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Stack of Wolfpack
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Plo & Bros
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. To share, please reblog! Reblogs and comments greatly appreciated!!!
❀ You can see the rest of my art through the Masterpost pinned to the top of my blog!
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Isaac: Stiles where my lacrosse gear?
Stiles: Put it away in your bedroom closet.
Scott: Stiiiiiiles- I skinned my knee
Stiles: Scottie you're a werewolf- it'll be healed within seconds
Scott: *famous puppy eyes*
Stiles: *sighs* fine you want me to kiss it better?
Erica: Boyd for the last fuckin time-
Stiles: *from a whole different room* LANGUAGE!
Stiles: I honestly don't get why people label me as a pack mom, geez-
Allison and Scott: *about to head out for a date* we'll be going now!
Stiles: You two best be back before 10 pm!
Stiles: Anyways, seriously like gosh, 'pack mom'? Really??
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Cody, waking up after being knocked out: where are we?
Wolffe, sarcastically: heaven
Cody: oh
Cody: didn't think you'd be here
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clone troopers imitating jedi
battlefront ii emotes: choker, choked, lightsaber fight, & meditate
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ok, it’s fine with me- whatever
Tumblr media
just some commander wolffe for the eyes, i do love him so much
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By Werner Freund
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Buir'Plo and his son🐺
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Loving Seth Clearwater.
Tumblr media
He’s one of the last to imprint. Out of all of them, Seth has wanted this more then anything else. In his mind, it’s the best thing to come out of the whole werewolf thing. The idea of someone out there being made to love him is just so beautiful. Seth has always been a little bit of a romantic, roses and candlelight and soulmates forever on his mind.
So he waited.
And he waited and waited and watched as his friends fell in love one by one, some with their imprints and others beyond that. And he wondered if he was ever going to have something so beautiful, something he could call his own. At night he would dream of it, building his perfect love and life in his mind as he fell asleep. The others all saw his fantasies and felt that, out of all of them, Seth deserved his dream come true the most. It was a silent thing, none of them ever brought it up.
But when Seth said a little prayer, so did they.
One day, he’ll find that the person he painted in his mind was much like the person he would one day fall in love with. How his fantasies came together to make someone so perfect, he’ll never know. But he’ll never question the miracle that is you once you’ve been found...but for now, he’s waiting and waiting…
But when he finally finds you, he’s overjoyed! You are like the sunshine breaking through the storm clouds, surrounding him with light.
It happens slowly to him.
He’s walking home with Embry and some of the others, walking a little bit ahead of the pack and lost in his own world. A flurry of voices and music playing from an MP3 players steals his attention from the daydreams and he looked up for a brief moment. Just a moment...there were a few kids he knew from Forks...and there was you. Later he would learn that you had just moved to Forks and some new friends were showing you the sights (the very few they could claim). Catching your eye, you’re so flustered by his intense and beautiful gaze that you drop something in the path without noticing. But in that moment, he knew nothing, he thought nothing. He only felt it, the most powerful emotions he’d ever experienced.
Everything stopped, the sound of babbling voices, the birdsong, everything.
Something reached into his and pulled at his heart, his soul, pulling him towards you. His imprint. Seth had found his imprint. In one brief, perfect moment, you had looked away from your friends and right at him. And you smiled. The noise in his head (the pack howling in delight and encouraging him to run after you) and Leah’s stupid, happy smile wake him up...and at once Seth is making an excuse (Leah will explain to Mom later) and running after you.
“Hey...you dropped this.”
Happily ever after starts now.
Right away, Seth is your best friend. He’s always there, always ready to help you or just hang out, whatever you need, he’s there. It’s so sweet how much he just wants to make you happy, holding onto every smile you share with him. Seth doesn’t want to make you move too quickly into something you’re not ready for, he knows that this whole thing is crazy. After all, he’s a wolf, you’re his soulmate, and you’re both just figuring all of this out and getting to know one another.
So he’s taking it slow.
He wants to know you more then anything else. So Seth will watch your favorite movies and read your favorite books. He makes a playlist of the music you listen to and looks for pieces of you hidden within the lyrics. For you it’s slow but for Seth it’s something quick and powerful. He’s falling and falling hard for you, too scared to say a damn thing. In time, you’re becoming friends and telling each other everything. Seth finds it easy to open up to you, whispering all of the things he’s never told anyone in your ear.
And you can tell him things too, everything and anything. One night you told him that he was the only one you felt so bonded to before and he takes so much pride in that.
“I’m here for you, Y/N, I’ll always will be.”
Tumblr media
But in time, he wants to be so much more. The emotions that tie Seth to you are powerful and he isn’t sure what to make of them...he’s not even really sure when the feelings start to shift...but they do. Just little things at first.
Like how pretty your eyes are (the color of your eyes become his very favorite).
And how perfect everything is when you’re with him, even the basic stuff like running errands and doing homework. How can you make something so mundane feel like magic?
And how his heart goes wild when you whisper in his ear.
Seth is laying in bed one night, dreaming and yet awake at the same time...he’s dreaming of you.
He’s done it before but this dream is something different...it’s more real somehow. In the dream, you’re running in the sunlight forest, laughing and moving in the golden light and calling to him. Seth runs as wolf, weaving in between moss-smothered trees, but comes to you as a man. And just as he embraces you, just as he’s about to kiss you...he wakes up.
His lips are on fire. His heart is going wild. And just like that, Seth realizes that he’s fallen in love with you.
Luckily, you want him too. If you’d loved someone else, Seth would have swallowed the heartbreak and respected that...thank god that you feel the same! It isn’t hard to love Seth. He’s sweet and kind hearted, a little bit of fire burning beneath a sweet exterior.
You loved him at once.
But the thing is, both of you keep dancing around it, unable to speak of your (very, very mutual) feelings. He’s afraid that it would be too much for you to handle (because nobody really expects their boyfriend to be a freaking werewolf), you’re afraid that he might not really want you (because what if his feelings are forced by some supernatural whatever when yours are so, so real)...and honestly, everyone is getting pretty damn sick of it.
The pack is constantly listening to him moon over you, Jacob and Embry trying to encourage him to speak up.
But it’s Quil that gives him the final push.
They’re all hanging out and he says (only joking and Seth knows that) that if Seth doesn’t ask you out, he might. It’s a joke. Just a joke. But inside Seth is burning with jealousy, the feeling so powerful that it’s almost suffocating. He nearly shifted then and there but held back enough at the thought of you. And just like that he’s ditching the bonfire and running to your house, ignoring the hoard of voices in his head. The old tree outside of your window can barely hold him and, with his hulking form, Seth is in no way graceful. But he climbs it and knocks on your window, watching as you appear in the dark.
“Seth?” you whisper as the window slides open.
“I really,” he almost falls, catching himself on the windowsill. “Y/N, I really like you.”
“I really like you too.”
And then he was kissing you, hand cupping your cheek as he clambered through the window. Together you fall to the bed, Seth on top of you and losing himself in your lips.
The boy goes ALL OUT on the first date. He asks Sue and Leah for advice, borrows Jake’s car, and spends the whole drive talking himself up. He’s got what he thinks is a foolproof plan: dinner, movie, then the scenic route home.
There’s an outdoor movie theater that plays old movies in the summer.
He packs a picnic of your favorite foods and picks you up. The old car is filled with excited, fluttering tension as you drive down the quiet road. His hands are on the steering wheel (but he wishes he was holding you) and there’s a song playing softly. The movie playing is “The Shop Around the Corner” because his mom told him to go for romance.
But in all honesty, neither of you are paying much attention to the movie.
You’re too busy talking and laughing, paying more attention to each other then you do to the screen. He may have brought your favorite snacks but you brought his too, pulling them from your backpack with a grin. The movie is over before you know it and Seth is taking you home. Seth is burning and you’re moving closer, your hand just barely brushing against his...and just like that, he’s taking your hand and holding you tight. He never lets go through the night, driving you home through the empty roads. Moonlight is spun through the trees like spiderwebs, silver and lovely. The music is a bit louder, some cheesy love song crooning on.
His hand in on your thigh, the rough pad of his thumb tracing circles and you’re smiling at the touch of him.
Seth is a caller, not a texter. He prefers to hear your voice, the sound of you is just so...comforting. It’s funny, really. No matter how upset he is, no matter how bad his day has been, a single word from you brings him back up.
He had called you in the middle of the night and you had picked up at once, almost as though you had sensed how badly he needed you.
“Can you just talk? Just for a little while...”
Always. You always have time for him. And all he wants is to hear your voice so you pick up a book from your nightstand and begin to read to him. The night passes slowly. Seth watches the moon from his bedroom window as he holds onto your voice like his lifeline. You’re the only things keeping him together.
“But a blackbird singing undisturbed in the outskirts of the wood, showed that there was nothing alarming there, and in the other direction, along the brook, all was plain to be seen, empty and quiet. The warren was at peace...”
He has a playlist “Y/N”. Most of the songs are ones that remind him of you, songs and bands that you like and have mentioned to him. Others are songs that were playing at important moments to him.
