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cishet girls around wlw: ok cool… but i like guys lol soooooo…

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Reasons why I like women

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every time something goes wrong i want to go

“THATS HOMOPHOBIC” but i can’t because i’m not out so i just yell it in my head 😩😔

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I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either. It was actually better than I expected but it’s probably because I read some not-so-great opinions about this movie. 

I understand why people didn’t like it. Firstly, I felt that the relationship of Mary and Charlotte wasn’t very deep because they didn’t really talk that much with each other. What’s more, at the beginning I really felt mother/daughter vibes when Mary/Kate was taking care of ill Charlotte/Saoirse. And additionally this movie might be seen as a boring one because there is not that much of an action.

But the movie also has some advantages. Obviously the biggest advantage of it and the main reason why everyone was hyped about it was Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan playing lovers. The movie has also A LOT of gay staring. Their relationship was primarly based on gay gazing. And what’s gayer than a gay gazing?

What surprised me the most was Saoirse’s character.  if it wasn’t for Charlotte nothing would have happened between them. She seemed to be so fragile and depressed at the beginning but as it turned out she just “suffered from melancholia”. When she temporarily moved in to live with Mary she was making all the first moves and she wasn’t shy at all. I was just watching it and being like “Wow Saoirse, give me some of your courage’’. 

I know it it based on real life characters and both, Mary Anning and Charlotte Murchison 

were real life poeple and Mary Annnig was an amaizng paleontologist but I wish Kate Winslet, the Kate Winslet looked simply more like her usual Kate Winslet meaning more attractive when she finally played a lesbian (in Heavenly Creatures she was Kate Winslet but not the Kate Winslet okay and she played 16 years old) I kind of feel like it is wasted potential when it comes to Kate playing a lesbian. 

Fun fact, Mary Anning in real life was a Taurus and in the movie she totally acted like one with not wanting to move in with Charlotte and just wanting to keep her life exactly the way it was. Charlotte in real life was an Aries and I also saw that in the movie with Charlotte  making all the moves, being depressed when nothing exciting was happening and being so excited because of the surprise which she made for Mary at the end.

But in real life Charlotte was 11 years older than Mary (!) and it completely changed the way I perceived the movie. Also Fionna Shaw ( who is a lesbian in real life) played here ex-lover/ex-partner of Mary so yey for LGBT actors playing LGBT roles. 

In general I liked it more than I expected to like it. It definitely could have been better. But I liked it. And at the end of the day this movie has Kate Winslet playing a lesbian and Saoirse Ronan playing probably a lesbian and they fall in love with each other and that’s definitley something.  

I’m giving it 7/10

Category: movie with lesbians/wlw women as protagonists 

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a middle aged actress : complaining about their age and getting old

any gay teenager girl : 👁👄👁

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i don’t see enough people holding bouquets, walking around with flower tucked in their hair or buying flowers without the day being a special occasion and that hurts my soul.

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girls are so pretty !!!! \( ̄▽ ̄)/ girls with cats! girls reading books! girls playing with ur hair! girls holding ur hand! girls playing bass! girls in a karaoke booth singing off key! girls writing letters for ur bday! angy girls! girls who give everyone hugs! touch starved girls! girls baking! girls burning toast! girls playing vball! girls teaching u to play bball! girls sending singing videos! girls talking about their favourite songs! girls smiling! girls laughing! girls existing! girls girls girls!! im love them<3333

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CW: mentions of derealisation/depersonalisation/sense of reality

Friendly reminder to those who struggle with their sense of reality that you are real, just like me, and everyone else!! The land you’re standing on is real, the places you go are real, your family and friends are real.

If you focus on an older object, notice all the details, all the creases and cracks, all the specs, all the imperfections and markings. Focus on how it feels in your hands and how all these creases, cracks, and imperfections can be felt.

Notice all the signs of aging, whether it be dust, loose threads, anything. That object is real, the object is real and has been for months to years. Notice, see and feel that on the object.

As it has aged, you have as well, because you are here and real, like that object.

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That feeling when meeting extended family and they say “you must have boys wrapped around your finger”, “do you have a boyfriend?”, or “any crushes???” is closeted culture, and will forever go unmatched.

I said what I said.

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For all my fellow creampuffs out there, I’m writing a Carmilla fanfiction and I need some good insults that Carm has said to Danny over the years. Get your fangirl (or boy or whatever) on and give me a list!!

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Gosh I wish I had a girlfriend I would have dressed as an angel for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is almost here y’all and I hope I get cute little valentine cheesy cards I’m a sucker from those even those meme ones lol

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Gosh I want a girlfriend who will baby me and I’ll baby her back and we are just sweet and just funny and weird together and we just vibe and enjoy each other’s company

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