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#wolf mate
teeztheflag · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
D u  g e h ö r s t  z u  u n s (You belong to us) III
⋆ pairing: ot8!werewolf!ateez x werewolf!reader
⋆ genre: werewolf au, fantasy au, mate au
⋆ warnings: strong language, possessiveness, mentions of smut, bruises, mentions of drugs, kidnapping
⋆ words: 1,800
part I  part II part III
taglist: @latte-fairytaekwoon @little-precious-baby @yunhobabygurl @multidreams-and-desires @purplelady85 @smallfrye @brokenbutchocolate @arkive78 @sonnensplitter @aurorablush19 @theaussieboifelixstuff @khjssss​ @heyitstacy
⋆  “I wish the first time we two shared a conversation wouldn’t be you wanting to get away from me.”
With a shaken heart and confused mind you’re quickly getting home to take a shower. You definitely have to get off the scent of this stranger on your body. If Ace recognizes something you’re back in lockdown and not only that, with his possessive side he would be furious.
You’re rubbing your skin eagerly hoping you would succeed. After that you’re taking your time in using perfumed products and you decide to put on one of Ace‘s shirts.
When you are done your thoughts are filled again with images of the boy. He definitely was one of the Zeeta‘s pack. How delusional can they be? And how would they try to get you?
There are so many guards around and you wonder how he even managed to not get noticed by any of them. You should make some dinner for Ace and not running in circles in your bedroom. Yes, you go downstairs and start to prepare some pots and ingredients.
When you’re nearly finished you can hear the front door open and a strong scent fills your nostrils. Immediately there’s sweat forming on your forehead and your movements become shaky.
Ace enters the kitchen after a few minutes and sends you a captivating smile. His eyes narrow at your form when you drop the spoon and he follows your moving body into the dining area.
„You’re shaking.“ You stop in your movements standing with your back to him. He nears you and takes a neat sniff from your neck.
Suddenly you’re turned around and pinned to the table causing a plate shattering to the ground. His face screams danger while he observes you very closely.
„You smell... like...“ His rage is quickly interrupted by the first tear that rolls down your puffed cheeks.
„Please, Ace...“ He leans back and takes you into his embrace.
„What happened? What did they do to you?“
After a while Ace sat down with you on the couch and listened to your encounter with the boy earlier that day. It took a lot of him to not freak out and he didn’t know what he would’ve done if you showed any other feelings than rejection to the these self proclaimed mates of yours.
He would’ve punished you. Not a light punishing. His jaw tenses at his dangerous thoughts but his heart swells with love when he watches you clinging onto him.
That’s where you should be. By his side. Forever.
„We should eat. Don’t worry anymore, (y/n). I will take care of these bastards. No one is going to take you away from me.“
You felt safe in his arms and leaned in to give him a deep and meaningful kiss. Butterflies erupting at the feeling and you’re relieved Ace let it slip.
The only problem were the consequences you already awaited. Not leaving the house for a whole month.
Tumblr media
You couldn’t really say that time flew by. The first days were awful. It felt like being a bird in a cage. Most days were spent with reading, exercising and improving your cooking skills. Much to Ace‘s liking.
Your mate‘s behavior also seemed to change a little bit after the second incident. Especially in bed he showed his dominance even more. You’ve inspected the light bruises he left on your body especially your arms and hips. It wasn’t a big deal for werewolves but usually he tried to be very gentle with you much the opposite to his appearance with your pack.
The month ends with no further disturbances and after two weeks of freedom Ace informs you that tonight he would have to go for a patrol with Eric and Kevin. They did this once a year to stand with your pack members who guarded the borders all the time.
While the two of your are laying on the couch watching something on netflix you let your hand guide it’s way through your mate‘s soft locks. He hums at the feeling a cozy smile adorning his face.
„I will miss you tonight.“ You sheepishly say to him. He cracks one eye open to give you a smirk.
„Is that so?“ He sits up and pins your wrists to the couch to lock you under his body.
„Who’s going to make me feel good?“ Your breath hitches when he leans down his torso meeting yours and he grins when a small whimper leaves your form.
„Be a good girl and don’t touch yourself. Only I am allowed to do so. Alright?“ With a firm nod he leaves you and prepares everything for the night.
Tumblr media
Who would’ve know that this night would change everything?
It was calm and you fell asleep a few hours ago with an open window listening to the wind rustling through the tree‘s leafs that are standing high in front of your house.
Soft snores leave your body and you shriek only a little bit when something pinches in your upper arm. Sleepily you sit up to find out what burns so much.
It is so dark in the room that you can nearly not spot the figures looming over your form.
„Is it working?“ Other hushed words are shared whereas you feel panic kicking in trying to stand up. With confused movements you try get away from the figures feeling your consciousness slipping away any second.
You manage to leave the bedroom and before stumbling down the stairs and strong arm wraps around your waist holding you tightly.
Tumblr media
It feels like someone injected you with drugs but you weren’t sure because you never took any of those. It was the feeling to wake up with a still groggy eyesight. Your body burned and you felt extremely week. Pushing you up in the bed took a lot of strength already and you realized this wasn’t your home.
Tears formed in your eyes knowing exactly who seemed to succeed in kidnapping you last night. The Zeeta pack got to you. They were probably only waiting for the right time to forcefully take you away from your mate.
A shudders goes down your spine at the thought of being captured by this cruel pack. You wanted to go home. You missed Ace. You missed your pack. The sobs left your body continuously. You felt so weak and useless with yourself.
Ace has been gone for a single night and you get yourself kidnapped. His heart will shatter.
After probably an hour you recognize the bottle of water that is placed on the table next to the bed. You nearly empty it because of how dry your throat feels. It really helps you to get your mind a little bit clear and analyze your situation.
You’re still wearing your thin nightgown. The bedroom is small and the furniture looks designer worthy. The curtains are stopping the sunshine to lighten the room. You would find it enjoyable if someone wants to sleep in but your situation is another matter.
With a few grunts you try to stand up and clutch at your head feeling a headache forming now. Your gazes drifts to your arm where you can see a little puncture wound.
Great. They indeed gave you some drugs.
You carefully inspect the room a little bit further and not knowing what to do and not hearing anything either you decide to peek outside. Carefully the door is opened, thankful that it wasn’t locked, your eyes wander over a large corridor. At the end of it you spot a stairway. You turn around to look out of the window and see a large garden and a mesmerizing outlook to the mountains and forest.
There’s no one around? Maybe you should take your chance and try to run.
For once you try to be brave and make your way as fast a possible through the corridor and down the stairs where the front door is already in sight. Your heart beat quickens and adrenaline pushes through your system. You are pushing the door handle down only to find it not working.
„No, no, no! Why is it not working!“
Suddenly someone is standing behind you placing his hand next to your head against the door. You slowly turn around being at the verge of crying again. You shrink down further before your eyes slowly meet with big curios ones.
A gasp leaves you. The boy looks at you with a pout and curious eyes while his arm muscles flex under your gaze.
„The door doesn’t open without a code.“ His gaze drifts to the right and you follow it to see an input box.
A few seconds go by after none of you saying anything and you cough a little bit. „Y - you, can you help me getting out of here?“
The boy leans back pulling his arm in the process. A chuckle leaves him and after pointing his gaze back from the ground to you he smiles.
“I wish the first time we two shared a conversation wouldn’t be you wanting to get away from me.”
That’s when all your hope vanishes into air again. He was one of them. One of the Zeeta pack. One of your so called ‚mates‘.
Now you panicked for real and tried to get away from him at all costs but the wolf was so strong. He just locked his arms around your figure and with a swift move you were placed on on side of his shoulder where he held you firm.
„Let me go! Please! I am begging you!“ Your screams resounded in the whole mansion but the boy only chuckled and turned some corners to get into a room where the chatter quickly died down at your presence.
