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wlw-angel a day ago
"God I wished you were mine..."
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(This post is for wlw/nblw only, MEN/minors do not interact)
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daddydoms-world 2 days ago
When they have a voice kink and get off just by hearing your voice. When they imagine you鈥檙e standing over them watching while they fuck themselves.
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fly-far-ikaros 2 days ago
Imagine you're working out and it's a particularly good session, you're sweaty and muscles are beginning to get sore, when you notice your femme is in the doorway in one of your hoodies and nothing else. You dont know how long she's been watching you but you can see she's got those eyes that tell you she's ravenous for you. You smirk still catching your breath from the last set of reps. You know exactly what she wants. She begins walking over to you, you take her hand, pulling her over to your work out bench. She's looking you up and down seeing your muscles bulge and flex in all her favorite places. She starts running her fingers down your chest, up your arms and neck, suddenly pulling you into a deep, needy kiss. You sit her down on the bench, spread her legs open as you slide your lips down to her center, your mouth tracing and biting kisses all the along the way till you hear her breath hitch, looking up you see her big doe eyes so needy and begging you to lick her until she can't feel her clit anymore. Not taking your eyes off her, you make her cum over and over using only your mouth. Finally having enough you scoop her up into your arms and take her to your waiting bed to fuck her brains out.
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cwummy 2 days ago
I need someone to hold me down n breed me cuz they just can鈥檛 control themselves.. 馃ズ
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lavenderedhoney 2 days ago
Highlights from a sleepover last month:
Her collaring me, cuffing my wrists, chaining them to the bedframe, and then chaining my collar to her chest harness while she fucked me. 馃槼
Waking up at 5, finding her also awake, and not being able to stop myself from rolling over and kissing her. Her pulling my hand down to her cock to get her hard before she crawled up the bed and pushed it into my mouth, moaning while she moved her hips, moaning when she came down my throat.
How fast she flipped me over onto all fours immediately after to fuck me so hard!
Fucking again after we woke up for real around 10.
The sweet, meek way she repeated back to me that she was my pretty girl and my princess while I rode her. The way she almost choked when I made her say she was my angel.
Giving her a countdown from ten to cum for me. The way she came so hard and so perfectly on time when I got to one! 馃グ
How loud she screamed when I licked under her jaw and again when I rubbed my fingers across her asshole while she fucked me.
Leaning over her lap to suck her off while we watched TV.
Drifting off to sleep on the couch wrapped up in her arms. Waking up from that nap because she'd gently pushed her fingers inside me.
How absolutely out of her mind she got for me when I pushed her knees to her chest and rode her in the Amazon position.
Her finding me even tighter than usual several times and instead of pausing to coax me open, thrusting harder and making her cock fit because she knows that makes me fucking crazy. How good it burned. Her spitting on her cock at one point to ease her way in! 馃槱馃挦馃挦馃挦
(Cishet men, minors/ageless blogs, cg/l blogs, and cnc blogs DNI, I will block you immediately)
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papibutch 14 hours ago
she/he/they 馃憖
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the-deaf-butch 16 hours ago
thinking of packing on lazy sunday mornings. of walking out into the kitchen in nothing but my briefs, bulge in my underwear, and cooking breakfast with fresh hot coffee. thinking of my femme wandering out into the kitchen and seeing me, eyes dropping down to my crotch, and before she even has her morning coffee, she's already on her knees and sucking me off
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fr3aklike-me a day ago
beautiful, you want my strap in you? then, go on, sit on that dildo and prove to me you can take it. yes, you heard me. you think you鈥檙e getting this strap without proving to me you can take it? sit yourself on your toy and fuck yourself on it to show me. c鈥檓on, baby, turn around and raise yourself over the toy. just flick it over your cunt for me, let the tip get wet with that mess you鈥檝e made for me. when you鈥檙e ready, sink down on it and show me how you take it. there you go, baby, you鈥檙e doing beautifully for me. fuck, just watch how that toy sinks inch by inch into your pretty hole. it鈥檚 so thick and big, baby, and you take it so well for me. look at how that ass bounces for me, how your cunt stretches so fucking wide over that toy of yours. arch your back, darling, do it for me and give me a show to get off to. awe, look at your pussy - is it fitting a cock so big just for me? yeah, baby? oh, you鈥檙e just making the sweetest noises right now. how can I not rub my clit to them? all your little, soft cries and moans are music to my ears. you鈥檙e embarrassed to be fucking yourself for me? you want my dick in you, don鈥檛 you? then, be good and show me how well you can take it. in fact, why don鈥檛 you turn around for me? hold yourself up, brace your legs wide on either side of the toy, now start bouncing on it again, princess. there you go, bounce on that dick, okay? look at how your pretty nipples get so hard at the sight of me staring at you, how your tits gently move as you fuck yourself so needily. I see how you bite your lip, precious, how you toss your head back in pleasure. you like being the centre of attention, don鈥檛 you? the only things my eyes are trained on, the only thing I can fuck myself to. I can imagine the only thing you鈥檇 like more is for me to push you on the bad, and fuck you with that toy myself, thrusting it in and out until you come for me. but, not yet. you still have a bit more to show me.
