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youshouldntsleephere · 4 days ago
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/“The Kiss” but gay, Evie Freel/ Eileen Myles, Peanut Butter/ Sappho, translated by Anne Carson/ The New Bracelet, Henryk Siemiradzki/ Radclyffe Hall, The Well of Loneliness/Orlando, Virginia Woolf/ Best Friends, Malcom T. Liepke/
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sappho-knight · 5 months ago
"i'll make time" "can you stay in bed with me longer?" and "sleep with me?" are phrases that are so soft i could melt upon hearing them
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hues-of-purple · a month ago
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One of my books, Can’t Think Straight, was named a finalist in the poetry section in the Book Excellence Awards!
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typewriter-worries · 7 months ago
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If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho, Anne Carson | War of the Foxes, Richard Siken 
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sweatermuppet · a month ago
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sappho prize for women poets, held by palette poetry. read more about submission guidelines & apply here
[Text ID: Closes June 19, 2022. This contest only accepts submissions from women poets. ALL women are welcome to submit (cis and trans). The winning poet will be awarded $3000 and publication on Palette Poetry. Second and third place will win $300 & $200 respectively, as well as publication. The top ten finalists will be selected by the editors, and guest judge Jos Charles will then select the winner and two runners-up. /End ID]
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remarkablecreature · a year ago
That’s it. That’s the post.
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femmefairytalefindings · a month ago
If love is patient,
And love is kind,
Then our love is holy,
Our love is divine.
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er3to · 4 months ago
i want to kiss so badly.
the feeling of your girl's hips against your own as you sigh into each other? unparalleled and necessary for life. when she slowly starts to kiss you more lustfully and full of desire rather than sweetly, when she's sighing & moving against you & she's grabbing your cheek to tilt your lips toward hers better, when she kisses your neck while stroking your cheek with her thumb...
the idea of her touching the bare skin under my sweater makes my heart beat in syllables of her names. she should kiss me desperately, curve into me like sculptors did aphrodite's. she should kiss my collarbone and whisper sweet nothings into me.
i want to kiss so badly. (but still give me an annotated book and a love letter.)
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— always, erato, your deity <3
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feytouched · 2 months ago
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lucid dreaming, ieva dapkevicius / translated by siena ho shun yi
first published in celestite poetry issue 3
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sophiefenimore · 9 months ago
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sappho-knight · 5 months ago
i wanna trace the outline of her face with my thumb,,,, i wanna run over her jawline and brush her cheek,,,,, i wanna feel her rest on my chest and hold her close,,,,,,,, wanna take care of her,,,,,,,, heaven knows their best angel deserves it,,,,,,
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insomniac-dot-ink · 9 months ago
Icarus and the Sun
If Icarus was a woman, would she ever take flight? She would already know that to be seen is to be taken apart. Your wax wings will burn under their eyes before their gods are given a chance. If Icarus was a woman, would her mother build her wings or would she build her iron skin to keep out the world? Teach her that they may never leave this tower, but escape is found by burrowing.
Here my darling girl, I’ll build you a heart that cannot break and walls so high they cannot reach you inside your own skull. My darling girl, I’ll tear you down so you learn to bow and be built up somewhere stronger-- somewhere unseeable. It will hurt, but to hurt is to survive. 
The sun is not a woman. But if that dawn, that bloody dawn, did ride the chariot, she might look upon a girl with wax wings and beckon: Come, the sky is softer. Come, to be seen is to be triumphant however briefly. If Icarus was a woman, would this be a tragedy?
The sun, the lovely sun, to stand within it’s gentle grasp and know, the people on the ground will eat you whole. The sun will only burn, the sun will only hurt. But to hurt is to survive, so Icarus flies. And perhaps she is not flying toward her hubris, not flying for the sake of praise. Who praises women in the sun?
No. Perhaps she flies instead so she may be held and seen and cradled by those violent hands that reach through iron casing. To be given solace by a god that is high enough to never bow. A God that may look upon a girl and pierce through her many layers that protect some fragile truth, some fragile thing. Oh love, say love.
Perhaps Icarus is flying toward the sun.
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bookromancy · 6 months ago
Even if Aphrodite herself told me how this will hurt one day, I’d still fall for you. Even if I knew that we’d fall apart, I’d still write for you. I’d still break every piece of me apart and put it together in a poem so you could maybe read it one day and think of me.
Andy Hearth, The Lament Of Sappho (2022)
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poemsonmars · 4 months ago
she is the sun
and i am not asking
to be the moon;
just to not burn
when i look at her.
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sunpatch · 6 months ago
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was i born with a weak heart or is it just the way she tugs on its strings?
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cursing-forthelongestime · 2 months ago
Very often I get jealous of how the romantics describe love in unique ways. Let it be colors, scents, sounds, like the best thing in the world or an unescapable curse. I never found my own way to do the same, not even now that I met her and crave for it. I could say she is the red, warm and energetic, but she's also the shining golden and the sadness of the blue. I could compare her to a whole rainbow but it's too little for her. I could say she is in every word I've ever written, wich is true, but she's also in every single word I left unsaid for lack of courage. I could say she's the lyrics to my favorite song, the story I want to hear and the place I want to be. The only view my eyes search for. My agony, my remedy, and whatever in between. But above everything said and anything else, she would never be all of this if she wasn't herself — and I'm happy she is.
— I could've just said I love her, part two.
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florallyromantic · 6 months ago
to look at someone and say - i do not want you to hurt the same way that i hurt, so i will do my best to protect you
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theerealcowboy · a year ago
So here’s my support me for black history month post :) 💙
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I’m Kih I’m a black transbi (they/them ig), a tarot reader, certified reiki practitioner, & writer ! You can read a bit more about my situation in this post, but I’ll keep this one short n cute and just say I’m pursuing making my art & spiritual services my full time job !!
My main goal rn is to build a consistent income through patreon, where I write poetry & do monthly pick-a-card tarot readings as well as monthly personal readings for certain tiers !
Here’s links to examples of my writing, feedback from my tarot readings (1) and (2), and my patreon 💙
you might also be interested in this cute little quiz I made that matches your energy to one of my poems :) I’ll be making a patron-exclusive version with more possible results soon !!
Gonna be bold enough to try n manifest hitting 50 patrons this month 🥺🧿 I’m at 36 as of rn which absolutely blows my mind. Thank u all so much for the support I’ve gotten so far. I’ll update this post as I get closer to my goal, I guess?
So yeah, come join us & get some black art in your life 💙💙💙 39/50 !!!
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isyourbedroomceilingbored · 7 months ago
"the starlight glimmered in strands of her hair / and her eyes reflected the most vivacious of nebulas"
— cas fairchild · isyourbedroomceilingbored
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feytouched · 3 months ago
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i have two new poems out with the latest issue of celestite poetry ! ♡ please do read all the other incredible works featured 🦢🌙💐🍄✨
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