„Guys, I’ve brought a presence!“
„Jong Ho, she’s shaking like a leaf what did you do with her!“ You’re placed on a couch and instantly eight pairs of eyes are locked on your form. You’re crying and sobbing terribly by now trying to shy away from their gazes.
„She seemed to have lost her way. I just helped with the right direction.“ A taller boy shoves Jong Ho to the side leaning down to your eye level. A frown is placed on his face and he has the darkest orbs you’ve ever seen on a person.
„Don’t be afraid, (y/n). You’re finally home.“
↺ back to navi
a/n: small update again! do you think (y/n) will be warming up with the boys?
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 3 days ago
Do you have any Sterek recs where Derek is like, cocky/confident to the point of assholey and gets humbled by Stiles cause he actually has to work to be with him?
Hi anon! @kevaaronday made this list for you!
Tumblr media
She Devil’s, Singles and Lumberjacks by noviceliterati
(1/1 | 3,711 | Mature | Sterek)
When Lydia asks him to accompany her to a singles night in exchange for her help, Stiles reluctantly agrees, but little does he know he's bitten off way more than he can chew...
Oops by FunkyRacoon
(1/1 | 4,285 | Mature | Sterek)
“Wait, wait, Stiles?”
Scott gets a confused look on his face, “Yeah?”
“Stiles as in like, brown hair and moles Stiles? Stiles that drives a blue Jeep? That Stiles?” Derek describes the man.
“Yeah-how did? Have you two already met?” Scott looks truly confused now.”
“Well shit.” Derek leans back in his seat, realization hitting his face as a smirk curls into his lips.
Where’s Your Spidey Sense? By Drapetomania
(1/1 | 10,587 | Teen | Sterek)
When things calms down, the pack collectively decides to go to college - Derek included. Derek and Isaac are trying to study in the college library, while Stiles pretends to, when the new monster of the week comes to town. Stiles decides to test how far he can push his magic. The problem is that he might push Derek's buttons further than usual. Does that bring them closer or tear them apart?
No Soup For You! By CaptEdKenway
(1/1 | 12,530 | Mature | Sterek)
Stiles sat behind the wheel, hands at ten and two, eyes on the man out in the intersection. His shoulders were tense and his leg was bouncing, but there was no way in hell he was removing his eyes from the Sheriff’s Deputy out there directing traffic. Nope, no way, no how. You absolutely did not want to miss your cue to go or you risked being on the receiving end of the deputy’s wrath. He snorted at himself as the old episode of Seinfeld popped into his head – the Soup Nazi screaming at someone “No soup for you!” because they weren’t paying attention. Most people at Beacon Hills Elementary knew how to play the game when you were first in line coming out of the school lot. Always Pay Attention!
First grade teacher Stiles Stilinski and his nemesis, the newest Beacon Hills deputy, Officer Hale.
Are you the one by fullmoontonightt
(6/6 | 57,248 | Mature | Sterek)
If you’d told Stiles that one day he’d be the star of some stupid soulmate searching reality show, he probably would have laughed in your face.
Yet, nothing was less true today.
When Stiles enters mtv's reality tv show 'Are you the one' he doesn't expect anything serious to come from it. He especially doesn't expect to meet the love of his life.
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toitgallifreyholmes · 7 days ago
Derek: I just want a mate
Stiles: You just want to mate?
Derek: I just want a mate, a mate!
Stiles: Well you're not mating with me, sunshine!
Derek: A mate! I want a mate!
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queenquinzel715 · 8 days ago
Part 1 in link below
Tumblr media
Borg's POV
       I run close to camp, and when I do everyone runs to me. Some smiling, some talking excitedly, and some just watching me. 
"Someone tell me what the hell is going on?" I growl in frustration. "This better be important." I cross my arms. 
"Is it true you found our Luna?" A woman asks with a big smile. 
I couldn't help the smirk. "Yes, but is that what you called me for?" I asked.
        They then realize what I was getting at, and the crowd starts walking away. I shake my as Alik walks up to me. 
"So tell me how the" He yells seamstress, and I notice people whispering. 
"You told them?" I pushed him away. 
"I did." He smirks proudly.
"Come on man. I just agreed to stay, and I was going to…" I stop talking. 
"Going to?" He leans closer to me. 
         I push him down, going into my tent, and get the living situation sorted before sending for the rest of my pack. The king gave us most of the northern part of his land, and said it is mine to do with. If it wasn't for (y/n) I wouldn't have accepted. Sighing, I look over to the bag I had her gloves, and wrap it in. I quickly figured out a house plan, it was much like the plan for our home now, and I handed my messenger the rolled up housing plans to send to the Fae King. As I began to relax I noticed it was kinda quiet for midday, and when I stepped outside I noticed a good bit of people were gone. I growl, grabbing the bag, and head to the market. I know these nosey wolves would freak her out from watching her all day. As I get closer to the market my wolf gets anxious, because I can sense (y/n). Goddess her smell kills me. I walk straight to her home, running into some pack members, and telling them to get back to camp. Once I get closer to (y/n)'s house I see her beating a rug. I lightly put the bag on the ground as I sneak up behind her, putting my hands on her hips, but as I growl in her ear, she lightly moans, relaxing against me. I squeeze her to me as I rub my nose in her hair, breathing her in, and she leans her head back against my shoulder. Her hands cover mine, with a light squeeze, and I link our ring and pinky together. 
"I'm glad you're still here." She softly says. 
"I told you I was staying, and I meant it." I kiss her shoulder. "I sent word to the King, and when I hear from him I'll be sending for the rest of my pack." 
        She makes a mouse-like noise as she turns in my arms, hugging me, with her head on my chest. My wolf is going crazy right now wanting to mark her, and I didn't realize I was squeezing her until she whimpers. I immediately let her go.
"I'm sorry, Anam cara." I sigh. 
"It didn't hurt." She mumbles into my chest. 
     As I move my hands back around her, I realize I have to get a shirt. Her hands are softly moving just an inch up then back down, it's almost burning.
"Anam cara you're driving my wolf crazy." I growl. "He wants to mark you." I squeeze her to me. 
"What does Anam cara mean?" She asks, finally looking up at me.
" it means soulmate." I look up embarrassed causing her to giggle. 
"Would you like some lunch? I was about to cook the last of the deer you hunted." She smiles. 
"I would love lunch, My Anam." I lean down slightly picking her up. 
(y/n) POV
              Once we are inside he kisses me softly, and I smile against his lips. As I got lunch ready he walked outside, and came back in with a bag. As I moved around I could feel his eyes on me. I hand him a plate full of deer, potatoes, and carrots with rosemary, but he looks at it for a minute. We get halfway through eating, and he hasn't really looked up from his plate.
''Is it good? Did you want something else?" I start to get worried, but he pulls me to his side by my chair. 
"This is my favorite meal." He tells me as his hand rubs up my side. "Where's your mother?" He randomly asks.
"Um... she went to be with my aunt for the day. Why?" 
       He doesn't answer, just pulls me onto his lap, and kisses me passionately. My body melts into his as I run my hand into his beard up into his hair, but his hands move down my back to my ass. With a growl that vibrated against my chest, he picked me up, and walked us to my bed. He lightly sits me down, but stands back up, holding my head in his hands. 
"My Anam, I have to stop." He sighs. "If we do this my wolf will mark you. I can't have him do that until I have a home for you." 
"Borg, I understand. Well from what I remember from little pieces from my parents." I giggle.
"Was your father a wolf?" He asks, lightly playing with my hair. 
"Yes. They were mates, and didn't know how I was going to grow up. I didn't get a wolf, I apparently got a mate, I heal fast, and I am stronger than any human here." I laugh.
"Anam there is something else I should tell you." He sits next to me. "Since I am Alpha, that means I need a Luna." He takes a breath. "I didn't know I was going to find my mate, so I told my pack that once we settled I would find one. The women of my pack have...well… have taken it upon themselves to try to claim that title." He hasn't looked up at me once since he started talking. "I don't want you to get hurt, so I want you to meet the pack that is here. Maybe help the women here?" He wonders.
