you want me that badly you left your underwear at home?” Your lips turning up gave the answer before any words left your mouth
“I may have” You teased your bottom lip in between your teeth flashing those innocent eyes you was all too good at. His eyes scoped out the landscape of your skin. With the main lights off the glow set a calm ambience.
“That sounds like past tense to me baby, you must be able to wait then” His words laced with cunning.
Your chest heaved preparing a pout and a protest. His eyes widened and you thought better of it, lungs deflating in defeat.
“Stand against the wall facing me” He indicated the small space in between his desk and the start of one of his shelving units. When you’d done as he’d asked he lent down pulling a bandana from one of his desk draws before his dimple saturated smile disappeared in front of you morphing into a devilish grin signalling the increased likelihood you was about to suffer.
Leaning against the wall, steadying your balance; eyes adjusting to the darkness given by the bandana. The back of your hair slightly pinching at the knot of the makeshift blindfold. Breath hitching when his hand traced round your neck, leaving delicate trails of goose bumps descending down your skin. Your hands stayed obediently by your side; a lesson well learnt. Your shoulders pushed back into the wall; air momentarily escaping your lungs with your hips angling to his palm which was suddenly cupping your core. You could feel the heat from his body lingering centimetres from you. Every fibre wanting to stretch and pull him to you. The last thing you wanted was to be punished for being impatient and greedy.
“Mmm I think you can be wetter for me” he purred, blessing you with a slow kiss at the curve of your neck.
Is he fucking joking? You thought. Only thought! You said nothing. Something cool and rubbery was pressed into your hand. You recognised it almost instantly.
“Don’t cum! That’s only for me today” he warned in a low tone. You felt the air swirl around you. Namjoon leaving you exposed, vulnerable. You heard the puff of the leather as his behind fell back into his chair. You slipped the small oval side of one of your favourite toys inside you. Easily.
Not wet enough my arse
The even smaller oval pad of the toy sat snug to your clit. Your favourite toy yes, also your favourite when Namjoon had the remote control for it.
“Hands behind your back, no touching. Be a good girl, don’t make me tie them”
The sudden intrusion of the music into the room jolted you slightly.
The Weeknd
Of course
You waited patiently; hands behind your back. The pulses started out small, pleasant even, gently buzzing on your clit. Your head rolled against the wall, bliss smile growing on your face. You neglected to care that Joon did not have a lock on his studio door and that Yoongi could walk in at any given second; he’s probably walked in on you in worst positions than this.
“Is that nice baby?”
“More please” you whined lip toyed in between your teeth.
“Seeing as you asked so nicely” he obliged. Your head flung forward, palms bloomed flat and steadied against the wall. The vibrations at your clit and inside ramped up to full torturously quickly. All your muscles from the waist down contracting tightly in just as much shock.
“Joon please” you wailed. He chuckled in a breath, you funnelled your breathing as calmly as you could; fighting every ounce of need to voluntarily contract your muscles.
“You wanted more” he chuckled again, finally turning down the vibrations. Your palms laced with sweat. You’d rather them be tracing your own skin; nails lightly indenting across your chest. But you was going to be good and do as you were told. Mostly!
You knew he was low key punishing you for teasing him but you also knew how to get what you wanted much quicker from him. Your breathy whines and moans crept up in volume. You knew he was weak for hearing you and you knew he wouldn’t want Yoongi hearing so this was the best way to get what you wanted. You knew the sigh you heard would have been accompanied by an amused eye roll. A couple of taps of a keyboard, volume of the music grew slightly before the squeak of wheels reached your ears. You held in a wail as the vibrations had ramped up tortuously. Again. Your core tensing around the silicon egg.
“Tell me where your at baby” he whispered at the shell of your ear. His hand precise resting soft at the base of your neck
“Please, I just want to feel you, not this!” you pleaded
“Well you seem to be enjoying it! Or are you just being a brat and moaning louder so I give you what you want?”
“Well?” he added after no response from you, you were concentrating on not coming undone.
“Being a brat” you confessed in a whimper, hoping the confession would at least touch his compassionate side and stop the toy. You whined something that was completely incoherent, his body now pressed to you. He showed mercy and hit the power.
“Thought so” Your lips finally attained some attention, hot desperate attention. You kept your hands at your side until a tap on one of them indicating them free for use. They couldn’t lock and intertwine into the back of his hair any quicker if you tried. You pushed yourself further into the long awaited contact of him against you. The heat precious; absorbing every last second of it.
Joon’s hand soon left your heaving chest to dip between your thighs.
“Well I guess it’s a good thing for you I need you so fuckin bad otherwise your ass would have my handprints all over it”
“I need to have you wrapped around me, begging me to let you cum, would you like that?” He asked against your ear slipping out the toy from you
“Mmm please sir, I’ve missed you” you whined in between breaths, his lips caught against yours. His chest a welcome weight pressured against your own.
“I can tell” satisfied smirk growing as his fingers slid through your folds. Your legs tensing; fingers already stroking your velvet walls. You rewarded him a knee jerk reaction; your grip flew to his shoulders securing yourself. You held your head up as long as you could to keep it from dropping into his neck. Your legs lifting naturally locking up on his waist.
“Noise down” he breathed
“Don’t make me stuff that pretty mouth full of my cock princess”
“Let me cum baby, please I’ll be quiet” you pleaded.
“I don’t think you will be” Joon said knowingly leaving you whimpering as he pulled away you taking those tortuous fingers with him.