Light up the Sky by Yellowcard, when he first saw you. It had been playing on that crappy, half-broken MP3 player and his hearing was keen enough to hear it. After that day, it’s one of his favorite songs. Whenever he hears it, the happiness he feels infects the whole pack.
“Let me light up the sky, light it up for you. Let me tell you why I would die for you.”
Realize by Colbie Caillat as he was driving you home. It’s late and you’re both way past curfew...but you’re snuggled against him half-asleep and, damn it, he never wants tonight to end.
“If you just realize what I just realized then we’d be perfect for each other...”
Here in my Heart by Plus One when he snuck over one night because he was missing you. You were up and writing in your journal, music playing quietly as Seth stumbled in and lay by your side all night long.
“Your kiss and your touch I’ll never forget ‘cause you’re as close as my very next breath.”
You don’t find the playlist until a few years later, it’s grown into an endless stream of songs by then. All different genres and none of them going quite well together and yet...they fit. It’s a little map of your love story and it helps Seth. It comforts him in a way that he cannot properly explain to anyone, not even himself. When things get hard, he presses play and reminds himself of the most important thing on earth: he is loved.
Tumblr media
Little known Seth facts:
He’s an artist. He’s actually crazy talented, mostly sketching for a long time but later (after he phases because he needed an outlet) getting into painting and wood carving. His artwork is something of van Gogh, bright colors blending together to create beautiful landscapes and portraits. He paints the forest, his mother’s hands and sister’s smile, the sun and the moon, wildflowers...and you. More then anything, Seth paints and sketches and sculpts you.
Meet the world’s worst singer. Seth can dance pretty well but his voice? Terribly, horribly, awfully off-key. He cannot sing at all but does that stop him? Nope! He sings in the early morning, coffee brewing as he makes breakfast. Leah stumbles out of bed, mumbling for him to shut his mouth (and he only sings louder, his mother joining in) as he flips a lopsided pancake.
And you sit in the sunshine, watching him and wondering how one person could be so, so lovely.
*this is mostly a joke because Booboo Stewart is an AMAZING singer and I would love to see him play a really bad singer for a laugh.  
But he’s actually a good guitarist. His dad had an old guitar (from his younger days, claiming that he romanced his wife with the old Dreadnought) and gave it to Seth, who taught himself to play. On lazy days he’ll strum away for a while, music filling the house.
The day is growing late.
Sunlight slips away slowly, darkening the world.
Seth is sitting on the porch, the windows to the house opened to let the fresh air in. He can hear his mother and sister talking softly and they can hear him playing on of Harry’s favorite songs. And you’re sitting beside him, watching his fingers pluck away at silver strings and thinking that he’s some kind of magic.
He has moles and freckles all over. On his arms, his knees, a scattered constellation on his back. You love to touch every little piece, fingers wandering over his skin as he grins at the gentle feeling of you. Sometimes, when it’s just the two of you in his room and he’s laying on his chest, you’ll kiss the stars on his back and, god, it feels so wonderful.
If you’re alone (and his mother’s nowhere near), Seth will almost always be shirtless around you, in hopes that you’ll run your fingers over his smooth skin and count the constellations scattered across him (he puts a shirt on when his mother is there because he’s so easily flustered).
You both ask each other to be boyfriend/girlfriend. The relationship has been going pretty steady by now.
You’ve been going on dates, meeting each other friends and family, the works...but you haven’t confirmed it yet. You haven’t said those two little words that have been lingering on both of your minds:
But one night he’s driving you home and you both go something on your mind and tangled in your tongue. In the end, you both just blurt it out together before answering...and falling apart into laughter.
“Do you wanna be my boyfriend/girlfriend?”
He makes you a promise bracelet once you’re official. Seth has been working on the bracelet for weeks, making sure it was perfect. It’s braided of dark brown leather, a wooden wolf charm hanging from it.
He’s practically SHAKING as he hands it to you, hoping that you’ll like it. And you do, oh, you love that little bracelet!
After he first puts it around your wrist, you rarely take it off. The little wolf is always with you, watching over you even Seth cannot. He loves the sight of it, knowing that the bracelet is a symbol of love. It is a promise to love you and protect you, forever and always. Sometimes, when he holds your hand, the wooden wolf brushes against him and he smiles.
Tumblr media
Seth will say “I love you” first. Because he’s been saying it all of the time though you could not hear it.
When he first saw you and was all at once compelled by a tidal wave of emotion, he loved you already but didn’t know it (his mother did, recognizing that sweet smile on her son’s face as he told her about you).
When he first touched you, the feeling of your skin against his so sweet and warm and bright. It was sunlight and it was perfect.
When he first kissed you, messy and unprepared, but so impossibly happy.
He never wants to rush you into things, always taking your feelings in consideration. Seth, above all things, wants you to be happy, comfortable, and respected. So for a long time, the I love you’s stay silent, the words never leaving his lips...but finally, he can’t hold it back anymore. It’s been a hard day. He snuck away again (his mom always knows when he does, unbeknownst to him, and stays up until he comes back) and is in your bed, head on your heart as you run your fingers through his hair.
You’re the one. The one who knows, the one who listens, the one who holds him just like this and makes it all better. Seth isn’t thinking when he says it. He’s so upset and lately, it’s been coming so naturally to him, it just slips out in a mumbled voice.
“I love you, Y/N...”
And when you say it, he thinks he’s gonna die of happiness. Yeah, of course HE loves YOU but there is no certainty that you would ever say it back. His bond were made in a moment, yours had to be made over time, bit by bit. And as you’re holding him, he hears your heartbeat grow wild...and Seth realizes what he just said.
I love you, I love you, I love you, Y/N…
Sitting up, Seth is a little freaked out and a little happy, worried that it’s all too much for you. His dark eyes are wide with worry...but that all goes away when you smile, cupping his face in your hands.
“I love you too,” you whisper softly.
And then he’s kissing you like he never has before, all of the emotion he’s been holding back bursts forth in a wave of fire. He’s not going anywhere. All night Seth with stay in your arms, kissing you and holding you and whispering those once silent words in between.
“I love you, I love you, I love you...”
After that, he never holds it back.
He likes going on walks with you, particularly when it’s sunny. There’s no destination in mind, he just wants to hang out with you. So he takes your hand and walks off into the sunshine so happy to be with you.
Sometimes you take a backpack full of snacks and books, finding a little nook in the sun-dappled flowers and reading the day away.
Sometimes he takes his guitar and plays you love songs.
And sometimes the rain spoils your fun, stuffing books into backpacks and taking each other’s hands. You’re laughing, running through the rain and holding onto one another so tight. Stumbling to the Clearwater home, there’s silver raindrops in his long hair and Seth is falling against the doorway, hands on your hips as he pulls you into him. In a moment, you’ll have tea and cookies Leah made...but right now, he just wants to kiss you.
And he does.
Seth will kiss you in the rain or shine or the shade, your lips welcoming him home time and time again...like he was made just for this.
The pack loves the way he loves you. Seth is sort of everyone’s favorite in the pack, everyone’s little brother. They love him and when they see and feel how happy you make him, they begin to love you too.
Leah loves you already. The delight that pours out of Seth is contagious and, while she likes you, she won’t let on...she’s worried about her baby brother getting hurt. But you quickly earn your place in the pack and the Clearwater home, so obviously enamored with Seth. She doesn’t have to read your mind to know that you love him too.
“So...what do think?”
“I think she’s perfect.”
Quil and Embry love to gently tease. After all, you’re practically their little sister now (and Quil always wanted a sister). So they tease you and chase you and, if Seth’s not there, step up as your protectors.
“Aw, look at the lovebirds!”
Jacob is always willing to lend Seth his car for date nights. After all, the kid needs a ride and, well, Jacob just loves love. And if Seth is scared or confused or in need of advice, Jacob is right there to guide him through it all.
Plenty of late nights will be spent on the beach, the packs and their imprints settled around a blazing fire. His arm is wrapped around you, holding you close as you rest half-asleep on his chest...and they all can see the purest love and joy on Seth’s face, hearing the loving thoughts in his mind. Out of all of them, Seth is most worthy of happily ever after.
Leah imprinted first and it has been...awkward. Of course Seth is so happy for his favorite person (so, so happy) but, well, there’s a lot he doesn't want to think about.
It’s something they don’t speak about. But once he finds you, the awkwardness slips away. He’s so focused on you that his sister’s intrusive thoughts fade from his mind, the both of them basking in the glow of never-ending happiness. You and Leah’s imprint tend to spend a lot of time together. In the beginning, it’s mostly just association. Seth and Leah often patrol together and the two of you start spending those nights waiting up with them together.
But in time it becomes a true friendship.
You two become the Clearwater protection squad and Seth LOVES that...he catches you vehemently defending Leah when someone referred to her as a “frigid bitch” and silently cheered you on the whole time.