"Oh." I take a sigh of relief. "I thought you were going to say you wouldn't want me there, or something." I chuckle.
"You are my mate…"He gets closer. "My Luna…" his lips barely touch mine. "My Anam Cara." He kisses me hard but passionate. 
              I lay back causing him to lay over me, my legs on his waist, and we finally separated for air. He rests his forehead against mine, and I could tell he was trying to control himself. I run my hand down his arm to try to get his attention. 
"Borg, can I meet the pack now?" I try to help. 
"Yes. Of course." He stands back up, stretching his arms. 
        I didn't realize how hard I was looking until he chuckled, and leaned down to me with his hands next to my hips. I peck his nose with a smile, and it, apparently, shocked Borg. 
"Ohhh will you shift?" I get excited, so I scoot closer. 
"I can if you want." He smirks.
"He looked so comfy." Borg lightly growls. "Granted he was big..wait that first night. Was that you who howled?" I ask, and I feel him tense. 
"Yes." He simply says.
"Why were you sad?" I worry.
"My wolf needed you, and I had to have my beta chain me up to stop him from coming for you." He growls. "Since we have found you, that's all he wants." He chuckles at my blush. "I promise you I'm going to get the housing fixed as soon as I can. Now let's go. I hope you're ready to meet a lot of excited warriors." He jokes.
            I smile at him as I get myself ready, and as I reach for my old wrap I feel something go around my neck. I looked behind me to see Borg there grabbing my new gloves out of a bag, and when he looked up to see me smiling at him. He walks to me like I'm his prey, and he slowly slides my gloves on for me. Right as we get to the tree line he shifts, and I notice his kilt shifts with him. As we walk he nips at my hand, runs around me, and nudges me with his head. His fur is soft, but rough at the same time, and there were a couple small spots that didn't have any at all. 
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Tumblr media
Wolf Moon Academy (book 1): Shadow Mate by Jen L. Grey
One little party turned my world upside down.
After I challenged the Blood Council's four shifter heirs at a college party, the last thing I expected was to receive a full scholarship and an admittance letter from the exclusive Wolf Moon Academy.
Despite never desiring to be an alpha, this was an opportunity of a lifetime… or so I thought.
I soon learned that there was more behind my admission to the Academy than my education. I was there to be a lesson to the heirs -- in particular, the sexiest and strongest one, Liam Hale.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out that he is my true mate. A fact that should be treasured, but he makes it clear that we will never be together.
However, things aren’t always what they seem, and we all have secrets— some bigger than others. When the truth comes out it’ll either set me free or set me up for disaster.
June 2, 2021
My Review: 4/5 Stars
When Mia receives an invitation to to attend Wolf Moon Academy despite the fact she never applied to the college, she can't reject the too good to be true offer. But Wolf Moon Academy isn't what she expected. It's a bloodthirsty place ruled by the Blood Council's heirs. And one heir in particular has it out for Mia. Liam does whatever he can to push Mia away and leave. But there is a connection between them despite it all. One that leads to to her realize that he is her true mate and rejecting your mate is harder than it seems. But there is more going on at the Academy than she realizes. One that can be traced to the Council itself along with a missing history. And Mia be the person to figure out what that is. This story definitely intrigued me and i'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. Especially with the revelations at the end.
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Tumblr media
The Wolf Born Trilogy (book 1): Hidden Mate by Jen L. Grey
After years of constant criticism, I finally escape the alpha of the strongest pack--my father. It’s a chance to have a new beginning, and to live on my own terms, in my own way.
The first day at college, I find more than what I bargained for.
My fated mate.
Something that any wolf rejoices in finding. Except he’s forbidden--a human. The weakest race on Earth and someone my father would kill without any hesitation.
Choices must be made, and loyalties will be tested. With everything on the brink of destruction, only one thing is certain... my life will never be the same.
June 1, 2021
My Review: 4/5
I'm a big paranormal shifters, fated mates, and all kinds of magic kind of gal. Love it all. And this was definitely a new twist on shifters. The story follows Sadie, a wolf shifter with a horribly bad alpha father. She gets permission to head to college and is ready to have some sort of freedom away from her dad who is constantly trying to take over all shifters and is determined to marry her off to the strongest shifter. Because to him that is all she is good for. Even college comes with its strings in the form of another wolf shifter Brock who is basically playing spy for her father and thinks Sadie will belong to him eventually. Though not if she can help it. Her first day kicks off with a bang. Not only does she meet some vampires who are not bad like her father makes them out to be, she comes across Donovan. A human she is immediately drawn to despite the fact that humans are a big no no. No, in learning about the paranormal world and no, when it comes being too weak. Sadie's father preaches that there is a hierarchy, not just with packs but with everyone in the world. And the strong stay with the strong and never with the weak. Yet, Sadie can't help how she feels. They get off to a rocky start, making assumptions about the other. Then both of their best friends try to steer them away from one another. But how long can that possibly last? Not with the pull both of them are feeling.Then, there is a very old and dangerous vampire running around killing humans. It will be up to Sadie, her best friend Rocky, her new vampire friends, and a very rare dragon to stop the vampire. That is, on top of Sadie can protecting Donovan not only from herself but from her father if his spies report back to him that she is spending time with a human. College just got more complicated for Sadie. So like I said earlier, definitely a different twist to shifters and a world of magic, but one that I am definitely intrigued to learn more about. Especially with a crazy cliffhanger it left us with!! Definitely will check out book two when it comes out in a few weeks.  
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monstersandmaw · 13 days ago
Next commission is a male alpha werewolf x his female reader and it’s a steamy one... stay tuned for it to appear in the next couple of days...
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autumnrose40 · 18 days ago
Saturn, Venus & The Stars Align Chapter 13 (It’s Time)
Tumblr media
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alpha Werewolf Steve, Andy, Johnny, Curtis, Ransom/Omega Werewolf Female Reader. We got some reincarnation going on in this chapter, if you haven’t read ‘little red’ it might be a bit confusing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“Oh fuck….fuck…” you swear up a storm as Andy finally slides all the way into you from behind. Your pussy clenching around his cock. The first to take you tonight.
Your heat was here, you were still clear headed enough to want this, want everything tonight and with that clear choice made by you out of the way, your men were all too happy to finally bond you to them beyond the soulmark on your bodies.
They couldn’t of course take you all at once, it just wasn’t what was done, it wouldn't work and it would kill you to do so anyway. No, one at a time they would take you as the others watched on, watching you in the throes of passion.
Each man would give you a bite somewhere on your body, didn’t have to be your mating gland in your neck to take either, you seemed to have many where normally an omega would only have one, you had five, all your men found them.
You were very clearly made for them and them alone.
There’s no rush, but with your heat sliding on in more and more, you become more needy, more demanding, Andy has no issuing taking you slow and deep, blanketing your body with his, his chest to your back, arms locked around you as he fucks you, the others eyes watching you in their wolf forms.
It feels…’s only a moment, but it feels like….this is something that’s been done before, being watched, them waiting on their turns, when you look down at the hard wood floor under you, for only a second you swear you see a red cape under you, the cape and thoughts vanish as soon as they came, and soon the way Andy fucks you hard and fast makes you see stars.
His bite goes over your right shoulder.
Andy is cuddly with you after, waiting for his knot to go down, you giggle as his beard tickles your face as he presses kisses all over your face feeling light and happy, you both do, you can’t help running your fingers through his beard, kissing his nose and cheeks.
Johnny is next and the way he takes you, so gentle and soft at first, you on your back, him above you, fucking into you with deep grinds, kissing you and whispering words to you as his hands hold yours, it’s so sweet and soft, and he only fucks you harder when you are close, when he’s close to knotting you.
“So perfect.” he whispers.