“Against my desk baby facing the screen” He’s already closing down windows and opening the camera. Before any protest could leave your lips your hand were gripped, back pushed towards the desk, spun round, legs kicked wider, hair tugged back. Namjoons ears’ a breath away from yours
“We’re going to make me a going away present, okay?” His ‘okay’ was of a rhetorical demand more than a genuine request. Obviously if you had any genuine objection you knew he’d stop.
“Can’t wait sir!” He slid the blindfold off you leaving it dropping it to the floor. You beamed at his reflection in the camera. The crystal clarity of every pixel emphasised the shine of his smile, wicked intent eyes fixed on your lip toyed between your teeth.
“Now I want you to be a good girl and keep eye contact with me, I want your eyes on me when I make you cum”
“Do I have to wait for your permission?” you clarified through a whine as his cock was slicking against your folds.
“I want you begging”
“Fuck Joon” you exhaled, the slow glide was damn near tortuous as he filled you up just how you needed.
“Tell me how good it feels to finally have me inside you” Your hips chased back as he slowly pulled out and going back in at the same god damn frustrating pace. It had you hissing breaths through your teeth. His eyes glistened, dancing and revelling at the struggle; you were fighting to keep your eyes open and on him. The timer of the recording going up in the corner of the screens the blinking red dot next to it.
“I missed how good your cock feels inside me…” your words with met with harder bucks into you, your balance would have been knocked off kilter if his fingers weren’t so indented at your hips. Your hair had fallen over the front of yours shoulder, distorting Joons view of your face. He would not have that. The pleasant sting on your scalp, hair rolled into his fist dragging you onto him harder and deeper. Neck strained, eyes losing the battle to overwhelming bliss, closing in defeat. Something currently Namjoon was letting go while relishing every twitch of your muscles and every staggered whine passing your lips. He couldn’t believe how much he’d missed you that his control was faltering.
“I can’t wait to have this video of you… looking so damn sexy while I fuck you next time I go away” Your mind, preoccupied with each surge of overwhelming bliss from every buck of hips.
“Please can I cum” you pleaded in a breathless whine. With his hand releasing your hair you head fell onto the back of you forearm, all muscle strength redirecting to your legs as well as your core slowly absorbing each turn of the spring.
“Do you think you’ve been good enough for me” The strength and conviction behind his words was waning. He was too lost in you and the moment and he knew it.
“Jesus Christ Joon”
“You’re right I’m sorry, it’s been too long for that” he leaned forward pressing into you just that bit deeper, the extra skin contact spreading the field of goose bumps across your skin. The moment his grip tightened at the base of the back of your neck your eyes screwed together. Your body shook with sweet convulsions. You calling out his name in between your satisfied cries.
“God” was all he managed when his hips started bucking sporadically into you.
He collapsed onto you, refusing to leave you cos he’d missed you so god damn much.
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valeriethepussycats · 2 years ago
All Night Long
Chapter 2
Pairing- Dean x black Reader, Sam x Reader( Best friends),Kelly x Reader(best friends)
Warning- cursing (and the episode. Everybody and they mama know how emotional this episode was.)
Summary- Sam gets Rowena’s help to find a powerful family of witches after Dean gets hit by a spell that is rapidly erasing his memory.
F/h-favorite hairstyle
Your thoughts in italics.
Flashback are strikethrough
Tumblr media
The boys walking into a pub. The sound of billiard balls and cheering are in the background.
“All right, anything?” Sam Asked.
Dean looks frustrated.”No. I mean, this is the third place we've been to. I-I...No. It's...“
Dean turns to walk out again, but stops when he sees the woman from the Waffle house. He points her out to Sam.
“Wait. It's—It's her from, uh, from the waffles.” Dean wondered.
Sam grabs Dean's arm and they walk towards the woman. “All right, come on.”
The woman looks somewhat unimpressed to see them. She is a waitress and is busy getting drinks at the bar.
“Excuse me.” Sam began but the women cut him off.
“If you're gonna apologize, you better make it quick.” The women fumed at Dean.
“Me apologize? Uh, you smacked me.” Dean informed the woman.
“You were a dick. We're even.” The women declared.
“Even for what?” Sam Chimed in.
“That's none of your—who are you?” The woman questioned. As she walks away with the drinks she just got, and serves them to a table as Sam and Dean follow her asking questions.
“Okay, look, whatever happened with us, um, I'm sorry. Okay? See, here's the deal. We're, um, we're... “ Dean began,
“We're FBI. “ Sam said taking out his badge with Dean following suit after, to show the woman, but she doesn't seem to care much.
“Uh, Agents Moon and Entwistle.” Sam disclosed.
She turns and looks at them. “FBI?” Women doubted.
“Yeah.” Sam said with a  sigh of irritation.
She looks right at Dean who is not looking at her. “Last night, you told me your name was Springsteen. “she questioned. She turns and starts walking away. “Like the boss.”
The boys continue to follow her around the bar. “Uh, yeah, see, sometimes, we have to lie in order to, uh, to...protect our cover.” Dean lied.
She serves another customer their drink and walks on, clearly not believing what they're saying. “No way.”she mocked.
“Okay, listen, this is actually sensitive. We—we think my partner may have been roofied.” Sam explained.
She stops and turns around. “Seriously.” She Asked as She turns and keeps walking.
“Seriously?” Dean mimicked.
“If you can tell us anything about what happened that night, it would be a big help.” Sam replied.
She walks over to a table by a mechanical bull and stops and turns to face them again. “He ordered burgers to go. It was gonna be a minute. We were slammed. Then you knocked back...four shots of tequila.”Pauses.”Put some "sick jams" on the juke, and then you hit the bull.
