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#wlw yearning
cotttagecore-goblin · 22 hours ago
quiet movie night where their head is in your lap and youre playing with their hair as you both doze off
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I would kiss those tender lips until the very secrets of my soul were laid onto her mouth.
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honeymaki · 2 days ago
Craving a domestic life with any and all of the girls right now. Dancing in our undies to some playlist we made together, talking over a movie about how dumb a character is being the timer for whatever dessert we put in the oven going off. Reading books next to each other being content in each other's company with no need to talk. Late night car rides because neither of us can sleep.
im feeling particularly gay today and this just made me yearn so. much. harder:(( any AND all of the girls would do this with you I promise:(( eating a giant sundae you put together after a drunken night out, going to a pumpkin patch simply to take pictures, taking a walk and spotting fungi, opening the windows to get all cold and then burrowing together under the duvets with cold noses and cold toes:(( want it all:((
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ashlynofasgard · 2 days ago
I am at my breaking-point.
I know that that we did not share the same education in our youth, but my knight is so smart.
They are incredibly quick-witted. On and off the battlefield they have incredible instinct and a cunning like no other.
So please, tell me why they have not caught on to my advances.
I am aware that my position may cause a second thought, but really? I have been so obvious the entire kingdom is on to me!
The next time I see them I will ensure that they cannot ignore my feelings any longer… let us hope it is not in the corridor.
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sapphivity · 20 hours ago
being a hopeless romantic is a full time job and i’m committed
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enigmasandepiphanies · 2 months ago
So I am just sitting here unkissed and uncuddled, the audacity of life
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little--leaves · 5 months ago
What's the point of a relationship if I can't sit on the floor while my girlfriend is studying or playing a game and look up at her with heart eyes and a warm smile because I love everything she does.
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wlwyearningcorner · 4 months ago
Stargazing? With a girl! And you two KISS?!!!! and y’all cuddle under the starsss !!!!!!!!
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lovelettersfromthegrave · 2 months ago
i wanna fall asleep under the stars in someones arms
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