His soft growl as he knots you, as you orgasm has you seeing stars yet again, has him licking his lips before he bites your wrist, you cry out as your world turns hazy yet again just like with Andy, you swear you feel dirt under your fingers and the smell of trees as he fully knots you.
You nod off with Johnny, both of you napping waiting for his knot to go down, he’s always so warm and cozy.
Ransom, oh he has to taste you first, his mouth sealed over your pussy like it’s a feast, the way he licks up your slick, his low growls of want, have you fisting his hair in your hands and gripping tightly. It only spurs him on as the others watch you.
When Ransom finally takes you, it’s on your side, him spooning you from behind, he lifts your leg up so the others can really see everything as he fucks you slow and deep much like the others have, his lips and tongue move over your neck but you know he won’t bite you there, that spot is for Steve.
“Beautiful omega.” his soft growl makes you purr.
No, as you start to fall over the edge and his knot starts to form, he bites you on your other wrist, growling as you whimper, panting softly and sinking into him and the ever growing bond, the feeling of clawed fingers gripping you tightly from behind fill your mind before you pass out.
Curtis isn’t shy about taking you more roughly when you beg for it, your heat really kicking in now, he chooses from behind so he can grip your hips tightly and really fuck you silly, you scream out in pleasure as he growls loudly loving your sounds, “Alpha, oh fuck, please.” you beg again.
“Perfect omega, perfect.” he growls fucking you harder until you scream to high heaven as his knot locks you in place on his cock, your orgasm ripping through you and your sore pussy. Your mind's eye showing you this very thing but in a forest.
His bite goes on your left shoulder.
Curtis makes you drink some water and then you take a nap, your heat is intense and he looks after you while you sleep. Petting your hair softly, whispering words of comfort.
Steve is gentle, he has to be, your pussy has been fucked so many times, sure your body could handle it, but still you were a bit sore, but you could take him, he has you go on top of him as the others move closer, this final bite will fully seal the deal, you can feel it in your bones, how much it matters.
It’s like the stars in the sky are aligning just for you six. He takes you slow and gentle, his hands on your hips, eyes dark watching you with a soft smile on his face, your hands rest on his chest, before he sits up and wraps you in his arms, both of you sitting around the other, his legs around you, your legs around him.
You move with him, hands now on his shoulders, both your sounds filling the space as he starts to take you harder, words fill your mind and it has you closing your eyes as you take his cock, “They can’t wait to have you sweet little red, each of them can’t wait to lay claim to you, mark you for ours.”
The words… sounds like Steve, but he sounds hungry and angry, mean almost, it unnerves you, but like the others, it fades quickly and in its place is so much pleasure, you nearly sing as your orgasm takes you over, his knot snapping into place a second later makes you gasp as he holds you tighter, “Angel, little star, you were made for us and us for you, we love you so much.” he whispers before tilting your head to the side and biting down hard on your mating gland.
Your scream makes your other men back in their wolf forms, howl along with you as Steve growls deeply, licking over the mark now on your body forever.
You sleep away in your nest as your men lay around you, as your bond grows you will hear them better inside your mind, but for now, you can’t and so, the words that follow, you will never hear.
“She saw.”
“I know.”
“I wasn’t sure…”
“Doesn’t matter, our past selves are not us.”
“But there still a part of us.”
“Maybe, but this is our time and she’s ours now.”
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 29 days ago
Hi! Had car troubles today and the mechanic was suuuuuuuper cute. Any fresh mechanic fics?
More from @kevaaronday! (if you want to help too, send me an IM)
Tumblr media
Keeping the Faith by rosieeexox
(1/1 I 1,982  I Not Rated  I Sterek)
Derek moves away after they defeat the Alpha Pack and works as a mechanic outside a small town. A very familiar blue Jeep gets brought in and no one knows what happened to the driver. Then Isaac calls.
Elbow Grease (Or Potato Chip Grease) by AsagiStilinski
(1/1  I 2,782  I Teen I Sterek)
The mechanic shop in Beacon Hills is an old, run down, embarrassment of a thing, with seemingly exactly two employees, one of wich seemed to revel in being the walking, breathing, home for grease and all of the filth that came with it
If Derek wasn't afraid of his brakes dying in the middle of the road, he would have driven to the shop two hours away in the next town- atleast their air-conditioning didn't sound like a dying animal
I'm Keeping The Hoodie by kits_lighting
(1/1  I 4,250  I Mature  I Sterek)
“Hey Der, your alpha’s here.” She whispered and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.
Derek felt his eyes widen and chanced a look behind him catching the sight of the blue jeep pulling up to the garage.
“Shut up, Erica. He’s not my anything.” He looked away before Stiles could notice him and cleaned his hands on a rag trying to calm his sudden nerves.
Erica placed her hands on her curved hips. “Uh huh. It’s like you both enjoy deluding yourselves.”
The mating rituals of the American werewolf by thedaughterofkings
(1/1  I 12,962  I Teen  I Sterek)
When Stiles moves to Beacon Hills for his new job, he expects many things, but not to ask a wild wolf for directions. And that's just the first day.
The Real You by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella)
(1/1 I 34,223 I Teen I Sterek)
Stiles held both hands out. “She loves it here!”
“Probably because we treat her right,” Boyd insisted, giving him a look.
“Again, not my fault,” Stiles argued. “But I will let you berate me to your heart’s content as long as you help fix her so she doesn’t leave me stranded in the boonies.”
“This whole fucking town is the God damn boonies,” Derek said angrily. Stiles wondered if he had any other settings.
So far he’d learned confusion and anger. He hoped there was a happy setting in there somewhere.
Boyd’s gaze cut briefly to Derek, then back to Stiles. “I see you’ve met Derek.”
“Oh yeah. We are now very close friends,” Stiles said, turning to grin at the Alpha.
He didn’t look impressed. Also like he was trying to figure out which parts of Stiles were the squishiest and easiest to eat through. That was concerning, he didn’t like that.
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 29 days ago
Do you have any Steter fic recs where they’re soulmates or have pack feels?
Thank you!
Heya! I've got some good recs for you! - @kevaaronday
(this list was submitted by a follower and fic finder, if you’re interested in doing the same IM me.)
Tumblr media
@geekybibliophile suggests this one too!
Wake Me Up by ToAStranger
(7/7 I 22,401 I Explicit)
Stiles has been in a coma for six years. Now he's awake.
Prosopagnosia by cywscross
(1/1 I 1,743 I Teen)
Prosopagnosia (prŏs′ə-păg-nō′zhə, -zē-ə) n. – An inability or difficulty in recognizing familiar faces; it may be congenital or result from injury or disease of the brain.
The Snake and the Otter by Theraputic_Steter
(2/2 I 2,373 I Teen)
When Stiles was born, a black snake appeared into his crib on the first full moon and never left.
Claudia, whose soulmate animal was a lion, hadn't even flinched, smiling and cooing at the little snake in welcome. It flicked its tongue at her, beady eyes sparking blue, and let Claudia gently stroke it's head. John, whose soulmate animal was a bear, just shook his head, wondering at what kinds of trouble his son and his soulmate would get in to.
Not Stella by Fidelius
(1/1 I 2,569 I Teen)
Stiles isn't Stella. He never was. Not even when people thought he was. He's Stiles. His biggest hope is that his soul mate's wrist says his name. His biggest fear is that his soul mate's wrist says her name.
Blue by wynnebat 
(2/2  I 3,179 I Teen)
Derek brings both Scott and Stiles to the hospital to prove a point about hunters, but Stiles isn’t sure the point he’s getting is the point Derek’s trying to make. Especially when his black and white world explodes into color the moment he looks into Peter Hale’s eyes.
Fate, Names and Other Things You Can Change by LadySlytherin
(1/1  I 12,103  I Explicit)
At 34, Peter is more than a little frustrated not to have met his Soul-Match yet, but he's not quite ready to give up on finding the person who owns the unusual name inked onto his skin. Not until he meets Mścisław, anyway. The barely-legal teen isn't his Soul-Match, but Peter isn't so sure that matters anymore...
