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i threaten to beat up people who wrong my friends a lot for someone who is built like one of those weak ass pencils and often loses fights to spiders

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I don’t want to give any spoilers but like

WHY IS JULES CALLING ME OUT IN ALL THE POSSIBLE LANGUAGES WTF (not all the parts are relatable tho, but those that are holly shit)

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They “His hair, his face, his eyes, his lips…”

Me “What?”


Me “Oh my, her hair, her eyes, her nose, her forehead, her mole, her dimples, her red full lips, her dress, how she moves, how she breathe…am I gay?”

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on being a wlw trapped under the male gaze:

matty healy told me that “sometimes it’s bigger than happiness”

though i believe him i ask “is this it?”

i live under his gaze, lost in a crowd

how did my search for silence become so deadiningly loud?

i’ve developed stockholm syndrome in my time here

his gaze holds me captive, yet i still care how i appear

will i always be searching, or is it true?

is all i am what he wants me to do?

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Thirsty for connection. But when I start drinking, I cough and choke because the taste is unfamiliar. HALP.


Originally posted by unsolvedreactions

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If only you could see what I see, cause baby you shine😍

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okay but what if we went to goodwill on a rainy day and bought old prom dresses then went out and got all muddy and danced in the rain pretending we were in a coming of age movie

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There are two people inside of you:

One wants to move to a cottage and live a domestic life, one wants to live in a chateau that is rumored to have vampires or ghosts.

And if you relate to this, congratulations, you’re sapphic.

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concept: after what feels like forever, you’re finally able to meet the love of your life. you rush into their arms and smother them with kisses. you both laugh and smile through the happy tears. everything is perfect.

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I envy the coffee cup, that kisses your lips every morning ;)

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