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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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A vital message that EVERYONE needs to hear today. Thank you @rebornatdawn for the reminder 💜

#RP : “We are on Ascension Time . Know this isn’t a time of punishment but of unveiling⏱ Unveiling of the ones who built foundations & societies on perverse & reverse rituals & sacrifices all unbeknownst to the civilians. Masses know this is not your punishment, but the unveiling & unfolding of the builders of the system who sold you life as you knew it ( the harvesters of your conciousness ) As you are Only Conciousness & Awareness stay aware as to where your Source of Conciousness comes from. Within or Without . If your source of conciousness comes from without you have been hijacked of SOURCE. That is why media & education are Mind Control. It is built upon going without & instead of within. Use these times to go WITHIN & listen to the times. Know if they feed you your Conciousness you are on their Timeline. If your Source of Conciousness is source you are on a Ascension Timeline 🌏⏱”

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It was a Crossing

Like the sun rise to the Night skies

When the clouds crossed the moon

Music playing the highest notes

bending the silver spoon

Magic still existed

Memories faded

Time elated

As the river glistened

And the soul listened

To the heartbeat of her tune

Centuries turned

Notes dropped

The beggars became homeless

Greed the new seed

The ego formed

And we conformed

Lost in time

Not reading the signs

And she shut her eyes

Couldn’t take the lies

Now waiting

For a new bloom


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Its all about finding comfort - within your mind, your soul, your body. If you’ve attuned yourself to these three, then even the most catastrophic conflicts will not be able to shake you. Your roots are firmly planted within yourself and hence anything external will not be able to affect you. May all your endeavours thus be directed to this end - in you finding comfort within yourself - the three monumental giants: the mind, the body, the soul…

Random Xpressions

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Sadness and joy are the two strongest emotions we experience. They can make up for one another; joy can make sadness disappear, but so can sadness take over for joy. Sadness may create depression, joy euphoria. But how come when we create we create from a place of sadness rather than joy?

The answer is fairly simple. At times we create to share, to show, to enlighten. To let other people take part in our happiest moments and memories. But more often than not we create to handle, to cope, to overcome. Why, now, would we ever want to overcome a euphoric feeling such as joy?

Sadness, on the other hand, we cannot cope with. Sadness, we have to overcome. And that is why, in so many cases, we create from sadness. Because we feel the need to turn our sadness into something meaningful. Joy, we don’t need to turn into anything because it already is the most meaningful and powerful emotion.

Creating from sadness does not mean we do not appreciate joy. It only means that sadness we need to work on and to work with in order to overcome it. So, creating from sadness is never wrong or harmful und unjustified, for it is the only way we may overcome whatever it is that is making us feel this way. It is the only way we may get better.

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