At 18, Stiles is finally able to attend Soul-Match Mixers, and he's thrilled to do just that. Stiles is beyond eager to find his Soul-Match; to find the man who's name is inked onto his skin. There is nothing Stiles wants more than the person Fate has chosen just for him...except, possibly, for Peter Hale. He's not Stiles' Soul-Match, but maybe - just maybe - that's not important, after all.
Sometimes, what we think we want and what we actually want are two very different things. Sometimes, they're not as different as we think they are. It's all a matter of perspective. And hey, perspectives can change, too...
Across Your Skin, My Love by lavenderlotion
(1/1  I 12,169  I Mature)
Stiles knew he had a soulmate - had gotten his mark when he was fourteen like everyone else. He just - he just didn’t think he would meet the man for years to come. he knew the statics, knew that most people didn’t meet their bonded until their early-mid twenties.
So he was really not been expecting to his name on the arm of his hot new English teacher.
He had to admit it turned out pretty amazing, though.
And They Were Mates! by CinnamonLily
(1/1 I 13,575  I Mature)
They stepped inside and were immediately grabbed by Danny, their tech guy, who pulled them to the side of the hustle and bustle and looked at Stiles with a smirk on his face. “What?” “You know all those posters you had in your bedroom when we were in high school?” Danny asked, waggling his brows, the bastard. “Uh… yeah, it was my bedroom?” “Brace yourself.”
The fic where Stiles is a writer of Moon Mated, a TV show, and has had a burgeoning crush on an actor called Peter Hale for half his life. And of course Chris Argent, the show runner, hires Peter as the new character on the show. Oh, and Stiles and Peter are mates. Because of course they are.
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whenwordsmakesense · a month ago
May 12: Child, Woman, Memory.
“She was the most important woman in my life,” Derek confessed, the memories of before, of when he was a child with the shield of his mother's presence around him hugging him as he breathed the air.
He'd thought it would be weird, coming to see her grave on mother's day when he hadn't for so many years, not to visit anyone. But he was here, and it wasn't. It felt like comfort, really, to remember his mom on his own and not because he was being compared to her.
Stiles hummed beside him. Having his mate here helped too.
( @sterekdrabbles )
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promptfiction · a month ago
Peter: do you want the bite?
Stiles [who knows it's a mating bite]: uhm, no. Pops will be agry if I Mary someone a) that he doesn't know and b) before eighteen.
Peter: wtf?
Stiles: I know it's a mating bite bro, try again later.
Peter: *try again on stiles' 18th birthday*
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · a month ago
Hello! Could you recommend some Sterek that turns Steter? or some other pairing is okay too, the important thing is that is endgame steter! Thank you!
Tumblr media
Sniffing You Out by thegirlwhoknits
(2/2 I 3,152 I Mature)
Just a bit of shameless fluff really. Stiles gets hit by a car and Scott turns him to save his life. Peter starts avoiding Stiles because Stiles and Derek have been dating and he doesn't want Stiles to realize Peter's his mate. Fluff, mild angst, fluff, smut, fluff.
That's What Matters by cathcer1984
(1/1 I 6,301 I Teen)
No one in Beacon Hills has heard from Stiles in the five years since Derek became an Alpha and broke Stiles' heart by dumping him. When an Irish Pack come through and mention him Derek is on the first plane to Dublin. Peter is sent to follow, only his travels go awry and he ends up finding love on his way to reunite Stiles and Derek.
Road trip by Ak_Joker
(5/? I 7,165 I Explicit)
Peter is sick of Beacon Hills. He doesn't have a pack here, not really. And even if he was considered pack he hardly wanted to be part of the McCall-Hale pack. The pack was a mess waiting to be killed. There was only one thing holding him back. It was also the main thing that glued the Hale and McCall pack together. Stiles. Well then the answer was obvious wasn't it? Take Stiles with him, kill two birds with one stone. Have the pathetic pack break apart, or even better killed and keep the person of his interest. It was the perfect plan.
Sucker Punch by MaroonDragon
(20/20 I 40,651 I Teen)
Stiles is no boxer. He would hurt himself before he would land a punch on his opponent. His boyfriend Derek loves the sport however, and earns his money boxing professionally for his uncle Peter, who runs the Hale gym. They are like night and day, and if Derek can pretend to be interested in his boring office stories, Stiles can take an interest in boxing right?
As it turns out, boxing is more than throwing punches, and if Stiles is good at anything, it's finding patterns and using them to his advantage. Showing Derek how he can increase the strength in his punches by shifting his feet a little faster is only the beginning. Soon he's working with Peter to take the Hale Wolves to victory, even if it might mean the demise of the relationship that started it all.
Rewriting the future by Synesthetic
(28/28 I 106,631 I Explicit)
Two days before their planned bonding, alpha Derek Hale runs away with his secret beta girlfriend, leaving Stiles heartbroken. With the demands of his omega physiology forcing him to bond with someone before his first heat, Derek's uncle Peter steps in and offers a solution.
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · a month ago
Do you know any Steter fics where Peter knows that Stiles is his mate but Stiles doesn't? Pining would be nice! Also your amazing blog and Christinesficrec keep me alive. I really love you!
I love pining and Peter!
Tumblr media
Of Silver Bands and True Moons by Mysenia
(1/1 I 2,109 I General)
Peter liked it, apparently, so he went and put a ring on it.
tell me more, tell me more by oh_captain
(1/1 I 2,265 I Teen)
alpha peter having the pack (derek boyd erica isaac scott) help him woo stiles
Peter Hale's Hero by asarcasticwitch
(2/2 I 11,698 I Explicit)
The first time Stiles met Peter Hale, it had been entirely by accident.
An accident he will be grateful for until his dying breath.
The man had been brought into the station after allegations—which were later proved false—were made against him. The moment was akin to one of those cheesy Rom-Coms where the two love interest’s eyes meet across the room in slow motion; Stiles’s breath had seized in his throat, his heart hammering wildly in his chest, and, well, he fell.
He fell hard.
Heaven Help Me Keep My Faith by Damsel_In_Distress, Toxic_Valentine for Readingrainbowz, Epitch24
(10/? I 14,003 I Not Rated)
Stiles tells the pack he wants to spend the summer alone, with his dad before his leaves for college but when the summer ends and the pack wants to have a goodbye bbq, Stiles is nowhere to be found. The pack comes to the conclusion that he left without saying goodbye to anyone. But of course the pack tracks down their Pack Mother and demands an explanation.
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rome5683 · a month ago
Tumblr media
My Secret Mate - Chapter Three
My body was warm all over. I squeezed them tighter to me, savoring the feeling it gave me to feel them against me. It was peaceful, and exciting at the same time. I groggily opened my eyes as I smelled something too delectable that caused a stir in my loins. My breath hitched, seeing his neck right against my lips. His scent was so amazing to me. I could feel my inner wolf stir, Mate. Mark him. He's ready, he's here. Just for us.
Mate or not, he's not our property. He should choose when to be marked, and when to take the next step in being mated. Calm down, Sirius. I took a deep breath, trying to soothe myself back into sleep. But I was suddenly aware of everything about Seth's body pressed into mine, so I got up. I regretted it the minute I got up, because the cold replacing him was blunt.
I ran a hand through my hair, and suddenly winced at the small headache that I felt in the back of my head. It wasn't that bad. As a werewolf, I had supernatural healing and it would go away very soon, which was also why I wasn't that drunk last night. But when Seth woke up, it would probably hurt him a lot more. I could feel Sirius frown at the idea of him in pain.
Protect him, help him. Help mate. I agreed, and walked downstairs. I was surprised to see the house wasn't that much of a mess. I walked into the living room to see Monsè picking up some cups here and there, and I could hear Lance cleaning in the kitchen.
"Hey, what happened after I went to bed?"
