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#wlw ship
captainwaltonsa year ago
There is something so beautiful about woman dressed in historical clothing that鈥檚 usually only worn by men.
Like, a man wearing historical fashion: eh, ok I guess, I mean it鈥檚 still cool cause- history! but still just ok...
But a woman: More beautiful than Aphrodite, a queen! I aspire to look like this. Woman, honestly, can pull of historical men鈥檚 historical fashion so well, and they all look like queens and badasses.
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killingsjodiea year ago
Tumblr media
sandra oh finding out about the villaneve ship name is the best thing that鈥檚 ever happened to me
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acidglue23411 months ago
April is shook and so am I
um hi?
Tumblr media
can we just talk about this scene for a minute?? so i went into this show with absolutely no idea that these two would get together at some point, so when April locked the door and turned around and that bass music started bumpin, i was understandably SHOOK.聽
bc wow, not only did they give a romantic storyline to one character who started the season losing her virginity to her long time boyfriend and another character who鈥檚 in a straight-straight alliance...
but i was also shook bc of APRIL鈥橲 FACE.
Tumblr media
do you see the desperate longing and yearning on this child鈥檚 face, in her EYES??聽someone sedate me i鈥檓聽
this look.
this look doesn鈥檛 just come out of nowhere.
April鈥檚 been quite possibly waiting for this moment (believing full well it would never come) since the 5th fucking grade, when Sterling not so subtly gave her away. skip ahead 5 or 6 years, and Sterling finally wants her back. and not just back, but BACK.聽
Sterling is one of April鈥檚 Adeles who come back from Arizona!聽
but instead of feeling threatened by April鈥檚 intensity鈥攍ike the actual Adele鈥擲terling always returned that same intensity head on (and is now聽returning it to the point where it matches April鈥檚), so not only am i shook, April鈥檚 shook.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and by April鈥檚 own words, she is intense, and so she buried that shit so deep (not her sexuality but her feelings for Sterling) that the moment her feelings are reciprocated, like that VERY moment, April鈥檚 like 鈥渋t鈥檚 on,鈥 proceeds to lock the world out, and jumps Sterling鈥檚 bones, quite literally crashing their faces together without a moment鈥檚 hesitation.聽
Tumblr media
i mean, she barely put any thought to it, leading me to believe she鈥檚 definitely imagined kissing Sterling countless times before.
Sterling鈥攖he girl who was supposed to be her, quote, mortal enemy, like, less than a week ago. Sterling鈥攖he girl who ditched her in elementary school when she got her first bf. Sterling鈥攖he girl she always seemed to compare her wins (and losses) to, even when Sterling had no idea.聽
Sterling, Sterling, Sterling.聽
always Sterling.
Tumblr media
April had been competing against Sterling for years to be the best, when in actuality, all she really wanted was to be seen by Sterling as the best.聽
but the poor baby gay had been suppressing those feelings for Sterling for so long that she confused a complicated crush with 鈥渋 must crush her,鈥 only for a kiss from said crush to wake her the hell up.*聽
Tumblr media
like c鈥檓on, look at these last two stills鈥攊f that鈥檚 not enlightenment, idk what is
Tumblr media
*our gay modern day sleeping beauty, what did we do to deserve
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