Speaking of, he really wants Leah to like you. She was always concerned about her brother daring/imprinting, because he’s so soft and sweet and he takes things so damn hard. Their dad’s death hit him hard and, as sunny as he is, Seth’s been having a rough time.
There’s a sadness lingering in his eyes, like shadows in the sun, and she can see it. She always sees it and she always feels that guilt, no matter how many times Seth says that it isn’t her fault.
But then you come and he’s happier then he has ever been, just the way Leah was when she found her imprint. The two stayed up late the night he found you, Seth babbling on and on about how excited/nervous/happy he was and Leah just soaking up his glow. She’s been rooting for the two of you since day one...though she dis gently vet you.
Just to make sure.
Double dates with the pack couples (particularity Jared and Kim). The pack hangs out on the regular but, when they separate into smaller groups, Seth enjoys a double date. It started when you and Kim became friends, bonding during the late nights spent waiting and watching movies together. In time, your hanging out pulled Seth and Jared into it. So sometimes you hang out together.
Camping trips and hangouts out the beach happen often.
But more then anything else, the four of you watch movies together. The couples take turns picking the movies. Jared likes action flicks and Kim likes romcons, Seth has a love for fantasy films. You meet at somebody’s place, eat snacks, and just chill out. Sometimes another pairing will come along, Leah or Embry bring their own imprints. But mostly it’s just you guys goofing off and being happy. He and Jared didn’t hang out much before because, well, they didn’t have a lot in common. But Seth thinks he’s cool and Jared think Seth’s funny and in time, they are pretty close too.
Truthfully, Seth likes normal moments like this...he doesn’t get enough of them.
The most. Supportive. Boyfriend. Ever. Seriously, Seth believes in you and supports you and loves you so, so much. He thinks that you are AMAZING and believes that you are capable of everything and anything. But he shows support is very soft, sweet ways.
Making you tea or coffee when you’re studying or working on a project, sneaking your favorite snacks in your bag, writing you little notes to find and packing you a lunch.
He’ll text you to check in and is always there to cheer you on!
But he’s also there to pick you up too, running you a bath or making you dinner when you’ve a had a long day and need someone to put you back together again.
“I got you, babe.”
He has this way of just...sensing whenever you’re upset and need him. It’s his spidey sense. And once the alarm bells go off, Seth is at your side and doing whatever it takes to make things right.
Tumblr media
Be there for him too. Seth is going through a lot and, while he remains the same sunny soul he has always been, there’s a lot more to him then that.
So let him vent to you when he’s angry, comfort him when he cries, let him come to you when he needs you more then ever. You’ll know when he is coming (you just know, like you’re soul senses his own) and you welcome him with open arms as he climbs through your window. He my rant or cry but most of the time...he just wants to hold you. Seth collapses in your arms perfectly, resting his head on your heart and just holding on tight.
Let him.
And cheer him on, bake his favorite desserts and sneak him candy (boy’s got a major sweet tooth), call him before he goes on patrol and let him fall into sleep as you read to him softly.
He needs to be put back together too sometimes.
If you’re ever sick/hurt, he is your personal nurse. He will take care of you so sweetly, fluffing pillows and taking temperatures, making you cups of soothing tea and staying with you as often as he can.
He actually really loves this.
Seth is by nature a nurturing person, he likes to take care of those he is close to. So he might baby you a little bit but it’s just his way of expressing love. But for himself, he’s the exact opposite, always insisting that he is fine (no, he is not) and that he can handle it (no, he can’t). You’re going to have to force your hand and, well, Seth can never say no to you.
“But sweetheart-”
“...Yes, ma’am.”
He’s low key whipped (which Quil so often informs him of) but no one can deny the smile on his face when you fluff his pillows and make him tea and bring him movies to watch.
Eventually, he has to stop borrowing cars (either his mom’s, Leah’s or Jacob’s) and gets his own. It’s an old blue pickup, a little rusty and in need to some TLC, but Seth loves it already! He names it Big Blue and gets to work right away, Jacob helping him fix it up.
But Seth keeps it a secret.
You don’t have a car either and you usually walk home after work/school, Seth often keeping you company. One day as you’re walking home, you’ll hear the rumble of an old engine and music playing...and you’ll see a beat up pickup rumbling down the road, Seth smiling behind the wheel. The window rolls down and he leans out with a goofy grin.
“Need a ride?”
You hop right in and, from then on, Big Blue is a big part of your lives. He’ll last for decades, holding on a lot longer then most old trucks.
You’re his lockscreen. It’s a bit of a blurry pic but it’s his favorite picture in the world. The sun is setting behind you in a brilliant display of color, streaks of lilac and pink and sky blue swirling as the last rays of sunlight stream forth...you’re laughing about something, hair tangled and hands half-over your mouth.
He took it without you knowing and you don’t find out until later. Seth is a little embarrassed but you assure him that it’s okay.
“I just miss you sometimes and need to see you...”
You understand that, you miss Seth too. And so you pull our your phone and ask him to smile...the picture of him is perfect, you set it as your own lockscreen immediately. That way, missing each other is a little bit better. Sometimes at night, when you can’t fall asleep together, he’ll take out his phone and look at you until his eyes are heavy and he’s drifting into dreams again…
Of course he dreams of you.
He loves when you send him random pics. Sometimes of yourself (wearing a new outfit, smiling sweetly, goofing off with Kim and Rachel) but also pictures of the world around you. Little plants and flowers growing from concrete cracks, butterflies taking a rest and birds perched on bare branches.
Sometimes you play a game, taking a picture of a cloud and asking what he thinks it might be. Seth, of course, will have the cutest answers.
“It’s a butterfly, a dog, no, it’s Superman!”
Really, he just likes these little pieces of your life. Pictures of fireflies in the twilight and snowflakes in your hair, random chalk drawings on the sidewalk and the colorful stain that it leaves after a rainfall. He saves every one of them, looking at them whenever he’s thinking of you. And he thinks of you a lot. One day, when you have a home together, Seth will print out his favorites and put them all over the bedroom wall.
That way he can have you forever and ever.
Seth calls you honey or sweetheart. It’s perfect for you: sweet and golden, like the sweetness and light you’ve given him. You’re his honey, honeybee, honey-girl. But he’ll also call you sweetheart, the name falling from his lips so naturally. It isn’t until a year of being together that he finally figures out why.
His mother had heard him call you that when he was up late on the phone, a bittersweet smile on her face. And then he remembers that “sweetheart” is what his dad used to call her. It felt natural because it was what he grew up hearing, his mother giggling as his father kisses her neck in the kitchen. And all at once he’s mourning again.
At once he comes to you, spending the night holding you tight and missing his dad more then anything else. It’s hurts and you hate to see him hurting...so you just stay with him, a reminder of the good that has come out of this.
“Can I just stay a little while?”
And the answer is always yes.
Your heart and arms and lips are his home. In time, he’ll be able to say it naturally again and the hurt will fade...and you’ll always be his sweetheart.
You call him baby (or wolfie when you want to tease him). He loves it when you coo baby softly, leaning against him as you sit hand in hand. The beach is empty and cold and you’re huddling against him for warmth.
“Baby, we gotta get going…”
You both know that. And yet neither of you are moving an inch, watching the tide lap against the beach. The star is full of stars tonight, burning like a thousand silver suns. Soon, he thinks, soon he’ll take you home...he has to. You’re half-asleep on his chest, softly sighing and calling him baby again. And he’s smiling, so happy right now.
And he loves it when you call him wolfie in a teasing tone, biting and kissing his neck as he laughs breathlessly.
“Come ‘ere, wolfie.”
Big Blue is parked off the road, hidden in a nook in the trees for a little more privacy. There’s some song playing and Seth is leaning against the worn leather seats, shirt off and long hair tangled as you run your fingers through it. He’s drunk on your lips and lost in your voice, hands wandering over your jeans and squeezing. You whisper his name and just like that he’s growling, wild and beautiful, and pulling you into a kiss.
He likes that one best of all.
He talks to you about his dad. How horrible that night was, how much he misses him, how sad all of them were. But the worst part for Seth is that he never got to tell Harry about you...and you never got to meet him.
And that sucks.
He never told his mom, but Seth visits his dad’s grave a lot. He just goes there and talks to him, telling Harry about his life and what he’s going through and how much he misses him. He told him all about you, how amazing you are and how much he loves you...how he thinks that Harry would have liked you a lot.
One day he’ll take you there, maybe when you’re getting married, and tell his dad about happy and how sad he is. He never stops missing his dad or thinking about that terrible night (but he never blames Leah either, she already blames herself for it). Instead, he tries to focus on the sweet instead of the bitter and tells you all about the amazing man you never knew.
“I wish you could be there and that you could know her...in a way, you do but you know what I mean. I really love her, Dad...and you would too.”
Beach dates. Sometimes, it’s with the pack or with Kim and Jared, but Seth likes it best of all when it’s just the two of you. There’s an old flannel blanket he brings along, a red stain in the corner (from Leah spilling kool-aid when they were kids) and some old rips here and there. He loves that blanket. So he brings it along with a backpack full of snacks.