She gave me a hesitant face, almost as if contemplating what to say. "Well, Trent got super drunk and came onto Lindsay, which got him a painful shove. Then Bella got super sad and tried to get me to help her look for you, but then I saw you with... that guy."
My eyes widened, "Oh. Yeah, um, he's... wait, what exactly did you see?"
Her face reddened, looking away. "Well, I saw you guys kissing, and I immediately closed the door."
I blushed, feeling embarrassed about her seeing me that way. "Um, well. Did Bella see-"
"Are you gay?" Her question knocked me off balance, and I considered it for a second. Was I? I certainly wasn't attracted to anyone else anymore, but I still could appreciate women's bodies, as well as appreciate men's.
I shrugged, looking forwards the floor, "I think I'm bisexual. I don't know, everyone always assumes straight is the default. I guess, I assumed that too. But when I think about it... men can be attractive to me too."
I looked up to her nodding and going back to cleaning, and raised an eyebrow. "You don't care?"
She rolled her eyes, "Why should I? I only asked because I was curious why you'd make out with some random guy instead of Bella. And even though we're supposed to be super social as werewolves or whatever, you're not always one to go out of your comfort zone-"
"He's my mate."
She looked at me like a deer caught in headlights, showing how the new information was shocking. But then her face went back to its neutral expression, "Oh. That makes sense." Then her eyes widened, "Wait. Your mate's human?"
I nodded, "Yeah."
She winced, "Oof. I wouldn't wanna be you."
I frowned, a growl building up in my throat. "My mate is perfect for me, human or not."
She shook her head, "That's not what I meant. You're gonna have to mark him, and then that'll turn him, and make him go into heat if he hasn’t already. That's a lot of pain to go through for the both of you, especially the turning part."
This piece of information hit me like a ton of bricks. I remembered the first time I heard about it from the other wolves' gossip, about how one of the human mates had been going through the change and was in so much pain. I guess I was too confident about having a werewolf mate, that I forgot about what it meant to have a human mate.
I tried not to think about it as I went to the kitchen to get two cups of water. Lance raised an eyebrow at me as I entered, "So, your mate's a human guy?"
I hesitated, wondering where this was going. "Yeah, last time I checked."
"That's cool. So, he likes you back and everything. I mean, you guys kissed so that must mean he likes you."
I nodded, feeling a little sheepish. "Well, I hope so. We did talk a lot too so..."
He huffed, "Okay. Well, I have a friend..."
I tried to restrain my grin, and he rolled his eyes at me. "It's not me."
I withheld my laugh, feigning that I believed him as I nodded for him to continue.
"And this friend... he kissed his friend, a guy. But now his friend has been ignoring him... and my friend doesn't know why. I think it's cause my friend usually plays around a lot with girls, but maybe his friend doesn't like him the same way?"
I thought for a second, thinking how complicated it must be for him and Keith. "Sounds complicated. Maybe they should have a deep talk? Get everything off their chests."
Lance nodded, going back to washing the dishes while lost in thought. I filled two glasses with water before going back upstairs. I walked back into my room to see Seth on the phone, and I handed him his glass of water.
He looked up, his face still looking amazing with exhaustion tracing his features. His blush was entertaining to see, and I grinned.
"Mornin', beautiful."
He shook his head slightly as he drank his water, groaning. "That alcohol hit me hard."
I shrugged, "You weren't exactly super drunk, though."
"I don't get crazy, or anything. But the hangover is regrettable..."
"Oh." I went over to my bathroom, getting him some Tylenol from my mirror's cabinet. I walked over, feeling glad to be able to help his headache. "Here. It'll help."
Seth nodded, drinking the tablet down with water. I went over to my bedside table, grabbing my phone and checking the time. It was already ten in the morning, which was pretty late considering I woke up extra early everyday for school. "Any plans for today?"
He shook his head, "Not really, it is a Saturday. I was planning to stay at home and watch Netflix for the majority of it. Luckily, my mom's away on business, so she can't freak out about me being away last night."
"But your curfew-"
"I was just supposed to call her when I got home.”
"That's good, I guess. Wanna stay for breakfast?" I went to my closet, taking off my clothes from last night.
"Ye-Yeah. I don't really have much else to do..."
I pulled on some black joggers and a white tee. I pulled off my earrings, necklaces, and rings on my small jewelry stand. I glanced in the mirror, hoping my appearance was okay. I suddenly heard a loud heartbeat, and I looked over to see Seth's reddened face and wide eyes that were scanning me up and down.
I couldn't help the pride that came over myself when I saw the effect I had on him, "You okay?
He nodded, taking a deep breath. "Yeah. Um, I just couldn't help but notice you have a lot of defined... structure in your body."
I shrugged with a coy smile, sitting on the bed next to him, "I guess it's the genes."
"Mm." He bit his lip, and shook his head. "So, about last night-"
Monsè burst through the door, "MOM'S ALMOST HOME!" She ran over to me and Seth, dragging us by the hand to the living room. "YOU GUYS ARE HELPING!"
I nodded with a small gulp, suddenly remembering how much Monsè could be as scary as Mom sometimes. Seth got a broom out as I picked up the bigger pieces of trash on the floor, and when we were done with that, we cleaned the furniture for stains and crumbs of food. Monsè tidied up and re-arranged everything back to how it was, like the decor in the living room and the kitchen, as well as the photos in the hallway. Lance and I placed the audio and lights system in the garage, deciding it'd go there until Lindsay would come pick it up. I fell on the couch, sighing in exhaustion after an hour of cleaning. I could hear Seth and Monsè in the kitchen, making small talk as they both cooked breakfast. Lance sat beside me, "So does sex with a guy feel better than when it's with a girl?"
I sighed, feeling a sliver of offense and amusement at my brother's stupidity. "Have you even had sex with a girl?"
"Nope. You haven't. Because if you did, you wouldn't ask such a stupid question, Lance."
"Why is it stupid? It's a legitimate question-"
I felt exasperated, "Dude, I don't know. I haven't had sex with either gender, and I don't plan to have sex in general unless my mate says he'd like to."
"But, didn't he spend the night-"
"Which meant nothing. He stayed the night, and we slept. Literally. He's a human, remember? Most humans don't just sleep with someone right after meeting them, mates or not."
"Uh, I feel like that's not entirely true-"
"Lance." I gave him a deadpanned stare, "I really can't talk about this right now."
He gave me a knowing smile, "Sirius acting up?"
I cursed, hearing my wolf howl at the idea of mating Seth. "Like no tomorrow."
If you really cared about our mate, Sirius, you'd wait until he was ready.
I'm just excited. Leave me be.
You first.
"Yeah, I get you. Landon just loses his shit every birthday that gets closer to finding our mate."
I huffed, "You'll find them soon. Just, don't get too caught up in other people, it could just complicate stuff.
"Like you and Bella?"
I frowned, thinking how she might feel now. I did give her false hope, but hopefully she would take it well. "Yeah. I mean, I don't have feelings, but I know she does. I don't wanna hurt her."
"Seems a little late for that."
The smell of bacon drifted in the air, and my stomach growled. Lance sniffed the air with a groan, "Damn. That smells amazing."
I nodded in agreement as we both got up and walked towards the kitchen. I saw Seth slightly swaying back and forth on the stool as he ate a plate of egg, hash browns, pancakes, and bacon. There were two other plates awaiting on the island, Lance and I sat eagerly as Monsè served herself some milk in a cup.
Seth poured syrup on his pancakes, "Thanks for having me for breakfast, guys."
We all nodded, Monsè poured us cups of milk as she spoke. "What are mates for?"
I glared at her as Seth raised an eyebrow, "Mate?"
Monsè and Lance shared a smirk as she continued, "Yeah, you know. Friends, pals, buddies..."
I seethed, and interrupted quickly, "So what does your mom work in?"
He looked to me, "Oh. She's a social worker. Sometimes she goes to different counties which makes me have the house to myself."
