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Ahhhh!! I’m so excited you’re excited akdhfbdk honestly I was inspired by twilight in terms of the love triangle, but the main underlying lore/plot is very different than twilight and I’m excited to unfold it more for you all. I’ve tried leaving little hints here and there but I’m super stoked to kinda unfold it and write it out a little more. We will get to know more about what Thomas is and what his family is, and why Taehyung and his brothers are there, and why Thomas is so obsessed with the reader, along with what his conversation was about and to who he was talking to 👀👀 thank you for reading, I hope to make you more excited as the story continues !!

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Chapter 25 – The Post-Encounter


Before 3rd Elder’s voice dissipated into air, with a swish and a thud his visitor ripped through the distance between them to leave a considerably pregnant impact on his chest, earning a grunt from him.

“It’s been a long time, 3rd Elder, sir. Forgive my rough salutation. Believe me when I say I have gone through a whole lot of trouble to find you.”

The woman’s orange hair rippled as she nodded in greetings.

“I’ve tried my best to pinpoint your next destination, but I would contribute our encounter today solely to chances. As soon as I go back, I should make a tribute to Lady Luck, if she is real.”

She sounded as if she was striking up a conversation with a friend, but unfortunately her countenance was strange to him.

Although he did not know her face, he would have recalled her codename, if only orange hair and a pair of sky-blue eyes were rare in Union.

Which is why 3rd Elder could not help inquiring about her identity, feeling like he was thrown into a super-awkward New Year’s Day with all relatives in one place, with him being forced to break the ice with a relative he had been separated from for too long.

“I’m sorry, but you are…?”

He thereby cast a net of thousand cracks upon Helga’s face.

He was THE 3rd Elder – the right-hand man of 1st Elder, and one of the top personnel of Union when it comes to intel and information.

Yet he did not recognize her or recollect her codename.

And Helga could not shake off this ominous and offensive impression that perhaps he did not even know her, let alone remember her.

‘How very kind of him to push into my face the degree of my presence within the Union.’

The ex-lieutenant of Crombell gritted her teeth, bowing to herself that she will completely and permanently flip the table through this opportunity, before she bowed once more.

“Apologies for my late introduction. I am Helga, one of the assassins who used to serve Dr. Cro – I mean, Crombell.”

At last recognition spasmed across 3rd Elder’s profile.

During the time when the Union’s throne had belonged to 1st Elder, 3rd Elder made it mandatory for himself to memorize all contents of the dossiers for all modified humans and especially those classified as assassination agents following Crombell, the greatest person of interest for him.

So of course he knew about Helga – though he ended up forgetting her face because she was an actress drastically deprived of stages.

No matter how talented or famous an actress used to be, she will hardly remain in heads of the audience if she cannot find stages to perform on.

“What are you doing he…”

Spilling sound from his mouth with his calm as good as halfway down the drain, 3rd Elder at the next moment stepped backwards, rigidity sweeping through his entire body, like a hedgehog raising its thorns towards its predator.

“Come no closer.”

“You are mistaken here. I am aware my salutation was a bit rough, but by no means will I ever hurt…”

Feeling no need to hear any longer, 3rd Elder threw himself into the air.

It was daytime, and buildings were not thick or tall enough to hide him, but he had no problem at all escaping from his initial spot without drawing any civilian eye on him.

That is, he had no problem, except that his party took no time at all to tag along in movements just as fast.

And based on the sounds emitted from behind, she was making sure she will not leave him that easily.

“What’s the matter? Is someone watching you as we speak by any chance?”

Helga’s voice was not very highly pitched, but it was good enough for any modified human to pick up without missing a syllable. As he heard her speak, 3rd Elder could only zip his mouth.

He was not convinced that hinting how his body is plugged with recording device-slash-tracker and a nano-camera at all times would prove useful for him.

He also knew, nevertheless, that it is no use hiding the fact and his flesh from her.

He was well-aware his orange-haired pursuer was equipped with outstanding combat capabilities as well as analytic capabilities.

“Have no fear. I’m sure that man you’ve made your roommate has foreseen this.”

And just like that, Helga put herself before 3rd Elder and stopped him in his track.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t see this coming – at least one remaining agent of Union popping up before you, either for vengeance or for offer.”

He had to admit, she did have a point.

If a sunk vessel means the end of the world for its passengers, the term “survivor” would have not been coined.

And the survivors would try to stay survived to the best of their abilities.

So he should have expected the pieces of Union would writhe and trash and flail into every direction to weave themselves back into a flag of glory they used to brag in the past.