You’ll spend the day goofing off, swimming, and just chilling out.
He likes lazy days on the beach, laying in sun with you. You think him so pretty in the sunlight, gold melting over his skin and alight in his eyes.
And you spend all damn day kissing him, just ‘cause he’s so damn beautiful.
Movie dates. Well, actually, TV night dates. Seth likes the long game, waiting for every episode and discussing theories and favorite characters and the like. As much as he enjoys movies (particularly horror films, with Embry, or movie nights with you), he prefers a good show.
He likes animated show like Gravity Falls, The Owl House, Over the Garden Wall, and Avatar the Last Airbender. But he also likes Grimm and Murder, She Wrote.
Popping some popcorn and grabbing some blankets, the two of you settle down and watch a few episodes together. Seth cuddles close and keeps you warm, an arms wrapped around your shoulders and your head on his chest. He loves quietly discussing the plot lines with you...but more then that, he loves when you fall asleep in his arms.
Camping dates. Seth loves to camp, hike, hunt, and fish! He has ever since he was little, his dad used to take him into the forest. It’s been a while since he’s gone, he was either too busy or too sad to go...but when he decides to head into the wild, he asks you to come with him.
There’s a little spot where he wants to take you.
It’s a clearing tucked between the trees, shadowy trees wrapped around in a protective circle. But in that clearing there is light, sunshine and starlight and fireflies dancing in the dark. There’s an old tent set up beneath the boughs of a tree, a fallen log not so far away. Seth built a fire there. Leaning against the log with you, you’re just staring into the cracking fire and listening to his heart. Seth takes your hand, fingers intertwining with your own.
“What are you think about?” you wondered aloud.
“Just about how happy I am.”
“Me too, wolfie.”
And you’re kissing him again and he’s falling into you, forgetting all about the rest of the world as your lips cover his.
Tumblr media
Bonfires with the pack. There’s nothing like sitting with your friends by the fire and telling scary stories...but it’s even better with your arm around the love of your life!
Paul knows the best stories (he loves freaking you guys out), Quil tells all kinds of jokes, and everyone brings plenty of snacks. All night they feed the fire, golden flames dancing in the darkness, as they tell stories. Leah doesn’t talk much, preferring to listen. Same with Embry and often Jacob. And Seth just likes being with all of the people he loves.
No danger, no fighting, no drama.
Just happiness. You shiver as the cool night air bites into you and Seth, not really needing it, gives you his hoodie.
In a little while, you’ll slip away together and he’ll take you home, taking the long way just to spend a little more time with you. He holds your hand and smiles at the touch of you, his heart racing...and his friends howling in his head, teasing him endlessly.
And he doesn't even care, he’s that in love.
The ultimate romantic aka Seth Clearwater. He brings you flowers, burns you CDs, leaves little notes where he knows you will find them! He always touching you, kissing you, telling you how much you mean to him!
Everything...you mean everything to him.
And he likes to show it in those sweet, simple ways. He’ll give you his jacket when it’s cold out, always make sure to walk you home, buy your favorite candy and make you coffee/tea in the morning. Every second of everyday he spends it trying to express his love for you. You are, after all, the best part of his life.
Here’s a fact: you will never be able to beat him in regards to gift giving. He’s the best at it, plain and simple, and always gives the most AMAZING gifts.
“Do you like it?”
“I love it! I love you, Seth.”
But be romantic for him too! He deserves to get as much as he gives! Give him seeds to plant in his garden and paints when he’s running low, draw him little pictures, leave replies to his notes hidden inside of his pockets; run around hand through his hair, kiss his shoulders and neck, tell him how much you adore him!
He needs it too.
Sometimes he worries that this is all too much for you, that he’s too much...and he’s afraid that you’ll leave.
So you prove him wrong.
You learn all the little little things about Seth, the way he likes his coffee (you make for him the morning after patrol, when the tiredness keeps him in bed a little longer) and all of the songs he loves (there’s a playlist just for him and you play it when he comes over for dinner). And when he’s falling apart, you put him back together piece by piece.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, sweetheart...I’m okay. You made it better.”
And you always do.
He likes odd food combinations: ice cream and french fries, bacon dipped in peanut butter, potato chips crushed over chocolate ice cream, popcorn and marshmallows mixed into a delightfully gooey mess.
It’s something that Leah has always teased him a bit for. But Seth loves it too much to stop and you’re sure to keep him well stocked.
You buy frozen fries when you pick up ice cream and keep bags of mini-marshmallows in the pantry. You have all the little odds and ends of his strange combinations and Seth loves that! It just makes him smile so much, even though you’re just telling him that there’s pickles in the fridge and bacon in the freezer.
Because you know him and you love him, even with all of his weirdness,
And he loves the weird stuff about you too, so don’t worry. He never tease about quirks, just loves all of the little bits of you.
Seth loves to be complimented but not just about his appearance, other stuff is better. After all, he’s more then just a pretty face! He’s also smart and creative and kind and he loves it when you focus on who he is rather then how he looks.
Complimenting his paintings! In fact, you liked one of his pieces so much that he gave it to you (one of the first gifts he ever gave you) as a gift. The next time he comes over, he sees that you’ve positioned it so you can look at the painting as you fall asleep and as soon as you wake up...and he freaking LOVES that.
Listening to him play music! He does dabble in original music but you’re one of the few who not only know that but who get to hear it too.
Telling him how much you love him! He loves hearing how smart you think he is and how cool/funny/kind/sweet/crazy/perfect he is to you. The swelling in his chest and smile on his face cannot be ignored, your words repeating in his head.
It just makes him feel so good...but something you really love about Seth is how kind he is, always going out of his way to bring others some happiness. And when you tell him that he makes the dark world a brighter place, his heart just soars! Of course you’re right and everyone agrees...but he still likes hearing it.
He loves that he can be totally honest with you. Yes, Seth is a sweetheart with the kindest mind and a heart of gold, but he’s not always happy. He’s angry, hurting, sad, jealous, and more...and he can tell you about it.
And he really likes that!
Because sometimes the boy needs to vent or cry or rant about something. Sometimes he gets mad over something stupid or jealous for no reason and some night he just really misses his dad. But no matter what, you are always there for him, weathering it out. And when the angry storm fades away into brilliant sunlight, he knows you’ll be there to enjoy it with him.
“You know I’m here for you...always am.”
A healthy relationship allows for the expression of emotions, even the “not so great” feelings that we all try to ignore.
Speaking of, he can be a bit jealous. But he handles it super well. He knows that the two of you are rock solid and that the green monster is whispering nothing but lies...but still.
It kind of sucks.
So if he’s feeling left out or insecure, he tells you and the two of you talk it through. It helps him so, so much. Seth isn’t the kind of guy who would try to tell you what to where, where to go, and who you can or cannot hang out with (Leah would literally KILL him for it, if his mother didn’t get to him first), hell no! He doesn’t own you! But sometimes he feels insecure and you guys gotta talk about it.
And it always makes him feel better.
Mostly, it’s just the wolf rearing its head in an ugly way (they all have to deal with it) and you both know that but talking it out feels pretty good.
“I want you, I’m here with you, and I love you.”
“I know, I know...but could I hear it again?”
“I love you, Seth Clearwater.”
Tumblr media
When Seth has a bad day, he comes to you. There’s a safe feeling about you, like a little light in the darkness. You reach out to him and he follows, feeling his safest when he is with you. But what’s really crazy is how you just KNOW.
Whenever he sneaks over but forgets to to text, your window is already unlocked.
And you always have little things to cheer him up. His favorite chips in the pantry, music playing to calm him down, a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on.
Once, he asked you how you always know this.
And he kind of believes it because you are magical to him. Wild and loving and sweet and perfect...pure magic. In truth, you can’t even explain it...maybe it’s the imprint bond at work, maybe it’s elementary, my dear Watson, who really knows? All Seth needs to know is that you’re there for him...and you always are.
He always visits you after patrol. If there is anyone in the world he wishes to be safe, it’s you. So he always checks on you after patrol is over.
Seth isn’t exactly graceful, clambering through the window, thumping and fumbling about. He always lands less-then-gracefully on your bed, hair tangled and dark eyes bright as he smiles up at you. Those deep, dark eyes always remind you of stars in some way, glimmering light burning in pools of darkness.
“Hey, you,” he mumbles in a tired tone.
Seth is exhausted but still lumbered all this way to see you...and you love him for it. Side by side, you snuggle in bed and Seth slowly falls asleep.
As dreams overtake him, you play with his hair and he rests his read against your chest, listening to the sound of your heart. You let him rest for now, wanting so much to protect him from all the dangers of the world...but you know that you can’t. You can’t keep away hurting and pain and fear or anything else for that matter. You’re only you and Seth is only himself and you are just two kids in love and holding on tight.
So you just hold him a little tighter as you join him in slumber, making this one moment perfect.