Lance grinned, "Must be fun. You ever throw parties?"
He shook his head with an amused smile, "Not really, I just like to watch Netflix and read books.”
I took another bite of my bacon strip, "I don't usually throw parties but, I figured it'd be cool to have one big one for the special eighteen, you know?"
He nodded, I continued, "When's your birthday, Seth?"
He sipped at his milk, "May."
I was stumped for a second, "Wait. Doesn't that mean you should be-"
"I should've graduated, yeah. I was..." His cheeks reddened, "Held back. Unfairly, might I add."
I chuckled, "What happened?"
My siblings gave him an expectant look, and Seth sighed. "Okay, but you can't laugh."
"So, I was in fifth grade, and on the day of the state test, I got super sick and had an urge to vomit all the time. But it was, like, state tests so I had to go, and when I finished the test, I vomited all over the tests. It was the holes you fill in with bubbles so..."
Monsè gasped, "No."
Lance and I groaned in unison at the embarrassment of it.
"Then, the school and my mom decided I should redo the year over so I can take the test again- which sucked- but it's whatever."
"At least we got to meet."
He looked up, a blush rising to his cheeks. "Yeah, I guess. Listen, I need to talk to you-"
The lock clicked, and everyone but Seth turned to the front door from the kitchen. We could hear them muttering, and I laughed at one of their comments that I could make out.
"It smells like teen desperation in here."
Seth looked at me confused, and I shook my head.
Monsè whacked the back of my head and I winced, pointedly glaring at her. Her loud and scolding voice rang in my head, ‘Could you be any more obvious?’
"Ooh, it smells delicious-" My mom stared with wide eyes at Seth, she hadn't been able to smell him due to the other smells lingering in the house from the party no doubt, and was certainly surprised. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, "It's okay I'm confused, right? Who is this? You didn't tell me someone was sleeping over."
My father followed in right after, looking at all of us with a confused gaze. "Um, what's going on?"
I scratched the back of my neck, "Mom. Dad, this is my ma-"
Seth interrupted, standing up and extending his hand. "Friend. Seth Truman." His nervous chuckle rang in my mind as I gave him a questioning glance, and even Monsè and Lance looked at me confused. What did he think I would say? Why did it matter? I wondered how much longer I would have to court him in a human way... "Sorry to barge in. I kind of crashed after the party last night."
My mom practically gushed, and looked at me while questioning me through the mind link. ‘Is this your mate?’
I nodded, scratching my neck in slight embarrassment. It wasn't that I was embarrassed of him, hell no. It's just that my mom was very sweet and open, that she was obviously adored with my mate as well, and that she might embarrass me. Who wouldn't be?
"Oh, it's no trouble at all. We're happy to accommodate you." My dad smirked at him from behind my mom as he spoke, and I shook my head in annoyance. My dad gave me a raised brow and I rolled my eyes at his smug expression.
"Ah." Seth chuckled nervously, "Thanks. Your daughter is really good at cooking."
Monsè smirked, and my mom smiled.
"Yeah, she's really big on cooking." I gave him my most charming grin, and he avoided my eyes with a small blush forming on his cheeks. "How about you?"
He looked at Monsè, "So do you always make pancakes from scratch?"
I scowled, and I could hear Sirius whimper in the back of my head. My jaw clenched, and I didn't know whether to be angry or sad. He was sending me mixed signals, and I didn't want that: just tell me everything clearly for fuck's sake. I didn't want to let my anger cloud my judgement, but I also wanted to give him the cold shoulder if he was going to do the same to me.
My mom's hands massaged my shoulders, and I couldn't help but feel calm and relaxed at the notion. I placed my hand over hers and squeezed it, thanking her for the help. My dad was next to us too, hugging her from behind and resting his head on her shoulder. I looked up and smiled softly, talking with them through the mind link, ‘Thanks.’
‘Of course, darling.’
Seth stood up from the barstool, "It was nice for you guys to have me, but I really should be heading home now."
"I'll drive you." I say as I stand up abruptly, and he was about to protest until my sister just patted his shoulder and shook her head. She knew damn well I was too stubborn. He nodded, understanding what she meant.
I took another bite of my plate and told Monsè to save it for me before going upstairs to get a hoodie and my shoes. I came back down in a hurry, and grabbed the keys beside the door, "Seth!"
He came from the hallway after I heard him say his goodbyes to my family, and I opened the door for him chivalrously.
We got in the truck, and I sighed as I sat down. I tried not to glance at him while I made sure the mirrors were okay, and I put on my seatbelt after starting the car. I was hoping to make conversation, so I left the radio off as I pulled out of the driveway. Seth looked out of the window and rested his chin on his hand, and I laughed mentally when I remembered that he'd have to give me his address. I could just drive around until he decided to speak up, and it'd be hilarious. I turned left, and went towards my favorite burger joint.
I glanced at him before speaking up, "So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?"
I pulled into the burger joint's drive-thru line, awaiting for my turn, and he sighed. "Okay. So about last night, what we did-"
"Was amazing." I smirked at him as I remembered the feeling of his body against mine while we slept. His lips were really nice too.
"It was a mistake." Seth twiddled his thumbs, and I felt a breath escape me. What was he saying? "Look, you're really nice and everything. But I know you and a girl named Bella have something going on, and... I don't want to be caught in the middle."
I cursed inwardly. I couldn't believe I would mess something up like this, and I wondered why I messed with Bella in the first place. Oh, because I didn't want a mate. Well, I changed my mind. I liked him, the feeling of him with me was amazing. I was keeping him, end of story.
"Bella and I were never even together." I pulled up in line, almost close to the order section. "So we messed around a couple times, it meant nothing."
"Maybe to you, but it means a lot to her." He scoffed, and I suddenly realized something.
"Wait, how do you even know this?"
He looked away before cursing under his breath.
"Did my sister-"
"No. Last night, I could see the way she looked at you." I narrowed my eyes, knowing he was keeping something from me. "Fine. I overheard you and Lance talking."
"Oh." I tensed up, then relaxed when predicting it was probably the last part of the conversation since he wasn't concerned about the other parts. "What I said still stands."
"But it didn't mean anything! It was just a drunken kiss-" I interrupted his exasperated rant.
"Not for me." I gave him a hardened stare, clenching my jaw in determination. "I like you, okay? And I want to get to know you."
He looked shocked, and sat back in his seat as he thought to himself. I awkwardly pulled up to the order section of the drive-thru, and asked for two milkshakes.
"I'd like strawberry, please."
I nodded, changing Seth's to strawberry, and made mine Oreo. It was only seven bucks, and was well worth it. I parked in the lot outside and Seth raised a curious brow, "Why aren't you driving me home?"
"I don't really feel like it." I grinned, feeling amused now. Had he noticed yet?
"What are you talking about? You said you would." He furrowed his brows, starting to look angry. I shrugged, nonchalant.
"I changed my mind." He was about to protest when I chuckled, "I'm kidding. You never gave me your address."
"Ohhh." He blushed, embarrassed and I chuckled again.
"It's okay." I tossed him my phone, "Just type it in."
He sipped noisily while typing it in, blushing as I gazed at him while sipping my own drink. It was tasty, but all I could think of was how I woke up next to him in bliss. He handed the phone back to me, and I memorized the route there before placing it in the middle. It wasn't that far, and I parked in his driveway no later than ten minutes.
He ran his hand through his hair with a sigh as I shifted the gear into park. He silently got out of the car, and I wondered for a moment if I should let him go like this. I could hear Sirius whimpering, and I decided I couldn't just leave it like this.
I got out of the car in a hurry, and he looked at me in surprise in front of his door. I scratched the back of my neck in anxiousness, "So about earlier..."
"I can't." Seth held the bridge of his nose, seemingly frustrated. I looked at him, feeling confused.
"Well, why not?"
He groaned, "What part of it being meaningless don't you understand?"