So this encounter would not serve as a legitimate excuse for Frankenstein to drill his head with Dark Spear just for the pure fact that Helga confronted him.

Not to mention the Union agent is the one who sought out for him.

His breath was relatively pacified once he comprehended the situation.

Only relatively.

“And no need to worry about what your recording device would record at this moment.”

Helga’s smile intensified as she witnessed 3rd Elder’s lips wriggled as his eyes froze.

“Yes, I am aware that you would be implanted with a recording device or a tracker. I mean, such a monstrous man has you as his company. And only the most idiotic would send his dog outside without any collar.”

Even though Union’s system has been shattered to naught, it is far from proper manners to compare an ex-elder to a dog. Knowing that, 3rd Elder could not, however, make any complaint or disagreement.

Ever since Crombell was gone, he had caused no direct harm upon Union. Yet he merely watched very small portion of Union being viciously dissected by Frankenstein’s forces. He knew that was what she was criticizing.

The man’s shoulders withdrew without notice, and his words were produced sluggishly.

“I believe you have not been waiting for me for days to simply dub me his dog. What do you really want?”

“Why, offer you an alliance, of course.”

“An alliance…?”

“Indeed. You don’t want Union to be permanently history, do you? Did you forget Union’s purpose and pride just because you’ve been relieved of your cloak for all this time?”

Helga’s voice was raised above normal, and 3rd Elder could not say anything.

In fact, at the same time his eyes were dragged towards his feet.

“Allow me to rephrase that. Did you simply forget our purpose? Or did you want to forget our purpose?”

“I’m not sure if I see any difference in your choices.”

“Our castle has lost all of its pillars, and our wall is lost. So did you decide to temporarily hang on to the oxygen tank that man offered so you would not suffocate under our castle’s debris? Or…”


“Did you settle to dress and eat and talk like those puny, worthless humans, not giving a damn whether the castle can be rebuilt or not, and whether the man who is providing you hospitality is the one who detonated our castle?”

The white-haired human sealed his lips. Surprisingly, he could not tell whether she hit the nail on the head or not.

“I’m sure you’d already know, but I was hoping you did not opt for the latter. No, if I am to dare take a guess, I’d say you are with former.”

“…What makes you say that?”

“Be honest – you were actually not displeased with my offer and appearance. What was his name again? Frankenstein? (That moment 3rd Elder could not help flinching.) You wanted to run away because you did not want him to see you with me. But on the other hand, you were also afraid that he could catch sight of me. Which means you don’t want that man to gain knowledge about me and later eliminate me. Which means you still care for Union. If you had decided to ditch Union for good, you would have run away the moment you leaped. I know that I’m not good enough to catch up to you or block your path once you run full-speed.”

Helga added thorn in 3rd’s Elder’s mouth with her every claim, and he could not even mumble a soundless yes or no.

The curves of her face crooked more deeply as she watched him in faint pleasure.

“Relax. I’m not asking anything from you – not yet. I just wanted to let you know that you are always welcome to join us. When you are ready, find the spot in this country where we lost 8th, 7th, and 6th Elders. That’s where one of my agents is stationed. You’d be able to meet him as soon as you get there.”

Helga bowed to him at the end of her speech, making herself gone without any warning or trace, just like when she first appeared.

Afterwards 3rd Elder could feel his heart flexing and twitching.

Based on everything that had happened, he knew it is insanity to return to Union now.

Frankly speaking, he would surely serve as a huge help on Union’s side.

However, none on Frankenstein’s side could be considered an easy opponent, with Lukedonian fighters and werewolves and Noblesse and his men.

He could swear that if they put up a fight against them in a struggle to bring back Union, it would irrevocably seal their fate.

Especially when Frankenstein’s devilish attitude and aptitude in battle are alive.

But that did not mean he could brush off Helga’s final words, and he ended up being sidetracked in his way and walking more than necessary during his return.

‘I should focus. I wouldn’t want to be lost from my destination.’

As soon as he thought of his destination, 3rd Elder grimaced, remembering the man who owned the said destination.

‘He will accuse me regarding my conversation with Helga as soon as I make it back. What should I do?’

Lying that Helga threatened how she will eradicate every living form within 100 kilometers radius if he did not spare her some time, though that was not recorded in either the footage or the voice recording.

Trying to make Frankenstein believe that he let Helga talk to him on purpose, to turn their encounter into an opportunity for him to collect some intel on Union’s current situation.