Taking baths with you is super enjoyable. It’s actually one of his favorite things to do, though he feels shy about asking for it. He’s worried that you’ll think he’s being weird or dirty when it’s actually not like that. Seth enjoys baths, he enjoys being with you, so why wouldn’t he like having them both? Really, he just likes the closeness of it. And when he finally does get the courage to ask, it turns out to be everything he ever wanted.
Resting in the warm water, sometimes with a bath bomb of bubbles, Seth feels himself melting just for you.
The way your fingers drag gently through his damp hair, the music playing softly on the little portable radio...it’s perfect. Sometimes you’re behind him, lips on his neck and Seth growls in delight. And sometimes you’re wrapped in his arms, sighing happily as you lean against his chest and play with the tangled ends of his hair (and if you pull a little, he’ll practically wag his tail).
“Oh...oh, I love you.”
“Love you too, wolfie.”
Seth loves to kiss you, all of you. If you are comfortable, Seth with absolutely shower you with his affection...and with kisses!
Your neck (mumbling something sweet against your skin as he covers your neck in a flurry of kisses), your hands (anytime he’s holding your hand and has to leave, he’ll give it a little kiss before he lets go), your shoulders (kissing you from behind, Seth grins as you giggle at the fluttering of his lips), your legs (he’ll wake you in the morning with a line of kisses, from your ankles to your belly and all the way to your lips), all of you!
He worships all of you like his religion, proclaiming every part of you beautiful. He just loves you so much and a part of that love is just this: kissing every bit of you as much as he can.
Heaven is his lips against your body.
Massages are very enjoyable...very, very enjoyable. Seth LOVES a good massage and you know just how to give one.
After all, being a werewolf is rather rough on the body.
Laying face down in bed, Seth was grumbling about some fight Jacob and Paul had gotten into, aching and tired and a little bit grumpy. But all of that fades away the second he feels your hands running across his back, gently kneading tender muscles. You make such magic that it won’t be long until Seth is falling asleep, still mumbling your name as he slips away.
And you let him sleep for now.
He works hard, too hard for someone so young, and most of the time, you just want him to slow down and rest.
“Rest up...”
Seth wakes up with a smile every time, tired eyes fluttering open as he searches for you. When he sees you there in the doorway, having heard him stirring in the sheets, he smiles even brighter (Seth always smiles at the sight of you) and reaches for your hand.
The “imprints” hang out a lot and he loves that. It starts with all of you waiting and worrying at Emily’s home, hoping that the wolves will return quickly and all in one piece. But in time, you all get to know each other and become very close.
Emily is wicked smart and constantly beats you all at Scrabble, Kim is super creative and funny, and Rachel is a firecracker (and she might be the craziest of you all...no wonder she’s Paul’s imprint, they’re perfect for each other).
You guys talk all the time, hang out, have a group chat, and get into all kinds of trouble together. I’ve always imagined the imprints going on little Scooby-Doo type adventures together, solving mysteries and things. And whenever you guys return to Emily’s all messy and tired and the wolves ask what happened...you all say the same thing:
“Nothing much.”
You’ll never tell, not a one of you. It’s girl code.
He believes that, wolf or not, he would have found you. No one on this earth can convince Seth that you were not meant to be and he doesn’t have to be a shapeshifter to be worthy of your love.
In truth, at first he was worried that you wouldn’t have wanted him without the “imprint” power pulling you to him. But as time goes on and Seth learns who you truly are and how much you truly love him, that changes.
Now he knows the truth.
There’s nothing that you wouldn’t do for him, no power on earth could have kept you apart. You love him, as you so often say, because of all of his beautiful parts. His kindness, his bright smile, and his sweetness. You love the way he hums as he does the dishes and the freckles on his shoulders and knees. It’s the little things that make Seth who he is and who you love.
“And those things existed before the wolf did.”
He really needed to hear that.
And once he does, there’s not a shred of doubt left within him. You are his, he is yours, and this was simply meant to be.
Sunday is “your” day. The two of you sleep in, make breakfast together, and just...relax.
There’s no patrols (unless there’s an emergency), no drama between the wolves (except for the bickering in the back of his mind), and no danger lurking in the shadows...today there is nothing but him and you.
And he loves it.
Seth makes breakfast and you two cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. Sometimes, you’ll go out together. Maybe go camping or have lunch on the beach or catch a movie in town. But most of the time, you guys just hang out at home...and make out. A lot. Seth can’t keep his eyes or his hands off of you, lips on your neck and you laugh and mumble his name.
If there’s a knock on the door, nobody’s answering.
‘Cause you’re pulling on his hair (and he loves it) and laughing into his lips as he kisses you (and he loves you) and whatever lurks outside can wait until Monday...he’s not going anywhere and neither are you! Not today.
Boy wants a few babies of his own. Two or three sounds good but if you want more, then he’s more then happy to provide! Seth loves the idea of having a happy little family in a cozy little house, no longer having to worry about the dangers that have haunted him since he was only a kid.
He especially wants a girl.
The Clearwater women are the strong and powerful and intelligent and he wants to pass that on...a new generation of one woman armies. Seth’s mom and sister are two of the most important people in his life and will be just that for his children too. And he would love a little girl with his mother’s eyes (and, as you later point out, his eyes too) and Leah’s strength. She’s tiny and beautiful and perfect...his little girl.
Seth is a great dad.
He speaks to his kids in Quileute, tells them stories and sings them songs and he shows the kids pictures of Harry and tells them stories about Grandpa, giving them the advice his dad passed down to him. All of the softness and sunlight that makes Seth who he is now shines tenfold, his happiness like the summer sun.
“Let’s get a move on, kiddos, it’s a story and then bed!”
Leah is super auntie, Sue is the best granny ever, the pack loves his kids. They’re all a mix of the both of you, his smile or your eyes...but there’s one little guy who looks and talks and acts exactly like Seth. He’s so, so cute and is always following his father around, wanting to do whatever Seth is doing too.
And the little guy especially loves Leah.
The second she steps in the room, the baby’s on her lap and babbling happily, Leah cooing over her little nephew.
“Come here, baby!”
She is, of course, the godmother to your children. And when that sweet little boy and the girl with her grandmother’s eyes begin showing signs of shifting as they grow older (because the danger returned but they were older...and new wolves were needed for this), she will help guide them and protect them in a way that no one did for her. She can’t stop the change, no one can...but she can be there for them and she can protect them.
Tumblr media
He buys the perfect house: plenty of room, yard for the kids, close to his mom, the works. It’s his dream home.
It stands in a clearing so the sunlight can kiss his skin in the early morning. The thick front door was carved by his hands, a wolf burned into the dark wood. He paints the kid’s bedrooms dark blue, stars glowing in the ceiling. There he’ll whisper tales of wolves and men and monsters, always telling the tale of the brave wolf that fell in love with a beautiful girl and lived happily ever after. Pictures of his parents and pack rest on the mantle above the fireplace.
You share a big bed that sits beneath the window, moonlight spilling on the sheets and over your skin.
And even as the years go on, the two of you will whisper to one another until you fall asleep to confessions of love and promises of forever.
God, he just loves you so fucking much! This whole werewolf thing started out so terribly (really, really terribly) and, for a long time, it wasn’t much better...but finally finding you made it all so, so worth it!
He’ll be one of the first to stop shifting.
Seth loved being a wolf but it wasn’t his choice, none of it ever was. And, in all honestly, it had been pretty damn terrifying. But you are his choice and the best thing in his world. You are his reason to live and to let go of the hurt that haunted him for so, so long.
Almost always the first to awaken, it’s not uncommon to find Seth smiling at you as you sleep. And you smile too, reaching up to play with his tangled hair.
Just like this, forever and ever.
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Tumblr media
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They Are Jealous
Tumblr media
He would never ever admit he’s jealous. But when you are around other guys and he can smell them… he will start becoming hostile and straight up scary, without coming off as jealous of course. Distance will become shorter between you too and glares will be shared between the Alpha and other guy. What can you say, he’s possessive. It’s in his blood.
Scott :
Tumblr media
Scott would instantly realize the feeling and hate it. He would want to rip the guys head off out of irritation. But, he would wait until the guys gone and tell you how he doesn’t like him. He’s truthful and doesn’t directly say he’s jealous but later cross paths with the guy and assertively tell him to back off.
Tumblr media
Stiles doesn’t necessarily get jealous, however he gets pretty annoyed by other guys trying to get with you. So he’d probably plan something down right evil (and funny) and become very sarcastic towards the punk. And he will not back down, and become very dedicated to making the guy uncomfortable and scared until he learns to leave you alone.
Tumblr media
Isaac does NOT play around when it comes to you. You are all he really has besides Scott and Derek. So naturally he’s protective and defensive when it comes to one of the only people that truly loves him back. So when someone does try and flirt with you, he gets angry. Really angry. God forbid if the other guy is on the lacrosse team, bodies would be getting chucked across the field. He will give a stern warning and if the guy doesn’t stop then fists will start flying.
Liam :
Tumblr media
Liam had trouble with his anger, so when he starts to become jealous he will attempt to not be angry, which will have him tore between pure anger and sadness. He might start to second guess his worth and your feelings for him. He would become very sweet towards you and offer to spend more time with you. Seeing how happy you are with him makes him feel a lot better and he would probably reassure himself that he has nothing to worry about.