Both Sam and Dean seem somewhat confused by that statement. “He what?” Sam Asked.
“I what?” Dean doubted.
The woman turns to look at the mechanical bull. The boys follow her gaze and watch a woman on the mechanical bull for a few moments.
“Oh, yeah, you had the hots for Larry as soon as you walked in here.” She shared
Sam turns back to her, then looks at Dean. “He—You rode Larry?” Sam questioned Dean.
Dean looks uncomfortable and doesn't answer. He looks at the woman. “Was I good?” Dean wondered.
“You were...great.” She said with mock astonishment.
Dean is quite pleased with himself as he ignoring how she said it to him.”Hmm.”
Sam rolls his eyes at the situation.
“Anyway, we got to talking, and... we was getting hot and heavy then you called me Y/n.” She Informed Angrily.
Dean looks confused for a moment then realized what he did.
Dean 's lips latched away from her skin and moaned loudly. His mind was in another place as he murmured, "Oh...Y/n..." his eyes were closed and he didn't realize the mistake he made until he found himself lying on his ass. The waitress glared at Dean and kicked him in the leg before walking out the bar. "Asshole. Go back to your girlfriend." then with that she was gone.
“Ah. I am so sorry about that” Dean uttered.
“Did you see him talk with anyone else?” Sam questioned the woman.
“My bartender said she saw him run out of here like his pants caught fire.” She answered
The boys seem surprised by this. Y/n walks in to bar looks around for Sam and Dean and finds then talking to a waitress,then she walks over to them.
“Sam.” Y/n called out.
“You came you actually came I kind of started second-guessing that you wouldn’t come but you’re here.” Sam said as he pulls Y/n into a bear hug squeezing the life out of her. Dean looks up at Y/n and Sam and smiles at her.
“I told you I was coming did I.” Y/n told Sam as she smiles at Dean.
“Does this place have security cameras?”Sam questioned.
“Yeah.” She replied.
The boys and Y/n start looking through security footage as the woman returns to work.
Dean looks at Y/n wondering who she is.
“Who are you?” Dean Asked.
“Y/n I’m a friend of Sam’s I’m here to help” Y/n  revealed.
“Well it’s nice to meet you I am I am..” Dean trailed off.
“It’s ok  I already know who you are Dean Winchester” Y/n Softly told Dean with a small smile and giving Dean a quick hug.
Dean smiles wondering where she been been this entire time then sit down and look down at the monitor.”Okay, whoa. There I am.” Dean exclaimed.
“Yeah.” Sam agreed.
Dean leans closer to the screen. “Wait, wait, wait.” Dean protested.
“What are you doing?” Sam wondered.
“I'm trying to read my lips. "Now salsa you mittens.” “ Dean explained.
“You can't read lips.” Y/n commented.
Dean leans back. “I can't read lips.” Dean agreed with Y/n.
The man in the video uses magic to throw Dean back. “You see that?”  Dean Asked Y/n and Sam “Yeah, of course.” Sam replied.
“I think we got our witch. What you don't remember any of this?” Y/n questioned.
“It's like watching myself on Netflix.” Dean answered shaking his head and grins at Sam and Y/n.
Sam pauses the video to get a better look at the man Dean was following. He remembers seeing the man in a photo in Barry Gilman's office.” I think Barry had a picture of him in his office. I might be how you recognized him last night.” Sam Announced.
They continue watching the video and see Dean fire a shot at the man. This fact seems to greatly surprise Dean.
“And I take a shot. I know how to shoot a gun?” Dean wondered.
Sam and Y/n looks concerned and doesn't answer. They go out the back of the bar to the area they were watching on the security tape. Sam and Y/n  walks around with a flashlight looking for the place that Dean was and what direction he ran off.
“All right, so...you crashed there. Uh...you ran that way. Uh, shot, uh...here.” Sam disclosed
Y/n bends down and picks up a bullet casing.“Yep. Witch-killing bullets.” Y/n confirmed.
Dean appears to be losing focus and more memory. “Wait.” Dean called out.
Dean walks over to where Y/n picked up the casing.“Wait, wait, wait, wait. There are witches?” Dean Asked Sam and Y/n. Dean seems quite excited by the prospect.
“You really are losing your memory.” Y/n whispered.
Sam is even more concerned that Dean can't remember that, and puts his hand on Deans shoulder.
“Dean...witches are real. Vampires, werewolves, witches, they're all real. And we kill them.” Sam explained.
Dean takes a moment to process this information and then grins.“Awesome. That's awesome.”
Sam seems satisfied with that answer for the moment.”Right. Right. Come on.” Sam told Dean and Y/n, as heads into the woods following the path Dean took before.
“You feel familiar.” Dean Announced unexpectedly.
“What?” Y/n questioned.
“When you hugged me it felt like home.” Dean answered.
Y/n takes in a well needed breath.”How can you know that feeling when you forgetting everything?” Y/n whimpered.
“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.” Dean shared as he follows Sam.
Reaching into his jacket pocket Dean is happily surprised to find a flashlight. “Ah.”
Dean turns the flashlight on and follows Sam into the woods, asking questions along the way.
“Okay, so wait. So—so djinns don't grant wishes, and sirens aren't all hot chicks?” Dean questioned.
“Yeah. Sorry to break it to you. Y/n over here.” Sam called out.
Y/n rushes up to Sam and Dean as they start to wander through the woods looking for clues. Sam scoffs at the way the conversation is going.
“This is crazy.” Y/n announced.
