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princess-paramour · 2 days ago
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you're the one who is weak. you will never know love or friendship. and i feel sorry for you.
-Harry James Potter
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kramit-the-forg · 8 months ago
if i had a nickel for every time Mads Mikkelsen plays a gay supervillain who functions as the toxic influence to our hero i'd have two nickels. which isn't a lot, but it's still weird that it happened twice.
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invalid-prongs · 2 months ago
“you’re married.”
james subconciously twists the ring on his fourth finger. “yeah, i am,” he smiles softly. “nearly a year ago now, actually. our anniversary comes up next month.”
“oh, that’s nice,” lily smiles, tilting her head to the side, sounding half geniune. “so, who is she? and when did you get over sirius’ stupid little brother?”
“actually, i got under him,” james’ gentle smiles turns into a smirk. “sirius’ stupid little brother is now my stupid little husband.”
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wizardingsworld · 2 months ago
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doodleladi · a month ago
Heir to the Handsome Snob Throne
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After 84 years, I drew a thing again!
I was worried there I had forgotten how to but this handsome devil reminded why I do this 😏
HP Portrait Series: Hermione | Ginny
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ceresartsy · a month ago
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My will is as strong as porcelain
Ready to break at any moment-
I'm back 🙂
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facettenherz · 3 months ago
"It's a secret but Gellerts biggest fear is to be all alone." -Mads Mikkelsen
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nighxtmare · 8 months ago
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Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore
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lockescoles · 8 months ago
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queenmoriarty · a month ago
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POV: you just arrived at Hogwarts and are about to get sorted into your house
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pumpkinpiepotion · 8 months ago
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Did I know, in my heart of hearts, what Gellert Grindelwald was? I think I did, but I closed my eyes.
Mads Mikkelsen as Gellert Grindelwald
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moonlit-imagines · 4 months ago
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warnings: not a single fb3 spoiler in sight!
requested by anonymous
Your husband was out for the day and you had the house to yourself—plus every beautiful creature he left in your care. You really didn’t mind, they all took a liking to you since Newt did the same, but they could be quite the handful. And Newt could tell by the time he got home. “I’m home, dear! Sorry I’m late, something always seems to come up when I least expect it.” He conversed to the entirety of the home until you walked out from the kitchen.
“No worries, love.” You gave him a quick kiss, but he was a bit distracted by the baby niffler you were wearing as a pendant.
“Oh—y/n? You have, uh, a little guy right here.” He pointed to his chest and you looked down, chuckling at the animal and friend latched to your chain.
“Oh, he’s alright. I don’t think he thought his plan through when he went for my necklace, but he’s done no harm. Isn’t that right, hun?” You scratched the baby niffler’s chin and carried on, leaving Newt absolutely smitten by the way you treated his constantly growing family. How much luckier can a man get?
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glodessa · 4 months ago
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i like noses. i like big noses because— well, because you can kinda like… like sit on ‘em.
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destourtereaux · 7 days ago
you have a beautiful smile - draco malfoy x fem!reader
summary: Y/N is sunlight in human form, an absolute angel to be around. she’s always available to help out and treats everyone with kindness. draco malfoy should hate her, but he finds himself feeling quite the opposite.
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a/n: haven't written in a while, and this is my first draco fic, so please bear w me! lemme know what you think :) also my motivation to write draco is all bc of ms melli (@mellifluousart) who writes him wonderfully :)
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Draco was eleven when he first saw Y/N. He had been so stupidly excited for Hogwarts that he had crashed his cart into hers on the platform. He immediately started to apologize, but Y/N beat him to it. And when he glanced up and met her eyes for the first time, he realized he wouldn’t have been able to say anything at that moment anyway.
Five years had passed since that first meeting, and Draco was preparing for his sixth year at school. He’d never forgotten you, but there hadn’t been many opportunities to even approach you. He’d heard of you around the school, of course. How could he not have? You were beloved, by teachers and students alike. Y/N L/N, prefect, outstanding student, and an avid volunteer around the school. Little did he know, you knew him too.
Draco had built quite the reputation for himself. He was the Slytherin prince, calculating, cold, and altogether untouchable. If you asked anyone, they would tell you that the two of you were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum.
Of course, none of this mattered to Professor Slughorn. In the first potions class of the year, a mixed group of Hufflepuffs and Slytherins, he managed to seat you right next to Draco. He would be your partner for projects until the end of the year.
“So, do you speak now?” you poke with a laugh, referring to your first meeting as you sit down next to him.
“Yeah,” he responds briefly, before returning to his notes. To be honest, he didn’t trust his own voice well enough to say anything more - you still had the same effect on him more than half a decade later.
Draco did not believe in perfection. He kept trying to catch you being fake, as if your kindness and constant positivity was a facade that he might one day spot slipping. But as you continued to work hard with him on projects, joking to lighten the mood, and displaying the same amount of compassion despite his cold responses, he just couldn’t spot a single flaw. And one day, you caught him off guard.
“Godric, Professor Slughorn’s hair looks like his namesake today…” you mutter, as you copy furiously from the blackboard. You hadn’t meant for anyone to hear it, but then you caught the boy next to you let out a snort. Your eyes widened; there was no way Draco Malfoy had just laughed?
You whip your head around, and Draco averts his eyes.
“You just laughed,” you state, a smile forming on your lips. “You just laughed at my joke.”
“Did not,” the boy denies, “I was just shocked that sunshine in human form could say something like that,” then he turns away so you can’t catch the smile that threatens to appear.
