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soracities · 16 days ago
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Alain de Botton, Essays in Love [transcript in ALT]
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sorrelpawss · a year ago
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bench trio taking a snooze :D
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bellamyblakru · 2 months ago
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loving you was worth the pain it cost me to lose you.
happiest of birthdays to the extremely kind and talented sunny. i hope you have a beautiful day, lovely!! @southfarthing
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katzenkarussell · 3 months ago
Someone should write a story where Emmet gets accused of murdering his brother. Maybe there is some big conspiracy to buy and ruin the subwaystation via capitalism but Emmet wont budge. Suddenly there is evidence that he killed his brother (Fake remains? tampered blood? Maybe someone saw Ingo in pictures of past Hisui and had ideas) and he gets put on trial.
His friends try to vouch for him, but Emmet spiraling from being overwhelmed doesnt exactly help the situation, and somehow the evidence is just waterproof.
But when Emmet starts questioning if maybe he really did it in walks the man of the hour: Ingo freshly returned from Hisui. Maybe he calls on Arceus to vouch for him.
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paper-lilypie · a month ago
Originally, when I said you were intimidating, I meant your art- BUT OF COURSE MY CURIOSITY GETS THE BEST OF ME AND NOW I HAVE THE URGE TO DRAW SCENES FROM CCRT CONSTANTLY. I'm glad I could read it yesterday, and I am in love with it too (especially since Y/N isnt too much of a coward and actually grabbed Moon's faceplate). With my minor waves of burnout though, this is how it can be put simply:
"..I can't draw-"
"..but I can't dra-"
...on top if artfight stuff too, so now I have urges to draw things left and right when burnout is an ambush predator.
(Yeah this kind of urge to draw has never really happened before. It's usually just a sparked idea and it just sits there, as an idea. But this is like someone gave an idea a spear and it's holding me at gunpoint. Yes I worded that how I meant it.)
if you ever DO draw anything, I would literally die
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lovesickeros · 6 months ago
could you expand more on your tsaritsa hcs? /gen :O
listen this is the. worst thing you could have asked i will Not shut up about her
i already talked about her love language being physical affection (giving/receiving), but also acts of service works too? she loves doing stuff for you, no matter how small. she just wants to be useful to you please let her take care of you
i also already mentioned the very low body temperature, but to expand on it — general idea is the archons, even in mortal form, still embody their element and/or other form (zhongli's exuvia, venti's spirit form) and it kind of leads to the archons LOOKING human but..not. like that feeling where something looks just wrong enough that it unnerves you. zhongli has teeth far to large and sharp to be normal, they barely even fit in his mouth, and his nails almost look like claws, at times. if you look a little too close, maybe you'll see movement under his coat, just behind him — but there's never anything there. venti, if you see him from the corner of your vision, sometimes looks..almost transparent, like parts of him are turning to wisps of steam, only vaguely holding the shape of limbs, but when you turn to get a better look, it's gone. i imagine the pyro archon has a similar issue with body temp, but on the other end of the spectrum. the tsaritsa, on the other hand, doesn’t bother hiding the not-quite-so-human things that manage to slip through the cracks. she really is quite cold — just her standing in a room is enough to drop the temperature drastically, and if she touched someones bare skin? immediate frostbite. pyro/cryo wielders can withstand it for just a moment, but only a moment and no more. no one can really stand looking her in the eyes, either — like looking up through ice, unable to truly comprehend her appearance, except for her eyes — black, empty voids that swallow the light and all emotion within.
her personality with reader vs without reader is also. very different. Childe himself mentions it — she was a gentle soul, and she had to harden herself. she still cares about her nation, her people, her harbingers, but she cannot love them. there will always be an inescapable distance between them and her.
then she meets you, and everything falls apart. the extent of her physical interactions have been..well, torturing people, really, because what else can she do? she is so cold that no mortal can withstand her, if she ever let them get that close to begin with. but your not mortal, and she never realized how much she craved something so simple until you touched her and didn’t immediately recoil in pain.
you hold her hands, hand thats have brought only ruin, stained with so much blood it can never truly be washed away, so delicately she can barely handle it.