“What?” Dean wondered.
“Sam giving you "the talk." You know how many times we've had to tell some civilian that monsters are real?” Y/n replied.
“Yeah, but monsters are real. And we're the guys that kill 'em, man. I mean, come on. Best job ever.” Dean grinned.
“Yeah. If you like greasy diner food, crappy motel rooms, more than one Apocalypse.” Sam Chimed in.
“I don't know. We kinda sound like heroes to me.” Dean proclaimed.
Y/n smiles at Dean. Even without memories he still optimistic.
They come upon a tree that has a bloody handprint and a bullet hole in it.
“Hey.” Sam calls out to Dean and Y/n.
He points to the tree. Dean touches the bullet hole. “Whoa.” Suddenly he turns around and smacks Sam on the shoulder. “And our best friend's an angel. What?!” Dean beamed.
Y/n  turns around concerned.
“We just gotta get you cured.” Y/n told as she starts walks again.
“Yeah. Okay.” Dean agreed as he follows Y/n and Sam through the woods.
They come up to another tree with strange markings on it. They stop and look closer.
“Hey.” Sam called out.
“Whoa. Okay, now, these? Freaky.”  Dean chuckled but, Sam and Y/n is distracted by the markings.
“No, they're just, glyphs. Witches use them in spells, but I've actually only seen anything like A few times but I forgot the translation.”  Y/n answered.
“Maybe Rowena will recognize ‘em.” Sam wondered.
“Maybe. Who's Rowena? That's a weird name.” Dean starts to wander a bit as Sam takes a picture of the glyphs to send to Rowena.
“S-S-Sam! Sam! Y/n!” Dean spluttered.
Sam and Y/n goes over to where Dean is standing.
“What?” Sam and Y/n said At the same time.
Dean looks up at Y/n and points down at the ground.
“Is that a dead guy?” Dean questioned
“Yeah. I think that's our witch.” Y/n replied.
“Cool.” Dean seems slightly scared/excited about seeing a dead body.
“No, Dean. Killing the witch was supposed to be the cure. So if he's already dead, then why aren't you...you.” Sam disclosed
Dean has a stricken look. “Not cool. Okay, what now?” Dean asked Sam and Y/n.
“Y/n can you kiss Dean. Rowena said that true love kiss should break the spell.” Sam revealed.
“But Dean doesn’t love me.” Y/n replied.
“But you still love him?” Sam wondered just as well as Dean.
“Ok I’ll do it.” Y/n hesitated.
Y/n walks up to Dean and before he knew it her lips were on his. The kiss was hot, fiery and passionate. Y/n ran her hands in his hair scratching his scalp making him groan in pleasure. He moved his hands up and down her back while biting her lower lip and tugging it in to his mouth. Hearing Sam clear his throat Y/n pulls back from Dean.
“Dean?” Y/n asked.
“That was wow...” Dean Breathed.
“Did it work do you know who I am?” Y/n questioned.
“No maybe it wasn’t long enough.” Dean explained trying to go in for another kiss but Y/n swerves him.
”Now we get out of here. Let's go. Come on.” Y/n stated.
“Okay.” Dean agreed as they turn and head back out of the woods.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
The body that Sam,Y/n and, Dean found earlier.
Two people approach him. They are distraught at finding him dead. The woman seems more upset and angry than the man.
“Oh, hunters!” The women swore as she crouches down to put her hand on the dead man's head. “Poor Gideon.”
“This is why he told us to leave the accountant alone.” The man commented.
The woman looks angrily up at the man. “That tub of guts stole from us. He deserved what he got.” She barked.
“They're on us, Cat. We have to run.” The man informed Cat.
She stands up to face the man.”I am not going to run! And I don't care what Gideon said.” Cat told off the man.
“So what? You wanna kill them, too?” The man questioned.
She exhales angrily and then looks down at Gideon sadly.”I want my family back.”
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Sam's laptop screen which has a picture of Gideon's body on it from the previous night. Dean is also looking in fascination at the screen.
“Is that a dead guy?” Dean asked.
“Yeah.” Sam answered.
“Whoa. Never seen a dead guy before.” Dean said excited.
Sam shakes his head slightly and laughs.
“Uh, yeah, you have. Trust me.” Y/n remarked
“Hmm.” Dean stands up. There is a knock on the door and both boys turn to look at the door. Dean heads towards it.
“Hey! No, D-Dean, wait a second.” Sam urged.
Sam and Y/n pulls out their guns and aims towards the door as Dean opens it to reveal Rowena standing there. She steps through the door.
“Who are you?” Dean questioned.
Rowena turns towards Sam.
“Spell's progressed, I see.” Rowena noted. “Y/n love your here.”
“Ya Sam called said he needed my help.” Y/n answered.
Sam doesn't say anything and Rowena walks past Dean into the room to hug Y/n.
“You – “ Dean closes the door and walks back to the center of the room.
“I wanted intel, Rowena, not a house call and your true loves kiss didn’t work.” Sam disclosed.
Rowena turns away from Sam to look over Dean to assess the spell that's been cast on him.
“Oh, that was just a ploy to get Y/n here.”  Rowena said as she turns to look at Y/n.” I missed you love I heard about what happened. Sam and Dean has been trying to make me do a locator spell to find you.” Rowena informed Y/n.
Y/n looks over at Sam like “explanation.” But Sam doesn’t say a word in urge Rowena to keep talking.
“I have a feeling you’ll come to thank me.” Rowena.
Dean reaches out and touches Rowena's hair.
