#wlw longing
wlwdaydreamms · 7 months ago
im curious about what made you you. im curious about your taste in music. im curious about the way your mind thinks. im curious about how your body likes to be touched. im curious about your late night thoughts and how they make you feel. im curious about every single thing about you.
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wannabesk8r · 5 months ago
oh to stroke her hair... to hold her face in my palms and brush my finger against her lips, to hold her hand when she’s cold and kiss her on the forehead... oh to gift her a flower found on the ground... and to smile when she speaks... oh to kiss her on the neck and wrap my arms around her waist... oh to be close to her
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theyre-so-pretty-it-hurts · 2 months ago
This platform is full of wlw and I’m living for it. Every sapphic post gets so many notes. This is the way the world should be. Love it
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darlingsapphic · 26 days ago
I want to shower a girl with so many kisses and watch her turn into a giggling mess as she blushes.
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eta--piscium · 7 months ago
I wanna lay in bed with you.
With your back facing me and I'm hugging you so tight yet so gentle that it would give you the feeling of being safe and sound. Then I'll kiss the back of your head, and leave gentle little kisses to the back of your neck, down to your shoulder while I whisper "I love yous" in between kisses.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wanna make you feel loved and appreciated with all your flaws both inside and outside.
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theyresopretty-it-hurts · 9 days ago
Happy Juneteenth to my fellow African American Queers✊🏾 AA queers receive hate from all corners of the places we're deserve to feel safe in, from the black community, non black ppl, there's even racism in the veins of LGBTQ community even tho black trans women started the Pride movement. The appropriation of black culture is extremely common in this community white gay men adopting AAVE, I'll always be SICK of ppl who call things that are clearly from black culture, Queer culture. Why should we share our culture if y'all keep stealing it then shutting us out???
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3amthoughts00-0 · 4 months ago
Before anything I want her to be my best friend.
One that loves me unconditionally.
But most of all I want to be able to love her so much that she’ll know it as a fact.
I want to love a love so real that even I can’t bear to picture a world without her in my life.
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totally-sapphic-posts · a year ago
Let’s move to a rural Italian town, learn to make pasta, and sip fine wine while watching the sunset every evening
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asexualash · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
can we please go to an aquarium together? ♡
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florallyromantic · 6 months ago
to look at someone and say - i do not want you to hurt the same way that i hurt, so i will do my best to protect you
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victoriouslygay · 2 months ago
I just want someone to enjoy sapphic poetry with and for her to kiss me under the moonlight
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wlwdaydreamms · 5 months ago
i didnt fall in love with her because she was pretty, though she was beautiful.
i fell in love with her because of the way she made me feel. it caught me off guard and never have i imagined you'd be the girl i would fall for.
and i never thought you'd fell for me too.
i fell in love with her because she made me fell in love with myself as well.
and i think thats the beauty of love.
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wannabesk8r · a month ago
when her hair falls into her face and you wish you could brush it back behind her ear while holding gentle eye contact
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theyre-so-pretty-it-hurts · 6 months ago
Holding her hand, kissing her forehead, hugging her, holding her, running my fingers through her hair, feeling her smile against my lips, hearing her laugh, getting to know all of her details. Heaven to me.
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darlingsapphic · 2 months ago
Being a lesbian is so freeing like I can’t even explain it in words… 💞
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tosylviaplath · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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theyresopretty-it-hurts · 2 months ago
Did anyone have that era when you were younger when you'd say/think:
"I wish I was a boy so I could date a girl."
Cuz society made you think that monogamous heterosexuality is the ONLY type of love, and now you're a sapphic and probably under the nonbinary/xenogender umbrella
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lavenderyearns · 8 months ago
i can’t get over how it would feel to be wrapped up in her arms, warm and soft, the most secure ive ever felt, her soft flowery scent so calming and telling me everything will be okay. pleaseee
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totally-sapphic-posts · 11 months ago
If a girl were to kiss me on the lips, my mind would implode and all coherent thoughts instantly would cease
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3amthoughts00-0 · 5 months ago
At least once in my life I want to love with no restraints or fears. Just once do I want to dive in head first with nothing holding me back.
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