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this is really very off topic but i just asked a girl who i have a crush on if she wants to watch miss americana with me (using the netflix extension) and sHE SAID YES

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Okay ya gotta admit horror movies in drive in movie theaters make shit scarier, most of the time drive in theaters are surrounded by forest, flat plains, just the middle of no where. It gets scary, at least for me it does. I mean being cuddled up with her while you’re scared shitless thinking someone gunna come at ya with an axe does make ya feel just a taaadd bit more relieved. And she also gets to call you cute cuz you’re scared.

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Drive in movie theatres make the experience for a movie much more better, I mean you get more space, you get to bring you’re own snacks and if you run out there’s always a very cheap snack bar more in the back, the bathrooms being all the way in the back but at least giving you an alright view of the screen. The best car to bring to a drive in movie theatre in my opinion is a truck, I mean just imagine all cuddled up with her in blankets and laying on soft pillows while you both enjoy your space together in the back of a truck, it’s way more private and comfortable.

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I love you.

The way you move, and your every thought.

The way your skin feels under my fingertips.

The way you look at me like I have all the stars of the sky in my eyes.

The way you make our love feel like it’s never going to fade.

The way you make my heart beat like it’s never going to break.

The way you make me hope that someday, will be our day, and we’ll look at the sunset from the same balcony.

We’ll walk home through the same door.

The way that even when we break down and every odd is stacked against us and everything feels impossible, we’re in this together.

I love it all.

I love us.

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you and me go on a date to a bookstore, it’s old and smells of dusty paper but we love it. we decide to pick out books for each other and after buying them write handwritten love notes on the inside of the cover. afterwards we walk to a quiet spot in nature and we both read whilst i lay on your lap and play slow music (without lyrics so we won’t get distracted) in the background. life’s good.

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Tw homophobia/transphobia


I am turning off messages and anon until the end of june. I recommend you all do the same on ALL social media.

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Rave is one of my favorite apps to use when it comes to long distance relationships even just long distance friendships in general, I use it a lot to watch American horror story with a friend cuz I’m a pussy and can’t watch horror alone or feel like I’m watching it alone :’)…well that’s not the point the point is that being able to watch a show or a movie with you’re significant other and feel just a little closer means a lot to those who know what long distance feels like…and it’s a really nice feeling.

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