“Mm, your hair, it's all so bouncy.” Dean grins at Rowena's hair as he lets it go. Rowena laughs and smiles widely at Dean.
“Why, thank you.” Rowena giggled.
Rowena turns her head to look at Sam behind her. “Do we have to fix him?” Rowena asked.
Sam looks unhappily at her. “Rowena.” Sam warned.
“ I was racking my brain on the drive over here Those glyphs aren’t they a form Celtic.” Y/n asked Rowena.
Rowena turns back to Dean to continue assessing him. “Yes you see Samuel. Ogham Chraobh. The Druids used it in their rituals, calling it the "Language of the Trees." Rowena finished.
“Wait, wait. Now the trees are talkin'?” Dean said uncertainly.
Sam, Y/n, and Rowena look up at Dean. Sam seems a bit startled. Rowena moves around behind Dean.
“Uh, Dean, do you remember HBO?” Sam asked Dean.
Dean gets a confused look.”Um...”
Dean's face clears and he grins.”Skinemax.”
Sam give Dean 2 thumbs up and then grabs him by the shoulder and guides him to sit on one of the beds. “Great. All right, come here. We're just gonna – “
“We're gonna sit you down right here. And, uh, yeah, go ahead. Um...”
Dean looks around at Y/n and Sam amused.
“This like live Skinemax or...” Dean wondered
Sam grabs the TV remote and turns it on. Scooby-Doo comes on screen. “How 'bout two?” Said Fred from Scooby Doo gang.
Scooby cowering on the ground. Dean looks at the TV happily. “Hey!”
“Three?” Said Scooby Doo.
“Okay, three.” Said Fred.
Sam walks past Dean who is now watching TV.
“Perfect. Stay there.” Sam voiced at Dean. But when Dean looks up he sees Y/n looking at him and smiles at her.
“Do you want to watch cartoons with me?” Dean asked Y/n.
“Only if we’re watching Looney Tunes.” Y/n said smiling at Dean.
“OK yeah I’ll find them.” Dean said without missing a beat. He starts to look for Looney Tunes as Y/n sits down next to Dean she noticed that he seems a little uncomfortable.
“Are you ok.” Y/n asked Dean.
“Yeah yeah I’m I’m fine you just make me nervous.” Dean answered.
“Why do I make you nervous I’m not intimidating am I?” Y/n questioned.
“No no it’s just you’re very beautiful.” Dean informed.
“Thank you you’re not so bad yourself hot shot I’m a let you know in a little secret I love men with green eyes.” Y/n told Dean as she heads over to Sam and Rowena. Dean blushes he turned his head away from Y/n.
“Come here.”  Sam told Rowena and Y/n.
Rowena and Y/n walks over to stand beside Sam as he sits on his laptop.
“There's only one family of witches versed in this kind of magic. I thought them all dead for years, but when I saw those glyphs...” Rowena trailed off.
Sam shows Rowena the photo of Gideon's body.
“Is this one of 'em?”
“Gideon Loughlin.” Rowena confirmed.
Sam and Y/n turns to look at her hearing the tone of her voice.
“Did you know him?” Y/n asked Rowena.
Rowena looks a bit angry. “A bit.”
Sam turns back to his computer.
“All right, tell me about this family.” Sam replied.
“A hundred years ago, the Loughlins came over from the Old World and turned a small town on the Mississippi Delta into their own personal fiefdom.” Rowena answered.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
There is an SUV parked out front of  a large secluded house. The man and woman from earlier are standing at the bottom of the steps as one of their servants carries the body of Gideon into the house.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
“Their children—Gideon, Boyd, and Catrina were like three rotten little peas in a pod. The family possessed a powerful spell book, a tome of Druidic magic called the Black Grimoire.” Rowena  disclosed.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
The man and woman from earlier Boyd and Catrina follow their brother's body inside. He is place on a large table and black stones are placed on his closed eyes. Catrina is seen placing a large book on a stand and looking at a particular spell. She looks up from the book and gives a determined nod as Boyd continues to walk around Gideon's body, placing objects around him.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
“Witches came from around the world to live with them and study its secrets... for a price.”
“So what happened to 'em?” Y/n asked stealing Sam’s thunder.
Sam turns to look up at Rowena. She gives him and Y/n a look.
“Hunters happened. Of course, I'd heard rumors one or two survived, stealing away with their book, but I-I dismissed them as gossip.” Rowena shared.
Dean starts laughing at the TV and Sam, Y/n and, Rowena turn around to look at him. He sees them looking at him and turns back to the TV to keep watching. Sam, Y/n and, Rowena turn back around.
“With Gideon dead, if you want to break the curse on you brother and the love of your life, we need to find that book.” Rowena told Sam and Y/n.
Y/n looks up at Rowena a bit surprised.
“Wait a second, you can't break it?” Y/n questioned.
Rowena looks insulted and makes a face at Y/n.
“Oh, of course I could, but witchcraft this complex would take time.” Rowena answered. She turns to look at Dean still watching Scooby-Doo. “More time than Dean's got. He's already begun to forget himself, everyone he's ever known, ever loved.” She turns back to Sam. Dean looks away from the TV to watch them talking.
“Even you. Soon he'll forget how to speak, how to swallow, and then...Dean Winchester's going to die.” Rowena finished.
Dean makes a slightly concerned face.”Sucks for that guy.”
Rowena and Sam turn to look at Dean. Dean shakes his head a bit. “Huh.”
Rowena and Sam turn back to look at each other with looks of growing concern on their faces. Without. Then realizing Y/n walks into the bathroom barely keeping her self together.