please just hold her hands she’ll stop functioning
but also then she just. can’t keep her hands off you. its all so..new, to be able to touch someone without causing them agonizing pain. to be able to hold you in her arms, to hold your hands and kiss you. she goes from cold ruler of snezhnaya to sappy puppy in like 2 minutes
another thing i already mentioned!! if your warm enough and around her/close enough to her for long enough, she’ll start to warm up too. which is an Experience. she’ll hide away in her room and she’ll just be really sleepy and a lil lethargic until she cools down again but she also. doesn’t want you to leave so its an endless cycle of her being clingy while shes like that but your also WHY she’s so sleepy
also all of the archons purr this is a requirement and i have a whole chart with all of them on it based on how i think their purr would sound
in conclusion the tsaritsa doesnt realize she can purr until she a) meets you and b) gets Really comfortable / or goes into Sleepy Time mode and when she first purrs its just a lot of ?????
because this was not here before and why wont it go away
once she gets used to it she basically purrs all the time when shes sleeping esp if you have a nightmare or are just struggling to sleep. literally perfect pillow. always cold AND purrs like a giant cat?? sign me up
also if you wear something of hers or like. something related to cryo/snezhnaya or even a cryo vision..........*slides that further back into my drafts* just imagine a really long redacted here :)
speaking of! possessive *shakes her around like a cat*
she’s like those cats who will scream if you stop petting them for one (1) second. if you interact w someone else instead of her they will not be seeing the pearly gates of celestia
*pulls out gun* even if its a harbingers its on SIGHT
havent settled on a weapon for her though? im leaning towards something heavy. my first thought was claymore because LORD. women w claymores. but i dont really. think it fits so hm. polearm WOULD fit but 2/7 of the known archons use polearms so. uh
catalyst is. hm. yeah it would fit but its weird to imagine fight scenes with? maybe i should just give her a big ol axe and call it a day. or a gun
there’s just something about the tsaritsa — regal, refined, everyone assuming she like. uses something light like a sword or just a catalyst
then she just busts out a weapon bigger then she is and morax has one (1) fear
tsaritsa who looks frail but can crush bone with her teeth and crush stone with her bare hands <3
also can i get fatui found family for 200 please. fuck canon this is my emotional support family now
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weaverofink · a month ago
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rip ryuki
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ashleyeveerson · 3 months ago
Me whenever I see a pic of Anya:
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kiracatvria · 4 months ago
and who wouldn’t???? fall for someone who sees the humanity in you, and offers you forgiveness at your most worst. because they have already seen you for all the ugly you have and still reached out a hand to hold you on your unsteady feet.
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retvenkos · 4 months ago
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??? texting alignment chart:
pov: you’re concerned about me and expressing it lovingly through text.
lol, i’m back with another alignment chart that no one but me asked for. what is this one? your guess is as good as mine, but i saw it and decided to do it; and as we all know, vague vibes are never wrong.
tagging mutuals and leaving an empty template below the cut!
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todayisafridaynight · 18 days ago
love mine for how much he loves daigo because frankly he’s undoubtedly seen this man be a walking disaster and despite it all he still decided he’s the only reason life’s worth living for. that’s true love right there idk what else to say
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senadimell · 4 months ago
Yo Cosmere people, does anyone know where I might be able to get a crash course on it?
Background: I’ve read most if not all of the Cosmere books, and I understand the main plots of the stories but not the Cosmere part of it (except for the really obvious bits, like Hoid). I’ve never been a choose-your-own adventure kind of gal, and I don’t really do video games or solve mysteries before the answers are revealed because I can’t really keep that info in my brain. So the inter-world connecting stuff is...just really confusing, to be honest. I read the published secret project 4 and I felt like half of it went over my head.
@shallanswit​ @onlycosmere​ (Feel free to ignore if there’s spoilers or you’re not up to answering!) Anyone else feel free to chime in!
My basic understanding right now (spoilers for Rhythm of War, probably Mistborn eras 1&2 and Secret History, secret projects, and more):
Adonalsium = pre-shattering state of power or magic or existence, God?
(Dawn?)shards = magic power sources left over from the shattering of Adonalsium that are usually hosted/wielded by a person, often considered gods (e.g.. Ruin and Preservation, now held by Sazed as Harmony).
Odium is a dawnshard and is the only one so far who doesn’t have a name commonly in use in the English language. Fancy word for the state of being hated. Basically the equivalent of being named “maleficent.” He sucks for reasons. Taravagian (sp?) is him now and I hate it and if he kills Sazed I will probably die an angry agonized death.
