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aralallicsyrp · 2 days ago
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femmefairytalefindings · a month ago
If love is patient,
And love is kind,
Then our love is holy,
Our love is divine.
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kindofheartdumbofass · 6 months ago
Where’s my future girlfriend? That’s what I’d like to know
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feytouched · 2 months ago
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lucid dreaming, ieva dapkevicius / translated by siena ho shun yi
first published in celestite poetry issue 3
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sophiefenimore · 9 months ago
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meatluvrr · 2 months ago
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“gracious your form and your eyes as honey: desire is poured upon your lovely face Aphrodite has honored you exceedingly...” — sappho: If Not, Winter (2002)
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isyourbedroomceilingbored · 7 months ago
"the starlight glimmered in strands of her hair / and her eyes reflected the most vivacious of nebulas"
— cas fairchild · isyourbedroomceilingbored
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theyre-so-pretty-it-hurts · 7 months ago
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wlwaxsthetic · 3 months ago
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I’ve been completely MIA, and I apologize for that. I’ll make a separate post explaining everything that’s been happening in life. Anyways, this is an absolutely beautiful poem
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amazon-hibiki · 4 months ago
Falling in love is terrifying
Falling for her smile is devastating
Falling for her laugh is deadly
Falling for every piece of her is frightening
But i’m tired of being afraid
Falling in love with her is the best feeling in this whole god forsaken world
Her smile sends butterflies through my chest
Her laugh brings a twinkle to my eye
I want to love every piece of her with my whole being
Falling in love is the most terrifying thing to come in contact with and i’m free falling
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victoriouslygay · 14 days ago
I want to fall in love,
As deep as the moon,
Loves to dance with the waves,
Until the dawn
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wlwpoetry524 · 5 months ago
i see the world differently now because of you
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feytouched · 3 months ago
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i have two new poems out with the latest issue of celestite poetry ! ♡ please do read all the other incredible works featured 🦢🌙💐🍄✨
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alberideilimoni · 18 days ago
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//fs navratil//
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poemhater · a month ago
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Cicada Summer
For @nosebleedclub may prompt #2
transcript under the cut
the sweat drips down my back
and the loud beating of my heart
almost drowns out the buzzing
of the cicadas
the words are in my throat
if only I could push them out
if only I was brave enough
to be honest
if only I was enough.
the moon illuminates the sky
and you turn your face to the dark
to watch it
and I’m watching you
how the white of the moon washes
over your face
and somehow makes you
look more serene than before
and when you turn to look back at me
I pretend I was looking at the moon too
for once I’m glad for the cicadas
without them you would surely hear
my wild heart
and my heavy breathing” [/end]
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thatsimplepoet · 8 days ago
i’ve never been struck by lightning
but i imagine
it would pale in comparison 
to the feeling of her touch
i think i would like to feel electrified 
if only to be set ablaze by her hands
roaming the hills and plains of my very being-
an explorer discovering new lands to call her own
if i close my eyes
i can almost picture
the shivers my touch 
would draw from her core
i alone would be responsible
for spinning tales about the constellations 
dusted across her body-
galileo could only hope to be so lucky
and maybe
she too longs for the paradoxical comfort
that being set aflame brings-
touch starved, 
same as me
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floralfemmes · 3 months ago
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terfs dni
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micscore · 11 days ago
A person may forget that she is alive for some periods of her life until a loving hand touches her
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theyre-so-pretty-it-hurts · 8 months ago
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