I should’ve never left I should’ve stayed if I would’ve stayed this would’ve never happened. But you’re fighting for what you believe in doesn’t that matter.
When Sam realizes Y/n is no longer in the room with them he goes and knocks on the bathroom door.
“You ok Y/n?” Sam said with concern.
Y/n unlocks the door and pull some into the bathroom
“I should’ve never left I should’ve been here with you guys helping you.” Y/n declared.
“You left because you fight for what you believe in I don’t hate you nor am I mad at you for that.” Sam replied.
“He’s forgetting everything Sam we’ve seen Dean go to so many things but this this is just different.” Y/n Stressed.
“I know  I know look i’m gonna have a talk to him I want you to be there for it.” Sam Inclined.
“No no I think that should be just for you and him.” Y/n replied opening the bathroom door walking out.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Bathroom of the motel where Sam and Dean are sitting, Sam having just told Dean his life's story. Both boys seem worried about the spell's progression.
“So after everything... that's it. This is what nails me.” Dean questioned.
“No. No, no, Dean, I-It...” Sam takes a deep breath. “ It's not gonna happen, all right? Me Y/n we have you.” Sam proclaimed.
Dean turns to Sam, starting to look a bit scared at what's happening. “Well, you just told me my whole life story. And I gotta be honest, man, I... I can feel it, slipping out of my head. I don’t  remember falling in love with Y/n but I  feel it. I mean ganking monsters is one thing. But this... “ Dean trailed off.
Dean covers his face with his hand.
”You know, uh, we're gonna, um... We'll figure it out. All right? We will.” Sam promised.
Both boys look upset. Sam puts his hand on Dean's shoulder, then stands up and exit's the bathroom back into the main room where Rowena is sitting on a bed waiting for him and Y/n is sitting in a chair. They both stands up as Sam walks into the room.
“How is he?” Rowena asked.
Sam stares at her and then walks past her to Y/n. “Like you care.” Sam leered at Rowena.
Rowena looks offended. “Oh.”
Sam sits on a bed across from Y/n.
“You where right Y/n , watching him become... not him... This might actually be worse.” Sam  disclosed.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Dean in the bathroom. He is splashing his face with water and looking intently into the mirror at his reflection. “Ahh. Okay. My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Y/n is the love of my life. Uh, Mary Winchester is my mom. And Cast—Cas is my best friend.” He sighs and looks unsure about everything he just said.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Rowena is standing in front of Sam.
“We need to find that grimoire.” Rowena started.
Sam looks up at Rowena. He shakes his head and looks away smiling angrily. “Of course. Of course. That's your angle, isn't it?” Sam noted.
Rowena looks at Sam as though she doesn’t know what he means. “Oh?”
“Sam!” Y/n shouted.
“Oh, come on it’s Rowena. A powerful spell book shows up and all of a sudden, She’s here to help? Altruism isn't exactly your style.”
Rowena looks resigned and give a small smile.
“True. Also, it never hurts to have a Winchester owe you one.” Rowena replied.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
In the bathroom where Dean is still staring intently into the mirror.
“My name is Dean Wi—Winchester.” He looks down as he realizes he barely remembers his name. He looks up again to try again.
“My name—My name is... “
The fear on his face is visible as he doesn't remember his name. “My... My name is—is... “ He stares into the mirror completely disbelieving and lost.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Sam stands up off the bed and grabs his coat.
“Gideon Loughlin's address was in his accountant's file. If the book is there, I'll find it.” Sam disclosed.
Rowena smiles and starts to follow him. “Of course, you'll need me there to help-“ rowena started.
Sam walks past her and holds his hand up to her.
“No, no, you're staying here with Dean.” Sam stated.”
“No your best bet is to have Rowena go with you.” Y/n explain to Sam.
Rowena looks over at Sam In triumph.
“You see Samuel you’re going to need my help whether you wanted or not.” Rowena said with a smirk.
“You know the Dean is in good hands I will let anything happen to me now go.” Y/n promise Sam.
“Fine but she sitting in the car until I handle everything inside the house deal.” Sam  answered dryly.
“Of course Samuel.” Rowena said  Smugly.
Sam and  Rowena leave the motel room.
Dean in the bathroom, still staring in fear at his reflection. “My... My... I don’t know.”
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
The inside of the motel room where Dean keeps moving the items around and playing with well control to the TV. Y/n’s  trying to type in her computer when Dean keeps throwing something against the wall breaking her concentration
“Do you wanna watch something on TV.” Y/n asked.
“There’s nothing good on.” Dean told.
“Of course there’s something on TV there’s nothing you want to watch.” Y/n replied.
“How do we know each other?” Dean questioned.
“We go way back but you met me through Bobby you don’t remember him he was like a father you.” Y/n answered.
“How did we meet?” Dean asked.
“You almost dropped my car on me.” Y/n answered.
“Are you kidding me I almost killed you.” Dean proclaimed.
“Yes you did if it wasn’t for Sam I would’ve killed you.” Y/n explained.
“Are we friends?” Dean wondered.
“At one point we were.” Y/n stated.
“What does that mean?” Dean asked.
“It means that we’re not friends.” Y/n answered.
“Then why are you here with me why didn’t the witch lady stay with me why did you insist on staying with me.” Dean declared.
“Because I missed you. Ok I care about you.” Y/n revealed.
”How about a story?” Y/n asked Dean and he nods he’s head yes.