Seriously don’t mess with Sazed.
There are three realms of existence: physical, cognitive, and spiritual; the spiritual realm is left up to the audience to imagine and seems to be associated with afterlife. Cognitive = animated ideas of things, and it’s also where spren live.
Spren? There are powerful spren? Things that I thought were shards are actually spren? Is Honor a shard and the Stormfather a spren? How do spren get so powerful? Why don’t other planets have spren?
There are hybrid spren? Spren of different shards? The nightsister messes with them?
Metals have power? Some kinds of metals exist primarily in the cognitive realm? Some metals are spren bodies???? Salt and silver have properties in many places? Unless Tress of the Emerald Sea also happens on Threnody?
Things have souls, or something resembling souls, and can persist without their bodies. This happened to Kelsier? (look I know there is so much going on there in Mistborn 2 but basically all of it went over my head. People have said Kelsier’s out and about? didn’t notice it, didn’t understand it. He hates Hoid and warned Vin once. That’s about the extent of my understanding. Marsh is easier to notice, though).
Souls can be re-attached to other things? Not sure how it works but apparently this makes you immortal but in the “two princesses of bamarre Fairy State where you look like you but are fundamentally changed and not actually you even though you have all of You’s memories. This also probably sometimes possibly happens to inanimate objects? Nightblood is like that?
Using the Cognitive realm, people can travel between worlds without having developed space travel. This is known as worldhopping. Wit/Hoid has done a lot of that. This is how human Rosharans arrived and colonized the world. Knowledge of how to do this is not super mainstream right now, but lots of individuals and small groups know it.
(Due to the different natures of the Dawnshards,) magic manifests differently on different planets. Fundamentally, it is usually energy tied to matter for a certain effect. Sometimes it’s fortune-telling chickens and sometimes it’s metabolizing metal into superpowers. Sometimes it’s magic that makes you immortal until the land cracks and you’re a pain zombie since magic is geography-based. Imbuing things with magic is called Investiture.
Not all planets have the same strength of magic. The White Sand planet doesn’t have much? (haven’t read the graphic novels, only the manuscript. This is where Khriss comes from? Have no idea what she’s doing or why). Also magic can make it possible to live on places where physics are not kind. That seems to be happening in the secret projects.
The ghostbloods are...a thing? Mraize is someone? He has goals and acts Malicious? There was a seon at one point? idk how he got that except through worldhopping I guess
(also I really really really love the Emperor’s Soul. not really relevant but I like how it was someone deep in their own world using their expertise in craft and magic to solve a thematically resonant character-plot problem. Any implications of it for the broader Cosmere also went over my head).
People. Change. Names. When. They. Travel. and I can’t keep up with it. Wit/Hoid is all I got. And apparently Sigzil/Nomad.
there are probably Kandra somewhere. Also there are shapeshifting things on Roshar that mimic everyday things. Don’t know what that’s about.
There are Rules about traveling to other planets, and it’s possible to be too stuck to travel. Not sure how. I think it’s having magic too tied to a place? Being bonded to a place? Pretty sure Wit is currently stuck on Roshar? Also I was under the impression that Kelsier was but idk. kelsier’s so confusing. the madman. odium missed an opportunity there. we all dodged a bullet
Odium is killing shards? or wants to? and can maybe travel between places? or maybe he’s stuck?
how do kandra travel if investure is what locks you to a place? they’re basically scadrialian physically-manifested spren except I don’t know what they look like in Cognitive.
There are something called shadows and that’s Bad/Dangerous and idk what’s up with that.
Nalthis. You can tack magic energy onto something and make it more Powerful, aka Invested. People become demigods like in Elantris. (Elantris-planet is Sel)
(Okay the reason I don’t “get” the cosmere is probably because Nalthis was my least favorite Cosmere world. The story of Warbreaker was fine (liked the arranged marriage plot, didn’t like the other sister’s plot) but...it was really hard to get into the world and the aesthetics and naming just didn’t jive with me. Hoid was there. Nightblood was there. One of the royal sisters who travels around a lot and I think has been on Roshar was there (I get them confused). (oh also the swordmaster dude on Roshar is probably from Nalthis?) There were Ancient Mysteries and Dudes Who Have Sworn Off Things But Know Practically Everything and Won’t Tell You For Reasons (unlike gandalf, who spills the beans the second he figures things out because his knowledge isn’t Super Angst-Cursed)).
