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Oh how sweet it would be to go stargazing and lay your head in her lap

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(A/N) so that first fic did pretty okay! here’s another natasha fic bc i have literally dozens just sitting around in my google docs bc i really didn’t think i’d ever post them anywhere but now i have this beautiful garbage can here and all you lovely little trash pandas! thank you so much for all the comments they were so sweet!! while i finish up my Long AF Diana Fic, I’ll try to post some shorter imagines i have shoved aside somewhere. Might open to requests soon, but no promises bc that diana fic really do be taking up all my hyperfixation… anyway, thank you guys sm i hope you like this one even if it’s not as intense as my 5+1 fic!

Rating: T (bc I swear a lot and cannot help myself)

Warnings: The overdone “I’m Sick And Refuse To Admit It” trope; pretty much entirely fluff; very little plot; weirdly enough i wrote this before the pandemic hit and i cant help wondering if that was god telling me to stop being a useless lesbian but oh well i left that bitch on read; another reader w fire powers bc i guess i was feelin like burning shit during this particular time

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader

Word Count: 3,726

Synopsis: Natasha has the flu and to avoid her wrath, the Avengers decide to go on a top secret mission. Unfortunately, either because you’re the newest member of the group or because Natasha always seems to fixate on you, you’re tasked with staying behind and taking care of her. You may have bitten off more than you can chew.


Originally posted by santa-xx

this is my fav gif of her god damm get u a girl whos a cinnamon roll AND a sinnamon roll

“So is there a reason you guys are sneaking out on your missions so late?” You ask Steve, who looks over your shoulder with a shadow of fear and guilt. “And you’re leaving me behind?”

You had coincidentally been training later into the evening than planned. You were just exiting the gym when you saw Wanda and Peter tiptoeing down the hall as if they were a pair of school children trying to sneak into the kitchen for late night snacks. You followed them to the docking bay, where the quinjet was already firing up and ready to leave.

“Not you,” Steve shakes his head, lowering his voice to a whisper. “We’re leaving Natasha. She’s got a cold and refuses to take it easy. Wanda slipped her some NyQuil so we could have a few hours to prep and leave.”

“You’re scared of Natasha with a cold?” You scoff, and his grave expression makes your laughter die down quickly. You frown. “She hates me, Steve. I’ll probably be dead by the time you come back!”

The blonde rolls his eyes, a smile pulling at his lips. “She doesn’t hate you. You’ll be fine.”

“The entirety of the Avengers is running away from her, I really don’t think she’ll go easy on me because I’m new.”

“She’ll go easy on you because, when Nat’s got a cold, she’s miserable.” He places a comforting hand on your shoulder, squeezing it lightly. “Trust me, (Y/N), you’ll be fine. Besides, the place we’re going doesn’t do well with… well, fire.”

“But Carol is going!” You whine and he laughs.

“Carol can’t set an entire building on fire at the drop of a pin. Just stay here and make sure Nat doesn’t get too dramatic.”

You relent, at last, with a defeated sigh and watch the others load onto the jet before leaving into the starry night.

Cowards, you think bitterly to yourself before returning inside.

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(A/N) hi im new to writing imagines and im currently writing a very long wonder woman/diana prince imagine that i might post so i posted this instead to see if anyone would read my garbage its over 20 pages already

Rating: Mature

Warning(s): Mentions of torture, mentions of child experimentations, heavy past-trauma themes, gay panics, ye olde im-in-love-with-my-best-friend trope, overused 5+1 trope

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader

Word Count: 5,828

Synopsis: As the newest Avenger, you find yourself becoming best friends with the Black Widow. Your bond is unlike most, and it isn’t long before you begin questioning your feelings for her. AKA the 5+1 fic we’ve all read before but I’m doing it anyway


Originally posted by juliastiles


Of all the Avengers you expected to get along with, Natasha Romanoff was certainly far from the top of the list. You knew enough about her to assume she’d be cold, distant, and while she can be those things, she’s also so much more. She is, obviously, smart and beautiful, but she’s also funny and loyal and she cares so much more than she shows.

It didn’t take long, much to your surprise, for you and Natasha to become something like best friends. Despite your prior convictions, you find that you share a lot in common with the ex-assassin. You suppose you shouldn’t have been so judgemental at first, seeing as you, too, were forced into becoming something deadly and dangerous. 

What surprises you most about her, however, is just how soft she can be.

