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Super-Articulate: Marvel Riders and Finally … Dani Moonstar. Some recent fantastic #MarvelLegends figures from Hasbro! #marvel #toys #hasbro

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We’ve got some big entries to tackle this time, readers. The latest Marvel Legends Riders, Squirrel Girl, and Cosmic Ghost Rider, have hit, and I finally got the third Dani Moonstar I needed to complete that trio of New Mutants. We’ll lead off with that …

Marvel Legends Dani Moonstar (Walgreens Exclusive):This figure was both a glorious offering and a pain in the ass. I love the idea of…

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I made a Foxglove pendulum (right, pictured next to my aconite pendulum, left). 

This pendulum contains Digitalis purpurea that I started drying last autumn. It’s on a silver chain, and on the other end of the chain there is a small labradorite stone.

Happy Spring Equinox  ❀

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