Some worldhoppers are scholar and others are more power-hungry. 
Wit is from somewhere and is very old and people hate him because he’s smarmy and obnoxious (/affectionate) but also probably other reasons. Also there were dragons on his planet and he was probably involved in the shattering of Adonalsium and isn’t a shard. He collects magic and apparently learns race-shape-shifting to blend in with the Alethi. He’s like Angela from Eragon except Branderson’s actually explaining him bit by bit instead of making him Tom Bombadil Manic Pixie Dream Witch edition. Someday he will mostly make sense. Probably.
Oh also there are secret societies. And immortal Rosharans who are heralds? Sigzil is part of somebody’s order? Wit trained him? And the dustbringers are the law-people whose leader has lost it? Nale, I think?
I dunno how they work either. Nale tried to kill Lift at some point.
Still not sure how desolations or the fused work. Pretty sure it’s odium. not sure what Damnation is about either, but there’s pain.
Half of these names I looked up. First version had “andalosium” instead of Adonalsium.
How dare Hoid wear a Bridge 4 uniform.
That is all.
please send help or at least point me to where I can find things out without breaking my brain.
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calaathmaza · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ID: digital colored portraits of Thara Celehar and Iäna Pel-Thenhior from The Witness for the Dead. Thara is a thin, pale elven man. He has sunken cheeks, a square jaw, a curved nose, thin lips, and bright blue eyes. He has deep purple lines under his eyes and frown lines around his mouth. His hair is curly and white and pulled back into a queue. He is wearing a black high collared robe fastened with a crescent moon shape, and simple silver earrings. His expression is weary. The background is a light blue gradient. Iäna is a slim goblin-elven man with light gray skin and rich golden eyes. He has high cheekbones, a long nose, full lips, thick arched eyebrows, a strong chin, dimples, and crows feet around his eyes. He has thick dark hair pulled back in braids that fall down past his shoulders. He is wearing a scarlet coat, a light orange cravat, a gold hoop earring, and two gold cuffs with a small chain dangling between them. He has kohl around his eyes and is smiling confidently. The background is a golden gradient. End ID.
(Please click for better quality!)
Getting pumped for Grief of Stones!! I will definitely be re-reading Witness
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demonboyhalo · a year ago
YALL - Cogchamp is coming back and they're SWAPPING SIDES??? We're going to get so. much. couple content...and Sam is going to be such a 5th wheel
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hella1975 · 2 months ago
"give my compliments to the chef" lmao no
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · a month ago
Sorry don't mind me I'm just still in shock that the Kenobi series is real
#star wars#kenobi series#we got that. we truly got genuinely authentic true-to-the-heart-of-the-franchise star wars media#with my BOY obi-wan!! and anakin!!! and ewan and hayden!! and we got to see obi-wan have a relationship with leia (!!!!!!)#and we got to see him heal!!!#i just...i just can't believe it like we are living in the era of the final big chapter of their story#we're still freaking out about rots from 2005 sure but we also have something new that is made for *us*#we are this star wars generation and we got to be here for the last chapter of the entire 6-movie saga. it was made for us#i'm losing it#little 11-year-old me who journaled as a made-up star wars character...little 9-year-old me who wrote her first fanfic about star wars#little 13-year-old me who never forgot about how the clone wars series never got an ending and wished that it could have (and it did)#little me who watched the original trilogy on vhs and fell in love with it. who freaked out when vader said 'i am your father'#little me who made up a parody song about star wars and still remembers it to this day (it's called 'yoda was a puppet')#(it started as a rip-off of the veggietales song 'jonah was a prophet' and evolved from there lol)#little me who was OBSESSED with obi-wan and always related to him but thought i'd never get to see any more of him#and now my dream's come true#and i just feel a lot of things about it#all those younger versions of me got what they wanted. i got to witness something worthy of being that final chapter as it happened#i've never been happier to be a star wars fan#obi wan kenobi#kay has a party in the tags#kay can i just catch my breath for a second
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comedychallenge · 3 months ago
also this was mentioned in the discord and i wanna know: what's your drag race type (queen/ship/etc.)
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