Asserting that he could not remember anything from the time he wasted with Helga.

The man sweated his head off to come up with a good excuse, but he soon realized there was no need to endeavor to come up with one.

The moment he reached the island, 3rd Elder decided to walk up to Frankenstein and tell him first, before Frankenstein figured out what happened and decided he purposefully hid the occasion.

What he found at Frankenstein’s lab was beyond his imagination.


The lab was noticeably damaged – no, devastated – centering on the desk that Frankenstein had occupied all the time.

And the devastation was ongoing as 3rd Elder was fixed to his spot.

He noticed how the subject of blame was the dark purple aura that was being emanated from Frankenstein, seemingly asleep.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen him sleeping in this island. Is this why? But just what the heck is going on?!’

At then, Frankenstein bolted awake, shrieking, “NOOOO!!!!” Out of pure reflex, 3rd Elder shielded himself behind the wall and played as if he had just returned, thus successfully walking away from the scene.

He later told himself that whatever Frankenstein had gone through within must have been a huge torment, for the blonde-haired human checked the footage and voice recording a day later, which has never happened.

And that was not all that added to 3rd Elder’s wonder.

“What happened with that orange-haired modified human?”


“Didn’t you know that your camera and recording device stopped working right after she punched you in the torso? I doubt you two had a skirmish any harder than that, since you came back in one piece.”

“Is that so…? I’m not sure how that was possible, but she tried to win me back to the Union.”

“…And that’s it?”

“That’s it.”

He anticipated the host of the island to demand more details on the matter, but he did not. Frankenstein merely waved at him that he is good to go, his countenance full of fatigue.

Such memory was branded into the depth of 3rd Elder’s memories, and he could see it before his eyes even now.

Helga had a means – which was clueless to 3rd Elder – to nullify the high-tech recording device and camera made by the master scientist.

And the master scientist was keeping a physical or emotional secret, detrimental enough to hinder his judgment and thinking.

And this master scientist will be gone for days at the werewolf realm.

Finishing his deliberation, 3rd Elder grabbed his hoodie.

He could not tell where his heart truly lay, but he knew he is not going to waste this golden opportunity.

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chapter 5 is so so good!!! I'm glad y/n is spendimg time with taehyung loool but oh my god if they dont wake tf up and leave thomas already, im going to screeeeaaaam 😭😭😭

ahh I’m so happy you liked it!!! I’m looking forward to adding more Tae moments so 😚 and 👀👀 fr tho Thomas is the biggest creep like I’m ready for a Tae square up with him

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Plant of the Day

Saturday 17 October 2020

In the wonderful garden of Lip na Cloiche, Isle of Mull, Scotland, an Aconitum species was flowering possibly Aconitum carmichaelii (Carmichael’s monk’s hood, Chinese aconite, wolfsbane). This herbaceous plant has an upright habit and the flowers are produced in autumn. Please be careful as all parts of the plant are highly toxic if eaten and can be harmful through skin contact.

Jill Raggett

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Chapter 24 – 3rd Elder’s Bizarre Experience

Practice makes perfect.

Frankenstein would have thrown that in 3rd Elder’s face upon seeing the latter at work shopping for groceries, comparing products by price, details, and manufacturers before he paid the cashier.

Now the ex-elder was more than practiced; however, he was not perfect.

Partially because for the first time ever, he got to put himself against a self-checkout machine.

‘What should I do…?’

The white-haired man gulped. He could swear he did exactly what his preceding customers did, but the machine just would not let him pass on to the checkout stage.

It has been quite long since he has moved into Frankenstein’s island. With the owner of the island stuck in his lab for the majority of his time spent awake, 3rd Elder has been entrusted with getting supplies whenever needed.

Unlike before, he had plenty of time, now that he lost the title as the elder of the Union.

There were a lot of options available for him once he crosses the sea, but today he opted to visit Korea.

Among many rules Frankenstein required his consent on upon entering the island was the rule of shopping: do not consecutively visit the country or the market he has visited, lest the Union finds out what he is doing.

Which is why he was beyond bewildered to find a self-checkout machine – a modern artifact he has never seen in his previous visits.

He managed to memorize what the other customers would do, and he mimicked them accordingly, scanning each product on the small transparent surface. However, the machine simply whipped up a noise that was far from pleasant to the ears, refusing to let him actually check out.

To top it off, it was a weekend with thousands of people, and the employees were nowhere to be seen.

The 3rd Elder was sweating over his entire body, feeling how the eyes boring into his body were growing sharper and hotter, until a help arrived from someone not at all expected.

