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Fun Fact
The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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Uhh, buena pregunta.

Creo que me haría unas piezas de puzzle agrietadas, como representación a los restos que soy.

Gracias por preguntar

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‘Human and the animal’ - another one of my Zoom-art-class themes.

(There is thirty of us. And everybody else drew a human and one single animal next to it. And I created this monster XD )

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Shi, pero depende con quién y qué. No soy exactamente buena bailando, pero me encanta bailar merengue o salsa.

Gracias por tu pregunta uwu

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Wenos días, Wolf

Soy amante de las películas que se que mre romperán el corazón y me harán llorar, pero suelo ver de todo, menos de terror.


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Cathartic doodling.

(Warning, video contains flickering light)

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Cancer sun Libra sun

In the dark side,

the devil and I get along just fine~

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sometimes you just have to hug your wolf bf

Josiah is mine

Billy (wolf) belongs to @bloodwrit

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Wolfy with reference. Unfortunately, the artists’ page appears to have been deleted a long time ago. I’m sowwys!

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