 “A long time ago There was this girl she pregnant but she lost it, on the hunt with her friends.” Y/n started. “She didn’t even know. So when She found out that Another lady was pregnant and she want to keep her baby, she couldn’t stand by her friends because they wanted the lady to get rid of the baby.” Y/n pauses and looks away from Dean. “She didn’t get a choice in whether she gets to keep her child or not but the lady did. Even though the child  is literally Spahn of Satan. Her friend didn’t like the fact that she wanted to help the lady. So he asked her to make a choice them or the lady and she chose the lady.” Y/n finished.
“Wow that chicks friends are terrible.” Dean announced. “So was it my fault that you left?” Dean Asked unexpectedly.
Y/n looks at Dean with wide eyes not expecting him to understand the story. “ I.. I.”
“All because I’m losing my memories doesn’t mean I can’t understand.” Dean declared. “We had to be more than just friends I can’t concentrate every time you smile at me and I want to know why.”
“Yeah we were.” Y/n answered truthfully.
“You’re amazing the fact that you came from wherever you where you must really care about me.” Dean Gently said.
Y/n can’t do nothing but laugh at the irony of what Dean just said.
He still hasn’t realized. I’m still in love with him Hmm.
“So did we ever you know?” Dean asked raises his eyebrows.
“I don’t know what are you talking about.” Y/n replied sincerely.
“You know.” Dean said tilting his head to the left.
“Have sex?”
“Of course multiple times you were my boyfriend.”
“What was it like.” Dean wondered.
“Oh no I’m not doing this with you.” Y/n chuckled.
“Come on help a man out I have no memories of us you would really do that to me I thought you cared about me.” Dean voiced.
“Sorry champ but use your imagination.” Y/n noted as she checks her phone and realize she hasn’t got a message from Sam or Rowena. “Sam hasn’t called come on.”
“Who’s Sam?” Dean asked. Y/n turns and looks at Dean with concern. Then pulls him out the motel room.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
At dusk with Dean just waking up in the passenger side of Impala. “Hmm?” He groggily looks around the car. And notices a note stuck to the windshield in front of him. He takes it down and reads it. "Your brother's been kidnapped by a witch. I found your car and left you here." Dean looks around the car, and is about to open the door and get out. He sees another note on the passenger side window. "Stay." He makes a face and leans back into the seat.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
The Loughlin house. Y/n is sneaking around the back to find Sam and Rowena when she finds an entrance and sneaks in and see Sam, unconscious, and  tied to a chair in the same room as Gideon's body. Boyd is checking Sam's bonds. Y/n get closer and make sure that They don’t see her.
“Boyd, you promised.” Cat whined as she picks up a long old looking box and walks back over towards the table. “Without Gideon, we are not a family.”
Boyd looks up at Cat. “Well, you should'be thought of that before you went behind his back and pinata'd the accountant.” Boyd expressed. Cat looks over at Boyd and scoffs. “Gideon told you to let it go.”
Cat turns back to the box, now on the same table as Gideon. “And let us be cheated by some sniveling, weak human nothing?” Cat replied.
Boyd finishes with Sam and walks over to Cat. “You got our brother killed.” Boyd
Cat doesn't look worried by that fact. “Mm. Well we... “ Cat started as she opens the box she just moved and reveals a black knife. “ ...can bring him back.” She finished.
They hear the door close and both turn to the sound. Cat seems annoyed at the interruption. She hands the knife to Boyd. “Do it. Please. For me?” Cat pleaded.
She gives him a smile and he resignedly takes the knife from her. She leaves the room to go down to the door, brushing her hand against Gideon's head on her way. Sam is pretending to be unconscious and has been listening to what they were saying. He quickly puts his head back down as Boyd turns around to face him with the knife in hand. Y/n cocks her gun.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Foyer of the house. Rowena stands there expectantly. She turns to look up as she sees Cat coming down the stairs.
“Catrina Loughlin. The years have not been kind.” Rowena mocked.
Cat seems disgusted to see Rowena. “Who are you?” Cat wandered.
Cat doesn't recognize the name. Rowena is annoyed by that.
“Rowena MacLeod?”
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Sam is no longer pretending to be unconscious as Boyd begins work on the spell to bring Gideon back. Sam looks up and watches as Boyd cuts his palm with the black knife.
“You don't wanna do this.” Sam said trying to reason with Boyd.
Boyd is not surprised Sam is awake and doesn't stop what he's doing. “Well, well, well. Look who's awake.”
Boyd squeezes the blood from his palm into a bowl as walks to Gideon's head as Sam speaks.
“Okay, so whatever your sister has planned, you don't have to do it.” Sam replied.
Boyd looks up at Sam “You mean, swapping your soul for his?” Boyd revealed.
Sam looks startled at this information. Boyd smiles slightly as he looks back down at Gideon and continues.
“I'm afraid I do.” Boyd disclosed.
Boyd draws a glyph on Gideon's forehead in blood. Sam looks worried.
“Why do they ways choose the hard way.” Y/n Chimed in as she gets up from her hiding spot and points her gun at Boyd and shot him in the head. Y/n rushes over to untie Sam.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Cat seems to recognize Rowena's full name.  
“Raggedy Ann.” Cat grinned.
“Excuse me?”
Cat starts to descend the stairs as she speaks.
“I remember you – a rag doll all huddled up on our doorstep. I swore I could see the fleas nibbling away at whatever the hell was left of that dirty little body of yours. And still... still, you thought you were worthy of our magic.” Cat said Smugly at  Rowena.
