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Winter walks around a frosted lake with the person you love..

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me at every female character that gets antagonized in the plot:

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One of the things I love most about my body are my stretch marks 🥰🥰🥰. What ever you call them tiger stripes, stretch marks, lightning, or Thor’s kisses I love them so much

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I’m always so touchy with my plants. they probably think I’m weird 🌱

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<div> —  Patricia Highsmith - The Price of Salt </div><span>She came to Therese and put her hands on her shoulders. She squeezed her shoulders hard, as if she were exacting a promise from her, or<br> perhaps searching her to see if what she had said were real. Then she kissed Therese on the lips, as if they had kissed a thousand times before.</span>
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ok ok ok so i feel like there’s two main groups of gay/queer

-coffee gay/queer

-tea gay/queer

so like coffee gays are the social bumblebees, like if yellow was a person. but also the drained, exhuasted, slightly chaotic. tea gays are the cottagecore/academia gays who are organized but have hyperfixations on very specific things. huh this makes no sense but like- do y’all know the sun/moon parallel with couples? coffee is the sun, tea is the moon

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Also I’d let cis butches put their dick in me so like who cares if it’s built in or store bought? As long as the d is attached to a wlw/nblw I’m good.

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Not that Terfs know how to read but it does in fact say trans goddess in my bio.


Sorry I’m so gorgeous and stunning. Lol jk I’m not sorry at all

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hello tumblr i am your queen now.

and as your queen i command you to find me a cute girlfriend.

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ppl are so serious over ships like “omg you ship them >:0??!?!?” is it two women?? it is?? then yes. that simple. idc if i “dont know them” or that “it doesnt make sense in canon”  they are probably a lovely couple and i wish them the best

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happy (belated) birthday adora! my favorite magical girl! 🗡✨

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