Your cheeks redden, and you scoff. “It wasn’t even mean!” you protest, “I find it rather fits him.”
From that day on, the two of you developed a more natural dynamic. Your conversations were no longer one-sided, and you found yourself growing to enjoy Draco’s sarcastic sense of humour and wit. You even got to know Blaise and Pansy, who were very eager to share some of Draco’s most embarrassing moments with you. Little did you know, these two had an ulterior motive.
“So, Y/N, huh?” Pansy prompts, glancing up at Draco with an act of nonchalance.
Blaise smirks, catching the tinge of pink that appeared on his friend’s cheeks. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Pans, and she doesn’t either. You and Blaise need to shut it and stop poking your ugly heads into this.”
“Alright, alright. But just so you know, she likes you too,” Blaise replies, before striding to the staircase and heading up to his room.
Pansy nods, “She does, but I have no idea why… You’re utterly unlikeable!” she finishes with a cackle, and practically sprints to the girls dormitories, where she knows the blond boy can’t touch her.
And so, Draco was left all alone with his thoughts and a pounding heart, at 10pm in the Slytherin common room.
The upcoming week was Hogsmeade week. Draco and you had made plans to get some extra quills and ingredients you were missing for the latest potions assignment.
“So, how many first years did you scare today?” you greet him with a giggle, “Do I have any 11 year olds I need to comfort?”
Draco scowled, but his eyes crinkled, belying his happiness at seeing you. “Yeah right, it’s their own fault for standing in huge groups in the middle of the corridors. You think it’d kill them to walk on their own.”
You laugh openly, loud enough for a few scattered students to turn and look. And Draco can’t blame them, because he knows just as well how easily you catch the eye. 
After making all the necessary stops, you spot an adorable new pop-up near Madam Puddifoot’s.
“Oh my GOD. A Build-A-Bear Workshop!” you squealed, and Draco makes a show of cringing and plugging in his ears.
You roll your eyes, smiling. “I haven’t made one of these in years. We absolutely HAVE to try it.”
Draco stops plugging his ears and his expression develops into one of horror. “No. No way in hell am I doing that. I have a reputation, Y/N. You are out of your min–”
You yank on his sleeve, pulling him along, not paying attention to a word of his rant.
“OW! How are you this strong, midget?! Fine!” the boy finally complies begrudgingly.
An hour later, the two of you exit the shop, you having made a bear with platinum blond fur and a slytherin uniform. Whenever you pressed its stomach, the bear would squeal out “do you know who I am?!” sending you into bouts of laughter at its resemblance to your friend.
Draco did not find this nearly as amusing as you did, but he was quite proud of his own bear. A brown one modelled after his favourite quidditch player. 
“Admit it! You had lots of fun in there,” you confront, as you spot him fixing the collar of his bear’s robes.
The boy shakes his head, and immediately gives his stuffie to you, “yeah, if I were three years old… now you carry it. I can’t be seen carrying a stuffed bear.”
You roll your eyes, but gladly take the plush. It smells just like Draco.
Before you know it, February sneaks up on the Hogwarts students. You start spotting floating hearts and angels everywhere, courtesy of the professors.
However, you had yet to receive a single Valentine, which you found quite bizarre. Not that you were overly confident, but you had always received at least a few in past years. You decided not to dwell on it, however, not when the NEWTs were approaching.
Little did you know, several Valentines had been trying to make their way to you, but each had been stopped on their journey by a certain Slytherin boy. Whenever he spotted one with your name on it zipping along in the halls, he simply hexed it, and it would disintegrate. He also glared at anyone who looked at you, lower years and upper years alike. Eventually, people gave up; there was no use trying to compete with Draco Malfoy.
Then on the very last day of the week, February 14th itself, you were working on a potions project, when your partner suddenly walked in.
Draco looked nervous, almost. At least as close to nervous as you’d ever seen the Slytherin prince get… but then he pulled out a little velvet box with a satin ribbon on it, motioning for you to open it.
“Now, don’t make this weird, okay? I just saw this in the store and thought you’d like it,” he mumbles, lowering his head. 
Carefully, you undid the ribbon and opened the box. Inside, there was an absolutely adorable necklace with a tiny silver bear. Your face lit up, and you hugged the tall boy. “It’s perfect,” you exclaimed.
Draco was absolutely flabbergasted, but he awkwardly returned the hug, patting your hair. “Want me to put it on?” 
After he clasped the necklace, he held your shoulders and turned you around to face him. Almost unconsciously, Draco began to smile. A genuine smile that made him look like a 17-year-old boy instead of his ice-cold persona.
You marvelled at how happiness transformed your boy’s face, and you stared up at him for a long time, long enough for Draco to tilt his head in curiosity.
“Is there something on my face?” he inquires.
You shake your head. “No. No, I just… you have a beautiful smile. I think you should do that more. Smile, I mean,” you stumble over your words.
Draco chuckles, as a blush spreads over his face, painting his pale complexion. He leans in again, but instead of a hug this time, he quickly pecks your forehead. “Maybe. No promises though,” he whispers.
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wizardingsworld · a month ago
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siriusly-a-jedi · 6 months ago
Walburga: So have either of you met any pureblood, Slytherin, fully-human, blood-purist girls?
Sirius & Regulus:
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fanfictionworthreading · a month ago
I really appreciate you ‘fix it fic’ authors. Really doing God’s work there.
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