Tumblr media
It would take a lot to get Brett jealous. He’s a secure person who knows he’s hot. But on the rare occasion he is, he’d probably start acting really cocky. (More then usual) and would definitely start flexing/showing off to both you and the guy. Brett is one confident guy, and if someone start talking to you excessively, he’ll give you both something to talk about.
Tumblr media
Would totally try to find any criminal records on the guy. Probably try to warn you about the guy and assure you he was bad news. But other then that he’d let you deal with the guy. He’s not a controlling guy, and he’s not overly possessive either. He’s very mature and will let you decide who you like and who you want to be friends with. He is confident and trusting of you and knows what your feelings are towards him.
Tumblr media
Find a valid reason to kill the guy. Just kidding…maybe… not. But it would mostly stem from a close friend of yours that you trust. Everyone is kinda scared of him so they don’t really try anything with you. However, he will respect your friendship to your close friend. But will not tolerate strangers trying to get with you. Nonetheless, all it takes is one little conversation with the guy and he all the sudden disappears from your life forever. Crazy.
Aiden :
Tumblr media
Wouldn’t hesitate to threaten the guy. Probably get Ethan to join in and ruin the guys day. Multiple times. He would start getting angry at himself and find ways to get you to notice him. If he wasn’t satisfied with your reaction he would think of something big, also being really nice to your friends. Ethan subtly laughing in the inside. He would appear to you more then often during the day.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fluffy wolves
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The Pull - Paul Lahote
Tumblr media
Pairing: Paul Lahote x reader
Sum: Y/n, does her best to keep her friend Bella from doing stupid things, even if that means she has to get into a fight of her own with the big cocky hothead Paul. But what if that very man she dislikes imprints on her? Can they lay their difference behind them?
Warnings: slight angst, protective reader, smut 18+ only! semi public s*x, rough s*x, unprotected s*x..
This was requested by @georgesbee​ 
This is not read over by a beta so sorry for any mistakes
Y/n was the total opposite of Bella Swan. Y/n was down to earth, enthusiastic and most of the time pretty positive but the one thing they had in common was that they both were stubborn to a t. People didn't really understand how the two of them could stand each other or let alone be friends. But Y/n and Bella were best friends ever since Bella moved to Forks.
The day she met Bella was one she clearly remembered. She had just left her friend Jermey's house and was walking along the trail with an angry scowl on her face when she suddenly walked into someone, Bella. Bella could see how upset she had been. Y/n doesn't really know how but Bella got her to talk about what happened when she was at her friend's place, how much of an asshole Jermey's best friend Paul had been to her. She just ranted to her like they knew each other for years. And ever since that day the two of them kept in touch and soon became fast friends. 
Bella had made her forget all about that asshole Paul who she actually felt attracted to. Bella understood her inner conflict and reassured her that it was okay to think he was hot but at the same time hate his guts.
Almost a year later it was y/n who comforted Bella and gave her some good advice. Bella had her heart shattered by her now ex-boyfriend Edward. Y/n actually stayed with her for the first week after the break-up. Y/n had never liked Edward Cullen and she hadn’t hidden it from Bella. That’s why Bella was surprised to see her standing next to Jacob when Sam had found her in the woods and brought her home. Y/n might have disliked Edward, but she hated seeing her friend going through this heartbreak, so she helped her as much as possible. 
She made sure Bella didn’t lock herself up in her room all day to sulk. Y/n actually tried to take Bella’s mind off things, yes they still talked about it when Bella felt the need to get things off her chest. But y/n just didn’t want her friend to fall into a negative spiral and get stuck at the bottom like she knew Bella would if she didn’t have someone to pull her up. So that’s what she did. 
After some time Bella started to go outdoors again without her being there. And when she told her that she started to spend more and more time with Jacob y/n was happy for her. Y/n only wanted the best for her friend, and she thought that if Bella would let him, Jacob could make her even happier. 
Weeks went by and Bella got better every day, she spends most of her time with Jake in La Push but never made y/n feel like she was being left out. Bella dragged her with her when she met up with Jake and even then it was more like the three of them spending time together rather than just Bella and Jake. Y/n never felt bored when they did things even if it was just sitting in Jake’s shed while the two of them watched him work on his car and just talk about everything and nothing. It actually felt like the three of them had been friends for ages. But she could also see that Jacob fell for Bella, it was there right on his face in the way he smiled and looked at her. But when she looked at Bella she wasn’t really sure if she felt the same for him, yes she liked him to some extend but she wasn’t sure if that was in a romantic way. She did believe that Bella could love him if she opened her heart for it, they’d be good together. 
One day some time ago Bella had asked her to accompany her and some of her other friends to the movies but sadly she couldn’t. Y/n had promised to help her grandmother’s friend on the rez. The woman named Tayen was like family to her so she wouldn’t tell no to her just to go to a movie. A day spent with Tayen was always a special and happy day, she was like a second grandmother that kept asking if she found her one already. She’d just laugh the question away or just ask the woman a question of her own. But even tho they laughed a lot, y/n would always make sure the work that needed to be done was done. She picked up groceries, did some cleaning but they also cooked together, Tayen always taught her a new recipe every time she came over. She always felt like a new person when she closed the front door behind her after they had dinner and the dishes were done. 
That night when she drove home she couldn’t help but feel like something was about to go wrong.
It was two days later when her feeling got confirmed, Bella told her everything that had gone down at the movies from Mike getting sick to Jacob making his move on her and her turning him down to Jacob exploding in anger towards Mike. Bella was worried about Jacob, it seemed that he got sick too, his dad told Bella that he had mono. Y/n had never seen her this worried about someone, but then again she did admit to her that she had started to feel like her friendship with Jacob could become something more but she just wasn’t ready for a new relationship. 
After a lot of unanswered phone calls later, Bella started to think that there was going on more than just Jacob being sick, he was ignoring her for some reason and Bella was so mad that she just went down to La push. But that ended up in Bella knocking on her front door in tears. She had seen Jacob and that conversation hadn’t been the best, in Bella’s words he had broken up with her and told her that it was for the best if they didn’t see each other again. 
Y/n had feared that Bella would fall in a downward spiral again but that didn’t seem to happen. 
A week later, Bella almost dragged her with her when she went to talk to Jacob a second time. She didn’t really want to go with her, but she feared that Bella would make a bigger scene than necessary if she didn’t. So she quickly stepped into her shoes and got into her car where Bella was already waiting for her. During the drive, y/n tried her best to calm down her raging best friend and for a minute she even succeeded but the moment they arrived and saw a group of buff men walking towards Jacob’s house Bella flipped again. Bella didn’t even wait before the engine was turned off of her car before she leaped out of the car and ran yelling at the men. 
“What did you do?! What did you do to him?!” she yells before giving the man she recognized as Sam a hard push. 
That was her cue to turn off the car and run after Bella but when she noticed the man standing beside Sam she almost tripped over her feet. ‘damn he even got hotter over time’ she thought to herself when she saw Paul standing there clearly being held back by Sam. But then she heard him fire back at Bella.
“What did we do? What did he do? What did he tell you?” he almost growled back at her friend making her even run faster at then. Just when she arrived next to Bella, Bella had already opened her mouth to make another remark when y/n’s eyes met those of Paul. But what she had never expected was how Paul’s angry face fell into a soft almost surprised look like he had forgotten everything in the world besides her. His face quickly changed again when Bella’s voice sounded over the sound of her heart beating loudly in her chest.
“He didn’t tell me anything, because he’s scared of you. So tell me what did you do?!”
The only reaction Bella got was the whole group laughing in her face as if she had just told the best joke. Y/n could see the confusion and hurt with a mix of embracement clearly on her face. How dare they, laughing at a woman who was clearly in distress just because she wanted to protect the man she cared for. Y/n could clearly feel her own anger growing with every second until it was too much for her and before she even realized it she had lifted her hand and slapped Paul across his face. Everybody stopped laughing as soon as her hand had made contact with his face, Paul stared at her in shock for what seemed a whole minute before his face turned even more angry than before.
He started to shake uncontrollably while a soft growl came from deep inside his throat seemed to grow. 
“Stay back,” Sam says to the two girls as he tries to let Paul take a few steps further away from them but that seemed to make things even worse as Paul started to shake even more. ‘This is all too strange’ Y/n thought to herself, ‘was Paul that angry about the slap that he’d attack her?’ ‘What an asshole, he deserved the slap, he has no right to be angry at her’. But then everything escalated when suddenly Jacob ran from his house towards the two friends and placed himself between the girls and a raging Paul. But that act alone made Paul explode out of his skin, literally. The place where Paul used to stand now stood a big wolf-like animal growling, showing its teeth to Jacob ready to jump him. Less than a second later Jake jumped at the animal, changing mid-jump in a similar form, and attack it making Bella stumble over her feet out of surprise and fall down on her ass. 