“Hey, mister!”

Yelled a little girl, making the 3rd Elder start and stare down at her.

Barely taller than his waist, a girl stuck her head out to look up into his eyes, revealing a set of teeth missing an incisor above.

“You need to put them here! Or else you can’t pay!”

She pointed towards an empty spot on the machine, her finger extremely short of a threat despite her apparent attempt at a threat.

Upon turning his eyes, 3rd Elder spotted a sign, so big and fat and obvious that he could not even fathom how in the world he missed it: Please put all your products here before check-out.

“Okay? Now be good and follow the sign!”

Her hands very proudly on her waist, the girl trotted to her mother, who was just packing her groceries at the machine right next to his.

Check-out completed so ridiculously fast, 3rd Elder’s eyes chased the girl, now far away and smaller than a dot, a feat for which he needed an effort, with the market teeming with children.

In fact, the market was teeming with more than children.

Girls and boys about to write college application essays in a year or two.

Young men and women preparing themselves for the bigger world outside lectures.

Middle-aged couples and elders.

The 3rd Elder could see a variety of age groups, which was rare considering how at the Union, whether they were agents or researchers, most employees and personnel were in their twenties and thirties, in forties at most.

Which was probably why 3rd Elder was deep into reflection – also a rare occasion – probably thanks to the fact that he has been staying away from Union.

‘If I were not part of the Union, would I be in these people’s shoes by now? Worrying about studies and job, dinner for the day, and living for tomorrow? Ordinary as hell?’

Just because the people here are not physically fighting for their lives would not mean their lives are far from fierce.

He could not feel any of the innate-slash-natural possession any Union-affiliated being would beget: razor-sharp, touch-me-if-you-dare atmosphere based on daily struggle for survival, betting on one’s own life as well as those of others, or otherworldly presence fashioned from experiments, combats, and training beyond human understanding.

And the point was that this place was full of men and women around the same age as the people of Union, which led to another reflection for the 3rd Elder.

‘My trusted, faithful followers at the Union must have had lives like these before meeting me. So if it weren’t for the Union, if it weren’t for our encounters, if it weren’t for me… Maybe they would have been happy in the ordinary world, without throwing away their lives in vain.’

Never before had he regarded his followers’ sacrifices for the sake of Union’s progress as “vain.”

But now, simply and offensively put, Union is done for.

These days he was seriously haunted by a question perhaps a bit belated: just for what had his followers thrown their lives away?


He could not help sighing in the middle of the street as he exited the building, with no one’s attention on him. The passersby merely gawked at him for a second or two out of pure reflex to his sudden halt.

Which was rather odd to him as well.

Every soul at the Union would bow to him as soon as his cloak flapped in the air, but nobody was treating him with awe and distant respect, and he knew it was not simply because he was missing his elder’s cloak.

In addition to the fact that as of now he looked like a highly ordinary man, everyone was busy with themselves.

“Honey! You forgot to put socks on our baby!”

“Hey, do you mind if I copy your homework? Oh, come on! Just for one day! Be a pal and save my ass, will ya?!”

“So what’s the last item on the list, darling?”

Man or woman, young or old, everyone was occupied with their lives.

And 3rd Elder found this situation rather difficult to comprehend, for as far as he was concerned, the public’s interest on nobles has skyrocketed ever since Crombell played his mind game on the world.

Nevertheless, contrary to his knowledge, the people he was witnessing could not be less interested in nobles, Lukedonia, or non-human entities.

Not that these people would represent the entire public in the world, but at least they were too busy devoting themselves to their everyday lives.

And in their presence, 3rd Elder could feel everything he has gone through fading into tiny dust, as Union, as an elder, as a modified human.

He believed everything he had ever committed was for the sake of mankind; however, his belief was melting away as he was standing in midst of plain life so very far from body modification, wrestle against werewolves and nobles, or struggle for power to stand at the apex of the world.

Everyone was busy bustling, rustling, and being busy.

He could see how each face bore personal challenges and ordeals of life, but he could also see such things could not hinder them from fully dedicating themselves to their lives.

‘And they look happy.’

He could feel his mind growing dreamily numb in the middle of a crowd boasting the perfume of ordinariness as they weaved minute knots and ties of their ordinary lives.

And he could feel guilt.

This was not his first time ever feeling guilty, but recently his guilt has grown more dominant as his question grew.

‘What if my goal – the Union’s goal to make mankind flourish was but nothing?’