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drppybunnie 2 days ago
gals who wants to ride my thigh i wann feel how warm and wet you get i want you to make a mess im a girl btw
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bl00dstainedslut a day ago
i need my pussy spanked and ate until i literally pass out
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floraandfrost a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Just laying beside her isn't enough
Warnings: explicit wlw sex, touch of consensual somno i guess? Face sitting, fingering, Minors do not interact
It's that hazy point where dreams and the dark collide. Not awake, not asleep. Adrift.
She's so soft beside you, one arm curved up over the pillow, the gentle rise and fall of her chest illuminated by the white moon glow.
Even through heavy lids, your eyes are drawn to her. Skating featherlight from the inky splash of her lashes, over the soft round of her sleep-flushed cheek to her mouth. The puff of her bottom lip.
Heat spills through you like knocked coffee, lapping warm at your core. Drawing your eyes back to the rise and fall of her chest where the sheets bunch under her, tugging the white cotton of her tank top down.
Your hand moulds so beautifully to her, holding the petal soft weight in one palm while you nuzzle into the humid crease of her throat. She stirs, arching toward your hand, a quiet moan escaping when your mouth opens, wet and warm against her skin.
The salty tang makes you crave, skims your hand down beneath the sheets to the round of her ass, tugging her to sit up, to meet your mouth with the plush spread of her thighs. She's so soft and pliant, eager, when you guide her hips, cupping her between shaking palms.
You can smell her while she settles over your mouth. Even through her panties, the outline of her slit so obvious through the thin cotton it makes you clench.
You need to have her. Now.
Need to hook your thumb around that cotton and tug it away, to run the flat of your tongue through the slippery heaven of her sex, to hear her whine and beg as she grinds down onto your face, slide and smear her gorgeous cunt across your mouth, your chin, to soak you in her pleasure in every way over and over until she shakes with it. Until her spine curves over your crown and tears slip from the corners of her eyes.
After, you guide her, trembling, down to the mattress beside you and bask in her ruined glory, sucking the taste of her from your own swollen lips. Her hair strewn across the linen, her tank dragged down below the flush of her nipples, the strong beat of her heart rippling across her skin.
You have a choice.
To cradle her in your arms, to slowly kiss the salt from her face and murmur the secrets of your heart into her skin.
To drag your fingertips from where they rest at her jaw all the way down to the hot wet clutch of her thighs, and work inside her again.
Her eyes open, lust-black and hazy, and her thighs drape open. Your choice is made.