Rowena watches her coming down the stairs. Cat gets to the bottom and stands facing Rowena. Rowena turns to face Cat as Cat step closer to her taunting her. “And when we disagreed... Oh... how you begged, how you threw yourself down and... offered yourself to each of us.”  Cat confessed.
Rowena closes her eyes, trying to contain her anger. Cat makes a disgusted face at her.
“Boyd almost took you up on it, too. But I told him, it would be cleaner with the pigs.” Cat barked.
“You know what they say?” Rowena started.
Before Rowena and finish her one liner the sound of a gunshot startled her and Cat gunshot.
“What were you saying about Boyd.” Rowena mocked.
Rowena pulls her hand out of her jacket pocket and hurls magic at Cat, causing her to go flying into a mirror hanging behind her and breaking it. Glass shards litter the ground around her.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Dean is still out in the Impala. He looks again at the note saying "Stay" , takes it down and decides to ignore it. He gets out and opens the trunk, where he finds another note saying "Open Me". He opens the hidden compartment in the trunk and finds all the weapons, his gaze immediately falling on a very large gun. On the gun is a note saying "NO". He sighs and keeps looking. He sees another note that says "witch-killing bullets" and one last note that says "This Gun".
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Cat, still on the floor, pins Rowena to the wall. She starts to get up while tauntingly singing.  “I'm just a little girl, I'm Raggedy Ann. Oh, Raggedy Ann. Falling apart.” Cat sang.
Cat gets up off the floor. “At the seams.” Cat picks up a shard of glass and throws it at Rowena. It lands very close to her face and she moves her head away quickly.
Cat looks disappointed that she missed. “I've never been very good at darts. Do over. “ Cat grinned clapping her hands excitedly and begins to sing again as she looks for another glass shard. “Just a little girl, Raggedy Ann. Oh, Raggedy Ann.”
She bends down and picks up another shard. She stands up to inspect it. She is about to throw it at Rowena when she hears the sound of a gun cocking. She turns and sees Dean standing there with a gun pointed at her. She seems to think Dean is an idiot for trying to shoot her with a gun. She laughs. “A gun? You really think that's gonna work on a... “
Dean holds up the note that says "witch-killing bullets". Cat just scoffs and turns away. Dean shoots her and she goes down. Rowena falls to the floor.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Sam and Y/n waiting impatiently in the foyer. There is a flash of purple light at the top of the stairs. We can hear Rowena saying a spell. Rowena and Dean emerge walking down the stairs. When Dean first catches site of Y/n he stumbles a little bit he wasn’t expecting to see her. Sam and Y/n looks anxiously up at them.
“Hey. Is that it? Is—is it done?” Sam uttered.
“Who’s the hippie and the biker chick?” Dean questioned.
Sam and Y/n looks horrified that Dean doesn't recognize them.  After a few moments Dean and Rowena chuckle. “You should see your faces it’s hilarious right that time in we was working a case in Georgia when I scared The living daylights out of you two Classic.”  
Sam is not amused by Dean's joke. He shakes his head and half-smiles. “Not funny.”
“Well I’m glad he’s back to his old ways.” Y/n said with a small smile.She gives Sam and Rowena a hug
“It was good seeing both of you.”
Y/n then looks over at Dean. “I should be going.” Y/n then walking out of the house not realizing Dean is chasing after her.
“Hey, where are you going?” Dean wondered.
“I gotta go. I have to protect Kelly you know that.” Y/n voiced. “I hope you wasn’t thinking I would stay because I’m not. This was a one time thing.”
“Yeah, I’m kind of hoping you would stay.” Dean replied.
“Come on Dean, I made a choice now I’m dealing with it.” Y/n stated. “You asked question now you have to deal with it.”
Y/n turns her back to Dean and starts to walk away from him.
“I take it back!” Dean shouted.
Y/n pauses and looks over her shoulder at Dean. “Don’t say things you don’t mean.” Dean joggs to catch up to Y/n and look her in the eyes.
“I take it back.....I take it all back.....I’ll protect the baby, I’ll protect Kelly....just don’t leave me.” Dean said meaning the words more seriously than they sounded.
Y/n backs out of Dean’s embrace. “Dean, you won’t abandon your morals for me. If you would we wouldn’t be in this situation right now.”
“You’re right...I should’ve but I didn’t...let me make it right this time.”
“I’m sorry but you can’t.” Y/n commented. “Maybe we should just forget move on.
“No....I refuse to except that.” Dean declared.
“What do you think is going to happen when the baby is born. Do you think I’m gonna come back to after all I this?” Y/n questioned.
“I need to leave Dean.”
“I have to....I have to believe that there’s a part of you that still love me?” Dean exclaimed.
“Of course I still love you Dean!” Y/n shouted. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. Now I really should to go!”
“Not before this.” Dean pulling her in for a kiss. He felt the ghost of Y/n's smile as he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her up to him, thumb caressing her soft skin as he kissed her deeply. “I never stopped loving you...I never will and one of these days I’m gonna find you.” Dean promised.
“Never loose that optimistic side of yourself, goodbye Dean .”  Y/n said with a voice soft with affection.
With one last look Y/n walks always leaving Dean as he watching her disappears into her silhouette Longing to chase after. A comforting hand gets placed on his shoulder.
“You ok?” Sam asked.
“Nope. I watched her leave for the second time.” Dean answered.
“We’re going to bring her home.” Sam vowed.
“Ya, all depends on when.”
 ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Y/n finally made it to the airport and as soon as she gets out the taxi she sees a black Chevy impala and unconsciously her hand touches her lips and she thinks of that amazing kiss then smiles.
How I missed you, my love.
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