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I imagine one day giving my girlfriend roses and a love letter card, to see the joy and love in her eyes and her charming smile. Her pulling me into a hug, her soft lips capture mine.

My heart just melts thinking about it!

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Summary: You’ll stop at nothing to ensure the safety of your loves. Not even Hell can drag them away. 

A/N: So this was originally in response to a request, before I realized they hadn’t watched caos s4 yet. So, merry inauguration day, you get another fic! I hope you all like it! Also… damn Y/N… how come you get two milfs?? 

Warning(s): CAOS S4 Spoilers, Minor Violence


Originally posted by rosalie-starfall

“Hilda, where is Y/N?”

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i know marriage is a construct and i’ll probably never have children of my own, but… imagine waking up early on your own one morning, turning off the alarm so your wife can sleep in before work, making breakfast for your children and a lunch box for your wife (maybe letting the kids help with some part of it), then going to gently wake her up and seeing her so happy that everything’s been taken care of - she only has to get dressed and walk your kids to school/the bus stop with you. and after you go your separate ways your wife spends the whole day thinking of you and smiling because of having such a great morning. ❤️

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Summary: Anon requested “Ahhhh I just requested one Artemisia story but I just got another idea that it’s pure unrestrained fluff, what about one night reader decides to pamper her? Maybe she was fighting or training the entire day and reader just prepares a bath for her and brushes and braids her hair? All of that with lots of kisses?? Oh my heart 🥺💖”

A/N: I have been irrationally excited to post this omg. I love Artemisia more than is good for me, so I hope that other people do too. Enjoy!!

Warning(s): None 


Originally posted by maevewelch

Blood. Guts. Glory.

The three things Artemisia had been laser focused on since her arrival in Persia. Since becoming Commander of the navy, the best warrior King Darius had ever seen. She wanted revenge and the glory that came from the conquest of battle.

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It’s warm out, we go on a picnic and watch the water. I lay my head in your lap and I am safe

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That feeling when meeting extended family and they say “you must have boys wrapped around your finger”, “do you have a boyfriend?”, or “any crushes???” is closeted culture, and will forever go unmatched.

I said what I said.

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Summary: Anon requested “I will love whatever you can write for Marie!! Marie x reader where the reader just moved to New Orleans (The reader has visited the city several times before and met Marie the last time she was visiting) maybe they bump into eachother again at a pride parade?” 

A/N: I really hope you like it! I’m getting into the groove of writing for Marie, so I’m hoping the more I write her, the longer the pieces will get :) 

Warning(s): None


Originally posted by oliviabensons

You had never believed in fate.

The idea of fate bothered you in more ways than you could count. It felt like a loss of control in your life. You wanted to make your own life, your own journey.

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Summary: Anon requested “may i request human reader on her first date with Eda” 

A/N: I usually get my imagines up early in the morning now, but I got a little caught up! I’m currently waiting on someone to fix my dishwasher and had to kill some bugs for my roommate lmao! So sorry that this is a bit late! 

Warning(s): None 


Originally posted by swan2swan

As a child, you dreamed of magic. Witches, goblins, and spells. Witches, especially. You’d fallen for the idea of a beautiful woman with exquisite powers to brighten up your life.

You never imagined you’d have the opportunity to go on a date with one.

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Imagine having a show for just the two of you. A show where you both cuddle up together and just let go of the stresses of everyday life. A time where you’re just happily together, raging over stupid characters and laughing at silly scenes.

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Summary: xxxtwilightaxelxxx requested “Hi, I super hope this isn’t too detailed, I’ve have this idea in my head for some time, could I request an alma periguine imagine where while Jake visits the house for the first time, Alma misplaced the time, but she does when its too late as Jake is pounced on by a big wolf (aka yn (that is her ability) who was hunting for food and its the time she would be back, seeing Jake as an intruder) and is almost attacked before Alma stops yn. If its okay that yn is someone who was born in the modern time but she was saved by Alma after finding her caught in bear traps. Tho she lives there and is dating/married to alma she wears a modern clothes so like a leather jacket, jeans and has her sides and back buzzed. That doesn’t mean Alma isn’t the top in the relationship lol (calls her pup in private ;3) please and thank you, let me know if this is too much :)” 

A/N: I hope you like it!!! 

Warning(s): None 


Originally posted by captainssaviors

An Ymbrynes duty is to those in her care and the maintenance of the loop she keeps.

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