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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Guys, guess what?? I haven’t worked on my WIP in literal months! Now guess what I just did. 


I only wrote 1,200 words. I know that’s not much. But omg, at least I finally got back to it! My course’s workload just totally stifled my creativity during lock-down and all of these past few weeks. I really, really wish I had more time to breathe in my life, because whenever I have even a little bit of mental space, I go back to writing. Anyway. I’ll do my best to keep working on it, even when things are busy again.

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Requested: Yes

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: violence, blood

Having a crush on your bully is never good. Especially when that bully is named Kim Jennie.


Originally posted by yuqi-s

School was definitely not your favorite thing in the world but, like all of your least favorite things, it was inevitable. It’s not that you hated learning, that was fine. It was one Kim Jennie, your bully. You always kept up a cool demeanor in front of her but you couldn’t lie and say the things she said didn’t sting a bit. None of it really affected you too much but still, it stings when your crush bullies you.

Yes, you could admit to yourself that you had a crush on her. This isn’t a cliche fanfic. You had the hots for Kim Jennie big time, but who didn’t? The whole school was under her spell and everybody bowed down to her. You refused to be a blind follower though. Maybe that was why she hated you, because you never did what she wanted you to do. You weren’t a fucking dog, why should you obey her every command?

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A new girl walked into the kitchen today and she started trying to talk to me and i was just like frozen kuz she was so prettttyyyy like jaw droppingly pretty and i had to get her to repeat what she said because i just like *stared* and wasnt paying attention, ya know… like a dumbass

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I want to cook an extravagant meal for my lover, while they sit on the counter next to me, swinging their legs, telling me some dumb story or about their day and I’m listening so intently and they know it and it makes them feel so loved and appreciated

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I hate how I wasn’t strong enough to just come out and not giving a single fuck about what people think about like fuck yeah i’m a bisexual so what?? ya know but no i’m too scared cuz everyone at my school “isn’t homophobic” but we hear homophobic comments here and there but still don’t really give a fuck abt the people who,are out

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