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goodboyfemme 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you know what day it is 馃挏
[18+ only; cis men dni; wishlist]
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daddydoms-world a day ago
I want to be your downfall鈥 every time you see me I want you to think about everything I鈥檝e ever done to you. I want you to get overwhelmed by all of the flashbacks you鈥檙e having just by seeing me. I want you to specifically think about a dark bedroom with red lights. Think about you laying on the bed. I want you to remember how I got on my knees and looked at you as I slowly spread your legs further apart. You throw your head back to look away because you can鈥檛 take my eye contact. But I like to force you out of your comfort zone so I tell you to look at me. I spit on your pussy and just by that you鈥檙e already shaking. So of course I have to say princess I haven鈥檛 even touched you yet. Do you think you can stay still for me? You being the good girl you are respond with I will try. Now I wanna see how wet you are for me so I start at your clit and slowly run my finger down with ease. Good girl I鈥檓 impressed I move up to your neck and mark what鈥檚 mine. I give you kisses and then pull away to suck my own fingers. I lean in and whisper you taste so good. I slowly move down your body making you wait and anticipate what鈥檚 coming next. I ask you what do you want and if you give me one word responses I鈥檓 not going to do it. So you tell me you want my fingers inside you. So that鈥檚 exactly what I do. I start with one and add another two. You鈥檙e being so good for me princess. So I start to slide the tip over your clit and end up going further down to tease your pretty hole with just the tip. Every time you feel the tip you think this is it this is where she thrusts into me. I love to see you get all worked up and frustrated by my teasing. But I鈥檝e had enough fun and now it鈥檚 time to use my favorite play thing. So just lay there and take whatever I give you and be thankful. I love using you. You are my favorite toy I want you to know that princess. Do you know that? Tell me. While going in and out I use one hand to play with your clit and the other to choke you and force you into eye contact with me. Now you are going to be a good girl and cum for me. Who鈥檚 daddy鈥檚 girl? That鈥檚 right princess. Now make me proud and cum for me.
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fly-far-ikaros 2 days ago
(Pic in reblog)
Dealers choice 鈾狅笍鈾︼笍鈾o笍鈾ワ笍
鉁旓笍 Slow and deep
鉁旓笍Hard and fast
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lesbian-pillow-princees 6 hours ago
them: I put ginger on all my food. I love eating ginger
me, a redhead and a lesbian: you love eating gingers you say 馃憖
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jinxclub 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
me 2 nite hehe
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beanswrites a day ago
Mine 鈾★笌
I felt like there wasn't enough Nadia spice. Or maybe I just read them all.
so here you guys have a lovely little drabble
also I guess that this is my first ever smut posted?? anyways yeah i now do spicy content too (not a smut blog, still a writer of everything), so requests open!!
Blogs under the age of 16 DNI.
Pairing: Nadia Satrinava x fem! MC
Word count: 267 words
Warnings: smut, nsfw
Tumblr media
"You look so pretty like this, precious"
You whine at the praise, twisting the poor, silky sheets in your fists as she continued to touch you. Every movement, every graze of her fingertips on your skin sent fireworks exploding in the back of your mind. You were still sensitive, fragile, but luckily, Nadia knew just how to take care of you.
Her long, manicured fingers circling one of the many marks she left on you sent shivers down your spine. The countess noticed your shivering, cooing at you:
"Oh? Need me to warm you up, sweetheart?"
This was supposed to be aftercare, love, adoration for your divine body. Why did it feel like torture? Why did it feel like your countess was purposely denying you what you wanted?
"Mmph! Nadi, please!"
You whimper out, your patiance running thin. She let out a breathy laugh on your skin, continueing to kiss every single purple bruise she's left on your legs. Her kisses trail higher and higher, until her lips are met with your breast. Her kisses are eager but slow, a reminder of how, if you misbehave, she would leave the marks again. Not like you would have any problem with that..
"There, there, lovely. I'll take care of you"
Her tounge swirls around the marks on your chest, reddening them once again. Now, her face begins to travel lower and lower, until it is finally met with your pretty belly, and the heaven down from it.
"Gods, MC, could you be any more perfect? And all of this for your countes.. You are mine, darling. Only mine."
Thanks for reading!! Reblogs and likes are appreciated!! Love you!! 鈾★笌
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cwummy 22 hours ago
I鈥檓 a simple girl, all I want is to be full of ur cum after u ravage me like the dumb mutt u are
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collar-and-bone 4 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Work sucked and I need to be railed kissed 馃憖
Day 23/?
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butchbab-y 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
a little sneak peak
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