‘What the hell is this, what kind of freakshow is this, this must be a dream’ Y/n thought as she stood there frozen in her spot. 
It was like time stopped, she didn’t notice everything going on around her, she just blacked out like a zombie. Even Bella took it better than her. The last thing she clearly remembers was Bella leading her back towards her car and helping her take a seat on the backseat while two boys of the group got behind the wheel and in the passenger seat.
The next thing she knew she sat at a kitchen table with a steaming cup of tea in her hands and a big muffin in front of her. Bella had chosen to stay near the door as long as Jacob wasn’t there. The woman who owned the house they were at, named Emily, had made the two boys give them a short explanation. Embry, one of the boys, had enthusiastically started talking under a lot of commentary from Jared, the other boy.
All the boys of their group were shapeshifters and changed into giant wolves to protect humans from their natural enemies. She didn’t ask what or their enemies were. Somewhere she felt like they were pulling one hell of a prank on her but the way Bella acted and responded to it all made her feel like she somehow already knew about the supernatural, like it didn’t shock her at all.
In the end, she had to believe that what they just told her had to be true, she had even seen it with her own eyes. But that didn’t mean that she should act like nothing big had happened like this was just like a normal thing. She wondered why Bella never felt the need to inform her about this before. She clearly needed to let everything sink in, she was really overwhelmed by it all and it seemed like Emily could see it because she sat down next to her and placed her hand on top of hers. Not a second later Jacob and Paul walked into the kitchen playfully shoving each other. But when his eyes landed on hers he just smirked while dropping down on one of the chairs and said “sorry” casually before grabbing a muffin of his own making her huff in response. 
‘Who did he think he was? Walking in like nothing had happened like he wasn’t about to attack her and Bella and then just give her a lame-ass sorry’.
Instead of giving him more attention, even tho she had the urge to keep staring at him she looked at where Bella stood whispering to Jacob and stood up from her seat. 
“Thank you, Emily, for the tea and muffin but I need to get going,” she said to the woman before turning to Bella. “Will you be able to get home or are you coming with me now?”
“Oh, Jake can drive me home” Bella responded, and soon after Embry spoke up “You can stay if you want, we were just getting to know you.” 
“I know, but I really need to go, I still have things to do at home.” 
When she walked towards her car she felt like a feeling of loneliness in her heart became bigger with every step she took, like she left a part of herself in that kitchen. 
Days passed in what felt like a blurry haze, that feeling of loneliness she started to feel when she left Emily’s place only seemed to grow. What made things worse was that Paul never left her thoughts or even her dreams. She had always thought he was hot and had a small crush on him when she first met him, but how he treated her back then made her crush disappear as fast as it came. But now she felt so confused, if her crush on him was gone why did she dream about being in a relationship with him, doing romantic things together, she sometimes even had downright wet dreams about him. It frustrated her even more, she couldn’t understand her feelings, not while she thought he was a big arrogant asshole at the same time. She tried to ignore it as much as she could, she’d get over it soon enough, that was what she hoped at least.
Bella hadn’t spoken to her about the incident, not even one word and y/n didn’t bother to ask either. Y/n just wanted to forget it even happened. So when Bella asked her to hang out with Jake she accepted, wanting to go back to their normal as soon as possible. First, it really seemed like everything was like before but then suddenly more boys from the pack started to join them when they hung out and one of them was Paul. She hated it. Paul made her confusion only grow, he still acted like a cocky asshole most of the time but sometimes he looked at her with this strange look in his eyes that she couldn’t place. 
She tried to just ignore him, his stupid and cocky remarks and weird looks as best as she could, but that got harder every day especially when he tried to talk to her. It was like something made her to focus on him, pulled her to him because every time he was near her that feeling of loneliness disappeared. It was so frustrating. She knew her crush wasn’t disappearing, instead, it was growing but she still kept acting like she couldn’t stand him. What else could she do? It wasn’t like she would date him, she could never date an asshole who thought he was better than everyone else. 
It was a Friday evening and Jacob had picked her and Bella up for a small bonfire on the beach with a few guys of the pack with the promise of alcohol and Emily’s cooking. 
She was munching on some food and listening only with half an ear to the story Embry was telling her. She was once again distracted by Paul watching her over the fire. He was unusually quiet, he hadn’t made one single remark since she had arrived at the beach. It was like something bothered him, like he wanted to say something.
“You know, you should give him a chance,” Embry says giving her shoulder a soft push with his own to grab her attention. 
“A chance to what? Embarrass me even more?” she says with a shrug
“A chance to explain things. You’d be surprised to know that he’s not an asshole at all.”
“I don’t know, he hasn’t given many signs that say that he isn’t”
“That might be true but just hear him out. What do you have to lose? It’s not like you can keep ignoring his existence, he’s our friend, our brother.” Embry points out and y/n only groans in response because he really had a good point. She would never be able to keep ignoring him, it would be for the best if the two of them could be at least civil around each other. 
Embry only laughed at her reaction when she dropped her forehead against his shoulder in a fake dramatic way. But just at that moment, they heard someone clear their throat behind them. Paul stood there towering over them. 
“Can we talk? It’s important” He says and before she can react he turns around and walks towards the woods where some of the cars were parked. And after a soft nudge from Embry y/n walked in the direction Paul had walked off until she found him leaning against his truck. 
“so, what did you want to talk about?” she shrugged 
“Isn’t that obvious? About us. Things can’t go on like this, I know you hate me but there are things you need to know.” he said making her shrug. 
“It’s not like you care but you’re right we need to learn to get along.” 
“I do care about you, even if I can’t stand you at times,” Paul says as he takes a few steps closer to her.
“Oh wow that’s a great joke Paul” she sarcastically says
“it’s not a joke. Did Jake or one of the others tell you about imprinting?”
“Whatever, I don’t believe you. Yes, Jake might have mentioned something about it but what has that to do with us?”
“I imprinted on you” he states like it was nothing like he just said that the sky is blue.
“omg, really Paul? That’s really low even for you”
“I’m serious y/n. You can’t deny that you don’t feel it, that you don’t feel the pull between us.”
“So what if I do? That doesn’t have to mean anything, you just happen to like me just because they made you like me. Hell, you have hated me ever since you were Jermey’s best friend.” Y/n spat at Paul, she was more confused than ever. The guy she thought hated her just confessed that he had imprinted on her and that she was actually his soulmate but still acted like that was nothing like it didn’t mean a thing.
“Don’t fool yourself, I still think that you’re a brat but at least you’re hot” he smirks
“Oh fuck you mister ‘I’m better than anyone and I’ll fight everyone who comes too close.’ you’re a fucking asshole you know” y/n snarks at him while giving his chest a push so he’d take a few steps away from her. But when did he ever do something she’d ask him. Instead of moving away he stepped closer to her and held her hand to his chest. He clearly knew that she wanted to slap the smirk right off his face. 
“Oh come on sweetheart, you like it, all girls like a bad boy.”
“Well I don’t, in fact, I despise ‘bad boys like you. Now let me go Paul” she says as she tries to pull her hand from his.
“Never, I’ll never let you go,” he says in the sweetest and softest voice she has ever heard before pulling her in his embrace. She was so surprised by the sudden change in him that before she even knew what was happening she felt his lips claiming hers in a passionate kiss. Normally she would have pulled back but the moment his lips touched hers sparks flew all through her body. She finally felt complete and strangely she felt loved. Everything just made sense to her, he made sense, you’d never kiss someone you truly hated like this right? So she just followed her feelings and kissed him back. It was like the two of them melted in each other while Paul moved one of his hands that held her waist to hold her face. 
Y/n only pulled back when she was starting to get out of breath, but as soon as she did she saw Paul smirking down at her. Which was such a big contrast of his thumb sweetly stroking her cheek. 
“Told you you liked it.” 
“You can drop the bad boy act Paul, you’re not really like this aren’t you?”
“Of course not, I just thought that girls like guys acting like assholes. I know I have some anger issues but I’m not a real asshole,” he admitted
“So what you’re saying is that you really like me and you thought that I’d like you back if you were an asshole to me?”
“Yes?” he says a bit sheepish before continuing “ Look, I have liked you ever since Jermey introduced us, he told me that was what you liked in a guy. And then when I first saw you again after I shifted and imprinted on you I was so happy that it was you. So no I don’t like you just because they made me like you. I guess I just suck in showing you how I really feel.”
“Fucking Jermey, that guy lied to you. That’s what I hate in a guy, I actually thought you hated me while I had a crush on you,” she said which made Paul’s smirk return.
“You have a crush on me huh? Does that mean I can kiss you again?”
“Hold your horses, we still have a lot to work through. We can’t go from disliking each other to being boyfriend and girlfriend, I bet we both still feel leftover frustration and anger. We should go step by step.” she chuckles, she wouldn’t mind Paul kissing her again. In fact, she wanted nothing less than to kiss him but she wanted to try to go slow in building a relationship with him.
“Well I know a very good way to get rid of frustration sweetheart.” he smiled while he pulled up his eyebrows a few times making y/n laugh and slap his chest.
