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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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#with one Nigerian

The saga of cultural differences with my upstairs neighbor continues: we were supposedto meet up at 8pm for drinks but she got home at about 6:30 pm and said “I’m just back from my sister’s place” which I thought meant she anticipated lateness so I went “it’s fine, we said 8pm, you still have an hour and a half” only it’s now 9:15pm without a word from her so I’m starting to think she actually meant to cancel stuff x)

that being said she’s from Nigeria and I have never met an African person who didn’t have a significantly more relaxed notion of ponctuality than i do so maybe not

I’m giving it 5 more minutes and then I’m going to bed

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Meet Ivy Moore!


Name: Ivy Aisha Moore née Walsh

Nicknames: Ives

Date of Birth: May 29, 18–

Nationality: Irish, Nigerian

Ethnicity: Black

Sexuality: Demisexual (panromantic)

Blood Status: Pureblood

House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Willow wood, dragon heartstring core, 10 ½ inches, unyielding

Appearance: Dark skin, black hair that’s usually rather curly, dark brown eyes, 5’6”, a little taller than average, average weight, dresses the style of the time and usually quite nicely

Faceclaim: Lyndie Greenwood


Originally posted by kris-lulu


  • Zahrah Walsh- mother, pureblood
  • George Francis Walsh- father, pureblood
  • Henry Gaddo Walsh- older brother
  • Edward Dare Walsh- younger brother
  • Francis Rago Walsh- younger brother

Love Interest: Toby Moore


Personality: Kind, loyal, hard-working, stubborn, dedicated, strong-willed, direct, honest, patient, reliable, a great organizer, likes order, a bit inflexible, traditional, prefers to follow conventions, can be judgmental, has a hard time relaxing, some issues with expressing emotions, practical, realistic, dependable, self-confident, good leader, argumentative


  • Ivy was born to Zahrah and George Walsh on May 29. George was a wealthy Black pureblood, whose family moved to Ireland to avoid a war and mainly stayed out of the muggle world. Zahrah was a pureblood member of the Hausa tribe in modern-day Nigeria. (Which was part of England’s Africa)
  • Ivy was their second daughter and third child. Her sister unfortunately passed away as a young infant. Ivy is three years younger than her older brother, Henry.
  • When Ivy was two, her brother, Edward, was born. When she was five, her last brother, Francis, was born.
  • At Hogwarts, Ivy was quickly sorted into Hufflepuff, where she thrived. Of course, due to a combination of factors including her race and ethnicity, Ivy was bullied during her Hogwarts years. She got in trouble more than once for hexing those people.
  • After Hogwarts, Ivy began working at St. Mungo’s as a healer. Eventually, she was hired to be the matron at Hogwarts.
  • It was there that she met her future husband, Toby, who had been teaching the history of magic for about three years.
  • Ivy and Toby married about six years after their first meeting. They do eventually have a couple of children. (Number unknown at the moment.)

Other Facts:

  • Ivy is the matron at Hogwarts.
  • There’s about a six year gap between her and Toby.
  • She was a prefect and eventually became head girl, much to some classmates’ displeasure.
  • Ivy is both a realist and an optimist.
  • When she knows what she wants, Ivy will fight for it.
  • Ivy is very aware of the fact that she’s both the eldest and youngest daughter. She sometimes wonders what her life would be like if her sister had survived.
  • She’s closest with her younger brother, Edward.
  • Henry’s a Ravenclaw. Edward’s also a Hufflepuff and Francis is a Gryffindor.
  • Her brother, Henry, works as an unspeakable at the ministry. Edward is an auror and Francis is a curse-breaker. Ivy has had to heal all three of them before.
  • She prefers working at Hogwarts to St. Mungo’s. The students are easier to deal with than full grown adults.
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Headcanon: Garou is really bad with technology because he grew up in a dojo. This significantly complicates his Redemption Arc.

garou: [[helps genos with repairs]]

genos: [[immediately bursts into flames]]

saitama: [[gives side-eye]]

garou: i swear to god, i have no idea why that happened.

saitama: hey garou, pop quiz. which way do batteries go?


garou, throwing up hands: so sue me for assuming “minus goes with minus” and “plus goes with plus”

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Herdsmen crisis: Buhari cannot speak on every matter - Nigerians Presidency

Herdsmen crisis: Buhari cannot speak on every matter – Nigerians Presidency

The Presidency has said that President Muhammadu Buhari is not talkative and so he is not expected to speak on every matter that comes up within the nation, including the herdsmen crisis.
The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, stated this on Politics today programme on Tuesday.
Nigerians are yearning to hear the position of the President on the lingering crisis…


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<div> —  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, <i>One Half of a Yellow Sun</i> </div><span>This was love: a string of coincidences that gathered significance and became miracles.</span>
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So my parents got 23 and me for Christmas from my grandparents. Not a big deal. They were mostly just curious. My dads ancestry was all over the fuckin place. But mostly northern europe. Makes sense. We’re whiter than fuckin snow.

My moms is where we hit a lil hiccup.

We’ve always been told we have native ancestry. Not a big deal. Its just a thing. We don’t care. BUT. My grandpas dad was raised by his grandmother. His grandmother was half Choctaw. We have pictures of this woman with family members. We Know she existed. But there’s no way we’re actually related to her. Cuz my mom has NO native american dna. And we know its actually my moms dna cuz one of her distant cousins contacted her through the app and we were able to confirm that, yes, we are related to her. (I doubt that kind of mix up occurred but you never know.)

Now. If its accurate, we think we know what happened.

Basically back in the day, if your wife died, you got remarried like right away cuz you needed someone home with the kids (this doesn’t really apply if you don’t have kids,) in some cases, family members would swoop in at your wife’s funeral and take your kids from you until you got married again. And if the kids were young enough when their mom died, you just told them that your new wife is their mom.

We THINK that great grandpas dads biological mom died when he was little. So great great great grandpa married great great great grandma and she just raised great great grandpa as her biological son and then great grandpa after him. So like. Shes still grandma. Shes just not related by blood.

I just thought it was funny when the results first came back and it was like “…………… if we aren’t related to her……what happened????”

Like if we just knew about her through pictures and family genealogy (one of my grandpas aunts is a genealogist) then I think we would just automatically assume she just married into the family and maybe there was no records available of her husband’s previous wife. Or maybe a family member died and she was always married to him and they ended up with the kid of the dead family member and just never told him he wasn’t their biological son. Which that one could work.

But like. As far as we all knew before this, she was our biological grandma. My grandpa and his siblings grew up hearing stories of this woman.

Like. None of this matters at all cuz all of these people have been dead FOR YEARS. But this is what you do a DNA test for. Finding out shit that happened way before you were even a POSSIBILITY is awesome. You can unearth weird family drama and secrets that almost died out with the people involved. You get to try and guess what happened in some places where things are a bit unclear. And its fine cuz everyone involved is dead. So they don’t care.

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Four Nigerian police officers killed and one missing

Four Nigerian police officers killed and one missing

The Nigerian police say four officers were killed and one is still missing after they clashed with an armed criminal gang in the Birnin-Gwari area of Kaduna state.

Police Spokesperson Frank Mba in a statement on Sunday said the officers were ambushed by about 100 “bandits” as they returned from an operation in neighbouring Niger state.

The police say “tens” of gunmen were also killed in the…

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