The 3rd Elder broke free from his reveries, mortified by his own thought.

And then things took a sudden flip, like a set of dominoes stroked in a flash of light.


A boom of cacophony made everyone within 100-meters radius eject themselves from their spots, and 3rd Elder joined the others to find the source of the noise.

He could find a car entering the parking lot dangerously shaking to the side, leaving angry skid marks on the road with one of its tires burst.

There was a good chance its driver forgot the very basic rule of driving: never speed in the parking lot. Which was why everyone could feel threat for their lives just by watching the said car.


“Everybody, run!”

People were making themselves scarce, looking for a safe place; meanwhile, the car with a flat tire was rushing towards a child and her mom.

And the 3rd Elder recognized the child – his little lifesaver at the self-checkout machine.


Without wasting even a split second, he focused his gaze on the mother and the girl, and his eye long sealed away blinked with life.

I am about to push a pair of eggs onto the floor, and I must save them without breaking them.

Telling himself to be extra-careful, he pushed the girl and her mother to a nearby bush with his power. And he could not hesitate to find out if they were safe, for he had to stop the car as well.


Glaring into the car that was stampede-rolling into his direction, 3rd Elder concentrated his power on the mold of metal, as if pushing the thing into a stop.

To his relief, his effort was reciprocated in a good way.

“Someone call 911!”

“Are you alright, sweetheart?”

“Are they out of their goddamn mind? This is a parking lot, for Christ’s sake!”

The voices told him the girl and her mother were safe, except for a few scratches they could not avoid.

The driver looked unscathed as well, apart from the fact that his driving record would not remain so.

‘Thank god… Oh, THANK GOD.’

The 3rd Elder had never been more grateful in his life, his shoulders and chest heaving and slouching in a huge sigh.

Once he saw things settling down, he finally took his leave.

But he could not fancy where he was headed; his legs were uncontrolled, his mind disconnected from his body.

This was the very first time he used his power for the purpose of protection, with no return on his side.

It was a bizarre experience, but it did not feel so bad.

However, such small delight did not last long.

‘What the…?’

He did not classify himself as a combatant elder.

Of course, as an elder with a one-digit number on his title, his battle competence was by no means to be underestimated. Nonetheless, his specialty was coordination of things from behind the scenes.

But that did not stop him from shaping his so-called battle instincts, as one of the top fighters in Union.

And his instinct just signaled him he had someone trailing him.

Scurrying around a dozen corners to find a place with no eyes or ears, 3rd Elder at last turned around once he made it to an empty alley, before he immediately stiffened.


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I was thinking and, what if during book three all the Slytherin common room passwords were werewolf themed!! It would be one of Snape’s subtler attempts to out Lupin as a werewolf. Like, the first few weeks it would be aconite then it would be Damocles (inventor of the wolfsbane potion) and so on.

Also!! Imagine Snape’s rage when none of his Slytherin’s caught on!!!

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Little black rat with poisons to craft 🧪

Prompt 2 for Drawtober is Wicked Apothecary. I had a small design planned for it, but it got away from me and became a little more…ambitious.

I don’t think I’ve done many, if any, limited palette pieces, at least not in recent memory…and it got so detailed so fast I was afraid of details getting lost. I think I could learn and improve more, but I’m not at all unhappy with the results.

Shoutout to @boarfeathers for helping me pick poison ingredients to store in the shelves.

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Acontinum napellus

Wolfsbane or Monkshood


A herbaceous perennial plant, upright with tuberous roots, leafs green in colour are arranged in a spiralling alternate growth pattern, one leaf is produced from each node with a palmate shape with 4-6 deep lobes, each lobe then has 2 or 3 lobes with a deep dentate margin resembling a more pedate shape and a pinnate ventation can be seen.

The flowers are produced in terminal racemes and bloom in June to august with varying shades of violet, a hooded sepal (which is why the name monkshood came about) and from 3-5 petals dropping to reveal numerous stamens. The fruits are formed into 3 fleshy pods that dry and split open when ripe, revealing shiny black seeds and a beautiful winged margin around them.

Acontinum napellus prefers full sun or part shade and thrives in cooler moist soil and is very unhappy in dry soil so this plant would suit a clay soil and would enjoy placement around a pond or water feature. It can grow up to 1.2m in height, making it a popular choice to go at the back of a flower bed for an addition of colour.


*Warning Every part of this plant is toxic and poisonous if ingested. Skin contact may also cause irritation so planting should only be done with gloves and knowledge on handling the Acontinum genus

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