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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#without thinking about that extremely wrong person

Something that’s missing in the discussion is how fiction and particularly fantastical fiction is useful for exploring ideas you just can’t do in realistic/reality adjacent fiction. When it comes to wide-reaching ideas or events, there are a limited number of those in the real world, and often the consequences are too dire and personal to really subject to scrutiny from all sides.

That isn’t to say you can do whatever you want in fantasy with no consequences; anything written as an allegory or reflection of real-world problems invites criticism based on its applicability to the real world. But fantasy is a genre that can be used to go places you can’t in the real world, and I feel like you can’t apply the same standards of judgment there. 

e.g. Anakin Skywalker can be a much more sympathetic and sympathetically-treated character than any real child-murdering warlord because, whether or not they’re actually done well, the Prequels are about looking into what can lead a ‘good’ person to commit incomprehensible crimes on a massive scale.

e.g. you can write Thrawn as an alien working for a genocidal military intent on cutting non-humans out from society and do it without going into the minefield that is talking about marginalized people who work to uphold the power structure that marginalizes them

these stories are pretty much impossible to tell about real-world people without either hurting people or spreading some serious misconceptions, but putting it in a fantasy world gives a broad margin of error. Adding on to that, I we should let it have more leeway than realistic fiction because we need to have some kind of space to explore extremes without actually hurting people

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