"What part of this," I grabbed his hand and placed it on my chest, feeling the same sparks from last night, from every time I've ever touched him, all over again, "do you not understand? I know you feel it too."
He looked conflicted, his eyes shutting as if in concentration as his body reacted to my subtle touch. My thumb rubbed across the back of his palm, and he huffed at me with a glare. I knew I looked desperate, but I couldn't help it. At first, I thought having a mate would be disastrous and painful. Being forced to be with someone, like some Neanderthal from the 1800s, or something. But then I saw that it wasn't really forced, and that it was a real connection.
"We have something. Don't deny it." His hand slowly became a fist against my chest, but I still held it there as I gazed at him. I silently whispered, "Please."
Seth's eyes met mine, searching for what, I have no idea. He was about to speak when a voice interrupted, somewhat smooth and high-pitched.
"Babe!" His hand quickly retracted from mine, and we both looked towards the sidewalk in front of his house. "Hey, I left you tons of messages. We were supposed to hang out this morning, remember?"
My wolf growled as I observed her, suddenly seeing an obstacle to his mate. She was a little shorter than Seth, with long black and wavy hair. She was slim, with average sized assets. Her face was heart shaped, with pretty red lips that complimented her pale skin and her eyes were big with brown doe-like eyes. She was pretty.
As she embraced him, he gave me a guilty expression while he hugged her back from the waist. My eyes widened as I realized what must've been obvious by now. Seth had a girlfriend.
"Oh fuck."
She looked up at me in confusion, and Seth visibly paled. I couldn't help the laugh that escaped me, my emotions becoming numb as one ruled above the others; anger.
"I can't believe this..." I shook my head, murmuring to myself as I was almost seething at this point. "Motherfucker..."
"Can't believe what?" Her question had an edge, and I felt like a deer caught in headlights. I immediately turned on my charm, chuckling as I pretended to be bashful.
"How pretty you are. I mean, who thought Seth would have such a hot friend?"
Her eyes widened, and I laughed again before speaking up again.
"Oh, wow. How rude of me," I grinned mischievously as I extended my hand out to her, "My name's Xavier, with an X."
She smiled, her eyes still somewhat confused as she placed her hand in mine. I brought it up to my mouth, placing a ginger kiss on the back of her palm while she blushed. I could feel Seth's glare, but I kept my gaze trained on her as I let go of her hand. This is what I get for actually liking my mate. I should've rejected him from the start. God, I want to forget ever meeting this bastard. This hot bastard...
She chuckled, nervous, "My name is Cassie. It's nice to meet you."
"I assume you're single." I bit my lip with a smile, coyly crossing my arms to flex my muscles. Yes, I was being a douche on purpose.
"Oh." She laughed again at my flattery, "No. Seth here is actually my boyfriend."
I laughed back, still focused on her while I could see Seth's jaw clench from my peripheral view. "Oh. Yeah, I was hoping not."
I narrowed my eyes at Seth with a scowl. Cassie raised an eyebrow, and I shrugged as I grew a grin again.
"You know, because you're pretty."
"How do you know my boyfriend again?" She shook her head with a scoff, but still smirked.
"He went to my party last night. I had to let him crash at my place because he got a little rowdy, to say the least." I smirked back, and she looked at him with a questioning expression. He guiltily smiled, and she chuckled. "Then I drove him home after a nice breakfast. So, yeah."
She smiled again, "Well, thanks for that. I really appreciate you taking care of him."
"Yeah." I scoffed at the unknown innuendo she just made, and I laughed sarcastically. "Yeah, I took care of him. He was practically all over me too."
She gasped and Seth cursed under his breath.
"Seth, I didn't know you got that drunk." She pressed her hand up to his forehead, "Do you have a headache?"
He shook his head, smiling the fakest smile I've ever seen, and glanced at me nervously. I nodded while scolding myself, practically wanting to die right then and there.
"Well," I clapped my hands together, "I gotta get going. It was nice meeting you, Cassie," I extended my hand out and shook hers gently, then patted Seth on the shoulder roughly. "And it was good hanging out with you last night, Seth."
He nodded, his smile more like a grimace. I turned, feeling defeated before I came up with an idea suddenly.
"Hey, Seth!" Both he and his girlfriend turned around, Cassie curious and Seth panicking. I smirked, "Don't forget about our study session this Monday!"
She looked up at him, no doubt wondering what I meant, and he raised an eyebrow at me. I smiled, "You said you'd help me with History at my house after school this Monday, remember?"
I didn't have history.
Seth made a surprised expression before quickly giving me a thumbs-up. He then took his girlfriend by the waist, and turned her towards the front door while he discreetly gave me the finger. I laughed sarcastically to myself before opening my car door and sitting down in my seat. I turned the radio to my favorite station, and drove home.
The minute my bedroom door closed behind me, I exhaled heavily. The weight in my chest was so heavy. I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I wondered if my family would ask me what was wrong if I cried. Luckily, I'd managed to avoid them as I stomped up to my room, but no doubt they already knew something was up.
I went into the bathroom, turning on the shower on it's heaviest. I took a deep breath as I looked myself in the mirror, trying to calm down, but I could feel the familiar sensation of my eyes tearing up. I clenched my fists as I choked up, and the sob broke out before I could stop it. I grit my teeth to try to stop it, sniffling while my hot tears were flowing now, but it didn't work.
This whole situation brought up things I'd rather forget. But I couldn't, no matter what I did, they stayed with me.
I had walked up to him during recess, smiling, 'Hey, why didn't you come over the other day?'
His eyes were hardened, and his mouth turned upwards in a scowl before he spat out the words I remembered all too well.
'Why do you care so much?'
I was about to respond, but he had already said the worst part.
'What are you? Gay?'
I shivered now as I did back then, exhaling deep as to not induce another sobbing fit. But right now, it was already too late, I was crying and I couldn't stop it.
I shivered now as I did back then, exhaling deep as to not induce another sobbing fit. But right now, it was already too late, I was crying and I couldn't stop it.
He was another closeted male, except this time it was worse. He was my mate, my soulmate, and he had a girlfriend. I cursed the moon goddess, hoping I'd get smite down to avoid the pain of this. Unfortunately, the pain never went away.
It had already been an hour, and I heard my cellphone ring in my back pocket. It was Bella. I debated what to do, and Sirius practically screamed at the notion. I shook my head as I answered it.
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · a month ago
Lost Fic Find
stiles and derek are mates and stiles gets stronger because of it. they attend this werewolf convention where the other alpha mates don’t like stiles. also stiles gets injured at some point but the injury heals faster than it’s supposed to. i think stiles is also like the pack mom. they (stiles and lydia?) also meet this super adorable werewolf kid who sniffs stiles out in public because he smells like derek
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Tumblr media
Conferences by Abyssinian
(4/4 I 13,522 I General I Sterek)
Derek and Stiles go to an Alpha Meeting in Chicago.
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · a month ago
Looking for a 2 chapter Sterek ABO fic. Werewolves exist but aren't known and Hale family is alive AU. Derek gets put on this reality show that Laura is connected to that is all about couple matching. Derek expects to be cast as the villain because of his brooding nature. Instead they portray him as an adorable puppy because of how he acts around Stiles (another contestant, who is Derek's mate, which he figured out immediately).
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Tumblr media
Are You the One? by Venrajade
(2/2 I 8,005 I Teen I Sterek)
Derek's sister works for a television network with a dating show that claims that they are able to find someone's True Mate. Cora steals a scent sample from Derek and matches him to an Omega applying to the show with a 99% chance of them being mates.
Which means Derek is now a reality dating show star. Shit.
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galar-trainer-blake · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some pictures of Rogue and his pack :D
don’t be fooled by how happy this family looks, Rogue is the most stressed wolf dad in the universe bc 1. his pups keep running away from the den 2. his territory keeps declining every time he looks away 3. he is constantly tired and running on zero energy and 4. his pups are almost big enough to go to the rendezvous site 
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