“I’m not sleeping with you before we even had our first date Paul” she chuckled but she wasn’t really sure if she really meant that, that first kiss had already done things to her.
“Okay,” he shrugged “we’ll take it as slow as you want, you can set the pace but at least let me kiss you one last time,” he said with a cheeky little smile. 
How could she deny him that when she wanted to kiss him just as much? So she just let out a small giggle before she pulled him down by his neck to meet her lips halfway. Yes, she could definitely get addicted to his kiss. If she wasn’t already. She didn’t even realize that this kiss wasn’t just a simple kiss anymore, no at that point it had turned into a full make-out session as Paul’s tongue slipped between her lips. Instead of pulling away Y/n just moaned into the kiss and pushed herself closer into Paul’s touch. ‘Fuck it’ she thought to herself, she wouldn’t mind one bit if they didn’t go slow right now. It was just the two of them at that moment and the rest around them didn’t matter, they had every time in the world to take things slowly later. It was like he knew what she was thinking because he softly pulled his lips away from her just as her hands started to slide down from their place on his neck to the edge of his pants.
“Sweetheart, not that I’m complaining but I thought you wanted to take things slow?”
“Fuck taking things slow. We can start with going slow tomorrow. Now let’s get rid of some frustrations” she smiles innocently at him.
“Are you sure? You know that I was partly joking when I hinted at us fucking the frustrations away? And I don’t have a condom with me” He said and she knew that he’d never force her to do something that she wasn’t ready for and she only liked him even more because of it.
“I know. But it’s a good way, I’m sure and I’m on the pill anyway. It’s not like we’re going anywhere Paul, I’m your imprint.”
It wasn’t long before Paul pulled her back in and kissed her hungrily for a few seconds and then stepped away from her to walk towards his car leaving y/n standing there in confusion.
“Just getting a blanket from my truck, don’t want you getting cold” he chuckled as he quickly got the blanket, ran back to her, and dropped the blanket at her feet.
“where were we?” he smirked as he cupped her face between his warm palms.
“You were going to fuck me,” she speaks against his lips.
“Don’t you want me to make love to you for our first time together?” he asked her to be sure that they were on the same page.
“No, you can do that after we go on our first date. I want you to fuck me as if you hate me.”
That was all that he needed to hear before he was on her, kissing her with everything he had. He picked her up and took a few steps until her back was against a tree so it took part of her wait, not that he thought that she was heavy. But that way he had his hands free for what was to come. 
Y/n just moaned into his kiss, loving every part of how he manhandled her until she was trapped between the tree and his body with her legs wrapped around his waist. 
“Fuck, you have no idea how long I wanted to do that,” Paul growled when he traded her lips in for her throat softly nipping at the skin.
She was sure that he’d leave some marks on her skin but she didn’t care one bit. Every mark upon her skin would be carried with pride.
Paul’s touch lighted a fire inside her, something she had never felt before. Yes she had sex before but this was nothing she could describe, it was like an animal inside her awoke that she’d gladly let out.
It wasn’t long before his hands started to work on the button of her pants and as soon as it was open he slipped one of his hands inside while the other gripped her hip. 
“Fuck, you’re already so wet for me” he growled against her throat as he moved a finger between her folds collecting some of her wetness around her opening before teasing her clit. In response, she grips his soft black hair at the nape of his neck and softly pulls on it, and moans loudly at the feeling of his finger playing with her. It felt amazing, it never had felt this good before when she masturbated, this felt like a fire blooming deep inside her belly. Soon she wasn’t able to keep her hips still and started to move her hips at the rhythm of his movements. 
“More, please, Paul” y/n moaned while she tried to slip her free hand between their bodies so she could reach the front of his pants but because of the position they were in that wasn’t easy.
Paul only chuckled at her attempt and pushed two fingers inside of her to which she threw her head back with closed eyes.
“You got to be patient sweetheart, I got to get you ready or you won’t be able to take me,” he said in a warning tone before he softly bit down on the skin where her shoulder met her throat. 
“I don’t care, I can take it. Just fuck me, I need you to fuck me Paul” She pleaded not caring if she sounded like a needy little thing. She could feel herself soaking his fingers and knew she was already close to an orgasm but she wanted to cum on his cock so she did her best to hold it off. It was like she’d go crazy if he didn’t fuck her right away.
Paul didn’t laugh or call her out on her being needy for him but instead, he placed her on her feet before he quickly unfolded the blanket and spread it out over the cold ground. As soon as he was done he grabbed her by her hips, give her one last passionate kiss, and pulled her pants down before getting rid of his own pants. 
Y/n quickly stepped out of her pants and underwear, threw them aside while she watched Paul do the same. 
“Fuck you’re big,” she let out in wonder when she saw his erect cock once his pants had joined hers. He hadn’t been joking when he hinted at being big. 
“Still sure you can take it?” he smirked at her when she made her way closer to him. Y/n only smirked back at him and took his cock into her hand and started to softly stroke him to which he groaned in pleasure. 
“You gonna use that big cock now and fuck me senseless Paulyboy?”  
“I’m going to fuck that brat out of you,” he growled and before she knew it he had pushed her down onto the blanket and moved her until she sat on her hands and knees before him with his cock already lined up at her entrance. 
“Tell me if you want me to stop,” Paul whispers in her ear, giving her an out at any time possible if she wasn’t comfortable anymore with what they were doing.
“I’m sure baby, please fuck me, make me feel goof Paul” she softly spoke while pushing her hips back into his and moaning when she could feel the tip of his cock almost slip into her and moaned. 
Paul wasn’t doing much better than her, he tried his best to not go all too wild on her but she really made it hard. Hearing her plead for him didn’t make it easier on him. So he took a few deep breaths to calm himself a bit down and then pushed his cock inside of her slowly making them both moan out at the feeling. Y/n tried to breathe through the feeling of being stretched, she had never had someone as big as him, but it was a pleasurable feeling. Paul stilled all movements once he was fully inside of her, giving her time to adjust to him. But y/n seemed just too eager and despite the little bit of discomfort she felt by the stretch she started to move on his cock slowly. Her movements resulted in a mix of soft groans, moans, and growls from Paul as he tried to get a grip of himself so it wouldn’t end way too soon. He might have much bigger stamina and would easily go a few more rounds but this would just be embarrassing he thought to himself. He grabbed her hips to still her movements making her whine at the action but not much later he felt like he had control back over himself and starts to slowly move his hips against her. The slow pace that he had set only made her whine even more and soon she was begging him to go faster. It didn’t take long before he complied and started to build up his pace, pounding harder and faster into her while his grip on her hips got tighter too. She was sure that his fingers would leave their mark on her skin once they were done but she didn’t really care, this was what she had asked for, she wanted it rough and he just gave her what she wanted. She was on fire, every nerve ending was alive and screaming in pleasure. She had to even remind herself to keep breathing, it was like he was literally fucking her brains out as nothing seemed to work anymore. Even her arms started to get weak and she was struggling to hold herself up and Paul seemed to notice because suddenly he moved one of his hands under her, between her two breasts, and found its place on her throat. Paul moved to sit back on his knees and pulled her up with him so she mostly leaned on him. He maneuvered her head so that the back of her head rested upon his shoulder and he could claim her lips. The kiss was all teeth and tongue but still full of passion while he kept his pace fucking her. His other hand found its place on top of her clit, rubbing big circles on the already sensitive nub. 
Y/n saw stars, was close and this time there was no stopping it so she let it go and moaned loudly, almost screamed into Paul’s mouth as she came hard on his cock. 
When he felt Y/n’s walls squeezing the hell out of him he knew that he’d follow soon after her. Both were lost in the pleasure they gave each other and not a second later Paul spilled deep inside of her. 
Then everything went quiet except for the sound of their hearts beating like crazy and their rapid breaths. But Paul didn’t pull back, he just held her close and laid down with her and wrapped the blanket around her so she wouldn’t get cold. 
“Yeah, all my frustrations are definitely gone now. That was amazing baby” Y/n chuckled softly once she had caught her breath. Paul laughed in response, “That was indeed amazing sweetheart. Let me take you home, it’s getting late and it might start to rain, I don’t want you getting sick.”
Before he was even done speaking Paul had already untangled himself from her and started to gather their clothes. 
After they both had gotten cleaned up and dressed Paul had driven her home with the intent of just dropping her off like a gentleman but instead she had asked him inside, just to watch a movie because she didn’t want to say goodbye yet. But instead of watching the movie, they had sat on the couch talking and connecting in a not physical way but on an emotional level. It wasn’t a typical way to start their relationship but they both knew that they’d make it work.
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Cody: This is just a reminder that all psychiatric and therapy services are completely covered by the GAR health insurance plan
Wolffe, being physically restrained by Fox and Rex: STOP LOOKING AT ME WHEN YOU SAY THAT-
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Y/N: "Hello, my knight in shining armor!"
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Y/N: "Hello, my fuzzy wuzzy werewolf,"
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